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Oversimplification of Amy Ch. 01

Janie's little sister Amy was a pestering little brat and drove us crazy while we dated, but is she now driving me crazy in another way? What am I going to do about Amy?


Part One, Back then:

Janie was the prettiest girl in our high school. At eighteen, she had blond hair like pure spun gold, and the clearest blue eyes you'd ever seen! She was popular and attracted a lot of male attention, but she was sweet and gentle. Her tall and slender frame fit mine perfectly at five foot eight. That meant that in three-inch heels she was nearly my height.

Many of the athletes and rich boys at school were interested in her, but I am the one she selected. We dated, attended parties together, and she was my prom date twice. As far as I was concerned a sweeter, and more gorgeous creature did not exist on this earth!

Then there was Amy! Amy was a brat! She is skinny and small, and she has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Okay, she was also rather cute, by way of saying that she was pretty and sported budding breasts the size of plums. She had a rather attractive petite form with slender and shapely legs. She was also Janie's little sister, and at sixteen she was temperamental; there was always a storm brewing in those little brown eyes of hers.

Amy was actually attractive to boys, but she didn't seem much interested in them. Amy's main preoccupation seemed to be making my life miserable when I was with Janie. She was always around whenever I visited her older sister. Lovely Janie seemed to be more patient with "bratzilla" than I was, and would make excuses for her. Amy hated me, but I could never divine a reason why.

Janie could have any boy she wanted but for right now, I was her choice. Was I dating over my head? I thought so even back then, but the prettiest girl was giving me her full attention and I was not questioning my good fortune. My name is Mike and my friends call me that, but I so liked the way Janie made 'Michael' sound musical, that I adopted that as my preferred appellation.

God, how my heart would beat out of my chest whenever I was close to her. I loved the sight and the smell of her ... the feeling of her soft slender arms around my neck as she tiptoed up to kiss me. She had a way of walking that could only be described in poetry ... I am not a poet, but you get the idea!

Yup! I had it bad. She had me wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. We had fun, and shared many common interests; she loved old movies and classical music as much as I did, and we went on long bicycle rides. Holding her in my arms was the most wonderful things in the world. If the word love made any sense to us as teenagers back then, perhaps I was in love with her ... or ... at least in love with the idea of her.

I was a virgin back then, although I was not sure about Janie. I assumed that she was also, and I wanted to be the one to change that for her if she was. As close as we were, and as much groping as we did, I never got close enough to find out. Especially with a bratty little sister interrupting us when we were able to find some amount of privacy.

For example, one night we retreated to the basement rec room to cuddle and fondle on the couch watching a movie or listening to music. There also was little Amy, up top rolling a coffee can half-filled with marbles down the stairs. The reason of course was just to be an annoying little shit!

"Oh! Did I interrupt something?" She would say coyly with lots of giggles.

"Amy, if I catch you, you are going over my knee!" I started to get up, threatening to chase her, and she quickly mounted the stairs trailing rivulets of girlish giggles behind her.

"You wouldn't dare, 'Michael'!" she turned at the top of the stairs, had her hands on her shapely little hips and spit my name back at me as if it was an insult.

"Michael just leave her, she'll go away. Come back, I'm getting cold!" Janie's soft sweet voice could get me to do anything!

After Amy stuck out her tongue at me, I returned to my sweet girl and spooned up behind her lithe form. As I resumed my position, Janie turned around inside my embrace so we could kiss. She has the sweetest lips, and I managed to slide a hand up her blouse and onto one of her firm breasts when I heard,

"Ew! Kissing! Janie look he has his hand on your boob! I'm going to tell Mom!" It was Amy leaning over the back of the couch watching us ... taunting us.

I was up and vaulted the couch in a flash, and as Amy started to retreat up the stairs squealing for her Mother. I grabbed her little arm, and pulled her over my knee sitting on a straight chair by the bottom of the stairs.

"No! Michael! Stop! You can't do this, I'm ... I'm ... just a little girl. I'll tell Mom!" Amy's pleas fell on deaf ears. She kicked and squirmed, so I held her arms tightly behind her back as I started to paddle her behind. They were not hard blows at all, but just firm enough for me to make my point with her and no more. I gave her only five swats, but she screamed as if I was murdering her.

I noticed what a pretty, shapely little butt this brat had on her as I paddled her, and I was surprised at feeling a little twinge as my hand make contact with her body. I pushed her off my lap onto the floor, and as she rose rubbing her butt, she spit out at her sister,

"Janie I'm telling Mom! You boyfriend beat me and you are both going to be in big trouble!"

Janie, against her normal calm nature fumed, and with her teeth clenched replied to her bratty kid sister,

"If you do, I'll tell Mom what a brat you are being when I have company over, and she'll give you worse that Michael did ... and with her hairbrush on your bratty little bottom!!"

Amy's brown eyes burned as she yelled back at her older sister, "Brat!"

"Brat!" Janie counter-punched just as quickly.

Sisters, right? Janie and Amy had a typical sister-sister relationship, sniping at each other at times, and just being sisters at all other times. With our renewed attentions to each other, and calming my girl down a little, I was able to get my hand inside Janie's panties, and I fondled her sensitive little 'button' to a nice little shudder as we kissed, and groped each other.

Janie and I dated for nearly a further two years, before she went east to a large university, leaving me at at the local college. I started in pre-law and was doing quite well. I dated some and attended parties, and even got laid out of a couple of them! As I was starting my junior year at the college, I happen see a very pretty, but familiar face on the quad.

"Hi Amy, how's your butt?" I said to my former bratty little tormentor as she approached.

"Michael! I was afraid that I might run into you here. I got a letter from Janie, and she has a new boyfriend. He is tall and handsome, and rich, so I guess she will have no further use for the likes of you!"

"Still a little sweetheart, aren't you?"

"Not that you will ever find out ... Michael!" My name is seven letters long, but she always makes it sound like a 'four-letter' cuss word!

She turned on her heels and disappeared into the crowded walkway. It did not escape my notice that Amy had filled out quite nicely in the past two years, and had become quite a beautiful girl, but beautiful poison as far as I was concerned!

I was dating a couple of girls at that time, but nothing serious ... just companionship, sex, and fun. At the various dances, and mixers at the college I did see Amy, but it seemed that she was always with different boy. Either she was very particular, or they found her hard to get along with. My money was on the latter explanation. I steered clear of her as much as possible but damn, she looked so good all dressed up!

At the latest mixer, I was with Kathy Miller and noticed Amy from the other side of the dance floor. She was with some geeky little guy that I thought was beneath her notice, as attractive as she had become. I grabbed Kathy for a slow dance, and we tried to move to an area away from adult chaperons, so we could dance a little closer and kiss a little. At one point moving backward, I bumped into another couple. I turned to see Amy looking into my eyes. She was just about to say 'excuse me,' when she recognized me in the darkened dance floor. Before she could react, I said,

"Oh, sorry Amy, hope I didn't hurt you little ... butt!" It was then that I realized that she would have smiled at me, but her expression dropped as she said to her partner,

"Ugh! Let's get out of her Henry!"

As I watched her walk away, I felt embarrassed and ashamed at being so mean. I couldn't let a little girl smile at me? I felt like a jerk! But, as cute as she was, little Amy was nowhere on my radar.

"C'mon baby, let's dance." Kathy said, pulling me back into our close embrace. She did not say anything about what she witnessed, but Kathy likely just filed it away.

Kathy is pretty. She has soft silky brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has a couple extra pounds, but it looks good on her, she is very shapely. As I looked back into her eyes, I thought, just for a split-second that they had the same dark hue as Amy's brown eyes.

"What are you looking at Michael?" Kathy brought me back to reality.

"Uh, uh, nuthin sweetie, let's dance."

I slid my hands down to her hips and then around her back as she put hers on my chest with her cheek resting between them. She felt so good in my arms. Her hair smelled wonderful ... sweet ... perfumed. I breathed in her aroma as we danced slowly ... very slowly!

I like Kathy for her genuine sweetness, and her great sense of humor. I like her voluptuous body, so different from some of the skinnier and bitchier girls I have dated. I can't say that I am in love, but more 'in like' with Kathy. We were, for all intents and purposes, boyfriend and girlfriend but with no agreement on exclusivity. After the dance Kathy and I returned to my car, and as we started off, she said,

"Michael, can we go to ... you know where?" This was her way of asking me to drive her to Pine Crest ridge, a local shady make-out spot. I gave her a broad smile in response.

She cuddled up to my right arm in the car, resting her hand lightly on my thigh. We could have just gone back to my apartment for more privacy, but this is more romantic and its more exciting fooling around in public ... well, semi-public.

We moved into the back seat when we parked at our destination, and we were in a tight clench very quickly. By the time we settled in the back seat, she already had her sweater unbuttoned, with her lacy bra, in view. Kathy has the loveliest breasts: large, round and cottony-soft to the touch. As we made out, I fondled and kissed those magnificent orbs, sucking and pinching her nipples.

She is not a slut, and I never treat her like one, but she is very generous with sharing her delightful physical charms. Unfortunately, there are parts that are still off limits ... at least for now. As I reached up under her skirt, hoping to liberate her from her panties, she would pull my hand out, and said reluctantly,

"No, Michael. I want to, but we have only dated a for few weeks ... I would feel more comfortable waiting a little ... please be patient honey... we'll get there." Her pretty eyes searched my face and she continued,

"You-you're not mad are you Michael?"

I gently cradled her face in both my hands, looked into her sparkling brown eyes, and kissed her full on the lips,

"Of course not honey. I won't rush you into anything."

"Y-You will call me again won't you Michael?" She looked worried. I kissed her and said,

"Pick you up next Friday night, seven o'clock, the movies. Okay?" I said with a smile.

She let out her held-in breath, and beaming with a wide smile, she said,

"Yes, Michael. It's more than okay!"

She took my hand and placed it on her naked breast, and we spent the next two hours doing just about everything else but fucking. Ah, what the hell; I liked Kathy and could wait for her. She allowed me to fondle anything I wanted to, but stopped short of oral sex and actual intercourse.

We stopped at our favorite café afterward for a coke and a burger. Kathy is fun to be with, and we had a great time talking and laughing. She is an 'A' student, also in pre-law, and is smart enough to make one hell of a lawyer someday.

For now, she is my girlfriend and although the word love does not come up, I really enjoy being with this lovely and smart girl. We continued to date through our junior year, and toward the end of it, she did let me fuck her.

It was wonderful, and her body was incredible. Finally being able to slide inside her soft luxurious body was an amazing turn-on, as she pushed her ass up against my thrusts. The first time we did it, we came simultaneously. We made love often after that, and I have to say ... I just never tired of fucking that girl!

As I entered my American history class as a senior, I smelled a familiar aroma as a pretty girl sat in the seat just behind and to the right of me. I turned slowly to see Amy sitting in my class. She didn't notice my at first, but then she did. She just gave me a wry half-smile, and returned her attention to the class syllabus we all retrieved from the table as we entered.

A senior and a sophomore taking the same course is odd since it is a lower level course, but I could not fit it in earlier, and still needed it. I found out that Amy was smart. She always had her hand up and not only had the right answer, but her responses were intelligent and well thought out. After that first class with her, I hurried out of the classroom without looking back because I knew that Kathy was waiting for me in the hallway. We both had a break in our schedule, and were going to breakfast. She embraced me sweetly and we were kissing when I felt a little jolt. Kathy looked up and asked,

"Did that little girl just bump into you?"

I looked to see Amy quickly padding down the hall as her short crisp pleated skirt swished attractively. My eyes followed her as she walked away until Kathy turned my face toward hers with her hand and asked,

"Hey, remember me darling?" then her eyes searched mine with her brow wrinkled a little, "Do you know that girl Michael? She looks like that one from the dance that time."

"Yeah, she is the little sister of a girl I dated in high school ... she hates me!"

"Oh!" Kathy said brightly, giving me a smile that said she wanted to know more.

"She is a brat, and I got so sick of her act one time that I turned her over my knee and spanked her. She has hated me ever since ... she's just a kid!"

"Well Michael, you were not looking at her just now, like you thought she was a kid!"

I smiled at her softly, looked into her incredible brown eyes and said, "Have I told you yet how beautiful you look today?"

She stifled a giggle with her fingers, and said, "Nice save, Michael ... and no, you haven't! Tell me!" She wrapped both arms around one of mine and as we walked away, she pressed me, "Tell me Michael, tell me, TELL ME!"

We walked down the hall laughing, giggling, and joking back and forth, both very happy being together. I had a wonderful time as usual with her at the café, and I loved listening to her talk. My mind did wander a little, returning to the sight of that little pleated skirt retreating down the hallway, and shapely ass of the little brat wearing it.

Kathy was right ... I no longer saw Amy as a kid. Hell! Doesn't make any difference since she detests me so much, and I am so happy with Kathy ... for now. After classes a month later, I got a phone call from Janie.

"Hi Michael! Taking a little break from school, and thought I would give an old friend a call. How about lunch today? My treat!"

"Janie! It's great to hear your voice! Yeah, lunch is good. Meet you at um, that place we went that time ... noon."

"Okay Michael, see you there!"

Janie looked great! She seemed more mature, and dressed in expensive clothes. We talked mostly about her schooling out east, and her career goals. She wants to be a corporate CEO by the time she's thirty, and talked about getting her MBA right after college. We talked back and forth for an hour and a half as we ate and drank. During a lull, she asked,

"So, how is Amy? I understand you two have a class together."

"Amy? Why should I know anything about Amy?" I asked, not understand the question.

"Well, I just thought that you two might have had lunch together or ... something."

"Amy hates me ... you know that! She would sooner spit in my eye as talk to me!"

"Michael! You mean to tell me that you never noticed when we were together, that Amy had a crush on you?"

"What do you mean? She was a pestering little brat. She is your sister, but why would you think that she crushed on me."

"Michael, haven't you ever heard of Hamlet? Shakespeare? 'The lady protests too much, methinks'? It means that sometimes a girl might resort to inappropriate or, say, bratty behavior to attract the attention of someone she really likes."

"Sorry, I guess I was sick that day in English literature! Do you remember when I got pissed at her, and spanked her in front of you? All the times she threw things at me, that little girl had it in for me!"

"That's not what she told me Michael. We talked about it afterward in my room. Her panties were a little moist after you laid hands on her little teeny-butt. Later, she told me that she was embarrassed and mad at the time, but that she tried to be bratty enough for you to do it to her again."

Janie lowered her eyes and smiled at me and continued, "I have to say Michael, I was a little jealous of Amy for her admiration of you, but we didn't stay together, so no big deal."

"Well, that's a real mind-blower Janie! She slammed into me in the hallway after a class one day, and just continued on without saying anything ... my girlfriend noticed."

"Don't you see, Michael? That was classic attention-getting behavior. Amy likes you."

"Are you saying that I should call her up and ask her out? She'd tell me to go to hell."

"Yes, under that scenario, I believe she might, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't try to find a way to say yes sometime."

"Janie, this is Amy we are talking about. Remember her? That skinny little sixteen-year-old that drove us crazy on dates?"

"Michael, she is not sixteen anymore ... she is almost nineteen, and has become quite a looker."

"Well, the point is moot, since I have a girlfriend I like." I said hoping to settle the question.

"I didn't hearhe word love in that sentence anywhere, Michael!" I took Janie's hand in mine and said,

"Janie honey, you were my fantasy girl in high school and as thrilled as I was to be with you, I guess we never really loved each other either."

Janie smiled in agreement with me and just said, "Okay Michael ... just saying!"

We continued with our lunch with a lively discussion, and then I looked at my watch, remembering an appointment, and walked Janie back to her car, giving her a hug and a brotherly kiss on the cheek.

On the way home, I just could not get my mind around what Janie told me about Amy. I never for an instant thought about Amy in any romantic way, since she was so young when I dated Janie. "She's just an f'ing kid!" I told myself, and in truth, I still saw her as a kid.

I called Kathy when I got home and made a date for supper that night. Kathy and I have no secrets (at least not from my end), and we did discuss my lunch with Janie. Kathy is not jealous of Janie since she understands that I never had real feelings for my ex-girlfriend. At one point Kathy did ask,
"So, do you think you might have feelings for this girl ... this Amy?"

"No. It's possible that Amy had a school girl crush on me, but she is older now, and I have seen her a couple of times on campus arm-in-arm with some boys, and good luck to her. No, I do not have any feelings for Amy."

~ ~ ~

Part Two, The present:

It is now toward the end of my senior year at the college. I have just received notice that I scored high enough on my LSAT to qualify for a spot in a very good local law school. Since Kathy is visiting family in another town for the week, I turn to a friend to help me celebrate. We are going stag to the Spring Fling dance. As we stand off to the side, just talking and taking in the scene, a small girl appears in front of me. I look down to see Amy standing in front of me in a soft form-fitting sweater and a short tight skirt.

"Dance with me Michael!" She says softly without a smile. Before I can react, she is grabbing my hand and leading me out onto the dance floor. It is a slow song, so we are dancing close. Her aroma is intoxicating ... her hair ... her body lotion ... and just a hint of her natural 'feminine' aroma in the warm gymnasium.

She doesn't offer any conversation, or even an explanation for her approaching me. We are just dancing. I keep my hands from roaming too far over her petite little form ... with her right hand in my left, and my right hand on her hip. She has her left hand on my shoulder, keeping her head down. Just a standard non-sexual dance pose.

After a while I softly say, "It's nice to see you Amy, you look very nice tonight. How are things going these days?"

She does not answer, and when I lift her chin to look into her face, she has tears just starting to form in her eyes. She finally says softly, "I'm fine Michael ... th-things are going well um, with me. Thank you." Then we continue to dance in silence. Toward the end of the song I ask, "Amy, would you like to get out of here, maybe get a beer and a burger?"

She lifts her face to me and still a little moist-eyed, says, "Yes Michael, that would be nice."

We walk off the dance floor, I nod to my friend that I was going out with this girl, and he nods back his understanding. I have my hand behind her, on the small of her back as we make our way out of the Gym. We walk the two blocks to a popular eatery on campus, and talk a little, meaning that I would ask her a question, and Amy would supply a one or two word answer.

It feels wonderful having my hand on her soft firm body, and I can feel a definite 'growing' in my trousers ... just from her aroma and the closeness of her. We find a comfortable booth off to the side and I start a conversation with,

"Amy, it's so nice to talk to you like this, you look very pretty tonight."

"Thank you Michael. I was very nervous about asking you to dance with me, but I really wanted to." Then with another thought she adds, "Um, I am not twenty-one Michael, so I cannot have a beer, but you should feel free to have one if you would like ... but I would like a burger!"

I smile at her, and as she drops her eyes shyly, I say to her, "That's the most you have said to me at one time in four years, Amy. I would like to feel that we can be friends."

"Oh we are friends Michael ... I feel that we are. I know that I can still be a little um, bratty, but I have not done anything to be spanked for lately." She gives me a smile that tells me that she is joking, trying to lighten things up a bit.

I get a glint in my eye and reply,

"Well if you do, just let me know and I would be happy to give you another one!"

She giggles and her face brightens for the first time tonight. She looks into my eyes directly and says bravely,

"I would like that Michael." Then she blushes as she continues, looking down and away,

"I really li-liked it the first time ... w-when I was younger."

She raises her eyes a little more teary and smiles, causing me to have a little twinge between my legs. I love the way she says my name so sweetly. She smiles wryly and puts her hand on top on mine,

"Michael, I am so sorry that I was such a little shit back then, but I, um kind of uh, liked you." Then she lowers her eyes and blushes again. She is trying very hard to make it right with me, I think so I tell her,

"Well, I had lunch with Janie and she t—"

"—I know, Michael" she interrupts, "she told me about it, and what she told you about me, um ... I did have a crush on you then."

"What about now, Amy?"

"Well, you know I am um older and I am uh, seeing a couple of guys now and um—"

"—What about now, Amy?" I interrupt her, pressing her a little. She is silent for a moment, and then she quietly says,

"I still do Michael!" She takes a drink of her coke and reiterates, "I still do!"

I look at her for some time, trying to figure out what is going on behind that pretty brow, as she starts to show a little nervousness. I finally say,

"I am going to walk you home tonight Amy, it's dark and I would hate for anything bad to happen to Janie's little sister."

She looks up at me quickly, thinks about what I said and with a small smile growing on her pretty face, she answers,

"Okay Michael."

After that, we have a nice conversation talking and teasing each other back and forth. She picks up my mug and takes a drink of my beer. Then she gives me a bratty smile with a little foam on her lips, waiting for me to challenge her. I reach over and wipe the foam from her lips.

I think for a few seconds and say to her, "You know, I kind of liked you back then too, and as mad as I was at you, I saw something I liked in that little Amy. Hell, I knew that your sister was way out of my league, but although I thought you were pretty, you were too young then. I think I spanked you just to show you some attention."

She thinks about that for a while, takes another swig of my beer, and says,

"Well, we can talk about all of this again tomorrow night? Y-You can ask m-me out if you would like, Michael ... (and switching to a sly smile) ... you never know what might happen!"

I laugh at her potentially sexual innuendo and she laughs also at having the guts say that to me. I nodded my head 'yes' and say, "That sounds nice, Amy!"

Then she quickly adds, "But you don't get any tonight ... maybe just a goodnight kiss if you are good boy, Michael!"

We both laugh hard at that comment. She has such an attractively musical laugh, and I was starting to amend my opinion of her, starting to develop some real feelings for her, if maybe just a little.

After we finish our meal, I walk her back to her dorm building. At the door, she hesitates putting her key in the door and I take that as a signal that she expects a goodnight kiss. I pull her to me with my hands on her small shoulders and kiss her. Her lips are soft and sweet tasting and I get a little electricity as I kiss her. We break our kiss, and she says,

"Goodnight Michael!"

"Seven tomorrow night then Amy, we'll figure out something to do; there is a nice film at the campus theater."

She smiles sweetly slowly blinks her long lashes, and replies, "That sounds nice Michael."

"Okay then, 'night Amy." I say, as she smiles and retreats into the dark recesses of her dormitory hallway.

"Fuck!" I say to myself, "What the 'f' am I doing with this little girl? I have a girlfriend I really like and Amy just doesn't fit into my plans." I wrestle with myself, "but on the other hand, she is so sweet and I started to get hard being with her so ... so what the hell does that mean?" I continue my mental wrestling match as I plod home.

I think about Kathy. "I would die before I hurt Kathy, but while she is gone, it might not hurt to be a little nice to Janie's sister, she was pleasant company tonight, so what the 'f'!" I remember that Kathy and I are not exclusive under any mutual agreement. She goes out with her friends for an occasional girl's night out—I know what happens on those—but have always allowed Kathy her privacy about it, so she can allow me a little too.

My God, what a load of self-serving rationalizations, I begin to think. The truth is; I like Amy, and I want to be with her tomorrow night! And, it has nothing to do with being nice to anyone's little sister. I spend most of the night thinking about all of the things that might possibly happen tomorrow night. I have a raging hard-on by the time I settle down.

I arrive at class the next morning, and look in before entering ... no Amy. I take my seat, and look through my assignment one last time since I still have about five minutes before class begins. Then I feel breath on my ear, and a soft voice says,

"Morning, Michael!"

Without looking back I smile and reply, "Morning Amy!"

She eschews her normal seat, and takes the unoccupied one next to me. Shit! She is wearing a short skirt, heels, and showing some cleavage. I try not to notice the fact that she has her unbelievably gorgeous slender little legs on display. Plus, I can see the curves of her breasts—now having grown from plums to apples—as they disappear down into her crisp white blouse.

We talk about the assignment, and she shows me her essay, all neatly printed out. I read a few lines, and her handling of the topic impresses me. Her arguments are intelligent, and articulate. I try to ignore the view she is presenting to me down her blouse as she leans toward me.

"Wow Amy, this is great! You'll get an 'A' for sure."

"Ah, I'm bored with all 'A's'!" She says with a musical giggle.

She turns and bends down to put her paper back into her backpack, and her legs spread enough to show quite a lot of inner thigh. The guy in the row ahead notices too, but he probably has a clearer 'panties shot' from where he sits.

He looks away quickly though, when I give him one of those "what the fuck are you looking at?" glares. Amy straightens up, looks at him, looks at me, and giggles.

I decide to tease her a little, "That's a cute little nothing you are wearing today!"

She smiles without, looking over at me, and whispers,

"Thanks for noticing, Michael!"

The bell rings and the instructor begins his lesson: "The Thomas Jefferson years." Amy whispers "Racist!" referring to the fact that Jefferson was one of eight presidents who owned slaves. I smile, understanding that there is more to him than that, and shush her.

After class, I gather my stuff, and she leans over and says, "I'm hungry Michael, how about buying me breakfast?" I was actually on my way out, but since I really had no other urgent plans, I say yes to her. She squeals, and wraps an arm around mine as we walk out. She looks over her shoulder at the guy we caught looking up her skirt, and smiles at him as she leaves with me.

"Well, hello little miss flirt!" I say teasing her.

"Oh, I am just having fun ... I kind of like guys to look! You looked too Michael!"

"This sounds like the Amy I remember!" I reply.

She throws her head back slightly to laugh as we head to the little campus café again, this time for breakfast. She chooses one of the booths with a semi-circular bench, so we can sit together in the middle. Damn! This little girl is making be feel like a teenager again. As she wiggles her little butt in the seat, her skirt rises a little and becomes a pleasant distraction for me.

I start by saying, "Burger and beer last night, and now breakfast! Tell Janie that she owes me a blow-job for taking such good care of her little sister!"

"Michael! That's a terrible thing to say!"

Then she gives me a rather naughty smile that says 'maybe I should give you one myself!' but changes subjects by asking,

"So, Michael, who is that pretty girl I see you with sometimes? Is she your girlfriend? Do you love her?"

"Her name is Kathy Miller, and she asked me once how I felt about you ... after you bumped into me in the hall that first day."

"Oh! And what did you say?"

"That's privileged information Amy. I'll tell you someday."

"So, is she ... and do you?" She redirects her questions me.

"Yes and ... maybe. Kathy and I are currently dating, but we have no real understanding at present. We are at the 'in like' stage."

"So should I be worried about her ... do I have to 'bump her off' or anything?"

"Now it's your turn to be terrible! No, you do not have to 'bump her off.' Actually she is very nice and very smart ... you'd like her, actually."

"Well, tell her not to put me on her Christmas card list just yet, Michael!"

"She is coming back to campus on Sunday. Maybe the three of us can get together."

"Well um, let's just play that one by ear!" She looks at me and continues, "Michael ... um, can we get together a couple of times by ourselves before then?"

"Let's see what happens tonight, Amy. I like you, and you are fun now that you are older, but we have just reconnected, and we should just be friends for now. Don't you think?"

"Well ... I guess so!" she says grumpily. Then,

"Michael? Were you a jealous when that guy in class looked up my skirt?" She asks with a devilish smile.

"You mean you saw him looking?"

"Yes, Michael, I spread my legs on purpose, but it was for your benefit ... not his."

"Honestly, I was a little... but just a little." I reply

"I'll accept that!" She says, and then with a bratty smile, "You know, Michael, there is a guy in the corner booth—don't turn around—who is also noticing, shall I open up a little for him too? He's cute!"

"Don't you dare you little brat, not when you are with me. If you want to do a strip-tease in the middle of the quad for him later, that's your business!" I reply.

"Mmm, if I did that, I would really need to be spanked ... wouldn't I? That, is the voice of the little Amy I remember.

The service is quite good in this place and we have our order, so we put the topic on hold as we dig into our omelets, links, and hash browns. She is right; she is hungry and steals two of my links after devouring all of her own ... skewering them with her fork. Her defiant look as she steals my food is pure 'Amy'!

We eat and talk, and as we finish, she says,

"Michael, I have an appointment across town before my afternoon classes, so I have to run. She jumps up and kisses me on the cheek saying, "Thanks for breakfast Michael, love ya!"

She pushes out of the booth and I look at the back of her lovely legs, and her shapely little butt in her short skirt all the way out the door ... and so do several other guys. Sitting by myself having another coffee, I mutter belatedly, "You're welcome, m'love!" I could very easily get used to using the word 'love' in reference to Amy.

It is interesting how much I am learning about a girl I wrote-off so long ago, as just a spoiled little brat. I am seeing a very pretty and smart young woman now, who is fun to be with and I am actually looking forward to my casual date with her tonight!

Perhaps I have misjudged or...

...oversimplified Amy.

~ ~ ~

Continued in Chapter Two.

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