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My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 10

I awoke the next morning, feeling Lynn's warmth next to me in our huge, plush bed. We had left the strip club and Eileen the night before, hurried back to our hotel room and showered, still horny and eagerly fucking one another. We could not seem to get enough of one another's bodies and we finally collapsed, exhausted, into our bed and drifted off, sated for the moment.

Lynn slowly stirred beside me, sighing contentedly. She emerged from beneath the satin sheets and stretched her arms over her head as she lay there, her magnificent breasts coming into view. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me serenely.

"Good morning, my love," she said softly, reaching over to caress my arm. "Did you sleep well?"

"And dreamed of you the whole time," I replied, grinning. "Even in my dreams you keep me perpetually horny."

Lynn turned on her side and lifted the sheet covering my midsection to look at my erect cock.

"Hm, seemingly so," she observed. "Well, you have morning wood and I have morning dew, so let's take care of that situation, shall we?"

She then knelt next to me and gently pushed me onto my back. A moment later she straddled me and easily sank down onto my waiting cock, her pliant, gooey pussy taking it all the way inside her.

"Ooh, that's what mommy needs," she murmured, arching her back as the swollen head touched something deep inside her. "Can never get enough..." She now laid down on top of me and held me close, moving back and forth along my length, feeling it slide in and out of her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her while she fucked me, squeezing her tight tunnel around me.

She didn't seem to need a good, hard fucking, this morning she was feeling gentle and wanted to be close. We made love for some minutes until she shuddered and moaned, my cum pumping deep inside her. She snuggled to me and kissed my chest lovingly, whispering against my skin.

Finally she sat up, looking down at me and caressing her lovely breasts while she smiled. She was so beautiful, I could not take my eyes off her angelic face. She squirmed her hips around, enjoying the feeling of my cock deep inside her, our cum mingling within.

"God, I want you to pee in me," she sighed. "But not here on our lovely bed. Can you carry me to the bathroom, my love?"

I nodded and stood slowly, holding her to me while I got up. She moaned as she sank down onto my still-erect tool and I took firm hold of her by her ass and carried her to the bathroom. I deftly slid open the shower doors and stepped inside. I pressed her back against the wall and looked into her eyes. She stared back into mine and then shivered and let out a tiny gasp as I let myself go and peed inside her tight pussy.

"Oh yes, Michael..." she whimpered as she gripped me tight and bit lightly at my shoulder. I could feel our mingled essence trickling down between us. "Oh, God, it feels so good..."

I finished and she hugged me close, sighing and then taking a deep breath. "Mmmm, let's get washed up and then we have breakfast in bed coming to us. I already arranged it."

"Sounds like a great continuation to our morning." I replied easily as I reached over and turned on the shower heads. We stood under the refreshing cascades and cleaned one another, pausing to kiss and have fun occasionally. Lynn knelt and sucked on my cock for some time and then massaged it between her tits until I came again, an offering she hungrily swallowed. We finished up and wrapped ourselves in the luxurious towels provided, heading back into our bedroom.

Some minutes later there was a not and a woman's voice announced breakfast. Lynn swished over to the door and opened it, to reveal the cute brunette bellhop girl, now wheeling in our food. She smiled at Lynn and then myself.

"Goodness, darling, is there anything you don't do for the hotel?" Lynn asked as she followed behind the girl, staring at her ass. The young woman giggled and smiled gratefully as I tipped her. She wiggled out of the room, Lynn's eyes still on her behind.

"There's an ass I wouldn't mind fucking..." she breathed. I chuckled and set out our food, letting Lynn get situated back in bed. We ate our continental breakfast and discussed how the rest of the day would unfold- we finally concluded that we would go shopping and then return to the hotel to spend a lazy afternoon fucking in bed or anywhere else we thought of.

We finished breakfast and got dressed, agreeing to take Chicago's rather (in)famous subway system to the Magnificent Mile, where the best shopping was. Lynn looked sexy and splendid in a short, black leather skirt, a tight white t-shirt, heeled boots and her black leather jacket. She wore her lovely, long blonde hair down and I swear she looked fifteen years younger than she was. How on earth had I chanced upon this magnificent creature?

Hand in hand we left the hotel and walked over to the subway and began wandering around the station. It was one of the older ones, not recently revamped and churning with throngs of people. Lynn squeezed my hand as she scanned around, looking for something.

"Ooh, Michael..." we whined quietly. "There's gotta be a secluded place around this station somewhere..."

We ended up on the subway platform, pressed up near one of the walls. The platform was jam-packed with people, all waiting to get on with their days. Even on a Saturday, Chicago was still busy and thrumming with activity and commuters.

I protected Lynn from the press of bodies with my own, facing into her while she was backed up against the wall. The chatter of countless voices and the general din of a busy subway station was all we could hear. She hugged me close, whispering in my ear.

"Oh God, I want you, Michael..." she said breathily. "Just to feel you inside me somehow..."

A crackling voice blared over the speaker systems, announcing a delay in the next train's arrival. Scores of people on the platform began complaining and cursing loudly and the crowed churned in frustration at the delay.

Without losing a moment, Lynn shifted around, her hands undoing my belt and the button on my jeans. She subtly spread her legs and hiked up the front of her skirt. I nodded and pressed closer to her, my cock now nestling against her panties. She squirmed around until she was wet and I was hard; then she pulled aside her panties and we shifted around until my erect rod was inside her. We looked into one another's eyes, ignoring the mass of humanity around us and losing ourselves in the feel of our bodies joined together.

Lynn squeezed her pussy around my cock while I moved my hips as much as I dared without attracting attention to us. The jostling and movement of the people around us actually made this somewhat easier as my thrusts went unnoticed and the press of bodies often pushed me deeper inside her at random moments.

Lynn shivered and bit her lip, determined not to gasp. As little as we could move, we were both very turned on and enjoying the thrill of fucking in public. She held one of my hands and squeezed it hard as she gripped my cock with her wetness. I could tell she was fit to burst and I moved my hips a little more, making her shudder.

A large man shoved his way through the crowd nearby, jostling people out of the way and pressing me up against Lynn, forcing me deeper inside her. She groaned involuntarily but the noise seemed to go unnoticed in the cacophony around us. I leaned in and whispered to her.

"Go ahead, cum, darling," I said gently. "Let me cum in you..."

She nodded and closed her eyes, shuddering and releasing the pent-up orgasm she had been trying to hold back. I reciprocated, shooting my cum deep inside her. We pressed hard against one another as we climaxed, Lynn pressing her face into my shoulder and whimpering quietly. She murmured something I could not hear and then looked up at me, her eyes glassy. Once we had finished cumming, I subtly slipped out of her and put my cock back in my jeans, zipping them up. She put her panties back in place and then we waited with everyone else, still holding hands.

A few moments later, Lynn squeezed my hand to get my attention. She nodded over at a woman standing not far away who was smirking at us. The woman nodded and winked, seemingly indicating that she knew what we had been up to. I smiled back and returned the nod as a train finally rumbled into the station. We managed to clamber in and waited patiently until we got to our stop a few minutes later. We flowed out the doors and then made our way up into the busy Magnificent Mile.

We walked around holding hands and Lynn visited just about every shop, at least browsing to see what they had. She purchased some blouses and another set of boots but then we came across an upscale lingerie shop. Lynn dragged me in eagerly and flitted from display to display in delight, elaborating on how everything would look on her. I smiled and listened cheerfully to the running commentary.

One of the attendants finally joined us and asked how she could help. Lynn intimated that she might need help trying some of the outfits she had in mind on and that I needed to be taken elsewhere so I could be surprised. The attendant smiled and called over another girl, indicating I should be shown to the reading room. The new girl nodded and led me to the small lounge in question where she let me sit and offered me some coffee.

"Your wife sounds eager to please you," she commented casually as she poured me a cup of coffee. "Lucky fella."

"No argument there," I said agreeably. "Thank you for the coffee."

"I wonder what she'll buy," wondered the girl, who was slim and had auburn hair. She was actually rather attractive, even if she wasn't anywhere near as gorgeous as Lynn. "She seems the adventurous sort and we have some items for that."

"Pity we can't see ahead of time," I mused. "I love watching her try things on."

The attendant paused for a moment and seemed pensive. "Well, can you keep a secret?" she asked.

I nodded and she indicated I should follow her. I took my coffee and left the lounge through a side door and into the back, where the employees were allowed to go. She brought me to a small room with three monitors and turned one of them on.

"We generally speaking do not use the security cameras," she explained. "Not unless we have a reason to believe one of the customers is stealing in the dressing room. But this seems like a pretty good use too. But please don't tell anyone, I like my job."

"Your secret is safe with me." I said cheerfully as the screen came on. The camera was looking at a downward angle into what was currently an empty change room. It had velvet walls with two long mirrors, two small cushioned seats and a chaise.

"This is Brenda's favourite room to use when she is helping customers," said the attendant. "She uses this one if it's available, this is where they'll go."

We waited a minute or two and sure enough, Lynn and the attendant named Brenda entered the change room. Brenda closed the door and began helping Lynn peruse the items they had picked out. Lynn seemed delighted and kept pressing the bustiers and teddies on over her tight white t-shirt, wiggling her torso at Brenda and seeming to ask what she thought of it. Brenda seemed agreeable to the apparel but it seemed like she occasionally stared a little too long for it to remain a professional perusal.

Lynn then stripped out of her t-shirt and skirt, now just in a bra and her panties. Brenda paused at the sight of her customer's body and then made some comment that caused Lynn to blush and giggle for a moment. She then removed her bra and panties readily, standing naked before Brenda.

"Oh, wow," said the girl standing next to me, watching the screen along with me. "I kinda knew your wife was built but I wasn't expecting that."

I said nothing but just continued watching intently while Brenda helped Lynn try on some items. Lynn was plainly enjoying herself and the feel of Brenda's hands on her while she got into her lingerie. She would turn and model the items for Brenda, waiting for her opinion. I only barely noticed my attendant girl leave for a few moments but then she returned and continued staring.

At one point Lynn seemed to ask a question about the shape of one of the outfits as she climbed out of the first one and Brenda responded by reaching out and cupping Lynn's breast for a moment, giving it a gentle squeeze. Lynn giggled and then teasingly gave Brenda's breast a squeeze through her blouse in return. Brenda certainly did not object but gave Lynn's breast another squeeze as she blushed and looked into her customer's eyes.

I smiled slyly as they began to fondle one another's chests, not saying anything but simply staring. This was going to be fun to watch.

"Holy shit, didn't expect that," murmured my attendant. "Are... are you okay with that?"

"More than okay, I assure you." I replied, my eyes not leaving the screen. "This is going to be hot."

"Good thing the rooms are sound-proofed and that I locked the front door, then," she added. "I put up a sign that said we were having a private fitting for the next hour."

There was no audio on the cameras but in a weird way that made it even more erotic to watch the proceedings. Lynn now leaned in and kissed Brenda fully on the lips. The attendant stiffened for only a moment but then returned the kiss lustily, her arms wrapping around Lynn. My blonde goddess began removing Brenda's blouse and skirt, until she was only in her panties and bra. She had a decent-sized set of breasts that Lynn was kneading through the lacy bra she still wore.

"Didn't know Brenda had those," muttered my spying companion, who now leaned forward to watch the action. "This is hot."

Lynn and Brenda somehow with trembling, eager fingers managed to undress one another, still kissing hungrily. Their fingers slid down and began pushing inside one another's pussies and I could see them both moaning, even if I could not hear it. Lynn was already dripping wet, not that I would have expected anything else from her.

I felt my cock getting hard inside my pants and sensed the attendant girl next to was aroused. Her hips moved and she closed her legs unconsciously as she watched. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her bite her lip.

"Be a shame to let them have all the fun, wouldn't it?" I suggested, my eyes still on the screen. The aurburn-haired girl looked at me for a moment, clearly understanding what I meant but not sure what to do about it. She gazed back at the screen and then made her choice.

"What the hell," she muttered. "I mean, Brenda's married, right?"

Without another word, she undid the buttons of her skirt and shimmied out of it, leaving her in a lacy thong. I undid my belt and let my pants fall, revealing the large tent post that was my boxers.

She got down on her knees and yanked my boxers down, taking my shaft in her hand and beginning to suck. She wasn't very experienced, but it wasn't bad either. I watched her as her head bobbed back and forth and she made moaning noises. Her free hand snaked down between her legs and began massaging her slit.

Eager to watch Lynn again, I pulled my companion up to her feet and then leaned her over the desk the monitors were sitting on. She gasped as I forced her onto her elbows and looked back at me, her eyes glinting with lust. She hooked her thumbs into her thong and pulled it down over her ass, leaving them pinned on her thighs.

I took firm hold of her ass cheeks and spread them, giving me a magnificent view of her wet cooze. I pressed the head of my swollen cock to the slippery lips and then slid it inside her. She arched her back and moaned loudly as I invaded her. Both of us were watching the screen as I began to slap my hips against her ass, plunging my cock back and forth inside her.

Lynn was sitting back in one of the chairs now, her legs spread wide while she clasped Brenda's head as the brunette lashed Lynn's pussy with her tongue. Lynn's free hand massaged and teased her breasts, squeezing them or pulling at the nipples. She shuddered and squirmed while Brenda's tongue slithered around inside her wet womanhood.

Watching Lynn with another woman made me incredibly aroused and I fucked my partner harder, reaching down to grip her hair and pull on it. She keened and gasped but did not object. Her pussy was warm, the walls clenching wetly at my cock. We were held spellbound by the action on the screen while we fucked, not wanting to look away.

Lynn now clambered out of the chair and put Brenda in it, spreading her legs and going to town on the attendant's slit. Her tongue teased it mercilessly before going inside while she squeezed and pinched Brenda's inner thighs. Brenda ground and writhed almost uncontrollably, her mouth wide as she moaned and panted.

Lynn began snaking fingers inside Brenda's puss while her tongue lashed her clit. Brenda gyrated and strained as Lynn kept adding fingers until all five of the ones on her left hand were inside the woman. She then slid forward until she was in to her wrist. Brenda seemed almost paralyzed and her mouth was wide open, her eyes seeming to roll up into her head.

"Holy shit, look at that..." my lover hissed as she watched the screen. "She's getting fucking fisted..."

I nodded and kept fucking her, my cock hitting deep inside. I reached down and under her blouse, beginning to squeeze and maul her breasts. She ground and strained back against me, her pussy dripping and smearing our thighs with her lust.

"Ohmygod..." she panted, squirming against me. Her fingers flexed against the table while we fucked, her ass grinding in circles. "Gnnnnn, fuck me, yessssss..."

Lynn was working her hand inside Brenda, who looked like she might die. But before the brunette passed out, Lynn pulled her to the floor and put her on her back. Without another word, she straddled Brenda's face and pressed her gooey pussy down onto her mouth. Brenda began lashing Lynn with her tongue. She may have been married, but she seemed to have some inkling of what to do with a girl. Lynn bucked and ground her hips shamelessly, clearly in the throes of ecstasy. One of her hands reached back to finger Brenda's pussy while the attendant tongued her.

"Oh, God..." moaned my partner, her skin getting flush and warm. "Oh, shit, I'm so close..."

"I'd better pull out." I grunted, making to do so but she shook her head wildly.

"No, don't!" she hissed in protest. "I'm on the pill, fucking cum in me! I'm too close!"

I nodded and took firm hold of her hips. I began slamming my thighs against her hard until we both broke. She arched her back and threw back her head, moaning loudly. My hips bucked and then I busted, pumping my cum deep inside her. We humped and ground against one another heatedly until we were spent and she collapsed forward on the desk, panting and trembling.

Through the whole orgasm, my eyes had been on Lynn, who seemed to have cum at about the same time as us. She had shuddered and writhed and almost convulsed until she climaxed on Brenda's face, cumming joyously. When she was spent she laid back along Brenda's body and then rolled over, kissing her lover's pussy gently. They seemed content to lay there for some time.

I stood still, letting the sensations of pleasure slowly trickle out of me and into my partner. She sighed contentedly before propping herself up on her elbows and looking back at me.

"Wow... thanks, man."

"My pleasure, I assure you." I said as I gently pulled her up and turned her around, sitting her on the desk. My cock was still inside her and her pussy gripped me warmly.

"I'm Vicki, by the way," she said, holding out her hand. "Don't think I'll be telling my boyfriend about this."
"Don't worry, I won't tell him either." I said pleasantly as I shook her hand. "Shall we go check on those two?"

She nodded and waited while I pulled out of her. We used a small sink to wash ourselves off and then got dressed again, although I noticed Vicki declined to put her underwear back on. We exited the employee room back through the lounge she had initially brought me to and then found the change room where Lynn and Brenda were ensconced. Using a small key, Vicki unlocked the door and we went inside, finding Lynn and Brenda still entwined.

Brenda seemed a little shocked and panicked for a moment at the sight of us, but Lynn just smiled warmly, her face still over her lover's pussy.

"Mmmm, did you two enjoy the show?" she purred, stroking a single nail up and down Brenda's slit slowly.

"It was quite spectacular, as I've come to expect when you're involved." I replied, grinning at her. Lynn smiled slyly at Vicki. "He has a nice cock, doesn't he?"

Vicki nodded. "I'll be sad to see it go."

Lynn now sat up. "Sweetheart, Brenda's married, but she should at least feel how nice your cock is inside her for just a moment. I want to suck your cum out of your friend if you don't mind..."

I nodded and helped her up. She led Vicki over to one of the chairs and sat her down, pushing up her skirt and spreading her legs. Leaning in, she began lapping at the slick lips before sliding her tongue inside. Vicki caressed her head and moaned gently at the treatment.

I helped Brenda to her feet and led her to the other chair. She seemed nervous, which was understandable, but also determined to go through with this uncharacteristic debauchery.

"I... have a condom in my purse," she said quietly. "If we're going to do this, I don't just want to feel you inside me for a moment, I want to fuck, okay?"

"As you wish." I said agreeably. She poked her head out of the dressing room for a moment to make sure no one would see her and then dashed behind the counter to retrieve something. She returned with a condom which she gave to me before she knelt and bent herself over the other chair inside the room.

"I'm sorry, I might not be able to look at you or anything," she murmured. "But please, I do want to do this."

I nodded and took down my pants. I was still hard from earlier, since I figured the fucking would not end if Lynn was involved and slipped on the condom. To be honest, it felt rather odd to wear one, since I'd not done so since I began fucking Lynn. I now sidled up behind Brenda and took hold of her hips. She may have been nervous, but she was clearly still aroused and glistened wetly.

I gently eased inside of her and she groaned. She had a small pussy and I filled her up easily, stretching her quite a bit.

"Oh, ow, you're a lot bigger than my husband," she hissed, trembling. "Unh, keep going..."

I began stroking back and forth slowly, letting her adjust. She breathed heavily as she acclimated to the feel of me inside her.

"Oh my God, that's good..." she said under her breath, beginning to move back against me. I leaned forward and began massaging her breasts while I fucked her, causing her to moan and squirm. It occurred to me that she was not going to last very long so I decided to make sure she really enjoyed herself. I gripped her firmly and pushed my cock in and out of her, causing her to shudder and groan, quickly moving to panting as my cock invaded her.

"Holy shit!" she rasped as her back arched. "It feels like you're tearing me apart!"

She bucked backward against me and then went rigid. She gritted her teeth and then began cumming. Though I knew I would not cum myself because it had been over too quickly, I was pleased by how wet she became as she burst, her sticky effluence glistening on our thighs. She thrust back against me, squirming and pumping her hips eagerly as her body squirmed and shuddered. Finally she collapsed against the chaise she was leaning on and sighed deeply.

"Well done, lover..." Lynn said cheerfully, as she looked out from between Vicki's legs. "I'd say you've given her a tip to remember..."

Lynn now made me stand and brought all the other two girls close so that they were all kneeling in front of me. They took turns sucking my cock, an exhilarating feeling that lasted until I groaned and shot my cum down Lynn's eager throat. Vicki and Brenda then licked my shaft clean while Lynn caressed their behinds. Finally we were done and got dressed. I waited patiently while the two attendants helped her pick out and package some lingerie she wanted and we were on our way after Lynn got their numbers. Just in case we were ever in Chicago again and looking to play.

We continued our walk down the street, with Lynn beaming one of her megawatt smiles. Clearly she had enjoyed herself immensely. She stopped us at other stores and we sat down in a small cafe for some tea and dainties. Lynn smiled slyly as she told me that I would love the various outfits she had picked out for herself over the past two days. There were several times during our sojourn where one of us pulled the other into an alley or another remote location so that we could kiss fervently and express a burning mutual desire that seemed to know no bounds.

Finally we returned to our posh hotel and Lynn was eager to show me what she had bought. She smiled at me devilishly.

"You up for a little roleplay, sexy?" she asked, removing her leather jacket and then her skirt. Soon she was clad only in her heroic bra and barely-there thong panties.

"With you that can only be incredibly naughty fun." I replied. "Suit up and I'll be making drinks. I promise not to peek."

Having said that, I made my way to the kitchenette and began making some martinis. True to my word, I did not peek, even though Lynn chose to get changed in the main living room rather than the bathroom or some other remote location.

"Pardon, monsieur, you asked for maid services, non?" came a lilting voice behind me. I turned and smiled widely. Lynn was dressed in an exquisite French maid outfit that had a very low-cut neckline and a remarkably abbreviated ruffled chiffon skirt. She smirked as she posed sexily, holding a small feather duster.

"Mais oui." I replied as I stepped forward, holding a martini in each hand and offering her one.

"Oh, mais arrete monsieur," she said, looking a little surprised and fluttering her feather duster in feigned agitation. "We must not, I am merely ze help. What would your wife say?"

"That she's relieved someone else is finally taking over and giving her a break," was my answer, still advancing. She backed up, seeming apprehensive. Before long I had backed her up against the plush couch and she was caught. She looked at the floor, somehow blushing. "Come now, I make an excellent martini. All my other maids have said so."

Her eyes flashed up at me and her mouth had a tight set to it. "Other maids?"

"Yes, they... couldn't fill the positions I required." I said, smiling evilly.

She blushed and looked away again but took the martini glass from my hand. She took a sip and looked up at me.

"What... expectations does monsieur have of me?" she asked somewhat nervously. "Ze agency said you were a model client for... for... zis is so unprofessional, to be consorting like zis, non?"

"I reward loyal employees well," was my reply, moving a little closer and taking a sip of my own martini. She looked up at me, her eyes glinting in anticipation of my response. "Good pay, time off and... benefits..."

"Oh, tell me more, s'il-vous-plait..." she said as she took another drink.

I moved even closer now but she showed no signs of hesitation. "Certain close members of my staff are assigned other duties they seem to have enjoyed immensely."

"And zese staff members, zey have all been les femmes, oui?" she asked, smirking a little.

"Definitely," I agreed, nodding. "Paid well for services rendered and-"

"Oh, monsieur," she interrupted, suddenly looking disdainful. "I am a skilled professional, a master of my craft, and what you speak of would make little more zan a well-kept poule, non?"

"Well it would hardly do to hire you on if I knew nothing of the skills you brought to the table, would it?" I countered. "So, madame, what-"

"Mam'selle," she corrected, looking at me over the rim of her martini glass as she took another sip.

"Very well," I continued. "What valuable assets and special skills would you bring to work with you?"

She smiled and put down her glass on a small side table and turned away. She wiggled a short distance over to another table and bent over, beginning to dust it. Her pert and unbelievably perfect ass peeked out from beneath her ruffled skirt, barely contained in sheer black panties. She looked over her shoulder at me and smirked before walking slowly around the table and then leaning in to dust again, giving me a magnificent view of her cleavage at it threatened to spill out of the form-fitting top.

"Impressive," I said agreeably as I watched her. "What else should I know?"

She stood and sauntered over to me and knelt primly, looking up expectantly. "Does monsieur need any... personal attention? I would be remiss if I did not make sure his home environment was relaxing, non?"

I nodded and she reached forward and expertly undid my belt and then the zipper on my jeans, pulling them down over my thighs. She rubbed her palms slowly over my boxers, biting her lip as she did so. She then pulled my underwear down, revealing my cock, which was swelling but I willed not to get hard. Not just yet.

With the delicate lace gloves on her hands, she traced her fingers up and down its length, causing it to flutter pleasantly. Gently she took hold of me and began to move her hand back and forth, leaning in to let her warm breath pass over my member. Almost against my will I began to grow hard, so expert were her ministrations.

Then she kissed me, the tip of her tongue swirling around the engorged head, followed by her lips and I shuddered. She slowly took my cock into her mouth and began to bob up and down its length, her wet lips forming a delightful seal. She hummed as she sucked on me, her hand following closely behind.

She then stood and took hold of my shaft, leading me over to the couch I had originally trapped her against. She brought me behind it and with a coy smile made me lean back so that my now-raging erection pointed out in front of me. Without a word, she turned around and sidled back against me, rubbing her ass cheeks onto my cock.

"Mmmmmm, does monsieur approve?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at me, still bumping her cheeks into my groin. She certainly knew how to make a man wild with desire.

I took gentle hold of her ass and massaged, pulling the perfect cheeks apart and allowing my iron-hard cock to slide between them, the throbbing head dragging over her pink little pucker. She bit her lower lip and moaned softly.

Then, without another word, she pulled away from me, knelt and pulled up my pants, leaving my raging hard-on constrained within the barrier. She stood up, winked at me and disappeared into the bathroom. I stood there in silence for several moments, stunned and almost unable to move. I finally took a deep breath and closed my eyes, massaging my face with my hands to try and focus.

Whatever she had planned next, I didn't intend to make it easy for her. I turned and went to the sink and ran my hands under the cold water, my cock eventually settling down. I took several deep breaths to clear my mind and leaned against the counter.

"Sorry, sir," chimed her lyrical voice. "Am I late again?"

I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment and turned around to see what she had done now- she stood not far away, dressed in an impossibly daring schoolgirl outfit. The tartan skirt was red and so short that it left the bottom of her pert ass cheeks exposed. Her white shirt was knotted at her midriff and her breasts were splitting the garment to almost bursting. The girls' school blazer she wore was dark blue with a crest on the right side. She wore white thigh-high socks and chunky prep-school shoes with a slender dagger heel. She smiled innocently as she swirled her tongue around a lollipop.

She had also put her hair up in pigtails, completing the erotic mystique. My eyes must have been wide open because her own glinted in triumph at my reaction.

"I'm afraid I've been a bad girl, sir..." she cooed in a pouty voice as she slinked on over to me, still rolling her wicked tongue around the candy. "I am late... I didn't do my homework..."

She now stood in front of me and looked up into my eyes. Standing up on her toes, she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Do you want to know why I didn't do my homework and why I was late, sir?" she breathed quietly.

"Tell me," I said in a firm voice, having finally comeback to myself. "Tell me everything."

"Because I have been messing around with some of the other girls at night, sir..." she answered, her lips almost pressed to my ear. "And sometimes... sometimes we get naked and do things to ourselves and one another while thinking of you..."

She now stepped down and looked almost remorseful. "You're not mad, are you sir?"

"Even if I am not mad, we have rules and you have broken them, young lady," I said sternly. "We cannot flout discipline."

"Am... am I to be punished, sir?" she asked in a slightly tremulous voice. "I want to do well in your classes, sir..."

She now pressed her hips gently into mine and looked up at me. "I would do anything for a passing grade, sir..."

In one corner of the suite was a large and ornate desk, dark wood with leather accents and brass nails. I pointed to it and she hung her head and walked slowly toward the imposing piece of furniture, as if she knew what was coming next. I followed just behind, captivated by the sway of her hips and ass beneath that skirt.

She stopped at the desk and leaned back against it, looking at me expectantly. "What punishment does sir have in mind for me?" she asked.

"The only kind a defiant girl like yourself seems to understand," I answered, my tone authoritarian. "Turn around and lean forward."

She nodded and turned to face the desk, bending somewhat at the waist. The skirt rode up, exposing still more of her perfect ass. The little minx wasn't wearing any panties this time. I stood next to her and drew up her skirt a little more, leaving her completely exposed. She shivered slightly in anticipation.

"If this is the only way to get through to you, young lady, then so be it." I declared as I raised my left hand and gave her a swift but controlled swat across one cheek. She gasped a little and bit her lip.

"Yes, sir..." she whispered, daring to look back at me and see what I planned to do next.

I swatted the same cheek again and she whimpered, sticking the lollipop in her mouth, as if to satisfy a sudden oral craving or stifle any unnaturally loud sounds she might be about to make. I slapped her cheek and she grunted and leaned forward, putting down the sucker and resting her weight on her hands. Her eyes were closed as she prepared for the next strike.

I cracked my hand across both cheeks a little bit harder and she shuddered and arched her back, a gasp followed by a moan escaping her. Her silken cheeks were slightly red and clearly she was enjoying it.

"I am a bad girl, sir..." she dared to say quietly. "I think I- ah!" she squeaked as my hand smacked her again. "I hope you can make me behave sir! Ohhhhhh, sir..."

She now leaned forward onto her arms, burying her face in them. I smacked her three more times, watching her body shiver in delight.

"Have you punished me enough, sir?" she asked in a muffled voice while her ass wiggled invitingly. "Am I a good girl now?"

I knelt down behind her and began to massage her stinging cheeks, causing her to moan. I moved them in gentle round circles, splitting them and showing exactly how aroused she was by all this roleplay. Her pussy gleamed wetly, the lips pliant and yielding as I moved her ass about.

"Such lewd and wanton behaviour..." I said in a disapproving tone. "It is not befitting a young woman. If you are to be saved from these demons, then I must take action, seemingly."

I stood and then turned her around forcefully, pushing her against the desk. She was breathing heavily and her eyes glinted as I asserted myself over her. She spread her legs slightly as I stood close, her glistening slit just peaking from beneath the pleated plaid skirt.

"Lie on the desk," I commanded. "On your back, girl. You need to reflect on your actions."

Lynn nodded and clambered onto the desk, making sure I get several good views of her ass and pussy as she did so. She prostrated herself and stared at the ceiling, waiting to see what I would do. Her magnificent breasts heaved beneath the tight shirt she wore.

Without another word I reached down and took her by the shoulders, pulling her head and most of her neck off the desk toward me. I then undid my pants and dropped them around my knees along with my boxers. Taking my cock in hand, I pressed the swollen head against her lips, tracing them back and forth. She closed her eyes and hummed as I teased her. Over her cheeks and nose and across her face before I returned to her mouth, which her tongue licked at eagerly.

I pressed the head to her lips and she began to kiss it, letting me control the pace and not daring to do anything I had not commanded. Slowly her tongue came around and swirled around the purple head and I sunk my cock a little farther into her mouth. She moaned and hummed at the intrusion, welcoming it. Her own hands began to wander down her body.

"Did I say you could do that?" I asked firmly. Her hands returned to her sides, clearly wanting to do something, anything, but now unable to.

I pushed my cock farther into her mouth and she groaned around it, her neck dropped over the side of the desk. I slid my shaft down her throat and then pulled back. Her lips kissed greedily at my cock as it left and then formed a perfect seal around it as I slid back down.

Wanting to see her breasts, I reached over and loosened her blouse, exposing them. She shuddered but otherwise remained still, thrilling in our little game. I game them a good squeeze and she groaned involuntarily around my cock. She keened in pleasure and pain as I squeezed and pulled on her nipples, just how she liked it.

I moved my hips back and forth, slowly at first but gaining speed as she sucked my cock eagerly. Her hands, still at her sides, clenched and flexed desperately, eager to service but commanded to do nothing, building her anticipation to almost unbearable levels.

Without warning I took her body and pulled her lengthwise to the desk, her legs now hanging over the side. I parted and knelt between them, pushing her skirt up to reveal her dripping pussy. Lynn was practically trembling in need but I decided to torment her a little longer. My lips and tongue ran up and down her slit and she whimpered and moaned. It almost sounded like she was crying.

"Sir..." she said in a quavering voice. "Oh God..."

I snaked my tongue up and down, occasionally parting her netherlips but never fulling entering her. Her fingers gripped at the rich leather surface of the desk or along the wooden sides, almost clawing. It occurred to me that she might damage the furniture at this rate so I had better not torture her for too long.

Without any warning I slid my middle finger deep inside her pussy. Lynn shuddered, arched her back and moaned, pressing her hips up and squeezing the finger as tight as she could.
"Oh, yes sir... ohhhhhhh..."

I kept stroking my finger in and out of her quim as I stood and then positioned my cock against her. I started sliding my engorged head up and down her pussylips, eliciting an almost incoherent whining sound from my wayward 'student'.

"Pleeeeeeease..." she begged, her voice trembling.

I nodded and sunk my cock deep inside her with one push. Lynn groaned loudly, her body beginning to squirm and writhe almost uncontrollably. I took hold of her hips and began making a series of powerful thrusts into her. Their previous command forgotten, her hands now moved to her breasts, squeezing and tweaking them as I fucked her. She gyrated her hips in time with my thrusts, squeezing my cock deep inside her ferociously. I don't think she had ever felt this tight before. She was incredibly aroused, obviously.

I now took both her legs and pulled them up, pressing them together and holding them against my chest. I thrust in and out of her strongly, my hips smacking against her firm ass. Lynn gasped and panted as my cock invaded her, this new position making her even tighter as her thighs squeezed in around me.

"Oh God, fuck me, sir..." she rasped, still fondling and almost mauling her breasts. "Oh fuck... yes... fuck this bad girl, sir..."

My thighs slapped against her as I drove my cock home deep inside. I then pulled her legs apart and held them wide, leaving her shamelessly exposed. I watched as my cock took the long, powerful strokes in and out of her, filling her gooey, clenching pussy. The sticky inner lips pulled back and forth along my shaft as I fucked her. The noises we made were intoxicating. Lynn keened and bit at one of her finger knuckles, her back arching.

"Still naughty and wanton, are we?" I said in my stern tone. Without warning I slapped her pussy and she gasped and shuddered. I then rolled her over onto her stomach leaving her bent over the edge of the desk. Before she could adjust, I had pinned her down and speared my cock home deep inside her. She groaned gutturally and tried to squirm but I pushed her down, keeping her immobile. My fingers snaked into her hair and clenched a fistful of it and she hissed.

My other hand took her left leg and raised it, resting it on the desktop next to her body. The angle of penetration changed and Lynn almost wept in pleasure. I thrust up inside her while pulling back on her hair. She grunted and arched her neck, looking back at me through fluttering eyes, glassy with lust. She squirmed her ass back against me in circles, clenching her tight tunnel around my shaft.

My hands now moved under her blazer and came to her heaving breasts, which I released from the confines of her shirt and massaged, pulling, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Her breath came in shuddering gasps at my touch. She pushed on her hands, lifting her chest off the desk as she ground back against me. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she moaned through clenched teeth.

I pulled her back against me, her lower body still pinned to the desk. I griped her chin and cheeks in my hand and brought her mouth to mine. Our tongues tangled as we kissed feverishly. Lynn was so aroused that she was almost drooling. Feeling her tight against pressing against me while I fucked her pussy, I distracted her by biting her lower lip and tugging on it while giving one of her breasts a good, hard squeeze.

In the moment she was distracted, I pulled out of her tight tunnel and pushed my cock forcefully into her ass. Lynn cried out and twisted in shock, not ready for the invasion. I held her tight as I slid all the way into the hilt. Her whole body was shaking as if she was having a seizure.

"Uhhhhhhhh, my ass!" she wailed, tears now streaming down from her glistening blue eyes. "You're going to destroy it, sir! My fucking ass!"

"Naughty!" I snarled and cracked her across one of her magnificent cheeks. She squealed and whimpered, writhing as I held onto her. Without regard for her position, I continued to pump in and out of her tight knot, which stretched almost beyond her endurance. I smacked her again and she sobbed as I fucked her.

"Oh God..." she wept. "Sir... I.."

She almost screamed and I covered her mouth with a hasty kiss to muffle the noise. Her body twisted and contorted as she came. I held her tight to me as my cock began to pulse and squirt inside her, filling her ass with my cream. Lynn's tongue plunged into my mouth greedily, even as her ass gripped my cock, rippling along its length. Her wetness covered my thighs while we came together.

Lynn collapsed forward onto the desk, trembling like a leaf in a stiff wind. Still inside her ass, I caressed and massaged her gently, letting her try to relax. It almost sounded like she was crying quietly, but knowing her now as I did, I realized this was not a negative thing. After so many years of sexual repression and no outlet, these were quite likely tears of fulfillment and joy. I could now hear her murmuring to herself as she buried her face in her arms but I could not make out what she was saying. My hands stroked slowly up and down her spine, comforting her.

Some minutes later, Lynn looked back at me, her eyes reddish and glistening. She hadn't been wearing any mascara or makeup so there were only tear streaks on her pretty face. She looked beautiful and my heart pounded in my chest.

"That was so perfect, Michael..." she said softly. "I needed that so badly and you were utterly perfect. I couldn't have asked for more."

She put her face back in her arms and took several more deep breaths, composing herself. When she looked back up, she was smiling cheerfully and her eyes were bright, even though her cheeks were still red (both sets of cheeks).

"You have no idea what a relief and a release that can be for a girl, Michael," she mentioned. "Sometimes a good violation is what a strong woman needs."

She now pushed her arms forward on the desk and stretched back, squirming her ass against me. We both moaned in pleasure as my cock reached deep inside her. Lynn moved her behind in gentle circles, humming in pleasure before standing and gingerly removing me from her knot. She then turned around and hugged me close, her face next to mine. Her breath was sweet like the lollipop she had been sucking on.

"What would you say to a shower, my love?" she asked in a quiet voice. "I think we should cleanse ourselves and get ready what whatever the night may bring, yes?"

I nodded and led her to the bathroom where we slowly undressed one another. She was moving somewhat gingerly and I allowed her to take her time. Whatever discomfort she might have felt, though, she certainly did not let it impede her from proving her normal, wanton self in the shower. She was holding me close, grinding her slippery body against mine. She kissed my skin, whispering against me and caressing my form gently. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it until I came again. She swallowed my offering eagerly as she knelt between my legs, her eyes locked with mine.

Finally cleansed, we got out of the shower and dried ourselves. We lay down on the bed, holding one another close, just content to feel the other people's presence. Lynn dozed off, clearly worn out from her exertions throughout the day. I let her sleep and caressed her air until my eyes shut and I slumbered with her, content.

I felt her stirring and grinned as she opened her eyes. She touched my face, smiling beautifully and leaning in to give me a peck on the lips. She looked at the time and sighed in a somewhat forlorn tone.

"I could easily spend all day in bed with you," she murmured. "I don't want to do anything except fuck and fuck and fuck when you're with me."

I shrugged. "That's pretty much all we do regardless of whether we're in bed or not, may I point out. You and I just love to fuck everywhere and almost get caught, seemingly."

"Hm, true," she mused, admitting the contention. "I do love doing naughty things in just about any location. God knows I wouldn't have met you and we wouldn't be doing this if I didn't."

I pulled her close and she giggled as she cuddled to me, happy to be in my arms. "It may sound weird but one day I want to try a naughty roleplay where we pretend we're a brother and sister. School-age, you know? The two of us fucking and trying to not get caught?"

"Sounds sexy, I'm in." I replied easily. She giggled in delight and kissed me all over my chest before rising to a kneeling position and stretching, her lovely breasts jutting out proudly in front of her. She smiled at me as she caressed them before turning her gaze to the clock.

"Goodness, that time already?" she exclaimed. "What shall we do for a late lunch or early dinner?"

We discussed possibly going out but admitted we were feeling lazy and just wanted to stay at the hotel. That meant either having food brought to the room or trying out one of the other restaurants attached to the hotel. Eventually we agreed to put forth a modicum of effort, put on some clothes and dine downstairs. We chose the fusion cuisine establishment and enjoyed ourselves. Lynn kept sliding her foot under the table and along my inner thigh, teasing my cock.

Eventually she excused herself to visit the bathroom and disappeared for a few minutes. Not long after she had left, my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. Never one to be boring, Lynn had positioned herself inside one of the roomy stalls inside the women's lavatory and was taking pictures of herself, along with videos. I turned the volume down on my phone and watched intently. She spread her legs wide and filmed herself peeing and then fingering her pussy, making sure I could see how wet her inner pink was.

She finally returned to the table, just in time for the main course, a naughty smirk on her face.

"Enjoy the show?" she purred as she sipped at her glass of champagne, looking at me over the rim.

"You know I did, you vixen," I replied easily and meaning every word of it. "I am rapidly losing my ability to think about anything except you these days."

She smiled warmly at the heartfelt compliment and ran her toe along my inner thigh again. Dessert was finished and we walked around the hotel for a little while, visiting the gift shops and just observing the d├ęcor. Lynn finally suggested we return to our suite and I followed willingly.

"I can't wait to try our brother-sister roleplay" she purred, stroking her finger up my arm as we entered our room. "I was an only child, I never had any sort of kink to work out there."

"I'm looking forward to it as well," I said easily. "God knows, if you'd been my sister I'd have been fucking you all the time."

"Mmmmm, thinking about us fucking and hiding it from our parents gives me tingles," Lynn said breathily. "You sure know how to bring out the perv in me, my love."

We stopped and kissed in the middle of our suite, hungry to feel and taste one another. We stopped short of fucking, but only by an act of sheer will. I picked her up and spun her about in a circle in the middle of the suite and she giggled and held on tight.

"I'm thinking let's stay in," I used, putting her down and holding her steady so she regained her equilibrium. "I'm sure we can find ways to amuse ourselves."

She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Meaning you've already got something figured out. Alright, I'm game. "Let's stay in, my love."

She led me to the couch and sat me down, disappearing into the bedroom for a few minutes and them returning, dressed in another scandalous schoolgirl outfit, this one with an even shorter skirt. She turned on some vaguely punk music and began dancing for me, finally ending up on my lap, squirming her hips against me. We were both enjoying ourselves when someone knocked on our door.

Lynn looked offended at the door and walked alongside me petulantly as I went to answer it. "The nerve of some people," she groused, apparently planning to give whoever was at the door a piece of her mind. "Interrupting our-"

I opened the door and there stood Eileen, blinking as she noticed what Lynn was wearing.

"Well, apparently I'm late for the party," she mused. "Couldn't wait, hm?"

Lynn turned and smirked at me. "So this is why we stayed in, hm? Best plan ever, sport."

She took Eileen by the hand almost yanked her inside the door, which she then closed. Wasting no time, she pulled the new arrival tight against herself and began kissing her hungrily. Eileen made no demur and reciprocated, tongues exploring hungrily as they removed one another's clothes. They were naked within moments, hands wandering and caressing.

"Mmmmm, we haven't forgotten about you, my love..." Lynn purred, smiling at me. Both women turned and began peeling off my clothing, kissing and nipping at my skin as it was exposed to them. Once they had pulled my pants down, they attacked my cock in tandem, taking turns sucking on it willfully while the other slid their tongue along the shaft or fondled my balls. I soon had a raging hard-on and wanted to fuck them both in half.

"So what to do with our big, gifted boy..." Eileen mused as she stroked her hand up and down my shaft while Lynn used her lovely mouth. "I think we both want to get on him, but who goes first?"

"Let's tease him a little more and then decide," Lynn said breathily. "Help me lay him down..."

They then rested me on the floor and Lynn positioned herself in a crabwalk over my thighs, her pussy against my cock, the lips split by the shaft. Sensing what Lynn had in mind, Eileen took up a similar position over my hips, her pussy also pressed to my shaft. With their pussies now on either side of my throbbing member, they began to snake their slippery netherlips up and down its length, their lips sliding against one another around it. Both girls moaned in pleasure as they slithered and writhed shamelessly. It felt absolutely unreal, my cock completely covered in their sticky wetness, tortured by their sexplay. Clits throbbed against my engorged head and lips split around the erect rod.

My hands ran up and down Eileen's back as she ground and slithered against Lynn and I. She moaned and shivered as Lynn squirmed back heatedly. I was almost in agony and could take no more, so I took hold of Eileen and pulled her down on top of me, her back to my chest. Before she could move, I hooked my legs around hers, pinning her and slid my cock deep inside her pussy. She shuddered and moaned loudly, her tight tunnel squeezing me. Lynn clambered on top of us, settling her own gooey slit down on top of Eileen's and began grinding back and forth, her pussy rubbing against Eileen's as well as my cock as it plunged in and out of the dark-haired girl.

Lynn leaned down and began tormenting Eileen's breasts, kissing, licking, sucking and biting on them, tugging at the nipples with her teeth and eliciting gasps of pleasure at the delicious sting she caused. She ground her hips in time with my thrusts into Eileen, the three-way fucking propelling all of us into a world of intoxicating pleasure.

"Gnnnnnn, fuck!" Eileen rasped as she squirmed, sandwiched between us. "You two're gonna fucking kill me! Fucking give it to me, make me scream!"

Lynn and I went at it with a will, almost mauling the dancer girl's body, my cock pounding her mercilessly while Lynn squirmed and writhed, continuing her relentless assault on Eileen's breasts. She was covered in sweat and shuddering, all composure gone as all three of us neared the brink...

Lynn kissed Eileen hastily as she shrieked in pleasure, her body wrecked with ecstasy as I pumped my cum into her. Lynn moaned as Eileen bit her tongue while she came, her own sticky offering bathing Eileen's blossoming pussy and my cock. Eileen was shaking like she was having a seizure, her pussy clenching me tightly as I filled her.

Panting and exhausted, we all collapsed together, limbs trembling from the intensity of our mutual orgasm. My cock was still buried inside Eileen and Lynn lay on top of us, caressing the younger woman and kissing her.

"Holy shit..." Eileen whispered in a shaky voice, her body still recovering. "Want to fucking marry you two..."

Lynn giggled and kissed her. "Well hopefully we didn't use you up already, we have a long night planned. Can you play sleepover with us?"

"Mmmmm, I'd love to." Eileen purred, seeming to regain some control of her limbs. "Haven't had an offer that good in... well, ever."

We slowly untwined ourselves and poor Eileen tried to stand, her elbows shaking as she did so. Lynn cheerfully helped her to her feet, taking plenty of opportunities to cop a feel while she was as it. She led the brunette over to a chair and sat her down before kneeling between her legs and parting them. She smiled slyly as she leaned in and began licking Eileen's pussy gently, lapping at our mixed cum.

"Mmmmm, flavour of the month winner," she murmured as she tongued the wet, gooey slit. "I wish we could keep her, Michael."

Eileen purred and shivered while Lynn ministered to her womanhood for some time before she stretched and giggled. "Ooh, gotta pee..."

Lynn looked up and smiled. "Really?"

Without another word, she took Eileen by the hand and hauled her off to the bathroom. I looked on in amusement until she frowned at me. "You waiting for an engraved invitation, your lordship? Get in here already. Can't do this without you..."

I shrugged and followed the girls into our spacious bathroom, Eileen still looking somewhat perplexed. She made no demure but seemed confused as Lynn got her into the shower and made her sit with her legs spread.

"Okay, now what?" Eileen asked. "Am I just supposed to go while you two stare at me?"

Lynn replied by sitting down opposite Eileen and scissoring their legs, pressing their pussies together.

"Now just go, love..." she purred, her eyes glinting with desire. "Trust me on this..."

Eileen adapted readily enough, knowing to trust Lynn and I in matters of debauchery, seemingly. She squirmed around for a few moments and then sighed as she began to pee, splashing her offering all over Lynn's waiting pussy. Lynn shivered in delight and returned the favour, her golden stream meeting Eileen's and bathing the brunette's slit as well. They both moaned and pressed harder against one another as they did their business.

"Ohhhhhh, yesssss..." Eileen murmured. "A new perversion for me... fuck, this is naughty..."

"It gets better, my love, trust me." Lynn said softly as she rose to her knees and pulled Eileen to herself. Their wrapped their arms around one another kissing deeply, breasts squashed together as their tongues snaked around one another.

Lynn broke the kiss and smiled wickedly at Eileen. "Now press your tits against mine as hard as you can."

"Ooh, my pleasure!" giggled the dark-haired beauty, arching her back and letting head fall backwards as she pressed her boobs into Lynn's. I was already standing over them when Lynn looked up at me and winked. I took hold of my cock and released myself, my streaming arcing down to splatter across their squashed breasts. Eileen's eyes went wide and she gasped in surprise, looking on in shock as she realized what was happening. A look of delirious delight crossed her face as she accepted the offering joyfully.

"Oh, God, you two are so damn perverted!" she laughed in rapture. "You're my fucking sex god and goddess! Everything is so amazing with you two!"

She mashed her mouth to Lynn's and kissed her savagely, the two women wrapping their arms around one another as the flames of desire consumed them. I reached over and turned on the water, allowing the dual heads to beat down on them. Lynn looked at me, wanting to know if I was coming in but I shook my head. I wanted to watch these two fuck one another raw.
"Ever had a pussy-pounding contest, slut?" Lynn said in a challenging voice to her lover.

"So we what, slam our junk together and try to make the other submit or cum?" Eileen asked, her eyes flashing with lust. Lynn nodded.

"You're on, old lady," she declared defiantly. "May the mightiest cunt win."

She had barely finished the statement before Lynn grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her forward, jamming her mouth to Eileen's, kissing her hard. They grappled on to one another, bodies now pressed close as they kissed feverishly, seeking advantage. This was not gentle or even playful lovemaking, this was hard, merciless fucking, to make the other person cum with sheer force.

Eileen moaned as Lynn's fingernails dug into her soft breasts, even as the blonde's pussy began squirming into her own. She responded in kind, her hands squeezing Lynn's huge tits and eliciting a groan of discomfort and delight. Lynn pulled on Eileen's hair, yanking her head back and making her keen. The younger woman responded by pinching her opponent's clit.

They tussled and writhed, vying for advantage for several seconds before they both fell back on their hands, pressing their pussies together before beginning to bump them- not squirming or grinding, but a hard, thrusting motion. The soggy smack of their netherlips meeting was soon replaced by the thud of their hips cracking into one another, legs scissored as they tried to batter one another into submission.

They both groaned, panted and yelped, their sexplay more of a duel now than anything. Lynn hissed through clenched teeth as she propped herself on one hand and slapped her palm across Eileen's tits with the other. The brunette gasped and slapped back, causing Lynn to almost snarl and begin pounding her pussy even harder into her rival's. Eileen was squeezing her eyes shut, trying to focus past the pain and turn the tables on Lynn. She pinched her clit again, causing Lynn to shudder and whimper.

"God... damn... it..." Eileen rasped, pressing her hips forward, her pussy to Lynn's now, hoping for a even a brief respite from the brutal beating, but Lynn drew back, her eyes flashing with determination. "Forget it, missy!" she hissed as she began to pummel her quim into Eileen's again. "No rest for the wicked!"

"Fuck!" Eileen wailed, having no choice but to pound her crotch into Lynn's again and hold on for dear life. The water beat down on them, the wet slapping noises all I could hear aside from their laboured breathing. Both girls were gasping and wimpering, trying to hold on just a little bit longer until the other could take no more.

"Say it, bitch..." Lynn hissed, her fingernails digging into Eileen's now red and swollen breast. "Say you give or I'll shatter your fucking cunt right here and now..."

"Jesus fucking fuck, I give!" cried out Eileen before collapsing backwards in the tub, shuddering as she conceded defeat. Lynn was on her like a tiger, straddling the younger woman, their legs still scissored as she leaned down and kissed her defeated opponent greedily. Eileen seemed almost in a swoon, laying like a dead thing while Lynn did as she pleased to her.

Seconds later, Lynn could take no more and collapsed back the opposite way, their hips locked, bodies heaving from their exertions. Their pussies, snuggled into one another now, were swollen and a rather unlovely shade of purple from the brutality of their contest. Tears were streaming down Eileen's face, although she did not cry and Lynn's were red and bleary from pain, even though she'd won.

"She lost, my love," she said to me weakly, the back of her hand against her forehead. "I was going to piss on her, but I don't think I can. Care to pinch-hit for me?"

I shrugged and looked at Eileen, who looked back up at me with weary, glistening eyes. "Nothing personal, darling," I said as I pointed my cock down at her and let fly. She shivered as I pissed up and down her body, though whether this was in delight or humiliation was unknown to me. I stopped short of her neck, deciding to not napalm her face. In her current condition, if she couldn't move she might drown, and I really didn't want to explain to the hotel why there was a drowned stripper in my suite.

Once I had finished, I knelt beside the tub and just watched the two of them. Their pussylips continued to get puffier. Clearly they had not held back from ramming their genitals into one another and I'll be damned if I understood what the appeal of that was, at least for the two of them. I mean, sure, I'd enjoyed myself, but I was a spectator and the person who got to dole out the punishment. What was in it for them, no clue.

Lynn finally began to move and spoke, her voice little more than a weary moan. "God, sweetie, that was... we'll need to do that again some time. You game?"

"Oh, hell yeah," Eileen said weakly, trying to stir. "Pound you so hard your cunt will crack like cheap china. You're on. In about six months after my moneymaker recovers."

Lynn giggled while I shook my head. I would never understand women.

I escorted the two ladies out of the rest room, one leaning on each arm, getting them over to the bed where they laid down gingerly, letting out little gasps of discomfort and muttering as they did so. They snuggled up together, kissing and massaging one another's scratched, tired and aching bodies, war wounds from their carnal duel mere minutes before.

"Gonna be a while before either of you can fuck now," I mused, still confused about the appeal of that whole incident for them. "You're both swollen up like horny bonobos, and about that colour too."

Lynn giggled and reached over to swat me, apparently not appreciating my comparing their genitalia to those of perpetually rutting primates. "Don't worry, sport, you've seen how quickly I recover from battering myself senseless with ridiculous objects. I love to fuck way too much to let this sort of thing slow me down for long."

"You're a fucking lunatic," Eileen muttered, still holding Lynn close. "Or just a succubus. My cunt's gonna be bruised for days, I am not gonna be allowed on stage to dance with something the size and colour of an eggplant between my legs."

Lynn giggled again. "You're fault for accepting the challenge, whore."

"Yeah, should've known better," replied Eileen, conceding the point. "Even if I'd won, I'd still be fucked up and walking funny. You two just bring out the shameless slut in me, hardcore. And I love it."

"I love your hardcore slut, darling," Lynn said, kissing Eileen softly, their tongues tangling slowly. "You're always welcome on my doorstep. I only wish I'd known this about you earlier."

"Mmmm, ditto," hummed Eileen through the kiss. "I've always had a crush on you, since I met you with Kait."

They kissed a while longer before parting silently and making room for me between them. I settled into the middle and they both snuggled close, arms across my chest and touching one another on the shoulder. They fell asleep quickly and I allowed myself to drift off, smiling about what the day ahead might have in store for us.

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