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Jake's Tale Ch. 02

Please read "Jake's Tale" before reading this story, otherwise it won't make much sense. As in "Jake's Tale," I've changed the names and some of the places. I'm also writing in the first person based on what Jake told me. Thanks for reading and voting,



It's been almost a year since our divorce was final. Next month is our daughter Alice's graduation and it will be the first time I've seen Sarah since our court date. I planned to fly down and spend four days in San Francisco, just to get away from Seattle for a while.

I've been dating a nice young lady for the past three months, but I didn't invite her to join me on this trip. For one reason, it was supposed to be about April and I didn't think bringing her mom's replacement would be nice. Another reason was I didn't want to rub Sarah's nose in the fact I was sleeping with a woman ten years younger than her.

Janice is a beautiful woman, think a 5'8" version of Elle MacPherson in the movie "Sirens" and I mention Sirens because like Elle, Janice spent most of the time in my apartment completely naked. She wore an apron when she cooked, but her bare ass would be on display even then. She planned to take me to a nude beach when the weather warmed up. And the sex with her was out of this world, just watching her pad around the apartment in her birthday suit kept me in a constant state of arousal.

Janice taught me things about pleasing a woman. I may be in my 40's, but I'm not too old to learn new tricks. She wasn't shy with regards to telling me what to do with my mouth, fingers or cock in order to increase her pleasure during our lovemaking. She is insatiable, I usually wore out after my second orgasm, but Janice was still ready to keep going.

After our third or fourth time together she took me downtown to the "Babes in Toyland" store up on Capitol Hill. Janice introduced me to the sales ladies and left me there with them. A half hour later I left the store with a variety of toys, lotions and assorted goodies.

I'm pretty certain both sales ladies were lesbians, but they took me under their wings to help me with my purchases. Among the toys was a vibrating cock ring to keep me hard and stimulate the clit plus a couple of silicone dildos.

That first night was something out of a porno. I used my mouth to tease Janice's nipples, moved down to her pierced belly button, then further down to her clit. While raking her clit with my teeth I grabbed the smaller of the two dildos and slowly pushed it into her vagina. The combination of the two stimuli gave Janice her first orgasm.

My cock was rock hard, so I put the cock ring on and replaced the dildo with my cock in her vagina. The buzzing cock ring hit her clit and Janice had her second orgasm.

I turned Janice over on her hands and knees to fuck her from behind. The buzzing cock ring was now vibrating Janice's anus triggering her third orgasm. I turned the cock ring off and bucked my hips trying to hit her cervix with my engorged cock. Since Janice already had three orgasms, I concentrated on my own pleasure, Janice helped by squeezing my cock with the walls of her vagina. I was having trouble cumming because the cock ring was too tight so I took it off and had to start all over again.

My hips were pumping in and out. I stopped for a minute just to see what would happen and wasn't surprised to find Janice thrusting her ass back into my pelvis trying to keep the rhythm going. I grabbed Janice's hips and pulled her into me as I came, this triggered Janice's fourth orgasm.

And still she wasn't done. I had barely caught my breath when Janice grabbed the second dildo and handed it to me. This was bigger than the first, the tag said 8" X 2". It was big, but Janice's cunt was so wet and open that it slid right in as I pushed. Janice let out a stream of obscenities, grabbed my hair and pulled me to her sloppy clit. This was a first for me, but I went with it, it was my own cum after all.

I don't have any idea how many times Janice came. I kept my tongue on her clit and kept ramming that dildo in her cunt, I almost got the whole thing inside her. She kept screaming until she squirted, it's the first time I ever saw a woman squirt. What a trip to see it!

Janice fell asleep, finally sated. I grabbed a towel, put it down on the wet spot and dropped into unconsciousness.

This was the first of many such nights over the next few months. But one morning we woke up and I could tell something important was on Janice's mind. "Am I invited to Alice's graduation?" What I didn't count on was Janice's reaction to not being invited. "So, you'll be down in San Francisco for four days with your ex-wife and I'm supposed to sit here by myself?"

"I'm sure I'll see my ex, but don't plan on getting back together with her, so there's nothing to worry about."

She looked at me as if I lost my mind, "The only person you've been fooling over the last year is yourself. Everyone knows you still love her. Her cheating didn't change that and I'm tired of waiting for you to get over her." And with that Janice got dressed and walked out of my apartment.

I didn't run after her, you can't argue with the truth. What hadn't been said was although I still loved Sarah, I haven't either forgiven or forgotten her betrayal, so my feelings of love were a moot point. I was still paying for Sarah's analyst and still waiting for her reason for cheating on me with Kevin Shearer. It was probably the third reason for going to Alice's graduation without Janice; hoping for closure.

Saturday morning I flew to San Francisco, took a cab downtown to check in at the Marriott off the Wharf, then the train to the Stanford campus. I arrived a half hour before the commencement began. I looked for Sarah and saw her standing next to a man who couldn't be more than 30 years old. They weren't holding hands or touching, but they were obviously together. Once again I felt like a complete fool, Janice was in Seattle and Sarah had brought her young lover. I sat down where I could watch the ceremony without looking at those two.

After the ceremony I sought out Alice to give her my congratulations. She gave me a great big hug and a warm "Thank you, Dad" before asking, "Have you met Jeffery yet?" Jeffery was the young man she'd been dating for the past three months and this was the weekend I would meet him. "He's over there talking with Mom."

I looked over and sure enough, it was the same young man with Sarah; I had jumped to the wrong conclusion. With a sense of relief we walked over to greet Jeffery and Sarah. I shook Jeffery's hand as we were introduced, but as Sarah moved in for a hug she must have noticed my body language, because she quickly backed away.

"Hello Jake."

"Hello Sarah." Not wanting to spoil Alice's day I added, "Our daughter did great, graduating with a 3.8 and in four years, we should be very proud."

We exchanged pleasantries before Alice asked would we mind if she and Jeffery spent the rest of the evening attending a few graduation parties. She wanted to say good bye to her classmates before they all went their separate ways. Alice added that we could all get together for dinner on Sunday. Agreed, Alice gave her mother and me a kiss and disappeared into the crowd.

It was an awkward moment until Sarah asked, "Where are you staying while you're in town?" I answered down on the Wharf and she asked, "Can we have dinner tonight? I have some things I'd like to talk to you about. I'm staying in Palo Alto, but I rented a car and we can have dinner at Alioto's if you'd like."

Alioto's was the Italian seafood restaurant I took Sarah for our first "romantic" dinner date when we were students.

I agreed to Alioto's and Sarah asked if she could stop by her hotel to change before heading downtown. We drove to her hotel and I waited in the lounge having a drink while she went upstairs. I was facing away from the doorway when I noticed a number of men look behind me with wide eyes. I turned to see the attraction. Of course it was Sarah, she was wearing a blue sexy but classy dress that did everything to show she had the body any twenty-something could only envy.

I did my best to avoid losing my composure, she handed me the keys to her rental, took my arm and we left the lounge.

On the drive north Sarah asked if we could wait to start the heavy conversation until after dinner. "I have a lot to tell you, things that I've talked over with Nancy, my analyst, things you need to hear. By the way, I can't thank you enough for supporting my counseling sessions, I believe your money and my time have been well spent, after tonight I hope you agree."

We agreed to avoid the heavy stuff and concentrated on our jobs and Alice.

Dinner was fantastic; calamari and red wine. We finished and walked across the street to the Marriott. We found a semi-quiet corner in the lounge and ordered two Cognacs.

"Kevin was my lover, if you can call it that, before I met you at college. He was a teaching assistant in my English Lit class when I was a sophomore. I was completely head over heels infatuated with him when he started to take an interest in me. I wasn't a virgin or a slut in college, but it only took a couple of private tutoring sessions before we were having sex.

"And it was sex, I didn't love him and he didn't love me, that was obvious, but he used my body in ways that were beyond anything I imagined before. I became depraved and never said "no" to anything he demanded. My analyst says it was due to self-esteem issues and his superior nature. That explains why it happened when I was 19, but not when I was 40, but I'll get to that later.

"I was his puppet. He even shared me with his roommate when he got bored. More than once he pawned me off to his roommate so he could bring home another woman to screw. That only made me try harder to please him and my life was spiraling out of control.

"Luckily the school year ended and Kevin went overseas to finish his Master's degree. I tried to get my life back on track. I went home for the summer and spent three months working at my father's trucking business doing manual labor. My mother and father knew something was wrong, but I couldn't share because I was so ashamed of myself.

"I went back to school in the fall and that's when you and I met. You were the nicest, most thoughtful man - kind of the anti-Kevin. I fell in love with you before our third date, but I waited for you to tell me you loved me first; you did right across the street at Alioto's restaurant, then I knew I could share my feelings."

At this point Sarah reached across the small cocktail table to take my hand. I let her, not saying a word to let her continue.

"I was so glad you never wanted to know about my past because I was afraid if you knew you would leave me. So I just tried to forget about the past and concentrate on us.

"Kevin showed up half way through my senior year and tried to get me back. I told him about you and that we were going to get married after I graduated. He threatened me, he was going to tell you what a whore you were marrying. I called my dad in a panic and suddenly Kevin left me alone. I'm certain dad, being in the trucking business, knew the right kind of people to handle the situation. But it's now obvious Kevin never forgave you for taking me away from him.

"And everything was perfect until Kevin walked into my office four years ago with my CEO announcing Kevin was my new boss. In hindsight I should have quit that day, but I was in love with my job, with my staff and our relationship was so strong that I fooled myself into thinking I could ignore Kevin."

Sarah must have noticed the look in my eyes at her last statement.

"Yes, I was stupid and arrogant. Kevin spent the next three years undermining our relationship and playing on whatever I had deep down inside of me, the things I had driven underground that made me such a depraved slut when I was younger. I kept thinking I could beat his charm, but we both know how bad I failed.

"You need to know I was only with him two months before you caught me. I went to that weeklong conference in Orlando. Kevin surprised me there, I didn't know he was scheduled to attend, obviously that was by his design to catch me off guard. We had dinner one night, he kept the drinks coming and I was stupid enough to keep drinking. That's when he showed me the photo of you kissing that woman."

I immediately sat up. "Me and what woman?" My mind raced to understand what she was talking about.

"Kevin said he was looking out for me. He had you followed by a private detective and he showed me the photo of you kissing a woman. He said it was only time before the detective had proof that you were screwing around on me."

I sat there stunned, unable to come up with anything I had done before our divorce that could be misconstrued. "Do you have this photo?"

"Yes, I brought it because I didn't know how you'd respond when you heard about it." Sarah reached in her purse and came out with a black and white photo. I stared at the photo, it was me and I was kissing some woman, a full mouth kiss. My brain was going into overtime, when did I ever kiss a woman like this? I couldn't remember.

I continued to stare at the photo. One of my hands were wrapped around the woman's waist, the other was cupping her ass. Then I saw it. The left hand didn't have a wedding band. Never in the twenty-one years of marriage to Sarah did I ever leave the house without my wedding band.

I pulled out my smart phone and typed in a few commands. "Sarah, would you be willing to stay in town through Monday? I need you and your photograph here Monday morning."

"Why Jake, what's the mystery?"

"I don't want to say anything until Monday. Let's have dinner with Alice and Jeffery tomorrow and you can meet me here Monday morning."

"OK, but it's not fair that you're not at least giving me a hint what this is all about."

"Sarah, I've waited over a year to hear why you cheated with that bastard. I don't think I'm asking a lot to have you wait less than 48 hours." I immediately regretted my words, Sarah had tears running down her cheeks at my thoughtless comment. "Sorry, that was uncalled for."

"No, you're right. I did screw up our marriage and just dumped my past on you. My analyst said I should be prepared for some venom when you learned the truth, she expected you to react a lot stronger than you did."

"Well, she doesn't know me. C'mon, let me take you back to Palo Alto."

"Jake, please let me stay with you tonight. I haven't had any physical contact, not even a kiss with anyone since that awful day you left me. And the worse part for me is my last physical contact with a man was Kevin using me like a whore. I'm so ashamed."

I got up and took Sarah's hand. "We can go upstairs and share my bed, but there won't be any sex tonight. I need to hear the rest of this story and we need to meet and do some couple's counseling. I need to be able to be with you without seeing that snake grinning after making me a cuckold."

In the elevator, Sarah continued where she had left off with Kevin showing her the photo of me lip locked with some woman. "Seeing the photo of you kissing that woman combined with too much alcohol triggered something. I won't go into details, but it was the same as twenty plus years earlier; Kevin treated me like a whore and made me do the same depraved acts. It went on like that for the next two evenings; after each day's conference sessions we'd go to my room and he'd use me. He even made me call you the second night when he was fucking my ass. I won't share anything else, but the acts were so decadent that my analyst says it split me in two. I was Kevin's whore and your loving wife. She says that if Kevin and I had two days of vanilla sex, I would have been able to end the affair immediately."

Just hearing about Sarah's whorish behavior was pissing me off. "C'mon, that sounds like some psycho-babble bull-shit excuse." By now we were in my room and I was opening up two drinks from the minibar. We sat on the couch in the sitting room.

"I don't expect you to believe me, but if you're serious about couple's sessions, I'd like Nancy to explain it. Let me tell you how far I was gone; do you know why I crumbled when you showed me the video of Kevin with my assistant? It wasn't because I was jealous. It was because I knew at that moment what Kevin planned for me.

"The week you were in Spokane on that install project Kevin took me to a jazz club downtown. It was a nice place with good music, but we were one of the few white couples there. There were a few white women in the place, most of them with black men. Kevin made a comment about how happy those women looked, that their men must be taking care of them. He even pointed out one woman sitting with two black men at a nearby table and said she had the happiest look of all.

"So when I saw your video it came screaming at me that Kevin was bored with me and planned to pimp me out just like he did with his college roommate. But this time it would be with one or more black men."

I could feel the heat rise in my entire body as Sarah shared her story. At that moment I could have killed Kevin with my bare hands.

Sarah continued, "You saved me. When you left your note and your wedding band on the table it was like a hard slap in the face to a hysterical person. If you hadn't found me out, I can't say what may have happened the next time you left town on business."

Sarah broke down at this point. Despite my reservations I wrapped my arms around her. "Let's go to bed and try to get some sleep. I think we've talked enough tonight."

We got undressed and laid together, her head on my shoulder and my arm around her waist. "Thank you for this." is all she said. I laid awake for at least two more hours wondering what I would do to Kevin. There would be revenge.

We woke the next morning and decided to spend the day together. I drove her down to Palo Alto to check out of her hotel and get her bags.

"This was Alice's doing, wasn't it? Her parties were an excuse to get us alone together."

"I hope you don't mind, we girls thought it was the best way for me to have you alone. Don't be mad at Alice."

"I won't, but she's buying dinner tonight." Which was an idle threat because there was no way I'd let Alice buy dinner, especially since we'd be dining at an expensive French restaurant.

Sarah and I decided to take in the day game at the Giant's new ball park. It's a great park, but we both agreed Mariner's Safeco field had more charm and a better selection of craft ales. It was a wonderful afternoon spending time with my friend again. Unfortunately, it was almost spoiled when Sarah asked me how I was able to sleep with her last night without trying to have sex. "Are you seeing someone?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to share anything regarding my sex life with you. If you absolutely need to know about it, we'll discuss it with Nancy during our couple's sessions. But let's not spoil this day; I'm having too much fun with my best friend." Sarah's eyes watered up.

Dinner Sunday night was a success. Alice was in a great mood because her parents were together. Jeffery was a polite, well-spoken young man who showed the proper respect toward my daughter. Just to be on the safe side, especially after listening to Sarah's college horror story, I made plans to have lunch with Jeffery on Tuesday and dinner with Alice Tuesday evening. Just the two of us in each case. I could see Alice's mind spinning at the prospect, but sometimes a father has to pull rank.

Sarah spent Sunday night with me, again no sex, but there was some hugging and kissing. Monday morning we headed to the downtown photolab. This was a professional lab that catered to high-end photography studios and west coast law enforcement agencies. Without an appointment we waited 30 minutes before being shown into a technician's office. Sarah still didn't know why we were there.
"Sarah, could you please show this lady the photograph Kevin gave you?"

Sarah pulled the photo out of her purse and handed it to the tech.

"Ms. Jacobs, can you please tell me if this photo has been altered in any way?"

The technician pulled out her tools and studied the photo for ten minutes. "Yes, there's one alteration. The man's face, your face I see, was photo-shopped onto the photo. It's a pretty good job of super-imposing, but any professional can see what was done here to make it appear you're the one kissing this woman."

I looked at Sarah and I thought she was going to faint, her face turned ashen.

"Ms. Jacobs, what would it cost me to have you sign a certificate stating your professional opinion that this photo was altered?" I asked.

"The certificate will cost you $300, but if there's any subsequent court appearances to attest to the alterations, that will be billed separately."

"Agreed, please go ahead and give me a certificate. Thanks for your time and expertise." I received the certificate and walked out with Sarah.

Her first words were, "God, I am such a fool. I feel worthless, can you ever forgive me for not trusting you and for being such an idiot? How did you know the photo was altered?"

"First, don't blame yourself for how Kevin played you with the photo. I only knew it was fake because it was my image on the photo, I knew because I never left our house without wearing my wedding ring and I saw something in the background that stirred my memory banks. That photo was taken the day of last summer's company picnic. Kevin was walking around with an expensive digital camera taking pictures most of the day. He must have taken a picture of me kissing you because before our divorce you're the only woman I kissed on the lips. Kevin purposely set up the photo so you couldn't see the woman's face, that way you couldn't follow up with her because it's probably your assistant; she was there with her boyfriend or whatever. Kevin got her to pose in the same spot with her friend and got her in a position to use it for his cropping."

Sarah was shaking head. "Is he really that devious? But of course he is, even now I'm underestimating what a snake he can be. He did all this to ruin our lives."

"Yes he did Sarah, but he's not going to get away with this. Believe me."

I spent the next hour calming her down before putting her on a plane back to Seattle. I made her promise not to tell anyone, not even her analyst, about our discovery. She had to trust it would be handled in a way I needed it done.

Tuesday I had lunch with Jeffery and dinner with Alice. Satisfied they were doing all right, I took a late flight to Los Angeles instead of home to Seattle. Wednesday morning I was in Sarah's brother's office. Tony had taken over their father's trucking business after his retirement. I came unannounced, but his secretary buzzed me in.

"Tony, can I buy you a cup of coffee?" I wanted to get Tony out of his office in case the Feds had the place wired. Call me paranoid, but this was a delicate subject. We walked over to a small diner nearby and sat in a booth.

"Jake, last year I was set to have both of your legs broken, but Sarah convinced me not to do it. She didn't get into particulars, but she admitted you two broke up because she cheated on you. I couldn't believe my little sister could do that, but she said it was true."

"I'm not going to go into particulars either, Tony. But I never cheated on your sister and I never stopped loving her. The reason I'm here relates to your ability to have someone's legs broken. Only it's not just legs this time, it's more serious than that."

I told Tony how his father had intervened over twenty years earlier. I showed him the photograph and the certificate of alteration. Lastly, I told Tony how Kevin had planned to pimp his sister out, but I lied and emphasized Sarah wouldn't have gone through with it, but it was Kevin's plan all the same.

"That son of a bitch." Tony's face turned red and his neck got big. I waited until he calmed down a bit and told him what I wanted. He said he could make that happen with a couple of phone calls.

"Tony, please be careful. I don't want to be talking to some Fed working a sting operation. I don't want to be spending the next decade in jail for solicitation. Make certain I'm talking to the real deal."

Tony promised that this would be handled at the highest levels. We shook hands, he actually gave me a hug and wished me well. "I know it's asking a lot Jake, but please consider giving my little sister another chance."

I flew back to Seattle and took the rest of the week off from work. I went down to the public library and used Linkedin to find Kevin Shearer. He was working for a firm in Portland. I picked up Sarah at work during her lunch hour and we went over to my attorney's office. After one more phone call I drove south to Portland.

Thursday morning I was in the President's office of Kevin's current employer.

"Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I want you to know what kind of employee you have working for you." I showed the president the altered photo with the technician's signed certification and Sarah's notarized deposition given at my attorney's office stating the photo had been given to her by Kevin Shearer along with his claim it was taken by a detective he had hired to follow me.

The president read through the documents. "I can't divulge personnel issues with you, but I will say these come as no surprise given some of the other complaints I received. I can understand your desire to see this person punished and let's just say sometimes good wins out over bad. Thank you."

The next week Kevin's name disappeared from the company's website of listed officers.

But I wasn't finished with the scumbag. Within a month I was contacted by phone and told to be outside my door at 8:00 pm. I'll admit it was pretty scary. I was downstairs at 8:00 when a car rolled to the curb and the back door opened. I got in and was told to put the ski mask on the seat over my eyes. We drove for a half hour, conducted our business which included how much and how to pay. I gave a special request and was told this would cost a 50% premium. He asked why the special treatment and gave a short summary.

The man chuckled and said, "Sometimes I really enjoy my work, this will be one of those times." He dropped me off a couple blocks from my building. "You'll never hear from me again. The balance is due when the job is finished and on this job you only need to watch the news to know when it happened. You've been vouched for, so I'm not worried about getting paid. Besides, it's been a long time since someone was stupid enough to stiff me." He laughed again, I stepped out of the car and took the ski mask off my head as the car rolled away.

Within a week the deposit was paid and within another two weeks I was reading about a "gruesome" murder in a SeaTac hotel room. It seems one Kevin Shearer was found dead tied to the bed. The police were not releasing the details of how Shearer had died, only that one detective was quoted as saying it was a "brutal way to die."

I knew the details of course. Kevin was found tied face down with a ten inch black dildo stuck up his ass. The killer whispered in his ear "Jake and Sarah say hello." The rubber ball used to quiet his screams eventually slipped down his throat and blocked his air passage. The official cause of death was suffocation.

Sarah and I have been going to couple's counseling with Nancy. It's working, I think we'll be moving back in together soon. The analyst is helping me overcome my anger at Sarah for her betrayal. Can I possibly forgive and forget? That will be important for us to have our life together again.

Equally important is my being able to trust Sarah again. One of the reasons for what happened is Sarah's poor self-esteem. I know I'm not the only husband of a great looking, successful woman who wonders why his wife doesn't believe him when he compliments her beauty, brains and talents. That same woman will believe some virtual stranger whose real agenda is to get in her pants. Nancy has her work cut out for her to assure Sarah doesn't relapse due to self-esteem issues.

It was tough holding back from restarting our physical relations. But a week after Kevin's death we went out to dinner, got a little drunk and went to our old home and made love for the first time in over a year.

The next day I went to visit Janice. I gave her a box full of the sex toys we had shared, these all seemed too intimate to share with another woman, similar to a woman's lingerie. I explained that Sarah and I were trying to find a way to be together and Janice was very understanding. "I knew we were temporary, you never stopped loving Sarah and I'm happy for you."

I knew Janice would react this way, she is a class act, so I handed her another, smaller box I had purchased that morning. Inside was a string of Mikimoto pearls; they'd look good around her long neck. She smiled, her eyes teared; she gave me a hug and kiss before I walked out the door. I left her place thinking to myself, "Some smart man is going to find that woman and spend the rest of his life living in bliss."

That same week I received a letter in the mail. The return address name was Paul Kersey with a New York City address. The postal stamp city was Las Vegas. I opened the envelope and two pages dropped out, one typed, the other hand written.

The type written page read:

I'm breaking protocol because you need to read the letter I found in that asshole's room. When I found and started to follow him, he'd been tailing your wife. It appears I caught up to him just in time. The letter was in an envelope addressed to you. The rest is self-explanatory once you read the letter except it explains why his eyes got so big when I whispered your greeting to him. Don't know what pissed him off more, getting rammed with the ten inch toy or the fact you beat him to the punch.

The hand written letter read:

You stupid cuckold-

Did you think I was going to let you continue to ruin my life without payback? The fact you're reading this letter means your wife has been missing for at least one day already. Don't worry, I'm taking very good care of her. She'll be found in a week or so, but she'll never want sex with you or anyone after I'm done with the bitch.

I'll disappear for a while, I have the resources, but I'll be back after a few years and look up that precious daughter of yours. It should be fun.



If I was having any remorse over having Kevin killed, this letter ended it. Out of curiosity I googled "Paul Kersey" and it turns out to be the name of Charles Bronson's character in the vigilante "Death Wish" movies popular in the 70's. Hell of a sense of humor for a contract killer.

I also had a surprise visit from Sarah's brother. He flew up from LA and offered to pay half the fee for the Shearer job. Tony thanked me for giving it another go with his sister. "Jake, you've been a stand-up guy throughout this whole ordeal and Sarah tells me how hard you're working to put your lives back on track and help her recover. Dad always said you were like a son to him, I understand now why he felt that way. I'm proud to have you as my brother. And I told Sarah not to fuck it up this time."

Tony stayed for dinner and said it all over again at the dinner table. I hope Sarah listens to her big brother. Time will tell, but I think we're going to be OK.

One last thing. I bought Sarah a "Kiss the Cook" apron and introduced her to naked cooking. We're also planning a visit to a nude beach soon. She asked where I came up with such strange ideas and I was very vague. She probably has it figured out, but she agreed and I'm looking forward to it.

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