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Getting His Apology Ch. 04

One whole week had passed and Friday night was here. Brett sat on the couch with his feet propped on the coffee table, dressed for a night out on the town.

Roman had come over Tuesday and then agreed to a date tonight. The boy had earned a good one. He'd worked hard and had been respectful at work. Tuesday night had been only dinner at the house. No blowjobs and no fooling around. Brett was in this for the long term and wanted to take it a bit slow after such an intense start. It also gave Roman time to adjust to hanging out with Brett.

Roman had been running hot and cold, but always respectful the last three days. There were moments when he'd stand as close to Brett as he could get. The look in his eyes made Brett's stomach flip. All he wanted was to have Roman hot and panting underneath him like Monday night.

Then there were the other moments where Roman was completely unsure and backing away. Brett could see the conflict in him. Hell, he felt the same way. Friends and family had only seen Brett date women. But, he'd always wanted to find a guy to be with. The right guy. Like Roman, Brett had bowed to family expectations. But no more. Unlike Roman, Brett didn't care if or when his family and friends found out. Love him or hate him, Brett was going to follow his heart. As soon as he could calm his fluttering heart down enough to hold again. Maybe he shouldn't have let Roman go home alone Wednesday or Thursday. No fixing that now.

Lights flashed through his window. Roman was finally here. Brett resisted the urge to go drag him out of the truck. He needed to let Roman make his own choices without persuasion. Just parking in front of Brett's house was a good sign. It was never easy to deal with a side of yourself you denied, especially when you'd been told from infancy those desires were so wrong.

Brett opened the door at Roman's knock and let him in. Once again Roman sank to his knees the moment he stepped across the threshold. Brett took a deep breath to get ahold of his little head. Right now was not the time to be sporting an erection in Roman's face. That simple act of submission gave life to Brett and would probably be the death of him in the process, he thought in irony. Tonight was also not the night for such a strong D/s interaction. They needed to talk more as equals to see what the future might hold for them.

Brett took his time closing the door and circling his quivering sub. Roman wouldn't even lift up his head to look at him. One day that would be part of his waiting pose. Tonight it spelled nerves and anxiety.

Brett had started this dance and would lead it.

"Stand up, Roman," Brett said quietly but firmly.

"I don't know how to do this, Master," Roman blurted out, finally looking up.

Brett assumed Roman meant that he didn't know how to have a relationship with another man. Neither did Brett, but he sure wasn't going to tell Roman that at this moment. The man needed an anchor not more waves slapping at him.

Brett reached down and waited for Roman's hesitantly offered hand. Brett pulled Roman into a firm embrace as he stood up. He felt the stiff muscles and nervous twitches as Roman leaned into him.

"We're going to figure this out together. You and me. We'll take our time. Promise." Brett relaxed as he felt Roman melt into his embrace.

Brett leaned back to look at him. "That's how we're going to get through this, you know, honesty. You keep being honest with me and I will be with you. You're honesty Monday night stopped our relationship from being a one night stand. You recognized where you'd erred and have been making it right."

Roman laughed and nodded his head. "I'll also try to stop freaking out every time I come over here."

"Just as long as you come," Brett winked.

"Yes, Master. I'd hate to be disobedient and miss that opportunity." Roman tilted his head and leaned in for a kiss.

His lips passed warm and firm against Brett's. Bodies pressed closer together as if the last few days had left a void needing to be filled. It was exactly the kind of reconnection Brett needed to achieve with Roman to move the night forward. He shouldn't have let Roman have the distance. At least, he should have taken some quiet moments for talk and a little physical intimacy to help calm Roman's nerves.

"Come on, let's sit on the couch and talk." Brett tugged on Roman's hand. He settled them with Roman angled in the corner and Brett facing him, knees touching. Brett held Romans hand on the back of the couch and rubbed Roman's leg with his other hand. The temptation to cup Roman's cock and skip the talking was almost overwhelming.

"You've been running hot and cold with me the last couple days. Wanna talk about it?" Brett watched Roman inhale and dig deep for an answer. Each act of absolute honesty surprised Brett. This was a side of Roman he could respect.

"After coming here Tuesday for dinner I went to my parents to watch a movie. Been doing that almost every Tuesday. My brothers and sister come, too. The movie had some gay themes running through it. Of course, that meant the tirade would begin against any alternative lifestyle. So, all throughout the movie it was gay bashing and snippy remarks." Roman shook his head, "Then my dad said that any if any of his kids brought some gay fuck home he'd kick his ass."

"Shit," Brett swore in disgust.

"Yeah, shit." Roman swallowed nervously and squirmed a bit. "If this thing is for real between you and I, Master, they can't stay in my life. I can' change them and won't even try. But I need to know before I tell them. What do want from me?"

"First of all, you don't have to tell those bigots a damn thing if you don't want to."

"I have to eventually," Roman cut Brett off. "I'm sick of the lie and won't live that way anymore, regardless if we are together."

Brett smiled at the fire he heard in Roman's voice. There was the stubborn prick he'd fallen for. Brett could handle this kind of stubborn.

"That's fine by me as long as I'm there with you when you tell them." Brett lifted his hand to stop Roman's protest, "And to answer your second question, I want it all. I want to see if we actually fall in love, kids, marriage. I'm looking to build a life with someone, not just a one night stand. I want more of you, boy," Brett ended in a raspy voice. An image of bending Roman over the arm of the couch crashed through his brain.

"I don't know if I want you there with me. He'll do it. My dad doesn't bluff."

"He won't hurt me, Roman. I was a ranger in the army. I won't let him hurt you either for the trust and honesty you've shown me and are willing to show him. That's an order, boy. I will be there when you talk to them. If you don't tell me until afterwards I'll lock your cock up for two weeks. You understand me?"

Roman squirmed in discomfort, and maybe a little arousal at the thought. "I'd rather have my ass spanked than be locked for two weeks."

Brett started to laugh, "You like the idea of being locked too, don't you?"

He watched the blush rise in Roman's cheeks as well as the bulge grow in the boy's pants. He slowly nodded yes. Brett leaned in and kissed Roman as he ran a hand up that firm inner thigh.

"I'm glad you told me that. Just remember what's coming the next time I have to punish you."

Roman's hips pumped into Brett's palm as he massaged Roman's erection.

"Looks like you have an appetizer down here. Put both hands behind your head and lift your ass up."

"Yes, Master." Roman's eyes watched every move Brett made. He smiled as Brett slipped his jeans down to his shoes and freed his hard cock. Brett got down on the floor to kneel between Roman's spread legs.

"Master, you don't have to," Roman gasped as Brett slid his hand up Roman's shirt and tweaked his nipples. "I didn't think doms..."

"Sucked cock? Doms can do what they please. And it pleases me to reward you for your honesty and bravery tonight. It will also please me for you to stop telling me what to do, shut up, and enjoy your reward."

"Yes, Master." Roman said with a cocky grin. He pumped his hips again as if to tell Brett to get going. "What if it pleases me to tell you what to do? Like, 'Get your mouth on my cock right now, Master.'" Roman sounded almost exactly like Brett at the moment. The little shit.

Brett stood up with an evil grin, "Don't move."

He left and came back into the room with a paddle in his hand.

"What does this say, cocksucker?" Brett barked and held it up in front of his face. He'd planned on lighter D/s play tonight but it was too tempting to mess with the brat.

"Roman," the boy said as he read his own name burned across the face of the paddle. He wasn't looking so cocky now.

"Looks like you have two choices. Why don't you tell me what they are?" Brett had the cocky grin now.

"Sit back and let you use me as you want," Roman said as his cock twitched, "or suffer the consequences?"

"Exactly. What's it going to be?" Brett liked the mischief he saw playing across Roman's face.

"Well, that's a hard choice, Master. I guess I'll be obedient right now." Roman paused and his smile reappeared, crinkling his eyes, "But I reserve the right to experience option two. Looks like fun."

Brett chuckled and knelt between Roman's legs again, "I need to add brat to my list for you. We'll see how arrogant you are when you can't sit down. Now, back to your reward."

Brett pushed Roman's shirt up and laid almost fully on Roman's stomach. His own belly pressed and rubbed against Roman's cock as he kissed a path from Roman's breast bone to one hard, taught little nipple. Roman writhed a bit underneath Brett.

"On second thought, Master, number two is a poor substitute for what you're doing right now."

Brett looked up to see Roman's eyes half closed and his lips parted as arousal grew.

"Damn right. I've been waiting for a taste of you since last Friday."

Brett was enjoying himself. Roman's hard muscled body invited him to explore every inch. He'd seen male models with bodies like Roman's and had always wondered what it would be like to lick every hard bump of their abs. Now he knew.

That V of muscle arrowing towards Roman's hard cock caught Brett's attention. Fingers ran down the indentation caused by the prominent muscle. Roman flexed and shifted under Brett's hands. He watched in fascination at the shifting of shadow and light. A whole new playground and it was Brett's for the taking.

Brett traced one side of that V with his tongue sliding into the close cropped hair surrounding Roman's hard cock. Brett nuzzled close and breathed in his scent. That blend of mint, musk and Roman. All Roman. Brett wanted that scent filling his nose every night he fell asleep with Roman just a finger's breadth away.

Bret watched Roman's face as he ran his fingers from the head of his cock, swirling down the shaft, over the balls and to...

"You put an anal plug in," Brett said in surprise.

"All for you, Master. Been in all day waiting to be taken out at your bidding. Gonna take it out now?" Roman widened his knees.

"Ha, no. Remote controlled?" Brett watched Roman squirm. The guy was hot when embarrassed.

"In my jean pocket. I was hoping you wouldn't ask, and kinda hoping you would."

Brett dug out the remote control and turned it on.

"Now?" Roman squirmed against Brett.


"Ah, fuuuck," Roman gasped as Brett sucked him deep into his mouth. His hips pumped into Brett's mouth as his head and hands collapsed back against the couch.

Brett anchored one hand down on Roman's belly and used the other hand to follow his mouth up and down that cock. Precum spread across Brett's tongue. Every so often he'd suck from just the tip to get more of a taste. His own cock pounded against his jeans for freedom. It would be so easy to slip that plug out and guide his cock in. But, that was for after the dinner. Right now was all about Roman.

Brett lifted off Roman's cock for just a

moment. "Cum for me in 4, boy."

Roman's "Yes, Master," came out as a groan. He was so close.

Brett plunged his mouth down onto Roman and swallowed him deep. He swirled his tongue around and then lifted almost all the way back off, then repeated the motion two more times. On the last down stroke, he sucked down hard and tapped his fingers insistently on the end of the vibrator.

Roman cried out and strained up against Brett. His salty essence spilled into Brett's mouth. He sucked Roman in, taking every drop and wishing it stayed as a permanent part of himself. Roman didn't know it but he'd just claimed Brett as his. Marked.

Brett eased off of Roman and watched him come down from the orgasm. For the first time in days, his sub was finally relaxed. The hardened plains of his face softened. That boyish charm dominated.

"Thank you, Master." Blue eyes peaked down at Brett. That ever present mischief twinkled there. "My turn?"

"Not yet, cocksucker. I'll be putting your mouth to work later, maybe even tonight."

"That will be my pleasure. All mine." Roman grinned as he sat up and reeled Brett in for a kiss.

If only Roman knew how much Brett wanted to be all his in all ways. This would be a game of time and Brett was in it for them both to win.


Dinner was at a nice steak house in the heart of down town. On the plus side, it was near a gay bar. No one looked at them oddly for dinner together in what would be considered a romantic atmosphere.

The blowjob and drive had calmed Roman down from trembling and nervous to relaxed and joking. And for the first time, they talked. Really talked. Work chitchat in the car, life was in the restaurant.

Roman had two brothers and a sister. It sounded like they were a rough and tumble group. Hockey in the winter, football in the summer and fall. Hunting trips and fishing. An active, outdoor family. Roman's sister, Irene, had even broken his arm tumbling him off a ladder as a kid.

The conversation flowed like water. When Roman's mouth wasn't getting him in trouble, Brett found him to be a smart, intelligent, humorous companion. He was the kind of guy who didn't sit still for long, always looking for the next adventure. Probably why he got into so much trouble as a kid... and as an adult. He needed all that energy to be focused by outside forces. That was a job Brett was looking forward to.

"Mr. Wright?" Roman whispered loudly, shaking Brett out of his reverie. "Where did you go just now?"

"Hmmm, I was thinking about how nice it's been to actually talk to you, not fight with you. You can be well behaved when you want to be." Brett took a risk and linked his fingers in Roman's. That cocky smile widened across his handsome features.

Roman leaned in across the table and winked at Brett, "My Master gave me good incentive to behave."

"Oh, really? What kind of incentive did your Master give?" Brett whispered back conspiratorially.

"He said that if I was very good I just might get a much needed roll in the sack with him. He has a very nice bed," Roman winked.

"Roman, sweetheart," a woman's voiced called out across the restaurant.

Roman jerked his gaze in her direction. His jaw almost fell to the floor.


Brett turned to see a good looking woman striding towards them. Roman was definitely his mother's son. The man trailing behind her was fat, a face pitted with acne scars, and a nose as red as Rudolph's. Belligerent was probably his middle name.

Roman stood up and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi mom, dad." He looked like he was ready to run.

"I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you had a date tonight. Is she in the bathroom?" Roman's mom looked around as if expecting to see a woman come to the table.

"Well, um, I..." Roman ran his hands though his hair.

Brett stood up, "Mr. and Mrs. Andros, I'm Brett. Nice to meet you."

Roman's dad just grunted and eyed Roman, "Double date?"

Brett tried to shake his head yes at Roman but he was staring at his dad.

"Well, sir, no actually. I'm here with Brett."

"Guy's night out? How nice, sweetheart," Mrs. Andros patted Roman's shoulder.

"No, mom," Roman glared at Brett and ignored him shaking his head no, "A, uh, date with Brett."

"Date? You're no fag, son." Mr. Andros moved aggressively towards Roman. Brett rounded the table to stand between his man and Mr. Andros.

They were drawing attention and the restaurant manager was moving towards them.

"Maybe we should sit down, or at the very least, talk outside." Brett tried to divert disaster.

"I am, sir," Roman blurted out, making Brett groan. Not now!

"I'm not sitting down with some fag," Mr. Andros pushed Brett who only budged and inch. "You're coming home with us right now, Roman."

"Guy, let's sit. Maybe we misunderstood," Mrs. Andros said nervously.

"Get away from my son, asshole." Mr. Andros pushed harder on Brett's chest. But the old man wasn't as strong as he used to be.

"Excuse me," the polite voice of the manager spoke up. "If you folks are having a problem, please take it outside."

Brett slowly got his wallet out and pulled out $200.00. "No problem, Sir. Please let out waitress keep the tip. Sorry to disturb your patrons."

The manager took the money and Brett reached for Roman's frozen hand. He backed them both away from Mr. Andros and headed outside. The freedom of being outdoors relaxed Brett.

"Roman," Mr. Andros' angry voice bellowed out after them.

"Dad, I'm with Brett. We're dating. Doesn't change who I am or how I love you."

Roman turned back to his dad and let go of Brett's hand.

"But you're not gay," Mrs. Andros said in alarm.

"Don't you do it," Brett barked as Mr. Andros took a swing at Roman. Brett shoved Roman out of the way so the punch landed in the palm of his left hand.

Mid swing, Brett gripped Mr. Andros' wrist in his right and used the forward motion to bend him over. One hand on Mr. Andros' wrist, one hand on the back of his neck to hold him down.

"You will never raise your hand against Roman in anger again. Do you understand?" Brett said firmly in his ear.

"Get off me, faggot," Mr. Andros shoved against Brett and Brett let go and stepped back. "This is how you let your fucking gay friends treat me? Come home with us now or don't come home ever again."

Roman sighed and looked at the ground then straightened his shoulders instead. "I love you, dad. You have my phone number. When you're ready to talk to both of us, call me."

"Roman, please!" Mrs. Andros cried.

This time Roman took Brett's hand, "Come on. Let's go."

Brett saw weariness and defeat settling on Roman's face. It was time to take his guy home.


The drive home was tense with Roman remote and withdrawn. Brett didn't push him. He was too busy kicking himself for not intervening quicker, earlier. Nothing needed to be said to Mr. and Mrs. Andros right away. The what if's where killing him. The fear for their relationship was even worse. He didn't want to walk away from Roman, but maybe that would best. It was unfair to make Roman choose between him and Roman's family. They'd had such a short time together. He'd do whatever Roman wanted.

They walked through the front door and Brett had to grab Roman underneath his armpit to keep him from kneeling at his feet in the hallway.

"Couch, now."

Brett hauled Roman to the couch and settled them down hip to hip. He held Roman's hand and waited a Roman rested his head against the back of the couch.

"I'm so sorry, Master. I shouldn't have said anything, coulda lied. I ruined the date." Guilt and self-condemnation colored Roman's voice. Both of them had wallowed. That was enough, in Brett's opinion.

"Hey, stop." Brett shook Roman's hand.

"But, I should have..."

"No! Enough." Brett was sharp enough to cut Roman off. "I can't tell you how proud I am of you. How brave you were. I was going to lie and tell them 'the girls' had gone on ahead of us to get seats at the movie." Brett smiled at Roman's surprise.
"You didn't have to tell them tonight. I agree. But you did, and you stood up for yourself against a bully. First time staring the old man down?" Brett asked gently.

"Yeah. God what a cluster," Roman groaned. "Mom must be frantic right now."

"Not to be heartless, but if she is that's really her problem. They should never have put you in a position of deceit. No child deserved that. Despite the grief you've given me," Brett winked at Roman, "I see a good man sitting beside me. Can't wait to see who you grow into now that you can be free to be you."

"Oh really?" The look in Roman's face instantly heated Brett's blood. "Interested in watching anything else grow... tonight, Master?"

The sex Brett heard in Roman's voice had him leaning in for a deep kiss. Changing the subject was just fine with him.

"You called me Brett tonight, ya know, to your parents," he whispered against Roman's lips.

"Gonna punish me for that, Master?" Roman nipped Brett's bottom lip.

"Later, definitely later. Right now I'm going to have a roll in the sack with you."

They got up and undressed each other as they stumbled down the hall. Shirts and shoes went flying. Pants dropped to the hallway floor.

Naked in the bedroom, Brett pushed Roman against the wall and pinned his hands above his head. He pressed hard against Roman, knees to hips to belly to chest and took his mouth in a kiss. Every touched filled Brett with a passion he'd never felt before. He needed to show Roman how much he wanted him.

Roman groaned and rubbed his hard cock against Brett. They pumped and thrust against each other, reveling in the friction. Brett commanded Roman's mouth. Lips slid against each other. His tongue tasted Roman, making Brett writhe against him for more. Time and circumstances flew away and all that mattered was here and now. All that mattered was Roman.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Roman? Take you on my bed and make you mine again, over and over?"

"Yes, Master, so bad."

Brett stepped back. "Get on the bed on your back, spread your legs. I'm going to watch you cum."

Brett watched his sub scramble to obey, so hot and eager. The tension of the evening had eased in one way and morphed into a need to make Roman love being in Brett's arms.

He stalked up Roman's body like a panther after his prey. Roman's eyes filled with lust and something else, something else he really liked seeing. Roman spread his legs wider to invite Brett closer.

Brett planted his hands beside Roman's shoulder and leaned in to kiss him because he couldn't get enough of those lips.

"I didn't thank you," Roman whispered. He ran hands up Brett's arms that came to rest behind his neck. "You stood by me and protected me like you said you would. Thank you, Master."

"That was the least I could do for you. Just wish it would have ended differently."

Roman bit his bottom lip then smiled in pure mischief. "Today's ending looks promising if you'd stop talking and get on with it."

"What a brat." Brett squinted at Roman in mock anger. "You get away with that today, cocksucker, because you were under duress earlier. I'll be taming that mouth in the morning." With a smacking kiss Brett sat back to slide the anal plug out and work his fingers into Roman's perfectly stretched hole. Two lubed fingers slid in with ease, scissoring them to make sure he wouldn't get hurt.

"You like that?" Brett asked as he pumped them in and out.

"Yes, Master, but more. I need you in me. So ready." Roman pulled his knees up in a silent invitation.

Brett replaced his fingers with his lubed cock, broaching Roman's heat. They both groaned as the wide head popped inside.

"I could do this every day, Maser."

"Keep talking like that and I'll tie you to the bed, permanently."

"In that case," Roman began with a smirk just before Brett pushed all the way in and sealed Roman's mouth with a kiss. They mad out like horny teenagers as Brett slowly tunneled in and out of Roman's ass. All that friction had Roman rising up to meet him.

The tempo grew. Their eyes locking as breathing increased beyond the ability to kiss. Brett began to shake at the intensity of their coupling, at Roman's bold, captivating stare. This wasn't just sex this was more, so much more.

Rolls reversed as Brett shouted in climax, filling Roman with his seed. He felt Roman's seed bath his stomach. Brett collapsed in his arms and Roman caught him. He laid there trembling as Roman kissed his forehead, his cheek and closed eyes, rubbing his arm and back.

"I want you so much, Master," Roman whispered. "This is what I've been looking for all my life. Thank you for showing me. I'm sorry it took so long to get here."

Brett got up the strength to prop himself up on his elbows. He traced the long lines of Roman's face, over his plump lips, down his neck, felt the pulse and wondered how he'd got so lucky. Nervous excitement mixed with hope for tomorrow filled him.

"We both took a while to get here. I don't wish to change our past at all. And we have all the time in the world for the future. No apologies necessary anymore."

Roman laughed and rolled Brett underneath him. "Damn right, Master. So, when do I get to slip my dick in your ass?"

"Brat! Cock sure of yourself, aren't you?" Brett laughed. It was never going to be dull with Roman around.

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