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Quicksilver Messenger Pt. 10

Chapter 19

Dangling over the cliff was the most terrifying moment April could ever think of. She looked down between her naked breasts and saw her hips swinging wildly, with her toes wiggling in the air. Far below, very far below was the rocky landscape, filled with sharp and jagged boulders. If anything happened to the rope, there was no way she could survive the fall.

April looked across the chasm and saw Steve there. His face was hard and angry and his body tensed like a coiled spring ready to strike. He had come to save her just like she knew he would, but he was currently stymied by the man calling himself Peter. Strangely enough, with Steve there she felt a sense of security.

She knew it was strange, not being terrified, but somehow she knew Steve would sacrifice his own life to save hers. Dangling over a precipice and being a held hostage by some kind of maniac had been terrifying at first. However, when Steve arrived all those feelings vanished. She kept her eyes on him watching him, watch her.

His eyes and face were loving and supportive, but there was also a fierce confidence that he would save her. After she listened to the conversation between Steve and Peter she understood that this was not about her or her father. This was all about Steve and she saw the look of guilt on his face as he realized that it was his fault. That only seemed to harden his determination.

She remembered that look of determination and it sent chills through her. It was only yesterday, but it was a lifetime ago when Steve strung her up in her bedroom. Her whole outlook on life, love and whom she was had changed. She experienced and felt things that night that surpassed her vivid imagination and Steve had done them to her. Everything he had done, he had done for her, with love, compassion. He showed a hard determination to tear down her walls and make her his.

Last night she had surrendered herself to him and it was something she had never done before. She never let a man have control over her, but now there was someone very special and she liked the way he ruled her. He explored and pushed her limits while keeping her in line. With him she felt safe and knew he would look after her, all while demanding strict a strict code of conduct.

When he had run off to try to save her from an intruder, she knew she had found her soul mate. With the faint marks and redness on her body she knew he had claimed her, but the more profound marks were inside on her heart. He had only demanded that she control herself, and he had not demanded her trust, love or respect. However, by the end of the night she had eagerly given him whatever he wanted; her heart, her body and even her free will.

While he was gone trying to save her reputation, many of her fantasies rushed through her head. Steve was always the star of her dramas. She remembered, with passion flowing through his veins, he gripped her so tightly she could feel their hearts merge. There was just something about his strong hands as he held her. She felt so secure, so wanted, so loved and it was pure bliss.

He had been far more passionate than she ever imagined, especially when she crossed him. He never hurt her, only punishing and correcting her when she tried to control him with her bratty behavior. She liked the way he set rules and limits and wouldn't let her get away with breaking them. It made her feel like someone actually cared about her. He cared about her enough to demand only the very best from her.

After he left, her skin burned in her body vibrated as she waited for him to come back to her. She had cum more times last night and her whole life before, with the intensity being like an atom bomb inside her. Despite all of that she hungered for more. Her body was exhausted, achy and sore but she had grown addicted to his attention and needed more. She wanted to feel his arms holding her tight and his hands tenderly touching her skin. She wanted to feel his hands knotting in her hair as he demanded a kiss. Oh God, she ached for him.

When she heard the front door open she assumed it was Steve and joy rippled through her body. She quickly jumped on her knees, but still naked on the bed and assumed the slave presentation position she saw on the Internet. She wanted to give herself again and have him use her anyway he saw fit. Her breathing got rapid as she heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. Her heart hammered in her chest as he approached and she cast her eyes downward so that she wasn't looking at him.

She heard his footsteps pause at the doorway and a tiny smile crept over her face. She felt her whole body flush with desperate fire for him and maybe a little embarrassment. She could feel his eyes ogling her and she knew he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him. Then she heard him approach and he was standing next to the bed, but something didn't smell right.

It was not his scent, but instead a dusty unkempt smell. She started to turn her head as a foul-smelling rank cloth was placed over her face. April quickly looked up and saw a stranger leering at her, sending panic and fearful chills down her spine. As the world began to dim and go dark April tried to scream for Steve to come save her. She never got the words out before the world went dark and she slumped to the bed.

April woke several minutes later bouncing on the back seat of a car as it traveled at high speed over rough landscape. She was hogtied, still naked but wrapped in the sheets of her bed. The man that took her was in the front seat driving. She had no idea where they were going, she only knew they were getting their very fast.

A few more minutes later the car stopped and he pulled her out of the back seat. She screamed, squirmed and fought as he carried her up a winding cliff to a small shack. However, when she saw the narrow path and the long drop over the edge of the cliff, she stopped squirming as much. She didn't want him touching her, but she didn't want to fall to her death either. He took her to the edge of the cliff next to the shack, retied her hands in front of her then tied her hands to a hoist.

He left her in the morning sun naked lying on her sheets. He was alternated hiding himself in the shack and in various rocks around it. He was obviously waiting for someone and the only person April could think of was Steve. She still couldn't understand what was going on, but when Steve did show up she felt like things would be okay.

She believed in Steve, more than she had any other human being. He was her protector, her white night, her friend and after last night her lover and her master.

Chapter 20

Steve knew the only time he had to do something was before his report arrived. So with his eyes on the prize he slowly began walking up the path towards the shack. He could see the trust and love in April's eyes as she knew he was coming to get her. Across the chasm they were making love with their eyes. She felt her heart growing in her chest with each step that Steve took proving he would defend her to his dying breath.

Peter however had a completely different reaction. As Steve walked around the boulders, Peter yelled at him to stop. The minute he stepped onto the narrow ledge leading to the shack, Peter put a shot from his rifle between his feet.

Steve stopped for a second glared at Peter and said, "You're getting what you want. There's no point in endangering April while we wait for it to arrive. So I'm going to come out there, bring her back over land and untie her from the boom. You still have the guns, so we are still your hostages."

Steve looked back at April and he could see her shaking her head, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was afraid Peter would shoot him because of her and she wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen. She would rather die on the rocks below than let Steve die because of her.

Steve saw her love and her heart pouring out through her eyes. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save him. That was the gorgeous heart that had been revealed to him the night before. That was the woman he would fight for. He wanted to shelter her with one arm and defend her against all comers with the other.

Steve slowly began walking down the path heading towards April. He saw the barrel of the rifle tracking his every footstep and he knew any second he could die. Then again Peter could release the rope and April could die, so he had to get her safely back on the ledge.

The whole of the business end of the rifle followed his every movement, but he finally reached the boom. He swung the boom until April was back safely over land then untied the rope, slowly lowering her to the ledge. April's legs trembled underneath her and he had to lower her all the way to the ground.

Steve rushed over to April and sat cross-legged in the dirt as he pulled her into his lap. She immediately curled into his arms as he held her tight against his body. He hadn't even thought about how cold it was but April was freezing and he pulled off his jacket wrapping her tightly as he began undoing the ropes around her wrists. The whole time he could see the barrel of the rifle out of the corner of his eyes and it never wavered as they were kept in its sights.

He took the ropes off her wrists, then put her arms through the jacket and zipped it up. He could tell she was finally starting to warm back up, but the other objective was to hide her sexy figure from Peter's ogling eyes. Once he had her firmly ensconced in the jacket she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself tightly against his chest.

She clung to him like a desperate leech with her face buried in the crook of his shoulder. Steve felt April's shoulders shake as she began sobbing with relief. She had been abducted, transported here, dangled over a death defying drop and the final insult was Peter's lecherous gaze. Now she was safely in Steve's arms and April finally felt secure again.

They heard Peter laughing from the shack, "This is all so very touching, but I remember you were fucking her brains out a few hours ago. Oh, and I have the pictures to prove it. I wonder how much I can sell those for on the Internet?"

Steve had suspected as much, but now Peter confirmed it. The minute he gets what he wants from his computer, they are dead. There's no way he would try to sell those pictures if they were still alive. So no matter what the odds Steve needed to do something.

Objective one had been accomplished; April was safely back on the mountaintop and not dangling over a group of rocks anymore. Now he needed to do something about Peter. Steve started weighing his options. It seemed the only play he had was to distract him, get close and get the gun away from him.

The obvious distraction was April; her naked body would've distracted a monk. She was his now and his feelings for her were too deep. He could not use her that way and he wanted to keep her safe, away from the action. Steve kissed the top of her head and stroked her silky hair as he thought about what to do.

The first part was getting close, so he stood gathering April in his arms and carried her over to the edge of the shack. Peter's reaction was predictable, "What the hell are you doing? Get back, stay away. Do not come over here or I'll kill you both."

Steve started shuffling slowly towards the shack while in a conciliatory tone said, "I understand, but I need to get April out of a cold wind. She is almost hypothermic from hanging naked in the cold wind. I just need to get her warmed up. I'm sure you don't want her to die of pneumonia."

Peter didn't say anything but with the gun barrel he gestured towards the back corner of the shack. Peter moved back out of the way giving Steve plenty of room to enter the shack. Still, the barrel of the gun was within arm's reach of Steve as he passed and he was tempted to make a grab. However, with April in his arms he was limited in what he could do. He moved through the doorway and put April on the floor against the back wall of the shack.

The two lovers stared at each other for a second then April saw a hard resolve in Steve's eyes. She knew he was to try something and she quickly reached up grabbing his face with both hands. She pulled him close with her mouth latching on to his lips. Her kiss was hard, loving and frantic. She wanted him to know that she loved him, not to take any chances and to come back to her.

As the kiss ended, they stared into each other's eyes. Steve's eyes reserved all the love in his heart for April, but there was also a hard predatory look that belonged to Peter. The pride and love in April's eyes were clear, as was the worry. She wanted him back in one piece and silently mouthed, "Be careful."

Steve moved to the door with his hands held high in mock surrender. Steve wanted to put as much distance as he could between him and April. Therefore, when Steve made his move Peter's focus would be on him, not April. Steve slowly moved towards the door forcing Peter to back away, giving him room to get through the door.

Steve slowly exited the door and walked away from the shack towards the cliff face drawing Peter with him. He continued to move slowly and softly towards the cliff face until Peter stopped at the edge of the shack. Peter did not move any further, because from this position he could see April and Steve.

Steve was just out of arms reach of the rifle, but with two quick steps he could grab it. Peter was far forward enough where he would have a difficult time bringing the rifle to bear on April and that's the way Steve wanted it. April had stood up and he could see her watching him anxiously through a little window cut out in the shack.

April could see Peter's whole body tensing as though he knew Steve was going to make a move. The stringy muscles in his arm were tensing as he gripped the rifle tighter. He was stabilizing his stance and his finger was inching towards the trigger. April glanced at Steve and she could see all of his muscles were coiled like a snake ready to strike.

A devilish like scream split the air and both men swiveled to look at April. She had stripped off her coat and was using the only weapon at her disposal to help the man she loved. Her naked body was all she had and if would keep Steve safe she would use everything she had. Both men were frozen, stunned by the beautiful naked apparition of April glistening in the sunlight.

Steve snapped out of his trance a split second before Peter did and this gave him the edge he needed. He grabbed the barrel of the rifle yanking Peter off his feet as he pulled the barrel up and away from his body. Peter's feet battled to find any foothold, but kept slipping off the edge. His hands kept grabbing for the rifle, trying to hold on to anything that would keep him from falling over the edge.

In his struggles, his finger pulled the trigger and the resulting blast reverberating through the hills. Steve heard what sounded like a bumblebee zoom past his ear just before the blast from the gun deafened his right ear. The concussion from the gun and the resulting pain in his ear prompted Steve to open his hand and release the gun barrel. Steve watched in a satisfied horror as Peter plunged over the edge of the cliff and was impaled on the jagged rocks below.

April dashed out of the shack plunging, still naked, into Steve's arms. At first, she was afraid he had been shot, but when she didn't find any blood she was thankful and kissed everything she could reach. Steve was still trembling with the adrenaline and stunned by the rifle blast. April wrapped in his arms was the best treatment for both conditions.

Both of them were shaking with waning fear, horror over Peter and relief that they were both okay. They shared their relief, and their common repugnance over what happened seemed to bring their hearts even closer together. It seemed as though it was the world against them and the only people they can rely on were each other. Their love unified them, with two people blossoming into a conjoined flower of love. Their hearts were becoming one and neither wanted to fight it.

Love was flourishing, but it needed nourishment and the passion inside them was food for their soul. Steve felt her satiny smooth skin underneath his hands and he had to have more. He fit an ass cheek in each hand and lifted her off her feet until her expectant face was even with his. His mouth latched on to hers as he gluttonously gorged himself on her lips.

April had never been kissed like this in her life, not even his other rousing kisses compared. It was impetuous, wild, amorous, obliterating any thoughts in her head and at the same time blissfully ratifying their love. Maybe it was the near-death experience or just him realizing how much he loved her. She went from scared out of her mind, to panic because she thought she had lost him. When she ran into his arms she was ecstatic that he was okay, but now her insides were scorched with needy desire.

Both of them were panting hard when the kiss ended and their eyes glued together with a heartfelt love. There was a maelstrom of emotions being passed back and forth, but both had a deep ache inside only the other could fill. Whether it was their cataclysmic experiences or the fear of losing each other, it was vital to have their arms around each other.

They both became desperate for an affirmation of life and love. Their kisses and hugs were franticly exquisite. Each felt fiercely alive basking in in their tempestuous love for each other. Everything around them faded into insignificance and only their hearts mattered. Their escape from death only clarified their love and made them feverish to affirm it. Steve rained kisses on Aprils face as she passionately tried to kiss him back.

April was on fire and had to have him. She wiggled in his grasp until he set her on the ground and she dropped to her knees in front of him. She unbuckled his pants and ravenously sucked his cock into her mouth. Her first blow job had been last night and for the first time she was giving love instead of taking. Hearing his groans had sent chills down her back and she chose to kneel at his feet worshipping his cock. It satisfied her in a way she had never know and his moans were food for her heart and soul.

Feeling his hands pulling her head to his cock, feeling him grow in her mouth made her glow inside and out. Even when she gagged on his cock it made her yearn for more. She felt powerful, sexy, impassioned, blazing with white-hot passion with the sexual demon inside her coming to life. Last night when he came in her mouth she felt glorified and treasured, while at the same time electrified with her body on fire. She needed to be the vessel for his love, desire, passion with his cock and his seed only reaffirming his love. Deep in her heart she belonged to him, but last night when she drank his essence she knew he belonged to her as well.

April was lost in lusty space where only Steve's cock in her throat mattered. For the first time she had taken his whole cock and it was a glorious feeling. She felt him throbbing in her throat, smelled his scent and tasted his manly essence. With him she was free to run wild and be the sensual animal she really wanted to be. His cock in her throat was a glorious gift, not just to him, but the love she never thought she would find.

His cock her throat was a reminder of the perfection of the man that loved her. He may not be perfect for others, but he is perfect for her. The world around her has faded away and it's just her and her man's cock. Then suddenly he yanked her off his cock and pulled her up by her arms. Her eyes were crossed and glazed as she looked at him questioningly. The question was answered almost immediately when she felt the head of his cock prying open her anxious pussy.
April wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. As she slid down his cock her whole body went into overdrive. Last night she had been warmed up with more than a dozen orgasms before he ever filled her with his cock. This morning she was raw with sensations and he felt so big as he filled her still tight pussy. She took deep gasping breaths as his exquisite torture exploded in her head. Her stumbling scream of enthusiasm echoed throughout the canyon.


With his pants still trapped around his knees, Steve shuffled over to the shack, bouncing April up and down on his cock with each step. Each bounce created more fireworks behind her eyes as he filled and stretched her like never before. It was excruciatingly rapturous, as his unforgiving and relentless cock filled her to over flowing. April felt his cock slam deep against her cervix and crush her clit between their joined bodies with each step.

From the very first step she felt her cum consume her. She didn't know how it was possible, but his cock seem to be everywhere inside her. Her clit, G spot, and cervix were all being caressed simultaneously by his massive intruder. Each bouncy step set off another round of excruciatingly pleasurable explosions inside her.

It seemed to her that he was bigger and deeper inside her that he'd ever been, but she was helpless to resist him. It was agonizing pleasure bordering on agony and was everything she'd ever dreamed of. Her heart was exploding with the love she felt, while her mind was showered in sparks from their life-affirming coupling. The pleasure was so overwhelming that tears ran down her face and she wanted to spend the rest of her life at this moment.

Tsunami after tsunami of ecstasy washed over her as the cums piled on top of each other. She could barely catch her breath and her heart was beating so fast she was afraid it might explode. Her big man was sending her into orbit with each step and she couldn't imagine anything more perfect. It was love affirming and exactly where she wanted to be.

He took her the way she wanted; the way he wanted. She was free, yet he owned her body and soul. He owned all the orgasms slashing through her. Steve loved, adored and protected her, guiding her and making her his queen. He filled her mind with wonder, passion and awe while the bliss exploded in her body. He was wild as he thrust into the willing sweetness of her body. April eagerly gave him her all, as her gift to the man she loved.

He pushed her hard against the wall of the shack continuing fill her with more orgasms than she could count. Each cum was more searing and fulfilling than the last creating a sky full of beautiful unrelenting fireworks. With the wall of the shack supporting her one of Steve's hands were freed. Steve slid his hand through her silky hair and grabbed a fistful of her hair. His fist jerked her head backwards exposing her delicious neck. The jolt of pain and pleasure rippled down her back as his lips and teeth claimed her neck.

Her veins throbbed beneath his voracious lips in this very primal act of domination. The sacrifice of her neck had always been a very primitive and symbolic sign of submission. April's exposed neck told Steve that she trusted and believed in him. The erotic chills of having him feast on her neck only enhanced the rapture she felt as he filled her with his cock.

Steve was gorging himself on April as she offered her body in loving sacrifice. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed through her until she was all heat and light. April felt the whole world shake all around her, like the earthquake inside her skin made it out into the real world. He claimed her sacrifice as his, but gave her his dedication, love and devotion in return. He growled into her neck, "You're mine, you belong to me and you always will!"

April finally understood the difference between fucking and making love. Her heart and mind were filled with a bone deep sense of love and belonging. Every time they made love she felt him deeper inside her heart. She freely gave him whatever he wanted, because she belonged to him, but she also knew he belonged to her. That's what she felt deep inside. This was the joining of two hearts, two minds and two bodies. One couldn't exist without the other.

Powerful waves of ecstasy lifted her and swept her effortlessly along passion's sea. She was lifted and carried from crest to glorious wave crest. Only when the ecstasy overwhelmed him and he filled her with his seed, did he tenderly deposit her back on the shore. They clung together as April's body throbbed in heavenly rapture, and Steve's cock continued to pulse inside her. Waves of love, passion, rapture and euphoria tied them together tighter than any rope.

Steve slid to his knees with April's arms and legs still wrapped tightly around his torso. Both were hot, sweaty, covered in dust and general disheveled, but they glowed with love and passion's satisfaction. Both of them gazed into each other's eyes as the passion waned, and all-consuming love took its place.

They had survived Peter's plot with their love growing, consuming them and binding them in ways they would never have imagined. It wasn't the ropes, other toys or even the kinky sex; it was a connection neither had felt with anyone else. April's heart and mind had been marked by him and she will always wear them. She hid inside his arms afraid to let the world intrude and as she felt his arms tighten around her she knew he felt the same.

Steve had thought that this rich beauty queen would never open herself up and realize her potential. She had proved him extremely wrong and had given herself to him with the kind of love and passion he had only dreamed of. He came to the realization that he had closed himself off after his divorce and April had saved him, not the other way around. Once she made up her mind up she was all wind and lightening and he had gotten too close to hurricane April. She had swept his heart away, and while he was teaching her she had given him the greatest gift a man could have.

Her smile intoxicated him, while her soft loving eyes tore open his damaged heart. Whatever happened next, he belonged to her and she belonged to him. She had stolen his heart with her soulful longing gazes and with her love and passion. He softly and lovingly kissed her just before he growled, "Don't you ever put yourself in danger like that again! You belong to me and I don't want anything to ever put my property in danger again!"

April looked at him softly and she knew her distraction had ignited the fear of losing her. She could see the pain of loss in his eyes and the heart ache in his voice. Everything about him was telling her that he loved her desperately. She kissed him gently on the lips and with a lopsided grin and said, "Yes Master. Didn't you tell me yesterday to be the queen that fights alongside my man and not the damsel in distress?"

Steve couldn't help chuckling as his own words came back to haunt him. "Yes I did say that, but that was before I staked my claim on you. I think putting my property in danger requires a special punishment, just so you remember to never do it again."

April's smile got bigger as she snuggled deeper into his chest. She kissed the side of his neck and whispered seductively, "My master is always right and I look forward to being the object of his punishment."

Steve smiled lecherously as he pulled her tighter against his chest. Suddenly he stiffened, "Shit, I forgot I called the Sheriff when I first got here. He should probably be here in the next 20 minutes and we have to find the photographs before he gets here." Steve looked April directly in the eyes and ask, "Do you remember where the car is parked and can you go through his camera bag?"

April looked up anxiously and nodded her head up and down. Steve continued, "Okay, you find all the memory cards in the car, his camera bag and don't forget the camera itself. I'll find a way down at the bottom of the cliff and see if he has any memory cards in his pockets. We have 15 minutes to do it baby."

They gave each other a quick kiss then April ran into the shack to get back into his jacket. By the time she came out of the shack Steve was busy shimmying down the cliff face. At first, she had to walk slowly because her knees and trembling body were still to unsteady. Underneath the jacket her hard sensitive nipples were constantly being titillated, while the juices running down the inside of her thighs made her aware of a man waiting for her. April quickly ran back down the road where Peter had hidden his car and found six memory cards in his bag.

She had time so she used the camera to view the cards and only the card inside the camera had any pictures of her. She left five of the cards in the camera bag and only took the one with her photos with her. April remembered to use a towel he had in the car to wipe off her fingerprints. The walk back to the shack was as bad as they walked down. Her nipples throbbed and her arousal just got worse with her pussy lips squishing together as she walked back to the mining shack.

Her life before Steve had been all work. Between school, her modeling gigs, and the ranch she only had small snippets of time to go out with the girls. It was almost as if her life before Steve didn't even matter. All he had to do was look at her and her body trembled with need, her heart beat fiercely for him and her mind was a whirlwind of emotions.

He made her feel free and powerful, yet at the same time she felt soft and pliable. She felt equal amounts of tears, laughter and euphoria. For the last three days she had been on a roller coaster of emotions with euphoric highs. They involved love, satisfaction, freedom, and adoration as if she was finally coming home. When her roller coaster hit the lows she felt guilt, insecurity, disappointment in herself, and fear of failure or inadequacy. She had doubts about herself, but never about him.

She trusted him with her heart and her life. He had proven himself by saving her twice and by the way taken her when he loved her. Her practical side wondered where this was going and how it could ever really work, but her spiritual side felt that she had finally found the man of her dreams. Despite all the conflicts, she knew she couldn't be without him. He was a part of her now and she needed him just like she needed oxygen to breathe.

When Steve finally reached Peter he almost threw up at his grotesquely broken body. It was the most gruesome thing he had ever seen. To think that used to be a human being. He pushed back the bile in his throat and gently patted down the pockets of his pants and shirt pockets. He found one memory card in his shirt pocket. There was no way knowing what was on it, but it seemed logical that it was pictures of April. He took that card with him and made the climb back up the cliff face.

By the time he reached the shack April was waiting patiently for him. She jumped back into his arms and gave him the camera card she had found. She had a sultry glint in her eye as she again snuggled against him and whispered, "Steve, there are some very sexy pictures of your slave on that card. I think my Master may need to inspect them, before he destroys them."

Steve grinned at her saying, "I think those pictures got my sub a little excited. A lecherous thought is a terrible thing to waste, but unfortunately the Sheriff will probably be here fairly soon."

They walked hand-in-hand back to the boulder where Steve had stashed April's phone. Steve redialed the last number and the Sheriff picked up immediately. Steve relayed the turn of events to the Sheriff. His voice sounded relieved until Steve told him that he would need the corner for Peter. Steve heard the Sheriff issue an order to get Will out there for crime scene photos and analysis. The Sheriff disconnected and the two lovers were again left alone.

They climbed inside the Jeep Wrangler until the sheriff arrived. April curled up in Steve's lap and within minutes fell into an exhausted sleep.

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