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On Holiday on the Spanish Riviera

Strictly fiction. Many thanks to my editor "Wicked Inside".


Bright light was pushing its way around the edges of the wooden blinds. I could feel that it was probably time to get up, so I slipped out of bed and went over to lift a slat and glance out. There were people on the street outside, and the sun was definitely up. The town was, I guessed, showing what passed here for bustling.

"Time to get started, babe! It's a bright, shiny, new, day!" I called out. We're both night owls, and loved teasing each other about mornings. I looked back, and she had kicked off the sheets and was stretching lazily, lying almost diagonally across the bed. She is never more beautiful than in a full length stretch, even with her hair in riotous disarray, and given my body's response, getting started was about to be delayed.

I lowered my lips to her belly, and started gently kissing my way slowly upward. My right hand found and started gently stroking the soft skin of her thigh. I felt her hand gently start stroking my hair. My lips found a nipple, pulled it into my mouth as I gently sucked on it and rolled it. She started the soft murmurs deep in her throat that I know so well. Neither of us was in a hurry.

It was a gentle mating, loving more than passionate. I started on top, but held myself up with my arms so I could behold the face of my lover (and, yes, watch her beautiful breasts flowing under the energy of my thrusts.) We ended with her on top, and me holding and massaging her breasts as we both enjoyed a gentle, rolling crest.

As Jeannie used the only bathroom, I lay on my back feeling on top of the world. We had arrived last night at a private beach house owned by a well-off Sevilla family. A few years earlier we had befriended their son when he was doing his residency at the hospital where my wife worked. Well, he and his family became our friends, and "Mi casa, su casa." is more than just an expression for them. We had taken this vacation specifically to meet the family. The youngest son met us in Madrid and escorted us to Sevilla on the "Ave" high-speed train. We had a delightful few days with them, the son acting as tour director through the Roman, Moorish, and Catholic history in the area.

Then they drove us down to their beach house for several days alone on the Spanish Riviera. This town was not a big tourist area, only a few specialty hotels and a lot of beach houses. Marta, the mother, had spent hours telling Jeannie about all the best restaurants and shops, and then, with a little concern for our "American" sensitivity, warned us that the beach was mostly topless, more so even than the more touristy beaches. There was even a fully nude beach a few kilometers west of the town. Jeannie just smiled, because she knows I am an incorrigible breast man.

Not that Jeannie intended to participate. In the breast department, she was very well endowed, but believed she was too large to go topless. In fact, despite my pained protestations, she consistently maintains that the only reason I married her was because of her large mammaries. In fact, while fascinated by breasts, I don't focus just on size. I like all sizes and shapes, glorying in the wonderful variety that God has blessed us with. I doubt that I could ever get my hands on enough different ones to satisfy my obsession, though, being happily married, I don't get my hands on any except Jeannie's. Jeannie is confident enough of our relationship to happily point out particularly nice examples for me. She also uses hers to maximum advantage to keep me in thrall to her. I love and enjoy her so much.

"C'mon lazy bones! Breakfast is waiting!" Jeannie called out as she emerged. She was nude and drying her black, shoulder-blade length hair. Her eyes are also dark, and her neatly trimmed bush is deep black, and all of her skin in between and around is very light, almost white. The contrast, plus her oval face, lends her an exotic Mediterranean look. Her breasts are heavy enough to hang, but have not "fallen", and swell in a very nice pillow shape. Her large areoles are nicely centered and the tall nipples in the center point almost straight forward. When she lies on her back, they flow to the side, of course, but still hold the nipples high and pointing up. When we are in a playful mood, she will have me fuck her breasts, and laughs happily at me as I try to maintain control.

At that thought she caught me leering at her and gave me one of her "Oh, really? Get going!" looks. With an exaggerated, heavy sigh, I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later we were sitting down at a sidewalk cafe. The morning was bright and comfortable, a few puffy clouds drifting across the bright blue sky. It would be warm, later. The beach was on the other side of the street and was very wide, and it appeared that the shallow slope of the beach continued into the water as the small rollers started well out from the water line. At almost ten in the morning there were already people on the beach. A number of kids were happily running and splashing in the water.

Jeannie was wearing her black bikini, with a colorful sarong around her waist and a wide hat. The bikini top had to be large enough to contain her, so the deep-V bottom was also no skimpy thong, but still sexy as hell. Did I mention, Jeannie has a beautiful ass? No? Shame on me.

An hour later, we strolled arm-in-arm down the wide sidewalk. Jeannie was window shopping the little shops and I was trying to window shop the ladies on the beach. I was straining to get a better look when I got a gentle elbow in the ribs. "According to Marta, there are a bunch of shops down this next street I will want to wander through. You go wander the beach and enjoy yourself. Just try not to drool too obviously." I mock glared at her. "I'll find you on this part of the beach or we'll meet back at the house." She continued. She was obviously intending to do some heavy shopping.

"Just leave us enough money to get home." I replied and kissed her on the forehead. She turned with a grin, and I watched her put some extra sway in her hips as she strolled away from me.

Then I turned and wandered out onto the sand, and started observing the multitude of breasts available, this time from a more reasonable distance. As one would expect, there was every sort, and very few were covered. There were small, cone shaped breasts tipped with hard nipples on the young girls running out of the water. There were slightly hollow, baby chewed breasts on some women chasing kids. There were breasts of every degree of plumpness from just barely rounded, to pert and high, to a nice handful swaying with every movement, to heavy globes pressing against the rib cage. Amongst the sunbathers there was everything from the tight breasts poised on top of the rib cage to the large breasts that flowed outward. They were all beautiful, and I was memorizing as many images as my poor brain could hold.

Then I saw her, and all the other images disappeared. She must have been fifty or so yards away, but she had stood up and was turning slowly, apparently looking for something. The sun was just enough behind her to give her a semi-silhouette that showed more than the full sun. What I thought I saw was a blond ponytail, large but high and firm breasts, thin waist, full hips, flat tummy, round ass, and long legs. She started walking toward the street and I set an angle to intercept her. I wasn't thinking, and I wasn't even aware of my surroundings.

She reached the street ahead of me, and crossed and headed into a small store. I wasn't far behind. In the windows were tourist type knick-knacks, so I decided to follow her in. My worst case scenario was that I was about to make a total, obnoxious, fool of myself, but if I could get a close look, I knew it would be worth it.

As I casually wandered amongst the displays, I didn't see her at first. Then suddenly, I spotted her across a couple stacks of merchandise. I instinctively moved to the right and then down an aisle, and there she was, ten feet away in perfect profile. Her face was classically Nordic, her breasts, belly, ass, and legs, were everything that I had hoped for given what I had seen outside, I froze and just stared, memorizing every detail. As my eyes wandered back up her body, I suddenly realized that she had spotted me, and had a very amused look on her face. The clerk interrupted her with a question, and then went to fetch something, apparently. She slowly turned to face me directly, with a big smirk on her face. She even bent over a bit toward me, pretending to look at something on the counter. To inspect something else, she took a half step sideways, spreading her legs. Her bikini bottom was a bright blue thong and it left little to the imagination. She was still smirking when the clerk came back with a medium size bag for her, and she turned away to pay him.

I drifted back out the front door to get another look at her as she left, but she stopped in the doorway, caught my eye, and tossed her head in that universal way that means "Let's go, this way." I fell into stride beside her with my brain racing. My best-case scenario had never been this good. It never occurred to me that this might not end well, and I should run.

"I'm on 'Holiday'," she announced, "how about you?" The musical sound of her voice was as beautiful as it was unexpected. I could hear the quotes in the way she said 'Holiday', but had no idea what that meant.

It took a moment to get my vocal cords working. "Uh, yes! Yes, I'm on holiday too." We engaged in some inconsequential chit-chat about how long we had been here and what fun things we had found so far, and that covered a couple of blocks. Suddenly she turned into one of the many recessed doors along a vine-covered wall of such doors, and opened it with a key. As she stepped through, she looked back at me and asked "Coming?" I tried to ignore the double meaning as I had to consciously rip my foot from the concrete of the sidewalk to follow her in.

The room was clearly the sitting room of a suite. I could see a huge bed through open double doors. She put her bag away, bending over completely to show me her beautiful ass, I could see the string of the thong for its full length. My brain was on fire, and what had been a hopeful stirring in my pants roared to life.

She stood back up, and turned to me with a beautiful, innocent smile. "Well? You've wanted to touch them since you first saw me." As she spoke she pulled her shoulders back to make her meaning obvious and her breasts even higher and firmer. So I did - wild horses couldn't have stopped me. They were magnificent, firmer than anything I had ever imagined or dreamed of in my life. What I felt convinced me that they were not enhanced, but as I pressed and squeezed them, I was not sure how hard I could go.

"Does this hurt?" I asked as I pressed and squeezed one breast as hard as I dared.

Her eyes had been closed, and she seemed to partially open them reluctantly. "I'll let you know if you go too far, but not much more than that." I moved back to sit on the arm of the couch, pulling her with me, and settled back to work. One breast under my mouth, another massaged by hand, while the remaining hand wandering down her back, cupping and squeezing her full, round buttocks, stroking the tops of her thighs and back up her sides. She was quivering all over.

I was so focused, or obsessed, that the sound of the door opening didn't register until after her hand pushed me, causing me to fall back onto the couch. The back of the couch blocked the sight of me from the door, except for my legs dangling over the arm.

"Hi Francis!" she called out. "I'm ... on ... holiday!" She spoke with emphasis.

After a breathless second, I heard a deep chuckle, and "Good. I'll be out front, if you want me."

As the door closed, I heard a muffled woman's voice, and for a second imagined that it was my Jeannie. That thought was swept from my mind as my partner in "holiday" threw herself on top of me. She had to shift up me a bit, and then planted a deep, tongue-lashing kiss on me. I lost myself again trying to keep up.

When she broke the kiss I realized her knees, and mine, were on the arm of the couch. That was fine for me, on my back, but bent her in an uncomfortable direction. There were a couple of giggly, confused moments as she untangled herself, ending up kneeling next to me. She offered me a breast, and I lifted myself to suck and nibble on it as I gently stroked her belly and ran my fingers just under the edge of her thong. She did me one better by rubbing a hand in a circular motion down my belly, inside my swim trunks, and finally wrapping her hand around my recovering erection. (Yes, I admit I am not sophisticated enough to not be affected by the interruption, but my recovery was doing just fine, thank you.)

A moment later, I could feel her pulling on the drawstring of the trunks, then she was standing and pulled them off me. She seemed to like what she saw, and scooped my aching penis into her mouth and gave me several strong strokes before I had to stop her. "Oh! Wow! No! Stop!" The words were ripped from the back of my throat. She was giving me too much stimulation.

She stood back up, with an almost evil leer on her face. She was in control and knew it. She spread her legs a bit, and asked in her innocent voice "Is there anything else you would like to play with?"

There was nothing about her that I didn't want to play with. I swung my legs over the edge of the couch to sit facing her. My hands slid up the inside of her legs, meeting at the top of her thighs and then sliding up just under the edge of her thong. My hands slid outward under the thin elastic strap until I could pull it down. As I reached low toward her ankles, I had to lean into her, my face pressing into the clean-shaved skin just above her pussy. She lifted her feet out of the thong, one at a time, spreading her legs for me as she did so.

I took my first long look at her pussy. The outer labia were already a bit swollen and pinker than the surrounding skin, but still together. The inner labia were distinctly swollen, deep pink, and projecting at least a half inch outside the outer labia. She slid her hands to her belly, and pulled her pussy open for me to see in its full glory, and glorious it was. I wet a fingertip and touched her just behind her vagina, and slid the fingertip forward. It dropped into her wetness for a moment, and then trailed forward again to circle her clitoris. I shrank the circle until I was essentially massaging the clitoris through its hood. This time it was her turn; she grabbed my hand and pushed it away.

I glanced up at her with a raised eyebrow, pushing one hip and pulling the other, gently, asking her to turn around. She was still smirking, and slowly rotated in front of me. When facing away, she slowly spread her legs and bent forward. The view, her now wet vagina, the scent of her musk, her beautiful, perfectly rounded ass cheeks, even the pink rosette of her anus, all left me breathless. I could not have conjured a more perfect woman if I had tried. Her breasts were now hanging pendulously, and I reached out to support each with a hand as I pressed my face into her sex. I was dizzy, out of control, mindless, and just glad that I had enough experience to do the right things to and for her.

I stabbed my tongue into her vagina as deeply as I could and swept it around, then pulled it out and pushed it down over her clit and between her labia, separating them. I continued sweeping my tongue up and down her slit, flicking her clit, probing her vagina, even sweeping up and around her anus a couple times. She pressed back against me as I attacked her sex and massaged her breasts in my hands. A small shudder went through her body, and then she slowly stood and turned to face me.

I cannot say that I am proud of my performance. I didn't explore, I didn't try to learn her responses, I didn't tease, I mindlessly had sex with her in a blind passion, a level of arousal that I don't think I had ever known before. In retrospect, that level of loss of control is scary, at the time I had no conscious choice.

She pushed me back gently and knelt between my spread legs. Half my cock disappeared into her mouth, the rest was surrounded by one of her hands. She gently stroked, sucked, and tongue-lashed me, destroying whatever was left of my conscious mind. When I lifted my hips off the couch, possibly moaning incoherently, and tremors started rippling my belly, she lifted her mouth off me but continued slowly and gently stroking me with her hand. It was a while before I recovered any semblance of awareness.

When I could again make eye contact with her, she rose up, and after a brief but complicated sequence was settling onto my lap, her legs wrapped behind me on the couch, as the full length of my manhood embedded in her soft, hot, wet, flesh, her breasts pressed against my chest, her arms around my neck, and was kissing me deeply. Electric shocks were coming from all over my body, everywhere we touched, leaving me breathless. She ground her sex against me in little circles while I slowly rocked my hips. I could feel my cock throbbing inside her as the walls of her vagina slid over it. I could feel it all, intensely.

After some indeterminate amount of time, it occurred to me that I wanted a position where more movement was possible, where I could use my cock to try and rip her open, where I could punish her for the exquisite torture she was inflicting on me. I slid us to the edge of the couch so I could get my feet under us, lifted and turned, dropping her on her back on the couch. I lifted my head to look at her - she may have been smirking again - and pulled almost all the way out of her pussy. I held her eyes for a fraction of a second, then thrust with all the force I could muster. My hands were still under her shoulders, and I can still remember feeling her whole body bounce from the impact of my thrusts. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back. I continued pulling back as far as I could, then thrusting. I gradually increased the tempo, just pounding her without any real creativity. I suddenly realized that I was hearing a muffled scream and her whole body was convulsing under me. I looked, and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, the back of a hand pressed against her mouth as her head and whole body tossed side to side and thrust up against me. She lifted me completely into the air. I reluctantly slowed my pounding.

After she recovered, she pressed a hand on my chest indicating I needed to get off. I did. She rolled onto her side, shifted some and ended up with her lower leg on the couch, her other leg in the air. I think she said something about loving my passion and wanting to take me even deeper. I straddled her leg, kneeling, entered her again with a few slow thrusts, and wrapped my arms around the leg she pressed against my chest. A few more adjustments, and I could feel the firmness of her cervix against the head of my cock when I thrust. Her eyes met mine, with a look of lust and challenge. "Ready when you are!" was all she said. I attacked her again.

As I thrust, I managed to remember to vary the depth and angle, and to occasionally just grind against her while buried as deep as I could go. This time, I did see her orgasm coming, and pushed her harder. She turned her face into the cushion as she screamed, but her body moved in every direction. I could watch her body convulse and spasm as her whole nervous system overloaded. I only slowed a little, and it took her a while to recover.

By the time she looked up at me, I was getting close. My testicles were pulled up against my body almost painfully and I was fighting to maintain control. She smiled and whispered "Cum in me!" In a few seconds I was completely blind and out of control, thrusting as deep as I could as a convulsion splashed my seed against her cervix, then pulling out to thrust again for the next convulsion. I felt like this went on forever, but the convulsions did die, and I realized that she was back in another orgasm of her own. This time she was completely out of control, and her convulsions went on even longer than mine had.
The last of her contractions exhausted itself, and she collapsed, rolling more onto her back. I pressed forward to stay inside her, but was completely drained too, and what was left of my erection was quickly slipping away. Her eyes opened slowly, and a big smile spread slowly across her face. "Wow!" she said, while reaching up for me with her arms. I gently lowered her leg that I had been holding against my chest, and she tried to scoot sideways to be more on her back, expelling my limp manhood in the process. "Oh! I'm sorry..." She whispered as she pulled me down on top of her. After a few moments, she whispered in my ear "I love the feel of my lover's body on top of me." I didn't mind, either.

A few moments later, and I could feel her starting to stir under me, and I knew it was time to take my leave. I lifted up on both arms and looked into her eyes. "Thank you." I said simply.

"Um-m-m. Thank you, too!" she replied. I stood, and offered her a hand, but she shook her head. "I'll just relax here for a few more moments." Then she stretched; a long, beautiful, full body stretch. I let out a long sigh and went looking for my swim trunks and shoes. I was dressed quickly, and returned to give her one last gentle kiss, which she returned happily. She definitely seemed sexually satisfied, which did wonders to my ego, but it was time to go.

As I headed out, I felt really happy. I was again on top of the world. That came to a screeching halt as I recognized my Jeannie sitting on a bench across the street carrying on an animated conversation with a man. I froze. My world collapsed beneath me. I was on the edge of panic, my heart pounding, my conscience belatedly accusing me of compromising the best thing I had going in my life. Jeannie's back was basically to me, but the direction to our beach house would take me into her view, and I needed a shower to get the smell of sex off my body.

I went the other direction, fast, and then out onto the beach, as I could think of nothing else to do. Then I saw the Mediterranean in front of me and decided that a quick swim was in order. The warm water and time to calm down helped a lot, as well as providing a quick wash. I decided to work my way further down the beach so I would eventually approach Jeannie from the direction where she could see me coming. I watched her on the bench as I circled around.

Soon I was strolling up the sidewalk between the beach and street, shaking water out of my hair and one ear (a small wave caught me while watching her from the water). She saw me 'first,' and waved. I waved back, and picked up my pace toward her. After a quick goodbye to the man that had been sitting with her, she came bounding up to me. She was topless, and very excited, and talking a blue streak. I was speechless, for a couple reasons. However, I was unable to completely enjoy the beautiful view of my wife's breasts, now free and open to the world, while I was desperately trying to suppress my guilt.

She was talking about this man, Francis, from Great Britain, and how he had regaled her with stories and argued with her about politics and public morals, and had even persuaded her to "go native" and take off her top!

"I'll have to meet the gentleman, and thank him!" I responded, "I've been trying to talk you into that for years!" I got an elbow in the ribs, and she turned around to look for him. I started to panic as I realized she was looking back at the door I knew too well. "So what did you buy?" I asked, to change the subject quickly. She resumed our walk back to the beach house, and started regaling me with her shopping stories. She really enjoyed shopping, and I got the full story.

By the time she finished, we were back at the house, and she was pulling out the things she had bought to show me. I got out of my wet trunks. She ran out of things, and then noticed that I was standing there nude, giving her my complete attention. She got a look in her face and took my penis in her hand. "Oh! It's cold!" she laughed. "No playing till you warm up!" and went back to collect her acquisitions.

I saw her face slowly change, become quizzical. "You know," she said without looking at me, "when I came back to the beach, I thought I saw you going into a door. In fact, I met Francis coming out that same door." She looked up at me.

I am a terrible liar. I tried to shrug off her question, but I really had no alternative history to offer, and I knew I probably had a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face.

"That was you? What...?" I swallowed hard. "Wait. No... Were you with another woman?" Her voice was incredulous, but her eyes were hard. I figured I was dead. She knew the answer without my saying anything.

"Damn! And at the beginning of what was supposed to be a special and romantic week for just the two of us?" It was a rhetorical question. "And Francis! He was covering for you! And I though he was interested in me!"

There was a very uncomfortable moment. We both were on the edge of tears. "Well, say something!"

There was nothing I could say that would be right, I knew. All I could do was throw myself on the mercy of the court. The problem is that once I start my mouth going, I don't know when to turn it off.

"Yes, I admit I got stupid. She was as beautiful as you are, but in a different way, and my brains basically just fell out. She caught me staring, and liked it, and asked me to walk with her, and then to come in, and I... She kept talking about being on 'holiday,' like it meant there were no rules, and kept asking me if I were also on 'holiday,' and I couldn't say no. Francis actually walked in on us, and she told him that she was on 'holiday,' and he laughed and left! I'm sorry, I really am, and will do anything to make it up to you." I forcibly stopped talking.

"Yes, Francis talked to me about the European ideas of 'holiday'. That was part of what persuaded me to throw in my top." She glared daggers at me. "What's her name?"

"Uh, I never asked. It wasn't a relationship." I caught myself and shut up.

She exploded. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" She yelled as she pounded my chest with her fists. Then she collapsed against me sobbing. We were both crying. It is a terrible feeling to have hurt anyone this badly, much less your lover.

She finally pushed me away and turned to the window. "So now what?" She stood staring at or out the window, her arms crossed across her chest and shoulders pulled in protectively. I could hear her sobbing. "I'm trapped here. I don't know how to get home, and I'm stuck here with you for the rest of the week!" She continued staring out. Slowly, I sensed her shift from hurt to angry. "Damn you! I don't want to lose what we had, but I don't know if I can overlook this, or how to get out of this, or how to get things back in balance!" I stayed quiet. She subtly shifted from anger to resignation. As she thought, she sort of looked around blankly, like the answer to our predicament might be sitting around or hanging on the wall. Her hand played idly with the cords from the window blinds. My insides continued to knot up and cramp to the point where I thought I would be forced to double over.

Suddenly, she barked out a rather harsh laugh. "I'll be damned! Smooth Francis was so good; I didn't even notice that he was making a pass at me! Hell, he practically outright propositioned me!" I kept quiet, while the wheels in her head spun some more. Her eyes narrowed, and then she took in a long breath. "I was, or am, actually tempted. Especially now, with what you've done to me. He was very interesting and exciting." She gestured to indicate her bare breasts. "Obviously!"

Tears welled up in her eyes again. "I'll probably never understand how you can be so swept away that you forget about me, us, our marriage, our lives. We were both tempted by others, but it never occurred to me to actually chase that fantasy!" She wiped her eyes, and they were hard again when she looked up.

"OK, here's my price. We're going to find Francis and, if he was serious, I'm going to spend the night fucking his brains out and enjoying myself! Any problem with that?" One eyebrow went up in a challenge.

I shook my head no, and did everything I could to keep from grinning. For the first time in a while I thought I, and our love, might survive. I certainly had forfeited any right to object to her having a vacation tryst. She said nothing, just pulled the knots out of her swimsuit bottom, letting it fall away as she disappeared into the bathroom. I quickly heard the sound of a shower, and knew I was not invited this time. I could hear her sobbing, but at least there was hope. She emerged with a towel around her and, with a toss of her head, told me I needed a shower, too.

I made it fast, but thorough. I emerged, without a towel covering me, and dressed quickly. Jeannie was back in her black bikini, but with a different beach cover-up that would probably pass anywhere in town. Silently, we headed out and back down the beach boulevard. She picked out the door, but I realized it was the wrong one. "No, the bench you sat on was to the right as I came out." I said, quietly, "It has to be the next door." She looked over the situation, and moved to the next door. She took a deep breath and sounded the large, brass knocker on the door.

I could hear echoes, but as we waited, there was no response. She tried again, but to no avail. She was starting to look upset. I caught her hand.

"This is a hotel of sorts. The office is down there, I think, the door with the sign. We should be able to leave a note to contact them." I said.

"I don't like doing that except as a last resort. Damn! I never considered that they would be out! Stupid!"

"Easy!" I said, "Then how about we get something to eat. It's after lunch time and if we sit at that sidewalk cafe, we can keep an eye on the door while we figure out what comes next."

She gave me a dirty look. "God! Food! I can't even think about food right now, I'm still so upset. But I am thirsty."

We strolled over to the cafe, and I ordered two "Limon", a sparkling lemonade that was very popular, and very refreshing. I also ordered a croissant with cream cheese that she normally likes. We sat quietly watching the door that seemed to control our fate. After a while, she started nibbling on her half of the croissant, and eventually ordered a couple small plates of tapas.

When the tapas were gone, she stood up. "Well, we can't just sit her forever, hoping. Now what?"

"I have an idea. Trust me?" The last got me a dirty look, which was fine. The more often she got to make her point about what a schmuck I'd been, the sooner she might get over it. Or so I hoped. When I held out my hand, she took it. I checked for traffic on the road, and then quickly crossed to the sidewalk edging the beach. I took off my sandals, and she did the same.

"Do you really think we could find them out here?" she asked. The beach was moderately full and very large.

"Only one way to find out." I replied. We started out toward the middle of the beach, as I angled up to take us directly in front of their door. A couple of times, Jeannie would take a different angle to get a better view of a candidate, but came back. After about ten minutes, having covered a very small part of the beach, she was looking discouraged, but I had just spotted a blond ponytail that appeared to be with an older man. A few more steps and I was pretty sure I had found her.

"Blond ponytail, in the beach lounger, right there." I said, pointing, "Is that your - what was his name? Frank?"

"Francis. Let me see." She angled to the side to get a better view, moving more quickly the further she got. She stopped and waved to me to join her, grinning, and we approached them together. She was holding my hand very tightly. As we approached, the blond spotted me and gave me a slight smile of recognition while checking out Jeannie. Francis was reading a book.

"Francis?" Jeannie asked tentatively. He looked up and then quickly set the book aside as he tried to rise from the recliner.

"Jeannie!" he exclaimed, "I was afraid I wouldn't see you again! Please, join us! Jeannie, this is my very good friend, Sonja. Sonja, Jeannie, and ..."

"Charles." Jeannie supplied. She reached out and shook Sonja's hand, and then his. I followed suit, feeling a little awkward.

"Let me get you some chairs so you can get comfortable!" Francis exclaimed. The kiosk that rented the chairs and umbrellas was a short walk away.

"Wait!" started Jeannie, "Before we accept your offer, I have a serious question I need to ask you." He nodded, his face the picture of attentive curiosity.

"When we met before, I now know that you were covering for my husband, who was inside with Sonja." Francis started to wave off the idea, but Jeannie continued. "I very much enjoyed you and was flattered by the delightful pass you made at me, but now I need to know: was the pass serious, or were you just covering?" I could see the tenseness in Jeanie's stance.

"My dear Jeannie," he replied, quite seriously, "I am always serious about matters of the heart. Now, if I only needed to cover for Charles and Sonja, it would have taken only a minute or so to distract you and let you leave. But, first, I found you beautiful and extremely sexually attractive. Next, I found you to be bright and articulate with a good sense of humor, and finally I found you to be completely charming. Then, and only then, did I attempt to determine if you might be interested in me."

"You're sure?" Jeannie persisted.

"Believe me, he's sure!" That came from Sonja, who was sitting there with a smirk.

I was surprised to see Jeannie actually blush slightly. "Then we accept your invitation. Charles, get us a couple of chairs, and I think we'll need another umbrella, too. I haven't built up any sun resistance, yet."

Sonja got up, waved Jeannie to the chair next to Francis, and came with me. I did need help carrying it all. By the time we finished setting everything up, Jeannie and Francis were laughing. Sonja and I took the chairs under the second umbrella.

Jeannie had gotten out of her street clothes, all the way to just the bikini bottom, matching Sonja. I stripped off my shirt and shorts, too, and sat down and surveyed the two beautiful women in our little circle and could not help but smile for the first time since I left Sonja, which seemed like forever ago. It was a smile of relief.

Jeannie and Francis were getting on well. Francis informed me that he had shifted his dinner reservations so we could all go to dinner together, but that they had had to move the reservation up to the early time of 7PM. As he talked, I noticed Jeannie let her hand fall on the top of his leg, and again noticed when one of his took up residence on Jeanie's leg. I was too distracted by what was going on with them hold a conversation with Sonja. I was, in other words, becoming a bit of a drag.

Sonja piped up. "I'm going for a swim, Care to join me?" I immediately agreed, and as we walked toward the water she slipped her hand into mine. By the time we reached the water, she was running and laughing, dragging me behind her. Her sexy beauty and child-like exuberance hooked me again, and I completely forgot about Jeannie and Francis, and focused on her.

We kept going out as the water got slowly deeper. She would splash me, and I her. She tried to trip me. We wrestled a bit. She never let go of my hand. When we were finally 50 meters or so out, the water was almost up to our shoulders and the children were all left behind, I pulled and spun her so my arms wound around her and pinned her back against my chest. My hands each found a breast, and I watched over her shoulder as I massaged them. She leaned back against me, not resisting at all. The water was just a shade cooler than tepid. She turned her face a bit and rubbed her cheek against mine. Time started standing still for me.

Panic set in suddenly. My hands stopped moving as I scanned the beach and found Jeannie and Francis. They were involved with each other, and not looking around. "If Jeannie is going to be with Francis tonight, where does that leave us? Right where we are now?" Sonja asked. I started to relax.

Suddenly, she pushed my hands aside, ducked and swam away from me. I could see into the water clearly, so after a stunned second, I was off after her. We played a simple two-person version of tag, and each tag got a little more intimate. I quickly found I could out swim her, so waited until I could tag her buttocks, breast, or belly with a firm, extended squeeze. She could maneuver better than I and quickly only tagged me on the front of my swimsuit. The grab-ass only got more blatant and the duration of each "tag" longer. I tried turning away from her so she couldn't easily reach her target, but she simply pulled on the back of my swimsuit, pulling me backward, and then thrust her other hand down the front of it. She gave me about thirty seconds of a wonderful hand job, then suddenly withdrew and started swimming away on her back. I dove after her, managing to just catch the top of her thong with my fingertips. I pulled her back and thrust my hand down her thong and wrapped her vulva with a full grip. I worked a finger down between her labia as I set up a circular motion in the flesh protecting her clit. A moment later I had to come up for air, so was off with her pursuing. A couple more exchanges like those and I caught her and pulled her against my chest with both our heads above water for a change. I masturbated her and she returned the compliment with a hand in between us. She was obviously enjoying it, right up to the second I relaxed my grip around her waist and she dove away from me. I grabbed for her, but instead caught the straps of her thong on each hip. Without even trying, she was suddenly nude and I had a major prize, though that brought the game to an abrupt halt.

"Give it back! The locals are very serious about full nudity, so let's not beg trouble!" She looked very stern and serious.

I grinned and tried to give her my most evil leer. "Seems to me I have a valuable prize here. What am I bid?" I asked as I held it out between us. She lunged, and I pulled it away like a child playing keep-away, taking advantage of the situation to grab a breast for a moment. Her face was still stern, but her eyes were laughing. As I held it behind me and just out of her reach, she suddenly grabbed my suit and yanked it down. The fact that I was standing with my legs spread a bit is the only thing that stopped it about half way down my thighs. I glanced down in time to see her hand flash in between my legs and grab my scrotum. Her face surfaced right below mine and she slowly slid up my chest until our noses were almost touching. She squeezed my balls.

"Han' it ovuh, an' no one gets hoit!" she declared in what might have been a very bad old movie gangster accent. I had to surrender. I brought my hand around, and she took the thong from me. Once she was convinced I wouldn't grab it away again, she let go of me. Instead of putting it back on, she wound the straps around one wrist in a way that it would not drift off. She then grabbed around my neck and boosted herself up and against me. Her legs were spread and she lowered herself until my erection pressed against her pussy and perineal floor. She closed her legs, wrapping my cock in warmth, and clung to me.

"Isn't this better than fighting?" she asked.

"Fighting?" I replied. "I thought that was just your form of foreplay."

She snuggled her face into the crook of my neck, and started rocking her hips slowly. I held her and slowly turned; scanning the area to ensure no one was close enough to know what we were doing. After a few delightful moments, she tilted her head back and her hips forward. The suggestion was obvious, but I had to let go of her with one hand to help him find his place. I felt her heat flow over the head of my cock. She wrapped her legs around my back, and very slowly impaled herself. A final wiggle and I was fully seated.
She took a deep breath. "That's very nice. Let's just hold him like that for a moment?" I wasn't in any mood to object. She put her forehead back on my shoulder and gently rocked her body side to side, and time stood still again. An indefinite time later she started slowly rocking her hips fore and aft and I instinctively matched her movement. The sensations were new. Even though the water was almost tepid, it felt cold on my shaft as I slid out of her, and so warm again as I slid in.

"The water's cold!" I muttered.

"Yea, a little like being fucked by a popsicle." She murmured back. That was an image I would have trouble getting rid of.

Another indefinite time later I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I started thrusting more strongly. She stopped her hips and lifted her head. After a quick nibble on my earlobe, she whispered in my ear: "Take a deep breath. Don't let this get away from you, just stay with me. I think we'll have plenty of opportunity later to shake the earth."

So I took a deep breath, and limited my movements. Then I took another deep breath, and another. It wasn't working and she knew it. She leaned back, hands entwined behind my neck, arms fully extended, looking at me with hooded eyes and a skewed smile on her face. "Well?"

I thought, and reluctantly decided to follow her lead. "I'll wait." I replied. She pushed away from me, drifting back for a moment, then doubling forward to put her thong back on. I re-tied my suit.

She stood again and looked around. "It's about time to head back. Francis loves spontaneity as long as it doesn't interfere with dinner reservations." As she moved by she gave my cock one last squeeze. By the time we were on the sand, my erection was gone and we strolled along hand in hand.

As we approached, Francis was expounding on something and Jeannie was laughing. Jeannie was on her side facing him, and each had a hand tucked between the other's thighs. When Jeannie saw us, she straightened out slowly and stretched her entire length. That brought a moment of silent admiration from both Francis and me.

"About time to head for dinner?" asked Sonja.

Francis looked at the very large watch on his wrist, and exclaimed "Oh, my, yes. We have just enough time to get dressed, especially since you are going to need a shower." He exclaimed to Sonja. To Jeannie, he asked if we would like to come back to his suite to dress, but she declined saying that we had everything we needed right here.

"All right, then we meet on the sidewalk in about 15 minutes." Francis finished, pointing in the general direction of his suite. He and Sonja gathered up their things, and left us, walking hand-in-hand. The images jumbled in my head were delightful, but had an edge of dissonance to them.

"Well, I guess I take a shower over there in the sand." I laughed, pointing to the fixture next to the chair kiosk. Jeannie just smiled at me. After I had rinsed off, I made my way back just in time to see Jeannie stand, legs spread, and bend forward to get her swimsuit bra positioned. I never tire of watching her. I did have to wonder at my ability to switch contexts, and women, so easily. Is that a character defect?

When she stood up she tossed me a towel. "They left us one of theirs." She watched me dry off, then handed me my shorts. "Not sure what to do with that wet suit."

I knew. I sat on the recliner, with the towel spread over my lap, and worked the wet suit off and the shorts on. I jumped up with a quiet "Taa-Daaa!" She dropped her cover-up on her recliner, came over and put her arms around my neck.

"We still OK?" she asked, looking into my eyes.

"You mean other than a raging guilt complex for causing this? More to the point, are you OK? Do you still want ... this?"

"Yes." The statement was simple and direct and hung there for a moment. "Once you left with Sonja, Francis got me to open up about what was going on for us, and how I felt. He really drew me out, like a close friend. I swear that he is the only man I've ever met that can think like a woman. So I cried a bit, and he cried with me. But he also explained a lot. Things like what would make a loving husband do what you did, how a man thinks, and the things that drive him which he doesn't even know about or understand, normally. Also, he talked about some of the corresponding things that drive a woman, and he was right on. Some things about the absolutely unnatural demands that our culture puts on us. He gave me a lot to think about, and we'll talk about them later."

"But what about you?" She asked finally. "Are you sure you are OK with me going through with this?"

"I have no right to object now..." I started.

"Not an answer." She cut me off.

I took a moment to compose my answer. "Jeannie, there is honestly nothing I want more than for you to be happy, and if possible, for us to be happy together. How I could lose all sense and forget that, just looking at Sonja, I can't explain. I can't explain why I continue enjoying Sonja so much when my conscience is telling me to run away as fast as I can. I honestly want you, not Sonja, in the rest of my life, and want you to do what is right for you. I will unhappily walk away from you if you want me to, or happily fuck Sonja tonight while you fuck Francis, as I gather that is their expectation. I will never question your choice. Keeping you in my life is the only thing that matters." There were tears in my eyes.

She pulled herself up to my face and gave me a very gentle, tender, loving kiss. "What Francis said makes sense, and I want us to be OK, so this will be our mutual fling. I'm granting you retroactive permission to have, and enjoy, your 'holiday' with Sonja, and I intend to enjoy mine with Francis. OK?"

"Yes, OK. Thank you." A couple tears spilled down my cheeks. She gave me a last squeeze and turned to put on her cover-up. I watched it slide down that body that I do love and cherish so much, and the day got a little darker, literally, as the sun coincidentally drifted behind a small cloud at just that instant. We gathered up the last of our things, and headed off, hand in hand, toward that infamous door. The dissonance was still there, which was making the evening even more exciting, but now I really wanted to know what Francis had said to her!

As we jogged across the street (Spanish drivers don't stop for pedestrians), they emerged. It was perfect timing. Sonja was wearing a simple, short, shift with a deep scoop neckline of loose folded material that absolutely invited exploration. Francis offered Jeannie his arm, and headed up the street relating some tale with lots of gesturing. I offered Sonja my arm, but I had no fascinating tales. I decided that the best way to compliment Sonja on her beauty was to be obvious, so I leaned over and tried to get a good look down her dress.

"Nothing has changed since you last saw them." She declared, but was smiling happily.

"You are beautiful enough to make even a priest forget his vows! I can't believe I am lucky enough to be spending my holiday with you."

"Hm-m," she looked thoughtful. "I hadn't thought of trying that. It might be fun."

I laughed. "Francis may have persuaded my Jeannie to forgive me, but I'm not sure even he could convince God."

"So, it's true. You and Jeannie hadn't agreed to a sexual 'holiday' before you met me?"

"No, it would never have occurred to either of us, much less that one of us would become so taken by someone else that we would completely forget ourselves. We Americans don't normally use the word that way."

She turned thoughtful again. "Yes, Francis realized what had happened and chastised me for not asking more questions, to make sure. Causing problems for others is strictly against his rules, and my intent."

It was only a few blocks to the restaurant. We were seated quickly, as it was somewhat early, out on the patio with a beautiful view of the beach as the day came to a close. Francis and his many stories dominated the conversation, yet he was good at drawing each of us out. He was totally and casually in control. He described each of the local specialties on the menu, ordered the wine, and generally held court. He gently flattered both women, a skill I never acquired and wished I had, and Jeannie was glowing.

The dinner was excellent and unhurried. The sunset..., well the sun set. There were no clouds to catch color, so there was only a thin orange glow at the western horizon. The day stays warm here until much later at night when the breezes turn around and come from the water, so it didn't get chilly. Much of the warmth around the table, however, came from anticipation.

Somewhere around dessert, Jeannie asked Francis where he had met Sonja. "Why, I'm her mentor! You see, I started as an engineer, and had a couple new ideas that allowed me to build my own company and get ridiculously rich when I sold it. So, what to do? I had learned more about people and how to be successful than I had learned about engineering while building that company, so I decided to stay on as a guru emeritus and mentor young engineers with large ambitions."

"It turned out I was good at that. The young men I mentored did go on to build good careers, many on the fast track. Then one day, one of the rare women in engineering asked me to mentor her. I was an absolute failure, much to my shock. I had to go back and rethink the whole mentoring process. I had to start with the fact that it is all about power. Personal power. Positional power. For men, it is all rooted in the inherent power that comes from the constant competition between them."

"But women don't compete in the same way, they don't project that power that other men instinctively respect and are wary of. I realized that women who try to compete on that level will either fail miserably or surrender their souls and no longer truly be women! I had to ask myself, what was the inherent root of a woman's true power; the power that both makes them women yet allows them to control their lives, their environment, especially in a world dominated by men? A power that men will instinctively recognize."

"Asked in that way," I interjected, "the answer is obvious."

"Exactly! But I had no idea how a woman should develop and use that power. I saw very few examples of women who had figured it out, either. It took a lot of work and study; I became obsessed with the question. I eventually figured out something that I could teach a woman, and it has worked to date. It requires first that the woman become completely comfortable with her sexuality. She has to recognize and feel the power that she controls. She has to be able to project that power and use it, comfortably, easily, and automatically, without being explicitly sexual. It is a power that men recognize instinctively. Then, and only then, can I teach her to use it in the broader, masculine-power dominated world!"

He sat back and let that sink in. Sonja was smirking, and broke the silence. "Of course, the only way he could think of to teach a woman about her sexual power was to take her on as a lover. A sacrifice for him, to be sure, but he is so dedicated!"

Francis gave her a sour look.

"To be fair," Sonja continued, "he does not allow his student to become dependent on him. He forces us out into the world instead of holding us to him."

"True." Francis picked up. "Sonja is the sixth woman I have mentored, and three have already reached their dreams, and the other two are well on their way."

Sonja laughed. "He doesn't mention that one of the three decided, after a year with him, that her goal was to become one of the best paid escorts in Paris!"

"And she succeeded, and attends most of the top parties in the city with all the rich and famous. Not my cup of tea, but not for me to judge, either. She has become quite well off, manages her wealth herself, and is strongly sought after for both her physical and mental abilities." Francis retorted.

Sonja continued. "Jeannie, I owe you an apology. I knew what would happen, and I did not ask the right questions to verify Charlie was free to accept my offer. I never want to hurt anyone, so I am very sorry."

Jeannie reached across the table to take Sonja's hand. "No, it's ... Yes, apology accepted. What you and Charlie did hurt a lot, but it also brought me to Francis, and I have learned a lot in a very short time about myself, about us. And ... I find to my shock that I am really enjoying this definition of 'holiday'. So, ... sincerely, thank you!" The two women grinned at each other.

I looked at Jeannie and asked "Now I really want to know what Francis told you that saved our marriage. Can you tell me later, or should I ask him myself?"

Jeannie thought a moment, and then gestured toward Francis. I looked at Francis, who tented his fingers in front of him in a true professorial picture. "Short version: Mostly it was about how evolution has shaped us, male and female, and our responses. I think Jeannie can handle the basics, but the specific issue of your behavior today comes down to the simple fact that when a man is confronted by an unexpected opportunity to breed, his brain, specifically the cerebral cortex, just shuts down. You become a fucking machine, pure and simple. No trade-offs, no consequences, no choices, no thought. You didn't think about Jeannie at that moment because your genes didn't want you to. Now, assuming Jeannie makes the consequences of your behavior sufficiently painful, then next time you will experience a moment of panic just as your cortex shuts down and you will flee. Probably, but the second time, you cannot hide behind these facts!"

"Got that?" Jeannie asked pointedly.

"Yes! Absolutely! Indubitably!" I shut up. Time to change the subject again.

Francis looked at his watch. "As lovely as this dinner has been, I am anticipating an even more delightful evening. There is just one issue to resolve first. I offer my suite for all of us, or would you two prefer that Jeanie and I use my suite and Sonja and Charles use yours?"

I looked at Jeannie. I really didn't care, and this evening was all Jeannie's, not mine. "No, I really don't want to be that separated from Charles." Jeannie responded slowly. A leer slowly spread across her face. "I'm not suggesting all four of us in one bed, but I want to know he is near. I want him to hear me cry out in my passion, and I want to hear him as he comes. And Sonja, are you ...?"

"I'm a screamer."

"Good! I want to hear you too. And maybe I want to peek once in a while to see what Charlie is up to. Is that O.K., Francis?"

"Of course!" replied Francis, "Though, I am a bit miffed that no one wants to hear me screaming or whatever! Shall we?" We all stood, and Jeannie and Francis swept out quickly holding hands. Sonja and I followed, also holding hands, but at a slower pace.

"Let's give them a few minutes alone to get through those awkward first moments." Sonja said quietly, and drifted in the direction of the beach.

I slipped an arm around her, high on her rib cage, almost to her breast, and nuzzled her hair. "It has already been an unbelievable day, and I am having trouble believing that it is not over yet. Wow!"

She leaned back a bit and looked at me. "You're sure you're O.K.?"

"What could yet happen tomorrow scares the Hell out of me, but as long as Jeannie says we are good, I can't stop wanting you. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and ..."

"Shush!" She nestled into my chest. "And the sex, it is enough?"

"It is everything. Please do not feel insulted, but being with you is not about bonding, but just pure passionate mating. I want to be in you, feel you enclosing me, fill you with my seed. It sounds so small stated like that, but the reality of it engulfs my entire universe when I am near you."

I could feel her nod her head as it rubbed against my shoulder. "Good, that is what it is supposed to be when on holiday."

"I'm tempted to drag you back into the water and finish what we started earlier!" I chuckled.

"No, I don't want to get sand and sea water all over the couch. Let's go see how our partners are doing." We strolled slowly back to the suite with our arms around each other, two lovers on the beach in the warm evening.

Inside, the bedroom door was ajar, and I could hear Jeannie's cries and see her body jerk with each thrust that Francis was delivering. I watched. Sonja looked at me. "She is beautiful. You are a lucky man."

"She is especially beautiful like this." I replied, just a touch sad that it was not me in there with Jeannie.

Sonja turned to face me, unbuttoning my shirt, and I undid the tie on her shift. She slid my shirt off my shoulders, and I lifted her shift off over her head. I again stared at her magnificent breasts. She slid my shorts off, and I stepped out of them and my shoes. I slid her panties down and off. I brushed my lips softly against the soft skin of her shaved pubis, gently kissing her.

After a moment she pulled me up, and looked deeply into my eyes. I could see the anticipation, the passion, and the arousal building there. I pressed my lips hard against her, my tongue deep in her mouth, in an aggressive act of surrender to her desires and wishes. I would do whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted it.

She went up on tip-toes to accept my kiss and give back. I felt her nails gently dragging down my sides and over my buttocks. She ground her pubic bone into my rapidly hardening erection. When she broke the kiss, she was already breathing hard. Her eyes darted around the room. With a toe, she straightened out the thick throw rug we were standing on and told me to lie down. She sat on my face, and her musk overwhelmed my senses. As I thrust my tongue into her sex, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth.

As Francis had said, my cerebral cortex shut down. The animal part of my brain took total control. After a few moments of vigorous 69, I could feel contractions starting in Sonja's belly, and I shifted my hands to her waist. She let my cock flop back against my belly and leaned her forehead against its base. Her whole body shuddered, then bent in half and she screamed. "AH-H-H-H-H-H-H!" I glanced toward the bedroom, and could see Jeannie glancing back at us. I smiled into Sonja's sex as I moved my mouth in gentle circles to help her come down.

Sonja lifted and turned around to face me astride my hips. With her labia spread open, she gently caressed the length of my manhood with her inner sex. "What works best for you, when you want to last?" She asked.

I held my hands up in protest and shook my head no. "Tonight is too far out of my experience to know. Take me as you wish, use me, and I will give back my best, but do NOT ask me to think!"

She smiled, her eyes twinkling happily, slipped the head of my cock into her opening, and settled deeply down on me. My eyes closed without realizing it, and I became my cock. My senses were engulfed by the heat, the softness, the wetness of her depths, and I just felt. She ground pubic bone on pubic bone, and I just felt. Her vagina gently clutched me and slid over me, and I just felt. Gentle lightning played over the length of my shaft, and I just felt. She lifted almost off me, the air cooling my shaft, and then let the heat descend again, and I just felt. I somehow knew sex would never again be exactly as it had been.

My hands found her pendulous breasts on their own. She was leaning forward over me, and I opened my eyes to see her stare drilling into me. Her blond hair was loose, falling around her face and creating a little tunnel between our faces, blocking out the rest of the world. In the meantime, her heat continued to slide up and down my being. I lifted my hips to give deeper penetration. My erection was so strong it hurt, but in a good way. I was suspended on the edge of eternity.
I gradually became aware of someone making a lot of noise, and even more gradually realized it was me, but I didn't care. I also slowly became aware of my entire body, starting with the tightening of my balls, tensing, coiling, preparing for an explosion. "Wait! No! Uh... I ..."

"I know. It's O.K. Me too." Sonja said softly. "Just go with it, your energy will carry me over. Let go and enjoy." Her hips must have been a blur, because her sex was beating a rapid pattern against me. Without thought or control, I heard my voice decrease in pitch and increase in volume. I felt my hands clench and press into the flesh of her breasts. On their own, my hips lifted and rotated further into her, as I tried to keep track of the fire stroking up and down my manhood. I rode that intensity like a surfer riding a forty foot Maverick wave, desperately hanging on. As the intensity crested, it wrapped around me like a wave forming a tube, giving me a small space within which to ride, in constant danger of collapse, until finally it did collapse, tumbling me in an explosion of sensation. Yes, I screamed out my sexual rage. Yes, I filled her again and again. Yes, I blacked out from the intensity.

When I finally again became aware, she was in the throes of an intense orgasm of her own. She had laid down on my chest, clinging to me fiercely, her legs pulled up along my sides. I kicked, rolling us over so that I could move and push her orgasm, push her into that beautiful, desperate, little death. I started thrusting rapidly, though I was still sensitive enough that ripples of protest radiated out from my center. Her fingernails dug into my back, a high, keening sound ripped from the back of her throat, her vagina walls milked my shaft, and her whole body twitched with contractions. I modulated my thrusts to keep her as high as I could. I felt her start to come down, and pushed her into another crest. Again, she started to come down, and again, I pushed her over the top.

This time, she pushed on my shoulders. "I need to breathe!" she gasped out. I slid my chest off to her left side, and our legs automatically rearranged themselves to allow me to continue thrusting into her. She gulped air. I slid one arm under her neck, and the other hand took up residence on her now exposed breast. The maverick wave had crested, and we rode the slowing outflow up the beach with slow, deep thrusts and light caresses over perspiration-wet skin. In the distance, I could hear another couple crying out their own passionate crest, and I smiled. We, or at least I, passed out.

A hand on my shoulder woke me. I looked up at my beautifully nude wife. "Time to go." I looked over at my equally beautifully nude lover, who smiled back with half lidded eyes. I rolled off and stood, giving Sonja a hand up. Sonja gave me a goodbye hug, then gave Jeannie one, and staggered off to her bed with Francis, stretching stiff muscles. I was stiff, too. The throw rug was not that soft.

It took a moment to find my clothes, and then we were dressed and letting ourselves out. She slipped an arm around my waist, I one around her shoulders. Half way home, she turned into me and lifted to give me a deep, gentle, kiss. She looked into my eyes. "Wow!" was all she said. When we got into bed, she cuddled, but did not indicate she wanted sex, which is just as well as I was not sure I could have obliged her. We fell asleep without another word having being spoken.


Bright light was again pushing its way around the edges of both the wood blinds and my closed eyelids. The memory of yesterday flooded through my brain, leaving me fearing what today might bring. On the other hand, someone was gently stroking my morning erection. I pried my eyes open. Jeannie's head was on my shoulder, and she was smiling, beaming, actually. She stroked me a couple more times. "Mornin,' lover! In case I didn't mention it recently, I love you very, very, much!" She continued stroking me, and I started relaxing into the sensations. "I am finding that I really am enjoying this exploration. I want to stay on holiday a bit longer, try some more new things. So, take me to the nude beach, after breakfast." It wasn't quite a request.

"Uh, O.K." I'm not at my best right after waking.

"Good!" Jeannie sat up, leaned in to give the tip of my cock a kiss, and then rolled out of bed. She disappeared into the bathroom for a moment. "C'mon, lover! The day is wasting." I rolled out of bed and took my turn in the bathroom. As I came out, she stopped me and pushed me gently back toward the shower. I turned on the water, set the temperature, and she slipped into the shower with me. She playfully soaped and scrubbed me, with particular attention to my genitals. I returned the favor. As we dried each other, she again gave special attention to my genitals, then took my penis in her hand, squeezing it and pulling it in ways that felt very good.

I laughed. "O.K., what's going on?" Jeannie giggled and, looking down, gave me a delightful two-handed stroking.

"Sonja told me a little secret, that if I want something from a guy, I can get much more stroking his manhood than just stroking his ego." She looked up into my eyes with a mischievous smirk.

I thought a second. "The first is just a very effective subset of the second. In any case, careful who you use that with!"

She released my cock and interlaced her fingers behind my neck. I was intensely aware of her nude body pressed against me. She looked serious. "Speaking of that, we need to re-do some of our marriage vows. Do you remember the threat I made just after our wedding?" I wasn't going to guess, so I gestured her to continue. "That if I ever caught you cheating on me, I would cut your balls off?"

"Oh, that. I must say, that was quite an inspiration just as we were climbing into our wedding bed!"

"Yea, I have always been a master of bad timing. In any case, we no longer practice strict monogamy, and like loss of virginity, that is not something that can be undone. So..."

I thought. "So, only by prior agreement? Like, on a vacation holiday?" I was on shifting sand, here.

"I thought I would just modify that threat. If I ever catch you fooling around without including me, or if you are lying to me, I will cut your balls ... no, I will cut your cock and balls off!"

I gave her a look of mock horror. "Sounds like that covers it to me." We grinned at each other. I became very aware of my erection pressing against her belly. I bent a bit, grabbed her buttocks and lifted her enough that the head of my cock pressed against her labia. "Would you?" I asked.

"Geeze, I have to do everything!" She said with mock annoyance. Without breaking eye contact, she shifted her hands to get a solid grip on my neck with one hand, and slipped the other one down between us. She grabbed my shaft, and rubbed the head up and down her slit, opening her labia. She stopped with the head at the opening of her vagina, and I lowered her down over me. I moved slowly as we held each other tightly.

Her forehead was pressed against my neck as she whispered hoarsely: "The thing that actually saved you, saved us, well, actually two things. The fact that we were trapped here. I could not conceive of calling our friends and asking them to come get me because you had cheated on me! That created some space." She took a deep breath. "But most important, you didn't lie. It made all the difference; it allowed me to try to find a way out rather than flee. Thank you." I could never lie to her, even if I wanted to. I am incapable of lying about something this important. After a moment, she leaned back. I could see tear tracks on her face. "Take me to bed and make love to me, please."

I lifted her off my erection and set her down. She held my hand as we walked to the bed. "You know, Francis told me that the more often I want to make love with you, the happier we will both be."

I'd been telling her that for as long as I had known her.

She rolled onto the bed and held out her arms to me. As I lay down on her, she wrapped her legs around me, and I quickly re-entered her. I held myself up on my elbows so I could maintain eye contact. I could see love in her eyes, no more hurt, and a great weight lifted from me. I moved lovingly in her, slowly bringing her to a crest and then filling her. As she came down, I just held her. There were tears of relief on both our faces when we broke.

After slathering each other's nude body with sunscreen, we had breakfast at another restaurant across from the beach. Jeannie teased me, pointing out some delightful half-naked early beach goers and speculating about what we might do with them.

We called for a cab and headed for the nude beach. After we were in, Jeannie stripped down like she had been doing this all her life, and our swim suits went into a big bag she had over her shoulder. There were small, puffy clouds drifting over the blue Mediterranean, the beach was wide and smooth, and backed up by high dunes that separated the beach from civilization. It was a private beach, with a fence on the far side of the dunes, plus a gate-keeper to collect a fee, and a security guard to keep out sight-seers. At first, we just strolled the beach admiring the natural beauty, human and otherwise. We stopped for a while and watched an intense game of nude beach volleyball. Jeannie had several lewd and improbable comments on the game. I could sense a visceral response in Jennie to some of the men, something I had never noticed before. I mentioned it. "Hm-m-m. Hard not to, now." That was all she said. I was amused at the thought that I may have created a monster.

Eventually we found a spot, close to the dunes, that was a bit higher, giving us a good view of the beach, the people, and the activities. It was shielded by dunes to each side, so there was a minimal level of privacy. I rented and set up an umbrella and spread a large blanket on the sand. We went for a swim, Jennie's first of this trip. She was surprised at how warm the water was, being used to the cold Pacific Ocean. We splashed, chased, and hugged each other, all with a lot of grab-ass. Nude beaches are not supposed to be about sex, but apparently neither of us got that memo. When we finally exhausted each other, we held each other up as we staggered back to our blanket. We both collapsed, enjoying the feel of the sun on our skin. After a bit, Jeannie pulled lunch out of her big bag and I discovered that I was really hungry for more than just her. All this time, some people wandered by, checking us out. Mostly singles, but there were some couples. A few turned our heads as we checked them out in return.

After lunch, I spread sunscreen over Jennie again, taking my time and working it into all the exposed skin. When that was done, I continued caressing her, everywhere. Initially, when we were alone, I would roll a nipple or massage a breast, her belly, or her sex. I could feel her heat and her lubrication, so I knew I was having the same effect on her that I was having on myself. I took a break and gave her an extended foot massage.

We headed for another swim, wandering back and forth down the beach as we enjoyed the views. So many beautiful bodies. We stopped to chat with one couple along the way. They were about our age, but tall and athletic, and beautiful by any standard. He complimented Jennie on her beauty, and I returned the compliment to her, and I thought I felt a bit of sexual tension in the light conversation.

This time, our play in the water got a lot more explicit and we were both quite aroused. We kissed and hugged while manually stimulating each other. Jeannie looked around and then turned my back to the beach, interlocked her fingers behind my neck, and swung her legs around my hips. I didn't need an invitation, and guided my sword into her waiting sheath. "Oh, God" she moaned into my ear. "I'm beginning to think I'll never come down from this feeling!"

"Promises, promises!" I answered. Neither of us pushed it. We just enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being one, of sharing our bodies with each other. We rocked as one with the small waves washing back and forth around us. A large part of my attention was looking out for waves, and anyone close enough to be offended by our actions, etc., and so had no trouble with control. Eventually, Jeannie complained that she was turning into a prune, and we broke and headed back hand-in-hand. I was still aroused. "I want you. Want to head back?"

She stopped and looked around. "I want you, too. But I am really enjoying this. Can we wait?"

"Of course!" I laughed. "Waiting just increases the tension!"

I lay on my back on the blanket and stretched. Jeannie lay against my side, one leg across my groin and erection, one arm on my chest, her hand cupping my face. "Not helping!" I said after a few moments.

"Just increasing the tension." She teased. One of my arms was trapped between us, and I found that the fingers on that hand were positioned to rub across her pubic hair. "M-m-m-m." She said. A couple people wandered by, and as our heads were uphill, away from them, I was sure they were getting a good view of Jeannie's pussy. At least I saw no cameras or phones pointed at us. It was all very erotic, despite what the naturist propaganda said.

After a bit, I was having a little trouble containing my desire. "Uh,..." I started.

"I know." She replied. She propped herself up to look around. We were alone at the moment. She turned onto her side, facing away from me. "Spoon me." I did. I could feel my growing erection against her ass cheeks and the small of her back. So could she, as she rocked her hips against me.

When the frustration again got to me, I started again: "Uh, ..."

"Shush." She looked around, found we were alone, and raised her top leg several inches. "Gimme!" I pulled back and slid my erection between her thighs. Her hand caught it, and pressed it up against her vulva, working it between her labia. She closed her legs to hold me in place, and we both set up a slow, small, rocking motion. This was certainly very intimate and very nice, but was still not solving the basic problem.

After several more minutes of this torture, my erection was throbbing. I tried again. "Uh, ..."

"Sh-h." Without even looking around, she pressed her fingers up against my erection. I pulled back slowly until I felt the head drop into her vaginal opening. She rotated her hips for alignment, forcing me in a little ways, then I pushed hard and quickly filled her canal.

Now it was my turn. "Oh, God! I needed that!" We both set up the familiar hip motion. I realized my hands we're each cupping a breast, and her hand was playing with her clitoris and the shaft of my cock and balls as I slid in and out of her.

We were both familiar with this entire sequence, other than my begging and the fact that we were now in public, as it happened occasionally when we were sleeping. I would spoon her in the middle of the night. Erections got in the way of the spooning cuddle, she said, and so she would tuck my erection out of the way in her pussy. Worked for me.

A passing man noticed what was happening, and stopped to watch, then another, and another. I started to worry about the security guard I had seen wandering the beach, who might be attracted to a crowd. I noticed the watchers seemed to look around regularly, and decided that if they all disappeared, it would be time to stop.

"I need more!" Jennie whispered hoarsely.

"We have an audience." I replied.

"I know and don't care!" She rotated more to her back, and lifted her top leg up and over so it was resting on my waist. This gave me more freedom to move, and our crowd, now up to five, much more to see.

I started thrusting harder and massaging a breast. This brought a murmur of appreciation from the crowd, and a smile to Jennie's face. "You're enjoying being watched, aren't you!" I whispered in her ear.

"More than you'll ever know or understand." She rotated a little farther and started meeting my thrusts with thrusts of her own. I glanced again at the crowd, and noticed the young couple we had spoken to had joined the group. Not only joined, but had pushed to the front where they could gently masturbate each other without the rest of the crowd being the wiser. I told Jeannie to look. She had to lift her shoulders to do so, and then she moaned in response as her vagina gripped my cock. Jennie patted the blanket next to her and jerked her head to invite the couple to join us. They held a quick conversation that I did not catch, then stepped forward to join us, grinning broadly.

Jennie shifted to make room, spooning again but with her top leg still raised to expose our coupling. I was still worried about the guard. The couple lay down in a mirror image position. He entered her, and then matched our thrusts. We lay there facing each other, watching each other make love. I could feel how the tension in Jennie had jumped, and I was feeling it too.

Jennie's hand gripped my arm hard, and I just had time to brace and push into her as she convulsed in a quick, hard orgasm. The other couple's eyes were wide and smiling. I glanced at the crowd, and they were gone. I stage whispered "Security!" and both couples broke and assumed benign, if crowded, positions on the blanket. The security guard was an older man, and he had a knowing smile as he waved to us in passing.

As soon as he was gone, the two women looked at each other, and as if on signal, straddled their partners. Jennie rode me hard and I was having trouble remembering my name. I felt better without the crowd, but all four of us were watching each other with very intense results. The other woman crested, muffling her cries, and Jennie followed right behind her. I was close to losing control, and noted that the other man was holding his partners hips to slow her down. That seemed like a good idea, so I did the same.

I could see laughter in Jennie's eyes. She was enjoying herself. She cocked her head toward the other couple and made some twisting gestures with her fingers, apparently asking if I wanted to exchange partners. I grinned. "Ask them." I said. Jennie seemed to have forgotten how to talk, as she caught the other woman's eye, pointed one index finger at herself and the other at the other woman, then moved the fingers to indicate a swap. There was a brief flurry of conversation between the other couple in a language I did not recognize (I found out later that it was Catalan.) Then the other woman stood with a big wide grin and moved toward me. Jennie rolled off me and up against the other man, on her back. As the other woman settled astride me, taking me into her, the other man rolled up onto Jennie and thrust into her. Jennie's eyes met mine and I blew her a kiss. Her eyes drifted closed as her pussy got pounded by a very athletic young man.

My partner ground herself deeply against my pubic bone, and I started thrusting against her. I was rewarded with muffled cries with each thrust. After a couple moments I tried to roll us over, but she stopped me and lifted off. I moved out of the way and she dropped to her hands and knees, using one hand to spread her ass cheeks. I settled behind her and entered her doggy style, then settled into a comfortable pattern of thrusts. Focusing on her helped me maintain control. She arched her back and lay her head on both of her arms, looking toward her own lover, so I leaned over her and reached under to play with her clit. She was quickly lost in the sensations.

I glanced at Jennie. Her partner had turned her to her side and lifted one leg up to his shoulder as he knelt across her other leg. He was deep in her, thrusting athletically. I caught Jennie's eye and gave her a lecherous grin, which she returned as her eyes rolled up into her skull. I had a vision of someday soon making love while regaling each other with what this moment was like for each of us.
A glance behind us showed no crowd, just the back of the security guard, protecting us.

I turned back to my partner in time to watch her enter another orgasm. Only a muffled cry from closed lips, but a contorted face and hands desperately grabbing fistfuls of blanket. Her hips, however, were wild. I could only hold myself deep and let her move to create her own stimulation. Meanwhile, I kept a rapid motion on her clit. This continued in waves for what must have been over a minute. In the middle I heard Jennie's cry of surrender to her own lover, but I was too busy to look. My lover finally collapsed. I maintained a slow thrusting while running my hands up and down her back in a gentle massage as she breathed deeply, apparently collecting herself. A quick look told me that Jeannie was indeed coming down from an orgasm. I was surprised that I had not gone over yet. I certainly was fully aroused.

My lover twisted her head around to catch my eye. With a raised eyebrow, she reached back and tapped her anus with her index finger. Really? This would be a first for me, but I am not the type to deny a woman anything at a time like this. I wet a thumb with saliva and started gently massaging that pink rosette. It was much more relaxed than I expected. My thumb sunk in to the first knuckle and her sphincter gripped for a second before relaxing again. I worked my thumb in expanding circles. I realized entry would be no problem. She was now making protest noises, so I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy and my thumb from her anus, and she relaxed. I circled her anus with the head of my cock and then pressed gently at the opening. She pressed back. The head popped in, and her sphincter gave it a good squeeze and relaxed. I started gentle, short, thrusts, but she was having none of it, and using her arms for leverage, pushed back hard. Her buttocks slapped into my belly. She groaned.

I glanced at Jennie, but she was busy building to another orgasm.

I started thrusting full length, listening to the slap of my belly against her, and then to the moan of pleasure that escaped her. Her face relaxed into a look of bliss. Her hand, still on my hip, encouraged me to go faster, and when I did she moved her other hand to her own sex. I wouldn't have to take care of her clit, this time. Not knowing what I was doing, I kept a steady rhythm and a straight thrust, nothing fancy. I held her hips and used that leverage to thrust harder as her tension increased. I ran my hands up her back, and fingernails down her sides, and she shuddered. I tried mixing some short thrusts with long ones, but that didn't seem to matter to her, at least not anymore.

I took another glance at Jeannie. She was also on her knees, doggy style, but her eyes were wide with shock. A quick glance showed that he was playing a thumb over her anus, and going back door, if she accepted it, would be new for her, too. She looked at me with a little bit of panic in her eyes, and I shrugged. Then I mouthed 'Up to you.' She signaled for him to lean forward and a conversation started that I could not make out.

Back to my partner, her face was starting to contort and I grabbed her hips again. The hand under her face grabbed a fistful of blanket while her other hand stimulated her sex faster. I went back to hard, fast, full-length thrusts and was rewarded with a shrill "Si! Si!" I stole a quick glance back to Jennie, who was now face down as her lover probed her anus.

Shudders started in my lover's body, and they slowly increased until she was shaking like a leaf. A long continuous groan escaped her lips, ending only when she ran out of air. She was not breathing. She suddenly lunged, every muscle in her contracting. Only by holding her hips was I able to stay with her. She ended up flat on her belly with me on top, still thrusting down into her body. She continued to thrash for a bit, then the shaking started to subside. I started slowing.

Suddenly, the tension in her body completely collapsed. She was limp, and I was not sure if she was even conscious. I stayed in her, for the moment, kissing the back of her neck. I lifted my body off her, and looked over at her partner. I had to wave a hand to catch his attention. He glanced, then gave me a grin and a thumbs up and returned his attention to Jeannie. I carefully pulled out, still not having ejaculated, and cuddled her.

I watched Jeannie. I could see on her face that she was very aroused, but also trying to relax into what was happening to her. Her lover's thrusts were long and fast, as mine had been only moments before. He was having some trouble controlling himself. Jeannie started pushing back against each of his thrusts. One of her hands moved down to massage her sex. Her breathing got deeper and louder. He cried out, and thrust hard and held. I watched his body contract as he grunted. Another thrust, hold and grunt. About the fourth time he did that, Jeannie had a hard orgasm. He had better leverage on her than I had had, and when her legs tried to straighten out, he held her against his hips while her head and shoulders arched up, cantilevered in midair. Both were done seconds later, and he lowered her to the blanket, pulling out as he did so, then lay next to her. He stroked her hips and belly. She stroked his face, and leaned forward to kiss him.

I stroked my lover as her partner had stroked Jeannie, and she stirred. In a moment, she lifted her head, actually focused on me and smiled. "Very good!" I kissed her and she kissed me back. Her partner rose, stepped over, touched her face. She held out her arms to him and he boosted her up. They leaned on each other as he gave a tiny bow and said with a wave of his free arm, "Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon."

I nodded, and replied "Our pleasure, I assure you." Jeannie was still catching her breath. We all nodded and grinned, and they started back to their stuff. As they passed the security guard, the guard glanced back to make sure all was calm, and then headed back toward the entry gate.

I rolled over to lay against Jennie. I held her for a moment. When I opened my mouth to speak, she jumped in: "Please, no questions. It will take a while to sort this one out!"

"Me too. I know exactly what you mean."

"You mean that you, too ..."

"She asked for back door before he did!"

"And you ...?"

"Of course. What an afternoon! I'm starting to wonder how we can top this tomorrow!" That got a groan.

"Just hold me for a while, O.K.?"

She snuggled against me spoon style. I wrapped my arms around her, and we drifted for a time. One more dip in the Mediterranean, and a quick rinse-off shower wrapped up the day. The sun was getting ready to set when I called for a cab, and we put on our clothes, collected our things, and wandered back toward the gate. As we went through, I tipped the security guard with the largest bill I had on me.

Back at the house, another shower together. Over dinner, we had our first chance to talk about what was happening to us, starting with Jeannie's attempt to explain Francis's theories of sex and life. My conclusion was that it made a lot of sense in an idealistic way. Given human irrationality, there were still a lot of things that could go wrong.

As we discussed the details of our shared adventure, we laughed, blushed, and giggled a lot. The conversation sort of focused on feelings, which put me at a slight disadvantage. We both were happy, if shocked and astounded, with what had happened. Both of us had a lot of questions for each other, and the openness and answers helped cement the bond between us.

Over dessert, I asked Jennie what all the hand-signals were about with the other couple today. "Oh, yea. Well, I knew what I wanted to say, but I just couldn't say it." She took a deep breath.

"Yesterday, I discovered that pushing outside my comfort zone could be very empowering and, well, fun. So, I decided that since we had the chance, I should push a little farther. Yesterday, my top, today, my bottom too! Wow! So exciting! When I took off my suit at the beach this morning, I knew we would make love in the water and on the beach. Wow, that was really pushing out there, for me! I couldn't wait. But that was all I expected.

"Then things got completely out of control. When I saw all those guys watching us make love, I was suddenly so far past my comfort zone that I teetered on the edge of 'This isn't me, I don't do things like this!' But it was so hot I couldn't stop. Something in me needed them to watch me. I was staring into a deep, dark, rabbit hole that I did not even know existed."

Her voice got husky. "Then you told me to look again and when I saw the couple watching - I thought they were the sexiest couple on the beach and already had fantasies about playing with them - that pushed me completely over the edge and down I went. Not only were they watching, but they were playing with each other, which made me even hotter. I wanted them to join us so badly I thought my head would explode. But when I opened my mouth, nothing would come out! The contradiction between what I wanted to ask, and what I thought was OK, just locked up my brain!"

Jeannie was becoming both agitated and aroused. Her hands disappeared beneath the table, one stroking my thigh. When she resumed, her voice was flat and her eyes focused far away, watching the events again.

"They lay opposite us and ... and mimicked us. I would feel you push into me and watch him push into her. He would play with her nipple or clit and you would play with mine. I was watching us in a mirror, but with different bodies. My mind couldn't handle all I was doing, much less wanting. And, now that we had broken the monogamy rule, I wanted, desperately wanted, him to fuck me, to feel him in me and to know what was different about him. Also, just as desperately, I wanted to watch you fuck her, to see you take her and make her your own. I've never, ever, wanted anything like this before, but I've never, ever, wanted anything so badly. I knew what I wanted to say, to ask, but I couldn't even form the words. Then I got what I wanted and much more. I'm going to be replaying that scene for a long time to come! Wow!"

She fell silent, and by mutual, if silent, agreement we were suspending any discussion of anal sex. I got the impression that it might be a while before we resolved that one.

"Only one thing I didn't get." She continued. "I was so busy with him that I didn't get to watch you with her as much as I wanted to." She sat back, smirking. "One of these days I'm going to bring home a really hot babe for you to fuck while I just watch." That sent a surge of heat through my brain while images of possibilities tumbled over each other.

As we wandered back to the beach house, Jeannie stopped, and stood looking into my eyes with her arms around my neck. After a moment, she said quietly and seriously. "Thank you for being there, for allowing all this to happen, for letting me explore forbidden places. I love you so much." Then she asked if there was anything missing from my day. I chuckled.

"Well, I made love to you in the ocean, to you again on the beach, to our friend on the beach, and to our friend anally on the beach, and never came! I guess I was just too distracted by the newness of everything. So, I have some sore balls, and a large load for you whenever you would like it."

"Poor boy!" Jeannie teased. "Only one orgasm today? Nothing since morning?"

"And you had how many?"

"Lost count a long time ago! We'll see what we can do."

Back at the beach house, she gave me a long kiss, stripped me naked and pushed me back onto the bed. She did a little strip tease, then climbed up next to me. Clearly, she wanted to do for me. She started giving me a wonderful, wet, sloppy, blow job. I went through seven stages of ecstasy as she played me like a musical instrument. When I was finally so hard it hurt, and really needed release, she pulled her mouth off me.

"Pussy or mouth?" She asked.


"Top or bottom?"

"Uh, top. I'm going to rip you open and then explode inside you! You think your butt is sore now..."

"You wish!"

She contorted as she moved into a lying down position next to me and stretched (she knows full well the effect that has on me). As I rose into a kneeling position, she lifted her knees and spread them to either side of me. I stroked myself a few times just absorbing, again, her beauty, including the orchid-like beauty of her swollen and spread pussy. I leaned down to kiss her sex.

"Uh-uh, lover. She's all ready for anything you've got, and then she'll suck you dry and spit you out!"

My turn. "You wish!" I french-kissed her sex anyway.

I lifted and fell forward, catching myself with my arms just before my chest would hit her. She didn't even flinch. I slid my hands under her shoulders, and I pressed my cock against her pussy. I lifted a little, so she could reach in and guide him to his place, and then I thrust hard. She arched and twisted in response: "Oh! That feels so good!" I just grunted as my brain had already shut down. I unleashed a primitive barrage of hard thrusts while my hands held her shoulders and I attempted to drive myself deeper and deeper into her. She helped by lifting her knees to get exactly the right angle of penetration. Her body continued to writhe under me. I knew I would not last long, but that was not important tonight. Tonight I could just focus on filling her.

In moments, I felt the pressure building and redoubled my efforts to split her open. As I passed the point of inevitability, I thrust deep and ground my body into her sex. I held myself deep as the first and then the second ejaculation splashed against her insides. She screamed, and lifted me up with her hips. I started thrusting again as the ejaculations continued. Five, six, seven, they just didn't want to end.

But end they did. We both were drained. I rolled us over and lifted a leg up between hers to hold me inside her. We fell asleep.


Bright light was again pushing its way around the edges of the wood blinds. I pulled a pillow over my face to shut it out. That didn't really work, as Jeannie was already stirring next to me. In a moment, I felt fingertips petting my flaccid cock, and I pushed the pillow aside. The room still smelled of sex, and her smile was brighter than the sunshine peeking in. I kissed her, long and soft, trying not to start something. I was still drained. We skipped the shower this morning. She pointed out my cum dried on the inside of her thigh and announced she was going to wear it proudly all day.

Strolling arm in arm to our breakfast restaurant, she asked what we were going to do today. I thought for a moment.

"Well, I could ask around to see if there are any floating orgies in town."

"Charlie!" I got a hard jab in the ribs.

"That's more like the wife I came here with." I replied, laughing. "Or I could spend the day trying to pick up a cute babe so you can watch."

"Let's save that for some other time, something for you to look forward to. I've had enough new experiences for the moment. How about a normal, traditional, PG rated vacation day?"

I laughed, "Sounds boringly wonderful!"

After breakfast, she wanted to do some more shopping, and I chose to go with her this time. But as I followed her around, I was busily fantasizing about how I might try to have sex with her on the Ave back to Madrid, and then again on the flight home. It was a new world.

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