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Living with the Lie

Hey Folks, I took some time off to enjoy part of the summer. My beautiful wife and I, loaded up two of our favorite Mustangs (My Boss 302 and my Yellow 06 GT) and we took several really fun road trips. This is the first thing I wrote when I got back. I'm really interested in hearing what you guys think about it. The thing I wanted to try this time is to making the protagonist a little bit less perfect as you guys have wanted to see, but also make the cheating a little bit more spread around too. So in this case, all of the people involved are human. They all have their failings. I hope you can still find someone to root for though. There two versions of this story. I'm sure you guys know where to find the second one. And sometime in the future there may be an alternate ending that isn't out yet. This version is shorter and leaves things in an interesting place. As usual, thanks much to the man behind the scenes, the incredible Barney-R for cleaning this mess up. SS06

* * * * * *

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. I have no idea who originally coined that phrase. I heard it in the second Blade movie. Wesley Snipes took a few moments as a break from killing Vampires to spout wisdom.

The problem is that in real life, just like in the movie, it's sometimes really hard to distinguish just who is actually your friend and who's your enemy. Right now, I'm really confused. Nothing is really as simple as it seems. Over the past few years my life has become really fuckin' complicated. The guy I grew up hating, who became pretty much my worst enemy is now pretty much my best friend. But I'm living a lie and not very sure that I'm a very good friend to him. My beautiful wife and I are here at the local hospital, trying to calm him down as we await the birth of his child, but again everything isn't really as it seems.

As we wait for the doctor to come out and tell us whether or not everything is alright, I debate coming clean. I've always been an honest man and keeping this secret is driving me crazy. On the other hand revealing the truth could destroy two marriages. In this case perhaps living with the lie is the best thing for all concerned. After all, we're all relatively happy. Who am I to fuck with fate's plan?

My name is Gerald. My friends call me Gerry. It seems pretty normal doesn't it? The problem is that my parents had a really fucked up sense of humor. Our last name is Louis. See the problem?

Yep ... All through school, my teachers would take attendance and the entire class would roll on the floor laughing when they called out Gerry Louis.

The name thing actually worked in my favor though. It served as a great ice breaker. So in a very short amount of time, everyone knew me. I became relatively popular without having to do anything.

Some of the other guys who had to work to get the same kind of attention didn't like that. In a small town where everyone knows everyone else and their business, those things are hard to get over and even harder to forget. So by the time high school had ended and we all headed for the local college our roles and our places in the town's pecking order had long been established.

Occasionally, one of us discovered a new skill or talent, or acquired a new possession that raised them up a bit. But it was also quite common for us to discover a new weakness or embarrassment that lowered them on the totem pole, either temporarily or permanently.

There were some things that simply never changed though or were never forgotten. Whether good or bad, they were permanently chiseled into the firmament of our lives.

On the negative side of things there were things like Jim Nabors pissing his pants in the first grade. Some of the people we know are still laughing about it now and Jim left town right after high school. He went to college out of state and has never returned; even for a visit. On the positive side, Laci Kincaid was the prettiest girl in town. She had been in kindergarten when we all first met, and it was still true to this date.

Laci is an amazing woman. She is beautiful beyond belief, but also as sweet as the day is long. The only problem for me was that she was the longtime girlfriend of my nemesis.

Whoah, Yep, I said nemesis. And No, I'm neither a super hero or super villain, but I do have a nemesis. I guess you could call us good natured rivals. Or you could say that we were friendly competitors. But neither was actually true. You see in order for there to be competition both parties need to know that they're competing. I never realized it until we got to college.

There's also the fact that in order for the competition or rivalry to be friendly or good natured, it has to be fair. And ours wasn't. I found out after we'd graduated that my rival, Dean Martin, had cheated on everything that we had ever gone against each other on.

Our last year in college, we found ourselves competing against each other for homecoming King? I found out six months later that I had actually won, but Dean had stuffed the ballot boxes. He HAD to be king. We all knew that Laci was going to be the Queen and there was no way he wanted her spending the entire homecoming dance with some other guy.

But as usual I let it go. I am and always have been a survivor. I generally never sweat the small stuff. I've also learned to pick my battles and to make lemonade whenever necessary. I firmly believe in the balance, even though it sometimes takes years to swing back in the other direction.

As a matter of fact, four years ago, at twenty two years old, clutching my freshly minted engineering degree, I thought the balance had finally swung in my direction in an extremely aggressive manner.

The reason I believed that was because a few weeks after our graduation party and incredible thing happened. It was almost like an explosion. Miranda Swainpool moved into town. Just the act of her moving into our town to live with her elderly aunt changed the dynamics of our entire social pecking order.

All of a sudden, several long term relationships were ended or put on hold. Miranda, although a different type of beauty, easily rivaled Laci.

They were complete and total opposites. Laci had long flowing blond hair that she kept at about mid back length. Miranda had shiny dark hair that was cut in kind of a page boy style that ended at her chin.

Laci was about 5 foot one on a good day. She had a very petite build with very pert breasts and a tight butt. Miranda on the other hand was taller but still no giant at five foot four. But her body was much more substantial. She was still on the slim side, but she had big boobs and a nice round jiggly butt.

Laci was the beautiful, almost sickeningly sweet type of girl who was usually the prom queen. Miranda on the other hand exuded sex appeal to an alarming degree.

Laci looked awesome dressed up in a gown. Miranda rocked jeans and swimsuits like no one we had ever seen.

No one in town was more pissed off when Miranda moved into town than Dean. The day before graduation, he was as usual gloating and on top of the world. He had managed to get Laci to agree to marry him. Their engagement had been the talk of the town.

I'd always had a soft spot for Laci. I'd always hoped that someday she would wake up and realize that Dean was pretty much an asshole and give me a shot. But the news of their engagement had me as usual looking to whip up a batch of lemonade. And for once I had the feeling that the lemons life had thrown me, were going to produce a batch of really bitter tasting lemonade.

I was, of course, wrong. Life, it seemed, favored me in this case. Because with Miranda moving into town on the day after Dean had announced his engagement to Laci, he was totally out of the running. All he could do is stance there with his mouth open as almost every guy in our age group made fools of themselves trying to impress her.

And the way guys in town talked about Miranda only served to make her arrival even more newsworthy.

When Phil Silvers declared Miranda's ass a work of art, and described it, all Dean could do was look over at Laci's ass and wish.

When Bob Hope swore that Miranda's breasts were like two succulent cantaloupes fighting to escape her blouse, Dean looked over at Laci and literally frowned.

For once timing and the situation put the ball in my court. So what did I do? Absolutely nothing. While every other guy in our age group and some that weren't, made fools of themselves trying to impress her. I played it cool and waited for my chance. Miranda met people, socialized, and dated a few of the guys during the first couple of weeks before we got together. I thought that was a good thing. It would give her a chance to compare me to them.

My mom was friends with Miranda's aunt. So when Miranda started moving into her new room in her aunt's house, I was tasked with helping to move the larger pieces of furniture. I was also roped into helping her paint her room. At the end of three hard days of putting up shelves and other tasks to make Miranda cozy in her new space, her elderly aunt suggested that the two of us should do something to unwind.

I offered to take Miranda out for a movie and maybe some ice cream afterwards. She eagerly accepted and I was off to the races with a big head start on the others.

Miranda was actually two years older than me but twenty four months didn't make a bit of difference. Over the next four years we both got jobs, we dated and we got married and bought a house together.

Those first four years out of college were a time of growth and huge changes in our lives as we all became fully functioning human beings. The pecking order changed for us as adults. The things that were important in high school and college no longer mattered as much.

Nowhere was that as obvious as with Dean. He graduated with a GCD, basically a general college degree. He became a salesman. I, on the other hand, had spent four years as a manufacturing engineer in the nearby auto plant. Dean and I had taken different paths and it began to show.

One of the funny things about our situation was the fact that a large group of us had known each other and grown up together practically from the cradle. We still manage to hang out in the same places and do the same things. A large part of that of course was simply the fact that in a relatively small town, there are only so many places to go.

So if the over forty crowd hangs out in one bar, the over twenty crowd is going to hang out somewhere else.

And that's where we begin our story. There's a bar on the east side of town called the Boar's Nest. It's run by a guy who has obviously watched too many episodes of the Dukes of Hazard.

He grew up with us. He actually wanted us to call him Boss Hogg. But we've always called him Porky. It's the same animal, but with a slightly different connotation.

The Boar's Nest is many things to many people. They have any and everything you would want to see or do. It is equal parts, neighborhood bar, sports bar, strip club, rock club and country bar. It all depends on when you go.

I had played in the Boar's Nest with my Hobby band so many times over the last three or four years that I actually kept a guitar in Porky's office. Hanging out there was a normal thing for a lot of us. So it wasn't unusual for Miranda and me to head over to the nest after dinner on lazy Thursday night, for drinks and conversation.

It also wasn't unusual for Laci and Dean to be there as well. Rumors around town said that everything wasn't all tea and crumpets for Dean and Laci, but they put up a good front in public.

I couldn't exactly call Dean and I friends, but we'd mellowed over the years. On the other hand Laci was very high on my list. Unfortunately, Miranda and Laci got along like oil and water. They just didn't mix well.

So when I waved at Laci as Miranda and I walked in, it earned me an elbow to my ribs, from my wife.

"Why the fuck are you waving at that bitch?" hissed Miranda under her breath.

"One: I've known her all of my life. And despite the asshole she's married to. She's a nice person. "Two: It's called manners. If you don't like her, don't wave to her. But she's never been anything but friendly to you since you moved here."

"Gerry, Sweetie, I'm sorry," she said. "But that whore wants you. I can see it in her eyes."

"Yeah," I laughed. "She wants me so much that she married the guy I hate most."

We sat down at the table with most of our friends and started to relax. After a few moments and a beer or two our argument was forgotten.

I talked cars with the guys and Miranda rolled her eyes. There were a couple of guys there that loved working on cars as much as I do. They were eager to listen to me talk about the modifications I'd done to my Mustang. I noticed that Laci and Dean were sitting off at a small table on the side and were arguing as usual.

Dean stood up and walked over to me. He'd always been bigger than I was. I'd always been a lean track athlete and Dean was a more muscular football type.

I still ran a lot, but most of Dean's exercise since leaving school came from pushing himself away from the table after a big meal.

"When was the last time you fucked my wife?" he asked me drunkenly. "I should beat your ass."

"About three minutes ago," I said calmly. "We were doing it while you were screaming at her. That's why she doesn't pay you any attention."

"Go home Dean you're drunk," said Miranda, beside me. "He's never touched your little blond Barbie doll. I keep him on a very tight leash."

"You'd better," he said to her. "I should beat your ass," he said to me again.

I just shook my head and went over to throw some darts with a couple of guys I knew. Maybe an hour later, a not so drunk Dean came over and acted like the incident had never happened. He and I were just about to have a game when Porky wandered over to me with a look on his face that told me he wanted something.

"Gerry Louis," he said. "I need a favor and it's not funny."

"Ha ha," I laughed.

"Seriously, Gerry, the band I hired for tonight is running late and the crowd is getting a little bit restless. I spoke to your guys, luckily they're all here. Could you guys do a couple of songs just to tide me over until my band gets here?" He asked.

"We haven't rehearsed or anything," I said.

"You guys are great," he said. "You've been playing together since you were in high school. You don't need to rehearse. Come on Gerry, if you do me this favor all of your drinks and eats are on the house ...your wife's too."

"Oh all right," I said.

* * * * * *


I was angrier than I had ever been in my life. I think everyone in town knew that Dean and I had been having problems in our marriage. I don't think they knew what the problems were about though. I was twenty six years old and we'd been married for only four years, but I wanted out.

I had been trying for months to get Dean to give me a divorce. Our problems had been building lately, but they had started during our first year of marriage. Who am I kidding? Our problems had started in college. They had begun before we had ever graduated and got married. We never should have gotten married on the first place. We were too different.

In a lot of ways I blame small town mentalities and our town in particular for the entire fiasco. There was simply too much Americana, too many traditions and long held expectations to contend with. And I in a ridiculous display of gutlessness played the martyr to the unrelenting weight of what everyone thought I should do.

People always want the fantasy. They always want to see the head cheerleader and the quarterback end up together. They always want to see the fairy tale. But in the fairy tales the story ends when the princess marries the prince. No one ever asks what happens next.

I can't claim to know what happens in every fairy tale, but in mine, I'll tell you that the fucking Prince turned back into a frog almost immediately after the wedding. And it's my own fault. Oh sure, there were a bunch of others, who advised me. They were supposedly wiser, older people, including my parents, who all had my best interests in mind. But they all dropped the ball and helped me to make a decision that I knew in my heart was wrong.

I've always been a small time girl with small time dreams. I don't need a huge house and millions of dollars. I don't need to be famous. I just want a nice house, a man who loves me and a family.

When I started school, I found out that somehow I was pretty. It came as a big surprise to me. I looked just like my sisters. I thought that I was as plain as grass. But the next thing I knew there were all kinds of boys being nice to me and making fools of themselves over me.

I tried to do as my parents and my sisters told me to do. I was as nice as I could be to everyone I met. But somehow it just seemed to make people like me more. When I did get to the point where I started to like the boys too, it never seemed to work out. I was always attracted to the boys that were nicer. But somehow they never asked me out. It was always the more aggressive ones who asked me out.

By my second year of high school my life was pretty much set. I was a cheerleader and it was kind of expected that I would go out with some other popular person. Dean and I kind of migrated together. I guess that it was actually more his machinations than a natural migration, but we ended up together just the same.

After a couple of years together, it just seemed that going with the flow was the easiest thing. Every time that I even suggested that we should go out with someone else just to see what it would be like, he got upset.

By the time we were in college, Dean was like a member of my family already. He seemed to win at everything he tried and my parents were very sure that he would be successful at whatever he ended up doing. But it was all an illusion.

I didn't find out until a couple of days after we graduated that Dean was not the homecoming king. My boyfriend had cheated. He had not only rigged the contest, he had cheated on me to do it.

There was a girl on our class who was a well-known slut. Every town has one. Our town had Leslie Wisdom. Leslie was the smartest girl in the class and wasn't very nice either. She was a big girl and although she got a lot of dates, she'd never had a boyfriend.

According to the rumors, she'd had sex with most of the boys in our class at one time or another. Leslie was always volunteering for any committee she could get on, and was so smart that her organizational skills were important.

Anyway, Leslie was in charge of counting the votes for the homecoming court and assigning the positions.

It turns out Leslie knew ahead of time that statistically, based on the early votes, Dean was going to lose. Apparently it was some sort of backlash. Dean was always nice to me, but he was some kind of an asshole to everyone else.

I found out during an eye opening talk with Leslie a few weeks after my wedding that Leslie, in exchange for sex with Dean, had falsified enough votes for Dean to eke out a very close victory over Gerry Louis.

Actually, the talk with Leslie was like discovering that there was no Santa Claus and my entire life was a lie.

I had just gotten back from my honeymoon. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Dean found sex with me disappointing. After waiting six years to get into my panties, there was no disguising the fact that he didn't get what he thought he was going to get.

But seriously, what did he expect? I was a virgin. I was actually disappointed that he was disappointed. I was actually pissed that he'd lied to me. Dean had too much experience. And if we were supposed to be saving ourselves for each other, where the hell did he get it?
He shrugged it off, but it was Leslie who opened my eyes. Dean had fucked half of the girls in our class at one time or another. He'd fucked Leslie to be the homecoming king, but before that he'd only laughed at her because she was beneath him. Dean was too special to fuck fat girls ... Unless he needed something from them.

And for Leslie, of the twenty boys in our class there were only two or three left that she hadn't fucked. Gerry was at the top of her list. But she was sure it would never happen.

The biggest thing Leslie had told me was that my entire life was fake. I was fake. For most of my time in both high school and college, the deck had been stacked in my favor. Teachers had given me higher grades. Contests had been ruled in my favor when close. Positions and memberships had been opened for me, and a lot of other things had come my way. Not because I had earned them or deserved them, but because I was pretty and everyone wanted to be a part of the dream.

It had been the same for Dean. The big difference between Dean and I was that Dean knew about it. He knew that as long as he was the prince to my princess, referees would give him the close calls. He could get away with things on the football field unless they were blatant, because everyone wanted to see the golden boy win.

I was stunned. Leslie told me that if I thought my life was tragic; imagine how Gerry had to feel. He'd gone through our entire life always coming in second to Dean, mostly because the deck was always stacked against him.

He was the nicest boy in town. He was kind. He was sweet. He was funny. He was smart and he worked his ass off, but he was never going to win. And the one time he had the chance to, my boyfriend had fucked him out of it. A big part of it was simply because of his personality. Gerry was so good at coming in second. Everyone knew that he had the class to accept it gracefully. He never got angry no matter how hard he worked, or how strangely the points seemed to be tallied. With Gerry there would always be a cheerful acceptance.

In those small town contests, no one ever wanted to see a scene. And Dean would have showed his ASS if he ever lost. Dean would have pissed all over the floor and whined like a baby about how unfair things were. So whenever things were close, the golden boy got the prize.

There was more to the story too. Leslie told me something that only Gerry's closest friends knew. Gerry'd had a crush on me for years. He had never acted on it or even mentioned it because, I was Dean's girl and Gerry wasn't the kind of guy to hit on someone in a relationship.

I guess telling me all of that was Leslie's way of letting me know that real life wouldn't be like our school years had been. The playing field had shifted. The fantasy was over. I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. My boyfriend was a liar and a cheat. And in the new reality, being pretty and sweet no longer meant shit.

A few days later, things got even worse. Miranda came to town and everything changed. I was no longer totally alone and unrivaled atop the town's totem pole of attractiveness and appeal. It took a few days to settle in but it was apparent that while I was probably still the prettiest girl in town and the nicest. Miranda was clearly the sexiest, the best built, and the most exciting.

It was even more apparent that Dean was pissed. We were still newlyweds; we'd been married less than two weeks. People were still patting him on the back and telling him how God Damned lucky he was to have me all tied up ... And then hurricane Miranda hit our town.

Dean was used to having the best of everything. And it was apparent that between Miranda and me, Dean thought that he ended up on the losing end. I saw him comparing the two of us, although he tried to act otherwise. I saw him look to my breasts and then back to those mountains on her chest and frown.

It only took a few weeks before Miranda ended up with Gerry, and Dean got even more pissed. And for the past four years things have been going downhill for us.

It's hell knowing that your husband looks at you as being an also ran, or a consolation prize. It's even harder when your husband believes that he deserves or is entitled to the best of everything.

Of course the fact that Gerry had busted his ass both in school and outside of it meant nothing to Dean. He was constantly complaining that Gerry got a better job than his because he was sucking someone's dick. It was stupid. I kept trying to explain to him that Gerry was an engineer because he got a degree in engineering when we were in college. Dean had expected to go into football so he took only general education classes and ended up in sales.

It didn't matter to me in the least. But Dean could not handle being second best or third best in anything. And Gerry having a much better career and making a lot more money was hard on Dean.

But things were rough all over. Seeing how Gerry treated Miranda was hard on ME. One of the things I noticed as the years went on was that Gerry was like me. He was happy with what he had. He spent his time making what he had better instead of whining about what he didn't have. He treated Miranda like she was special. It quickly became obvious that she WAS special to him. I think that's what twisted Miranda. Over the years she got used to the way Gerry treated her. She also got used to the way the guys looked at her body. She began to think of herself as being something special and that she deserved the treatment she got.

"Are you even listening to me?" Dean bellowed. "Shit, I told you it didn't mean anything. I don't love her. I did it for you."

His yelling pulled me out of my thoughts and back into our latest argument. When we walked into the bar that evening, before we could even sit down at a table with our friends, I'd caught Dean exchanging knowing glances with one of the new waitresses.

It was the same old song and dance. She had big tits. She also had a big everything else, but those lumps on her chest were the main attraction. Gerry had tried to get me to have breast implants several times. I had refused. I kept telling him that if he didn't want me the way I was, to find someone else. I also had to remind him that we couldn't afford them.

I had immediately launched in on him as soon as I saw them making cow eyes at each other. "So how many times have you fucked this one?" I asked him. It had happened so many times that I couldn't work up enough tears to cry about it.

Naturally he started out denying it. And the girl, sensing that bad things were coming, was smart enough to make herself scarce.

We had been arguing and drinking since then. I was only drinking soda, but Gerry was getting drunker as we continued. He wasn't fully drunk but he was on the way when Gerry and Miranda walked in.

He was drunk enough to let go of his inhibitions though, and it wasn't a great thing for our future. It was a hot summer evening, and Miranda was dressed accordingly. Like me she wore shorts and a sleeveless top. I think half of the women in the bar were dressed that way. But most of them, including me, weren't built like Miranda.

Gerry let out a gasp as he saw her. His eyes bugged out of his head. He'd completely forgotten about our argument. "I hate that lucky bastard," he hissed.

"Why?" I asked. "Is he lucky because he worked hard for what he has? Or is he just lucky because you were locked into marrying me before SHE came to town? Tell me the truth Dean. If Miranda had moved to town before we got married, you'd have dropped me like a turd and gone after her wouldn't you?"

"Of course not," he lied. What hurt me the most was that even as he denied it, his eyes never left her tits. "Why are you defending that asshole anyway?" He asked loudly.

His eyes looked me over as if he could spot any traces of a lie by staring at me. But we had played this game too many times. He was trying to shift the focus away from our argument and onto something else.

"You're fucking him, aren't you?" He yelled. He got up so quickly he knocked his chair over. He went over to Gerry and started yelling at him. "When was the last time you fucked my wife?" He screamed at Gerry. Even as he was screaming at Gerry he was looking down Miranda's top.

The funny thing about it was the way that Gerry reacted. Unlike a lot of the people we'd grown up with, Gerry wasn't afraid of Dean. Dean was physically bigger, but the two of them had gotten into enough scrapes growing up that Gerry knew he could hold his own against Dean. And since we'd left school Gerry had actually stayed in very good shape, he hadn't just let himself go the way Dean had.

Both Gerry and Miranda had refuted Dean's accusation. She had given me the evil eye from across the room. I had no idea why Miranda didn't like me. I'd been trying to be friends with her ever since she moved to town. But for some reason, she just couldn't stand me.

Dean wandered back over to me, but he took a side trip and had a few words with that waitress with the udders. She looked at me and laughed so I knew whatever he'd said had been something derogatory about me.

I was about to leave when he sat back down. "We just got here. Where are you going?" he whined.

"I was just going to leave so you wouldn't have to worry about me keeping you from Miss Titties," I said.

"Laci what the fuck are you talking about?" he asked. "I was only flirting with her. Jeezus woman, you are no fun at all. Everybody in this whole God Damned town knows I'm married to you. I was just yanking her chain. What's the problem in having a little fun? Shit!"

Even as he slumped heavily into his seat, the waitress marched over and brought him another beer. She leaned over so far to give it to him that her boobs almost fell out of her shirt. She looked at me with a little smirk on her face, as of daring me to say or do anything about it.

Before I could respond, I heard it. Things had gotten dull in the bar and porky had gotten Gerry and his band to play a few songs. Even as I noticed the smirking waitress, the band had launched into one of my favorite songs.

"So I'm no fun, Huh, Dean," I spat. "Maybe I just need someone BETTER, to bring the fun out in me!"

Before he could answer me, I was on my way to the stage and really pissed off. Porky had two hulking bouncers who kept people away from the stage and I eased my way through them.

Just as Aaron started singing the first verse, I hit the stage, dancing my ass off.

"She loves to dance ... She loves to sing ... She does everything," sang Aaron.

I did three pirouettes and an aerial cartwheel. The crowd went crazy. I was as surprised as they were. But my surprise was over the fact that I hadn't fallen on my ass. I guess as they say it's like riding a bike. I had been a cheerleader for most of my life. I still worked out a lot, but at twenty six years old, I felt like an old lady.

I danced around the stage mostly by myself, as if I was just dancing to the radio back home in our apartment. The song - Anyway you want it, by Journey was an old chestnut that I had been dancing to since I was a kid.

The crowd in the bar had heard the band play it literally hundreds of times and they did a great version of it, but somehow seeing me dance to it added another dimension.

Everyone in the bar was rocking to the music and watching me dance. They all wondered what I would do next. When Gerry got to his guitar solo, I did what every kid in the universe has done at one time or another. I jumped right next o him and picked up my imaginary guitar and soloed along with him while shaking my ass to the music.

Again the people in the bar loved it. They ate up everything I did. My dance moves ranged from simple cheerleader style jumps and turns to hip thrusts and bootie shaking like a stripper. When the song ended everyone in the bar was on their feet clapping.

Unfortunately, there were three people in the bar that were not happy at all. One of them was Dean. Another was Miranda and the last was the manager of the band that was supposed to be playing that night.

As I stepped off of the stage with Aaron, I heard porky telling the manager to shut the fuck up or go home. His band was supposed to have been on the stage playing an hour before, so if they didn't like being upstaged, they should get to their fucking gigs on time.

Aaron and Jeff the drummer came over and hugged me and told me I could dance with them any time I wanted to. I walked over and hugged Gerry who was putting his guitar in a case. And that was when it all went to hell.

"Get your fuckin' hands off of my wife!" screamed Dean. His face was red. His eyes were bugging out of his head and the veins in his neck were standing out. His fingers were clawed as if he was about to use eagle claw Kung fu on Gerry. I should note here that Dean does not know Kung fu. He was just pissed.

Everyone there started laughing at him. One of the bouncers pointed out to Dean that Gerry wasn't touching me. He was bent over his guitar case. One of his hands was on the guitar. The other was on the case. I on the other hand had both of my arms wrapped around him. I couldn't help it. Dancing like that was exciting. It was like some kind of drug. I was happier than I'd been since my cheerleading days and I just wanted to share it with someone.

"Yeah, Dean," I said. "You said it yourself. I was just yankin' his chain. What's the problem with having a little fun?"

"Because the only person who yanks his chain or anything else is me, you stupid Bitch!" screamed Miranda. She was trying to tear her way through the people around us to get to me. A couple of the burly bouncers had grabbed her. They were holding her back so she couldn't get to me. One of them had his hand on Dean's chest, preventing him from getting any closer to Gerry or me.

"I've got your fun, right here," hissed Miranda. "As soon as I get loose I'm gonna fuck you up!"

"I think some of us have had too much fun already," said one of the bouncers. "You two can wait outside." I almost laughed as Miranda and Dean were dragged kicking and screaming out of the bar.

There were all kinds of people coming over to talk to me, but I only wanted to talk to one person. I walked over to him while he, Aaron and the other guys in the band were talking to Porky.

"Gerry, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for Dean causing all this crap tonight," I told him. He turned and looked at me with a wry smile. As our eyes met, I swear something passed between us. And suddenly I remembered what Leslie had told me years ago. I knew in that moment that she hadn't been lying or exaggerating. Gerry could barely look me in the eye.

I'd known him, man and boy for most of my life, but this was the first time he and I had ever really had a conversation. Sure we'd yelled for the same teams or handed each other the Mayo at a picnic or two. But we'd never really had the chance to connect.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt cheated. All along there had been this amazing person, right in front of me. And I had never had the chance to get to know him because I had ALWAYS been with Dean. Any and every time I had suggested going out with someone else, just to try it, Dean had flipped out. I now know that he was screwing every woman he came across, but he expected me to be faithful to him.

Before that moment, I had never considered the fact that anyone else might have been just as good for me, or perhaps better than Dean. Dean had never allowed me the chance to even consider it.

"Miranda was just as responsible for the fireworks as Dean, was" he said diplomatically. "And at least Dean was drunk. Randa was just ... Well, that's just the way she is." He shrugged his shoulders as if his wife's behavior made no sense to him either.

"Speaking of my better half," he began. "I guess I should go and find her before she gets really pissed at me." As he turned away from me, I remembered that I should probably do the same thing.

* * * * * *


I couldn't believe they threw me out of the bar. They clearly had no idea who I was. Shit! Maybe they did. There were lots of assholes around who were jealous of me. The bouncers were big guys who were my age or close to it. They were probably losers that I humiliated on the football field.

But fuck them. I could only handle one loser at a time. And right now I had to concentrate on the guy who had ALWAYS been nipping at my heels. Gerry was a permanent thorn in my side. But there were things that poor funny little Gerry didn't know.

There were so many secrets and lies going on. I had to be careful though. Gerry was always trying to catch up to me, but I was always a step ahead of him. But tonight had shown me that I couldn't let my guard down for a second where that bastard was concerned.

Tonight had been a fucking fiasco. First, Laci had started in on me as soon as I got home. Apparently someone, probably one of those bitches in our building had told her that I was cheating on her. We'd been arguing about it all evening. Finally we decided to go to the bar and that dumb assed waitress that I'd been fucking was prancing around and wouldn't leave us alone. The bitch acted like she was my girlfriend or something.

Then to make things worse, Jerry and his hot assed wife showed up. The first thing the bastard did when he walked in was to wave at my wife. Okay, she waved at him first. But that didn't mean that he had to wave back. Shit! Laci waved at everyone. But there was something about the way they waved at each other. I decided to use it to take Laci's attention off of what she thought I was doing.

I pretended to be drunker than I actually was. I went over to Gerry and accused him of sleeping with Laci. That was funny. The only person in town, who was less likely to cheat than Laci, was Gerry. But getting away from Laci for a few minutes was a good thing. It was really good when it got me a closer look at Miranda.

Even four years after arriving in town, the bitch was, if anything, even hotter. Her tits just cried out to be squeezed and sucked. Her ass was perfect. It was curvy and round without being a big sloppy ass that jiggled. The things I would love to do to that ass could fill up a phone book.

She looked at me like something she needed to scrape off the bottom of her shoe. For the past four years, the bitch had been devoted to Gerry. She was on him like a fuckin' barnacle. If you saw Gerry, you saw Miranda. She even showed up at his job two or three times a week to have lunch with him. I'm not sure if it was love, paranoia, or something else.

Gerry had somehow lucked into a cushy job in the engineering department at the auto plant one town over. From all of the local gossip, he was doing well and had been promoted several times over the last four years. That was a job that should have been mine. I had never gone into engineering because I was terrible in Math. But shit they have calculators for all of that shit now. I should have been an engineer.

Miranda, like me had a very hot temper. She was also as single minded as I was. The only difference was that she focused on one fucking thing to the exclusion of everything else. And that thing was Gerry. I was sure that she knew how many times per minute his heart beat.

And Gerry was devoted to the bitch. She had the best of everything. Her fucking car was better than mine. Their house was better than mine. They were always taking vacations and he was constantly buying her shit. It was revolting. When his little band rehearsed, she was there. She was always perched on top of his amplifier, doing something on her phone with those long sculptured legs of hers dangling to the floor.

Like most of my competitors, I knew everything there was to know about Gerry. He loved Miranda, but everyone in town knew that. The thing that almost no one knew though, was that his love for Miranda was like the parts he made out at that factory. It was manufactured. Gerry had gotten so used to losing to me for most of our lives that he developed the skill of settling. Unlike me, Gerry could take something that was second best and be happy with it. In Gerry's mind he had settled for Miranda.
It wasn't a case where there was anything wrong with Miranda, far from it. Miranda was the hottest woman in our town. But in Gerry's mind, no woman in the world could ever equal the bitch I was married to. Shit, half of the guys in town were gaga over her. None of them knew that Laci was way, way, WAYYYYY, over-rated.

Yep, Laci had that cute little smile and those Crystal clear, innocent blue eyes. You could check those off the list. She was as sweet as any woman could be. And that was how the bitch trapped me.

I am a creature of habit. By the time we hit high school, I knew that I was destined for great things. I accepted only the best and went after everything I wanted. It only seemed logical that I should have the prettiest girl in town on my arm.

So long before any of the other guys in our high school were even dating anyone seriously, I had Laci. I was bigger and more aggressive than most of the guys in our school. I was also popular and on the football team. So any other guy that even thought about dating Laci, either got hurt or shunned.

But there were problems between us almost from the start. We made a pretty picture together, but our personalities simply didn't mesh. We held it together all through high school and started making plans for our life after school. I wanted to play pro football and then get into some facet of the entertainment industry. I thought that maybe I'd be a sportscaster or do a few movies. I'd be great in action movies. I can point a gun and yell, "Ah'll be Bach," with the best of them.

Laci wanted a nice house on a few acres of land. She could never decide whether she wanted to have a large garden or a horse or two. The whole thing revolted me. I saw us living in New York or California.

Laci wanted kids. Every year she became more insistent on starting our family as she called it. I'd seen kids. I was very much underwhelmed at the whole thought of having one of those whiny, smelly, mewling little attention grabbers ruin my life any time soon. Several of our friends had already started having kids and their lives were hell.

Everything I had done, almost from the beginning with Laci was to promote our image. The kids and even the teachers ate that shit up. I found myself getting grades that I knew I hadn't earned. I chalked it up to the fairy tale. There were times when I would add up all of my scores and figure that I had a shaky C which would be just enough to keep me on the team. Then when my report card came, I was always shocked to find that most of those shaky C's were B's or better. After a while, I just came to expect it. And as a rule, I just never worked very hard in class.

It seemed like such a joke to see Gerry busting his ass, studying both before and after he went to track practice. He always had a book under his arm or under his nose, even at lunch time.

But my downfall came just before graduation. I had heard people all over town talking about how school was over and we would all be entering the work force and the real world. A couple of guys in the locker room even whispered that maybe they might try taking a shot at Laci; after all we were adults now. Those college things like "going steady," didn't mean shit anymore. It wasn't like I was married to her.

So I did the single dumbest fucking thing I have ever done in my life. And still it almost blew up in my face. Right before our graduation ceremony, I dropped to one knee, in full view of our classmates and teachers. I begged her to marry me and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Other students, parents, teachers, school administrators and even the guest speakers were all on pins and needles waiting for her answer.

Laci and I had been going through a rough patch. She had been talking again about casually dating a few other people in response to the rumors about me screwing other girls during our last two years in college.

As she looked at me, there on one knee with the ring extended and holding my breath, I saw it in her eyes. I couldn't believe it. The bitch was going to turn me down. I whimpered like a puppy and the crowd got behind me. I added a second verse to my proposal that was even sappier.

"Lace, I'm not perfect," I said. The crowd oohed.

"I've made a lot of mistakes," I continued. "But I've always loved you from the bottom of my heart. And if you'll let me ... I'll spend my entire life making you the happiest woman alive ... Please?"

I think even Laci knew that if she's turned me down after that pile of bullshit, she'd have probably been tarred and feathered."

"Okay," she said quietly with a little nod. The entire building erupted with cheers and screams. Even the two assholes that I'd heard talking about taking a shot at her were clapping.

It was sooooooooo fucking dumb. I basically ruined my fucking life. For the next month or so I was locked into planning the God Damned wedding. Between my mom, her mom and Laci, I was constantly surrounded with women that I had no chance of fucking.

People all over town were giving us all kinds of gifts and money. Our honeymoon was something that we never could have afforded otherwise. And I kept telling myself that only a few hours after the wedding it would all be worth it. I would be able to tap into something that no other man on the planet had ever touched. I was sure that Laci's pure, untouched pussy would be one of the crowing achievements of my life.

No one could have prepared me for the things that happened once we got into our hotel room. Laci had no idea how to do anything. She was pure and untouched alright. She was also a sexual idiot. I stroked those long thin legs of hers that every guy in town had dreamed of being between ... And nothing happened. As far as getting her turned on was concerned, I couldn't even find the switch let alone push her buttons.

She just sat there asking me what she should do. I could tell she was willing, but she wasn't turned on at all. For all the heat she showed, we could have been discussing the choreography for a new cheer.

She was happy, she was enthusiastic, she was willing, she was interested ... It was awful.

I told her to take her clothes off. She did it right then. She folded each piece of lingerie and placed them in a special delicates laundry bin that she had bought just to protect her lingerie. Then she sat there on the bed as naked as a jay bird and just as innocent. She didn't cover her perky breasts at all. And surprisingly considering the fact that we were supposedly about to fuck, her nipples weren't even firm let alone rigid or hard.

I took my clothes off. The thought of sinking my dick into that pristine pussy had me as hard as a rock ... Maybe two rocks ... Okay my dick was a hard as whatever's harder than a rock.

Laci just sat there smiling as she looked at it. It was embarrassing. Women are not supposed to react to a guy's dick like that. I was expecting worship ... Like I got from all of the slutty girls I had fucked. Or maybe since she had no experience, I expected a little bit of fear. I craved the sight of her wondering how I was going to stuff that huge monster in her tight and tiny little pussy.

But it never happened. She just sat there smiling like an idiot. And then she ruined our wedding night. "Is that your penis?" she asked. "It's really not a huge angry thing like they describe in the romance novels is it?"

That was when my dick began to deflate.

She reached out and poked it with one curious finger.

"Hmm ... It really feels more rubbery than hard. Is that normal?" she asked. I had no idea how to react to that.

"Hey, it's shrinking!" she exclaimed. "Is it supposed to do that?"

"Maybe you could help to bring it back," I said.

"Sure," she smiled. I was sure that I was about to have a blowjob that was as special and magical as if it had been given by a unicorn. My dick lurched at the thought of being enclosed by that beautiful mouth, at last.

"How do I do that?" she asked.

"We could start with a blow job," I said smirking at her. "Do you know what that is?" She looked at me like I was out of my fucking mind.

"You want me to put that thing in my mouth?" she laughed. "I'm your wife now Dean. I'm not some slut that you're banging in the back seat. We're supposed to make love ... We're supposed to make babies. This is supposed to be the most special night of our lives ... Now get over here and do something." She just sat there on the bed with that innocent but stupid look on her face.

"Hey, I thought you knew how to do this," she said. "That was the reason you cheated on me before we got engaged wasn't it? You said that one of us should know how to actually do this?"

She was so cheerful and so innocent that she had absolutely no idea what she was doing to my ego. My dick had shrunk so much that it was dwarfed by my balls. Any smaller and it would have been inverted.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I'll get my phone and look up a video on you tube to show us how to do it."

Truthfully, I had never been with a virgin before. I had no idea how to teach her about sex. And everything she said seemed to deflate my ego. It's a lot easier to get a slut horny than it is to arouse a virgin.

Let's just say that it took us a few days to have sex. Let's also say that it was not the momentous experience that I had anticipated. We returned home with her glowing with the first blushes of expected marital bliss. We also returned home with me feeling cheated, and trapped.

Every guy in town was looking at me and expecting to hear juicy stories about the honeymoon and all of the freaky things I had made Laci do. They all had this far away look in their eyes that told me that they all wanted to be me. I couldn't disappoint my fans. So I just told them that a gentleman never tells.

"But you always tell," they claimed.

I realized then that I owed them something. They had bought into the fairy tale, after all. It was up to me to keep their fantasies alive. So the first weekend after we'd returned, we were at a party that one of our classmates was having.

I had decided that the best way to shut the guys up would be to give them what they wanted. I was telling them a made up story about bending Laci over the dresser and fucking the tropical shit out of that pussy. At first they were completely into it. Then I noticed that the crowd was thinning out.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" I asked. "Don't you guys want to hear about Laci's first blowjob?"

"Maybe later," the last guy said. "Miranda is here."

"Who the fuck is Miranda?" I asked. He just left me there, running outside into the backyard.

I followed them out of the house and looked around the yard. I saw all of the women gathered together and they were all looking in the same direction. As I looked in that direction as well, my eyes exploded.

The woman I saw was better than Laci in every way, shape and form. Her tits were incredible. Where Laci had a nice little butt, this woman had an ASSSS! When she walked, I could almost feel the pussy rubbing itself together between those legs.

I was incredibly pissed. My eyes were as big as trash can lids and my tongue was dragging the floor. Then an even worse thing happened. Rick, they guy who'd brought her to the party, brought her over to meet me.

Why was it worse? The bastard was rubbing that shit in my face. He was one of the guys who'd talked about making a play for Laci. And as he introduced me to Miranda, he told her that he didn't have to worry about me trying to steal her from him. The mother fucker described me as ... SAFE!

What the fuck did he think I was? Did he think that I was some kind of toothless old lion? Did he think it was funny? Shit Gerry Louis was funny. I was a threat. Leaving that bitch around me was the quickest way for her to get FUCKED.

But he did. She looked at me as if I was an insect. "Just got married huh?" she asked.

I got even angrier. People mad always described Laci's voice as being musical and soothing. This woman had a voice like a God Damned phone sex operator. Just hearing her talk made me want to fuck her, and she knew it.

"So what's it like being married?" she asked. I had no idea how to even answer that.

"I moved here to put my old life behind me and get married myself," she said.

I was sure I was slobbering and gibberish-like sounds were coming from my mouth. I had to up my game. "So how did you and Rick meet?" I asked. I was wondering what Rick who was one of my linemen had going for him to land a woman that hot.

"Who?" she asked.

"Rick," I repeated. "The guy you came to the party with."

"Oh, him," she smirked. "I heard that everyone in town would be at this party. I had to come just in case the guy I'm interested in shows up."

"Who are you interested in?" I asked.

"You probably don't know him," she said. "I can't see him hanging out with you."

"I know everyone in town," I said. "I'm kind of popular."

"Yeah but anyone who'll kiss ass and suck up to people can be popular," she hissed. "I've been talking to people around town and from the things I hear; you seem to be kind of an asshole. I don't see you being friends with Gerry."

My head exploded. "Gerry?" I yelled spitting my beer onto the grass and narrowly avoiding spraying her. "You can not be talking about Gerry fuckin' Louis!"

"That's the man," she said. "That's the plan."

I can still remember the confident look on her face as she'd told me that nearly four years prior. I had to admit that she had accomplished her goal easily. She had Gerry wrapped around her little finger.

But she was just as wrapped around his. As I watched one of her extremely sexy legs flashed out kicking the door to the bar in frustration. The way her ass moved with the kick and then settled back into place was mesmerizing. As usual when I watched her, my mouth dropped open.

As if she could sense me staring at her, she turned to me. "Get your fuckin' eyes back where they belong," she hissed.

"Fuck you," I hissed.

"I'll bet you wish you could," she smirked. "I'll bet even now you're thinking about sucking my big old titties while you push that meat stick in my tight little pussy." Then she started laughing at me.

"Too bad you can't," she quipped. "All of this ..." She pointed at her body. "... Belongs to my Gerry."

She turned and one of the spotlights that surrounded the bar showed the tramp stamp just above her magnificent ass. Maybe it was her kicking the door, but something had brought the top edge of her tiny shorts low enough that I could see the tattoo. It was a heart with vines and roses looped around it. The thing that pissed me off the most was seeing Gerry's fucking name on that tattoo.

"Do us both a favor and keep your little blow up doll away from Gerry," she said.

"Likewise," I spat.

"Bullshit," she said. "She waved at him first. She dragged her skinny ass up onto that stage when she had no business up there. She was the one rubbing her boyish little bootie on him, not the other way around. And you looked really fucking stupid screaming get your hands off of my wife, when HE had his hands on his guitar and she was draped all over HIM like a cheap suit ... You'd better put a leash on that bitch before I hurt her."

We both reacted as the side door to the bar opened. As Gerry stepped out, she headed for him like she had a rocket up that magnificent ass. But she pulled up when she saw Laci coming out of the same door at nearly the same time.

"You just can't seem to stay away from her, can you?" she yelled.

"Huh?" said Gerry. The confusion on his face alone told me everything I needed to know. My old pal Gerry was a schmuck. He had no idea what was going on around him.

I could also tell that that his hot ass wife was so angry and so territorial when it came to him that she wasn't thinking clearly.

Gerry's reaction to the situation should have told her that trying anything with Laci was the farthest thing on his mind. Gerry is simply not the cheating type.

The last thing I zoomed in on was Laci. My little wife was the most conflicted and the most emotional of the three. But I'd spent the most time with her. So for me she was actually the easiest to read. She was tired of my shit. She was also looking to give me a dose of my own medicine and she had finally noticed the fact that Gerry liked her. If Miranda hadn't been around to play guard dog, I think there is a serious chance that Laci would have made a play for Gerry. I think that stupid waitress tonight was the straw that broke the camel's back. And to tell you the truth, I was getting to the point where I was ready to let Laci go. I just wanted to get something out of the deal. I had the beginning of an idea in the back of my mind.

* * * * * *


The ride home was silent, with Miranda just sitting beside me so quiet that I knew what was in store for me when we got home.

I tried to zone out and just listen to the sound of eight forged pistons directing their fury through my Mustang's Magnaflow performance exhaust system.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on. The only thing logic seemed to tell me was that women are crazy. It had started out with Laci waving at me. She had done that lots of times, but somehow that wave seemed different. Was it actually different? Or was I just allowing my mind to project more into the wave than there really was. It sure seemed to get Randa pissed though.

Then there was that blowhard Dean, flat out accusing me of sleeping with Laci. Again, maybe there was something to that wave, because it seemed to be what set Dean off too. But then when Dean got drunk, anything could set him off.

I wondered if Laci actually was cheating on Dean. Shit, if that was true, or even if he only thought it was true, it would be enough to drive anyone crazy. And when we're talking about Laci, who was somehow more than just an average woman ... Who knows what he could be capable of. If I had married Laci, I'd want to kill anyone who tried to come between us.

But then that's just me. I think I would want to kill anyone who tried to come between Miranda and me, as well.

Then there was Laci herself. What the hell motivated her to jump up on that stage with us? One thing is certain though; she can still dance her ass off. But her rubbing her ass on me was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. It sure pissed Dean off. Unfortunately Randa didn't like it much either and I can't say I blame her.

A few moments after getting onto the freeway I noticed a Michigan state police cruiser behind me with his lights on. My mind had been so busy thinking about my night that I had just let my pony go.

"License, registration and proo ..." he began. I could tell he had just seen Miranda. He almost forgot about me as he scoped her out.

"Officer, here you go," I said handing him my license, proof of insurance and registration.

"Uhm, Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?" he asked.

"I'm really hoping it wasn't to give you the chance to stare at my wife," I said.

"Do you know how fast you were going, sir?" he asked nervously.

"About eighty," I said.

"Sir, my radar pegged you at over 90 and accelerating," he said. "It's a good thing I pulled you over when I did. If you'd been going a few miles faster you'd be on your way to jail."

He went back to his car and ran my information. He came back almost ten minutes later with a ticket that had to be two feet long. He folded it over and pointed out the information about going to court and the instructions on how to go about reporting.

"I gave you a break, sir," he said. "I only wrote your ticket up for eighty."

"Thanks, Officer," I said. "How much is the ticket?"

"Oh we don't have that information, sir," he said. "That depends on the municipality you were in when we pulled you over. Like I said, you were lucky I caught you when I did."
"I guess we're both lucky that I'm a law abiding citizen," I said. He looked at me in confusion. "If I weren't, let's face it, you're a state cop. But this city is my stomping grounds. I know every nook and cranny of these roads and my Mustang is a lot faster than that crappy Charger of yours."

"Drive safely, Sir," he said.

"I've never gotten a ticket," said Miranda after the cop turned and drove to the next exit so he could go back to the billboard he was hiding behind.

"Miranda, you're so beautiful that no cop is going to write you a ticket," I said.

"Stop lying," she said angrily.

"Miranda, everywhere we go, every guy we run into just stares at you," I said.

"That's not my beauty ... That's my booty," she said.

I laughed at what she'd said as I turned onto our street. "You really have no idea of the difference, do you?" she smiled. "I guess that's one of the reasons I fell I love with you."

"Randa you embarrassed me today," I said as we walked into our house. She just laughed. "You think it's funny?" I asked.

"Okay, that was funny," she said laughing even harder. "Gerry Louis asking me if something is funny." She saw that I was serious and came over to hug me.

"Do you love me Gerry?" she asked.

"Of course I do," I spat. "I always have and I always will."

"I believe you," she said. "Am I pretty?"

"Definitely," I said.

"Am I as pretty as Laci?" she asked.

"Prettier," I said. "Your face, that olive skin and the way it contrasts with those light eyes make you almost other worldly beautiful. I also love how full your lips are. Sometimes I just want to chew on them. And I love waking up and just watching you while you ..."

"You see, Stupid? That's what I'm talking about. I can't lose that, God dammit, I just can't," she cried. She was almost in tears.

"Randa, what the hell is going on with us?" I asked.

"Ever since I came to this town it's been the same thing," she began. "All I've ever heard is how pretty Laci is. Everyone seems to think that she's the pettiest woman in the universe. I also hear that I'm ALMOST as pretty. As a consolation prize I hear that I'm SEXIER ... I guess that means that I'm more likely to fuck them. But I'm not, Gerry. I love you more than anyone on earth, but even you follow Laci around like a lovesick puppy.

I know that before I came here, you like every other guy in town worshipped her. I also know that things between her and that gorilla she's married to aren't good. I've heard about how competitive you and he were all through school. I also know that he cheated in a lot of those things. So ... in most people's minds you and he aren't really like number one and number two. You're more like number one A and number one B. And it just seems like Laci has decided to give up number one A and upgrade to number one B.

Let's face it Honey, Dean peaked in college. Since then his stock has clearly gone down. He's getting fatter, while you've gotten better. His job sucks, you have a great career going and you're on your way up in your company. And besides that I've already mentioned how much I love you.

Laci can't have you, Gerry. She needs to back off. You belong to me and unlike a lot of the people on this town, I have no intention of just lying down and letting her have you. Did you even notice how brazen she was jumping up on that stage and rubbing her ass on a married man? You claim I embarrassed you, but what I should have done is snatched her little ass off of that stage and beat the fuck out of her, right there in that bar..."

I started laughing then. Miranda isn't much of a fighter. And although smaller, Laci is much more physical. But from the look in her eye my wife was 100% serious.

"Okay, Randa," I said, taking her hand. "You know me. I admit that before you came to town ... maybe I did have a crush on Laci. Like you said, we all did. But I married you. I married you because I love you. I didn't marry you as a consolation prize. I married you because I wanted to spend my life with you. It's like back when I was a kid, I wanted to be a NASCAR driver. Now that I'm an adult, I have different dreams. My reality is that I would have been at best an average race car driver, but I'm a star as an engineer.

And it's the same thing with Laci. She was someone I liked as a child. She was a fantasy, but you're my reality, Honey. And I'm exactly where I want to be."

Something changed in her eyes then. It was as if a switch had been triggered.

"Well, I'm not," she spouted.

"Where do you want to be?" I asked. "Randa, I'll do anything you want. All you have to do is t ..." She put her finger over my lips and took my hand. She pulled me over to our sofa and placed the hand that she was still holding onto her breast.

I got the hint and squeezed it gently, causing her to let out a moan of pleasure. Only moments later we were both naked and rubbing each other. As I sucked away at one of her sensitive nipples she pushed my head away.

"I'm not sure you can handle those," she smirked. "Your fantasy woman has those tiny little A cups. These are double D's. There's probably too much tittie there for you."

Even as she said it, she had taken my rampant erection in her tiny hand and pushed herself down onto it.

"Now this fits just right," she groaned. "Nobody fits me better, baby."

I knew that Miranda hadn't been a virgin when we got together. She was a couple of years older than Dean, Laci and I and she'd grown up in a much bigger city. But after all of the Laci and Dean bullshit that we'd gone through that evening, I couldn't resist yanking her chain a bit.

"Not even Dean?" I asked as a joke.

"Definitely not Dean," she replied without even thinking about it. And suddenly the wheels came off. My dick wilted and I straightened up, looking over at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, a look of alarm was written all over her face.

"No wonder you're so worried about me and Laci," I spat. "You're the one who cheated. When did you fuck Dean?"

"I ... I ... never have," she said. But she didn't seem convincing. Suddenly I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I just needed to get away from her and out of our house. I grabbed my pants and put them back on. I was pulling my shirt over my head before she noticed that I was leaving. I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter and left.

It's funny; my red Mustang GT looked black in the dark. But the engine still sounded like the roar from the guardian of the gates of hell as I started it. Seconds later I was tearing my way down our street and back towards the freeway.

My iPhone chirped from the seat where I'd thrown it when I got into the car. I glanced at it and saw that it was Miranda calling me. I reached over and turned the phone off.

* * * * * *


I didn't say a word. I walked right past him and over to the car. I held out my hand and he gave me the keys. We'd gone through this routine enough times not to need words.

"Lace, what the fuck?" he bellowed. "You were acting like ... Like some kind of whore. What the hell was on your mind with that shit? You got up on the stage dancing like some kind of stripper and rubbed your ass all over Gerry. God damn it! If you had to pick a person to twerk on, why the fuck did it have to be Gerry fuckin' Louis?

Isn't it bad enough that he had to go out and get a better job than I have? He also drives a better car than I do. And everyone in this dumb assed town acts like he's some kind of God Damned saint. Then you have the fact that his fucking wife is built like ... Fuck! Why did it have to be him?"

His whining broke through my decision to remain silent.

"You started it," I yelled equally loudly. "Every time I turn around you're screwing some waitress, or some stripper, or some female gas station cashier. Do you ever think about how that makes me feel? Every time I go shopping, I get those looks. You know the ones where I can just tell the person is thinking, "Oh boy. There's poor stupid Laci. Her husband is fucking everything in a dress or skirt that he comes across. Just how dumb is she? She has to know." So maybe it's time I let them know that I not only know, but I'm going to do something about it."

"Lace, it doesn't mean anything," he said quietly. "You know I love you. I always have."

"Yeah Dean," I said. "It means something. It means that everyone thinks I'm not enough for my husband. It means I feel like shit every time you do it. And ultimately it means that maybe the two of us should separate and find someone to be with that we can be happy with."

"Are you talking about wife swapping?" he asked. "Like Gerry gets you and I get ..."

"No that's not what I'm talking about," I snapped. "I'm talking about the kind of separation where we live separately, split up our finances and end up divorced asshole. And I'm bringing it up as a last ditch effort to save my self esteem. Not just so you get the chance to play with Miranda's big ass titties. Besides if you even tried to touch that woman, Gerry would hurt you."

"Are you kidding?" he asked. "I played football. I could ..."

"You could throw your back out trying to get out of his way," I laughed. "But this isn't about Gerry. This is about you and me. I know in high school and college you acted like I was some kind of trophy or symbol that you had won, but if you keep screwing up, you're gonna lose me. The next bimbo, I hear about will be the last one."

"I hear you," he said.

"Dean, don't just hear me," I said. "Listen to me. If I still matter to you at all, you need to quit. Tonight is a new start for us, but it's the last one."

"Then it needs to work both ways," he grumbled. "No more twerking on guitar players in crowded bars."

"Any way you want it," I smiled.

"I hate that fuckin' song," he grumbled.

Over the next few days things got really tense between us. Not only was Dean really cranky, he was following me around like a dog in heat. I suddenly realized that our sex life which had never been very robust was trending upwards. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I also noticed that Dean was following me around everywhere I went. Any man I spoke to ended up getting the third degree or threats of physical violence from Dean.

"This works both ways," he told me. If I even think you're cheating on me, my revenge will be swift and vicious."

* * * * * *


It had been the worst week of my life. Gerry would barely grunt at me and even then only if I was standing directly in front of him and he needed to get by. He refused to talk to me for any reason. He wouldn't even let me explain. I tried writing him letters and even email and text. He simply refused any type of communication with me. I kept trying to explain that it wasn't what he thought, but he was simply too pig headed to even give me a chance.

I was hoping that while we were at the bar for our regular weekly socializing session we could finally talk and get to the bottom of our problems. I drove my car to the bar. I knew that Gerry would be there but I often drove alone if he had to work late or just stayed there. And he'd stayed late every night this week. He'd also gone in early. That hurt me because I loved having breakfast or just coffee with him every morning. But what hurt me even more was the look on his face.

Gerry looked as if the most important person in his life had betrayed him. My heart went out to him, but he still wouldn't speak to me. At the same time, I suddenly realized something. The way he looked at me had changed too. He looked at me like Armor all.

Gerry only used Turtle wax cleaning products on his Mustang. One year, for our anniversary I had bought him an Armor all car cleaning kit with an array of their products. He'd smiled at me and thanked me, but it was clear that something was just a touch off. I overheard one of his friends laughing when he explained that to him the Armor all products were okay, but they just weren't as good.

For all of our time together, Gerry had treated me like I was special to him. I realized finally that my jealousy of Laci had been born and bred in my own mind. Gerry had never treated me any other way but special. I wish I could have seen that before all of our problems had begun.

I sat down at the same table where we always sat. The guys in his band waved at me as I sat down. Only Aaron and Gerry hadn't arrived. After waiting for nearly an hour Gerry wasn't there. Aaron came in and told the guys in the band about an accident on the freeway that had traffic backed up. Aaron had been able to cut through it on his motorcycle but cars weren't moving.

"Don't worry Miranda. I saw his Mustang on the road. I'm sure they were headed here," said Aaron.

"What do you mean they?" I asked.

"Laci Martin was in the car with him," said Aaron.

"What the fuck did you say?" screamed Dean from across the bar. Dean came across the room and towered menacingly over the small singer.

"Gerry was giving Laci a ride," repeated Aaron.

"I'll bet SHE was giving HIM a ride," laughed someone in the bar.

"Aaron, are you sure it was Laci?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," smirked Aaron. "Everyone in town knows that head of hair."

"That bitch has a car of her own," hissed Dean. "I fuckin' warned her ..."

"What are you talking about, Dean?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said. But for the first time ever he was shaken. His image of supreme confidence seemed to be cracked for the first time. If Dean had been a normal human being with feelings, I'd have almost thought that he was hurt.

I pulled him over to a smaller table. "I know Laci's been pissed at me," he said quietly. "I deserve it. I've cheated on her a lot. But ever since last week when we ... I've kept my word this time. I haven't done anything. I can't believe this. It hurts really badly."

"I know what you mean," I said almost in tears. "Gerry's been pissed at me for about a week." I didn't want to tell him why. I didn't want anyone to know. Besides the asshole knew what had happened, he'd been there.

"Oh shit," he spat. "This is a revenge fuck!"

"A what?" I asked.

"Gerry's pissed at you, Laci's pissed at me. You hate Laci and Gerry has a very low opinion of me. It's perfect. If Gerry was really passed at you what's the worst thing he could do to get back at you?" he asked. It all suddenly made sense.

"I'm gonna break her ass in half," I said angrily.

"No you aren't," he said. "You won't have time. You'll be too busy picking your husband's teeth up off of the floor." Then he suddenly stopped and looked at me. "Let's not get mad. Let's get even."

He quickly filled me in on his plan for getting revenge on our spouses. Naturally he thought that we should have a reverse revenge fuck. I went over to the office and spoke to Porky to get his help.

* * * * * *


After a week of being angry at Miranda, I missed her enough that I thought we should talk. It was time for us to sit down and discuss our differences like reasonable people.

I guess I was ready to listen to what she had to say and then we could move on to the next step. But if she had cheated on me, the next step was a divorce. Ever since she'd revealed that she'd done something with Dean, I just felt sick to my stomach.

I had been making it through the week by simply continuing to move. I woke up, showered and immediately left for work. I stopped off at the diner in town for breakfast and after being there every morning for the past week, I was a regular.

While I was at work, I was in my element. It was my bastion of normalcy. Working was an escape from the problem, so I stayed there as long as I could. When I got home, most nights I went out to run and then made myself something eat. I cooked for myself whether Miranda had cooked or not. I guess I needed for her to know that I simply did not want to have anything to do with her.

The worst part was that I had booked a cruise for the two of us as kind of a surprise vacation before any of this bullshit had happened. There was no way I wanted to be stuck on a boat with a woman who had betrayed me. On the other hand I was finally ready to talk to her.

I had no idea what to do. Maybe I had over-reacted and it wasn't what I had thought at all. At the same time, she knew more than anyone else how I felt about Dean. She had to know that doing anything with that bastard would be the kiss of death for us.

Another thing that galled me was how hypocritical she was. She spent hours railing me because Laci had given me a hug and danced next to me on a stage, while she herself and at least a hundred other people were there. But all the while she has some sort of secret going on with Dean.

There was too big a chance for things between us to go to hell, for us to go on vacation together. I decided that on my way home I would stop and see if it was possible to get out of the cruise.

I had almost forgotten that it was my night to go to the bar. I was running late leaving work because of a problem on the shop floor that had to be resolved before I could leave.

In a way I was glad that Miranda and I were arguing, because if we weren't she'd have called me twice and then came to the plant. By the time I got out of the plant it was almost six o' clock.

I stopped by the travel agency in town. It was far more personal than booking the cruise over the Internet. In a small town there tends to be a lot more face to face business.

Mrs. Martin was just getting ready to leave as I walked in the door. As a matter of fact she'd already put out her "closed," sign.

"My favorite customer," she said. "Are you here to upgrade?"

"Actually I'm here to cancel," I said. "Things really aren't going the way they should be for Miranda and me. So maybe this isn't a good time for us to go away."

"Sorry to hear that," she said. "It's after five ... So let me call the cruise line first thing in the morning and see what I can do. If I can't get them to cancel your passage, maybe I can get them to let you defer the trip until a later date, okay?"

"Thanks," I said.

"What's that look for?" she asked.

"I was just wondering whether or not there'll be a later date for us," I said.

"Of course there will," she smiled. "The two of you were made for each other. That girl loves you like nothing I've ever seen. I wish my son's marriage was as strong as yours."

She was so sweet. There was no way I could tell her that her asshole son was probably at least part of the reason for the failure of my marriage. As I turned to leave she got a phone call. She spoke briefly and then turned back to me.

"So ... Gerry do you think you can do an old lady a favor?" she smiled.

"Sure where's the old lady?" I asked.

"I'm talking about me silly," she smiled. "You are such a charmer. No wonder Miranda loves you so much."

"Anyway, my car is in the shop. My daughter in law was supposed to pick me up today. She's running late, so could you drop me off at that bar you guys hang out at. Either Laci or Dean can run me the rest of the way home from there," she said.

"Sure, no problem," I said.

We walked out to the parking lot and I opened the door for her.

"Oh my!" she said. "This is really nice in here. It's too bad you're married. You could get a lot of women with this car."

"Are you making me an offer Mrs. Martin?" I said.

"Ooh you're smooth," she laughed. "What a joker."

We'd been driving on the freeway for about five miles when we got to the scene of a terrible accident. The police had diverted traffic down to only one lane while they cleaned up the debris and tried to do their investigation. There was still broken glass and small sharp pieces of metal littering the road surface.

The fact that everyone driving by had to slow down to gawk at the accident didn't help much either.
"Gerry, pull over!" said my passenger suddenly.

She was pointing to the shoulder of the road where a couple of cars had pulled over. There was a tow truck talking to a couple of people.

She got out of the car and went over to the truck. I followed her and noticed why she'd wanted me to stop.

One of the drivers waiting on the tow truck was Laci.

"No wonder you couldn't pick me up," Mrs. Martin told Laci. Laci hugged her mother in law warmly.

"Hi Gerry," she said equally warmly. "Is this your rescuing damsels in distress day?"

I nodded nervously. And she laughed. Our eyes met and it was as if she could read my mind.

"Oh come on Ger, even she wouldn't expect you to leave me stranded," she smiled. "I'll sit in the back; my mother in law can have the front seat." I started laughing.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"It's a good thing you're tiny," I said. "I don't think my back seat was designed for fully grown human beings."

Less than twenty minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot outside of the Boar's nest. I had to help Laci out of the back seat. Mrs. Martin walked over to Dean's car. I think the ride was a bit intense for her. Laci told her she would send Dean right out. I hugged Mrs. Martin and went into the bar to find Miranda.

I knew something was off as soon as I stepped into the room. Laci was standing in front of the door to one of Porky's private rooms. "If he's in there with some skank it's over," she screamed. She started banging on the door. After a few minutes Dean opened the door.

The look on his face told me that he'd been caught and he knew it. I felt like laughing at him, but I didn't. Deep inside, I felt glad that the bastard was about to get what he had coming to him. Surely Laci would divorce him this time.

On the other hand I felt a surge of fear. If things were over between the two of them, would he go after Miranda?

Laci was crying and screaming at Dean at the same time.

"Nothing happened Lace," yelled Dean trying to ward off the tiny woman's blows. Some of them had to hurt because as small as Laci was, she'd always been really strong. Cheerleaders have to be strong to do all of those leaps and flips.

Laci suddenly got behind Dean. "Come out of there you whore," she screamed at the woman who was cowering in the room. She suddenly stopped and her mouth dropped open in shock.

She turned and looked into my eyes. The look on her face was weird. The rage and pain that she had shown before gave way to sorrow and sympathy.

I wondered what was going on in the room. All of the pain I'd felt the week before was dwarfed in the second that Miranda came into view.

Dean looked at me and smiled. "I hope it was worth it asshole," he smirked. "I don't even care what the two of you were doing, because I got even. I told you last week what would happen. I think I got the better end of the deal as usual. Laci isn't even that good in bed. She really doesn't enjoy sex. Miranda on the other hand ... You're a lucky man. She just loves to f ..."

Before he could finish another word, I was on him. His size meant nothing compared to my rage. My first punch nearly took his head off. He staggered away from me trying to get his mouth to work.

"Ger ... Sthop ...was jes ..." he mumbled as is began beating him anywhere I could reach. He tried to get his hands up to protect himself but his guard had no effect on the punches I rained down on him anywhere I could reach.

"Fuck it," I said. "You're not worth it." I looked across the bar and saw Miranda. "She's not worth it either. You can have her."

* * * * * *


I have no idea what had been on my mind. Well maybe I did. In fact it was the same thing that's always on my mind when I'm angry or jealous. It was pure rage. I hadn't been thinking clearly when I let that idiot Dean talk me into his plan for revenge.

Dean had been convinced that he had cheated once or twice too often and Laci had decided to get back at him. He was also sure that she was going to get back at him with Gerry. Once we heard about the two of them getting into a car together our imaginations had run wild. I guess it was a dumb plan to begin with. On further reflection, it seemed like something a high school kid would come up with.

How the hell was making Gerry jealous going to help my marriage? I was an idiot. I would never again try to make any decision while angry. But seeing those two faces sobered me up so fast I couldn't believe it.

First I saw Laci. I mean I really saw Laci. The first thing I noticed by looking at her without the lens of jealousy and my own self doubts is that she really IS just as pretty as everyone says.

The second thing I noticed is that she reminds me so much of Gerry in some ways. There was no guile, no conceit and no traces of evil in her. She was just a woman, like me. As I saw her, my mind replayed all the times over the past four years that she's reached out to try to be friendly with me. I suddenly realized that she wasn't the one playing games; I was.

Laci and I could probably have been great friends, but my own jealousy and insecurity had ruined it. I had come to this town to try to rebuild the mess I'd made of my life. Instead of giving myself a real chance at a fresh start, I'd carried all of my petty insecurities and mental problems with me.

I had thought that in a town as small as this one, I would simply walk in and have my choice of all the men in town. In the larger city that I'd come from, I was an also ran. It ended up getting me into a lot of trouble. There were a lot of really catty women living there who tried to paint me a certain way because of the way I was built. I ended doing some things I shouldn't have done with a man I shouldn't have done them with and ended up in trouble.

It was clear that he wasn't going to marry me. I was also not ready to be a mommy, alone. He paid for the procedure but as much as I tried to keep things quiet, within a few days everyone in town knew about it. I had to leave town to get a new start.

I moved here to live with my aunt and apparently became just as catty as the women in my old town. I somehow remade myself in the image of my enemies.

I wanted then, to reach out to Laci. I wanted to apologize to her and tell her the truth, but there was no time. My eyes as usual sought out and locked onto Gerry as soon as he came into my line of sight.

His face made my stomach churn. I got weak in the knees. The previous week, Gerry had gotten angry at me. He had hurt me by not speaking to me. The reason behind this whole stupid mess was to make him jealous. The plan had backfired. Gerry was beyond jealous.

I couldn't believe what he was saying or doing. Gerry was enraged and beating the shit out of Dean. Too many years of belittling and condescending had sealed Dean's fate. Suddenly, Gerry stopped. He said that Dean wasn't worth it. Then he said the words that nearly killed me. He said that I wasn't worth it either and Dean could have me.

My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't breathe. Gerry was walking away from me and things were far worse than they were before.

I looked around the room and suddenly noticed that every face in the room was on me. They all bore the same look of disgust and recrimination that had chased me out of my last town.

There were a couple of waitresses trying to help Dean up. Both of his eyes were blackened and his face was a mask of bruises. He looked right past me at her.

"Laci, baby, wait!" he wailed. "You don't understand!"

"That's just it, Dean," she said coldly. "I finally do understand. I understand that I already did wait. I waited too long. All this time I've been waiting for something that never would have happened. Goodbye Dean." She pulled her wedding ring off of her finger. Doing it was painful for her. It wasn't physical pain, but an emotional one. She threw the ring at Dean's feet and followed my husband out of the bar, calling him.

I grabbed onto my own finger then, protecting my wedding ring. I got up then and ran after them. I was too late. As soon as I got to the doorway I heard the sound of Gerry's powerful Mustang leaving the parking lot.

Tears began streaming from my eyes. Gerry was my life. My jealousy and anger may have just cost me my marriage.

Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my shoulder. I turned to the person and just started crying. She hugged me as if I was her child and patted my head until I got my tears under control.

Dean tried to get up and groaned loudly while doing it. The woman patting my head suddenly stopped.

"Dean, baby, what happened to you?" she cried. I looked up and noticed that the woman trying to take care of me was Mary Martin, Dean's mother.

"It's a long story, mom," he said. "I decided to teach an asshole a lesson about messing with married women and it kind of backfired. He didn't react the way he was supposed to."

She just looked at him. "And then before I could explain things to him, he just started beating on me."

"So who was this asshole?" she asked. "And this doesn't have anything to do with the rumors I've been hearing about you cheating on Laci, does it?"

"It was Gerry, the idiot I went to school with. He's always been jealous of me," spat Dean. "Your precious daughter in law is probably having an affair with him. She's the one who's cheating. Just tonight the two of them were off screwing in that car of his and ... why are you laughing, mother."

"Because there's no way anyone could screw in that car. There's simply no room. And once again you're making a fool of yourself. Gerry drove me here, dummy. We picked up Laci on our way here. Not even you would have wanted him to leave your wife stranded out on the road. He was afraid to even pick her up; I think he was worried about what you and Miranda would think. But it's pretty dumb. He sat in the front seat and she sat in the back. They barely spoke to each other, I was there. There's nothing going on between them. The only thing they even have in common is that they're two of the nicest people I know."

I started screaming then, I had ruined my marriage for nothing. Dean looked as if he was going to throw up.

* * * * * *


I ran to catch up with Gerry. Surprisingly, I wasn't even upset. It was as if I'd known deep inside that Dean just wasn't capable of being faithful to me. On some level I guess I always expected him to cheat again. The only surprise was the person he cheated with. I'd always been sure that Miranda loved Gerry too much to cheat on him. Sure, she was jealous to the point of being homicidal, but that was just it. I always figured that she was much more likely to kill some woman for flirting with him too hard than she was to cheat on him herself.

As we reached the car, I knocked on the window and Gerry unlocked the door.

"I can drop you wherever you'd like, Laci," he said. His voice was shaky and I could tell he was barely holding it all in.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I have no idea," he said slowly. "I guess just away from here."

"Hey, that's where I'm going," I smiled. He shrugged his shoulders and pointed the car down the road. For a while, he said nothing. But I could tell what he was thinking.

"It's not you, Gerry," I told him. "It's him. Dean could be a great guy. But there's just something inside of him that makes him forget that he's just another person. It makes him think that he doesn't have to wait his turn, or ask permission to borrow other people's belongings. He thinks he has a right to everything he wants.

And I can't begin to know what motivates, Miranda. I tried over and over to be friends with her, but she doesn't seem to be interested in anyone except you. She gets really angry when any other woman even looks at you. At the same time, she makes it really clear pretty damned quick that she isn't interested in any other men too. Have you ever seen what happens when a guy she doesn't know tries to flirt with her?"

"Yep, I've seen it a time or two," he smiled.

"That's why this is so weird," I told him. "I really believe that Dean somehow talked her into to doing it while she was really pissed off, thinking that we were doing something."

"It doesn't matter," he said. "She DID it. The reasons and the conditions are unimportant. I've heard a lot of stuff about Dean. But I've never heard he was a rapist. Miranda made her choice. I'm pretty used to picking up the pieces and making something work. I'm just sorry for what this does to you."

"Aren't we in the same position?" I asked. Again he looked at me. There was kind of a wry smile on his face.

"I'm used to working my ass off and still somehow coming in second," he shrugged. "But you're ..."

"But I'm ...?" I asked.

"You know ... You're Laci. You're it!" he said.

"Gerry, I wish people didn't act like that," I spat. "Do you know that up until I was sixteen and all of his friends wanted to date me, my brother told me I was ugly every day? And I've always envied the way you set a goal and work really hard for it. Gerry for most of my life I've pretty much just sat on my ass and waited for things to come to me. And Dean is the same way. The only difference is that he can usually talk his way into things that people don't want to give him."

As I looked out the window, I suddenly knew where we were going. He drove up a driveway and through an open gate into a beautiful yard. I saw a small but really beautiful swimming pool that was surrounded by well trimmed grass. There was a peripheral wall of blooming plants surrounding the pool on every side except one. That side had a set of stone stairs that led up to a spectacular redwood deck.

I got out of the car and looked around in awe. Surrounding the yard was a six foot privacy fence that was covered by Ivy and growing plants. There were several hanging plants in fence hangers at equally spaced locations all around the yard.

There was a two person hammock on the grass beneath a weeping willow tree. Up on the deck two lounge chairs sat side by side with small end tables on the outsides of them. It was an unusual arrangement and it took me a second to figure out why it was done that way. It would be cheaper and much more common to have one small table between the two chairs. But the person who'd designed the space clearly didn't want anything between the people occupying those chairs.

There was an umbrella table on the deck with six chairs around it. A nice gas grill sat near the table with an outdoor bar only few feet away from it. It wasn't the yard of my dreams, but only because my dreams weren't this good.

The arrangements of flowers and plants alone would have taken a few years to develop. Most were perennials so they'd come back every year, but planting them and maintaining them would have taken a lot of time and love. That was it. The main thing I felt in that yard was love.

The whole God Damned place was put together by a person who loved spending all of his time with the person he loved.

"I love what you've done with your yard," I said as we headed for the house.

"Miranda did most of it," he said. "We built the deck together and put up the fence, but all of the plants the furniture and the overall look of everything is all her."

If I thought the yard was beautiful, the house was another level completely. It looked as if it should have been in one of those magazines dedicated to interior design.

I'd heard from a few of my friends about the house, but seeing it was another thing. It just didn't make sense. Anyone who loved her husband enough to do something like this would never cheat on him.

Everywhere you looked there were small groupings with two of everything. Everything she'd put together was dedicated to the two of them. I wondered what would happen if they ever had kids.

While I looked around Gerry dashed up the stairs and rummaged around for something. He came back down with a suitcase and a duffle bag. We were clearly leaving.

"Your place?" he asked.

I had no idea of what he was asking.

"Gerry, can't I stay with you for a while?" I asked. "I don't want to go home."

"You're still going to need some clothes and a few things to make it for a few days," he said. "We should grab them before they decide to go home. I came here first because I figured Dean will need to take his mom home first."

We drove to my place next and to be truthful, I was embarrassed for him to see the place. Our yard! Shit even our condo looked like hell compared to his house. After seeing that house, I would probably rather live in Gerry's garage than my own home.

"I'm not sure how much time we have," he said. "I'm going to park down the street, so he won't notice me. If he comes back and you decided to stay, flash the lights off and on. If you decide to leave, just come out the back way and we'll leave as soon as you're back." I nodded and ran into the building. It was really hard to resist the urge to kiss him. But somehow I sensed that he wasn't ready for that yet.

As assured and confident as he seemed, I had to remember that this was a first for him. It was the first time in his life that he had been cheated on. I'd been through it many times. So many, in fact, that I was used to it. But this time was different. This time felt final. And this time instead of just telling Dean how angry I was at him and stewing for a couple of days or a week, I was doing something about it. I had left him.

As I packed a few outfits, I wondered how much of this was really me leaving and how much was just me following Gerry. It felt right. After all, didn't I deserve more than a man who cheated on me every time he felt like it? And hadn't I told Dean that waitress was his last time to cheat on me?

In the back of my mind something was going on though. I think that on some level I wanted Dean to show up. I wanted for him to see me leaving him. I wanted him to feel the pain of watching the person he cares most about walk out the door with ... Or choose to be with someone else. I wanted him to hurt the way I did every time he cheated on me.

But on another level I sensed that it wouldn't have mattered. Dean was a cheaTER, he would never accept being the cheaTEE. I had forgiven him many times, but I think if it came down to it ... If I ever cheated on him, he would move on. Dean had too much ego to accept something like that.

As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure that at that very moment he was probably trying to find a reason to justify the fact that a smaller guy had not only kicked his ass but obliterated him in front of all of his friends. And from what I'd seen other than trying to put his hands up Dean had not been able to mount any type of defense.

All in all I'd have to call that encounter a tie. Dean had fucked Miranda, but then Gerry had fucked Dean. I have no idea how Dean had treated Miranda, but Gerry had made Dean his bitch.

As far as my hope that Dean would witness my departure went, it was a fruitless hope because he never showed up. I was in and out of the condo in less than ten minutes.

Gerry seemed to have a plan in mind because he headed straight for the freeway and seemed to have a destination in mind. I settled into the thick, soft, buttery leather and tried to go to sleep. Gerry didn't seem to be in a talking mood.

I awoke to find us zooming down the freeway. The Mustang's engine growled menacingly as we ate up the ground. Gerry was listening to talk radio. It seemed to be a show about sports. The hosts were debating the odds of the Lions winning or even going to the Super Bowl.

I looked out the window and sat up in my seat as I noticed that we were driving around the edges of a very large lake. Gerry smiled at me as he noticed that I was awake. I yawned and smiled back.
"It looks different here," I said. "Where are we?"

"Shrewsbury," he said.

"Shrewsbury ... I've never heard of a Shrewsbury in Michigan or Ohio either for that matter," I said.

"Me neither," he smirked. "Shrewsbury is in Ontario, Laci. We're in Canada. My dad has a house up here that he comes to for fishing. I haven't been up here since I was in my mid teens. One of the neighbors up here has a grass cutting arrangement with my dad. He's going to give us the keys."

The mustang suddenly seemed to get angry. I noticed that Gerry had slowed down to a more normal, less Uhm ... Exhilarating speed. It seemed funny to me that the car seemed to like driving faster.

We drove into the parking lot surrounding a moderate sized convenience store. It seemed to be a small grocery store. I got out of the car and followed Gerry. The inside of the store was well organized and stocked. We bought enough food to last us for a few days as well as snacks and comfort foods. We also bought an assortment of soft drinks and juice. I noticed that although we bought a lot of soda, Gerry didn't buy any beer or alcohol of any type.

We loaded the food in the back seat of the car, on top of the bags we'd put there. I missed my car. It wasn't as fast or as pretty as Gerry's Mustang, but it had a lot more room and probably had a more comfortable ride as well. I'm sure Gerry would have claimed that his car had more horsepower and was faster, but my ass had felt every bump and crevice on the road.

The drive from the store to the house was very short. And the house was nice. We unloaded the food and put it away. But before I could even begin to bring up our issues, Gerry started talking.

"Lace, we're both tired," he began. "There are two bedrooms in the back of the house. I'll take the one on the left. It's bigger, but the bed isn't as comfortable. We'll have plenty of time to talk in the morning."

"Uh uh!" I said. "As tired as she is, this girl needs a shower first." I headed towards the bathroom while glancing at him. I laughed when I noticed that he looked as nervous as if I'd tried to get him to shower with me. It was funny that someone who'd supposedly been crushing on me for a long period of time seemingly didn't want to see me naked.

The place must've been empty for a while because it took a while for the water heater to make hot water. But once it did, I had to admit that the shower was better than the one at my condo. I just stood there and let the water wash all of my troubles away. Then I remembered that all of my clothes were still in the car. We had only unpacked the food to keep it from spoiling.

I wrapped myself in a towel and went towards the front door. The suitcases were in the living room. Gerry had brought them in.

I dropped the towel and put on fresh panties and a bra. I found and put on a pair of comfortable sweats and one of my favorite t-shirts.

"Do you always change clothes out where anyone can see you?" asked Gerry.

"I knew you wouldn't do anything rude," I told him. "And if you wanted to see me ... Who cares? Besides, anything I have, your wife has more of and probably in better shape."

"You're both beautiful," he said. "But she was ..."

"She was what?" I asked. "Built like a brick shit house? I've heard lots of guys say that. One of them was the asshole I was married to. Another one they said was "sex on two legs." It's the same old story, Gerry. You men have two types of ideal women. There's the pristine, untouchable, fairy princess that you all want to marry. And the low down, dirty, sexy whore that you all want to fuck.

I can be sexy as hell, but no one ever gives me the chance to. And your wife is really pretty, but no one ever notices it. If she's supposed to be such a sex goddess, why the hell hasn't she fucked anybody except you, until now?"

He looked at me but he didn't say anything. I could tell that he was thinking about what I'd said though. "Dean is supposed to be the town badass," I continued. "And you're the nice guy. He didn't seem to be such a badass and you weren't being very nice when you kicked his ass last night. It's really funny, we're all stuck in these roles that everyone expects us to live up to. But now we've all shattered them.

Dean got his ass kicked. You beat the shit out of someone. Miranda got her heart broken ..."

"Yeah, everyone broke out of their mold except you, Lace," he said.

"Oh yeah, Honey," I told him. "Before we leave here, I'm going to fuck your brains out." The look of shock on his face made me laugh out loud. "Good night, Ger," I said sweetly.

The bed was really comfortable, but I still couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for a while and then decided to go and see if Gerry was awake and wanted to talk. He wasn't awake. But being near him made me feel a lot more relaxed. So I got into bed with him. It felt, strange and a little bit naughty. But at the same time I felt really good. I felt protected and warm. It was a good feeling. Except for my father, when I was very young I had never been in a bed with any man other than Dean. It didn't take very long before I was sound asleep.

* * * * * *


"You have to go home, Miranda," he said. "You can't stay here. I'm locking the place up."

I was sitting in Porky's office crying my eyes out. It was after midnight and I had been crying and thinking the whole night. Truthfully, I was afraid to go home.

"I'm scared Porky," I said. He laughed,

"Miranda, I've known you ever since you came to this town," he said. "But I've known Gerry for all of his God Damned life. I doubt if that man has ever raised his voice to you let alone a hand. You have nothing to be afraid of. Gerry's love for you is absolute."

"Except that he thinks ... Porky, I've always been built like this," I said. "When I was younger it got me in a lot of trouble before I really understood it. Men see me and only think of one thing. It's like the only thing I'm good for is fucking. They just want to pound the shit out of me and then tell all of their friends they've had me. I'm just a body to them. I don't have a brain, a personality, or any feelings.

Gerry is the only one who's ever treated me differently. Gerry loves me. And I love him. He has never fucked me!"

"Miranda, I think you're lying," he laughed. "I remember lots of times when the two of you barely got out of the bar with your clothes still on. And other times when the two of you were all over each other so hot and heavy that I thought you were going to go at it in one of those booths back there. I have trouble believing you."

"I didn't say we've never had sex," I laughed. "Gerry makes love to me. It is sweet and wonderful and warm and caring. He makes me feel so good that I could explode. It's not just fucking."

"So go on home, Miranda," he said. "Go home and talk to him. Tell HIM how you feel. Sort this all out. You'll feel a lot better and so will he. The two of you belong together."

"Porky, I'm afraid that after tonight, he'll tell me that he wants me to go away. And that would kill me. I can take him being angry at me, as long as we're together. But I can't be without him," I said.

"Gerry's a really good guy, Miranda," he said. "You just need to give him some time and talk to him straight. But let me give you a warning. It's the same one someone should have given Dean. It's pretty hard to push Gerry over the line and into anger, but once he gets there ... It's pretty bad. So I don't really know why you did what you did in my office. Hell, I don't understand most things that women do. But looking at what it got Dean ... I wouldn't do it twice."

I got into my car then and drove home. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew that he wasn't home. Home ... Is that what this place was? Without Gerry in it, the house no longer seemed like home. It just seemed like a box to keep my stuff in.

I got into bed and turned on the TV. I wasn't really big on late night TV. But I figured I'd watch something until Gerry got home. All of the shows seemed to be the same. They were all bad copies of the tonight show. Maybe they were a bit more outrageous, in keeping with the times. But it was the same thing that Johnny Carson used to do when I was a kid. It was boring.

And suddenly my hair stood up. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed it. The table on Gerry's side of the bed was empty. It was never empty. His iPad was ALWAYS there. Sometimes he took it to work with him, but other than that the damned thing was always there. He could surf the Internet while we were in bed, or play that stupid racing game of his. It never failed, if we were watching one of Gerry's shows, the iPad was on the table. But as soon as we started watching one of mine, he picked it up.

And now it was gone. I jumped out of bed and opened the closet. Several of the suits that Gerry wore when he was forced to wear a suit to work, were gone. His favorite running shoes were also gone. I looked through his drawers and the story was the same. Most of his favorite things were gone. Gerry had left me.

I stood there stupidly, staring into the nearly empty drawers and the tears started to fall yet again. Apparently he had left all of the things that weren't essential behind. He left the clothes that he didn't absolutely need. He left the tools and electronics that he didn't absolutely need and he left me behind as well.

It hit me like a fist. As bad as the previous week had been with Gerry ignoring me, this was worse. My heart started beating faster and it felt as if I was having trouble breathing.

The phone on the table beside me started ringing at that moment. I picked it up immediately.

"Gerry, Honey, I'm sorry. I'll do whatever you want me to do. Please come home. I need y ..." I began.

"Oh fuck! This is bad. Please don't tell me your hubby is gone too," he said. "I was hoping that maybe he knew where Laci went. None of her friends has any idea where she is. All those bitches would say is that they were glad she finally got away from me. This is really bad. It looks like our plan backfired."

"You mean your plan, asshole," I spat.

"Yeah well, luckily for both of us, your modification to my plan will save us," he said.

"IF we can find them and explain it to them," I said.

"We need to work together on this," he told me.

"WE don't need to do shit," I hissed. "This part of WE wishes she had never seen you or your little Princess of a wife. One week ago, I was the happiest woman on the planet. My misery started out with your wife jumping up on stage and rubbing her tiny ass all over my husband while you were making goo goo eyes at that fat waitress. It's gone to hell ever since then. So stay the fuck away from me, thank you very much."

"So how are you going to find him without me?" he asked.

"I'll just call him," I said. "He has this magical device that allows me to contact him whenever I want, no matter where he is. I think they call it an iPhone."

"So has it worked for you so far?" he asked.

"I've been afraid to call him," I said.

"Well while you work your courage up, he's probably trying to find a divorce lawyer," he said. "And the only person who could help you will be busy working on his own plan."

"So what do you think I should do?" I asked.

"Well, I don't know about YOU... "he said. The smirk in his voice was so obvious that I wanted to reach through the phone line and slap the shit out of him."But we should go and talk to my mother in the morning."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she was the last person to talk to them before we fucked everything up," he said. "She's also on very good terms with both of them, so we could get HER to call them. Unlike US, they probably won't hang up on her."

"Good idea," I said. "Why don't you call her first thing in the morning and we'll all meet somewhere for breakfast. How about the diner?"

"Sounds good," he said. "See you there at 8."

I wish I could say that I went to sleep, but sleep just wouldn't seem to come. I finally got out of our bed because it felt strange to be there without Gerry.

I was finally able to get comfortable on the sofa on the living room. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw stupid things that I had done. I know why the wedding vows say for better or for worse now. It's like algebra. The absolute value of worse is better. My life was good. It was great. By making sure that I kept my Gerry away from every other woman around us, I thought that I was making our life better. I thought it was a good thing. But like they say the opposite of good is better. Every time you try to make something better, you fuck it up and things are worse.

I walked into the diner at a couple of minutes after 8. The asshole was there, but so was his mom, so I had to put on my best behavior.

There was a striking resemblance between Dean and his mother. She was a nice looking woman and Dean, as big as he was, had almost feminine looking features. Perhaps that was why women ... Well... Some women found him so attractive. His charm was lost on me though.

Before moving to this town I'd met lots of assholes just like him. When I first moved here, I quickly found out that cities and towns are just like people. No matter how pretty they are, no matter how nice, every one of them has an asshole. And those assholes are all full of shit. Dean was in fact this town's asshole and to my regret, I'd met him before I got started with Gerry.

"So ... Dean says you guys are caught up in a misunderstanding," she said. That was all it took. The next thing I knew I was bawling my eyes out again. She quickly came around to my side of the table and hugged me again.

"We're out of luck Miranda," said Dean. "My mom doesn't want to get mixed up on our problems. She thinks that I somehow caused this."

"Her ... I'll help," she said. "Can't you see how broken up she is? You on the other hand Deano, I think you caused this somehow and if so, you deserve whatever you get."

"Mom, gimme a break," said Dean. "Seriously it was all a misunderstanding. I thought that someone had done something, but it turned out that they didn't. And what I wanted them to think I did was based on what I thought they did. But since I now know that they didn't do what I thought they did, it makes what they think I did even worse. It's especially bad because I was really going to do what they thought I did. But the person I wanted to do it with wouldn't do it with me, which is the only reason we have a chance to work any of this out, you see?"

"Yeah," she said. "I figured it all out after talking to a couple of people last night. You've been cheating on Laci again and she's finally tired of it. From what I understand, you screwed some waitress and she was acting a fool in Porky's flirting with you in front of your wife. And you didn't have the sense to either put a stop to it or better still leave. Laci ended up trying to show you that she could get some attention from other people if you wouldn't pay her any. From what I heard she got up on stage and shook her ass like crazy."

"Exactly," spat Dean. "I don't like my wife acting like a whore."

"Then maybe you should stop acting like one yourself," spat his mom. "You guys are supposed to be married. You're supposed to be partners. So whatever you can do, she can do. Besides you're a bigger idiot than I thought if you can't see that what she was doing was just a cry for attention. If she wanted to get revenge she wouldn't have done it out in public. She'd have just met some guy and took him to a hotel and fucked his brains out and never said a word. You know ... Like you do with your whores?"

"Buh! ... Nothing," said Dean changing his mind.

"Something else Dean," said his mom. "Who is the safest guy you can think of?"

"Huh?" asked Dean.

"Think about it," she said. "Most guys who have eyes can see how pretty Laci is. So if she was going to go around rubbing her ass against one of them ... Who would you pick? What guy can you think of that no matter how pretty Laci is, absolutely would not try anything with her, even with her giving him all of the signals in the world?"

She looked from him to me then.

"And that's where you came into this little drama, Miranda," she said. "Laci picked Gerry for two reasons. The first is because he's a really nice guy and he's always had a soft spot for her. But he's also always been Dean's best friend ..."

"Bullshit, Mom," said Dean. "We always competed for everything and we went after everything tooth and nail. We were never friends."

"That's because you were too stupid to see it," she said. "How many of your so-called friends did you get into fights with because they went after Laci?"

"Quite a few," spat Dean. "Guys just kind of get stupid over Laci. Some of them even told her about things I did. And others waited for us to get into an argument and made a run at her."

"And all of that time, Gerry had the biggest crush on her and never so much as spoke to her because he respected your relationship. To me ... That's a real friend. More of a friend than the assholes you were hanging out with that tried to stab you in the back whenever they could."

"I guess I never saw it that way," said Dean.

"And you ... Little Miss Tears ... My daughter in law has tried repeatedly to be friends with you. What gives?"

"She's so pretty and I thought ..." I began.

"Miranda you're not exactly a pig yourself, Honey," she said. "And more than anyone one else in this town or probably any other you two have so much in common. I mean your experiences with guys have to be really similar."

"I guess I thought that she only wanted to be friends with me so she could get closer to Gerry," I said.

"Miranda, I don't know you that well," she said. "But I like you a lot. So take what I'm about to tell you as coming from a place of love, okay?" I nodded.

"You're a fucking moron, Honey," she spat. "You act like don't know how much Gerry loves you. Think about it ... With my moronic son married off to Laci, Gerry became the hottest guy in town. At the time that he met you he could have had literally any unmarried woman in town. He picked you over all of them. Shit, he could have just waited a year for Dean to cheat on Laci and went after her. But he chose you. And everyone in this town pretty much knows everyone else's business ... I mean there are always going to be a few secrets, but they always come out. So I'm sure he knew when Dean started cheating, it was fairly common knowledge.

"Honey, if Gerry wanted Laci, he probably could have gotten her. But instead the two of you blossomed and got married. Laci has never been a threat to you except in your head."

"Back to you Dummy," she said to Dean. "Do you see why Laci was rubbing her ass all over Gerry? She wasn't doing it for him Deano. She was doing it because she wanted you to notice her. She was saying "Look at me Dean. I can be sexy too. And I CAN go out and get someone else!"

"Then why did they run off together?" I asked.

"First off, we don't know that they ran off together, yet," she said. "And secondly, we're hoping they did."

"Why the hell do we want that, Mom?" asked Dean. She slapped him on his forehead before either he or I saw her move.

"Haven't you been laying attention?" she asked angrily.

"You two are very close to losing the people you love because you don't think," she said. "They're both hurting. People who are in pain do really stupid things. If they're out there alone and vulnerable, the chances of them doing something stupid go up." She shook her head.

"Dean, you're cheated on Laci more than a few times," she said. "Maybe later on we need to get you some kind of therapy to figure out why that is. But for now, let's concentrate on getting her back.
Do you REALLY want Laci wandering around out there on her own, in the mood she's probably in? Think about it. Her self esteem can't be very high. Shit, you even cheated on her with a fat girl. So what happens when some smooth guy hits her with a couple of lines that make her feel special and wanted? Do you want her out there alone or do you want her out there helping Gerry get past what you and Miranda did to them?"

"But we didn't actually do anything," I told her.

"Gerry doesn't know that, Honey," she said. "He feels betrayed and hurt by the most important person in his life. And right now you are going to have a hard time convincing him that nothing happened. And Dean, Laci will not believe or listen to a single word out of your mouth. The two of them together is the best possible scenario."

She wolfed down a few bites of her food while Dean and I were both lost in our thoughts.

"Alright, it's still early. And after the night they had they're probably not going to sleep much. So I'm going to wait until ten or eleven to call them," she said. "I'm going to do this in stages. At first I'm going to find out how they're feeling and whether or not they're together. The next time I call, I'll mix in how sorry you two are and how it was a bad decision based on a snap judgment. And the time after that I'll start to encourage them to call you or come home."

"That could take days ... At least another day," I said.

"Miranda, take the time while you're apart to figure out what you're going to say to him, and how you're going to do things differently," she said.

After that she got up and headed for her office. I thought about what she'd said and decided to do exactly what she told me to do. I was even more determined to get Gerry back. I too left the table without saying another word to Dean.

* * * * * *


Before my eyes opened, I felt a sense of alarm. There was a light buzzing snore beside me. It was cute. But Miranda didn't snore. And then I remembered that I had left Miranda. My eyes popped open then. I looked over and saw Laci beside me. Even asleep she was beautiful, perhaps more so.

Her face wasn't drawn from the stress of the situation we found ourselves mired in. And free from the lines of worry, her perfect skin and beautiful features were simply amazing to behold.

I had seen her so many times over the course of my life. Lying here beside her was a dream come true. Unfortunately, it was a dream that could never be fulfilled because at least for the moment I was married. That realization changed my thoughts. A dream that you have to stare at, that is just outside of your reach, is called torture.

"Sooooo, what are you thinking about?" Her voice was scratchy and ... Alarmingly sexy.

"I thought we went to sleep in different rooms," I said.

"That wasn't it," she said. "There have already been enough lies around here lately, Gerry."

"Okay, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are, even in your frigging sleep," I told her. "But I'm sure you've heard that millions of times."

"But I've never heard it from you," she smiled. "And Gerry, coming from you, it means a lot. Because everyone in town knows that you're a straight shooter. So if you say it, it means you believe it and you're not just going along with the party line. Or you're not just trying to get into my pants."

"I've always thought that you were beautiful," I said.

"So Gerry, WHY did you never tell me?" she asked. "And except for a few very polite, "Hi" or "Hi Laci," incidents we've barely spoken in all of the years we've known each other. Gerry we've gone to school together since we were five years old and this short conversation is more words than we've exchanged over our entire lives."

"Well, this is the first time we've ever been this close to each other," I said nervously.

"Whose fault is that?" she asked.

"Lace, it's no one's fault," I said. "You've been dating Dean since we were six."

"Dean and I started when we were thirteen, thank you very much," she smiled. "And we didn't have sex until after we got married. I expressed interest in dating other people several times. But he never went along with it ... I thought. And anyway, no one else ever asked me out."

"No one else was suicidal," I quipped. "Dean was always one of the biggest guys in the class. He made it clear that anyone who even looked at you was going to get their ass beaten. And the ones who weren't afraid of his threats still had to deal with the fact that you and Dean were like the royal family of the popularity club. So anyone who bucked you guys would be excommunicated from the school's social register."

"But Gerry, you were popular in your own right," she said. "You didn't need to trade off of us. And all of the girls I spoke to who dated you loved it. You wouldn't believe how many women in this town got pissed when you got serious about Miranda. They're still angry now. They look at it like she just swooped in from out of town and stole you."

I smiled at that.

"Do you see that!" she said, pointing at me. "I've never had that. I want that. I dream of that."

"What?" I asked. I had no idea what she was talking about.

"That look on your face," she said. "That God Damned glassy eyed dreamy look you got when I mentioned her fucking name. Dean does not get that way about me. He never has. That look just says love. Dean just thinks he owns me. So he can take me for granted."

"So what about breakfast," I said to change the subject.

"I hope Miranda knows how lucky she is," she said.

"You mean how lucky she WAS," I replied. "We're done. As soon as we go back, I'm starting the divorce."

* * * * * *


I didn't believe him. His love for her was written all over his face. I was sure that given enough time, no matter what else happened, he would take her back. And as evil as it sounded, I decided that for once I would get mine.

"Well we both need to think about what we're going to do," I said. "What we need to do is take a few days to clear our heads so we're thinking rationally about all of this and not just making emotionally driven responses that we'll regret later on."

"So how do we do that?" he asked.

"We just relax and spend the time doing whatever we want," I told him. "We take a few days and just pretend that night never happened. Just force it out of our minds so we can think clearly and later on we can view it without the anger coloring our judgment."

"So how do we start?" he asked again. I could tell that he was at least curious.

"Take me for a walk through the woods," I said. He nodded and we went to our respective rooms to grab clothes that would be better for walking in the woods.

"It was a perfect morning. We strolled through the nearby woods talking and sometimes not talking, as the mood struck us. For me it was an easy thing to do. Putting what Dean had done, AGAIN, out of my mind was something I had experience in.

The difference was that this time felt different. I was so used to trying my ass off to stay angry at Dean, but eventually giving in. The end result was always the same. He cheated on me and nothing happened. Perhaps that was the reason that he continued to do it. But this time I HAD done something about it and it felt great knowing that HE was the one waiting at home and wondering what I was doing.

As the morning wore on, I found myself using skills that I'd never employed before. I loved seeing the results. Dean was either so used to me, that he took me for granted, or he had never found me to be special. But Gerry was another matter. I had him all tied up in knots and it required very little effort.

I could mesmerize poor Gerry by doing the simplest things. I could twirl a lock of my long hair around a finger and Gerry would be so engaged with watching me that he lost his balance.

I could purse my lips and look over my shoulder at him and he would walk right into a tree. It was too easy and it made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I envied Miranda. I wondered if he had the same reaction to her, or if he'd grown so used to her that she no longer registered to him, like I didn't to Dean. Somehow I doubted that though. The two of them, even after being married for almost as long as Dean and I had, always seemed to be holding hands and touching each other.

Gerry, as much as he was staring at me as if he was in the middle of a dream, avoided touching me as if his life depended on it. I think he was following that old adage that says you can look, but not touch.

I also believe that he was conflicted. On one hand, as I'd heard on too many occasions, Gerry had a huge crush on me that had begun long before he ever met Miranda. But on the other hand, he WAS married to her and he clearly loved her. As much as I was some sort of fantasy woman for him, he was rooted in reality and marriage really meant something to him. The only thing that was allowing my games to get me this close to him was the fact that he was both very hurt and very angry about what Miranda had done with my asshole of a husband. Under normal circumstances, I'd have had no chance. I decided to take the game as far as I could.

By the time we headed back to the house we were both hungry. We decided to go into town and have something to eat there, instead of making something at the house. I think that in reality Gerry was afraid to be alone with me. That alone was worth the trip. I was sooooo used to men who wanted to be around me but weren't in any way threatened by me. But this was refreshing. For the first time in my life I was viewed differently. Instead of being seen as a pretty picture or just a beautiful if icy dream girl, I was a sexual threat. I was sexy. Just thinking about it did something that Dean had never managed to do. Gerry had me hot and horny.

Dean and I had sex sporadically. But things had gone downhill from our honeymoon. Dean occasionally threw me a marital mercy fuck. But he spent most of his attention on other women. It was clear that my inexperience had been something he simply wasn't prepared to deal with.

I think he bought into the whole, "wives are for marriage and whores are for fucking," theory. At the same time I myself simply endured sex with him for the sake of the marriage and the hope that if I let him use me, he wouldn't cheat on me.

But Gerry had me fired up to the point that if he tried anything, I was going to let him fuck me. To be truthful, it was worse. Without trying to, just the attention Gerry paid to me and the gentle way he treated me had lit a fire between my legs that Dean had never managed.

As he watched me shyly across the table, what I was feeling ramped up. Every time our eyes met, I felt tingles. In my mind the line between what good girls did and how whores behaved was becoming fuzzy.

For the life of me, I can't remember what we ate for lunch. I do remember telling him that I was full and asking him what we should do with the rest of the afternoon.

I remember laughing as he dropped his fork, and the look of fear on his face as he suggested going to a movie while we were in town.

That too was an experience. Throughout the day, I'd been feeling spoiled by the way Gerry opened car doors for me and pulled out chairs for me. Those were all tiny courtesies that Dean apparently didn't know still existed. But when we got to the movie theater and Gerry asked what I wanted to see, I was floored.

I was so used to waiting until movies were available on DVD to see them that I got excited. I picked a supposedly scary horror movie with an ulterior motive in mind.

We had just eaten so we weren't hungry but Gerry suggested soda and chocolate. I looked at him evilly, but smiled inside. When we were growing up half of the school knew that I was crazy about chocolate.

As the movie started, I quickly claimed one of Gerry's arms and wrapped it around me. At first he was very stiff, as if he was afraid to touch me. But as the movie progressed and I did nothing to make him more nervous, he relaxed.

His arm, instead of feeling like a bar made of muscle, felt warm and comforting. I felt protected and loved by the simple act of him pulling me against him every time I squeaked or squealed at some part of the movie that I wanted him to believe scared me.

Really, there was nothing on the screen that was scarier than my real life. A mask wearing maniac chasing a bunch of teenagers that I neither know nor care about? Not scary. Try cowering in fear in your own home over the possibility that your husband, who makes barely more than minimum wage, may have impregnated some girl in town. That's fucking scary for real.

I didn't really care about the movie. I was just using every chance and every second I had to enjoy the feelings and the situation I was experiencing. And I was thinking about what I wanted from it.

I was realistic to the nth degree. My innocence was gone, shed like a snake's skin, to reveal a tougher, less vulnerable version of myself.

The fairy princess, at twenty six years old had finally grown up. I'd realized that although I was living out a fantasy existence, the dream I inhabited was not my own.

I was living in Dean's dream world, where until now he'd set all of the rules and had all of the fun. Dean got to be married to the princess and fuck all of the other girls in town at the same time. As princes go, I had married a shitty one. Maybe the fairy tale got it all wrong. Maybe the princess kisses a frog and turns him into a prince, but it was all wrong from the start. Maybe the frog had simply conned the princess into making him a prince when he was really nothing but a God Damned frog to begin with.

So now the princess was stuck with a frog who simply pretended to be a prince but exposed his true nature with everything he did. Meanwhile the real prince had married someone else.

By his refusal to let me date anyone else while we were growing up, and his fighting with or ostracizing anyone who even thought of asking me out, Dean had stolen the possibility of my finding out that someone else was better for me. Dean had stolen my fucking life.

And there in that movie theater as Gerry hugged me and kept that arm wrapped around me, all kinds of thoughts and feelings went through me.

Gerry, even after finding out that Dean had stolen the homecoming king crown from him, had never cared. He'd never raised a big stink about it, but suddenly it mattered to me. If feeling Gerry's arm around me in a movie theater could make me feel this way, what would I have felt like if we'd ever gotten the chance to press our bodies against each other while dancing at the homecoming celebration?

Just sitting beside him in that Movie Theater had my nipples so hard they hurt. I had never felt like that before. I wanted to grab his hand and put it right on top of my breast and force him to squeeze it until I shot milk out of it. I would have grabbed his other hand and put it between my legs. I wanted Gerry so badly it was becoming a problem.

But the realistic part of me knew that I had to establish realistic goals and levels of what I could achieve. What I wanted and what I could actually have were probably very different.

In a perfect world, I could divorce Dean and Miranda could die of cancer. It would have to be that way. First off, Dean and I didn't have enough money to get a divorce. And secondly if I even looked at Gerry sideways Miranda would beat my ass bloody.

Just by looking at Miranda I knew that she could beat my ass. There was no doubt in my mind. It was funny because Gerry was a thin and wiry although muscular, runner type. Dean was a big football type. On paper most people would assume that Dean could clean up the floor with Gerry. The other night had proven that false. Gerry had beaten the shit out of Dean without raising a sweat. Dean never got the chance to get up even a token resistance.

I work out and run all of the time but I'm absolutely sure that Miranda could put me in the hospital without too much trouble. The funny thing is that if it got me Gerry, I'd fight her.

The problem is that it would be for nothing. Gerry loves Miranda. I may have been his fantasy girl. But she is his real life woman. That's why in my fantasy, Dean has to live so he can watch and suffer seeing Gerry and I fall in love and start making babies, but Miranda has to die, or at least move to the moon or Outer Mongolia. If Miranda was around, I would never have a chance with Gerry.

That of course is the top, probably unreachable level of my fantasy. The second tier involves Gerry and I having a long affair that lasts through most of our lives until our spouses or at least Miranda dies and we can be together. We'd keep it a secret and everyone could be happy. Gerry and I could have each other. Miranda could still have her life with Gerry and watch over him like a paranoid hawk. And Dean could fuck every waitress in town while I turned a blind eye to it.

That wouldn't work either, for two reasons. The first is that Miranda watched Gerry too closely. From what I've heard around town, she not only makes his lunches while he's at work, but takes them out to the plant and has lunch with him, almost daily. And she starts calling him five minutes after his shift ends. They also do everything together. If Gerry washes his Mustang, Miranda stands next to him and rinses it. If he gets under the car to change his oil, she's under the car with him. If she caught one whiff of an idea that I was even thinking about Gerry, she'd beat my ass on general principals. The second reason it wouldn't work is because Gerry is too fucking honest and too nice to do it.

The third level of my fantasy involves me seducing Gerry and spending the next few days enjoying whatever I can get out of him before we have to go back to reality. In a perfect world, it would be our secret. It would be a pleasant memory that both of us could take out and enjoy remembering from time to time or whenever things got really rough. Dean and Miranda would never find out. But if need be, we could do it, they could find out and Miranda could beat my ass, but if I get the chance to get Gerry in my bed ... I'm taking it. That's probably why I wrapped his arm around me in the first place.

The movie ended and they turned the lights on. I was so busy holding onto Gerry's arm that I had no idea it had ended.

"You know, that was a pretty good movie," he said, smiling. "I had a good time."

"I'm so glad I came to see it with you," I said, and I was telling the truth. "I was afraid the whole time." I love seeing the warmth in his eyes. I just never get over the expression on his face as he looks at me. Then I see it. He looks from side to side and bites his lip.

The side to side look I'm used to. Dean used to do it when we were dating. He always looked around to make sure everyone saw us together. I didn't expect that from Gerry, but if he wants to pretend we're together. It won't take much pretending.

"Laci ... Uhm ... Are you cold?" he asked. Even as he asked me the question he took off his outer shirt and wrapped it around me. I looked down and realized what was going on. My body's reaction to Gerry was showing. My nipples looked like bullets and they were showing through my thin blouse.

"Well maybe it's something other than cold," I said. "Sorry Gerry, my boobs aren't as big as your wife's but my nipples can compete with anyone's."

He frowned and I realized how I had fucked up. "Sorry again," I said. "We were having such a good time leaving our problems and the people who caused them behind us until I brought it up. I won't make that mistake again."

"It's okay Lace," he smiled. "We'll just start again."

"Gerry did you bring a lot of shirts with you?" I asked just to change the subject. He looked at me in confusion.
"A few," he said.

"Good," I told him. "Because I'm keeping this one."

The rest of the afternoon felt like a really good high school date. The difference was that we were in our mid twenties and we were both married to other people. We went down to the nearby lake and watched people fishing and boating.

I took my shoes off and waded into the shallows. It gave me a chance to splash Gerry. He chased me and caught me, pulling me down onto the soft grass near the sand of the beach.

I pretended to fight him off, but it was really my way of surrendering to him. He rolled on top of me. We were both laughing and I knew what came next. The sexual tension between us was so thick it felt like he was going to fuck me there on the lake front. And if that was his intention, I was going to let him. But just as our lips were about to make contact our eyes met and he froze. I lay there only inches away from heaven, with my lips puckered up and my nipples trying to tear through both of our shirts, realizing that it wasn't going to happen.

"Sorry," he said. "I don't know what came over me. I guess we were having too much fun."

"Maybe it's something in the water," I smiled. "Because I was feeling it too."

"It'll be dark soon," he said, pulling me up. "We should probably head back to the house."

"Sounds good to me," I said. And it did. We'd gotten so worked up that we had almost started a make out session on a public beach. Back at the house, alone and with privacy, anything could happen.

* * * * * *


It's so strange, but at times like this, things that never mattered or made sense, suddenly become clear. Like the way they always say that if you hold onto something too tightly you'll lose it.

For the past four years I've been so afraid of losing Gerry, that I barely let him breathe. I wanted to make sure that no woman would get close enough to him to take him away from me. I also wanted to make sure that there was no way he'd ever find out about the woman I was before we got together, or what had happened between Dean and I.

But in the end I may lose him just the same. And it turns out that it won't be because Laci is too beautiful for me to compete with or because some other woman took him away from me. I let my jealousy and stupidity goad me into doing something that I knew was wrong. So if I lose Gerry, I have only myself to blame.

I know he's coming back. He has to. Even if it's only to get the rest of his stuff. And when he does I'm going to be a different woman. He can be friends with anyone he wants. Shit, he can even be friend with Laci if he wants. He can do anything that makes him happy, I just want him back.

This whole situation reminds me of something my grandpa told me back when I was a very little girl. He told me that being jealous doesn't prove that you love someone. It only proves that you're insecure about whether or not that person loves you. I wonder why it took Dean's mother to make me realize that Gerry had loved me all the time.

I picked up my phone and bit the bullet. I had agreed when talking to Dean and his mom that I would give Gerry some space. I wouldn't call him. I never said that I wouldn't e-mail him. I took my time and wrote him a very long message that detailed how much I loved him and wanted him to come back to me.

I told him how sorry I was and the reason, mostly my own paranoia and jealousy from what Dean had convinced me had happened. I explained to him that I simply couldn't live without him and that was the reason for most of my ridiculous actions and promised to get therapy to help me deal with my issues. I sent the message and never realized that at no time had I explained to him that nothing had happened between Dean and me.

* * * * * *


Miranda ... Just thinking about that bitch got me hard. It was ridiculous that I had been after one woman for four God Damned years. It was even more ridiculous that fucking Gerry had her. This whole thing was stupid. I didn't want to own Miranda. I just wanted to fuck her a few times.

Then she could fade into the sunset like all of the others. I wouldn't need any of them if Laci wasn't so terrible in bed. I needed sex, good sex, at least a few times a week. And as much as I loved Laci ... Yep, I said it. I love Laci. I always have. But fucking her is like stepping on a bunny. There's no sport in it and you feel awful afterwards.

I tried so hard, sometimes, not to cheat on her. I kept telling myself that I would quit. But then there'd be some waitress or some secretary, just bending over in front of me, practically begging for it.

And I always thought that Laci would never find out. But she always seems to. She doesn't even go looking to find out. Things just happen. Part of it is that whole small town thing. And the rest is that maybe on some level, I want to get caught.

The weirdest thing is that the four of us are mismatched. Miranda is a very sexy woman. She has the best body I have ever seen. She has long sculptured legs that should be in a museum. Her ass is incredible. Her waist ... Although she has a bigger frame than Laci's, her waist is about the same size. That is just crazy. The way her hips curve away from that tiny waist is insane. And the way her boobs jut out from her rib cage, like two large melons, drives you wild just thinking about it.

The worst thing though, is the way she acts with Gerry. She's always plastering herself to him like she's in heat. And last year, when we all gathered down by the lake to watch the fireworks, I swear she fucked him while we were all looking at the sky.

It was fucking July. The temperature that night was in the eighties. There was no way she was cold. She wrapped that blanket over the two of them and I'm sure she cried out during some of those explosions.

Miranda should be mine. She and I belong together. Laci, on the other hand should have been with someone like Gerry. Their personalities match. They're both very laid back and very ... I guess nice is the word I'm looking for.

It took all I could do for most of my life to keep the two of them apart. I'm pretty sure that one date is all it would have taken for the two of them to get together. Gerry is exactly the way Laci always swears that she wishes I was. And Ray Charles could see that Gerry has always had a hug crush on Laci. I just did what I had to do to keep them apart.

But now I can see that keeping them apart may have been a big assed mistake on my part. As my mom had pointed out to me, Gerry was probably the only guy I knew that was so honorable that I could trust him with Laci. That alone should have made him someone I would choose as a friend.

But he was also one of the few men in town that could compete with me and had done so throughout our lives. The competition had probably made us both better. And lastly, having Gerry as a friend would enhance both my marriage and my life in a lot of ways.

Gerry would give me someone that Laci could hang out with. But as my friend he would also be in my corner when I needed a convenient excuse for things that Laci didn't need to know about. Professionally, it would be great. Gerry is an engineer. He designed and modified cars and car parts, I sold cars. It was a match made in heaven.

But the best part of it is the proximity it would give me to Miranda. Right now the bitch didn't trust me as far as she could throw me. But with Gerry and me as friends, we'd be around each other enough to get to know each other. Then I could ride that familiarity right into those tightly stretched panties. And since we'd all be friends ... Laci would never know.

* * * * * *


I never knew. All my life I've been the princess ... the good girl. I always sought love. For the first time, I know what pure lust is like. I'm actually not sure what my long term feelings for Gerry are. I mean I know that he's a good man. He's a very good man. But I think that realistically, most of us have a safety valve connected to our hearts. That safety valve takes in the object of our desires and evaluates them for whether or not we have a concrete chance with them. If we don't, that safety valve keeps our level of emotional attachment to a crush or something manageable.

And as much as I thought that Gerry would be a big improvement over Dean, I had the feeling that he was simply unobtainable. Every time I looked in his eyes, something told me that everything I'd heard about Gerry having a lifelong crush on me was true. But it also told me that he loved Miranda on a completely different level that put old crushes and puppy love away.

We had spent twenty four hours together and my body was tingling in ways that I had never felt before.

We'd spent the day wandering around and had developed an easy camaraderie that felt as if we'd been close friends and maybe more for years. As the day wound down, we'd come back to the cottage, but only after Gerry'd stopped off to shop at the local store. He didn't allow me to see what he'd bought. He mumbled something about surprising me.

That was another thing I loved about him. He seemed to be trying so hard to keep my spirits lifted even though he was going through the same kind of pain that I was. In all actuality, his pain had to be greater than mine by at least two levels of magnitude. Mostly due to the fact that a: it was his first time going through this and I had been through it many times before. And b: because down deep inside Gerry still cared very deeply about both Miranda and his marriage, where Dean and our union barely registered on my "give a shit-ometer."

So it should have been me planning out little surprises and diversions for Gerry, but when we got back. He'd sent me up to my room to get comfortable while he puttered around with his surprise. I'd busied myself changing out of my soaked panties and into some fresh sweat pants and a T-shirt after a really refreshing shower.

My hair was wet after the shower but as I walked into the hallway, brush in hand, I was sure I smelled smoke and a lot of it. I went downstairs to see what the hell was going on.

I suddenly had the idea that Gerry's surprise was a campfire. Maybe it was down by the lake. That would be too awesome. I hadn't done anything like that since ... Shit I don't think I ever did anything like that.

As I stepped into the cabin's kitchen the smell of smoke was even thicker. But there was no smoke in the house. I did notice that Gerry had put a tablecloth on the small table and had actually set two places and he had candles on the table as well. There was even a small bouquet of natural rushes and wild flowers on the table.

A tear rolled down my cheek before I could stop it. If the day we'd had wasn't already enough to convince me that I had spent my life with the wrong man, that table had done it.

I heard a noise from just outside of the back door. Without thinking I rushed outside and found Gerry poking the longest set of tongs I had ever seen at something on a huge grill.

Just watching him was a treat for me. He was so intently concentrating on the fire and whatever he was cooking that he didn't notice me until I was almost on him.

He turned and noticed what I had forgotten.

"Laci, why are you ...?" he began. He wrapped his arms around me drawing me into a hug that I would have killed for. I felt warm and loved and comforted. I was enjoying those stolen feelings too much to bother telling him about his mistake. Gerry had seen the tears on my face and like most men he had misunderstood the reason for them.

My tears were tears of joy stemming from the effort that he had put into trying to cheer me up and to care for me. But somehow in typical male reasoning, Gerry had assumed that tears meant sorrow or pain. So in a typical male response, he'd reached out to hug me and try to comfort me. And I had allowed it ... More than that I had responded by insinuating myself even further inside of his defenses.

As I rubbed my almost non-existent breasts against him, he allowed it. And I soaked that in as well. After only a few seconds in his arms, my shower was wasted. I don't know if Gerry could, but I was sure I could smell my pussy gushing.

"I wish I knew how to take your pain away and make you feel better," he said.

I wrapped my arms around him even tighter and lay my head on his shoulder. 'Just keep holding onto me like that,' I thought. The tingling between my legs was making me almost too weak to stand. The only reason I hadn't ruined another pair of panties was because I wasn't wearing any.

"Oh Shit!" he said, suddenly pulling himself away from me and lunging for the grill. He used the tongs and quickly flipped the biggest piece of meat I have ever seen outside of the cartoons. It looked like one of those brontosaurus steaks that Wilma used to make on the Flintstones.

"Oh it's alright," I said. "I like steak very well done and little crispy."

"Good ... That one's yours," he smirked.

"Mine ...?" I gushed. I looked over at the grill. The grating on top was made of thick metal bars. The fire wasn't from gas or charcoal it was a wood fire. The meat smelled so good that I was suddenly hungry. "That thing can't be for me alone!"

"Haven't you ever seen a cowboy steak?" he asked. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Dean and I couldn't afford to eat things like that. We paid our bills ... Some of them were even paid on time. But I had no idea that there were different types of steak.

I looked past him at the huge grill and noticed that beside the huge steaks there were two smaller objects on the grill. They appeared to be wrapped in aluminum foil and were placed out by the edges. I guessed that whatever they were, they needed less heat.

He splashed some water or something wet on the fire, causing it to die down just a bit and turned to look at me. "I know this is rough," he said. "But every day we'll get a little bit stronger. I know you miss him, but you have to show him that he can't walk all over you like this. You matter, Lace. You're a very important person. Maybe staying away for a few days will make him realize what he could lose."

'All you have to do is say the word and he'll have lost me forever," I thought. I just nodded though, trying my best to keep the sad expression on my face. I was hoping that if he thought I was really upset that he might hug me again.

A little while later, the two of us sat across from each other at the small table. The only illumination in the room came from the candles. It was very romantic. The smaller bundles on the grill turned out to be vegetables that Gerry had seasoned and grilled. The whole meal was wonderful. The way Gerry looked at me across the table, he seemed to be intent that I should have the best time possible, was better.

He kept filling my glass with a really tasty white wine. "I know that red wine goes with meat," he said. "But I remember ... "

"That I only like white wine!" I gushed; amazed that he remembered another of my quirks that I'd told a crowd of people during our college years. Gerry seemed to know more about me than Dean did. And he didn't just know things, he acted on them.

The steak as juicy and tender as it was, was simply too much for me to eat in one sitting. Gerry couldn't finish his either. After we ate and cleaned the table, saving the rest of the steak for our breakfast, we took a walk down by the lake that the cabin was built near.

Gerry held my hand as we walked along the edge and there was no place else on earth I wanted to be.

After our walk Gerry gave me another hug and told me things would be better the following day. I was so ready for him to make a move on me that I almost lost my temper. When he told me goodnight, I decided to make my own move.

I waited for Gerry to use the cabin's small shower and gave him a few moments to get settled in his room. Then I took my own shower and stumbled into his room too.

I had pulled up the blankets and sheets and got into bed with him before he realized what was going on.

I took a few moments to let him adjust to the situation.

"Gerry, I'm feeling really depressed," I said, sniffling. "Could you hold me?"

He rolled over near me. His arms wrapped themselves around my body and shivers went down my spine. The man had no idea what he was doing to me. Even the way he hugged me and held me spoke of caring about me.

He didn't just grab me and start mauling me. He pulled me against his body and gently squeezed me. I felt as if I was in heaven. Without realizing it I started grinding my ass against his boxer covered crotch.

I was sure he could tell what was happening. He backed his hips away from me and then pulled away slightly. "Laci ... You're naked!" he sputtered.

"What does that have to do with my need to be comforted?" I asked.

"Well ... Nothing!" he sputtered. "It's ... It's not you Laci. It's me. Uhm ... Being this close to you when you're like that is causing me to ... uhm ... React!"

I had to hand it to him. Even in that situation he was trying to be a gentleman. I scooted my ass close to him again.

"Gerry, you go on and react," I said, pretending I had no idea of what was happening. In reality it was exactly what I wanted. I pulled his arms back around me, placing his hands on my breasts. As soon as he realized where his hands were he tried to move them.

"Gerry, it's okay," I cooed. "It's okay. I want this. Don't you? Isn't this what you've wanted for years?"

"Not really," he said. I rolled over and looked at him. He was absolutely serious.

"So you're just like Dean," I hissed. "Maybe it's not you guys. Maybe it's just me. My husband prefers fucking other women to me. And I mean ANY other women. Old women, fat women, ugly women ... As long as they're not me. I'm just not sexy. Apparently I can't even GIVE my pussy away."

"That isn't true," he said. "Every guy I know would love to be with you."

"Just not you, huh?" I said.

"Me too," he said.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked.

"Lace, I guess that I've always viewed you as more than just a piece of ass," he said. "You're so special. If anything was going to happen with us, I'd want it to be a case where we got to know each other and took our time. I'd want something forever. Having you and then losing you would drive me crazy. And I'd want all of you. Your mind, your soul and your heart are far more important than just your body."

"Gerry, you've just told me exactly what I've always wanted to hear from my man," I told him. "Dean has never told me anything like that. I wish I could give you the future, but neither of us knows what will happen tomorrow. I would walk out on Dean and be with you forever, in a heartbeat. But you can't say the same thing. Miranda loves you like crazy. This is as far as I know the only time she's ever cheated on you ... And Dean probably conned her into it. She loves you Gerry and you love her. I know she hurt you and pretty badly ... So you deserve a bit of revenge and I deserve a hell of a lot of it on Dean. So can't we just do what we said? Can't we just take a couple of days and forget about everything back there?"

"We had a great day today," he said. "It was perfect." He started to move his hands away from my breasts. I think that when I mentioned Miranda, it was a huge mistake.

"Don't you dare move your fucking hands," I hissed. "Leave them on my titties. I put them there because that's where I wanted them." He was surprised by both my tone of voice and what I told him. His hands went as stiff as two boards.

"Okay ..." I said. "Move your hands. Just don't take them off of my boobs. I worked too hard and too long to get them there."

"But we're pissed at them because they cheated on us," he said. "We'd be no better than they are."
"Gerry, they're the people we love," I said. "They're also two pieces of shit. It would take a lot of cheating for us to be equal with them. And why do we need to be better than them anyway? Why can't we all just be people? And let me ask you a question. If you weren't married ... And neither was I. If we just spent the weekend here together, like we are now. If we were in bed together, like we are now ... Would we have sex? No ... Just forget it. Gerry ... I'm lying here beside you happier than I've been in a long time. I want you. I'm not just using you to get back at Dean, because I've gotten so accustomed to being cheated on by Dean that it doesn't register any more. To be honest, I was never very upset. I just wanted to show that asshole that I can do anything he can. But ever since we left I've been wondering what my life would have been like with you. And I like it, so ..."

Before I could finish my sentence the hands on my boobs gently squeezed them. Suddenly my boobs were tingling the way my pussy had been. I moaned involuntarily.

One hand continued on my breast while the other started to rub my sides. And then he gently kissed my cheek. His tongue wandered down to my neck and earlobe. My toes curled up and I began to wonder what the hell he was trying to do.

I had expected him to mount me and fuck me the way Dean did. My pussy was already wet, which was something I also wasn't used to.

Gerry nipped at my neck and I was in heaven. When he saw how much I liked it, he kept doing it. He got back to my breasts and this time it was his lips and tongue. My nipples must've swollen up to twice their normal size. I pulled his head down and he continued to suck them even harder. He alternated from one to the other.

I felt weird. This was not the kind of sex I was used to. Gerry continued to lick and suck my breasts. He seemed to like them. He also stopped from time to time to kiss my lips. And then he got on top of me. He looked into my eyes and the expression on his face was odd. It seemed to suggest that he cared for me. Dean usually showed me either lust or boredom on the rare occasions that we had sex.

If Dean did it this way we'd have had a lot more sex.

Gerry kissed me again and ruined my life. His tongue worked its way into my mouth and began circling mine. I couldn't help it. I started humping my hips against him. This was sooooo different. For once I wasn't just letting myself be taken. I wanted to give myself to him. I spread my legs as wide as I could to show him that I was ready but he just kept kissing me. I was sure that I was going to have an orgasm from his kisses alone.

One of his arms was stroking my side again and I loved it. He finally stopped kissing me and trailed little kisses down between my breasts and onto my tummy. He kissed his way down past my pussy and onto my legs. His fingers found a spot behind my knee that tickled me in a weird way. My legs shot out even wider. I had no control over myself. It was clear that Gerry could make my body do anything he wanted.

I swooned and almost lost consciousness. My eyes shot open, wider than I ever remember them being as his tongue hit my pussy. He was teasing me. He licked along the outer edges and then with no warning plunged his tongue like a tiny dick inside of me.

I screamed louder than I ever had. The feeling was so good that I lost control. Gerry just held me down and kept going. He licked my pussy, like it was a lollipop. He touched every bit of it except for my clit. He was teasing me again. He had me on the edge and he knew it. And then he broke the mood by taking his tongue and slurping up my juices as if he was lapping up water from a dog's bowl. Despite myself I burst out laughing.

I pulled him back up to me and started kissing him again. I loved kissing him. He kissed me not to get into my panties or to show that he owned me. He kissed me because he liked kissing me.

He rolled me over onto my side and wrapped his arms around me again. He wriggled out of his boxers and I could feel the heat of his dick against my hips. We were spooned against each other and I reached back and rubbed his already hard dick. I was a bit surprised because he seemed to be bigger than Dean.

I didn't care because it was going in me no matter what I had to do. I turned my neck towards him and he started kissing me again. At the same time he lifted my top leg and scooted his hips until his dick was between my legs. He rubbed the head of it against my opening. I had never had sex on my side but I wanted to badly.

He pushed it inside of me very slowly. I expected pain, but I was so wet and so slippery that there was none. He pushed his way further and further inside of me until his lower abdomen brushed against my ass cheeks. I was on fire. It felt as if his dick had penetrated me much further than ever before.

He started to pull out and I was going to protest. I loved the feeling of fullness. It felt as if we were connected. But before I could say anything he pushed forward again sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. He let one of his arms drop down onto my tummy. The movement suggested possessiveness. And at that moment I wanted badly to be his.

He used that same arm to pull me even closer against him and ramped up the kissing. At the same time his hips started to become more aggressive as he plunged in and out of me.

The sensations coursing through me became more intense. I couldn't help crying out. "Ohhhhh yes ... Please don't stop," I cried.

When I had sex with Dean it was always like a violation that I allowed as part of our marital expectations. This was something completely different. I wanted this so badly I could hardly stand it. I was drooling and spouting gibberish.

"Come on baby, fuck me back," he said. My brain suddenly fired. And I realized that I was supposed to do something more than just let him do what he was doing to me.

"How?" I asked. "What do you want me to do?"

"Move your hips, Honey," he said affectionately. "Shake your ass like you did when you were dancing. Help me pump you. Fuck me back."

As he pushed forward I pumped my ass right back at him and the sensations became even stronger. I did it again and again. It felt so good. I felt like the sleaziest whore on the planet. And then it happened. My first ever non-self generated orgasm shot through me. It was as unstoppable as lightning. But I wouldn't have tried to stop it if my life depended on it.

"Whoooooooo ohhhhhh eaaahhhhhh!" I cried. Then I turned my face back to his and as my body sagged against him he held me up. His hips continued to move as he kept fucking me. Dean had never lasted this long. I had no idea that sex was supposed to last more than two or three hurried moments.

But it felt so good. It didn't feel nasty or dirty at all. It was beautiful and natural and I never wanted it to stop. He started kissing me again. Then he pulled out. As I began to object he rolled me onto my back and penetrated me again.

"This way I can see that beautiful face of yours," he said. The kisses continued and his hips moved even faster. It was strange he was fucking me faster but it was very gentle. He wasn't trying to dominate me or pound me. He was just working towards both of us getting off again.

I started humping my hips against his again and he threaded his arms through mine, hugging me against him. It felt as if we were blending. It wasn't just our bodies, our souls were touching.

Then it started, I could feel myself building up. I was going to cum again and this time I was sure he would too. I wanted him to cum inside of me. My mind had lost all conscious thought of anything other than accepting my lover's seed.

It suddenly dawned on me that we weren't using a condom. Ever since the second or third time that Dean had cheated on me, we never had sex without them. The thought was quickly abandoned as my pussy seemed to open up further to accept whatever he wanted to put into me.

My hips began quivering uncontrollably, just as the flood erupted from him and filled me with its warmth. I felt warm all over. I just wanted to lie there and soak in that moment of absolute bliss.

I figured that he would get up and go do something, the way Dean did. I figured that I would just lie there and bask in the wonderful sensations I was experiencing. There was much that I needed to think about. But Gerry surprised me again. He rolled off of me but he didn't leave. He wrapped those arms around me again, even as my body continued to tingle all over.

He pulled me against him snuggling me against his chest. He gave me tiny little kisses that made me feel loved.

"That was sooo good," he gushed. All I could do was squeeze him back. I was still too overwhelmed for coherent thought. "Thank you Laci. It was better than I ever imagined."

I wanted nothing more than to stay with him for the rest of that night. No ... There was something I wanted more. I wanted so badly to do it again.

At the same time there were so many things I needed to think about. What the fuck had Dean and I been doing? I realized that maybe it wasn't me who wasn't sexy. Maybe just maybe, Dean didn't know what the fuck he was doing. Gerry had me lit up like a Christmas tree.

I felt more like a whore than anyone's wife. I was lying there in the arms of a man who wasn't my husband and wanting nothing more than to spread my legs for him again. I was having very un-princess-like thoughts.

I was beginning to understand why Miranda acted the way she did. I would try to hurt anyone who tried to take Gerry away from me too. She could fuck Dean as often as she wanted. All I wanted was the chance to even things up by fucking Gerry.

Gerry should have been mine in the first place. I felt cheated. All of those times when we were younger and I'd told Dean that maybe we should try dating someone else came back to me.

I had been forced to live my life with a man who clearly didn't value me. And even more clearly had no idea how to please a woman. All of those articles I'd read in those women's magazines made sense now.

It wasn't me who was terrible in bed, it was Dean. He thought that all he had to do was force his dick into me or whoever else he was fucking until he came. His five minute fucks would never do anything except make me laugh from then on. Dean had actually been doing me a favor by cheating on me.

And then it started. I could feel Gerry's dick rising again between my ass cheeks. He squeezed me gently as if seeing if I was still awake. My hopes began to rise.

"Laci?" he asked, his voice almost desperate. There was no disguising the desire in his voice. I don't think anyone had ever wanted me that much. And on my part, I wanted him just as much. It was more than a want. It was a need. No ... need was also inadequate. It was simply inevitable.

"Could we please ..." His voice sounded as if he was being tortured. I knew that Gerry would never hurt me. He would never try to take me against my will but he was having trouble holding back. The hand that had been gently stroking my tummy was cupping my sticky pussy. The cum that was leaking from inside of me was already mixed with the lubricating juices that my body had already begun producing again.

"Fuck me Gerry," I hissed. "You can have me anytime you want me, any way you want me." It felt so good to be wanted. It did wonders for my ego to know that there was someone who wanted me so badly that it was painful. I wanted him just as much.

His desperation showed in what he did next. He rolled me over onto my tummy and pushed into me from behind. I pushed my ass back against him as hard as I could. We were locked in a feverish haze of lust. I rose up onto my knees and screamed. Gerry started fucking me harder. He grabbed my hair and yanked it like it was the reins on a horse. I loved it. He slapped my ass and fucked me even harder.

I moaned and begged him to fuck me. Sweat dropped from both of us. He reached around and grabbed my titties. He seemed to love them even though they weren't very big.

I suddenly realized that he did it because not only did he like them, he knew I liked it. It became even more obvious when he started rubbing my clit. I suddenly lost the ability to do more than mumble single syllable grunts.

The next thing I knew, I was cumming again. It felt as if I was falling down a rabbit hole into absolute madness. My pussy, not my brain was the center of my world and Gerry had control of it.

When I awoke the next morning, I was a different being. I was no longer a princess. I was no longer anyone's Barbie doll. I was no longer a girl. I was a woman. I was a well fucked woman, at that.

Gerry had fucked me for most of the night. We would fuck and then relax in each other's arms. Then we would start all over again. He had fucked me in more positions than o knew existed. We had descended into madness. I had done things that made no sense.

I had awakened to a whole new world. There were so many things that I never thought I would do that I had done. There were so many things that I had grown up with the idea that nice girls didn't do ... that I had done and begged for.

Sometime during the night, Gerry, with patience and a lot of lube had fucked my formerly virgin ass and I had loved it. I remember falling asleep with his dick inside of me. I awoke with his arms around me, while I clutched his dick like I owned it.

My eyes were stuck shut as I tried to open them. I sighed in pleasure even as I regained consciousness. Gerry was still asleep and lightly snoring. I loved the sound of it. His arms were locked around me. I wriggled free, instantly knowing what I wanted to do. I slid down the length of his body and took his sleeping dick in my mouth.

It was still sticky from our combined juices but I didn't care. My only thought was giving him pleasure.

His eyes popped open and his toes curled. "Lace, don't you want to have breakfast first?" he asked.

"We can have breakfast after we do this," I said. "Then we can do it again."

"I'm not sure I can," he said. "You drained me. I feel like I've been run over by a truck."

"Oh you can," I smirked. "Part of you is already up for the job." My second ever blowjob, the first being about three hours before, did its job. He was soon, maybe not as hard as a rock, but hard enough to do the job.

I straddled him and took what I wanted. I couldn't believe that only twelve hours before I had believed that sex was something a woman reluctantly did when she had no other choice.

I leaned over him; my long blond hair fell around us like a curtain. There was something I wanted to see. I pushed my mouth against his and he responded the way I hoped he would. He kissed me and opened his mouth to me. He obviously didn't give a fuck about my morning breath or the fact that I had just sucked his dick. Our tongues battled again, even as my hips started to move faster.

I was fucking HIM. I wasn't just lying there passively allowing myself to be taken. I was fucking HIM. And then it changed. He took my shoulders and gently rolled me over. He started kissing me again and then stabbed his white hot dick into my tender pussy. It was very sore, but I didn't care. Our hips formed a gentle rhythm and our souls joined again.

When he came he screamed into my mouth. I had the strangest feeling. It was like an out of body experience. My pussy clutched at him and spasms went through my body, but something much deeper inside of me fluttered. It was the most special moment of my life.

"Th-th-th-That's all folks," he laughed. "You have drained me of all bodily fluids." I laughed and he kissed me. I pulled the blankets back around us and we fell back asleep.

What must have been several hours later we both woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I was sure it was Dean and decided to ignore it. Gerry handed me the phone. He saw the name on the screen and realized that it wasn't Dean. It also wasn't Miranda. It was Dean's mother. We both liked her so I decided to answer it.

* * * * * *


I waited, not even daring to breathe, as Mary dialed Laci's number. We had decided that Mary would call Laci, since she had a connection with her as Laci's mother in law.

The plan was for Mary to call Laci casually, just to see how she was doing. Dean and I would listen in. Mary would start by just finding out how Laci was feeling and doing. If that went well she would try to get us as much information as she could. Dean and I were both dying to find out where she was and more importantly if she was still with Gerry.

If ... And only if Laci had calmed down, Mary would ask her if and when she was thinking about coming home.

"Hi Mary," said Laci from the phone. Her voice sounded scratchy and weird.

"Hi Laci," said Mary. "How are you?"

"Truthfully, I ... I feel like I've been run over by a truck," said Laci. "I can't seem to get out of bed. And I don't see any reason to do it."

"You got back into bed after having breakfast?" asked Mary.

"I didn't eat breakfast," said Laci. Mary shot her son an evil look.

"Honey, I know you're down, but you still need to eat and take care of yourself," said Mary. "I guess I expected Gerry to help you stay on an even keel. I always thought of him as being sensible."

"Hmph," said Laci. "He's worse than I am. I'm the one trying to prop him up. He's devastated. He's as weak as a cat. The man is totally drained. He may never be the same."

I suddenly felt feint at the thought of what I had done to my husband. I needed to hear his voice. "Have her put him on the phone," I whispered to Mary who looked at me angrily. I didn't give a fuck about blowing our plan. I needed to make sure that Gerry was okay.

"Laci, put Gerry on the phone," said Mary. "Maybe I can cheer him up."

"Mary, our rooms aren't on the same floor," said Laci. "If we ... I mean when we talk later, I'll have him call you."

"Okay, Honey. You do that," said Mary. "Laci, go get breakfast. You need to eat to keep your strength up. Get Gerry to eat too. Laci, do you think you're ready to talk to Dean yet?"

"Why, Mary?" said Laci. "What's the point? He's never going to stop. We probably shouldn't have gotten married.

"Laci, Dean and I have been talking a lot," Mary said. "He is so sorry. He's a different man. It's a different situation this time. He sees what he stands to lose. He wants you guys to go to counseling and he's going to go too. He wants to find out why he does this. He sees that things are different this time. Your leaving him made him realize how much he does love you. And Laci things are not as bad as you think. You don't have all of the facts. Just give it some thought."

Laci didn't say anything. I could tell that it was going to take some time and a lot of effort to convince her that this time really was different.

"Laci, ask Dean to call Miranda, too," said Mary. "The poor girl is going crazy with worry."

As Mary hung up the phone, Dean and I started talking.

"Well, I guess that answered a lot of our questions," I said. "You can relax Dean. They aren't sleeping together. They aren't even sleeping in the same room and their rooms aren't even together."

"How is that supposed to make me feel better?" asked Dean. "Gerry is obviously too busy crying over you to protect her. She could be fucking a football team while he's in his room on a different floor, sleeping."

"I don't give a bubbly fart who your wife fucks," I told him. "You deserve whatever she does and you know it. I just want my husband back. I'm going home to wait for him to call me."

"You two are terrible," said Mary. "Laci is too small not to eat, Dean. She's so depressed that all she does is lie in her bed crying. Didn't you hear how raw her voice was? And Gerry doesn't sound much better. And I think the two of them are so embarrassed by being humiliated by you two that they can't even face each other. That's probably why they don't even have rooms on the same floor. I really hope that this was worth it. You two have pretty much destroyed two of the nicest people I know."
As I left the diner and headed for my car, I heard someone calling my name. I turned and saw one of the guys who worked in the kitchen at Porky's.

"Hey Miranda," he said cautiously. He looked around to see if anyone was watching us.

"How are things with Gerry?" he asked.

"Not good," I said. I suddenly realized that a lot of people knew about our problems.

"I guess a bunch of people heard about you and Dean in Porky's office Huh?" he asked. I just nodded. "So I guess you probably don't want things to get any worse, would you?" he asked.

"How could things get worse?" I asked.

"Well, as pissed as he is finding out about this time ... Imagine if he knew about the other time that you and Dean got together."

"What the fuck are you ..." I began.

"Look Miranda," he said. "I don't want to rock your boat. And Gerry is a good guy, but I've had the hots for you since the first time I laid eyes on you. I know it seems like I'm being an asshole about this, but it may be the only chance I get."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"What I want is for me and you to get together just once," he said. "I swear I won't come after you ever again. I give you my word."

"Like I can trust the word of a guy who's trying to blackmail me," I said.

"You think about it," he said. "I'll be in touch."

I got into my car, not realizing that our entire exchange had been witnessed by someone else.

* * * * * *


I looked at her in confusion as she hung up the phone. "Laci ... You lied," I said.

"Of course I did, Honey," she smiled. "What do you think she was doing?"

"She called you because she was worried about you," I said.

"Nope ... She called me so my husband and your wife would know how we're doing. I'd be willing to bet that they were probably there with her, or that she's going to tell them everything that was just said," she told me. "And they need to worry about us and what we might do. But they don't deserve to know what we're really doing. Besides I didn't tell one lie."

"What about that stuff about our rooms being on different floors?" I asked.

"They are," she smiled. "Your room has a hard wood floor and mine has carpet."

"But she thinks that we're weak and depressed," I said. "She feels sorry for us."

"I told her that I hadn't eaten yet," she said. "If she thinks that means that I'm not eating at all, that's her fault. I told her that I hadn't gotten out of bed. That's true too. I just didn't tell her that the reason I hadn't gotten out of bed is because you keep fucking me. Do you want me to call her back and tell her that?"

"I guess not," I said.

"Good," she smiled. "Let's go make some breakfast ... Or are you not done fucking me yet?"

I looked at the floor in embarrassment. "Laci, I'm sorry. I just got carried away."

"Gerry, why the hell are you apologizing?" she smiled. "I loved every second of it. I enjoyed it at least as much as you did. Last night was the best night of my life. Whatever happens, I will never regret last night. I'm hoping for more of it too. But I'm going to need a few hours to recover because I think you broke my pussy."

Neither of us had the energy to cook, so we drove into town for breakfast.

As we sat down in a quiet little diner, it was hard for me to stop smiling. I also for some reason took every opportunity I could get to touch Gerry. I pushed his hair back from his face. I adjusted his collar. It was all I could do not to hold his hand. And within moments of us being seated I had moved a chair right beside him instead of sitting across from him.

Some of it was intentional, but a lot of it wasn't consciously done. I didn't really notice it until our waitress pointed it out.

"Good Mornin' folks," she smiled. "Are you two newlyweds?"

"What makes you think that?" asked Gerry. I tapped him on his shoulder.

"How could you tell?" I asked.

"Anyone can see it," she smirked. "You both have those "I've been fucking all night smiles. You both look like you just rolled out of bed and are exhausted and you still can't keep your hands off of each other. The fact that you're both wearing wedding rings proves that you're married, but most people who've been married for a while can't stand each other."

We ordered breakfast and she went off to handle whatever waitresses handle while waiting for your food to come up.

Gerry was lost in his thoughts. I had a few things going through my mind too.

"What she said ... You know it isn't always true, right?" I told him. "It definitely isn't true of you and Miranda. In the two days that we've been away from home all I've thought about is how great it would be to have someone love me as much as you love Miranda. I also figured out why she's so evil."

"Laci ... Miranda isn't exactly evil," he said.

"I know that now," I told him. "She's just kind of paranoid that someone will take you away from her. But, shit with a body like hers and that pretty face, I really don't know why she's worried. I don't think there's a woman in town that could come between the two of you."

"YOU could," he said. And my heart started tumbling. The contest was over. Gerry may have had a crush on me for most of our lives, but at that moment I realized that he was probably the love of my life. There was nothing I wouldn't do for him ... Including sending him back to the bitch he married.

"Gerry, I would never try to come between you and Miranda," I said. The words tasted like shit coming out of my mouth.

"So ... Where does that leave us?" he asked. There was confusion all over his face. Again my heart started to beat even faster. From the look on his face I could see that Gerry was ready to fight for us. I wanted so badly to cry, but I couldn't do that to him.

Unlike my asshole of a husband, Gerry was ready to put his marriage, his good guy status and his entire reputation on the line for our budding romance. If our lives had been a movie, I would have let him. Maybe if we were in a movie, the two of us could have gotten into his Mustang and drove away, never to return. We could have started a new life together somewhere else.

But we have spouses, no matter how undeserving, and families and other responsibilities that we simply could not walk away from.

"It leaves us the very ... very best of friends," I said softly. And we won't let anyone keep us from being that. We hold onto what we had this weekend as a very special memory, but we go back to our lives."

"Bullshit," he said angrily. He blew out a very long breath to calm himself down. "We need to leave and go for a walk by the lake," he said. I gestured and the waitress came over. She gave us the check. Gerry gave her the money and included a huge tip that had her smiling and telling us she hoped that we would come back often.

Gerry was almost in tears, but it was all I could do not to burst out in a huge smile. Gerry was fighting for us the way the man I had been married to for four years and had been coupled with since we were teenagers never had. It did wonders for my self-worth. My ego went through the roof.

Gerry had calmed down by the time we got to the lake. "Laci, you told me that Dean kept you from dating or even hanging out with other people while we were in high school and college. How do you think that he's going to react to you deciding that you and I are friends?" he asked.

"Because things are different now!" I said. "Gerry you have no idea what these few days have done TO me and for me. There is no way I will EVER let him or anyone else control my life. The hard part is going to be on your end. Miranda is not going to let anyone near you for any reason. She probably already wants to kick my ass."

"Oh that's going to change," he said. "If she has any hope of me forgiving her ... Or of us staying together, she's going to have to relax a lot of her habits. And as long as they don't know that we balanced the scales, we have the upper hand. But that brings me to our next issue..."

"Ooh ... We have issues?" I asked.

"We have to decide what we're going to tell them about what went on between us," he said.

"That's easy," I told him. "They already have the idea that the two of us spent most of our time crying over them. We were in separate rooms in the same hotel. That's all that went on between us."

"But isn't that lying to them?" he asked.

"Nope it's just withholding information," I said. "That's a minor sin. What they did is major. Hasn't she told you that she'd never cheat on you?"

He nodded his head. "So she lied to you," I said. "She not only cheated on you, but she lied as well. She doesn't deserve the whole truth. Besides we just gave them some simple statements like the fact that we were on different floors and they drew their own conclusions. Now we are going to have to lie to them, so let me do it. I'll cover both of us."

"How?" he asked.

"It'll be easy," I laughed. "Men have no subtlety. You guys think in totally linear fashion. I won't even have to lie. Dean is like most men, very direct. The main question on his mind will be whether or not we fucked. If I tell him we did, then in his mind we are even. Control goes back to him. So when he comes out and asks, "Did you guys have sex?" I just say, "Gerry and I aren't the type of people to cheat, you asshole. And two wrongs don't make a right."

"So you'll lie to him?" he asked. "A marriage based on lies isn't very good."

"Gerry, what I said was not a lie," I laughed. "I never said yes or no. I just gave him two more statements that are basically true. He will of course take them as meaning no, but that's on him. And most marriages are full of lies. A woman asks her husband if a dress makes her ass look fat, if he loves her, he lies to her. If he tells her the truth he doesn't get any pussy and their marriage is one step closer to divorce court. Women do the same thing. If you love someone you have to ignore the facts and build them up. That's how love works."

He shook his head.

"Gerry, I know that you have feelings for me, but don't you still love Miranda? Don't you intend to stay married to her?" I asked.

"I guess," he said. "After this weekend, technically we're even. But if she ever gives me any reason to believe that she did anything like this again, I won't hesitate to divorce her."

"So are you going to be totally honest with her?" I asked. "Are you just going to march into your house and say, "Miranda, I spent two nights and an afternoon fucking the shit out of Laci? I fucked her ass. She sucked the skin off of my dick. I ate her pussy until she begged me to stop and I just wore her tight little pussy out. Are you really going to do that?"

"Okay, I see your point," he said. "In this case telling the truth would do more harm to both Miranda and our marriage than keeping quiet would. In this case it's better for all concerned to live with the lie. But all of that wasn't true."

"Which parts?" I asked. "Did you not fuck this ass?" I slapped my butt after saying it.

"Well ... yeah," he said sheepishly.

"You were the first person to get it too," I said. "It will be something that I only do with you. So didn't you eat my pussy?"

"Yep," he said, again not meeting my gaze.

"I loved every second of it," I said and that was another first time for me. Dean is too macho for anything like that. I remember sucking your dick this morning. I've never done it before but I wanted to for you. I'm sure Miranda is better at it, but we did it."

"It was very good," he said. I noticed that his legs were rubbing together.

"I'm sure you remember us fucking a few times," I smirked.

"Of course," he said.

"So which part was a lie?" I asked him.

"We didn't have TWO nights and an afternoon. All we had was one unforgettable night and you forgot about the morning," he said.

"You're right, Honey," I said. "I completely forgot about the morning. But you forgot about this afternoon when we get back to the cabin. There's our afternoon. Then we're gonna take a nap in each other's arms for rest. Followed by you fucking me silly all night again."

That was kind of what happened. We did spend the afternoon having sex. And it was really good. We took a nap wrapped in each other's arms and I had a secret, two actually, that I wanted to tell him. But I decided to save them for another time. When we woke up, we showered together ... another first and then things changed.

Gerry drove us a long way out of the small town and into a larger city. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant. It was probably the fanciest place that I had ever been in. I appreciated the effort, but didn't tell him that it was wasted on me. I found our dinner at the small table, with the steaks we grilled to be far more romantic.

When we got back to the cabin, I guess I expected Gerry to take my clothes off and fuck me. But it was different. He stripped me slowly, kissing every inch of every part of my body as it was revealed.

He worshipped my body. If I had expected hard and fast fucking, I was wrong. It was so slow and caring that I almost cried. We kissed and caressed each other the whole time. It took forever for us to cum, but I was on edge the whole time. When he finally let me cum, it was as if the heavens had opened up and rained down on us.

We were both totally drained again. I wanted to savor my last night in Gerry's arms. But just as I settled in to go to sleep, he stole my moment. "I love you Laci," he said. I was so stunned that I couldn't reply.

Did he mean it? I lay awake thinking about it the whole night. It changed everything. I decided that first thing in the morning I would tell him too. After all my love for him had been one of the secrets I wanted to tell him. But as I thought about it, I realized that I had no right to.

Shit, the whole town knew how Gerry had always felt about me, but my feelings had developed over a weekend. And although I was very sure that they were real, I had no way of proving it or even explaining it.

The next morning, my fingers wrapped themselves around Gerry's dick.

"No, Lace," he said.

"My blowjobs are so bad that you don't want one for the road?" I asked.

He shook his head. And then he kissed me. His tongue went into my mouth and his arms wrapped themselves around me. He squeezed me so tightly that it was hard for me to breathe. I could feel how much he loved me.

"This is hard enough," he said. "If we have sex again, I'm not sure I'll be able to let go."

I nodded my head as if I understood. But my thoughts were different. "I was thinking, 'Then let's spend the rest of our lives fucking,' but I said nothing.

* * * * * *


She was coming home. They were driving back so we could talk. She'd called this morning just after they got on the road. It was a four hour drive according to her, so even if they stopped for lunch, they should be back by mid-afternoon.

But something was different about her. She didn't ask me what I wanted her to do. She didn't cry and ask me if we could talk about things. She flat out told me. She told me that we were going to talk ... And when she said all of us, I knew that she meant that Gerry and Miranda would be there too.

In a way, I was pissed because I figured that alone I could get control of the situation. She was probably drawing some kind of strength from Gerry. Maybe they had some kind of shared misery thing going on.

But on another level, I was glad to have some company or maybe some support because she sounded like she was awfully pissed. It almost sounded as if she was done with me. She made it seem like this was the straw after the last straw and she was only talking to me as a prelude to the divorce.

No matter what happened, I couldn't let her divorce me. Losing Laci would be the ultimate embarrassment. All of those people who'd told me that I wasn't good enough for her, would laugh me out of town.

I would become the laughing stock of the whole town. It would be especially bad for me if some other guy ended up with her. The only way I could save any kind of face would be if she ended up with Gerry. Gerry was as popular as I am and if he ended up with Laci and I got Miranda, I could make it seem like I had wanted it. I could let everyone in town know that their impression of Laci was fucked.

I could tell them that they had all been swayed by how pretty she is and how nice she is. They had no idea how boring she was or how terrible she is in bed. I could tell them how on our honeymoon, she had no idea how to do anything sexual. And how when I finally got her to give up the goods, she laid there like a rock.

Maybe some of them could understand why I cheated on her. And ending up with Miranda, who was almost as pretty, but a lot sexier would probably keep me on top of the heap. But since I couldn't count on getting Miranda unless Gerry left her, keeping Laci was a much safer bet.

Speaking of Miranda, I was pretty sure that I could help her with her other problem. And me doing so would go a long way towards winning both her friendship and Gerry's. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that becoming friends with Gerry was the answer to my prayers. If I gave Laci something to fucking do, she'd have a lot less time to worry about following me around and watching me.

And as my mom had pointed out, Gerry was far too honorable to try to fuck Laci. Plus there was the fact that Miranda watched him like a hawk. It would be perfect for everyone.

* * * * * *


I waited nervously at the same table we always seemed to sit at. It seemed strangely appropriate for us to meet at Porky's. He was even gracious enough to let us meet during the restaurant's off night. All we had to do was wait for them to arrive.

The door opened and I turned to see my Gerry, but it was only Dean. And he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

"We're going to fix everything tonight," he said. I didn't say anything.

"I know about the blackmail," he said. I turned to him in surprise.

"Let me guess," I hissed. "You're going to try to con your way into joining him, right?"

"What makes you think ..." he began.

"Because I know all about guys like you," I hissed. "All you think about is yourself and what you can get. Gerry is worth a thousand guys like you."

"Gerry has played second fiddle to me for his entire God Damned life," he said. "He has always been second best and he always will be. The girl he worshipped for most of his life... I fucked her and I married her. He got you as some kind of consolation prize because even God was tired of seeing him LOSE.

"And you ... Always acting like you're too fucking good for me. All I wanted was to help you out of a tough spot. I wanted us all to be friends. I figured that once and for all we could put this shit behind us. You seem to think that every man in the world wants to fuck you. Well Missy, I did too. I can't help it. I'm a man. But this time, I really did want help you."

I just looked at him and laughed. I laughed long and hard.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"I've done a lot of really bad things in my life," I said. "Before I moved here to start over, I was so desperate that I got pregnant by a married man. I was practically driven out of town. I thought it was the worst thing in the world at the time, but it was actually the best thing that ever happened to me.

I came here and started dating a few nice guys and one asshole. But then I met the man of my dreams. The one man who could love me for me and make me feel the way I've always wanted. He has only one flaw ... You of course. He seems to ... Like you said have an inferiority complex when it comes to you. I have no idea why. He's actually better looking than you are ... At least to me. I would die for him ..."
"Yeah" I got all of that, but what's so funny?" he asked.

"Do you know what they're blackmailing me with?" I asked him.

"I haven't got a clue," he said.

"Remember the first time we got together?" I asked.

"Oh ... That," he said. "So tell him about it."

"I can't," I said. "I could lose him."

"It's either that or cheat on him," he said. "But don't worry I have it all handled." He looked across the room to where a man was setting up a laptop and some other equipment. "You about ready Bob?" he yelled. The man have him a thumbs up sign.

Before I could ask him what was going on, they walked in. Laci looked pissed. She looked as if she wanted to tear Dean a new asshole with her bare hands.

Gerry on the other hand looked like he had lost his best friend. He hadn't of course. He could never lose me, no matter what. But he thought he had. I rose to go to him, but the look of pain on his face stopped me in my tracks. If anyone had ever caused Gerry that kind of pain, I would have killed them. The fact that it was me who'd caused it was devastating.

But this evening would see either Gerry and I re-united or it would be our end and the end of my life.

We sat down at one of the larger tables. Those tables were designed to hold eight people. It was strange, but it made sense. Gerry and I were angry at each other so as much as it hurt me, we sat across from each other like enemies. It was the same with Laci and Dean. At the same time I didn't want to sit very close to Dean and give Gerry the idea that there was something going on between Dean and me.

"I'll start," said Laci. It was out of character for her to be so forceful, so we listened.

"Dean this time was the straw that broke the camel's back," she said. "I want a divorce. I don't need to be married to a man who is constantly cheating on me. I've given you too many chances to stop and you haven't. Anyone who cheats on me this much can't love me so there is no point in us staying married.

Less than two weeks ago, you remember it, the night I got so pissed over you and that fat waitress that I got up on that stage and danced? I told you that night that if you ever did it again we were done. So you get a lawyer and I'll get one too and ..."

She stopped in mid sentence and looked at him. "You think this is funny?" she asked him. He just nodded.

"Laci, I love you, Honey," he said. "These three days that we've been apart have forced me to do some thinking. Being without you, even for three days made me take a long look at myself and there are going to be some changes. There are going to be changes both in our relationship and in me personally."

"It's ... It's too late," she said hesitantly. Again he shook his head.

"Why isn't it?" she asked. You could tell that Dean's speech had reached her. They had been together for too long. Any long relationship builds ties between people and something deep inside of her was telling her to at least listen to what he had to say.

Dean gestured to the guy sitting in the booth on the other side of the room. The man walked over to our table.

"Dean, you don't need him," said Porky suddenly. "I recognized his equipment. He's a polygraph operator isn't he?" Dean nodded.

"Why don't the four of you come into my office," said Porky.

When we were all settled in Porky's office and confused he pointed a remote control at a huge TV across from his desk. "Everything in my office is usually recorded," he said. "This will be better proof than your lie detector."

The TV came to life and we watched a scene from out in the bar first. It showed Dean angrily pacing the floor and watching the door.

"That was Dean three nights ago," narrated Porky. "He was pissed that you weren't there. Notice that he was so angry that he was ignoring my waitresses.

If you look across the room, you'll see Miranda. As usual she's alone. It's funny that a woman that hot is always alone. But watch this ... One of her husband's band mates comes over. You can't really hear the conversation over the noise of the jukebox and the drinking. But he told her that he'd seen Gerry, stuck in traffic and that Gerry had picked Laci up.

I think that's what started all of this shit, right?" Dean and I nodded.

"Dean got really pissed," continued Porky. "And so did Miranda. But I don't understand why? Dean, Gerry did a nice thing. Did you really want him to leave your wife stranded on the road? And you ought to know that you can trust Gerry. And you Miranda, Laci has gone out of her way to be friends with you. She's always defending you when some of those uppity bitches around town talk badly about you. And you ought to know that you can trust Gerry too. That man's whole fuckin' world revolves around you."

I nodded. "I know it does," I said. "And I love him just as much, but I get so jealous about Laci. She's so pretty and he liked her for so long ..."

"But he grew up and married you," said Porky. "And he never looked back."

"Anyway ... Moving on," continued Porky. "Here we see Dean screaming and making a fool out of himself. I didn't even have my security guys throw him out because if you look at the screen you'll notice that no one in the bar is paying him any attention, they've all seen it before. No one cares ... Except for you Miranda, that is. And this is the part where the two of you sit down and concoct your brilliant plan to get back at Gerry and Laci for cheating on you two.

If you continue watching the video you'll see Miranda jump up suddenly and slap the shit out of Dean. That was probably when he suggested that the two of you have a revenge fuck to make them jealous. Then Dean manages to calm her down. Look at the fire in her eyes. Gerry do you really think a woman who is that pissed at the thought of cheating on you would do it willingly?"

The screen goes blank and Porky fast forwards to the next section. This part is here inside of his office. It shows Dean and me sitting down. At first we barely talk and then we start playing cards. Suddenly, Dean jumps up and yells, "They're here." Then he opens his shirt and un-zips his pants like he's trying to get dressed quickly.

Laci comes into view. I can see her screaming at Dean and hitting him a couple of times.

The next thing I see is the look on Gerry's face when he sees me behind Dean. It is an amazing change. The normal happy expression on Gerry's face morphs in seconds. It's like seeing a sudden severe thunderstorm on a sunny day.

Within seconds his face is angrier than I have ever seen it. The rest is almost too fast to follow. Gerry is suddenly standing in front of Dean and then he's on top of Dean and beating the shit out of him.

I see myself there on the screen. I am totally confused. I keep asking myself, 'what just happened?'

Then Gerry is gone. A few seconds later Dean's Mom comes into the room and explains everything. After her explanation, I just felt empty. I felt empty and stupid. The video ended there.

"Gerry, I'm so sorry," I burst out. "I never should have listened to him. I just wanted to ... I didn't want to lose you. I never want to spend another day without you. I was just stupid and jealous, but I didn't cheat. I would never cheat on you. It was just Dean's stupid plan and it went wrong. Can you forgive me?"

He nodded and held his arms out. Relief filled his features and I was happier than I had ever been. I ran into his arms hoping that he could get over the next and final hurdle.

I looked at Laci and she was nodding her head. But strangely she wasn't as happy as Gerry and I were.

"So Lace, are we cool?" Dean smirked.

"Let's just say that we're slightly below room temperature," she said. "I'm holding off the divorce on a technicality. You didn't actually cheat, but it was only because Miranda wasn't willing to. Since you didn't cheat, I have to give you a chance, but I'm sure you'll fuck it up."

"So what about you, Laci?" he asked angrily. "You and Dean were in a hotel somewhere for three days. You were both pissed off at us for what you think we did about what we thought you two did ..."

"What exactly are you asking, Dean?" asked Laci angrily.

"Come on Lace," said Dean. "We're all adults here. And we're human. Emotions have been running high. And Gerry has always had a crush on you. I just want to know ... did you and Gerry fu ...?"

Before the words were out of his mouth Laci had slapped him so hard that her handprint showed through his three day beard growth.

"Fuck you Dean," she hissed. "When you were fucking Connie Walters on your lunch hours and I found out from her co-workers at the gas station, I didn't go out and fuck anyone. I forgave you. When you were so worried about whether or not you got Heather Springer pregnant and her daddy wanted to tar and feather you, I forgave you and again I didn't go out and fuck anyone."

"I'm sorry, Honey," mumbled Dean.

"Shut up, Bitch," she said. "Every time I turn around I'm hearing about you and some waitress or dancer and I've forgiven you time and time again. I have never once ..." She paused and wiped away a tear.

"Gerry was a complete gentleman," she said. "We had separate rooms. Our rooms did not connect. We weren't even on the same God Damned floor. Neither one of us is the cheating type and ..."

"Lace, I'm sorry," he whined. "I love you. I just had to know. I'll bet Miranda wanted to know too, right?" He looked at me for support and I just turned my head. But I was glad that Gerry hadn't slept with Laci. I would have forgiven him if he had, but knowing that he hadn't was a double edged sword for me.

If he had slept with Laci, I would have forgiven him in an instant, because of what he was about to find out. But at the same time there was no way I would have ever let him out of my sight again.

"Gerry, I want to apologize to you for ..." began Dean.

"You have nothing to apologize for," said Gerry. "Nothing happened."

"Gerry, ever since we were in short pants, you and I have been competing," said Dean. "And for a lot of it ... Most of it ... Okay, Damned near all of it ... I've cheated. You always did everything on the up and up, and you were always gracious about everything. As so many people have pointed out, we've grown up. I'd like us to be friends. I mean it."

I was shocked. But Gerry reacted the way anyone who knew him could predict that he would. He shook Dean's hand and told him that he'd like that too.

"Miranda," said Laci.

"You don't even need to say anything Blondie," I told her. "I think it's time I had a friend too. So if you want to volunteer ..."

In typical Laci style she came around the table and hugged me. She really was a nice woman.

"Laci, maybe we should wait until you hear the next part," I said. "You might be pissed at me, but I swear I didn't know back then."

"You don't want to be my friend?" she asked. She actually seemed to be hurt.

"Of course, I do," I said. "But you might not want to be mine in a few minutes. I'm trying to protect you, okay?" she looked confused.

"Gerry, we have another problem, Honey," I told him. "I'm being blackmailed."

"By who?" he asked angrily.

"I haven't done anything yet," I said. "And I have no intention of doing anything. I'm going to come clean and tell you everything, just listen okay. It covers a lot of things. You already know most of it, but Laci doesn't and some of it explains some things."

"Okay," said both Gerry and Laci.

"Wait a minute," said Dean. "Hey, Porky. Can we get some beers over here?"

"Help yourself," yelled Porky.

Dean went out onto the bar and stepped behind it. Gerry turned and looked at Laci and me.

"What can I get for you, ladies?" he asked.

"Honey, you already know what I want," I told him. "Bring one for Laci too." She smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders. "You're gonna love it," I said to her.

Dean came back with a bottle of Porky's aged Jack Daniel's whiskey and a plate full of bar snacks. A few moments later, Gerry joined us with a full tray. Dean started laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Laci.

"Look at Gerry carrying that tray," he said. "Thanks to him I got one last notch on my belt."

"Huh?" said both Laci and me. Neither of us got it.

"Every time I came into this place I always made friends with one of the waitresses," he laughed. The three of us had to join him laughing because it really was kind of funny.

As we settled in, I was just about to start my explanation when Laci sipped her beer. "Holy shit, this is good," she said. "What is this?"

"It's my favorite Beer. It comes from a brewery in Wisconsin," I told her. "It's called, "Not your father's root beer."

Then I started my story.

"I grew up in a normal family in Ohio. I was the youngest of three kids and the second girl. Except for being the baby, I was pretty much ignored. My older sister, had long pretty blond hair, like yours, Laci. My older brother was one of the best athletes in the school. I was just their awkward baby sister, until I turned eleven and started to develop. I started kind of early and by the time I was thirteen, my boobs were bigger than my sister's but everything else on me could have been on a twelve year old boy's body.

It was strange, because mentally and emotionally, I was still just a kid. I really didn't understand why all of a sudden I couldn't go down to the pond and jump in wearing just a t-shirt and some shorts. I told my mother that she had let me do it only a week earlier and I had always done it before then.

It turned out that my brother had gotten into several fights over the reaction that some of his friends got from seeing my boobs dancing around under my wet t-shirt. Every boy and a lot of men in our neighborhood started hanging out around the pond, hoping I would go down there to play.

At the same time, I had always been too much of a Tomboy to have many friends among the girls in the neighborhood, but suddenly, not only did I have fewer female friends, but the girls not hanging out with me because of our differences in activities turned to absolute hatred.

I hadn't done a single thing to earn their hatred. But the fact that a bunch of boy-crazy girls finding out that most of the boys were interested in my boobs when they didn't have any; was more than enough.

It took another three years for my next growth spurt. I didn't get any taller thank God. I was already this height at 15 and praying every day that I didn't get any taller. My mom told me that I was lucky. She told me that all of the famous runway models were tall. My sister reminded her every time she said it, that models didn't have huge boobs. Even my own sister hated me. But when I turned sixteen my skinny legs thickened and took on a shape.

It seemed like over-night my ass rounded and my hips widened. When I returned to school, the rumors started. Some said that I had spent the summer working as a stripper. Others swore that I had taken up bodybuilding. Some of my brother's friends thought that I was using steroids and working out. In reality I had spent the summer learning how to drive. I had sat on my ass the entire summer, listening to my dad preach about proper driving techniques. I had never seen the inside of a gym and that was a good thing.

I was not athletic in any sense of the word. I can't do anything athletic. My boobs are too big for me to run. Even in a sports bra their up and downward motion is painful and it gives me stretch marks. My hips are also so wide that my knees are injured too easily for any type of running movement.

I tried dancing but it caused too many problems. Because of my boobs and my ass any type of movement seems sexual. I had other problems. Most of the boys my age were too intimidated to approach me. And I had no interest in boys, which made some of the girls sure that I was a lezzie.

I was finally rescued from all of the drama by graduating from high school and leaving it all behind. My grades were fairly middling, mostly because I had never really applied myself.

I enrolled in the local community college, where I quickly began to make friends. A big part of my problem was the bullshit I went through in high school. I had no socialization skills, so I didn't really know what to do.

But just like in high school there was a group of bitches who were ready to paint me as evil. I went out with a few men and right away got taken advantage of. I was so desperate for friends and for someone to love me that I fell for almost any line. Before long, I had a reputation only this time it really was true.

My salvation arrived in the form of my English teacher. He had a way with words. He seemed to always know exactly what to say to me. He told me that I too had a gift for writing that should be explored and nourished. Luckily for me, he was willing to help me.

Before long we were spending so much time together that I became unavailable to anyone else. That seemed to cool down some of the rumors about me that those catty bitches seemed to like spinning.

He was everything I always wanted. Or at least I thought he was. He was attentive. He was kind. He made me feel really special. He said the nicest things to me. Unfortunately, he was married. He had three kids and he was the biggest liar I ever met.

I didn't find out any of this until it was far too late. I was already pregnant with his child. But even then, he managed to play on my stupidity. When I found out that he was married, he spun that too. He told me that his wife didn't understand him. And I believed him. He told me that he was in the process of getting a divorce. And I believed him again. He told me that it wasn't a good time for us to have a child. I was too young and when we went to court for the divorce, I would be drawn into it and made to look really bad. Naturally, I believed him. I got the procedure done and our child was no more. I really believed that he was as sorry as I was.

I believed him all the way until I heard him with my own ears, talking to one of his friends. He told him that I had the best body he had ever seen and fortunately for him, I was also the stupidest, most gullible girl he had ever run into. There was no chance of him giving up his wife and kids for me. He was also having trouble giving up my body... Not giving me up, just my body.

Our relationship soon got out, and he ended up getting a divorce for real. His wife took him to the cleaners. He lost his career, his money and any chance of ever seeing his kids again. Unfortunately, my reputation was made even worse. The only way for me to stay sane was to leave town.

My family sent me to a therapist to deal with my issues. It took a little over a couple of years for me to get over it all. When I moved here to live with my aunt, I was ready to start my life.

I decided that I would never be used again. I would also not be a victim of any catty bitches for any reason. A couple of days after moving here, I wasn't sure that I wanted to stay. There was really nothing I could find a job doing that was even close to my career field. My aunt encouraged me to look around the town. I went out a couple of times. The first time was with my aunt. We went to the ice cream parlor in town. I met a lot of guys, who all seemed interested in me.

The next day, I was still living out of a suitcase. Gerry came over early in the morning to do some chores for my aunt and I saw him. I heard the way he spoke to my aunt, and there was just something about him. While he was trying to fix her lawn mower and was trying to look at some stupid part on the motor, I saw his face. I saw his eyes.

I saw the kindness there and the honesty. More than anything else I saw the love there. No he didn't love me. He'd never met me. Obviously that love was generated for someone else. But I fell, ass over tea kettle for him, that day before he ever saw me.
I decided then and there that it was my turn to win. I knew that I was pretty. I also knew that I was built the way that drives men crazy. I was pretty sure that I could get him. And I'm ashamed to admit this, but I didn't care of he was married or not.

I went to the party with that Rick guy, because he told me that everyone in town would be there. I had no interest in Rick. I was just using him to go to the party. Before you all paint me as some kind of bitch, Rick was just using me too. He was using me in one way and hoped to use me in another way as well.

He took me to the party, to show me off and give people the idea that something was going on between us. He also enjoyed rubbing me in Dean's face. I had no idea who Dean was, or that he had just married you Laci. As I said I was only looking for Gerry. I wanted to meet him so badly it hurt. I would have done anything for a chance to meet him.

Dean and I had a conversation about it at the party. He tried to come on to me and when I told him about Gerry, he flipped out. He told me I couldn't be looking for "Gerry Fuckin' Louis," but I was. He told me that he knew Gerry really well. He told me he could tell me everything I needed to know about Gerry. He claimed that he had beaten Gerry at everything they tried since birth. He also claimed that the two of us should get together so he could give me the low down on Gerry and how best to get him.

We ended up in a motel room, where he thought he was going to get some. I'm sorry Laci, but I had no idea who you were, or that you were the woman Dean married."

"So the bastard was cheating on me less than a day after our Honeymoon?" screamed Laci.

"You guys said that you would just listen," I reminded her. Laci calmed down, but both she and Gerry looked really pissed. Gerry's hands were opening and closing into fists so I had to get on with my story before the shit hit the fan again.

"Dean claimed that he would only give me the information on how to get with Gerry if I gave him something. How about a blow job to start? I asked him. He agreed so I told him to take his clothes off. Once he was naked, I told him to tell me something about Gerry and then we would start. I warned him that he had probably never been blown off the way I was going to do it before. That got him excited and I noticed that his little dick was bouncing up and down. And when I say his little dick, well Laci, you know what I mean, right?"

Laci looked confused. "Isn't his the normal size," she asked. "I've never seen another one in real life."

"Lace, we really have to talk," I told her. "Anyway, that was when Dean told me that I was wasting my time with Gerry, because he was already in love with someone else. He told me that my Gerry was in love with you Laci. He told me that Gerry was probably not interested in anyone else and would probably leave the area for good because you had just married someone else.

He didn't tell me that he was the person you had married. Then he asked me if I was ready to blow him off. I told him that I was and turned to leave.

He was pissed. He ran out of the room, naked and screaming at me. His exact words were, "What the fuck are you doing? You promised."

I told him that I had promised to blow him off and he had just gotten blown off, I then reminded him that he was naked and standing in a public street. He ran back into the motel. I didn't realize it but several people had seen us. One of them is the guy who's trying to blackmail me now."

"But you didn't do anything, Honey," said Gerry. "You could have told me this."

"Well, we brought the polygraph guy to prove to you and Laci that nothing happened," said Dean.

"We don't need him," said Gerry. "I know Randa well enough to know that she wouldn't lie to me. At least I hope not." Then he took my hand. "Honey, why go through this? Why not just tell me?"

"Gerry, you have a complex where Dean is concerned," I said. "You just give up and concede the battle. It's like you already know that he's going to win every time. I was afraid that if I told you that I had gone out with Dean, even if it was before you and I met, you would just leave me and let him have me. Gerry I would do anything to keep you Honey. So if I had to live with a lie, so be it. As long as we were together and happy, I would have taken it to the grave. I love you Honey."

"So it's over," said Laci. "The asshole, whoever he is has nothing to use against you, Miranda."

"Oh Hell no, it isn't," said Gerry angrily. "No one blackmails my wife and gets away with it."

"But they didn't actually get anything," I said. "I have never cheated on you and I never would have. That's why I told you. So they have nothing to hold over my head."

"It's nowhere near enough," said Gerry.

"You sound more like me every day." smirked Dean. I have a plan.

* * * * * *


Two hours after our big talk. I was running on adrenaline. My emotions were all over the place. There were so many things going on that I couldn't count them.

I was more in love with Miranda than ever. Finding out that she had never cheated on me, had changed everything. Finding out more about her past, had made me love her even more. I know some guys would probably be upset that she had set out to get me by any means necessary. But I loved it. Guys go after women all the time. We see a woman we like, we ask her out, we show her the best we have to offer and hope that she falls for us. Why the hell can't a woman do the same thing?

Men chase a woman because she has a nice ass, or a huge rack, or just because we want to fuck her. Miranda chased me because she was sure that I would love her the way she wanted to be loved and because she was sure that I would never hurt her. Isn't that why we all fall in love in the first place?

Laci was a big fucking complication. I had loved her since ... Shit, since forever. Once she had married Dean, I had faced the fact that she would never be mine. I had grown up and surrendered to reality. I had moved on. But our weekend together had fucked that all up. I was just as much in love with Laci as I had ever been. Fuck, I had spent 3 days with the woman and found that she exceeded every fantasy I'd ever had about her. And she'd fallen in love with me too. I know she had. I could feel her love in every breath she took. Every glance she gave me told me that she loved me as much as I loved her. I just couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on.

Then there was Dean ... I'm having trouble processing that. For most of my life I hated the bastard. But now I was counting on him and his plan. And truthfully, I kind of liked the idea of us being friends. I mean I have lots of friends, but who couldn't use a few more? Besides, if the two of us really are friends and hang out together sometimes, I'll get to see Laci. As much as I intend to stay married to Miranda, forever, I need Laci too.

Lastly, there's the blackmailer. My intention is to beat the hell out of the guy. I hope he starts some shit after we catch his ass. The plan is simple. Miranda called him and told him to come to Porky's to collect his blackmail. She told him that she would only do it once. He laughed at that. Which told us that he'd planned on continuing this for a while.

She would take him to Porky's office. We would record him trying to blackmail her. And then before things went too far, Dean and I would corral the guy and then turn him and the tape over to the cops.

I was hiding under the desk that Miranda was sitting at. Dean was hiding in the closet. We waited patiently. I tickled Miranda's legs as we waited. I walked my fingers farther and farther up her legs.

She spread them to allow me to go even further.

"Gerry, when we get home, I'm gonna snow you how much I missed ..." She was cut off as a man knocked on the door to the office and then came in. The thing that we were not prepared for was that he wasn't alone. From under the desk all I saw was three sets of legs. I couldn't see the men. I couldn't see how big they were or how old. And all I could do was hope that Dean didn't chicken out and bail on me. I was in no matter what. There was no way I would let them have Miranda.

"Wait a minute," said Randa. "This is supposed to be you and me alone. You never said anything about anyone watching us. I did not agree to that. It was not part of our deal."

"Deals change baby. That's how business works," he said. "Besides they aren't watching, they're participating. They want to fuck you too."

"It's not going to happen," said Miranda. "I won't do it. I've never had sex with more than one person at a time and you bastards aren't going to blackmail me into doing it now."

"Yeah, you will," said the man. "If you don't, your marriage is over. I'll drive right over and tell Gerry what I saw."

"That's blackmail," said Miranda. "It's illegal. It's wrong!"

"Fucking some guy you aren't married to is wrong too," said the guy. "Especially when he's the guy your hubby hates most."

Miranda got up. Her short skirt and low cut blouse were perfect. The three guys were so busy salivating over her that their attention was taken away from Dean moving into place behind them.

"So baby, what's it all about? And why did you move the chair out from the desk?" asked the guy. He turned to his friends and smirked. "Was I right? I told you she'd do it."

"That makes four things that you were wrong about," said Miranda. "The first was that I never fucked Dean. It didn't happen. The second was that my Gerry and Dean hate each other. They've grown up and moved past all of that childhood shit."

All three guys were looking at each other. Miranda's acting performance was over. She was no longer pretending to be afraid. In fact she was smiling like she was attending a performance of her favorite act.

"The third thing you were wrong about is thinking that I would ever fuck anyone as loathsome as you three. Anyone so low as to have to blackmail a woman to get her to sleep with them just disgusts me. I'd rather lose my husband than soil myself with you pathetic losers," she said. By that time it was the men who were nervous. I was sure that they knew something was going on.

"And the last thing you were wrong about was the reason I moved my chair," she said smiling. "I wanted to watch my husband kick your ass!" Even as she said it I was standing up and launching myself at the three men. The second guy looked younger and fitter than the other two. I went for him first. I swear to God there was something familiar about the guy. He was back peddling as my fist hit him. It dulled some of the force from my blow.

But as if we had planned it. I didn't need much force. Dean stuck his leg out behind the guy, causing him to tumble to the floor. I dove on him and punched him in the face three times as hard as I could. He was seeing stars after that. I turned to the guy who'd been doing all of the talking. Dean grabbed the other guy by his collar and threw him face first into the brick wall of Porky's office. He didn't get up.

The guy I was after tried to run. I kicked him in his ass so hard it lifted him off of his feet. He sprawled on the floor ahead of me and tried to get up.

I jumped and landed on his back taking him to the floor. "Gerry, please!" He screamed. "I couldn't help it. That bitch is too hot. Anyone who saw her would want to fuck her."

"Well, think about that while you're in jail," I said.

"What!" he whined in surprise. "You kicked our asses. We're even."

But even as he spoke ... Well ... Even as he whined, Porky came in with several police officers. Each one of them grabbed one of the blackmailers. As an officer grabbed the younger, more fit guy, he shook his head. "Officer Carroll, I'm shocked," he said.

Suddenly I remembered where I had seen the guy. He was the cop who had written me the speeding ticket and couldn't take his eyes off of Miranda. All three of them ended up doing hard time. The judge sentenced Officer Carroll with the longest sentence. He got ten years and he deserved it.

That night was the start of a beautiful friendship. We really became great friends. We did a lot of things together. About a month later we were right back at Porky's. We were all sitting at a table together Miranda and Laci were drinking that root beer flavored beer that they both loved. Dean and I were talking about things we would love to someday do. I burst out laughing when Dean told me that he had always wanted to stage dive and be carried by a crowd. It went back to his football days when he always wanted to throw the winning pass and be carried away on the shoulders of his team mates.

Just as he was telling me that story, Porky tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear. His band was late again so I had to go to work. I gestured to the guys in the band and Laci whispered, "Play, "Any way you want it." I smiled and nodded my head.

I was finally happy, but there was a nagging in the back of my head. I was sure it was guilt, but I put it away and surrendered to trying my best to replicate Neal Schon's intricate guitar work.

The crowd was rocking with us from the opening bars of the song. And almost as if it had been planned, halfway through the song Laci came prancing onto the stage, shaking her little butt in time with the music. I had kind of expected it when she told me which song to play.

What I hadn't expected was that she'd dragged Miranda onto the stage with her. The two women danced with me and with each other sending the crowd into a fury. I looked down at Dean and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled. I gestured for him to come up onto the stage too. He ran up the stairs as the music continued. I looked out at the people on the dance floor near the stage and leaned carefully over the edge. Several of the people near the stage grabbed my legs and my waist and then my back, supporting me as I continued to play. After a few seconds I was back on this stage and roaring into the song's ending solo with Miranda on one side of me and Laci on the other.

"Now's your chance, Dean," I yelled. He smiled and nodded his head. He approached the lip of the stage and then drove out over the people near the stage. I had never seen anything like it. There must've been forty guys there. And most of them must've hated Dean, because as he soared over their heads expecting to be borne aloft by their hands, they all moved. Dean hit the dance floor so hard I could feel the vibrations through the stage. I swear there was an indentation in the hardwood floor.

Dean popped back up, yelling, "Very funny guys. I'm okay."

The song ended and the wives and I went over to him. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said loudly. But then he whispered in my ear, "I'm not fine. Take me to the fuckin' hospital."

A doctor saw Dean. He wanted several X-rays to determine the extent of Dean's injuries.

"Sweetheart," said Laci. "We're here too early. We shouldn't be here for another eight months."

"Yeah, but you'll be the one in pain then," said Dean. Miranda and I had no idea what they were talking about.

"We're having a baby," said Laci. She seemed ecstatic about it. If I had any doubts about their marriage, that news had put them to rest. And as they say all's well that ends well.

The end?

Epilogue 1


Being friends with Gerry turned out to be a good thing for me. Without even realizing it Gerry became the perfect wing man. I quickly saw that my plan to get close to Gerry and Miranda wasn't going to work. That woman was crazy about her husband. There was no way she would ever cheat on Gerry. And he was equally devoted to her. The good thing about it was that whenever I wanted to get some on the side, I just mentioned going over to Gerry and Miranda's place and Laci would take off and meet me there.

She never even wondered where I was anymore. And since she trusted me, I got all the pussy I could find. I mean I love Laci, but except for the first night after she and Gerry came back, sex between us quickly went back to where it was.

That first night was so weird. It was like she couldn't get enough of me. And for the first time in a long time she didn't make me wear a condom. Well ... To be truthful we were both so glad that we were still married that we just forgot them. Except for the fact that she just laid there as usual, it was kind of good.

It was so good in fact that, I tried again the next night, but she told me that my big old dick had made her little pussy too sore. We did it again a few days later. But it wasn't as good. A few days after that we did it again and she told me that I had to learn to be gentler. I could tell that she'd been reading her women's magazines again. She was asking me to do things like lick her down there and I wasn't having it. Especially since she wouldn't give me a blow job.

I came home one night about a month after she'd left me, it was the night before my stage diving incident where I broke both of my wrists and sprained my right knee. Laci was all smiles. I was sure that she had found out about the sympathy fuck I'd gotten from the counter girl at the donut shop and was going to kick me to the curb.

She kept calling me, "Daddy," and smiling.

"Guess what you did, Daddy," she said.

I was just about to confess and beg her forgiveness, when she just blurted out. "You got me pregnant, Daddy!"

Shit, that was a close call. Too much of Gerry's fucking honesty had rubbed off on me and it was almost my undoing. But I was going to be a father. That news made me realize that as bad as I thought things were, they were pretty good. Okay, Laci sucks in bed. I would still rather be married to her than anyone else. And now that I have Gerry and Miranda keeping her occupied, I can her all of the sex I need from an almost endless supply of bimbos and sluts.

So every time that Laci smiles at me and asks me if I've gone back to cheating on her, I pretend to get upset. I also lie to her face and tell her that having a child on the way has made me grow up. She loves hearing that and smiles every time I tell it to her.

It's mostly true. It's only a little lie. Okay, it's a big fuckin' whopper so I don't have to tell her that she's both the most beautiful woman in town and the worst fuck in the universe. But if it makes her happy and keeps our marriage running smoothly ... I can live with the lie.

* * * * * *


I have to admit it, having Laci as a friend is great. She gives me someone to talk to and hang out with. I'm also a lot freer and I don't need to constantly stalk my husband. Now that my date, or what have you, with Dean is out, Gerry and I have almost no secrets from each other.

As Laci's belly gets bigger and her little boobs swell to the point where it almost looks like she has some, it brings to mind my last lie. Every time we talk about Laci and her baby, Gerry hints about how much he would love to see me pregnant.

He talks about how incredible my boobs would be, swollen up with milk, and we end up in our bed fucking up a storm. Of course we always end up there anyway, but it just seems to be so much better when Gerry is trying to knock me up.

I love him so much. I can't afford to lose him. He would make such a great father. Not telling him that the abortion messed up my insides to the point where I can't have kids is awful. But I can't risk losing him. I'm sure that after a few years of trying, he'll begin to wonder. And I'll have to keep lying to him, so I don't lose him. Who knows? Maybe he would stay married to me even if he knew we could never have kids. But I can't risk it. I came too close to losing him over that shit with Dean.

I feel awful for lying to him. Eventually, we'll see a doctor and he'll find out. I'll try to out that off and avoid it for as long as I can. And when he does find out, I'll swear on a stack of bibles that I had no idea. I know it's a lie and a particularly bad one to use on a man who loves me as much as Gerry does. But I can't be without him. So I'll do my very, very best to be the most awesome wife ever. And in the meantime, I'll live with the lie.
* * * * * *


I love Miranda. We're happy again. Miranda loves me. I feel awful for keeping the secret about my weekend with Laci from her. It feels like I'm lying to her. Of course she never asks about it. That makes it easier. The fact if the matter though is that as much as I love Miranda. I love Laci too.

And the two of them have become as close as sisters. Laci is at my house every day. And every time I look at her, I swear something passes between us. It makes me feel guilty all over again. I'm glad that Laci's marriage is back on track and doing better than ever. I think she's going to be a great mom. And impending father-hood seems to have done wonders for Dean too.

But still the secret of my weekend with Laci lingers. Sometimes I think that I should tell Miranda. I mean she bared her soul to me and told me all of her secrets. Shouldn't I be man enough, or honest enough to do the same. There is after all a case to be made for the fact that withholding information or secrets like this can be considered a lie of omission. I hate lying.

The problem is that if I come clean, it could ruin both my marriage and Laci's. And Laci has a child to think of. Besides, I have no idea how she feels about me now. I've heard that women are even more strongly bonded to the man who gives them a baby. She's probably chalked our weekend up to just something that happened and forgotten about it.

More than anything else, I want both her and Miranda to be happy. So my punishment is to live with the lie. If living with the lie avoids hurting the two most special women in my life and avoids hurting Dean, I have no choice. I'll have to live with the lie.

* * * * * *


Every time I look at Gerry, I think about how much I love him. But I know that he loves Miranda. I have never felt the way I feel about Gerry about any other person in my life. And that includes the bastard I'm married to.

I consider the time we're living in, the second phase of my marriage. This second phase is the one where I'm more enlightened. I'm no longer the pretty but stupid girl that Dean married. That Laci wasn't a woman. She was a girl. Laci the girl, was a princess who dreamed of love. Laci the woman has found it and will do whatever she has to do to protect it.

So as soon as I got back with Dean, I got him to fuck me without a condom. It was awful. He only lasted four fuckin' minutes. He just slammed his little dick into me a few times until he squirted and started patting himself on the back. He really thought he had rung the little woman's chimes.

Oh yeah, we had sex. But this time Dean was the one who got fucked. I actually let him have me a couple of other times over the next few weeks to make it even more plausible. I made each time worse. I was almost glad when he started cheating on me again so I didn't have to fuck him anymore.

I finally understand that Dean cheating on me is a good thing. Dean is happy. I'm happy and Gerry is safe. I can still remember the night I told him about the baby. I had thought so many times about how he and Gerry have become as close as brothers. It would have been really funny to just come out and say, Dean, I'm pregnant. You're going to be an uncle.

But I didn't. I have to protect Gerry in any way that I can. I really do love being friends with Miranda. I can actually trust her. Unlike so many of the women I grew up with who claim to be my friend but are really jealous of the way I look.

But besides having a friend, there are two other benefits to the friendship. The first is that I get to see Gerry almost every day. I swear when he looks at me, I can feel that he still loves me too.

The second benefit is that with us all being this close, Gerry can be in his daughter's life from the moment she's born.

So technically, I'm no longer a princess. I guess I've graduated to being a bitch. I mean there are so many lies that I'm holding onto. I fucked Gerry and fell in love with him. Gerry got me pregnant. An even bigger secret is that I wanted him to. I knew before we even slept together that Gerry was the love of my life. With all of the guys I knew scheming and trying to get into my pants, Gerry was the one guy who treated me with so much love, so much kindness that I fell for him instantly.

So yeah, his baby was planned. Having Dean support and help me to raise Gerry's baby seems cruel doesn't it? Believe me the bastard deserves it. I'm not just talking about all the times he cheated on me for the last four years that we've been married. He deserves it for all of the times he cheated on me BEFORE we were married. He also deserves it for trapping me in this sham of a relationship and preventing me from even having a chance to meet someone else.

I can't fault Miranda for scooping Gerry up. But if I'd had my chance ... If Dean hadn't kept me locked up for most of my life, I could have been truly happy. But at least I get to see him, daily. And every time our eyes meet and we hold each other's gaze for a short time longer than we should, I get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Those few seconds when I remember us together, make all of the lies and bullshit, seem minor in comparison. And I see Gerry in our daughter's expressions and in her eyes. So yeah, I'll live with the lie.

The end?

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