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by BrettJ © 2015

I knew that my life was going to be complicated from this day forward. After all, isn't love always complicated? Still, none of that mattered. After nearly 27 years of "confirmed" bachelorhood, I had finally allowed myself to fall in love. That wasn't the issue – the issue was who I had fallen in love with. I'm getting ahead of myself, so please allow me to tell my story. This story belongs to myself and to MY Jennifer.

As you may have gathered from the above statement, my being a bachelor was not a matter of my own choosing. I simply had no luck with the ladies. To clarify, I had lots of dates – just nothing long lasting.

Here are a few examples for you to ponder. One girl I went out with was a pretty young brunette named MaryAnn – spelled exactly that way. Perhaps that should have set off a few warning bells.

MaryAnn was a barista I met at the coffee shop I frequented. Some people will tell you it's a mistake to date someone you meet at a place you frequent. I have one thing to say about those people – they are SO right!

I had wanted to ask MaryAnn out for some time and finally, a mutual friend of both of ours dared me to do it. As I knew I'd face endless months of persecution if I didn't act on that "suggestion", I caved and invited MaryAnn to join me for dinner. Said dinner was nice, it was followed by some lunches and a few more dinners. Just when I thought things were going to amount to nothing more than dinners and a few fleeting kisses, MaryAnn set me straight on that.

She wore an outfit to one of our dates that was the exact opposite of the sweet and demure MaryAnn I had come to know over the past six months. The skirt was made of black leather, the blouse was gauzy and I could easily see MaryAnn's best assets, for she wasn't wearing a bra. I was glad we weren't going to a fancy place for dinner, because she was really putting it all out there. As she slid into the passenger side of my sporty MG, I was easily able to discern that she was equally devoid of panties and wore the sheerest, blackest stockings I'd ever seen. She was also wearing an audacious and high pair of stiletto heels. MaryAnn certainly was putting all of her cards on the table – my new girlfriend wanted some action that night and I was going to be the happy recipient of her desires.

It got even crazier – she kept moving my hand under the table at the restaurant to finger her horny little pussy. She was wet, hot and tight – so far, so good. After we finished our meal and drinks, MaryAnn put her fingers to her lips to inform me I was to stay silent. Then, in a crazy move, she went under the table, unzipped me and fished out my cock. Yes, you guessed it – she took out my cock and gave me a blowjob in the middle of a crowded restaurant. I couldn't believe this was the same almost-shy chick I had known for several months. She was very good at her job and I came just in time, for our server returned only scant minutes after she was again seated beside me.

"I like acting the slut once I get comfortable around someone," MaryAnn grinned as we walked outside to the car. "I like to cut loose and if it has to do with sex, it's okay with me!"

I should have been thrilled, right? MaryAnn told me about a few of her adventures and they always sounded cool. She'd had sex in the middle of a thunderstorm. She once had sex with the wife of a good friend and when the husband caught them, they both fucked his brains out. She liked to be tied up. She loved it a bit rough, with hair pulling and spanking. She admitted to being a freaky chick.

I'm sure some of you are thinking this was an idyllic situation. A girl who is up for anything and would likely agree to a threesome – perfect, right?

No, not exactly.

Our sex that first date was amazing. She almost tackled me to get me into her bedroom and once the little clothing she had on was removed, she let it all go. Using some of the most profane language I've ever heard, MaryAnn showed me that she was a force to be reckoned with. She fucked me with a vengeance and there wasn't a lot of foreplay needed. She just wanted to get on top of my cock and fuck me until I couldn't think – I mean that almost literally. She got me to cum at least four times that night and by the time I made my way home, it was 4 AM and I was out the instant my head hit the pillow.

Wondering what the flaw is, aren't you?

Well, it's simple – MaryAnn always wanted it and she always wanted a LOT of it. It had to be freaky and don't make light of this, I like a bit of foreplay. I like cuddling and some romance, but that wasn't MaryAnn. She always wanted to fuck and she needed it hard. I had to bring my A-game every time and unleash an animal in the bedroom. Nothing less would get her off. If I slowed down, she managed to speed up the pace and I had no choice but to go along with it. I actually went home a few times in pain. I had a few bruises and scratches. Every one of our dates HAD to end with hot fucking or she was pissed. I even lost a few expensive shirts, because I was taking too long to undress.

I wasn't able to keep up with her and wasn't sure what to do about any of it. If I broke up with her, I'd have to avoid my favorite cafe. I told our mutual friend about this and she intervened. She knew that MaryAnn had a bad history in her relationships and she veered her towards someone else. Last I heard, MaryAnn and the other person are still an item. MaryAnn didn't care about the gender of her partner and Dominique keeps her on a short leash. I didn't even care that technically, my girlfriend had cheated on me, I was just happy I made it out of the relationship with no bones broken.

My friend felt guilty about all of this, which I insisted was ridiculous. She hadn't known how freaky MaryAnn was and the unexpected details I confessed after we started dating took her by surprise. Still, she insisted on fixing me up again. Anyone want to predict what went down next?

Okay, let's not get too far ahead. We haven't even reached the happy part.

The next girl she set me up with was Sarah, an attractive cocktail waitress she knew very well. She said that Sarah had a very positive, upbeat attitude and even after working six straight shifts, always seemed to be ready for fun. She had a picture of Sarah on her phone and once I saw that, I was in. After all, what could go wrong with a 5'9" blonde, slender and sporting a 34C-25-34 figure. She was also used to dressing sexy and on our first date, I thanked my friend via a quick text. Sarah was funny, bright and animated. She was also into me and was frank about it. "Once dinner is done, let's skip all the theatrics and go back to my place and fuck," she told me boldly. I liked her and I think we'd still be seeing each other if it wasn't for the little secret I discovered.

We went back to her place and she showed me everything I thought I wanted. She could be dominant or submissive. She loved the way I touched her and her back arched high when I went down on her. She gave great head. She loved to fuck and in different positions. She liked it gentle and she liked it a bit raunchy as well. She wasn't pushy, she gave suggestions, not orders.

We had sex three times that night, although there were pauses in between. She made us coffee one time and she even made me a grilled cheese to whet my appetite. The sex was different each time and the second time, her husky voice begging me to fuck her ass really turned me on. It didn't sound like the same girl I had just made love to 45 minutes before.

That's because she wasn't.

I didn't know it and neither did my friend – but it turned out that my companion was keeping a secret. After a few more fabulous dates, I stumbled on to her secret and things swiftly fell apart after that.

We had just finished a really rousing fuck and after some drinks and a filling dinner, I needed to use the bathroom. Sarah was making coffee, so I got up and made my way to the bathroom. That's how I found out about Sarah's little secret – she was a twin!

Yep, standing in the kitchen alongside Sarah was a carbon-copy – thus explaining the "husky" voice I'd heard during our second time. Now that she was busted, Sarah – and Rachel – confessed everything. They were the only two left in their family and had vowed to stay together. Their tastes ran along similar lines. They liked the same kinds of men – and women. The reason "Sarah" was never exhausted at work was because whenever she needed time off, sister Rachel covered her. Their inheritance managed to give them enough to live on the salary from one job. Sarah confessed that she really liked me and Rachel thought I was a great lay. Okay, I know what you're thinking – two girlfriends, perfect, right?

No – because first, they weren't honest with me. If I had known from minute one, I'd have been fine with it. I couldn't get over the feeling that if I hadn't found out, they might never have told me. My friend had known Sarah for over 2 years and she didn't know about Rachel. I might have been able to get past that, but they were insistent I share them equally. A threesome with some incestuous GG sex was alluded to – fine, I could cope with that. We went on a few more dates with all cards on the table. Just as I started thinking this might work out, something reared its ugly little head.


Sarah wanted to know who gave better head. Rachel wanted to know who was a better, sexier fuck. They actually had a few fights when they discovered each had gone behind the others' back. I managed to get them calmed down, then, with tact and courtesy, I opted out. The girls had only each other and I wasn't going to come between them. I thought that sooner or later, they'd either find a guy who could manage both of them or two men that understood their unique bond.

"You're two for two," I said to my friend, who sighed and nodded her head in agreement. "Or is it three for three?"

"I'm so sorry," Jennifer said to me and ordered me another Chai Latte. MaryAnn brought us our drinks, smiled sweetly and excused herself. "Maybe I should ask more questions. You're too wonderful a guy to remain single, I've always thought so. What are you looking for in a girlfriend?"

"Actually, she would be a lot like you," I confessed to Jennifer – my cousin, Jennifer Norris.

Jennifer has been my best friend since the age of 5. I was never the pesky, younger cousin to Jen. I was best friend, buddy and playmate all rolled up in one package. If her friends wouldn't let me join in, they didn't stay her friends. I did well in high school, because my older cousin lent me all of her notes – she was a Straight-A student – and tutored me in any subject in which I was lagging behind. As a result, I graduated Valedictorian, as had Jen before me.

Jennifer was a bit of a black sheep in our family. Right after high school, Jen moved out of her parents' place and into an expensive apartment. It took a while for word to get back to her folks, but I knew how Jen was earning her money – with her body.

No, not in the way some of you are thinking. Jen is a tall, busty beauty and she put that to work for her. She had no intentions of working at a doughnut shop or at McDonalds. She planned on doing well in university and needed a job that would allow her flex time. A friend had a perfect solution. She got Jennifer a job modeling – nude – for art classes. Jen has never been shy about her body, she likes to strut her stuff. As a teenage boy with hormones, Jen caught my attention a few times. My very first slow dance was with Jen – who was taller than I was at the time. She played havoc with my libido, I'm still surprised I learned to dance. A few times by her family's pool, I had to throw a towel over my waist. Her long brunette hair, perfect 34D tits and sleek legs all in a skimpy yellow bikini was a temptation no male could ignore, not even a cousin. I managed to keep my surging libido in check, but I'd never once forgotten my cousin was a babe – not even now.

Jen elevated her career in short order. She started catalog modeling, calendar modeling, posing for practicing photographers and she wasn't shy. She became highly in demand and because she was so sought after, her rates went up. Jennifer kept busy, but still managed to graduate with honors. She kept up the modeling, even getting a few pictorials in magazines. Her – our – family were none too pleased, but I thought it all made perfect sense. She managed to capitalize on her best assets and lived life entirely on her own terms.

"Are you saying that I'm your ideal woman?" Jennifer asked me with a huge smile on her face. Almost as if she was flirting with me, she crossed her legs to give me a nice view. Jen was wearing a sun-yellow, tight fitting short dress and as always, every inch of her was impeccably styled. Even when we were just meeting for coffee or hanging out, Jennifer always dressed like it was a special date. I had never once seen my cousin look anything less than perfect. "That may well be the most flattering thing I've ever heard. To think my hot young cousin thinks I'm perfect."

"Me? Hot?"

"Oh God Dylan, haven't any of these girls ever said just how hot you are?" Jennifer smiled and leaned back in her chair, showing off more of her amazing body. "Why do you think you've had such an active social life? You're HOT! Every woman I've spoken with tells me they'd date you in an instant and it isn't just because you're a successful doctor!"

I had to admit, hearing Jennifer talk to me in such a manner was an eye opener and an ego booster. I know I'm okay to look at – 6'1" tall, I work out and eat healthy – and yeah, as an orthopedic surgeon, I make good money. Still, perhaps the women I had been seeing were taking that for granted. "Oh, well," I shrugged my shoulders. "It's nice to hear that, Jen, I never realized you even saw me that way. You know, it's almost a shame that we can't date each other."

"Who says that we can't?"

Jennifer stretched out again as if to offer me the most sinful of temptations. "We see each other a few times a week – we have dinner a few times a month. If we kept that up, no one would suspect a thing. The only difference would be how we end our dates – let's say, in the bedroom?" Jen licked her lips playfully.

"You know what they call that? What people might say?"

"Yes and yes. I don't care. If you can get past the societal taboo, we're perfect for each other. We've never quite fit in with the family and we have always played by our own rules. I know that you're a great lover – yes Dylan, women do love to talk," she laughed. "I happen to be incredible in bed and baby-cousin, I know you look at me and wonder about that. I'm offering to satisfy your curiosity and I'm willing to bet that once we have sex, we'll click," Jen grinned. "All you have to do to see if I'm right is to say yes!"

Jen is unconventional and lives her life as a Bohemian model – just one with two university degrees. I'm not quite as crazy. Still, watching Jen move sensually and tempt me was – well, tempting. I knew that if I lived to the ripe old age of 110, I would never again meet a woman so well suited to my particular tastes.

I was really torn. I was fairly certain I could get past the taboo of incest. Being a doctor, I knew most of the "risks" were nonsense in modern times. Jen had been my best friend and confidante for as long as I could remember. Shouldn't that be the person who shared my bed as well?

That in a nutshell, was the problem. If we took that risk and ended up in the sack, if it blew up in our faces, I would stand the risk of losing my best friend. I couldn't survive that.

I realized that there was no way in Hades Jen would let that happen. This was something she had given some consideration. She wanted us to be lovers because it was the best thing for both of us. Why was I fighting something that seemed to be so perfect? I looked at Jen – wavy, beautiful hair, alluring smile, perfect body – I realized that only an idiot would turn down such an incredible opportunity. Still, I thought I had to offer her an out.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked her. "After all, this is something we can never undo once we ..."

Jen literally yanked me by the shirt and pulled me towards her. Thankfully, no one was near us, not that she would have cared. She laid a kiss on me that almost made my toes curl, lots of tongue and passion so evident a blind man would have noticed it. Jen quite literally took my breath away.

"I want this," Jen breathed with a smile and another lick of her perfect lips. "I want to be your lover and your girlfriend. I've wanted it for a while, but I kept that as my little secret. Now that I see you have similar thoughts, nothing is going to hold me back. Let's pay the bill and go back to my place."

"Yeah, okay."

We paid our tab and MaryAnn winked at us. "Good luck, you two," she smiled. "It's about time." I tried to act as if I didn't know what she meant, but I guess our mutual feelings were only a secret to us. The fact that some folks were already aware of our "secret" didn't faze Jen. As I have come to learn, very little fazes my Jennifer.

As a matter of fact, once we got outside, Jennifer took my hand in hers. "I want us to act like a real couple as often as possible," Jen smiled at me. We parted for one of the last times as we each went to our respective cars. I followed her back to her apartment, part of me still terrified about the next step. Luckily, my intense desire and surging libido trumped my old hangups.

My cousin's apartment is spacious and nicely furnished, if with eclectic tastes. One word you could use to describe it is "funky". That really didn't matter because I only had interest in one room. Jen practically ran to the bedroom and when I got there, there was NO backing out. She was already wearing a leopard-print negligee and matching heels. She moved, hips swaying, towards me. Her firm tits pressed into my chest as she threw her arms around me and hit me with a strong, urgent kiss that put the previous one to shame. My cock reacted the way that it was meant to, stirring under my trousers and reminding me that I was entwined with the sexiest woman I had ever known. I no longer had a single hangup about the incest. I wanted to go to bed with Jennifer and make love to her, fuck her and ravage her – all at once. I wanted her as MY woman and intended to make the sex so good for us both that she would know I was staking my claim. I guess that great minds think alike.

My gorgeous Jennifer had decided I deserved a little bit of a sexy display. Her bedroom is huge, you could almost play football in there. An expensive bed is the centerpiece, but there is also a huge mirror that covers the entirety of one wall. She danced and moved as her reflection duplicated every sexy move. She reached over to one wall and dimmed the lights. My tanned, slinky cousin performed an erotic, private dance just for me and strutted her stuff until I was watching her every move. I felt as if I had turned to stone because her show simply was that mesmerizing. I wondered where Jen had learned to move like that (I found out later she had been taking pole dancing lessons for over 10 years and was now one of the instructors).

Chucking me under the chin and planting a quick peck on my lips, Jen moved over to the bed with more bounce than an India Rubber ball. She stretched, cat-like, on the bed and looked at me with a seductive grin. Jen didn't speak a single word and she didn't need to. I knew what she wanted – the exact same thing as I did.

I joined her on the bed and like a dummy, I still had all of my clothes on. Jen just gave me a playful laugh and shoved me back on the bed. She was on top of me and grinning as she slowly undid my dress shirt. "Oooh," Jennifer sighed as she ran her hands over my broad chest. "It's funny, because I've seen you in your swimming trunks loads of times, but you're even more impressive up close," she said to me. I didn't get a chance to respond because she started kissing my chest. After that, I found it a bit difficult to form words. I was too far gone and even Satan appearing in front of us and saying we were going to hell would not have stopped me.
Once I regained the capacity to think, I knew that I couldn't just lay there like a giant lump. If this was going to work for both of us, which I desperately wanted it to do, I had to become an active participant. I reached up and touched Jen's perfect, round breasts. They were so gorgeous and I just enjoyed the experience while Jen moved my hands over her body. She was so sleek and toned, like some sensual animal. I just became transfixed as my cousin-lover continued to undress me. Once she had me down to my briefs, she fished out my cock and stroked it reverently. "Mine," she murmured as her tongue flicked out and licked the crown. "This fucking wonderful cock belongs to me now and intend to be a very greedy girl!" On those words, she slid her mouth down on my cock and started to suck me off. Thank God I've learned control over the years, because I think my load would have exploded right there and then if I hadn't.

Yeah, my cousin was the perfect lover and perfect slut all rolled up in one sexy, incredible package. She knew what I liked so well I wondered if she might have been reading my mind. I supposed not, because my next move took her by surprise. I spun myself around as best I could. Now I was facing her neatly-trimmed pussy and I didn't even take time to blink as I went down on Jen. If I could make it happen, I wanted us both to cum at the same time. I made a valiant effort as I ate out the sweetest cunt I had ever tasted, but Jen beat me to the punch. My cum went down her sucking mouth and she swallowed every drop with a positively evil smile. Okay – she had made me cum, I wasn't letting her go unsatisfied. I redoubled my efforts, sliding my tongue deeper into her pussy and using my fingers to tease her clit. I worked my magic on her and yeah, her orgasm didn't take too much longer.

"We've got to get you up again, Dylan," Jennifer said with a merry little laugh. "I want this big fucker deep inside my cunt, telling me that it belongs to me. I want to be fucked like a slut, like I'm your slut!"

Her hot words really got to me because underneath the profanity, I could still hear the love and affection. Whatever was going on between us was both romantic and erotic and it was all-too real. Jen wanted me as much as I wanted her, so I took off the kid gloves. I was ready to pull out all of the stops and give her whatever she needed. Jen got on all fours and presented herself to me. I grabbed her hips and without even a second thought, I slid my cock deep inside of her. I was fucking my cousin and she was fucking me back. I don't know why I thought she'd like it, but I wrapped my fingers in Jen's curly brown locks and tugged it while I was fucking her. As I somehow had thought she would, she loved it and begged to be fucked like a bitch in heat. I understood that while we were making love for the first time, the kinky was also getting to her. The fact that I was related to her made it all the sexier for Jen. She was pumping her body back against mine and shoving my cock in as deeply as she could. My cousin was a terrific fuck and she was getting the best out of me. I was screwing her with more passion and skill than I had used on anybody. Jen just kept on spewing profanities and they might have been the sexiest words I'd ever heard.

We were really in tune with each other's needs because before I could cum, Jen moved away from me. She pushed me on my back and hovered over me. "Eat my wet cunt, you horny fucker!" She snarled through clenched teeth. I am always willing to give a horny lady what she wants and needs, so I obliged. She was even wetter than before and I nearly drowned in her spend, lucky me. When I heard her scream, I wanted to act, but Jen beat me to the punch. She slammed her pussy down on my cock, impaling herself. She started to fuck me until the pleasure was so intent, I thought I might pass out. My load spurted deep into her pussy and it was only then that it hit me – I hadn't worn a condom. Jen told me not to sweat it and I wondered what she meant by that. Later on, she actually told me that if anything had happened, we could have taken that next step. We're a little bit more cautious now.

Yes – we're still at it, over a year later. A few people suspect, even fewer know for sure. Being with Jen has kept me on my toes, but it's only made her more adventurous. I don't mind a kinky woman, not at all. With Jen as my lover, I get all the space I need with the added bonus of someone who knows what I want and need. We're talking of moving in together but Jen's apartment is her space and mine is my refuge when the world overwhelms me. We'd have to find OUR place and that might be tougher than it sounds.

That's only a small problem, because when you have someone like my Jennifer in your life, you do whatever it takes to keep her. It's not just the sex – it's the quality of having a relationship that meets all of your needs. Jen says I make her feel secure and ground her, something she has needed for years. Jen allows me to soar and stretch the limits of my imagination. When everything is all said and done, don't we all want someone like my Jennifer?


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