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In the Hands of a Vampire Ch. 02

Vivian's POV

Twenty-one years old and where did I end up?

Vivian Addams was a damned rookie journalist. I was still a damned rookie after one year of my service in that pit of a paper, if you want to call it a paper.

I was brought onto the tabloid newspaper called Moonlight News as an intern, that was a year prior. I got fed up with doing the damned typical shit my boss Berger kept throwing at me. I wanted something juicier but apparently everything in the damned tabloid world was juicy because the majority of it was bullshit. I hated my assignments with a passion and wished I could have real passion for assignments much more up my damned alley, vampires.

God, I don't know what it was but something during my senior year triggered me to go ape over the idea of vampires. It was triggered by those mysterious deaths that happened in my own town that was your typical suburban hell. My Halloween article ran in the high school newspaper which practically made me the laughingstock of the entire community because I swore that there was something more of a supernatural nature that killed off those unwanted and scandalous women of my community.

I graduated and hightailed it out of there. I left behind my parents who continued their same day to day lives while Mother was Father's willing slave to the housewife trade. I refused to let that happen to me, so I got my ass out of there and hit the college circuit until I found myself at Moonlight News.

So, I spent a year and took bullshit assignments. I was fed up and finally marched my perky and round ass to the boss man's office then demanded something more tasteful than damn Satanic or Alien nonsense. I wanted to be the paper's lead vampire expert and refused to have a bunch of fictional crap printed under my name.

I presented him with the concept of a monthly article called In the Hands of a Vampire. Burger made the bargain that he would run the first article I come up with in a month's time, if it gets a good bite of interest he would think about a reoccurring article just for me.

It helped that I let him have an eyeful of my tits which thankfully got me many places in such a short time.

There it began, In the Hands of a Vampire was born as was Vivian Addams.

I dove head first in my dream of greatness and created my first real contact with the nearest police department, a rookie named Riley who gave me the information I needed to start me off on the right track. My expertise would lead me further down that track which followed into nearing 1970.

My article was so damned popular that it ran as center page within Moonlight News. My face graced that center page article, beautiful darkness was how I described my look. No more Mommy to deny me my precious makeup. So there I was, my lips were puckered with brilliant vibrant red while my baby blues were heightened by dark intricate liner and thick lashes.

My fans adored me, evident by the stacks of fan mail that landed on my desk nearly every week. I would correspond with my fans, left my signature pucker stained at the end of each letter with a spritz of my favorite orange blossom scent. Sure I got your occasional sucker who would write in detail how they wanted to suck me into ecstasy. I wished. Hell, I even got those letters that threatened, if I didn't stop my investigation works on vampires I would meet a blood drained end. I determined, they didn't have the balls.

I loved the direction my life was headed. I had a snazzy little one bedroom apartment decorated to vampire perfection with all my framed articles and movie posters of my favorite Christopher Lee Hammer Films. I developed my own unique appearance. I embraced my love for the luscious and the classic femme Vampira and my naughtiest idol of them all, Miss Betty Page. Oh, yes, I started to get all I ever wanted with one exception.

Where was my face to face with one of those undead beauties?

It was New Year's Eve in my big city of Atlanta. I spent the day and into the evening in my favorite little coffee shop, put together next month's article while the majority of folks were already wasted before the midnight hour of the new decade.

Near eleven, I had no choice but to leave the coffee shop since they prepared to close for the night. I tossed my tip then paid the bill and pulled on my black mink coat. I stepped out into that chilly evening.

On the sidewalk I heard the constant celebrations coming from all directions. I lit up a cigarette tucked between my puckered stunning red lips. I took a look up at the decent sized moon which had the sign of deep cold in the form of a glowing ring. I exhaled with the smoke visually thicker because of the mixture of my heated breath that blew into the freezing air. A nice night for a walk though most would think me nuts because, let's face it, the nuts truly came out on a frantic night of drunken celebration.

I turned on my six in heeled black suede and fur trimmed boots then strutted with my fabulous strut. It took me time to learn how to walk on such a height because of my years of being forced to wear nothing but tacky and unattractive flats.

Cars passed with the sounds of the cold under the weight of their tires as they passed over some packed snow lining near the curb. Snow wasn't totally rare in the south but it came that year with a bit more effort.

As always, I got some whoops and hollers from some drunken passerby hung out his window as he held a bottle of booze. Yep, I really felt nothing but confidence towards my fabulous beauty. My ego throughout the years broadened, yet there were occasions I felt my ego somewhat tarnished when another attempted relationship ended.

It seemed my relationships would last perhaps two months at the most because my career was more my focus than the man I was involved with. Honestly I didn't think they had what it took to deal with the likes of me. I was an independent woman and didn't need a man to provide for me. I simply needed a man to shower me with compliments and make sure my ego was well stroked. Besides myself, perhaps I loved my vampires more than any man who managed to get into my bed.

Yet, there was something else that I just couldn't put my red tipped finger on that seemed to also hinder my ability to keep a damned man in my life. Definitely something under sheets just never felt right. And I seemed to truly never attract my type. I always managed to snag those business men who thought I was the proper mistress because of my elaborate appearance, the opposite of prim and proper housewife material. Eventually they thought I would transform into that suburban submissive but they were mistaken because I loathed such a boring lifestyle.

I finished my cig and tossed it to the curb, let the snow and cold burn it out. I decided a cab would be better since my poor stunning curves were chilled, even through my thick fur coat.

I turned to the curb, looked both ways. There was only emptiness with echoing celebration that bounced off the buildings. I planted a hand on my hip and bitched at myself in thought, should have called a damned cab back at the coffee shop instead of the bright idea of walking. Just because I wrote about icy skinned individuals didn't mean I lacked warm blood. I too easily got chilled by icy temperatures.

My lips puckered as I tapped the tip of my boot against the curb.

"How much?" a voice asked from behind me.

My eyes narrowed. I angrily asked in thought, seriously, did I truly look that much like a fucking whore?

I gripped my clutch purse then spun around on my heels and struck the messy dirty blonde guy across his face. "Fuck off!" I snapped at the guy then shoved against his plaid shirt then pushed him aside and turned away.

I stomped down the sidewalk. Stupid fucking men, I shouted in my head, just because a woman stood at a curb doesn't make them a damned hooker!

I was fed up with the cold and had no intention to again be asked 'how much'. So I found the first warm and open to the public joint.

Thankfully around the corner I found a hustle of people coming in and out of a basement level place that looked like a club or bar. I had no care what kind of dive it was, I was freezing my panties off.

I pushed passed a few drunken huggers then stepped down some steps and heard the distinct sound of music and voices. I paused before entering, saw the photographed image of a sure looker of a woman who apparently hosted some party inside the joint for New Year's Eve, Regine.

I shrugged then shoved my way through the door, didn't care that I knocked the heavy door into a couple seemingly making out. I needed a damned drink after being assumed a common street walker, also something to warm me up, so I headed towards the bar. I paid no attention to the music or the patrons, minded my own damned business.

At the bar I plopped my round rear on a stool and shouted my order to a blonde muscle bound looking guy in a dress shirt and vest. "Hey," I shouted at him again as I tapped my long ruby nails against the bar top, "Hey, Hercules, gin and tonic, please!"

I shook my head then dug into my purse and pulled out my compact and tube of red lipstick. I eyed my lovely full lips, reapplied the red sheen over them then pressed them together.

The bartender slid my glass of gin and tonic before me. I gave him a quick smile then crammed the compact and tube back into the purse. I pulled out a twenty but he lifted his hand.

"Already taken care of, Miss." Mister Buff stated with a huge smile then went about his business.

Huh, I shrugged, fine by me!

I wrapped my red tipped fingers around the crystal glass then brought it my lips. My eyes finally decided to take a moment to scope the joint as I wondered who was kind enough to pay for my drink.

I never saw a place remotely like it. The joint was sorta classy and not completely filled with drunken idiots. I found the patrons somewhat complimenting to my appearance. Surely some classy folks painted up beautifully and dressed with different vintage fashions.

My eyes scanned and studied. I noticed quite a few individuals getting it on in darkened corners with some serious literal necking going on over in one corner. The woman looked positively intoxicated and in a good way. My lips slightly puckered against the rim of the glass as I took a good voyeuristic eyeful of the lovely couple. Wow, I chimed in thought, she sure loved having that man's mouth on the side of her neck. My left brow lifted curiously, something made me suspicious. Perhaps it was my brain filled with nothing but vampires that made me see things that weren't really happening.

My eyes shifted to another couple but this time it was a woman who lavished some serious mouthy action against a man's neck. I blinked then looked to a booth where a man sat with his arms stretched over the back of the seat with his head back and an expression of pure ecstasy over his entire face with lips gaped into a dazed grin. My eyes slightly squinted then watched a woman pop up from behind the booth table licking her lips.

I asked myself, okay, Vivian, what have you walked into? Had I stepped into a vampire wannabe kinks club where everyone was celebrating the arrival of a New Year and decade by getting all biting and sucking happy on one another?

I gulped down my drink and slammed the glass atop the bar. Perhaps I had warmed myself up enough. I looked down the bar at muscle man, "Hey," I shouted and he looked at me, "Got a pay phone in here or something?"

Mr. Muscles nodded then pointed passed me.

I gave a quick wave then tossed the twenty down on the bar top and shouted, "Thanks, doll!" I slipped off the stool then turned and saw a lit sign that indicated the pay phones.

I smoothed my hands down my rear then strutted forward. I moved passed some serious eyeballs that had a hard time maintaining their ogles. I didn't blame them, look at me.

I opened my purse and started to dig for a dime as I kept my pointed boots aimed towards the phones. In my determination to find a damned dime, I firmly bumped into another body. My purse dropped from my hands. "Shit!" I cursed then crouched in my snug high waist black satin pants and grabbed my purse.

My eyes looked forward, took quick notice of two quite expensive black hand stitched leather shoes. Hmm, I hummed in thought, nice. I wondered who wore such tasteful shoes.

My eyes lifted, firstly I eyed well tailored rich gray slacks with a very prominent pressed seam pleated down the center of the legs. I slowly rose up along with my eyes which followed that pleated trail up the length of those long legs. My eyes couldn't resist, made a dramatic pause right dab where I was curious what was beneath those expensive and fine made slacks.

As my legs straightened, my eyes moved passed a leather belt then followed the line of silver and onyx studded buttons that moved up the center of the fine material of a shirt a hint darker than the slacks. My head slightly tilted as my lips tensed their pucker. My eyes grew a bit wider and brow lifted. My eyes made a complete stop at a very nice set of lips and all I could think, great mouth.

I watched those lips move.

From a remarkable set of lips came a voice just as remarkable, "Excuse me."

I said, almost mesmerized by those killer lips, "No, Excuse me." a slight intrigued grin formed across my puckered lips then I added, "I wasn't watching, well, where I was going."

Wow, I couldn't remember ever seeing a mouth remotely that fascinating in, well, my eyes frowned. Huh, whatever, I shook it off. Those lips were quite an entertaining sight.

I finally pried my blues from those simply tasty looking lips then instantly found a positively remarkable face that went with those divine lips.

"Nonetheless," he spoke again, such a smooth tone, "I apologize."

"No need," I chirped, pressed my lips together and refreshed the red. I pulled my hand up with the silver dime pinched between my fingers then I quipped, "It was a pleasure running into you."

I reluctantly took a step to the side, stepped around that fine stunning example of manly perfection. I took a quick peek over my shoulder, took an eager glance down to discover an equally remarkable ass. My eyes lifted, discovered him looking over his shoulder at me then I watched those fabulous lips smirk.

I shrugged my shoulders and thought, he shouldn't walk around with an ass like that if he didn't expect certain eyeballs not to steal a look.

I puckered my lips then turned and found an actual indoor phone booth. I stepped into the booth and grabbed the phone. When I pulled it from the base I discovered the fucking steel metal cord so inconveniently snapped off in the middle. I slammed the damned thing down and huffed. I shook my head defeated by a damned pay phone then stepped out of the booth and unfortunately that stunner had vanished. I tossed my arms in the air then decided to spend my last hour of 1969 amongst a bunch of vampire wannabes.

I sauntered back to the bar and again shouted to the barkeep for another gin and tonic.

The pale version of the Incredible Hulk arrived and slid me another filled glass. "No luck, Miss?" he asked, "And don't worry, again, paid for." he added with a grin, "You're popular."

"Ha," I rolled my eyes then crudely stated, "And no, your fucking phone is broke and thanks to whomever." I grabbed the drink and toasted the purchaser of my drink, whoever it was.

I scooted my tooshy back onto the bar stool then peered out as more music began to play. I choked on a laugh, watched this crazy long blonde haired guy start partying by himself amongst others that tried to avoid being slammed into by his crazy moves. I shook my head and sipped my drink and thought, at least someone was having a good time.

I glanced at the neon clock above the line of liquor shelves, a half hour until the New Year. I scanned the joint again, discovered the earlier make out sessions and the booth blow job finished and the individuals vanished. My eyes moved over the slightly crowded dance floor and, bam, there he was, my run in. My lips puckered as I closely watched this obvious looker.

The stunning run-in escorted an equally lovely woman onto the dance floor. Well, damn, I pouted I thought, disappointed. I watched as he in oddly bowed to his partner in an almost old fashioned manner then watched the woman in red strangely curtsy. Man, I excitedly thought, this shit would make a seriously awesome In the Hands of a Vampire article!

I quickly dug out my pad and lucky pen. I used the bar top and set the pad down, proceeded to write as I sipped my drink.

It flowed from my pen like gothic poetry. My eyes watched the strangest dance which seemed so unlikely for the more modern music. It was like a gothic ballet of sorts. Oh, that was good, so I wrote it down. Gah, I wished the crazy guy in the bomber jacket would have stopped bouncing in the way of the positively gorgeous couple.

I started humming to the music and continued to enjoy my drink and inspiration.

"Vivian Addams?" a man's voice asked.

Yeah I wasn't impressed by that voice because it had no comparison to the stunner's voice. I bitchily asked, "Yeah, what of it?" I refused to look up from my writing.

"In the Hands of a Vampire, correct?" the guy asked with a strange tone.

I simply said with added bitchiness, "Yeah." Continued my focus on my writing and study of the couple.

Then whoever he was stepped in front of me and blocked my damned view.

My lips puckered with annoyance. I finally looked this black haired and pale faced tool in his beady brown eyes. I planted a hand on my hip and snapped, "Would you move, please!" I then shooed him with my hand and informed, "You're blocking my view." I leaned to the side, desperate to continue my observation.

Wow, I praised in thought, that tall, dark, and stunningly handsome 'run in' sure knew how to move that stylishly clad body of his.

That idiot commented, "Enjoying the drink I bought you, I see."

I quickly replied, "Yep, thanks." sounded as uninterested as I was then demanded, "Now move."

A bit frustrated by my bitchiness, he commented, "That's not very polite."

"Sorry," I said though I wasn't, simply wanted his ass out of my way. But that observation cock blocking moron wouldn't budge. And so I leaned back then grimaced at him and snapped, "I'm working here!" then I asked and lifted the pen before his narrowed eyes, "Can't you see the fucking pen in my hand?"

I shook my head, "Seriously," I grumbled then reminded him, "I didn't ask you to buy me the drink, now did I? So, what do you expect, huh?" my bitchiness continued, "Oh, you expected that I'm going to go all swoony because you purchased my fucking gin and tonic?" and my finally demand, "Fuck off!"

I wasn't in the mood to deal with assholes who think they had the right to get into my tight pants because they bought me a fucking drink.

I swear, he started to snarl at me which wasn't the first time for me but it was the first time I caught visual of what looked like damned fangs. That just fueled the bitch inside me, "Oh, is that supposed to frighten me into submission?" I snapped then laughed in his face and hinted my next snide move, "Here, asshole, take your drink back!" I quickly tossed the rest of the contents of my glass into his face.

I then shouted a more obscene and colorful demand, "Go suck a dick with your fake assed fangs, Dracula!"

I growled, had my inspirational moment severely hindered. I shoved my pad and pen back into my purse then twisted my rear on the stool and slipped off. "Fucking vampire posers!" I grumbled under my breath then questioned out loud, "Why do I always get the fucking lunatics?!"

With six inch heeled stomps and I stormed for the exit. At the door I shook my fists with frustration then swung it open. Immediately I felt the brisk chill strike me face on. My eyes rolled and reluctantly I stormed out of the weird assed club.
Up the steps I returned to the sidewalk. I marched passed the earlier hugging couple and angrily shouted, "Happy fucking New Year!" I stomped down the sidewalk with my arms stiff down at my sides as I tapped my purse anxiously against my thigh.

I continued on my merry pissed off way, hated fucking New Year's Eve with a passion. I neared an alley that cut between two buildings with my blue eyes wide with fury. Suddenly, upon stomping before the alley, I felt a grip of my fur covered arm then a swift jerk which pulled me into the dark alley.

I had no opportunity to react. I was painfully slammed back against the icy and harsh brick wall, the wind practically knocked out of me. An icy hand latched around my throat so powerfully I thought it was going to be crushed. I choked against the vice grip then before my eyes came that pale face that dripped with gin and tonic. I gasped with shock, witnessed those two beady eyeballs catch the light with an ominous glow.

What the hell was I looking at? Was this what I have been searching for but found me and was that my end?!

"You bitch," he lowly hissed then stated, "I'm going to suck you dry and leave you in the gutter to rot!" He pulled me forward then again slammed me painfully back against the wall.

I gasped in pain, the back of my head hit pretty hard which knocked what sense I had out of me.

"You've run your damned mouth too much, Vivian Addams!" he lowly grumbled, his voice echoed in my slightly spinning head, "I will be praised for ending you, you smug bitch!" He evilly chuckled.

Holy shit!

That was it, I determined, I was going to be done in by an asshole for a vampire! That wasn't how I wanted to go out! At that point, I hadn't been laid in over two weeks!

Oh, wait.

I hadn't had good sex at all!

Why, I whined in silence, why was I gonna die before I had the chance to find me a man who knew what he was doing?!

Oh, my brain was on overload of regrets never having found the perfect screw! What about my fucking article for next month's issue, it wasn't finished yet?!

Oh, then this bastard grabbed hold of my fur coat and jerked the son of a bitch to expose my plunging neckline. Ah hell, I didn't want his beady eyeballs to be the last ones to see that heavenly cleavage!

He evilly slithered, "I'm going to enjoy this probably more than you."

I simply squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the end of Vivian Addams and In the Hands of a Vampire.

Within the darkness of my closed eyes I felt that icy grip suddenly pull back from my throat followed by the loud crash of trashcans in the alley. I dared to open one eye, saw a totally different dark silhouette before me obviously turned to the side. My eye shifted and saw my assailant scramble from the turned over trashcans, he suddenly leapt into the air and vanished.

My other eye opened then both frowned. What the hell happened?

My eyes looked forward at whom or what had just rescued my lovely ass.

The dark silhouette turned and faced me.

I saw the distinct glow of reddish orbs for eyes. Huh?

I felt my eyes roll and everything blurred followed by my ass hitting the dank ground...

Ow, my head hurt.

There was a painful throbbing at the back of my head which prompted me to reach behind it. Instantly there was a sensation of bruised tenderness about the very back of my skull. My eyes fluttered. Had I dreamed the whole attack?

Then I noted, no longer frozen. In fact, I felt pretty darn toasty.

My eyes blinked as my vision started to clear. After several good blinks, I squinted and my eyes focused on a ceiling. I didn't know that ceiling, sure wasn't mine and I knew mine all too well since I counted the cracks in the drywall during another moment of trying not to fall asleep beneath whoever grunted on top of me.

My head turned to the side and I looked at the soft glow of a fire within the mouth of a fireplace. Where the hell was I?

I lifted my head and felt the pain a bit more along with a stiffness about my throat. Damn, I groaned in thought, that fucker squeezed too hard. Or not hard enough because I was still alive. I smirked with another amusing thought, huh, I was one tough bitch to snuff out. More lives than a fucking cat, I guessed.

I pushed up onto my arms, felt the cushions beneath me. My eyes took notice I was laid across some antique sofa.

Finally the memory of my savior came, that dark silhouette and that ominous glow that was so similar to my assailant's. That revelation was interrupted for before my eyes came a glass of what I could smell was gin and tonic, very well manicured male fingers gripped about the rim.

I reached my hand up and took the crystal glass, "Thanks." I said a bit groggily. I slowly sat up and brought the glass to my lips.

"You're welcome," a man's nice voice spoke.

My lips froze against the glass, I knew that voice and it belonged to that tall drink of something, something from that weird club. My eyes frowned, the glow from the fireplace was blocked and my eyes slowly lifted until they again were snagged and focused on wondrous lips which were formed into a slightly slanted smile.

Those lips motioned and with it came that sweet smooth melody, "How are you feeling?"

"Better," I slightly laughed then sipped from the glass unable to pull my eyes back from ogling those lips. Those lips suddenly vanished and the glow from the fireplace was again in my eyes. My eyes quickly searched because I wasn't finished staring at those fucking lips.

That remarkable voice again spoke, "You were lucky."

My eyes followed the direction the voice came from.

Again this man's voice spoke, "That was too close for even my comfort, Vivian."

My eyes found that very man from the club, my run in, and he stood near a small antique table. He lifted a peach from a bowl of an arrangement of different fruits.

Did I know this guy or was he a fan?

Hell, I didn't know any guy with that kind of mouth and voice because if I did I sure in the fuck wouldn't have been alone on damned New Year's Eve. Huh, I wasn't.

I couldn't help but watch his mouth as those lips parted wide and powerfully bit into the peach. Wow, just wow!

I shifted on my rear and brought my legs down from the sofa and asked, "Do I know you?" I wasn't sure if my mouth would work while I watched this guy slowly chew that huge chunk of peach. Oh, my brow lifted, watched him drag the pad of his thumb against corner of his mouth then tucked that thumb into his mouth sucking away the peachy juices.

Why was I so damned aroused by that man's incredible mouth?!

Hmm, I always thought I was an ass woman but apparently I was wrong!

"Hmm," he hummed a bit then obviously swallowed his delicious chewed up peach then he licked his lips, "I don't think so." He again licked his lips which sent long awaited and remarkable sexual sensations every damned way possible over my fabulous body.

With near envy I thought, obviously that peach was really juicy and I wanted to lick the juices from his lips.

He announced, "But I do know who you are."

"Ah, okay," I said, gave a short nod and not once did my eyes alleviate from watching what I had determined was mouth porn. I finally commented, "So you know my name." then asked, "You got one?" I had no care who the hell he danced with earlier at that club because I was the one on his antique sofa.

Again I watched in complete awe as he hardily bit into the peach. Oh, wow, my mind sang, what I wouldn't do to have him bite into me like he did the peach. I somewhat laughed in response to that thought and, boy, what a thought. I studied closely how he steadily and perfectly chewed that peach. Oh, I believed I nearly had an orgasm because that was probably better than the sex I ever had up until that night.

He finally finished working his mouth, set the peach down then pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, cleaned his hands of the juices.

I really wanted to offer my services and suck those fingers clean.

He finally gave his name, "Jerry Dandridge."

My eyes slightly frowned, wasn't sure if I heard the name before or not. The name had a nice ring to it but had I ever heard it before?

Oh well.

He stepped to the sofa and offered his hand, "A pleasure to meet you, Vivian Addams."

I slipped my hand into his, felt a prominent chill with just a lingering flush of heat, yet his skin felt sublime. My brain churned and went into a shitload of naughty directions. The determination was easily made, I wanted his lips and hands on me.

I sang with an overload of flirt, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Dandridge." then I finally looked him in the eyes. Hmm, I made a serious note, those were some definite killers he had for gorgeous browns. I added my appreciation for his earlier actions, "And thank you for rescuing me."

He slid his hand from mine.

My eyes followed as he took a seat at the other end of the sofa.

He brought an arm across the back then crossed his legs ankle to knee. "You're very welcome," he replied then stated, "And very lucky that I noticed your attacker leave after you did." He sat there with those powerful browns focused on me.

I swear my entire body was about to burst into flames similar to those dancing in the fireplace. "Again, thank you." I said, couldn't thank him enough for having saved my ass though I had some pretty interesting ideals to show plenty thanks.

Then I had to comment, "I'm sorta confused how you managed to get him off me." I knew damned well what my attacker was and had my suspicions that the looker that stared at me was the same.

His lips formed a cunning smirk with that little crook about the left corner then his fabulous lips motioned as he asked, "Do I really have to explain, Vivian?" he obviously knew I wasn't stupid and stated, "You know exactly what he was and what I am."

I took a deep breath then lifted the glass to my lips and took a little sip. I swallowed then agreed, "Okay, you're right." There was no use playing dumb when I was far from it.

"So," I looked over at him with questioning lift of my left brow then asked, "Why the hell did you stop him from killing me?" I presented my theory, "He obviously doesn't approve of me and my chosen profession. So, I suspect you probably feel the same." I wasn't going to beat around any dumbass bush, so I blatantly asked, "So, did you toss his ass so you could get the creds for snuffing out Vivian Addams?"

"No," he quickly responded, his expression unchanged, then explained, "I simply keep good watch of my investments."


My brain yelled all kinds of questions. What the hell? I was some kind of investment? Since when? And why? And what the hell?

His lips broadened into a smirk, obviously noticed my confusion, then encouraged, "You're going to have to be more careful from now on, Vivian, because I won't always be there to throw off another attacker."

He clearly didn't explain shit about the whole investment comment but his voice was amazing nonetheless and made up for the lack of information.

"Yes," he continued with that delectable tone, "There are many of us out there that really don't approve of your work and what you are trying to tell the world about us." he added his feelings on my profession, "I really don't care because I personally think no one actually believes a word you've written. I'm not going to order you to cease your professional opinions but there will be others who will make even more drastic attempts on your life."

"Really," I breathed, grew a bit more suspicious of my vampire rescuer, "Answer me this," I needed to ask because he never answered, "How am I one of your investments?" I wanted a real answer and preferred a long one so I could watch those fire illuminated lips and listen to his vocals a bit longer.

He slyly commented, "You're sure fascinated with my lips." no answer given to my question, "You can barely look me in the eyes, Vivian, since you're obviously more focused on my lips." then he asked with intrigue, "Why is that, Vivian?"

I watched his mouth. I watched every motion as those words flowed out smoothly. Then I watched them form a very subtle pucker of amusement and, unlike him, I truthfully answered, "You have great lips, what can I say?" I finally pried my eyes from my obvious attraction and looked him in the eyes and they were just as lovely.

I confessed further, "I am oddly attracted to your lips, Mr. Dandridge, and I'm by far from ashamed to admit it." I completely forgot my last question because there was also something so compelling about his large browns as well.

With a hint of suggestiveness he asked, "And it doesn't concern you what I might do with my lips?"

Oh, I knew that hinted suggestive tone and boy had it sounded a million damned times better with his voice.

"Not the lips." I quickly answered then pressed my lips together. I damn well wished those lips of his would magically float my direction and attach to mine. I explained my true kind of concern, "I believe I should be more concerned about what's passed those lips besides your tongue." God, it was a pure rush when I heard my flirty tone ignited into a war with his.

Calm and coolly he asked, "You're not afraid that I might do exactly as your attacker was about to do before I arrived?"

"Well," I thought for a moment with my lips in a tightened pucker then I licked my bottom lip, and confidently answered, "No." I gave no explanation to my simple answer but made another comment concerning those lips of his, "But I could think of worse things than those," I pointed, gestured to his lips, "On this." I pointed at myself, "In fact, I could've been subjected to having that asshole's nasty and very unattractive mouth on me. That's way worse."

He quickly laughed at my statement then silenced and regained that daring expression and smirk followed by asking, "And what do you want right now, Vivian?"

That was likely the most stupid question I have ever heard because he obviously knew the answer to that question which could be clearly read in those dangerous dark eyes of his.

Immediately I urged, "Oh, don't play dumb with me, Mr. Dandridge," then I gave him my wide eyed doubtful expression and basically accused, "Don't sit there and pretend you have no clue what I want right now."

I set my glass down on the floor beside the sofa then brought my hands against my knees. My upper arms pressed against the sides of my lovely rack to make certain my legendary cleavage was unmistakably more prominent.

Slyly my head tilted with my puckered lips lifted at the corners, created my signature smirk. Then I accused him further, "You know damned well what I wanted the moment you so conveniently ran into me." then said with my sultry suspicious tone, "I'm a journalist who thrives on her instincts and intuitions and right now," a brief pause to eye his stunning face then I stated, "My instincts and intuitions are screaming that you're a tad bit more than attracted to me." Yes, I stroked my ego because I knew the vampire that stared at me wanted to do more than suck.

With encouragement, I urged, "So, why don't you just go ahead and give me what I want because you want it too."

Oh, boy did I ever want it!

He gave a more subtle laugh then commented, "You don't cease to amaze me, Vivian." he remained poised and held that quite delicious smirk then slyly asked, "Haven't you ever just taken what you wanted?"

Oh, he challenged me.

"Hmm," I hummed, loved a challenge then asked him in return, "Yes, what other way is there?"

"Well," he held his challenge, lightly licked the tip of his tongue between those damned amazing lips then urged, "What are you waiting for, Vivian, come and take what you want."

"Okay," I simply agreed, damned stoked and ready to take on that challenging vampire stud.

I pushed up off the sofa then turned and brought one heel before the other with my eyes focused on my target, his lips. It didn't take long until I was turned and faced him.

He looked up at me with that challenge firm in his eyes with a smirk across his targeted lips.

I delivered one hand down and gripped the arm of the sofa then bent at the waist. Not once did I flinch, looked this stunning creature in the eyes. Damned excited I was and it had been years. And my lips were about to latch onto those of a true cold blooded killer.

Questions quickly raced. How many victims had he sucked with those lips? How much blood had passed those lips?

And how delightful it would be if I could taste it all with just one kiss.

My heart raced as I inched my lips closer to his. Very slowly I inhaled then held my breath as I eagerly rubbed my lips together in preparation for the biggest rush of my life. My entire body and mind was in an overwhelmed tizzy of excitement. Then I went ahead and took what I wanted the moment I saw those damned lips of his!

Though his lips were mingled with iciness and warmth, a warmth probably given from a previous warm blooded treat. Those lips were more delicious than I had anticipated. The motion of his soft full mouth against mine felt positively delightful and beyond arousing. Hmm, I hummed in thought, lips that have mercilessly taken the lives of probably thousands or more and they were against mine. It was heavenly.

I drew back, had taken what I wanted, then stood straight. I licked my lips, tasted the slight sweetness from that devoured peach and whatever treats he sucked. "Yep," I agreed with my first assumption, "Just as tasty as I predicted."

I looked down at him.

His grin had slightly broadened.

I watched those eyes of his slowly scan from my face, eyed my glorious curves then made a slow scan back up until again locked with mine. The intensity within those dark eyes seemed to grow, made it impossible for me look away. Yet, I no longer wanted to look away.

My eyes were gripped by his and they shifted, followed as he slowly rose up from the sofa. I felt my breaths deepen as the beats of my heart slowed to a calm rhythm. I barely felt his hands when they moved against the sides of my face. I felt consumed by the strength of intensity that emulated from his eyes. My eyes were buried within those dark brown pools then I felt his lips lightly brush against mine. I refused to stop. I had no desire to end my peer into the darkness that filled within those richly brown eyes.

I felt his lips brush mine then after obviously tormenting me, he finally pressed them against mine. His bottom lip positioned against the slight part between mine. Instantly, I tasted more than that peachy sweetness. I tasted something richly metallic and slick, instinctively I suckled his bottom lip. Immediately I felt a spin of strange intoxication the moment that odd flavor tingled over my tongue. I had an urge to taste more no matter how strange it made me feel.

He pulled back.

I felt myself slightly sway as my eyes subtly fluttered then felt my lips form a dazed grin. My eyes managed to refocus on his eyes. I witnessed a shade of red transform throughout his eyes which made them even more beautiful. No resistance, I touched my slightly numbed fingertips against his handsome face.

His arms wrapped around me, both his hands found my perfectly rounded rear then nudged me firmly against him. Each heave of my chest pressed my perfect rack against him. He heightened my intoxication, again brought those lips against mine. He kissed and suckled my lips with such desired passion.

That was the most intense passion I ever received in all my life, in all my twenty-six years. Yep, I knew it, it had to be a bloodsucking genius to feed my need for some truly satisfying action.

Suddenly it was put to an end because some asshole opened up the fucking door.
"Oh, I'm sorry," a woman's voice spoke.

I was unable turn my eyes from his face, didn't give a shit to see who the woman was.

"I thought you were alone." the woman commented.

I wanted to bitch fit yell, no shit and now go away. But I was unable to speak, my lips were damned tastefully numb and I wanted them numbed even more by his.

He actually grumbled, "As you see I'm not."

I smirked in response to his stern words which prompted me to dazedly giggle. My fingers found their way to the open collar of his shirt but started an eager trail downward. Nope, I had no care that there was a third wheel in the room. My long ruby nails dragged down against the button of his shirt then snagged his belt buckle.

"Again, sorry, Brother." the woman apologized.

Her calling him brother made me frown just a little but my mind was more focused on the mission near my hands.

She went to ask, "Is that..."

"Yes," he snapped then demanded, "Now leave us alone."

"Oh, I see," she sounded oddly gratified about something then the door closed.

"Was that your sister?" I finally inquired but really didn't care as my fingers subtly fumbled trying to undo that damned belt buckle.

He answered, "Yes."

My glazed eyes were focused on his lips. All I could think was, those lips!

I asked with a bit of a drunken slur in my words, "What happened to the chick you were dancing with?"

He stated, "That was her."

I giggled a little, he sure had danced inappropriately with that sister of his. "Whatever," I commented then again went to take what I wanted when I nearly got that belt buckle undone. My lips attempted a charge for his lips but his fingertips quickly pressed against my lips. I pouted. Vivian Addams wants what she wants and damned I wanted those fucking lips and what she was trying to free below his waist!

His other hand grabbed my one of my belt buckle safe cracking hand as he stated, "You need to go home."

I whined a little in protest, "I don't want to." Why couldn't I stop with my fascination with his mouth?

He quickly stated, "I'll take you home."

I was spun around on my slightly wobbly legs.

The cold outside air was sobering but didn't end my steadily brewed attraction and desire for that man or vampire or both.

He got me into the back of this black Cadillac then joined me in the backseat and stated to his driver or whatever he was, "We're taking Vivian home."

My eyes looked to the back of a head with somewhat sloppy dirty blonde hair. He looked familiar.

The driver said nothing, simply did told.

I caught glimpse of the driver's eyeballs which eyed me suspiciously through the use of the rear view mirror. I looked to Mr. Dandridge who looked somewhat nervous then asked, "Don't I need to tell him where I live?"

Mr. Dandridge simply replied, "No."

I pressed my lips together, continued to taste that lingering mixture of sweet and salty.

I dug into my purse and pulled out the compact and lipstick. I carefully reapplied my lipstick, made my lips perfectly red and delicious. I snapped the compact closed then replaced the items back into the purse.

My eyes drifted over to Mr. Dandridge, my run in and rescuer.

His profile was just as lovely to my eyes as were his lips. I again was caught up, stared at him and studied every detail of his features. I burned into my mind every little line about his mouth and eyes. I studied the perfection of his styled ebony hair, the waves had such a beautiful silken sheen. So, I commented in thought, that was what a true vampire looked like. There was no slicked back black hair, dramatically pale as death skin, and definitely no fucking red satin lined cape.

Sorry, Mr. Christopher Lee, I happily chimed in thought, your Dracula could kiss my ass because he wasn't the vampire beside me.

I managed to drink him in the entire trip back to my apartment.

The car pulled to the curb before my building.

The engine purred as Mr. Dandridge finally turned to look at me.

"You're more than welcome to come inside." I openly invited a vampire into my home, no care about the possible consequences.

His lips slightly smile then he looked to his driver and ordered, "Billy, take care of that business," then stated, "I'm seeing Vivian safe inside."

He got out of the car, closed the door then moved around and opened the door for me.

Huh, I praised in thought, vampires were gentlemen.

He offered his hand and I took it. He assisted me out of the car then closed the door. He led me by the arm towards the door to my building then opened it and allowed me to enter first.

I turned to him and urged, "Come inside." Again, I openly invited him, a vampire.

He stepped over the threshold of the building.

I turned with a puckered smile then led him the two flights of stairs and to my own door. I dug into my purse, removed my keys then unlocked my door. The door was open, I turned and held it open for him to enter. The moment he stepped inside I closed the door and did its chain lock and deadbolt.

I removed my fur coat and asked, "Gonna stay a spell?" I hinted for him take of his long trench.

He turned to the side then removed his coat.

I graciously took his coat and hung it with my black fur coat near the door. I stepped passed him then looked at him over my shoulder and urged, "Make yourself comfortable."

I moved through the little living room, listened to the sound of my heels tap against the wood floor, and moved to the leather sofa with chromed arms and trim. I kept a close watch as he moved with such a gracefulness about each of his steps. My eyes followed as he stepped before me.

"Would you do me a favor?" I asked then turned around, gathered the length of my hair over my right shoulder and requested, "Could you unzip the back of my blouse?" I peered over my shoulder, saw definite intrigue over his lips. I looked forward.

I felt him rest one hand against the exposed area just below the nap of neck then felt the zipper slowly be guided until about midway down my back. "Thanks," I said then again peered over my shoulder as he sat down and stated, "I'll be right back." I moved across the wood floor, made sure my strut drew the proper attention to my backside.

I tugged my arms from the long semi sheer sleeves as I stepped into my bedroom. I removed the blouse, tossed it to the bed, then I sat down on the foot of the bed. I unzipped and removed one boot at a time then rose up and guided down the back zipper of the tight fitted pants. I guided the pants down then carefully stepped out of them as I adjusted the back panel of my lace trimmed red panties.

"Anything else?" his voice suddenly asked.

I startled then spun around and found him standing beside my bed. I took a breath which he managed to steal the moment he spoke and I commented,"You scared me,"

"Oh," he said with a somewhat smart smirk, "Finally."

"You startled me," I corrected my words then planted my hands on my hips.

He lifted an arm then undid the button of his cuff and asked "Is there anything else you want, Vivian?" He practically finished where he earlier left off. He proceeded to undo the other cuff.

My lips slyly puckered. I knew where it was headed and damn straight there was something else I wanted. I wanted exactly what he prepared to give me. "Yes," I stated but without saying what.

He pulled his shirt from the belted waist of his slacks then proceeded to move his fingers up the row of buttons one at a time. "What do you want, now, Vivian?" he asked, played such a calm game of Q&A.

I took a deep inhale then slowly exhaled. What was it I wanted? Did I really know what he was up to? Was he simply going to give me a seriously well deserved romp then afterwards dispatch me? Yes, I wanted so badly a piece of what he offered but did that entail me dying with a smile on my face? Could he really be trusted?

His shirt was removed, finally exposed what was beneath that shirt of his. Then he walked along the edge of the bed with those dark eyes focused on me. He waited for me to give an answer.

For the first time since we met and after having been attacked by his own kind, I felt nervous which he immediately picked up on.

He paused at the corner of the bed, read my hesitation.

Typically nervousness was never an issue but I knew what he was, a real life vampire. He wasn't like those I had seen on those Gothic romantic Hammer Films or even from the infamous black and white Bella Lugosi performance in Dracula or silent film Nosferatu. In my bedroom was the real genuine creature of the night.

"Ah," he spoke up, "I was mistaken."

I looked at him with question.

He oddly stated, "Vivian Addams, you're not ready."

"Huh," I mumbled then asked, "Not ready for what?"

He slightly closed his eyes then opened them, a lovely red. He stepped around the corner of the bed and vaguely stated, "Not ready, that's all." he gave a glint of his fangs as his lips motioned, "I was simply mistaken." He somewhat sighed then continued forward.

He reached and slid his hand against the side of my neck. He guided me forward as he lightly gripped the back of my neck. His other hand gently touched the side of my face as those red eyes studied my confused expression.

Oddly, I thought, somehow it all seemed almost familiar.

"I was so hoping," he spoke almost in riddle, those red eyes penetrated within mine, "But as a vampire, patience is a must."

He quickly brought those lips against mine and swiftly sucked me into his wiles.

I felt the distinct prick of his fangs against my lips as he continued to kiss me. Then, in seemingly slow motion, I fell back against the bed, he was above me.

I watched with my mesmerized eyes as he swiftly brought the pad of his thumb against his fang then jerked. He delivered the bloody thumb, painted his blood over the shapes of my top and bottom lip then slipped it passed my lips.

In a strange instinct, my lips puckered over his thumb and my tongue pressed against the bloody pad. The intoxication instantly struck me, yet I wanted to taste more. So I suckled and hummed in response to the dizzying effects.

His thumb slid from my lips and I grimaced with slight groaned in protest.

Again his lips were against mine but with more passion. I brought my arm up and combed my fingers into the black depths of his hair. His hand again gripped the back of my neck then I felt a slight sting against the side of my neck.

His lips slipped from mine and they moved down against the side of my neck.

My eyes grew wide, felt the sensation of my blood be suckled passed his lips. I gasped as a smile drifted over my lips. That sensation was wonderful and I realized I had always desired it.

His lips drew back then the distinct slick of his tongue was felt licked over the blood source...

Mr. Dandridge's POV

Hmm, the taste of her blood was as I remembered and even more so. Her years in my absence had swelled her blood further with her unique sins.

I lifted then looked deep within her blue eyes as they looked up into mine with so much awe I could only smile. She was in awe of me as I was of her. I thought it a shame she wasn't ready to accept my gift at that time. I knew she wasn't ready the moment I read the hesitation about her expression. There needed be no hesitation on her part. She had to be certain of what she wanted though I was more than certain what I wanted.

I was excited the moment I saw her step into Regine's gathering.

Had she simply stumbled across such a gathering?

Perhaps not.

I felt her the moment she entered that underground where she unknowingly stepped into a nest of her own enemies. All of them, including my sister, wanted nothing more than to rip into Vivian's lovely neck to end her attempt to convince others of our existence. But I wouldn't allow her harmed for she was my investment. Most of all, she was mine. Yet, my investment remains unfulfilled because of her moment of second doubt, she doubted my intentions.

Again I had no choice but to steal her memories of that New Year's Eve to secure her place and my investment. Yet, before I left her I wanted to ensure that in the following years that I would continue to be instilled inside her. Not just a taste of my blood and I tasting hers. I had waited nine years to again touch her and wanted to tie myself over until the next time I came to check up on my investment. And at the very same time I would continue to make certain that not a single mortal man could truly satisfy Vivian Addams as only I could.

And, so, I kissed her as she was again under that euphoria only my blood could give. I wanted to heighten not only her euphoria but my own as well. The heat of her lips was divine though I knew at one point that heat would no longer exist but those lips would forever exist. She had this unlikely infatuation with my lips which I found somewhat humorous and definitely flattering. Yet, I admit, her lips were worthy of great admiration, especially when formed into that sultry pucker that was forever burned into my memories.

I gave her what she wanted, my lips. Even in her euphoric state she indulged and kissed my lips with the same aggressive passion. I was determined not to leave her until I too was satisfied and received some of what I wanted. Hence I had to wait for the rest to take when she was good and definitely ready. She was ready for something entirely different which I was prepared to oblige when in the long run I obliged myself as well.

There was nothing sweeter or more rewarding than the bodily responses of woman, a warm blooded and more than ready woman.

I felt the heat of her body through the lace cup of her bra and praised in thought, she looked fabulous in red as it almost glowed against her milky white skin. Sexual heat was always the best and most welcomed more so than heat induced by fear or a feverish sickness. Yes, sexual heat rushed blood everywhere throughout the body when fear could simply pumped the heat through the vessels of a fast paced heart and sickness simply delivered the heat mostly about the face.

Hmm, sexual heat also built within certain parts of the female body, the lips, the breasts, and, of course, between willing thighs. Her sexual heat burned almost the entirety of her body which in turn burned against mine. The more her body responded the more I was driven to prove to her that not a single future lover would compare to me though she won't remember me, perhaps only in her dreams.

Such a sensation it was as she pressed her body up against mine in a physical form of begging. She pressed that heat against my immortally chilled flesh. Her hips lifted off the bed as I dragged my lengthened nails, snagged them against the delicate red lace. It's not often I indulged in the act of sex for typically sucking was intimate enough but since I have to restrain from that type of intimacy until she was ready to receive it, sex would suffice just fine. Yet, I knew there would be no complaints from her and there wasn't.

Unfortunately, as I said, she wouldn't remember but I sure did. She was sublime and I could only imagine how she would be once gifted. The sweetness of her moans, sighs, and gasps was enough to tie me over for some time. The responses from her beautiful body were that of a woman starved for what I willingly gave. So many fools had come and gone from her life and left her positively empty and unsatisfied. I wished luck to those future fools because it was sure in the hell going to take a lot to satisfy that devilish woman.

I made the selfish decision to forever ruin her for future lovers.

As she continued to reel from those intoxicating effects my immortal blood gave, I gave her more than just my lips and in turn gave myself more. I was determined to present her with an experience which others that would follow would never compare against. I was a perfectionist after all and refused nothing but perfection and complete satisfaction that would continue to plague her deepest thoughts with no real understanding why.

Being such a perfectionist, I took my time. Indulged her lust for my lips as my chilled touch explored every bared bits of her milky flesh. The heat throughout her body felt wondrous and fueled my own desires to feel more and more. My lips left hers, she heavily purred within her euphoric and pleasured state. I enjoyed the heat of her skin against my lips, again found that small slice at the side of her neck where I indulged for a second time a sampling of her sin tarnished blood. That action simply pushed her body into further ecstasy which only proved again my expertise.

Her hips motioned with excitement. Her body trembled in response to the sensation of my lengthened nails scrape down against her side then hip. Her tensed thighs parted with anticipation and I effortlessly satisfied that anticipation the moment my distorted hand reached between. She loudly gasped the very moment my touch was felt as her body arched and pressed eagerly against mine. Strategically and purposely I tormented her with the pleasure between her thighs, her gasps continued and were filled with moans.

I gripped a handful of her lengthy black hair and forced her head arched back. I drew back from the side of her neck and brought my lips to her ear. Her breaths were heightened as was the beating of her heart. I steadied the pleasure between her thighs then whispered, "No one, Vivian," my lips sneered with confidence, "No man will please you." again I implanted myself deep in her subconscious, "I am the only one who can please you, Vivian."

My hand withdrew from between her thighs. Instantly she whined which only continued to give proof of how deeply instilled I was inside her mind and soul. My fingers gripped the lace panties and with a powerful jerk they were torn from her anxiously twisting hips. She pleaded, repeated 'yes' over and over within her breathy gasps and purrs.

The grip of her hair tightened. She brought her arms up, both hands grabbed firmly my hand that held her hair fisted. I leaned up, desired to witness her response. Then the response I desired came the moment I thrust between her thighs. Such beauty of the pleasure that was immediately expressed throughout every lovely feature of her face. She loudly whined the moment I again thrust. Her body instinctively responded to heighten the pleasure that I already successfully delivered.

Hmm, I was and will forever be inside her; couldn't help but smirk with pride and accomplishment.

I maintained the rhythm of my thrusts, her tensed thighs anxiously rubbed against my sides with every one of my deep motions. To watch my given pleasure expression throughout her lovely face was remarkable and proved my brilliance. Every gasp she made, music to my keen hearing. Her every eye flutter intensified the blue of her eyes. Yet, the most remarkable was that sexual pucker about her full mouth with the corners lifted in a pleased smile.

Her body motioned beneath mine in a signal for her desire for more aggression. Such an aggressive creature she had become and I obliged.

With a near violent thrust she loudly squealed. Her arms tossed up and her hands slapped against my strained shoulder blades. I growled in response to the sensation of her lengthy nails digging deep with that heavenly sexual aggressor she was. Oh, how I wished I could have gifted her that night to swiftly received the sexual violence that she could no doubt inflict.

Her nails bore deeper and scraped down and prompted me to his with a sneer exposing my fangs. How I wanted to tear my fangs into her flesh which I knew would only send her further into a sexual frenzy and fulfill my desire to deliver her into my darkness.

My grip tightened at the back of her air and bent her head further back. Her lovely mouth gaped as she sexually praised me. My hand buried between her rear and the bed and gripped with my nails piercing the plump flesh which she immediately squealed in response. Leveraged, my thrusts quickened and deepened. Like a bitch in heat, she began to pant in vocal rhythm to the thrusts. Each nearly animalistic pant with a short squeal.
In my mind I sang to her, demanded that she was mine. My sneered lips grinned, listened to her verbally agree to my mental stake of claiming her. Yes, she was mine and at one point in her life she would know. There would come a time that my embrace would be eternal and she would belong to me. I was creating her and there would come a moment I would be her creator.

My lips near hers as she continued to erratically pant. I felt each of her quick breaths press her jiggling breasts against mine as I continued to deepen myself inside her mind, body, and corrupt soul. Passed my lips I growled, "Mine." I thrust, "Mine." again I thrust, "You're mine!"

She screamed her agreement, "YES!"

I felt her glorious body arched beneath mine as I again thrust. Her rounded rear buried down into the bed with my hand firmly gripped and nails embedded. Again I thrust, she screamed so beautifully then she was broken. My expertise broke her body and sent into a stiffen state of overflowing pleasure but I refused to cease my thrusts.

Her pants continued but lost their rhythm with my determined thrusts. I read clearly she was beginning to ease from that purposeful state my blood had sent her. Quickly I pressed my fang into my bottom lip then delivered a bloody kiss against her lips. She eagerly suckled my lip and swiftly again she was sent to that important state of drunken euphoria.

My thrusts continued as continued to lavish her lips with mine and my blood. She loudly purred as I firmly held my lips against hers. I felt that natural pleasure rise inside me which had not been experienced since our last meeting. I heard my own grunts as my lips aggressively kissed hers and that pleasure rose higher and higher.

My lips swiftly withdrew from hers and my head arched back. My lips snarled as a loud grumble of undoubted pleasure trembled passed. My body reached that high of pleasure with a final deep thrust.

I could only imagine what pleasures would be had the moment I took what was mine. She would truly be a sexual force to reckon with along with a masterful killer.

I grinned then looked down at my euphoria induced dark beauty.

It was bittersweet having to leave her there beautifully flushed head to toe from complete satisfaction that she would never find again until she finds me again. Her memory of me was left as a sweet and fantastic dream.

I pressed my lips against her cheek then whispered in her ear, "Goodnight and goodbye, for now, Vivian Addams." I listened to her gently sigh. I brushed the strand of ebony hair from her forehead and I praised, she was so beautiful and no doubt, with a bit more aging, she would become the perfect beauty.

I left her, again, as she slept soundly leaving behind a slight cut at the side of her neck, claw marks on her rear. My taste was left lingering in her mouth and my blood was further woven within hers. I wasn't sure how long it would be when I'd return to check on her ripeness. I knew, as the years passed, she will simply get better, more corrupted, and more sinful as she aged.

I simply hoped that another attempt on her life wouldn't happen and there would be no success in removing Vivian Addams.

I would've been greatly disappointed.

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