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My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 08

I woke to a pleasant, wet feeling between my legs and a sound I can only describe as purring. I smiled and reached down, caressing Lynn's hair as she lay between my legs, sucking on my cock slowly and gently. She smiled up at me, twirling her tongue around the tip of the head.

"Rise and shine, my sexy man," she cooed. "We've got a full day ahead of us..."

As if it somehow emphasized her point, she now turned herself around, facing away from me and kneeling over my hips. She took hold of my shaft and guided it inside her waiting pussy, which took it all in greedily as she sank down slowly, moaning in pleasure.

I watched as she rocked back and forth on my cock, the now glistening rod sliding in and out of her, an intoxicating sight. I massaged her ass cheeks while she squirmed on me, teasing her little knot but not putting any fingers inside in case she was still tender from the night before. She shivered and giggled at my playfulness, squeezing her pussy around me.

Neither of us lasted long and we shuddered and came together, with Lynn finally laying back on me, my cock still inside her while she stared at the ceiling, sighing contentedly. My hands reached up and cupped her breasts gently, caressing them.

"Mmmmmm," she purred. "Could there be a more perfect way to wake up?"

"Until I figure out how to clone you, no." I said, giving her boobs a squeeze and making her giggle. "So what got you up so early?"

"That magnificent cock, of course," she said simply. "I don't feel complete unless I have it in me somewhere."

I smiled and tilted my hips a little, pushing myself a little father inside her. Lynn trembled and nodded. "Yes, my love, that's exactly what I needed. All day, every day, I am addicted."

Lynn tried to move but then gasped as my cock accidentally sprung out of her, moving like a whip and then we heard a spattering sound as some of my cum hit the opposite wall. Lynn began giggling uncontrollably, to the point where tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"I can't wait to try and explain that to the management," I muttered, slowly rising.

"Oh, pish," she said playfully, kneeling on the bed and looking at me. "We were lucky they didn't give us a room with a dead Chinese hooker in the mattress."

"That probably would have turned you on." I said, smirking as I rose from the bed. Lynn crawled over and took hold of my cock, sucking it dry and making sure not another drop of my cum was wasted. I stretched and walked over to the window, pulling back the drapes. Through the iron bars I saw the broad, dark bricks of the neighbouring building, not six feet away.

"Helluva view," Lynn commented, still kneeling on the bed. "But you were right, this was amazing fun. I've never stayed anywhere like this in my life. It felt so... dangerous somehow, even though I knew I was safe with you."

"Well, we can always stay here again if the mood takes us," I pointed out. "Whaddya say, a quick shower and then breakfast before we get underway with our itinerary?"

"We'd better shower separately or it won't be quick," Lynn admitted. "I'm not feeling terribly in control this morning and I do really want to get underway..."

I nodded agreeably and showered, with Lynn sitting naked on the toilet and watching me. I then watched as she washed up and we dried and got dressed, somehow managing to keep our hands off one another. I packed up our luggage and began hauling it out the door. Lynn tarried a few moments to take more pictures, something she loved to do so that she would never forget anything.

I was taking our luggage down the narrow flight of stairs when Lynn stopped me suddenly.

"I almost forgot..." she said in a hushed tone. She stood on the landing of the third floor, looked around for a moment and then hiked up her skirt, revealing she was pantiless. She squatted and peed hurriedly, making me shake my head and chuckle while she filmed it on her camera and kept up a quiet commentary.

We checked out a few minutes later, the girl behind the counter trying to stare at Lynn's amazing body without being obvious. The girl knew I spoke Cantonese and looked at me with interest.

"Sorry about the noise down the hallway from you," she said apologetically in her own tongue. "Those people won't be back, I promise."

"Pity, they provided an interesting ambiance for our evening." I said cheerfully.

"And also I was informed by another room that there was a white woman walking naked around the hallways," she added. "Would you know anything about that?"

"If you have other white women in the building you might want to ask them," I replied, shrugging. "I can account for my white woman and her happenings."

It wasn't a lie, just more of a non-answer. The girl seemed to accept this and nodded. "I hope you have a great day."

We exited the hotel and headed back to the parking lot where her van awaited. We packed away our luggage and then set out to find breakfast in Chinatown. It was only just nine in the morning and there was some time before the shops opened. Lynn seemed to like cream buns, so I took her to a bakery where we sat and had buns and tea for breakfast. Lynn kept rubbing her foot up and down my leg while smirking mischievously, garnering stares from the other patrons. Lynn clearly didn't mind.

We went back out into the neighbourhood, which was now bustling with bodies. People steered clear of us and we had a relatively easy time navigating the street. The first place I took her to was the tailor shop I intended to have make her cheongsam. We were greeted by a matronly Chinese woman with a stern gaze, her hair threaded with gray and wearing a Western-style pantsuit. I explained to her in Cantonese what we wanted and she assessed Lynn's body analytically, her gaze trailing up and down.

"That is a tall order," she said in accented English. "She is not exactly built the way a traditional girl is."

"But can you do it and make it look great?" I asked. "So Seng Tailors downtown already quoted me that they can do it by Tuesday."

Her eyes flashed and met mine at the mention of a shop that was apparently a rival to her. "We most certainly can," she declared haughtily. "If you have the money."

I nodded. "I believe your standard rate is five hundred for a custom fitting?"

She stepped up to Lynn and walked around her, taking note of her shape. She wrinkled her nose and finally nodded.

"The figure is right but she has big teats," the Chinese woman said, causing Lynn to blink and then blush. It will be six hundred due to the extra material and workmanship."

"Deal. Let's get her measured." I said.

"Very well, but you will have to wait outside," said the proprietor. "It would be unseemly for a man to be in the room with us."

"No, I want him to stay," Lynn interjected suddenly. "I would feel best if he did."

"It is not proper," scoffed the Chinese woman. "I cannot allow it."

"He is my husband and I want him to stay." Lynn said tightly. "The So Seng tailors were going to let him, so it's up to you."

The Chinese woman's eyes hardened at Lynn's defiance but then she relented. "Very well," she muttered. "But you must not use a public room, you will go to the back where respectable patrons cannot see you."

Lynn nodded, pleased with her victory. The woman marched off, calling for seamstresses. I came up to Lynn and hugged her.

"Quick thinking there with the So Seng bit," I said admiringly. "This should be fun..."

We were led through the store and into a back room, which was dry but perhaps a little drafty. Two young seamstresses were busying themselves with their pins and measuring tapes while I sat back and watched.

"Take your clothes off, please.." one of the girls said in flawless English. Lynn nodded and stripped down until she was naked. The two girls stared at her body for several seconds, as if trying to figure out what it was.

"You... have no underwear on?" the other girl said. "Please take clothes off, but okay to keep underwear."

Lynn nodded and asked me to throw me the panties out of her purse. I cheerfully did so and she caught the skimpy black offering in one hand, slipping it on quickly. The two girls recovered and began measuring her. Lynn pursed her lips as she measured her inseam and thigh and bit them when the two girls got rather hands-on in measuring her expansive breasts.

"Be careful, you're turning her on..." I said in Cantonese to the seamstresses and they nodded.

"What did you say to them?" Lynn asked, shooting me a suspicious look.

"I just said that they needed to be careful not to poke you with the needles." I lied.

"Oh, okay," Lynn replied. "I thought you were telling them to not be so gropey because it was making me wet."

I pinched my eyes.

I thought maybe one of the girls was enjoying feeling up Lynn a little more than she should have and they took extra time to make sure they got their measurements right. When it was finally done, they helped her dress and escorted us back to the front. We looked at fabrics for the dress and Lynn chose a shiny, deep red embroidered with gold. The proprietor suggested some nylons and heels to go with the outfit and gave Lynn a small brochure about hairstyles that would compliment the cheongsam. I paid for the whole thing in advance, since I was giving them something of an undertaking. We then exited the store and decided to do some shopping before we left Chinatown.

Very quickly, Lynn found an adult-themed shop. She squeaked in delight and dragged me inside, where a pretty young Chinese girl was waiting at the counter. She greeted us politely but seemed amused by our presence. Lynn flitted around from novelty to novelty, pointed out the myriad erotic paintings and tapestries to me. She found an ornate wooden box that had a painting on the inside of two women having sex with a man. She then gathered up several small exotic sex-toys that she declared she would keep in said box.

She also found a lingerie and sexy costumes room.

"Um, Michael my love..." she began, smiling sweetly at me. "Would you be so kind as to take yourself elsewhere for maybe half an hour? I want to see what I can find and surprise you with."

I nodded and kissed her and then exited the shop. I spotted an old Chinese book store and perused the contents for a while, buying myself some old copies in Mandarin of the Orphan of the House of Chao and the Dream In the Red Chamber. The half hour was gone before I was ready and I hustled back to the sex shop, where I found Lynn cashing out and thanking the girl for her help. The young Chinese woman looked at me and winked before Lynn took my hand and led me out.

"I think you'll be very pleased with my purchases," she said cheerfully, walking arm in arm with me. "Now we should blow out of here and move onto our next target."

"Oh, in a moment, maybe..." I answered, taking her by the hand and pulling her down a narrow side street. We passed some apartment buildings and took another turn. When no one was around, I pulled her down a narrow alley, heading back and finding a recess where we couldn't be seen.

Lynn giggled and smiled at me. "Honestly, Michael..." she purred. "You must think I'm the dirtiest girl ever born. Do you think I have a stinky alleyway fetish?"

"No, you just bring out the daring perv in me." I answered, pressing her back against the wall and kissing her. Lynn certainly didn't object, returning the kiss with interest and snaking one of her legs around my waist. She reached down and undid my belt, fishing my hardening cock out of my pants.

"And I hope you know I wouldn't do this for anyone else..." she whispered in my ear, shivering as I pulled aside her tiny black thong and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. "Only you, my love. Only you..."

We ground and thrust in the alleyway, kissing hungrily as we made love. Surrounded by the odours of old vegetables and grease from the nearby restaurants, we took pleasure in one another's comforting scent, which was part of the attraction in this bizarre ritual. No matter how unseemly our locale, we would always find solace in one another.

Lynn shuddered and gasped and bucked her hips against me, cumming hard. My cock twitched and pulsed until I pumped my cream deep inside her. She held me tight, breathing heavily until we finished. I stepped back and smiled at her while she squatted down and peed, expelling some of my cum but also leaving another mark. Naturally, she filmed it with her camera.

"You'll love the pics I took in the sex shop," she said sweetly as she led me back out of the alley. "I got pretty busy."

We found the van and clambered in, with Lynn assuming the driver's seat. "So where are we off to now, Chief?" she asked, winking at me.

"Our new hotel, methinks," I replied. "Gimme your phone and I'll key it into the GPS."

She handed me her phone and I put in the hotel name. Lynn followed them and her eyes went wide as we pulled up in front of the Peninsula Hotel.

"Are you kidding me?" she exclaimed, looking up at the building that towered over us, at least twenty stories. "You sure this is the right hotel?"

"Positive," I said simply, getting out and retrieving our luggage. "Now bring your Chinatown goodies, we should check in."

Lynn still seemed agog as we went into the lobby, having had a valet take the van from us. I went up to the concierge and checked the reservations I'd made. True, four nights at this place was putting me back some money, but Lynn was worth it and her expression was priceless. A cute bellhop led us up to our room on the nineteenth floor, smiling at us as she left.

My companion was looking around our suite in silence, seemingly stunned by its elegance and opulence. She walked around the main room, touching all the furniture and making sure it was real. Dark wood accented the furniture while red, gold and black provided most of the décor. Asian themes were subtly laced around the room, which was exactly what I had wanted.

Lynn's smile indicated she was enthralled. She made her way to the bathroom and giggled when she saw all the room in the shower. But the feature that stood out most was the raised area by our large bay window, on which was located our lovely hot tub. She squealed in delight as she saw it and stripped instantly, turning on the water before whirling about to look at me, her eyes shining and her hands clasped.

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed. "We get to fuck in the hot tub and we can keep the window open if we like! We'll have an audience!"

"I thought that might please you," I replied easily, walking over to her. "I picked this room specifically for the décor and the tub in the window."

"Oh, you thought of everything, my love," she murmured as she pressed her naked body to mine and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss and let her remove my clothes. "Mmmmmm, I hope we have an audience for what's about to happen..."

Lynn pulled away from me to check the water while I made my way to our kitchen. Inside the small chiller I found a very nice bottle of champagne. I located two elegant flutes and popped the cork, which echoed loudly through the suite.

"Oooh, somebody found champagne..." Lynn sang from the other room. "Gonna get me all liquored up and take advantage of me, big boy?"

"You read my mind, little girl..." I replied cheerfully as I entered the room, carrying the libation. I handed Lynn her glass and we clinked glasses before crossing our arms and taking a sip, looking into one another's eyes.

"Mmmmm, very nice..." Lynn said, enjoying the taste. She took another sip and looked down into her glass. A second later, her eyes widened and she stared into the golden liquid. She slowly dipped two fingers into the champagne and drew out an thin but elegant gold chain. Attached to the chain were the letters M and L, entwined with one another.

She stared in silence at the chain for several seconds in wonder and then lowered it to look at me over her glass. Her eyes were wide and glassy.

"Michael... I..."

I smiled. "Well, we want this to be a proper affair, don't we?"

She stepped close to me and looked up into my eyes. "Can you... Can you look into my eyes and assure me that you're not trying to steal me away from my husband, Michael?"

I nodded. "I made a promise. It's a promise I'm crazy for keeping, but I will stand by it. I just wanted you to have that, to let you know what you mean to me."

Lynn kept her eyes fixed with mine, downed the last of her champagne and put her glass aside. She then put the necklace on, took my hand and led me over to the tub.

"I... I am proud to be your girl..." she whispered. "And I don't care who knows it. Take me right here in this window, my love. Let's give anyone on the other side of the hotel a show..."

I leaned down and shut off the water before putting on the jets. I pulled her to me again and kissed her lovingly, our bodies melting together. I lifted her gently and carried her into the tub. I knelt and eased her into the water. Lynn spread out and sighed, luxuriating in the water, a wonderful smile on her face.

"Mmmmmmm, I hate to say it, but these jets may give you a run for your money where my affections are concerned..." she said lazily. "Bring that cock over here and let's start the competition."

I eased myself in front of her face and let her take hold of my cock. She kissed it and then took it inside her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and shaft. Her free hand took water and spilled it over her lovely breasts, massaging and caressing them. My head turned to see if we happened to have and audience yet in any of the myriad windows across from us, but none yet, seemingly.

She sucked me until I was hard and then I took her gently out of the water and laid her on her back. She stretched out languorously, one leg up on the edge of the tub while the other remained in the water.

I got between her legs an began kissing her creamy pussy, causing her to squirm and moan. My tongue snaked deep inside her and made slow, deliberate circles.

Looking off to the side, I spied a woman in a suite across the way, staring at us. She was a brunette, possibly around Lynn's age and her eyes were wide. She didn't know I'd seen her and continued to ogle us. Lynn didn't seem to notice and if she did, she probably wouldn't care. She probably would have been totally turned on, in fact. I went at her even harder, lashing her pussy and making her writhe and gasp. Her fingers knotted in my hair as she shuddered and hissed my name.

I pulled her up and made her kneel in the tub, facing out the window. I knelt behind her and took hold of her hips. She purred and wiggled her glistening, wet cheeks at me.

"Mmmmm, I think my ass is ready for another round, slugger..." she cooed. "Do anything you want to me, I am yours..."

I nodded and tickled her pussylips with my cockhead, giving her shivers as I caressed her back. I slowly slipped myself inside her and stroked back and forth gently. Lynn rested on her arms and sighed happily, her eyes closed. I would never get tired of feeling that tight pussy around me.

A few more strokes and then I pulled out and pressed my engorged head against her little rose. She giggled and looked back at me. "Mmm, go for it... looks like we have an audience after all..."

I nodded and subtly looked out the window- the brunette across the way was still watching, but she had sat in a chair and her hand was down her pants, rubbing herself. She seemed to be enjoying the show immensely.

I gripped Lynn's hips firmly and pushed my cock inside her ass. Lynn arched her back and groaned as I invaded her. I sunk in as far as I could and Lynn hissed, grinding back against me. She ground her ass in slow circles, squeezing my cock with each motion.
"Ooh, that feels good, love..." she murmured. "I love how you feel in my ass. It's so good and tight and I can feel you throbbing..." She humped back and forth against me as I fucked her, the warm water splashing between us. She moaned as I slapped her wet ass, shivering in delight.

I looked up again and our secret watcher was rubbing her pussy furiously with both hands and her legs spread wide as she sat in her chair. I pulled Lynn up by her arms into a standing position in front of me, exposing her body to the voyeur. Lynn groaned and slithered back against me, her slippery body to mine while my cock pushed in and out of her ass at this new angle. I fondled her breasts and pussy while we kissed hungrily.

"Oh, God, gonna cum..." she moaned into my mouth. She pushed down hard on my pulsing member and moaned loudly as she climaxed, her ass clenching me tightly. I too shuddered and began to cum, my essence going deep inside her. We ground and writhed together heatedly until we were spent, with Lynn collapsing forward to rest on the raised area of the tub, panting and trembling. I very carefully pulled out of her and smiled up at the brunette, waving to her. She seemed to have finished cumming herself and waved back sheepishly before disappearing. I was hoping she'd watch us again soon.

Finally Lynn stirred, looking back to smile at me. "Mmmmmm, this is so nice I almost don't want to leave the hotel room and do anything we have planned..." she purred. "But I have a great night all worked out for us, so I will be strong."

She sighed contentedly and looked down at the pendant I have given her, kissing it gently and then sinking back into the tub to wash off. I did likewise, assisting her with the task. She giggled as I spent an inordinate amount of time massaging and cleaning her opulent breasts. We finally got out of the shower and toweled off. Lynn strolled over to the large bed and sprawled out, sighing.

"Mmmmm, haven't enjoyed a bath that much in a while..." she sighed. "Methinks a nap is in order, my love. Frankly, you've tuckered me out a little."

"Now I've heard everything," I chuckled as I joined her and pulled her to me. "Alright, then, a rest before the evening begins."

She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed as we lay on the bed, enjoying one another's warmth and company. She snuggled against me and dropped off to sleep quickly. I kissed her head and let myself doze. Our vacation had barely begun.


I woke first and held Lynn close, kissing her awake. She hummed and snuggled to me, her breasts resting against my chest. She looked up and smiled.

"Mmmmm, time check?"

I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "Just after five," I replied. "We're not due to our dinner reservations until six."

"Ooh, reservations. Swanky," she giggled, sitting up and straddling me. "I love me some swanky eatin'..." She reached her arms over her head and stretched, her breasts jutting proudly forward. I propped myself up on my arms and kissed them lovingly. She cradled my head and let me do as I pleased for some time before smirking at me.

"I'm getting wet again, but I'd better conserve my strength for tonight. I have something special planned."

She reached down between us and toyed with my cock, teasing it up and down her sticky lips. My manhood swelled in her hand and started to get hard but she smiled at me slyly and shook her head. She crawled down between my legs and kissed my dick, swirling her tongue around the head before getting off the bed and wiggling her way into the bathroom. I laid back on the bed and waited, smiling at the ceiling.

"Michael, my love, I need your help..." she called. I rose and joined her in our spacious bathroom. She was sitting on the commode and grinned.

"Couldn't go without you," she said, winking and spreading her legs a little. "You know what to do?"

I nodded and stood in front of her, taking hold of my cock. She smiled warmly as I began peeing on her chest, my stream running down between her glorious tits and over her stomach and pussy. She sighed in pleasure until I was done and then stood up, indicating I should sit. I took the proffered position and she turned and sat on me, her tight ass squirming into my hips. She leaned forward slightly and began to pee, soaking my groin. I took hold of her shoulders and pulled her back to kiss her. Her lips met mine and we tangled our tongues, kissing hungrily as she peed.

When we had finished our little ritual we stepped into the large shower and cleaned one another off. We dried and returned to the main room, where we set about dressing ourselves. Lynn decided I needed to dress in a different room so that her outfit would be a surprise. I retired to the bathroom and shut the door, so I would not be tempted to peek. I put on my best suit that I saved for only important occasions, that being a very nice Hugo Boss three-piece with a double breast. I had to say, I looked great.

Lynn called me back to the main room and my eyes must have bulged out of my head- she was wearing a magnificent, slinky black cocktail dress that had a thin silver chain accenting her small waist. The spaghetti straps over the shoulders must have been made of titanium because her huge breasts were contained snugly in front, displayed prominently. She had put her hair up in an elegant coil, complimenting her dress splendidly. She posed and did a sexy turn, showing off the full outfit.

"Not very often I feel underdressed when I wear this..." I admitted, still gaping. "You look utterly beautiful, Lynn."

She looked pleased and skipped toward me, giving me a hug. "I didn't know where you were planning on taking me but I brought a nice dress just in case," she said, beaming a smile at me. "When you said someplace nice, I knew I'd made a good choice."

"You'll be the most stunning woman in Chicago," I replied, staring down at her breasts. "How did I get so damned lucky?"

"It all began with a little piss..." she teased, winking at me. She grabbed her elegant little black purse and led me to the door. "So, where to, stud?"


"You know, I'd heard about this restaurant here in the Peninsula but never had a chance to try it out," Lynn commented as she looked around in wonder. "It's even better than I imagined."

"As well-off as you seem to be, I'm kind of surprised you haven't been more places." I said honestly. I had brought her to the Terrace Restaurant, which was on the roof of the hotel. It was warm out and torches around the area kept it well-lit. We were led to our table and seated on plush couches. Around us stood a canopy with red gauze surrounding it to give us some privacy.

"Well, yes, I should be able to visit these sorts of places, but Carter never spends money on anything that isn't related to his job or to his slut," Lynn replied, her brow darkening. "And Trav's sports equipment. I'd love for him to take me somewhere like this, but unless he could write it off as a business expense, it won't happen."

I laid my hand on hers and squeezed it. "It's sad that it fell to me to do this for you. You deserve nights like this and so much more."

She smiled at me. "Perhaps, but I am so lucky to have you taking care of me. I can't tell you how much it means to me, my love."

We ordered our food and talked about little things, with Lynn staring into my eyes and tracing her fingernail up and down my hand. I had a wonderful steak and she had a lovely dressed salad. We shared a bottle of red wine, discussing books and politics and art. She ran a conservative household but I finally coaxed it out of her that her own personal views were far more liberal than her family circumstances allowed.

"I'm glad to find out that you are in fact not a stuck-up and snotty conservative bitch," I said slyly, squeezing her hand. "Although, it might have been a lot of fun to deconstruct you if you had really been one deep down."

"Oh, you in the habit of having sex with prissy conservative girls to wreck their values system and confuse them?" she asked, winking. "Because I'm sure I could at least fake it."

"As long as that's all you're faking." I replied. "Maybe a fruit parfait for dessert?"

We enjoyed a dessert and exited the restaurant. When we were going down in the elevator, Lynn turned and kissed me lovingly.

"We're going to be apart for about an hour," she whispered, slipping a note into my pocket. "Go to that address about sixty minutes from now."

She got out of the elevator, blew me a kiss and left. I sighed contentedly and made my way out of the hotel and went for a leisurely walk to the place Lynn had designated. I couldn't wait to see what she had in mind...


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