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Fire and Rain Ch. 07

I love the feedback the good and the bad. I understand the comments about more focus on Marcello and Rain. However, Jazz and Connor are an intricate part of their story. This story is a spin off story for Marcello off of Smooth Jazz. That being said, Connor and Jazz are a big piece of their lives and I think their scenes are relevant to the overall story. Overall, Rain and Marcello's development is essential to me as well and ultimately will be the end all be all but this is a story and it will be multifaceted. I like the different character perspectives and I think all the characters have something to offer. That being said, I will make sure to include more Marcello and Rain focused scenes moving forward! We'll be wrapping this story up fairly soon! A special shout out to those who comment and give me feedback! I love that you've grown to love and be as invested in the story just as much as me! I can't please everyone but I do take the feedback seriously! As always with love...- Dlovely


A FEW MORE WEEKS LATER AND HE HAD MADE UP HIS MIND. He wanted to take her. Marcello and Connor had been running ragged trying to put pieces together. He knew they were both on edge.

Jessica was nowhere to be found and Bert, who they suspected was her accomplice, was in jail for breaking into the office. They found obvious traces of trashed evidence. However, Connor and Marcello knew that one could erase documents but money could always be traced.

They planned to follow the money. The next steps involved finding out what connection Jessica had to Ellen as well as where Jessie had gone. He had fell off the face of the earth. Neither Jessica nor Jessie had made an appearance within the last month. Marcello and Connor knew that things were just too quiet.

He knew everyone was on edge. Jazz and Rain had been acting strange. Marcello and Connor noticed that they weren't speaking. When they questioned each one of the girls they had nothing to say. They both claimed nothing was wrong but they were definitely avoiding each other. Marcello and Connor decided to let them work it out in their own time.

Marcello knew her and Rain were close. Connor and him were brothers and still had their share of fights. It was natural and Rain was finding her place within their family. She was finding her place in his heart as well. He knew what he had planned today was the right thing.

He knew if he was truly serious about being with Rain then he needed to open up to her. He needed to bare all and to show her a side of him that people only closest to him were allowed to see.

He didn't know how she would react or let alone how he would react, but this was the best way he knew to show her he was serious about them. He loved Rain. He didn't know how it happened but somewhere along the way he fell for her.

He needed to show her. He couldn't just say it. Marcello sat on the bed and ran fingers through his dark mane. His green eyes rested on his beautiful woman. Marcello watched in quiet appreciation as she slipped a pair of skinny jeans over her firm bottom.

He looked away to control his urge to ravish her. If he kept watching they wouldn't make it out the house. As of late, he couldn't keep his hands off of her. Every second of the day he wanted her and when away he imagined the different ways he could have her.

"I wish you would tell me where we're going." Rain poked out her sexy pink lips and Marcello gave a deep chuckle.

"It's a surprise. It's nowhere exciting." His voice got lower and she crossed the room and lifted his head to her. Rain was starting to get concerned about him. She had notice that lately he had been in his head a lot.

She knew that there was a lot worrying him. She felt bad because she knew it was partly her drama. Marcello had taken on her storm and decided to weather through it with her. She didn't think she could ever repay him for keeping her safe.

Rain knew she needed to disclose the truth. She didn't like what Jazz had to say but she knew that she was right. He deserved to know and she was being hypocritical. She missed Jazz. She didn't think after the way she had left her sobbing that she would want to reconcile. She felt like she had burned her bridge with Jazz and it was killing her. There were so many things she wanted to share.

Jazz was just as distant. They rarely spoke. She didn't think they could be so prideful. She promised herself that when she got the courage she would reach out. She knew she was running out of time. She didn't want to lose Jazz as a friend. Jazz was the first person she ever let hold her secrets. Rain couldn't help but acknowledge that even in their turmoil she held her tongue. Rain was grateful.

"Is there something I need to know?" She looked into his eyes as the sunlight shined across her face illuminating the golden rim around her eyes as they connected with his. He pulled her into his lap and hid his face inside her neck. She quivered at his touch.

She couldn't help but think about the love she had for this man. She had fallen for him and she was scared. She was scared because she thought she loved Jessie but what she felt for Marcello was a dry passion. It was dry as in she felt dry and deserted without him.

He was like water. She had begun to ask herself how she ever was living without him. He was like the rain that would come down when she healed.

"Today is important. I'll explain when we get there." He looked up into her eyes. Marcello held her gaze and watched as her eyes wavered and gave into his silence.

"Okay, but everything's going to be fine whatever it is." She rubbed his head and his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Where else could he find such comfort but in her? She had come into his life and changed his way of thinking.

She didn't want to give up on him. She never did even when he tried to push her away. She came to him wanting to help him and she had. She had come in and helped him in every way it seemed she could.

She ran errands for him that required strain on his leg and had taken care of his military paperwork that she knew made him depressed to go through. He had never laughed or smiled so much in his life as he did now that he had her.

"I'm hoping baby. Let's go." She got to her feet since they didn't touch the ground when she was in his lap seeing as she was only a mere 5'6 or 5'7 on a good day. He grabbed her jacket as it was cool outside and might rain. He slipped one on himself and grabbed her hand as they headed out the door.

Marcello knew it was hard for Rain to come clean about her story with Jessie. It was time for him to come clean with his. He didn't want there to be any more secrets between them. He had pressed Rain but she claimed there was nothing more to tell. He trusted her and he hoped his trust wouldn't be in vain.


JAZZ NERVOUSLY SMOOTHED OUT HER JEANS AND BUTTON DOWN SHIRT. Donny was hanging out with Grandpa for today and Connor was busy keeping her out of the loop. She knew there was something that happened at work that Connor wasn't telling her. She wouldn't stress over it soon she would prove herself more than valuable.

Jazz had finally texted William back and let him know she would meet him. She was hesitant about doing such alone but she didn't have a choice. Rain had bailed out on her. She sighed just thinking about their spat.

Jazz couldn't believe that they weren't speaking. She couldn't lie it hurt her. Her and Rain were just starting to get close. She didn't want to bring James into it either afraid that she would lose him as well. She just needed to handle it on her own and then she would show them all.

As if things with her and Rain going to hell wasn't bad enough, her and Connor weren't on the best terms either. Her phone was constantly going off with changes from William. She knew Connor was becoming suspicious. A lot of the times she left the room to answer calls. He never said anything but she knew he was watching her.

Jazz put her curls up in a neat bun and snapped on some pearls into her ears. She kept it light. Her face was void of any foundation. She chose mascara and cat eyes for today's look. She didn't want to appear as if she was trying to look good for him.

She kept it business casual in a long sleeve pinstripe shirt, skinny jeans, and some open toe black boots. Her beauty was undeniable but she was more low key than usual. She wanted to keep it strictly professional. Although, she did hope the closure would allow her to face her insecurities and move on.

It was fall season so it was a little chilly out. She grabbed her beige trench coat and a handbag to match and made her way out the door. She failed to notice Connor pulling up as she pulled out the driveway and down the street expecting him to still be at work.

CONNOR FOUND IT STRANGE THAT SHE WAS LEAVING THE HOUSE. This morning she had claimed she was piled up in work. He decided to make amends for his macho behavior by bringing her lunch.

Yet, when he texted her earlier she claimed she was ordering in with James. There was something itching at him as he started to turn his car back around to go to work. Jazz had just been acting so strange lately. It was everything from weird phone calls she refused to answer in front of him, her cold shoulder, and her sudden lack of need to be involved.

The nagging feeling wouldn't leave him alone and instead he let her get a head start and then started following at a distance close behind her.


MARCELLO DROVE THE CAR AND DIDN'T TALK AT ALL. His mind was too clouded with his own thoughts. His mind was spinning like a wheel nonstop about the approaching destination.

He couldn't hold on to the grief anymore. He couldn't love Rain completely as she deserved unless he let go of all of his anger and pain. He had to be a better man if he wanted to take her as his forever.

Marcello had been having visions like no other before. He had dreams and visions of his Rain in white walking towards him down the aisle. He imagined that she would stand before him in all her beauty, confess her love for him, and say she was his forever.

There was a fire that burned inside of him when he thought of losing her. He knew he was getting better and soon her services wouldn't be needed. Did that mean she would go back to her own life and he to his? Would she forget about all the passion they shared?

His eyes grew dark. He couldn't imagine it. He made sure that each time they made love that he stroked in her so deeply as to imprint his soul into her. He wanted his love to be so thorough that long after he left her that she desired him that much more. He had never wanted to be as welcomed by a woman as he wanted to be by her.

His love for her was as natural as her beauty. There was an instinctive drive to want to protect her from every possible harm. He knew for this very reason he wanted to marry her and start a family. He could even see himself working long term with Connor. He doubted he would ever be completely healed enough to return to service.

He looked over at Rain as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it.

"What's on your mind?" She asked as she linked their fingers together.

"Remember when I told you I wasn't such a good guy back in the day?" He had stopped the car in a parking lot two blocks from their destination. He let go of her hand and he hopped out the car to her side trying not to let his struggle show.

He helped her out the passenger side and locked the door. He grabbed her once more and started them on their walk.

"Yes I remember" She eyed him patiently.

"Well, I wasn't kidding. When I was growing up, I didn't have a plan. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew I didn't want to struggle like my parents did. I resented them for not being able to make ends meet sometimes, and we had to get by on bread and water basically."

"I understand your anger and you were young Marcello." He gave a weak smile as she attempted to validate his emotions.

"I blamed them and I was angry because I didn't understand Rain. I didn't understand how much they tried. I didn't appreciate them or my family. Soon I picked up two jobs to help out and fought my way through school. Anybody who talked about my clothes or picked on my brother or sister I whooped their ass. I was so angry and I held it inside. I didn't talk much. All I did was save money, but then I started spending it. I started getting high and drinking a lot."

"For the pain." Rain commented softly. She could imagine him a poor soul. She knew very well that poverty was deeper than materialistic things. She remembered how it tarnished the soul and stepped on one's worth and value.

"I would lock myself in my room and get high all day. Soon I forgot I just blocked out the world. I thought not caring about anything or anyone and keeping my shit inside would help."

"But you still weren't happy." She seemed to be thinking aloud but he nodded because it was the truth.

"Nope I felt hopeless and I never had a plan. Before I knew it, it was the end of my senior year. My grades were down the toilet and not enough money in the world could improve my grades or make a college accept me. I rebelled even more and started selling here and there. I started buying myself decent clothes. I wasn't half-bad looking well-dressed so I was able to get all the girls I wanted."

"You were so much more than that I'm sure...but hopelessness can block our true potential."

"Yeah, I could have been more but instead I was a jerk. My other siblings evolved. My sister Gabriella, she started taking Ballet. Don use to record her competitions, because he was a genius with film. Everybody had a gift but me and I was bitter. One night Gabriella came to my room she wanted me to come to her competition. I slammed the door in her face." Marcello paused at a small store venue and came back out with flowers.

"Gabriella was the youngest?"

"Yeah, she looked up to me. She should have looked up to Don. Sure I had beat people up for her but I was too wrapped up in my own shit to really care. I loved her and Don but I was in too fucked up a space to let them in...I wanted to go to her was strange how I just didn't feel welcomed."

"Did you ever go?"

"No, they left the house without me-" He stared off into the distance and Rain felt a feeling of grief wash over her.

"They died that night." Her voice was quiet and laced with sadness for him and his lost family.

"They died that night today and I never got a chance to say goodbye. I never got a chance to really tell them how much I loved them. Marcel wasn't even my real father. He came into me and my mother's life they had Don and Gabriella but he treated me as his own. I still felt the absence of my father."

"I'm sure they loved you as much as they loved Gabriella and Don."

"That's the sad thing. They did, but I couldn't accept that. I was in so much pain. I was angry at the world because I never felt good enough."

She grabbed the roses from his hand before he crushed them and put a hand to his face looking at him.

"You don't have to do this." She seemed to have an idea where they were going.

"Yes we do."

He started walking again and she followed right next to him. They walked into the graveyard their feet seemed heavy against the soft grass glistening with morning dew from the rain that fell last night. Marcello put his hands in his pockets and guided them past various graves.

RAIN LOOKED ON THE GROUND CAREFUL NOT TO STEP ON THE HEADSTONES. The sky seemed to blacken over as she digested his words. He had carried around so much for so many years.

She figured the army was his release. A place where he could take out his anger by training and risking his life. He was left with no one when they died. It hurt her to imagine him, a young man filled with regret and blame. He stopped and so did she as they reached four graves adorned with their names.

He knelt to the ground and she started to step away to give him privacy when he reached out for her hand and pulled her down with him. He grabbed her hand as they kneeled in front of the graves.

"Why did you bring me here baby? I know this has to be hard for you Marcello, you didn't-"

"I did. I never got to say I was sorry, and I took them all for granted. But I wanted to show you that I've come a long way from who I use to be, but you deserve to know the result of my carelessness. A family ruined, maybe a curse, to show me what I really had and I blew it. If I could go back -" His voice cracked and she saw the tears come down his eyes.

She released his hand and sat on the ground next to him and brought his head to her chest and stroked his cheek tears streaming down her own eyes. She ached for him and the hurt she knew was like a ball tumbling through him.

"You still have a chance Marcello. You still can say goodbye. You still can say sorry baby. You can say it right now and they will forgive you. They're looking down on you now. They see the man you've become and they're so proud of you. I'm proud of you. You've shown me so many new things and whether you believe it or not, you're a damn good man. You hear me?"

Her voice was shaky with tears. "Tell them they're watching you. Tell them baby" She encouraged him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I took you all for granted. I loved you all but didn't know how to show it. I loved you so damn much! But God I felt like an intruder like I didn't fit. But I'm better now. I'm a man and I'm sorry. I've forgiven myself. To you Mom you gave me life and I am forever grateful and that's why I always watered your plants and let Don take the credit for it but I love you." He leaned against his mother's headstone and Rain laid down a flower.

"Go ahead." She rubbed his back as they looked to Marcel's.

"You are my father. You took care of me and I love you for that even though I didn't show it. I appreciate everything you did for me."

Rain continued putting the roses down and clearing off the graves as they went.

Marcello continued "Gabriela I'm sorry. You thought I didn't care about your ballet. Secretly I watched every video Don brought home. You were my little ballerina and I love you. And Don I use to cry in anger for you after I cleaned your wounds. I love you too."

"They heard you baby and they forgive you. You can let it go and keep making them proud."

He turned to Rain and kissed her all of the grief passing between them. She was touched that he would share this moment with her. She imagined them smiling down on him. She hoped her ancestors were right and they could hear him, feel his love, but as the sky cleared she knew they could.

"And to you Rain." He grabbed her hands as he helped them both to their feet. "I'm sorry for the way that I treated you in the beginning and how I acted. You've shown me what true kindness and compassion is. I love you..."

"Marcello ..." She was speechless as he held her tight and kissed the top of her head. The wind rippled passed them and her hair danced around their faces until Marcello tucked it behind her ears.

He grabbed her hand and they started to leave. She couldn't believe she still hadn't said anything. Of course she loved Marcello but she wasn't being completely honest with him. Here he had laid all his demons in front of her, even his love for her, and she was still holding back. The question was would he love her the same once he knew the truth?


JAZZ PULLED UP TO A NICE APARTMENT COMPLEX. She grew nervous. She had told him she wanted to meet with him in public. She started to turn around when she noticed him coming outside to greet her.

He was dressed in jogging pants and a crew neck white shirt. He was still handsome. He still carried his brown skin, crisp fade, and dark eyes well. He had kept himself up and still held an athletic frame. However, he looked different to her.
She could tell his experiences had changed him. No longer did he have this cocky air about him. His walk was easy and his eyes were steady instead of shifty. She relaxed a little. She loved Connor and she was doing this to help them.

She couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. She probably should have let him know. If she did he would take over and never let her be involved though. He had left her with no choice.

William stood as she rolled her car into the parking lot and hopped out. She forgot how short he was. She had become so accustomed to Connors height and broad stature.

"Jazz, I'm so glad you're here. Sorry to switch it up on you but trust me this is safer. Come up to the terrace." He turned after a sincere apology, which once again surprised her. She trusted her instinct and followed him up the stairs and onto the balcony outside of his apartment.

"Are we fine to talk out here?" She questioned looking around and feeling as if they were being watched.

"Yeah, the apartments are super secluded and as of now no one lives in this unit but me. I chose upstairs for the balcony." He smiled mischievously and she laughed.

"I could see that. I remember you got someone kicked out of the upper level of the hotel just so we could get a room with a balcony." She scoffed.

"Yeah, I was a real asshole back then wasn't I?" He lowered his head and Jazz reached out and touched his hand and then pulled back when his eyes met hers.

"Look I didn't come here to throw the past in your face. I just came here to help my family. This is Deja vu all over again and lives may be in danger. I'm sorry if I offended you."

"The truth can never be offensive. Jazz after the way I treated you, you referring to me as a jerk would be a grave understatement. That's why I am here, because I owe this to you and I need to right the wrongs by continuing to do what it is that you and your family need." Jazz was continually shocked by his behavior but she nodded.

"Thank you. Now tell me what you know about what the hell Ellen has going on. Where's your informant?" Jazz said looking around and still feeling watched.

"Dead." William said gravely and Jazz connected with his eyes once more.

"What the hell? What happened? Ellen?"

"Precisely. They found my client hanging in a cell. Ellen's craftiness and a history of my clients mental health issues had it ruled a suicide. There was no way to fight it without revealing my own extra-legal insight. I have no connection to Ellen's case. I know what I pay for if you catch my drift."

"I'm so sorry about your client. Is she really that powerful on the inside?" Jazz was baffled. She knew Ellen was manipulative but the head honcho in prison?

"More than you can imagine. Sex, drugs, and manipulation is her game. My client told me she's running everyone. She gets what she wants to the point where she rather be on the inside. She knew Connor and them would be coming soon. She got herself placed in the hole to avoid any visitors."

"How'd she know they'd be coming?"

"She's smart. She knew it was only a matter a time before you guys caught on to her schemes and word is whoever is working for her on the outside sends her word of what's going on. My client use to be in with them. Ellen's crew that is."


"Yeah she's running a queen pen on the inside. My client told me she seeks out mental pleas- easier to manipulate. She chose one of them to let go on the outside. She wanted them to steal money from Connors Company and wire it to offshore accounts. Her ultimate plan was to set the company up for fraud and destroy Connors business."

"Why put the money offshore and not on the books?"

"She wants to build a drug pen on the outside. She won't try to leave prison till she builds herself up. After her little accomplice ruined everything, she was to dispose of all of you." Williams swallowed at his last words and Jazz's mouth went dry.

"I think we know her accomplice. You recognize her." Jazz pulled out the ID's.

"Yes, she's definitely a part of Ellen's crew. Her along with my client was on the inmates to watch list because of their affiliation. She goes by Jessica if I'm not mistaken. She was pleading insanity and wanted me to take her case."

"What was she pleading insanity for?" Jazz questioned getting sicker by the minute.

"She killed her husband. She claimed he was physically abusive, made her sell her body, and kept her doped up. She said she finally cracked and lost her mind. She claims not even to remember murdering him. I couldn't take her case, caseload was too large." William explained.

Jazz rubbed her temples. This was a lot to take in. She had to let Connor know to go over those files. They didn't know what Jessica had did to set them up. In the end Connor could be being accused of fraud...then what would they do?

"Damn, we should have killed her." Jazz shook her head and then shivered. She had left her coat in the car.

"Do you want to come inside? Its chilly out and I have tea." He offered and gave a weak smile. She hesitated but decided he was trustworthy.

"Sure." She followed him inside the house. "Listen William I need your help. The wheels are turning and I need you to get a permanent address for Jessica for me and any other addresses she may have had over the years."

"I'm on it. It's crucial you guys find her. She's crazy and under Ellen's control I know firsthand how corrupt a mind can become." William admitted as her poured Jazz some tea as promised.

"Also, I need another favor. A friend of mine has an ex-creep who has been um stalking her. He wrote her this letter. We're looking for him but he's nowhere to be found. We need a case when we do get the police involved. Can you get this scanned for prints? Unfortunately Rain and I have touched it as well but see if anything else comes up for me."

"No problem Jazz I'm on it. Just keep sending me instructions." He handed her the cup after making it the way he knew she liked it. She tasted it and smiled.

"William I cannot thank you enough. I hope you've been getting the help you need."

"I have. I know you know I tried to commit suicide but I'm better now. Again I want to apologize for everything. The way I treated you still makes me sick to my stomach. I was insecure and mentally unstable. I know I traumatized you but I hope that in my absence and in my karma you have found resolution."

"I won't lie at first to seeing you sink so low felt good and then I realized the pain was still there. I think forgiving you is the key. Everything that happen has lead me to have the beautiful husband and family I have today. I was too busy focused on the pain of the past to realize that." It hit Jazz like a ton of bricks. William was right. She needed to find resolution just as he had.

"Jazz believing that my tarnished soul is a reflection of another is a false reality and trust me I've lived in a false reality and it did nothing but destroy me. I hope you can forgive me and know that I am truly forever indebted."

"I forgive you." Jazz put down her cup and embraced William in a hug. Her eyes bugged open as she looked on the terrace and her eyes connected with Connors. She could see his hands shaking and she quickly released William and ran towards the glass door.

She opened it as he stood there waiting. She backed up as he stepped in.

"Now Connor this isn't what it looks like. William and I-" Jazz screamed as he quickly moved passed her and had William pinned against the wall by the neck.

"This is who you've been sneaking off to talk to huh Jazz? This is why you've been acting so strange lately to come and be with him? I should break his fucking neck!" Connor screamed in Williams face and Jazz ran over to help him.

"Connor please, William was only helping me. He's trying to-"

"Stop! You think I wanna hear your lies?" Connor turned to her his eyes on fire. He had never looked at her with such anger and disgust. He finally breathed and let go of a gasping William. Jazz rushed to Williams's side to help him up. She felt horrible.

"How sweet?" Connor observed in a tone that was unrecognizable. "You take me through hell accusing me of sleeping around on you and then I find you here behind my back. Hmm, seems fitting."

"Connor will you just stop! You have no idea what you're talking about. I came here to get help. William has information-"

"Lies! I contacted him earlier this week and he assured me he knew nothing. Isn't that right?" Jazz made eye contact with William and he lowered his head.

"Connor I told you that because Jazz had contacted me and-"

"Save it! Jazz I hope all of this was worth it. I'll make sure the divorce is speedy so you two can get going on this sweet reunion."

"Connor, baby please. Don't do this. Let me explain-"

"Get the fuck off of me!" He yanked his arm away and headed back towards the glass door. Jazz followed him but the door was quickly shut in her face with a warning for her not to follow.

She turned to see William standing there shaking his head. "Jazz I'm sorry maybe I can-"

"Fuck!" Jazz screamed and knocked over a small lamp table and then slid to the floor. How the hell had she done?



"Are you sure this is it?" Jessica questioned. She was still holding a grudge against the Voodoo lady for her little antics with the candle.

"Her reading was very precise. Trust me she's never been wrong." Jessie scoped out the building carefully spotting the entrance.

"Humph, we'll see about that when this plan works. I find it hard to believe they'll just hand her over." Jessica commented but was quickly silenced by his steely gaze.

"And if they don't I have a plan for that too. He opened the glove compartment and showed her the gun." She nodded and hid her nervousness. The last time she held a gun she had used it. She still remembered the feeling of her finger on the trigger and the impact of the release of the bullet from the barrel. It was terrifying.

She had to keep her cool though. "Good, I love being prepared." She smirked secretly hoping it didn't come to that. She needed to get her mind right before she pulled a trigger again. Her husband's ghost was still haunting her. She was building up her courage to get rid of Connor and the gang. She had plans on hiring someone else but knew Ellen would be disappointed.

"Good girl. Now let's go." Jessie demanded and she followed his orders.

They walked in the door hand in hand. To the naked eye they looked like a beautiful couple. Jessica was wearing a pressed polka dot dress with beige heels. Jessie's hair was cut like Marcello's and slicked back from his face. His eyes turned warm and kind.

They were damn near believable to even Jessica standing beside him. He was dressed in khakis and a button down flannel. He traded in his boots for some loafers instead. Jessica smiled even harder as they approached the front desk.

"Hi Ma'am can I help you?" Jessica wanted to slap the taste out of the receptionist mouth for calling her that as if she was old but she kept her cool.

"Yes please, I have an appointment with Dr. Conner. I've been having some chest pain." Jessica held her chest and expertly leaned over on the counter and Jessie grabbed her.

"Hunny are you okay?" Jessie actually played his part and looked concerned as the receptionist called for a nurse. Jessica smiled on the inside as they brought out a chair and rolled her to a back room.

JESSICA AND JESSIE DIDN'T WAIT FOR LONG. Dr. Conner appeared but immediately seemed confused.

"I apologize Ms. Jessica." He said reading the form he was given from the nurse. "I don't believe I had you scheduled on my appointment list."

"Strange we called and scheduled last week. They took our insurance and said you were scheduling new patients." Jessica quickly lied and Jessie smirked because he was impressed.

"Well you're here now so tell me about this chest pain." He approached her and looked at her sheet. "The nurse said vitals, blood pressure, and everything looks good. Where's the pain?"

"Below her breast bone." Jessie said and put his hand underneath her breast as the doctor cleared his throat.

"Is this your husband?" The doctor questioned and Jessica nodded trying not to look flushed. He was obviously coping a feel. She didn't mind she had been trying to get him in bed for a month now.

"Well has there been anything going on to attribute to it. Do you eat a lot of spicy food or have you been under a lot of stress lately?" He questioned.

"Well about the stress. We have been going through a lot lately. My husband has been really depressed. We've recently gone to couples therapy and he finally revealed to me that he lost his whole family in a car accident years ago. We've been married for years and he never told me." Jessica pretended to tear up and Jessie consoled her.

"She's right but I had my reasoning's. My family was everything to me. I lost my brother, sister, father and mother in that crash."

"I'm so sorry for your lost." The doctor commented empathically.

"I couldn't even give them a proper burial. My sister's body was never even found. The rest were burned too badly. I held on to some hope she may have been alive but eventually I had to give up." Jessie started to tear up himself.

"She was never found?" The doctor questioned as his curiosity began to rise.

"No, my little Gabriella was never identified and the only memory left is this faint old newspaper I carry around. I was foolish and gave up our house and possessions." He handed the newspaper to the doctor and watched pleasantly as his eyes bugged out of his head.

"Oh my god, could it be? I've seen this little girl. She came in here for memory loss trying to find records of any family...and you...don't move! Please don't move!" The doctor quickly scurried away to call the nuns.

Jessie and Jessica's eyes connected as the doctor fumbled over himself to go make the calls. The Voodoo lady was right after all.

The nuns appeared later and began their questioning. Jessie and Jessica tried not to appear as annoyed as they actually were. They answered all the questions with rehearsed lies and provided fake identification. It seemed as if the nuns were becoming excited and were buying into their charade.

"I can't believe the day we've prayed for has finally come. Sister Mariam go get Gabriella please." The nun left as instructed and Jessie grinned with excitement.

"I never imagined this day would come and- Oh my god...Gabriella." Jessie fell to his knees expertly as they ushered Gabriella into the room. He cringed as she was the image of her brother. She had the same green eyes and dark hair. Her hair was a lovely and wavy mane falling to her shoulders. She was still young only a preteen. Yet, she was beautiful.

He grabbed her only to find her stiff in his arms as he cried and cooed over her.

"Are you sure he's my brother?" Gabriella pulled back and grabbed his face as he stayed on his knees at eye level with her.

"Gabriella, it's been so long. The doctors told me about your memory and I know it may take some time but it's me and this is my wife Jessica. We want you to come home with us to be a part of our family." Jessie pleaded. He wanted to slap the little ungrateful brat.

"I just can't seem to remember...your face is just-"

"Honey don't hurt yourself trying to remember what you've obviously forgotten. We understand it'll take time." Jessica cooed trying to keep her own impatience at bay.

"Our apologies, Gabriella has been without her memory for some time and this is all new to her. How about we schedule some visits to our home? We can give Gabriella some time to warm up to you." Jessie reluctantly agreed and they worked out a schedule.

"Don't worry sweetie you'll remember soon." Jessica encouraged as they started to say their goodbyes.

"Yeah...maybe." Gabriella whispered as she gripped Sister Miriam's hand. There was something that wasn't sitting right in the pit of her stomach. She hoped that what she felt was fleeting. What if this was her long lost family? If so, then how come she didn't feel good, safe, happy, and all the other great emotions she imagined.

She hoped they didn't think her ungrateful

"THAT UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BITCH!" Jessica pouted as they got back in the car.

"Calm down. I have a plan." Jessie grimaced.

"Like what? We can't afford to do this little meet and greet. What if her memory actually comes back because we're fucking with her? She could actually remember who Marcello is and exactly what he looks like. It's going to take more than hair dye and colored contacts for them to hand her over." Jessica complained.

"Listen we won't be waiting long. Look they're leaving now and we know exactly where they live." Jessie started the car and put on his hat and pulled off Jessica's wig.

"What are we doing?" Jessica questioned nervously.

"We're taking action. Jessie waited a few minutes and then pulled out the parking lot slowly to tail behind Gabriella and the Nuns.


MARCELLO AND RAIN ARRIVED BACK HOME AFTER A LONG AND EMOTIONAL DAY. Rain couldn't shake her feelings of guilt. He had shared a beautiful moment with her and showed his ultimate sign of trust. It was killing her that she was still holding back.

She stepped into the shower and let the water roll over her hair and down her body. She could feel the wetness of her hair sticking to her back as it fell to her butt. All of it was calming. She was grateful that Marcello had offered to put up the dishes for tonight and tidy everything up. She was proud at how independent he was becoming.

She became so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the sound of the door sliding back. She turned and gasped and then sighed in approval at the naked god before her.

"You want some company?" Marcello flashed her a brilliant smile and stepped in the shower behind her.

She immediately fell against his shoulder as he lathered up a small towel and started washing her body with the lathered soap. She started moaning as he lathered up her whole body and then let the water fall over her and used his bare hands to massage her breast as the water washed away his handy work.

"Marcello..." She whimpered his name as he kissed her neck and turned her around to face him.

"I meant what I said Rain." He took her lips and their tongues met. Rain moaned into his mouth as he pushed her against the shower wall and put his hand softly around neck.

"I know you did, but baby there is still so much we don't know and I don't want to hurt you if-"

"Shhh its okay Rain. All I want to know is if you love me too." Marcello eyes met hers intently. His hand was still softly at the base of her neck. His other was on her wet bottom. She couldn't help but admire the beauty of his green eyes. They shone with sincerity under the flicker of his wet eyelashes.

"Marcello baby listen I do but I need to-"

"No second guesses Rain just tell me."

"Yes." She pressed her forehead to his and gave him a long kiss. "I love you too with everything I have."

"Baby that's all that matters for now and I'll accept that. You're all I need."

"Baby listen I-" She couldn't get another word out as he turned her around, pressed her face against the shower door, and entered her with in one motion.

She breathed heavily as he stroked in and out of her with strong thrust. She could feel the water fall over their bodies as he pressed wet kisses on her shoulder and neck.

"Feels so good to be home doesn't it?" Marcello groaned in her ear as he picked up the pace and her body pressed harder against the shower wall and she moaned in pleasure.
"Mm, Marcello yes baby!" She squealed as he grabbed her hands and put them together behind her back. He bent her face deeper into the wall as her ass propped out for him. He held her hands together behind her with one hand, and held her hip with the other.

Rain moaned as the sounds of their love making echoed against the bathroom walls. She could hear the slapping of wet skin and feel the heat of their passion. His strokes were long and powerful as he rammed his dick into her tight pussy.

She shook with pleasure as she loved the resistance of the restriction of her hands. He held on to them exerting complete control over her that she loved.

"Fuck you feel so good." He groaned releasing her hands and grabbing the front of her neck. He put his other arm across her chest and held her close to him as he pounded his dick further into her. Rain leaned her hand back and bent her back loving what he was doing to her.

"Mm Marcello, right there baby! Don't stop...please..." She pleaded as she gripped both of his hands with her own and closed her eyes in ecstasy. The feeling of his large cock sliding in and out of her pussy had her climax building.

"Yeah...there ya go. Cum for me, fucking cum for me." He picked up the pace and looked down as her ass jiggled against his thighs as he fucked her into oblivion. He winced in unbelievable pleasure as he could feel her pussy tightening around his dick.

"Yes baby, keep it right there...I'm ...fuck me!" Rain's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt the waves of her orgasm wash over his dick.

"I'm right behind you baby...fuck this pussy so good." Marcello pressed his body against hers as they fell against the wall and he pumped his seed into her.

They both breathed heavily in bliss as he pressed kisses all over her shoulder and back once more as they whispered to each other how much they loved one another.


JESSIE AND JESSICA FOLLOWED BEHIND THE VEHICLE AS NIGHT FELL. Jessica begin to worry about his plan. They had been following for a while. She was surprised the nuns weren't suspicious. She noticed they looked back a couple of times but seemed unbothered.

"Jessie what are we - Jessie!" Jessica screamed as he swerved his car on the opposite side of the road and then right in front of the nun's vehicle. She watched in fear as they slammed on their brakes to avoid colliding with them. "What the hell are you doing? You could have killed us!" Jessica screamed.

Jessie ignored her and got out of his vehicle after grabbing and loading his gun. He looked around. It was perfect. It was a dirt road with steep grass and a lake at the bottom on both sides. He knew there had to be no other cars in sight. This road led specifically to the nun's house.

He stood in front of the nun's car as they got out of the vehicle to confront him.

"Sir is everything alright?" They both questioned him as they moved forward unexpectedly.

"It's not but it will be." He answered and took out his gun. He watched as they both screamed in fear. He glanced in the car and saw Gabriella ducking underneath the seat.

"Please, if it's money you need we can provide you with-"

"Shut the fuck up! Woman come here!" He beckoned Jessica not wanting to reveal their names.

"Yes." Jessica stood over by the car hiding her face and shaking.

"Get the rope from the trunk." He requested and the nuns started crying. "Didn't I say shut up? Be quiet and I might not kill you." He instructed Jessica to tie their hands up and throw them in the trunk of their own car.

He opened the passenger door and began to search for Gabriella. He saw her hiding below the seat and reached out and was met with her teeth. He pulled his hand back and cursed.

"She's running!" Jessica cried out as Gabriella sprang from the other side of the car and began running down the road. Jessie took off after her and quickly was able to catch up. He was still athletic. He tackled her to the ground and they rolled.

"Get off of me!" She cried as he hemmed her up by her shirt and she kicked and screamed.

"You wanna die huh!" She stopped moving when the barrel touched the side of her skull. "Face forward and don't you dare fucking look at me." Jessie instructed and brought her back to the road where the cars were.

"What do we do now?" Jessica asked nervously.

"Push the car over the hill." Jessie instructed and Gabriella screamed.

"No! Please don't do that. Why are you doing this?" She cried and Jessica swallowed slowly.

"If they're found we're done for. They'll trace their steps. I say we take em to the voodoo lady. She'll know what to do. You drive them back to her and I'll take her somewhere secure." Jessica insisted. They needed to think this through because murder was not a part of the plan. She breathed deeply in anticipation. She avoided Gabriella's squinting gaze in the darkness. "Keep your head down!" She instructed the young girl.

"Fine but I'm trusting you. Tie her up and throw her in the trunk of our car. Don't take her to your location just yet. I want you to follow us. We're going to see the old lady together. She'll have the final say on all of this. If she wants to axe the nuns they're gone." He said and Gabriella cried softly as Jessica tied her up and placed her in the trunk.

Jessica closed the trunk and turned around only to be knocked to the ground by the back of Jessie's hand.

"Don't you ever make us look weak like that again. Have you forgot what this is about! Get it the fuck together or we'll be making decisions on what to do with you next" he spat. Jessica got up from the ground silently and got in the car and started it while waiting for his lead.

She knew he was right so she didn't protest his slap back into reality. She thought this was the life for her but outside of the walls away from boss lady's true guidance she was afraid. Boss lady had stressed to them to be their own woman but she was afraid that she had only learned how to follow but not to lead.

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