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Inspiration Ch. 04

(Author Note)

The acts of the fetish known as Breath Play performed in this and other stories by ME are not recommended to be attempted by those without experience, not educated concerning this fetish, and without an experienced and trustworthy partner.

Thank you.


He couldn't sleep, tossed and turned as his mind was consumed.

Victor found himself seated in his favorite chair by lamp light, a glass of wine atop the chair side table and a cigar tucked between his lips. In his hand was an artist lead pencil and over the textured paper of a brand new sketch pad he started to create.

His eyes were focused as smoke exhaled through his nostrils. Before his eyes the visions of his mind were given life through shading and details. Far too long it had been since he sketched and, though he was tired, it was exhilarating to again create.

Yes, surprisingly to him, Rosangela's so called change in his process seemed effective. He continuously stroked the pencil over the paper, paused to flick an ash then used his fingers to smudge the shading. On that paper he sketched exactly his desired bound image he planned to enact when she was good and satisfied.

His lips smirked as he again removed the cigar. Oh, he praised in thought, when she was good and satisfied then shall he. His mind derived something special for his latest inspiration. With all the work he already currently done and likely will continue until she decided she's had her fill, he was determined to make this future best seller of the erotica genre would be epic.

He lightly chuckled, puffs of smoke passed his lips. His eyes gleamed with inspiration as he sang, "Rosangela."

Her red lips lipped the lyrics of the song that loudly played in her ears through the ear buds.

Rosangela was just finishing up her shift at the book store. She felt damned energized after her evening with the infamous Victor Hardway. Her mind was persistent with flashbacks of her first none solo breathless experience where she discovered the meaning of having a mind blowing orgasm. Yes, Victor Hardway was definitely a master at erotica, not only the written word but the actual physical act.

She spun around, just finished shoving some books back into place. She strutted down the aisle, one final book clenched in her hand. Her body subtly motioned with a sexual dance rhythm as she sang, "One look, could kill. You're pain, my thrill!" She spun and crammed the final book into its correct place.

Again she spun on her red vinyl platform red Mary Jane's and strutted towards the front of the book store. As she neared the front, there came a flash of lightning through the front bay windows of the store. A stormy night, unlike the night before where nothing really sprouted unlike what occurred at her place.

She stepped behind the counter and started to gather her belongings. She was locking up on her own that night, Stew off and owner Al had left early.

Her eyes focused on the bay window as she slipped on her PVC black rain coat. Her eyes flinched against another burst of lightning followed by a slight glass shaking bout of thunder. Her glossy black fingertips snapped each button of the rain coat. Her eyes shifted as she leaned, searched for any sign of the black Porsche.

Would he again show up? Had she perhaps worn out her welcome into his life by her determination to seemingly screw with his creative process?

She grabbed her purse, keys in hand, then turned flipping the switches to the bookstore lighting.

Another flash of bright lightning, her eyes snapped wide at the sight of a brief black shadow on the wall. She startled, spun around and aimed her wide eyes at the window.

She sighed then mumbled, "Jerk."

Victor stood before the store front bay window.

She frowned then left the counter and marched to the door. She unlocked the door then opened it, peeked her head out. She greeted, "Hey, Mr. Hardway!"

He crossed his arms over his chest and flashed her a greeting smile then said, 'Rosangela."

She slipped out of the door, closed it then locked it up tight. She quipped, "Excited?" She turned and faced him, her smile big.

He continued to smile then asked, "So, what are we going to see?"

She giggled then stepped up to him. He was definitely still a bit frustrated with her, she read it clearly within the shadows of his eyes. "What ya wanna see?" she asked him, "Got any preferences, hmm?"

He shook his head and stated, "This is your idea, so pick what you would like to see."

She again giggled as a loud clap of thunder sounded. Her eyes shifted and looked up at the sky. She commented, "Wonder how bad it's gonna get."

His brows lifted and he muttered, "Better be damned good."

She quickly looked at him, asked, "What was that?" She suspiciously eyed him.

He shook his head and stated, "Nothing."

"Okay!" she excitedly chirped then stated, "I'm thinking a good horror movie." Her eyes scanned and spotted his Porsche then marched its direction.

Rosangela chose her horror movie and the perfect spot in the movie theater where there was barely a soul nearby. She was perky and so nonchalant the entire time, well, she was on a movie date with Victor Hardway.

It had been a while since she was on an actual date, though it seemed the person she was on the date with was being somewhat forced into it. Yet, she determined, her little bargain was the only way she would have convinced the author to actually take her on a date.

The movie began as Rosangela eagerly enjoyed her popcorn but Victor seemed less enthused.

His mind was more so focused on what would take place after the movie. Would she finally consent to return to his apartment so he could truly embrace his creativity? Or would she again have him back at her place fucking her as she wanted?

He determined that she was unpredictable which, self admittedly, he enjoyed. His creative process was changed but easily he found inspiration and already started to create. Yet, he wasn't certain how much more he could take. How much longer was he to wait to get what he wanted, more so needed?

His eyes didn't focus on the horror being displayed on the screen. His mind was again strolling through the paths of where his inspiration would lead him. A glimmer was within his dark eyes as a slanted smirk traced over his lips, heightened the defining line about the left side.

So many scenarios. So many concepts. So many means to achieve his ultimate goal of creative perfection. So many possibilities, for his inspiration was far from like any of the others.

Rosangela's eyes shifted, looked to the author and read clearly that his mind was elsewhere. A grin perked across her lips. How she would love to be inside his mind and see the visuals that she knew involved her.

Her head turned as her eyes studied him within the lighting from the large theater screen. She watched as he relaxed in the theater seat, his arms lifted and draped along the backs of the other seats, including hers. Yet, she knew he was far from watching the movie. Her eyes shifted downward just as he adjusted his hips.

Her lips curiously puckered as she set the bucket of popcorn on the seat to her right. She lifted the armrest that separated them. She wondered how far into his thoughts he really was and if those thoughts were arousing.

Slowly she lifted her left hand, her black glossy fingertips anxiously twitched. Down she lowered her hand, aimed directly at his crotch.

His eyes blinked the moment he felt a full hand embrace his groin. His eyes shifted to the right and there was her lovely face twisted with curiosity. His grin broadened the moment he felt her firmly press the heel of her hand down against his hardening cock. He adjusted his hips and spread his legs.

Her eyes locked with his, a mischievous glint in both their eyes. She leaned closer to him as her fingers worked the shape of his cock through his trousers. Her grin broadened, felt his cock harden further against her firmly massaging hand.

The horror continued to play out on the screen as she slid her hand upward, dragged her lengthy fingernails along the seam of his fly. With one hand, she worked free the buckle of his belt, undid the single button then guided down the zipper.

Their eyes steadily locked, she slipped her hand beneath the waist of his boxers then dipped deeper and wrapped her fingers firmly around his cock. She slyly licked her lips as her hand firmly stroked up and down the rock hard length of his cock.

Her eyes shifted, glanced around at the other theater goers; very few and no one particularly too close. Her eyes shifted back to his and with a downward shift made the silent announcement of her upcoming move.

He gave her an approving nod, watched her grin broaden. There was a definite curiosity to how that smooth labret piercing would feel against his cock.

His eyes followed as she leaned down, her hand smoothly worked his cock from his boxers and the undone fly of his trousers. Down his eyes shifted then lightly flinched the moment her lips brushed against the tip of his cock.

His eyes lifted and vacantly aimed at the film on the screen. A slight sneer formed over his top lip as his entire cock was delivered deep inside her mouth, her lips firmly puckered and tongue pressed. Yes, he loved that sensation of her lip ring as she slid her lips back up along the length of his cock.

He lowered his right arm, brought his hand against the tousle of ringlets at the back of her head. His hips shifted in response to her firm sucks. Firstly he kneaded his fingers against her hair, indulged in the slow up and down motion of her head as she worked his cock so wonderfully with her entire mouth, but bit by bit his hand formed a fist gathering her hair.

His left arm lowered, hand brought to the crown of her head then slowly slid down over the shape of her motioning forehead. His sneer broadened, a sly excitement fluttered in his chest and flexed his cock. Obviously he was mistaken about the movie date being boring and was determined to make it worth his while.

She focused, ignored her own excitement dampening her panties. She prided herself at being an expert at blow jobs. She used her entire mouth and nearly swallowed his cock without effect on her gag reflex. She loved the sensation of his cock's eager twitches and pulses which proved her expertise. Yet, there was something suspicious about the aim of his left hand but she refused to relinquish her focus.

He found the bridge of her nose, his thumb and index traced down the shape until they felt the flare of her nostrils. He lightly bit down on his bottom lip then deviously grinned. No hesitation, he pinched off her nose, felt her surprised gasp vibrate his cock.

His right hand firmly fisted a handful of her hair, letting it known she wasn't coming up until his cock was satisfied and filled her lovely mouth.

He lightly closed his eyes, focused on every sensation her mouth lavished over his cock. His head leaned back, the tip of his tongue licked between his teeth and grinning lips. He nudged his hips, signaled her to work his cock harder.

Her pussy was inflamed with further excitement the moment he pinched off her nose, her hips shifted. She groaned, the breathlessness sweet and quick. At the tip of his cock she barely caught a breath but her determination was greater than her need to breathe. She devoured his cock then firmly drew it back against the firm press of her tongue and suckle of her lips, the entire time he kept her nose pinched.

Over and over, up and down she sucked his cock, tasted the salty dribble over the taste buds of her tongue. She grunted against the suffocation, her eyes squeezed tightly closed with concentration. She felt his cock's pulses quicken as did the eager flinches.

Her left hand firmly latched to his knee and dug her nails into the expensive material of his trousers. She continuously grunted, wanted him to cum in her mouth before she was unable to take any further breathlessness.

He controlled his vocals, breathed heavily through his nose. His right hand tightened its grip of her hair as his left hand kept a firm pinch of her nose. Her grunts were wondrous additional sensations against his cock and heightened the nearing explosion. He reactively shifted his hips, knew he was about to cum.

His hair fisted hand stiffened, stopped her midway up his cock. He nearly thrust his hips upward, drove his cock deep into her mouth. His lips gaped as his cock exploded and filled her mouth with his heated cum. His eyes lightly rolled in response to the sensation of the explosion fading over his stiffened body.

Her nose was released, she swiftly inhale through her flaring nostrils. His hand released her hair, she carefully rose up and took steady deep breaths through her nostrils. Very slowly she swallowed as she continued to rise. Her hand reached back and fetched the drink in the cup holder to her right then she brought the straw to her lips.

His eyes focused on her as his hands tucked his satisfied cock back into the confines of his boxers and trousers. He pleasingly grinned as she eyed him with the straw tucked between her lips. He gave her an approving wink.

She belted out a laugh, startled at her response then slapped her hand over her mouth knowing she just disturbed the other movie watchers.

The movie finished, they raced to the Porsche through the pouring rain.

Inside the car, Victor assumed, "My place then."

Rosangela gasped with surprise then dashed the author's assumption with a question, "What gave you that impression?"

His hand tightly gripped the gear shifter. Again, he thought, really?

She smirked then stated, "I not once hinted that I intended on going to your place tonight."

His foot lightly pressed the gas, the engine slowly revved. His eyes narrowed as they stared forward through the windshield. Reluctantly his eyes shifted and looked at her smirking face. How, he thought, she loved her damned control.

She shifted her smirk into an innocent smile along with a sweet tilt of her head. She mocking pouted her pierced bottom lip then apologized, "I'm sorry if that blow job gave you the wrong assumption of where tonight was leading."

She reached and did the seat belt, "I'm soaking wet." she again pulled out her nonchalant demeanor, "We can go to my place now." She dropped her folded hands onto her lap and looked forward with a smile.

He grumbled, "Of course." He looked forward, shifted the car into gear then steered in the direction of her shared town house.

The town house door shoved open, Rosangela stumbled inside laughing. She swiftly kicked off her drenched heels, spun around to watch a quite wet Victor Hardway enter. She continued to laugh as she flipped on the foray light.

He wasn't amused. He entered, swung the door closed. His damned precious fedora was soaked. His eyes glared at her as she continued to laugh. He reached and removed the rain weighed fedora. One of his favorites, gray with red silk band.

She tried to ease her laughter as she stepped up to him. She apologized, "I'm sorry you had to park so far away." she offered to take the fedora, "I can throw it in the drier."

His eyes looked at her with surprise. He refused, "No, you can't simply place this," he shook the soaked fedora, "In a drier." he then snapped, "Dry clean only."

She leaned back at his snappiness then shook her head and said, "Jeez, sorry, just thought..."

"No," he repeated then simply hung the fedora on one of the coat rack hooks.

She wrinkled her nose at him, he was being damned bitchy over a hat. She shrugged then spun around and announced, "Well, make yourself at home, Mr. Hardway." she started up the stairs, "I've had a long day and gonna take shower."

His head slowly turned, eyes shifted to followed her trek up the stairs. His lips slowly formed a sly grin.

Rosangela had stripped and entered the Jack and Jill bathroom she shared with one of the absent roommates. She slid back the glass door then twisted on the shower. She heard the bedroom door come open and grinned. She thought, perhaps he was done pouting over his fedora.

She yelled out, "Just do whatever!" She stepped into the shower, slid the door closed.

Victor removed his shirt as he kicked off his shoes. His eyes focused on the semi open door, heard the shower running and her humming. Oh, he thought, he was going to definitely do whatever.

He stepped to the side of her bed, crouched and slid out the suitcase. Remained crouched, he opened the suitcase and eyed the contents. His lips puckered with thought as his mind derived exactly his next step was going to be in Rosangela's unsuspecting direction.

His head tilted as his hand grabbed an unopened box. He pried the box open then removed one of its contents. He then grabbed a couple other items from the suitcase and rose up.

She lathered her hair as she stood just before the shower stream. Her eyes were closed as the conditioner laced water streamed down about her brow and eyes. She continued to hum as she turned around, stepped back and allowed the hot water to rinse the conditioner from her hair.

Her eyes opened and to her surprise, there was a silhouette on the other side of the frosted glass. She grinned then inquired, "Wanna join me?"

The glass door slid open.

She continued to grin as she again faced the shower stream. She commented, "Guess so." Followed by a giggle.

She reached for the sponge, prepared to wash her body but his hands came from behind and grabbed hold of her wrists.

His voice spoke from behind her, "No, allow me."

She shrugged and thought, why the hell not. But he didn't release her wrists, he gathered them behind her then she felt the steel of the handcuffs. She again giggled, that was a first. She commented, "Hmm, well, this is interesting."

Her hand cuffs behind her, he brought his hands against her shoulders then nudged her back against him. He brought his lips to her ear and stated, "Oh, it's not that interesting," he paused with a sly grin, "Yet."

She hummed with approval, her excitement already raised. Her eyes blinked against the steamy moisture within the shower as they watched his hand reach and grab the bottle of body wash from the plastic shelf hung from the shower. Then she watched him pour a good amount of body wash onto the palm of his hand. Her mind easily focused on what it was going to feel like to have his soapy hands lather her body.

She anxiously pressed her lips together, watched him lather his hands. She inhaled, took in the light floral scent of the body wash. She held her breath the moment his hands returned to her shoulders then slicked and massaged against them.

Her eyes closed with focus, his hands worked so slippery across her shoulder blades, down the center of her back then moved along the shape of her ass. She again hummed, loved the sensation of his hands kneading over the roundness of her ass.

He slid his hands forward against her hips, pressed himself against her. He loved the slight brush of her hands against his cock. His lips again found her ear and he explained, "I'm going to make certain you're nice and clean for me."

She bit down on her bottom lip, his left hand slid against her abdomen then moved downward between her thighs. Her grin broadened as she felt his full hand lather the wet hair between her legs. His hand reached further, his fingers worked the soapy lather within the lips of her pussy.

He took his time, lathered every inch of her pussy as his right hand lifted and found the fullness of her tit. Her tit in his hand, he felt every heave of her chest. Her pussy in his hand, he felt every shift of hips. Yet, he was not ready to please her. Not yet ready to fuck her. She said the night before, he was to take his time and that was his mission each and every time.
She leaned back against him, indulged in the sensations both his hands delivered. She was willingly drowning in everything. So long she wanted that type of detailed attention from a man. So many years within the confines of a marriage built on falsehoods and never had she experienced what she truly craved and needed. Sure, she was playing a game of sorts with the author but what he gave her was more than she had ever dreamed.

He informed her with a whisper, "Time to rinse."

His hand slid back from between her thighs, reached up and removed the detachable shower head. His right hand reached down between her legs, two fingers spread her lathered pussy lips. He delivered the steady firm stream from the shower head fully against her pussy.

She loudly groaned the instant the heated water struck and stimulated her clit. Her hips anxiously shifted as he alternated the firm spray downward then upward rinsing away the soap but also tormenting her pussy. Her breaths heightened as the steady spray was held and aimed directly against her desiring pussy hole.

He drew the shower head back, delivered the spray up her torso rinsing away all the soap. Once satisfied she was clean and rinsed, he returned the shower head in its place.

Again his lips were at her ear and he announced, "Now time to give you what you want."

Her eyes opened, curious to his plan. She felt him step back away from her. Her eyes curiously shifted side to side. She inquired, "And how exactly are you going to do that, Mr. Hardway?"

She quickly held her breath, heard a very distinctive sounds she had heard numerous times during solo moments. Her eyes slowly widened as the sound continued. Her heart quickened with excitement which also began to pulse between her thighs. She released her breath. For all those years she simply fantasized about what was about to happen.

Her head slightly titled back as her eyes lifted. Above her came into view the opening of a clear plastic bag. Her lips twitched into an anticipating grin. Her eyes wide, she watched the plastic opening lower towards her head. Every inch of her body was riddled with excitement. Her breathing already heightened.

She closed her eyes, indulged in the long away sensation of someone else lowering a plastic bag over her head. The clean new plastic scent was made heavier by the steam within the shower and filled her senses and stimulated further her excitement.

She felt the bag's opening slip around her neck, brushed against her damp shoulders. Her eyes slowly opened to peer through clear plastic with the exterior beaded by water.

He released the bag but brought his hands against the sides of her plastic encased face. His fingers massaged against the plastic, heard her pleasingly hum. He pressed himself against her, listened to her deep breaths with each exhale filled with a delighted hum of pleasure.

His lips brushed against the plastic covering her ear as his hands slid from the sides of her face to the sides of her neck. He cunningly asked, "How many times have you done this to yourself, hmm?"

Her smile broadened, his question only triggered her excitement higher. She breathed, "Too many..." she took a breath, "...times to count."

He grinned as his fingers slowly gathered the plastic at the base of her neck. He asked, "How often have you imagined me doing this?"

She felt the plastic gather sealed around her neck. Her breaths reflected off the bag's interior and lightly billowed it outward. She replied with a deep exhale, "Every time."

He slightly chuckled then hummed with approval. He commented, "Now it's no longer a fantasy, my Muse." He listened closely as her breaths grew deeper, the plastic softly crinkled within the sounds of the shower.

She quickly stated, "No it's not."

His hands released the bag and drew back.

She stood with her body already trembling with overwhelming excitement as she took in what steamy air slipped in through the loosened bag hem. So many of her fantasies were being so beautifully brought to life because of the author and artist Victor Hardway. All her fantasies he helped create in her mind were now becoming real.

Her eyes again widened, saw the motion pass the steam fogged bag. The distinct feel of one of her trusted collars was felt pressed back against the front of her throat then she heard the distinct click, the bag sealed.

Her eyes relaxed as she focused on her every breath while within the confines of the steamy bag. Her entire body tingled with excitement as it relaxed within the euphoria of all those fantasies being realized.

She hummed within a deep exhale, his hands pressed against her forearms then slowly slid upward against her damp skin. Her head slightly leaned forward, eyes fluttered as she was further brought into the intoxication of breathless seduction.

His hands molded over the shape of her shoulder then swiftly she was spun around, her bare feet sloshed against the water. His hands grabbed the sides of her plastic covered face, he stepped forward and she shuffled backwards. Her back pressed back against the tiled wall as his left hand reached down and turned off the shower and water.

Silence, accept for the sounds of her deep breaths and the soft crinkling as the plastic expanded then lightly collapsed. Her eyes saw only the blurred image of his face through the fogged plastic but she knew he was focused on her face and that thought heightened her experienced. To have another watch and study her as she slowly suffocated within the stale confines of a plastic bag was beyond what she had imagined. It was beyond giving control to another, she relinquished everything to him.

Both hands were again against the sides of her face, his thumbs pressed and massaged the moist plastic against her cheeks, felt the heat of her skin through the thin layer. He had always been fascinated with the breath play fetish but rarely found a single woman willing to explore that intriguing fetish. It was the first time he had personally witnessed the beauty of such a lovely face encased and surrounded by plastic. He was an artist and details were a must.

His fingertips lightly traced against the smooth plastic as if he were in use of an artist pencil creating those detailed lines. His dark eyes shifted in study, watched closely every motion the plastic gave in response to her breaths. He listened to every sound, her deep inhales and exhales, and every subtle difference within each.

His index finger traced along the light gape of her lips, pressed through the plastic and felt the plastic's every motion with each of her breaths. His mind could envision recreating that very image over the thick textured paper with a charcoal pencil.

He felt the smooth hardness of her labret through the slick plastic, his eyes focused on her mouth. He watched how the plastic lightly kissed over the shape of her full mouth, very subtly inhaled within the gape of her lips. He leaned and kissed his lips against the breath motioned plastic then pressed them firmly the moment she inhaled. Her lips instinctively kissed in return as he was mesmerized by the sensation of the thin layer of plastic separating their lips.

Though she struggled to keep in control of her breaths, her lips feverishly kissed his. She loudly hummed, loved the moment his tongue pressed the plastic deep passed her lips. Through her nose she struggled with each inhale, felt the plastic press in attempt to seal off her nose. Soon her mind fumbled between the need to be relieved of suffocation and desire to continue to be subdued further by it.

Through his kiss he asked, "Do you need to air?" He listened to her groan, felt and heard her every struggling breath as he continued smother her with his kiss. He urged, "Tell me." He listened to her grunt a quick 'hmm-hmm'.

He drew his lips back, took in the visual of the plastic molded against the features of her face. He firmly stated, "Yes or no?"

She bobbed her head, her hands twisted against the cuffs.

He leaned against her, his hands firmly grabbed the sides of her face to prevent any further nods. He instructed, "Say yes or no."

She whined, anxious and desperate for air as the plastic was suctioned against against her face. She pushed herself and verbally grunted, "Yes!"

He grinned and simply said, "Okay."

She gasped the moment the collar was undone and the plastic pealed back from her nose and mouth. She heavily drew air into her chest, her body trembled from the dose of needed air. Her eyes rolled and fluttered, from both relief and overwhelming excitement.

He firmly pressed his hands against her heaving tits, loved the feel of each of her deep breaths. He kneaded his fingers deep into the plump flesh as his palms pressed flat against her erect nipples.

His own breaths were heightened by excitement, she was far more inspirational than any of his past muses. She encouraged his creativity to its limits and expanded his fetish and erotic world. She was the muse he always longed to have in his life. She was change but in most rewarding way imaginable. There was no limit with her, she made his imagination without limits.

He drew up the plastic far enough to crush his lips against hers. Her breaths vibrated against exploring tongue. His hands reached down and grabbed firmly her ass as he pressed himself against her. He let it be known how she truly inspired him by the firm press of his hard cock.

For her inspirational entrance into his world, he wanted to show his appreciation and give her exactly everything she wanted.

His lips drew back as his hand slid the bag down over her face. He announced, "One more time." He listened to her excitedly groan with approval as his hands snapped the collar snugly sealing the bag around her throat.

He crouched, devoured her left nipple as his left hand tormented the other. He firmly suckled her nipple then pinched it between his teeth and listened to gasp as her hips anxiously shifted.

Lower he crouched, kissed and suckled a trail down her trembling stomach. His knees lowered down against the shower floor. His pressed a kiss against the dampened hair of her sweet pussy mound then used his fingers to expose the freshly cleaned clit. He brought his lips over her swollen clit and suckled, her hips shifted the moment she loudly groaned.

Her head leaned back as her breaths were deep within that suffocating plastic. Each exhale sounded a loud groan in response to his mouthy attention of her clit. Her eyes rolled and fluttered continuously as she felt the wondrous and firm flicks from the tip of his tongue. Her head twisted to the side, her breaths grew quicker with his alternating actions from firm suckles from his lips to the quick flicks from his tongue.

Her eyes snapped open the moment she felt him deliver two fingers deep into her slick pussy. She felt the plastic begin to flutter against her damp skin, her breaths became erratic. Her body tingled from head to toe as her hips found rhythm with his mouthy and fingering actions. She started to grunt with each inhale and whine with every exhale.

Her hands tightly fisted as every inch of her body tensed. She deeply inhaled through her nose, gathered the plastic formed to the contours of her face. Her upper back pressed firm against the wall as her center back arched. She released her breath but quickly inhale through her nose to again form the plastic into an airtight second skin.

Her mind completely switched, focused on the breathless orgasm that was about to erupt. She held herself tightly sealed within the plastic as a firm flick of his tongue and deep plunge of his fingers ignited her pussy to cum.

A high pitched squeal managed passed the tightened plastic as her pussy's explosion ripped outward and sent all her muscles into a trembling fit as her body stiffened. Her knees unlocked and she slid down the wall until her rear struck the shower floor.

Swiftly came release, she loudly inhaled the moment the bag was pulled from over her head. Her body relaxed though every muscle continued to tremble.

Her eyes lazily opened and looked to his pleased expression. She mumbled, "Better than ten thousand dollars."

He chuckled with a shake of his head.

Rosangela lay on her stomach eyeing Mr. Hardway. Both were on her bed under the covers, he on his back with a hand tucked behind his head and eyes closed. She just lay with her legs bent up at the knees and ankles locked while propped on her elbows. She was in awe of the fact that Mr. Victor Hardway was in her bed and just performed the most mind blowing oral sex of her life.

Her head tilted and she questioned, "Are you sure you're gonna be sixty?"

He chuckled but didn't open his eyes and simply said, "Yes."

She rolled onto her side and continued to eye him. She commented, "You don't act like it."

He again chuckled though his brow frowned. He asked, "And how is a sixty year old supposed to act?"

She thought for a second then replied, "Okay, well, you ain't no ordinary soon to be sixty year old."

He grinned then commented, "I'll take that."

She rolled onto her back then announced, "You're place tomorrow night."

His eyes opened and shifted her direction. He questioned, "My place, for real?"

She nodded, her eyes on the ceiling, then said, "Yep."

His grin broadened then his eyes looked to the ceiling. Finally, he thought.

Her eyes shifted and looked to his satisfied smirk. Her lips formed a grin then she added, "You're making me a candlelight dinner."

His grin quickly faded then his eyes closed as his brow tensed accentuating the center lines. His lips momentarily pressed together then his tongue lightly licked them.

He reluctantly opened his eyes and looked at her smug grin. He questioned, "I am?"

She nodded with her grin wide then added further to her announcement, "You're gonna make a really nice Italian dinner. Dessert too."

She again rolled onto her side, eyed his annoyed expression. She explained further, "See the roommates are coming back tomorrow and so we can't come back here because I don't want them sticking their noses in our business."

He closed his eyes of her adorable but annoying grin.

She rested a hand on his subtly haired chest and started to toy with the hairs between his pecs. She stated further, "Well, so I figured why not your place." she leaned as she ogled his annoyed expression, "I'd love to see your place. See where the master makes his naughty magic." She watched his lips try to stiffen back a smile.

He groaned, "Fine."

She chirped, "Yay!" She quickly hugged herself against him, the side of her face against his chest.

Her expression softened as her eyes somewhat stared blankly forward.

Sadly, throughout her thirty years of life, what she experienced so far with Victor Hardway was the intimacy she lacked. She shared more about her secret side to the author than her ex husband and past relationships. But, what did it truly mean?

When Victor Hardway receives what he needs, would she just become another portrait on his book cover and name in an erotic story? Was her little bargaining game going to leave her empty handed once it was played out?

She blinked the moment she felt his arms move around her. Her lips softly smiled, felt his hand gently brush against the side of her damp hair.


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