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Fire and Rain Ch. 05

I am so sorry as always. I had some pretty rough reviews so I almost decided not to continue the story. However, I wanted to know how this would play out. Some people don't like the drama...but the plot thickens and I couldn't help it...enjoy...or don't...Fire and Rain chapter 5! Ps. There are some loose ends I needed to tie so that's why we'll see some old characters soon.


Jazz walked down the avenue with Rain her partner in crime. Both of them were dressed fashionably. Their shades covered observant eyes. Jazz held Donny expertly in one arm. The plan was to do some shopping for the fancy banquet. The banquet was an opportunity for both women to gain some truth.

The banquet was a event meant to honor those in service. Jazz, even though she was mad at Connor and they hadn't spoke, was proud of Connor. Despite their differences, she would be a good wife and continue to support him until they had a chance to talk.

She was nervous and anxious to hear what he had to say for himself. For days all she could replay is that blonde in his lap. She knew she was tormenting herself, but she couldn't help it. She loved Connor, and the nights he slept at his father's house she had missed him.

Rain had her worries as well. She was afraid that once she told Marcello that he would become angry with her. She didn't want him to think that she was a liar. Regardless, she knew the truth is what he deserved. She was finally coming to terms with the fact that she loved him. She could only hope that he would welcome her in and not turn her away as that was what she most feared.

"Mommy!" Donny took both of their attention as he tugged on Jazz's shirt. She could tell he was getting cranky because he was hungry. The poor baby Jazz thought. They had been looking for dresses all day to no avail.

She sighed at him. He had his daddies face and his translucent jade green eyes. Donny always looked as if he was up to something. Connor and Donny both had a mischievous glare. Yet with the golden locks they manage to look like angels. She knew better.

"Don't worry, we'll get some food soon. " She promised. She watched him smile with joy and then frown as Jazz caught the attention of other men. She was starting to think him getting aggressive when strange men appeared was Connors doing.

She just wanted him to have her love for piano. Each chance she got she would sit with him at the piano and let him strike the keys playfully. The sounds mixed with his laughter was the most beautiful music to her ears.

"You hungry handsome?" Rain cooed over him as well. She looked at how beautiful they looked together as mother and son. Rain had never thought about having a family of her own.

She was afraid. Her worst fear was turning out to be just like her mother. She looked in the mirror daily wishing that she wouldn't see any trace of that woman. How could she be a mother to a child? She never had a mother herself. She jolted in surprise when Donny jumped in her arms and started to run his hands through her hair.

"Oh, you want to go with Auntie Rain huh? Good my arms are tired." Jazz laughed as worry creased Rains brows.

"Sitting with a baby is one thing, walking with one is another." Rain said and Jazz laughed.

"He looks quite comfortable. Look at that maternal instinct taking over. Is there something I should know?" Jazz quirked her eyebrows up and it was Rains turn to laugh.

"No! Absolutely not. I have no plans on being with child." Jazz smirked as she spoke her peace and at the same time snuggled Donny closer. Jazz was surprised when he looked so calm and at peace with her. He was damn near falling sleep.

"I don't know Rain. Say what you want but Donny is looking mighty cozy over there."

"Mm, well look on then cause I am Auntie Rain as you say but I am no mother." She sighed. A little nudge inside her wanted to be but the fear kept her from wishing and wanting.

"Don't worry I know how to get him up. How about food and then we go see Granpa Dave!"

"Granpa! Granpa!" He started bouncing in Rain's arms. He loved Mommy and Daddy but he needed grandfather time as well.

"Your going to stay the night with Granpa again!" She promised and watched him light up. He loved David. They had a sweet bond. "See I told ya!" She nudged Rain. "Now that's power." She whispered to Rain and she laughed.

She was always reminded why she loved being with Jazz. Jazz was her silver lining through all the craziness. Rain had finally found a place where she belonged. She trusted and felt safe with Jazz and a part of her knew she could trust the rest of them too.

She had never known anything like the friendship and love she had surrounding her. Oddly her powers and senses had grown stronger because of it.

"Mm, more like bribery." Rain teased.

"Oh my god! Rain look!" Jazz went to the window and gazed in immediate adoration at the dresses on the show case. There were two dresses the same design. One long sleeve that would cover the right arm but the left was completely exposed. In the reflection it showed in the back was a dip that hung low.

The dress curved at the waist leaving the whole back bare and exposed. One dress was gold and shiny. Jazz knew it would be the best color against her caramel skin and the other a sparkling white which she felt would be perfect for Rain.

"We have to have- no scratch that we HAVE to have those dresses!" Rain exclaimed she was as glued to window as Jazz was as she hefted Donny tighter on her hips. Food would have to wait.

They hauled into the store and when they tried on the dresses it molded to both of them like second skin, and when the women in the store including the sales clerk burn holes into their bare backs they slapped hands and told her to ring them up. They bought matching pumps for their dresses as well. They purchased some white and gold open toe shoes that went perfectly with each gown.

"Think Marcello will be happy?" Rain smirked a bag in one hand and Donny in the other.

"Happy aint' the word baby." Rain smiled seductively and they both slapped hands again and snapped.

After completing their shopping rendezvous they finally got down to the grub. Donny ate like it was his last meal and was extra messy. Too tired to scold Jazz let him be.

"You know shopping should be a sport." Rain sunk in her chair as Jazz did after finishing off their double cheese burgers and chili cheese fries.

"Yes it should, but it helps keep the weight down. I keep forgetting I'm not eating for two anymore." Jazz moaned holding her stomach.

"Please! Donny's is almost two years old now give it up" Rain snorted teasingly.

"Whatever, why don't you make yourself useful and learn how to heal cellulite. Maybe then I might consider keeping you around." Jazz stuck out her tongue at what was becoming her newest best friend.

"If I saw any I would. Your too hard on yourself. You've been able to snap right back." Rain eyed her with jealous loving eyes. She would hope to look half as good as Jazz did after a baby.

"Okay, I snapped back like jello with a little jiggle." Jazz snorted.

"Nobody's complaining." Rain poked her hating how down she was as of late.

"I hated that my mind went to that place, but I started to think that maybe that was the reason Connor-"

"Jazz you can't really believe that. You are beautiful and I'm sure there is an explanation for all of this. Connors energy with you is so...pure. I'm telling you I picked up nothing." Rain grabbed Jazz's hand to offer support.

"I don't know either. I mean regardless of our work and Donny we still manage to keep a healthy sex life. We make time to go on dates and we talk about everything. I didn't think we had any serious issues. I thought we were happy." She teared up. She was emotional like that as of late.

"Jazz talk to him first. Then we will go from there. I'm here for you and Donny every step of the way."

"I'm glad you're here. If it is what I think it is then you'll be healing my broken heart next." Rain sighed and wrapped her arms around Jazz. She was hoping that her instincts were right and it was just a misunderstanding.


"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Marcelo scolded him as they were leaving the building and shutting down the office for the day. Most of the employees would be at the banquette. Connor wanted to give back so he hired mostly veterans.

Connor decided it would be good to shut down early for the day to give everyone time to get ready. Marcelo was there to pick him up. He forgot how nervous he was after Connor told him what happened the other day. He thought he was going through hell.

Rain had barely been speaking to him and was sleeping at Jazz's place until she "left." He was surprised when she told him she would be at the banquet. Then Jazz got on the phone and informed him she would be his date even though he was being a "dick."

He didn't know what had been going on with Jazz and Rain but they had become like glue. He couldn't lie that he was happy that she was sticking around. He knew they needed to talk. He finally needed to get the truth from her.

"She just hopped in my lap! I panicked and then Jazz walks in. She turns white as a sheet. She's looking at me as if she didn't even know me. I tried to explain and then Donny walks in all smiles. We didn't want to fight in front of him. She took off with him and hasn't really spoken to me since. I've been sleeping over at Dad's place."

Connor wanted to punch something. He had Jessica fired the moment Jazz left. He wanted to kill her or least ring her skinny neck. He was in deep shit because of her.

"I told you man. I told you to fire her but do you listen, no. You're lucky she didn't throw your shit in the fireplace and attach an explosive to the car. If I didn't know your innocence I would help her." Marcelo felt bad for Jazz. She was a good woman and loved Connor. She didn't deserve this. He loved his friend but he should have handled it better.

"What kind of friend are you?" Connor's jaw tensed as he thought of the look on Jazz's face. "I hurt her. I know I should have paid more attention. What if she leaves me? What if she-" He pressed a hand to his chest and rubbed. The thought of her leaving him and taking Donny made his heart ache.

He was starting to get a burning sensation in his chest and it made his throat dry with a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Tonight, you can make it right tonight." Marcelo put a supportive hand on Connor's shoulder. "I can talk to her too. She has to know that you would never do something like this to her."

"I'm not so sure man. It didn't look good. If I saw her in the same predicament-"

"Everyone in the room would be dead including her and then you would blow the building to pieces." At least that's how he felt when he thought of Rain being with another man. He was starting to realize he didn't want to lose her.

"Yeah your right. I need to make this right. I miss her man." Connors head began to pound and he rubbed his temples. He was in a heap of trouble and didn't know what to do. What could he say to make her believe him? How could she believe he would do something like that to her? Didn't she know he would go through hell and back before he dared do something that would cost him his family?

The thought that she might not believe him turned from sadness to anger. Why did this happen to him? How could he be so stupid?

"You will make things right. You can't lose your family over some evil bimbo. Even though, I tired to tell you-"

"I know! Damn Marcelo I know. I'm beating myself up mentally."

"Yeah, well you need to prepare for a physical ass whooping. Jazz just might whack you a good time." Connor tore through him with a dark gaze

"I don't need your antics right now-"

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm just as mad as you but in the end you have to take responsibility that it is your fault." Connor looked ready to fight so Marcelo added on "Kind a sorta"

"How? When I can't even talk to her. She's replaced me with your house keeper!"

"Housekeeper? Don't get crazy with your mouth because-"

" Wait, shit I'm sorry. I'm losing my mind! I can't imagine my life without Jazz, but I'm afraid she won't believe me."

"Like I said," Marcelo continued calmer now, "its kinda sorta your fault. You're not dumb Connor. You should be able to sense when a woman has a keen interest in you. You handled it horribly. Accept it. You were prey she was a predator."

"I guess your right. She said how beautiful Jazz was and Donny. She asked about them. She-"

"was playing you. She wanted you and she didn't give a damn about your wife and Donny. She disrespected Jazz. She intruded onto territory that she had no right to intrude on. If you would have listened to your instincts, which once made you a killing machine, I would imagine it would have served you well enough."

"True." Connor admitted.

"Damn right. She would have never breach the perimeter and you could have rolled off the chair and kicked her chest in." Marcelo snorted and Connor now rubbed the tension that had now found its way to his neck.

"Your right. I was stupid and I have to deal with what I created." He agreed as they got into the limo that would be taking them to the affair. They were going to Connor's house first where his limo was waiting. He was an honorary guest so him and Jazz got special treatment.

"See that's the first step. The plan is to tell Jazz it is your fault."

"I thought I was trying to convince her not to kick my ass out?"

"Yes but making excuses isn't going to help the situation."

"I didn't think she was going to walk in the office."

"Okay we definitely don't want to say that." Marcelo warned.

"What if I tell her that it would be stupid to cheat with someone not better looking than her?" Connor rationalized and Marcelo slapped a big hand on his face almost covering it entirely.

"Should I help you pack?"

"Okay! Damn I'm rusty. My mind is like egg yolk right now. I'm scared shitless. What if she doesn't come?"

"Oh she will, because funding for her program is involved."

"What about me?"

"Right now you don't mean shit" Marcelo couldn't hide his snicker. "Okay, okay I quit. There is nothing funny about this." The amusement didn't leave his eyes

"I'm through with you."

"She'll be calm and composed tonight. I would try to talk to her at home or in the limo ride."

"Will she ride with me oh great one and mighty know it all" Connor exaggerated.

"Yeah she will. She's your wife. She's a great wife and even in her anger she'll stand by you. That's how Jazz is."

"You just think you have it all figured out. You could be wrong." Connor sneered as they pulled up to the house and hopped out.

"Wanna bet."


"ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?" Rain probed as she finished putting Jazz's lightly coiled curls in and they bounded at her shoulders in a light brown and dark brown silky combination.

"Yes, I'm his wife so I'll be by his side tonight. I'll be fine." Jazz said brushing down Rain's hair as it hung in the lower part of her bare back in a sinful black mane. She had put subtle crimps at the top and it waved down beautifully like a waterfall.

They both did each others makeup with a light hand. Jazz's accented on her lush mouth painted a sultry coffee brown with a layer of strawberry gloss. Her hazel doe eyes spoke for themselves and not much gold eye shadow was added to them.

For the deep brown golden rim eyes Rain possessed Jazz used earth tones and went light on the eye liner at the bottom of her eyes. They extended their full lashes and added a small amount of foundation. They both stepped into their shoes and surveyed themselves.

"Well, well, we don't look half bad." Rain Squealed. She loved the way it hugged her body. The dress accentuated her full breast and comfortably squeezed her curvy hips. She enjoyed the small slit that elongated her legs.

The dress was white and shimmered with sparkles and just as Jazz thought it played well against her golden skin and her high cheekbones. Jazz played the blush to a tee to compliment them.

"No we don't and you look gorgeous and breathtaking. Damn you get all the boobs and hips."

"You got all the ass and legs plus a small waist." Rain teased and they laughed. She couldn't deny that her ass looked great in the dress. It snagged it just right. It look firm and edible. She loved the dip in the back baring her smooth caramel skin.

The gold shimmered and made her feel like a beautiful mermaid as it fell to her ankle but provided a small slit. Her shapely thigh was exposed. She felt good all over and then sad. If it were another day she would have not had to catch herself as she was excited to show Connor the dress.

Now as she looked at her blushed plum cheeks and bouncing curls she sighed.

"You don't believe Connor would cheat on you." Her and Rain were linked and she sensed her emotional stress.

" I don't know what to believe Rain. I just don't know. If he is I'll have to leave. I couldn't forgive him, I just couldn't." She started to cry but held back tears. "I'm a wreck." She said clenching her fist. Rain held her close and comforted her.

"Jazz I'm still not convinced that it's all what you think." Rain's eyes pleaded with Jazz. She was rooting for Connor to step up and explain himself. Rain could sense Jazz's resolute attitude. She was so close to being done.

"Why is everyone on his side? What about what I saw?" Jazz's eyes narrowed and tilted her chin up stubbornness.

"I know Jazz but you never had a chance to talk to him and-"

"Please Rain, I think after tonight I need time to clear my head." Jazz shook her head not knowing how she was going to make it through tonight. It had been a while since her and Connor had been in close proximity. She could almost picture his translucent green eyes. They always looked at her with longing when she picked and dropped Donnny off at Davids.

She would always leave before he could speak to her. She knew he was giving her the space she wanted. A small part of her wished he wouldn't. A small part of her wanted him to run after her and explain. She wanted to hear something from him even if she thought they were lies.

"What are you gonna do?" Rain grabbed her arm as worry creased her neatly done brows.

"I'm leaving tonight-" She said before Rain could interject "I'm just going to my parents house down south for a few days. I'm taking Donny with me. We could both use it."

"Okay well you'll tell Connor tonight." Rain looked at Jazz and then frowned seeing the wheels turning. "Jazz you can't just leave with his son and-"

"I know! I'll tell him once we get there. I don't want him to leave work and try to follow us."

"And you really think Connor will let you leave with things between you like this?" Rain's eyes lit with amusement that Jazz didn't like.

"He doesn't own me." Jazz snapped her manicured fingers causing a bigger grin to spread across Rain's face. They both knew Connor wouldn't let it go that easy.

"You know what I won't say anything but just talk to him first." Rain said as she knew Jazz's mind was made up. She thought maybe this was a good thing. She thought that it could be the spark to finally light a fire under Connor to make things right.

"Thank you." Jazz breathed a sigh of relief that Rain would hold her plans. "Lets go." They both let out a breath and started walking down the spiral stairs of the house. Both of the men were talking and they went completely and utterly silent when they saw their women.


Marcello thought that after a near death experience that there was nothing else that could take his breath away, but Rain had proved him wrong. The dress clung to her in a way that should be a sin. Her body looked like cool glass of milk.
She turned around and when he saw the way her hair swung in the small and intimate dip in her back he growled. This was the purest form of torture. Her ample breast pressed against the top of the horizontal slant as one elegant arm was exposed and he wanted to taste the expose skin.

His eyes went dark and his groin tightened. He wanted to lift her over his shoulder and take her back upstairs and tear that damn dress off of her. He was worried he would have to fuck someone up tonight with her looking like this. Her eyes were smoky and accentuated well and as always her lips were bare-coated over with a little gloss. She needed no lipstick. He like her lips the way he would have liked her right now, naked.

"Marcello." She said his name and brought his attention from her gorgeous lips to her beautiful face. "Are you ready?" She asked and the question fell on death ears. He was mesmerized. "Marcello." She spoke a little louder and snapped his attention.

"Forgive me, you look beyond any man's wildest dreams tonight Rain. You look stunning." Marcello didn't care about the tension between them. He couldn't let another second go by without letting her how gorgeous she looked.

"Thank you, you don't look to bad yourself." As soon as it left her lips she knew it was an understatement. The suit was blessed to grace Marcello's beautiful frame. In his rebellious spirit unlike Connor he had ditched the suit jacket. Instead only a black vest and tie graced his frame.

The slacks hung on his waist with ease. As he extended his hand to help her off the last few steps his thigh muscles moved against the fabric. Her eyes fell to his groin area. Heat rose to her cheeks as she looked up and his eyes had been following her gaze.

Rain broke the spell by turning her eyes to Jazz. Her and Connor were still in the middle of their stare down. She looked at Marcello and he nodded towards the door. They knew the couple needed their privacy. Rain and Jazz exchanged looks. They both knew it was going to be a long night.


Connor didn't even notice that Marcello and Rain left as his gaze lingered on Jazz and how beautiful she looked. His Jaw tightened at the sight of her. Her caramel skin illuminated against the gold and her big doe eyes were captivating.

The lush mouth he had come to adore was all painted up in temptation. Her beautiful shoulder was exposed and her slender neck had curls loosely swaying around it in a way so sensual he had the urge to pull at his pants. He was sure all the blood had headed south.

He was getting hard at the sight of her. It was driving him mad that he knew what was under all that material that clung to her like second skin. When she stepped down further and the dress shifted exposing her thigh he wanted to drop to his knees.

What cruel creature had designed this dress? He thought the devil himself surely he had. He tried to grab her arm, but she rushed passed him quickly before he could get out a word. He cursed himself. He should have told her how beautiful she looked. He should have told her how many nights he had lost sleep over not being next to her. Instead he stood there mouth agape like an idiot.

He had had been struck speechless by her beauty.

Jazz had raced for the car. The way he had looked at her had made her knees shake. He always looked at her in a way that sent her heart swirling and her thoughts scrambling. She was angry with herself that she felt wetness in between her legs at the sight of him.

Damn that man for looking down right gorgeous in a tuxedo. It seemed the suit had been tailored for his strong shoulders and narrow waist. His hair was tousled as always reckless. His black hair was sun streaked as if deliberately the dark copper streaks were placed. His bedroom eyes bore over her body and she had braced the banister.

As she suspected those jade green beauties always looked captivating, and he wasn't exactly clean shaven. A sexy stubble remained on his sculpted jaw and hollow cheeks. Any other night she would have cooed over him but now the feelings she felt made her feel weak and foolish.

She got into the limo and moved as far away as possible as Connor slid into the limo and nodded to the driver and he took off. The black shield pulled up separating them and giving them privacy.

"Jazz, baby you look downright gorgeous and just amazing tonight." He reached for her hand and she scooted further away. There was a pain that course through him and swam in his eyes. She was his wife and she was turning away from him. He knew he had brought this on himself.

It was his time to finally try to explain. He just hoped she would listen.

"I didn't even get a chance to explain Jazz. It wasn't what it looked like. You have to trust me. I didn't know she was going to jump in my lap and I tried to get her off of me." Connor slowly attempted to close the distance between them. Jazz moved further away.

"I'm sure a man of your size would have a problem brushing a stick off your lap." Her voice was dry and cut right into him. She had never spoken to him with such disdain in her voice.

"Jazz I was caught off guard and then as soon as she got in my lap you walked in. I froze and I knew how it looked. I saw how hurt you were and I see how hurt you are." He was tired of her scooting away. He grabbed her shoulders as he closed the distance between them.

"Do you?" She finally turned her eyes on him and when he saw the water in them he hung his head in shame. "Do you understand how many times I replay that moment of you and her? Wondering how many times you told me you were working late when really you were with her. How could you do this? Do me and Donny mean nothing to you? Aren't we enough?"

"Baby your more than enough! Jazz I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have or hurt our family. I've been replaying that day as well and I wish I would have handled it better. I was careless and it's cost me your trust. Jazz I've spent so much time earning that and I wouldn't jeopardize it for a fling. I love you and I love Donny. I want to come back home Jazz." There was a tone of desperation in his eyes and in his voice.

Jazz couldn't bare it as his voice went hoarse at his last sentence. Was he holding back tears? Jazz had never seen him break down since that night in the hotel and that seemed long ago. It was rare he was so vulnerable with her. Connor always felt it was his role to hold everything together. He would never want to put too much stress on his family.

Jazz felt her heart sink as she searched his eyes. She saw no deception but she couldn't be sure. She knew that Connor was once one of the best in the military. She knew he had been trained to manipulate so well that he could remain leveled. So leveled that he could pass a lie-detector if necessary.

However, he seemed just as hurt as she was. She wanted to believe him. She wanted him back home and Donny was starting to question why daddy wasn't coming home with them. Her heart sank every time she had no coherent answer to give him.

"I think we need to separate." As soon as the words left her lips she regretted it. The look in Connors face was like she had shot him. She finally let go of a breath she was holding as he dropped his hands from her shoulder. Jazz expected him to say something more but he didn't.

Connor sat completely still letting her words sink in. He didn't believe that she was serious. She couldn't be. He told himself that she was probably speaking out of anger. This was their first time talking about it since the incident. He would give her some more time. He looked at her profile. She was so beautiful. His gaze fell to the curves of her breast then her exposed thigh. She was coming home with tonight and they were going to fix this.

The car stopped after the twenty minutes of silence and she walked in with a fake smile plastered on her face at Connors side. They ran into many of his former associates and she smiled shyly as they complimented her.

She hated being this close to him. The smell of his familiar cologne was not helping her defenses. His arm stayed loose around her waist. When she attempted to move he would tighten his grip ever so slightly. She would make eye contact and his eyes would challenge her to move. She chose not to test him.

"How'd you snag a gorgeous woman like this? A model are you?" One random man of another rank questioned and she shook her head.

"No, far from it but thank you. I'm a pianist and I tutor kids as well." She smiled proudly thinking of her little pianist.

"Well you have beautiful hands." He brought her hand to his lips and Connor shot him a look and he abruptly let go. His masculinity was hard to ignore. She missed his protectiveness.

She felt a sting of it as well. He looked sinfully handsome and the fact that a lot of women in the room showed no shame in glancing at his firm bottom did nothing to appease her. She knew he was observing her all night trying to find a time to talk to her again.

So far she had managed in avoiding him. She knew his heated stare was gazing down her backside and she had the urge to turn around and return his lustful stare but she controlled herself. The events of the office replayed in her mind making her stomach sick.

"I'm going over to the bar to get a drink. Do you want anything Connor?" She smiled politely. He looked at her through slanted eyes. He knew she was trying to take an opportunity to leave his grasp. He knew he was being a bit too clingy but he needed a chance to speak with her again.

At the risk of looking too possessive he reluctantly let her go.

"No baby I'm fine. Don't go too far." He took the opportunity to kiss her passionately on the mouth and was satisfied when she shivered under his touch. He released her and he gave her a look that said they were gonna talk sooner or later.


Rain and Marcello finally arrived. They would have arrived sooner if it wasn't for some car trouble. The inexperienced and new driver had no clue what to do. Even though he didn't want her to, she accompanied him outside the vehicle. Her breath hitched as he rolled up his sleeves and bent down to change the flat tire.

This man could be cleaning a toilet and still look incredibly sexy. She was surprised about how Marcello had made small talk with her. He even told her how beautiful she was again in the middle of their conversation. They both were dancing around some serious issues.

For now, she was glad for the excuse to avoid the topic. That was until he finished with the tire and then pinned her against the car before letting her back inside. He whispered in her ear that she had some explaining to do. He also cursed her for teasing him with the dress. She couldn't suppress the shiver as his lips hovered over hers but there was no kiss.

As quickly as the fire was ignited, it was doused as he moved from her and opened the door beckoning her back inside. She was left sexually frustrated and to his amusement gave him the silent treatment for the rest of the ride.

Once they were inside she made a beeline for Jazz who she saw in deep thought leaning against the bar.

"Hey beautiful, you come here often." Rain whispered in her ear playfully causing her to jump. Rain's playful glint was met with daggers from Jazz.

"You are hilarious." Jazz said dryly but Rain noticed the corners of her mouth were slightly turned up. "I've never seen someone try so hard to be so miserable." Rain stole the martini from her hand as Jazz turned to protest but it was too late as the glass was already touching her lips.

"There's a first for everything." Jazz said now leaning her back against the bar as she followed Rain's gaze. It fell on Marcello and Connor. Although, Jazz was sure it was specifically geared towards the pale woman with the pixie cut who was laughing with her hand on his shoulder. Jazz watched as Rain threw the entire glass to the back of her throat.

"Yep there is." Jazz watched as Marcello caught her gaze and she quickly turned her back to him. "Another one please." She requested and Jazz turned to her. It was her turn to be amused.

"Is somebody jealous? Rain you hardly have anything to worry about. He hasn't stopped looking at you by the way. I think he's enjoying this view even better." Jazz quirked and received a chuckle from Rain.

"That man is so frustrating. He spends the whole ride here making small talk, small and intimate touches, pins me against a car a breath away from a kiss and then nothing. We spend the rest of the car ride in silence. After, he shows me a hint of his macho by changing the tire on the limo." Rain relayed the details to Jazz and she laughed. He was something else.

"I think he just wants to see you sweat and it's working I see. You need to take charge and talk to him." Jazz suggested and Rain snorted. The second drink had her feeling tingly.

"Says who? Jazz Connor practically explained what happened and begged to come back home. I believe him by the way. The way you described it seemed as if he was caught off guard by you and her. If he was really messing with this woman why would he leave the door unlocked? Why during the day when everyone is in the office roaming around? It doesn't make sense."

Jazz pouted as she had told Rain the story after Rain told hers. She knew what Rain said held some truth. She slipped the third drink from her hand and sipped.

"I don't know Rain, but his eyes were so hurt when I mentioned the separation. His words were sincere. Technically, I didn't see him "cheating." Also, the bimbo failed to make any accusations. From what sources tell me at Connors job he fired her for assault. He wouldn't do that just to save face."

Jazz knew Connor and knew he was more honorable than that. At least that's what she wanted to believe.

"Jazz you know he wouldn't." Rain pleaded and Jazz laughed as Rain reached for the glass back and Jazz denied her. She knew Rain didn't drink much and didn't want her too intoxicated to talk to Marcello.

"Your right. I'm going to talk to him." Jazz searched the room for her husband. All she saw was ballroom gowns, suits, and waiters serving drinks. For the first time she notice the beautiful chandeliers, mural painted walls, and a striking glass piano. However, Connor was nowhere to be found.

She looked to the back of the room and saw two glass doors. She thought she saw the back of Connors head briefly and then it disappeared. She had to go check it out. She needed to speak with him and apologize for how foolish she had been.


Connor pushed Jessica into a wall. He wanted to know what the hell she was doing here. He had felt eyes on him all night. However, they weren't the beautiful daggers he had become accustomed to from Jazz. He caught her trying to weave through the crowd and remain unseen. She had a camera around her neck and name tag indicating she was the press.

He knew something wasn't right. He grabbed her elbow and she gasped in surprised. He threatened her under his breath and led her to the back room as he saw her snapping pictures of Rain and Jazz. He tried to warn Marcello but he had already left to the bathroom once he made his discovery. He flicked through her camera and got more angry the more pictures he saw of all of them. She had been snapping pictures of Marcello, Jazz, Rain, and him all night.

"What the hell is this?" He threw the camera back at her and she was silent. A faux fear was in her eyes. Connor knew better. He knew how manipulative she was.

"Connor after you fire me I went to a temp agency and got this gig. I am doing my job and I would like to continue doing so. If you would be so kind-" She attempted to brush passed him and he pulled her back.

"This is fake!" He ripped the fake Id off her neck and she winced as if he was going to strike her. He took her purse and ignored her protest as he looked in her wallet and found multiple Ids. They had multiples names. Who the hell was she? How did she fly under the radar at his company? He held up the Id's. "Start talking." He told her.

She cursed him under her breath. She knew she had been too careless. She was suppose to snap a few photos and get lost. She had lingered. She had made a mistake. Her pen mother would be disappointed.

"Connor you have no idea what's coming. You thought it was over. You thought you could ruin her life and it would be over?" Jessica questioned and Connor's brows burrowed in confusion before something dawned on him.

"Do you know Ellen?" He pressed her against the wall as his blood ran cold and then chilled as a smile touched her lips.


Jazz had finally made her way to the door and then looked inside and froze. She saw Connor pressing that same blond bimbo against the wall aggressively. She was smiling as if she liked it. Jazz had seen enough. She turned away as tears burned her eyes. She was a fool to believe him. Here she was ready to apologize and she was right about him all along.

The Connor she fell in love with that would do anything to protect her was gone now. Somehow along the way he had changed. She saw Marcello with a hand at the back of Rain's neck as they spoke intently. She couldn't interrupt them. She needed to go.

She ran outside and quickly pulled a cab. She called David.

"Jazz is everything okay?" David knew they should still be at the ball right now.

"How Donny?" She sniffled avoiding his question.

"He's sleep. Jazz what's going on?" David grew more concerned with the shakiness in her voice. Jazz cursed under her breath. She couldn't wake Donny up with this mess. She needed time.

"David I need a favor. I need to keep Donny for a few days. I'll be back but I need you to just make sure he's fine. I know Connor will too...but I'm asking you-"

"Jazz he'll be fine just tell me what's wrong? Are you and Connor okay?"

"No, no David we are not okay. He brought his fucking mistress to the ball and I am leaving him!" Emotion poured from her and she calmed down as the cab driver looked back at her and stopped the car.

"Jazz what mistress? Connor never-" She hung up. She was tired of everyone making excuses for him. She looked up at the cab driver and wiped her tears.

"To the airport please." She looked at him with somber eyes and he hesitantly started the car and obeyed her orders.


"Your coming home." Marcello breathed in her ear. She had waltzed on the floor right into the arms of someone else. Marcello chuckled as she thought he would stand there while another man wrapped his arms around her. He quickly cut in as the mans hands started to roam.

He placed his hand at the back of her neck and told her they were leaving. She stared at him intently. He could tell she was a little tipsy and that amused him. His grip had sobered her up fairly quickly.

Marcello caught a glimpsed of Connors head in the back room and remembered seeing Jazz headed that way after he returned from the bathroom. Rain had since snagged his attention. He was glad they were talking things out and now it was time for him to set things straight with her.

Rain let Marcello lead her to the limo without protest. He smirked at the deflated look of her lanky dance partner. He ordered the driver back to his place. Rain started to open her mouth but his eyes silenced her. He was clearly upset at her small fiasco.

She knew she was baiting his attention by dancing with some random guy. The behavior was out of character for her but the drinks had her feeling a little bold. Too bold as she replayed how quickly she sobered up as his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her back and then turning her towards him.

He still had yet to say a word since putting her in the car. They pulled up to his house and he opened the door for her after exiting. After he closed the door and tipped the limo, she followed behind him into the house. He angrily yanked his tie loose and walked pass her.
"Wait! Baby, please." Her voice was weak and strained and he stopped. She couldn't take it anymore. She was scared but she needed to do this. Tonight she realized a lot of things. One being she was a lightweight and two she couldn't go on without Marcello. He had her heart and she was hurting without him.

"I'm listening Rain." He didn't return the affection and it hurt her but she swallowed her pride.

"Marcello I can explain if you just give me a chance." She pleaded.

"Then explain. Explain to me why you though it was cute to flaunt the floor with another man in front of my face." She hung her head.

"Marcello I was being childish. You were frustrating me. I thought a few drinks and a show would help but I made a fool of myself." She met his eyes and to her surprise he pulled her close to him. She rested her head on his shoulder.

"Rain you have more than my attention. You don't need me to kill someone to prove that do you?" He placed a kiss on her neck and there was a seriousness in his tone that sent a chill down her spine.

"No." She answered as he released her and she wished he hadn't. She missed his embrace already.

"Good. Then don't ever do shit like that again." He warned and her lips started to quirk up in a smile until she met his steely gaze. He was still waiting for that explanation.

"I know your still waiting." She exposed his thoughts.

"Then explain." He walked back to her. His voice low and rough with dying anger. His green eyes were a little calmer and she relaxed a little.

"I use to live on a reservation in Arizona. I'm native American as you already know. I haven't lived on the reservation for eight years now though. I had always wanted to get away but at the age of seventeen I never imagined I would finally leave. My mother was angry with me for messing with her plans."

Rain's voice shook with emotion and there was a pained look that settled in her eyes. The past was burrowed deep inside her. She was reaching into places she had been avoiding for years.

"What plans?" He moved closer to her and she wished he would touch her but he didn't.

"She wanted me to marry Jessie. She sent Jessie to court me as part of her plans. It worked. I fell deeply in love with him. I thought he loved me. He was my first. He was the first man I ever had been with." She glanced up at his face and he nodded his head saying he understood.

She put a hand on her forehead and willed her tears not to fall. Humiliation burned her skin, and she couldn't look at him. She averted her eyes back to the floor as her gown swept the ground as she moved further away from him. He didn't reach for her.

Marcello was listening intently. His anger was building as somehow he knew he wasn't going to like the rest of what she had to say.

"My mother bribed him. She promised him land and money that's the only reason he wanted me. They agreed that he would marry me and acquire the land I was owed with me. He promised to share it with my mother. He said he loved me. He lied. I was young and devastated. I ran away. I went out on my own and left the past behind me or so I thought."

"What do you mean or so you thought?" This time he did reach for her. He turned her around and forced her gaze to meet his. Rain let the tears fall freely. She was so scared of losing him with what she was about to say next.

"He or I should say they have been threatening me since I came here. First it was just Jessie calling me making what I assumed were idle threats. Then he followed us to lunch. I was afraid. I didn't want you involved so I lied and went along with the story of him being my cousin." She whimpered as he cursed and then let her go leaving her once again. She wondered how many times before it was for good?

"Rain how could you lie to me like that? Right in front of him!" Marcello's eyes were on fire.

"I didn't know he was going to show up! That was the first time I saw him since the day I left Marcello I swear! I didn't want you involved. He found me again when I was in the park with Rain and James. He left me a note letting me know we were in danger. I have to go home and-"

"You think I'm letting you go anywhere?" He said and Rain brought up her eyes in surprise. He wasn't angry with her. He was hurt and concerned. It was much worse than she thought.

"Marcello I don't want you to get hurt. I love you." She started crying and he pulled her into his arms tight. She knew that this time he wouldn't let her go.

She loved him so much. There was so much more she wanted to say. For now, she just wanted to stay in his embrace. She had never felt so safe and so vulnerable.

"I want you as mine. I would never hurt you like they did. You didn't have to lie to protect me. You deserve to be cared for properly. Rain, give me a chance to show you what I can give to you. Let me heal you. I love you."

She seemed to cry harder as he said that. He wanted to heal her. No one had ever offered to heal her, and it never occurred to her that there were some things she couldn't heal alone. He held her tightly and kissed the top of her hair.

"I want to be with you and only you. Marcello. I want a relationship with you." She confessed as her tears came to a steady stop.

"I wanted you from the first time I saw you. I wanted to fight it but I can't any more. You need me more than ever and I need you here with me." Marcello shook with emotion himself. She wanted to protect him. The thought itself made him quiver with longing and love her even more.

He knew he and Connor needed to get on this right away. He had seen Rain with Jazz and James. That was bad news. They had to handle it right away. He wouldn't play around like they did with Ellen and William. This would be swift justice. His eyes burned with anger at his remembrance of Jessie. He knew scum when he saw it.

For now, he wouldn't question her anymore. Yet soon he would need to know more. He knew there was more. He just held her as she was already shaken enough. His hands found their way across her bare back.

"Then I'm yours." Rain answered and he wiped her tears from her cheeks with both thumbs and then kissed them away. He kissed her forehead, her nose, and then worked his way to her awaiting mouth.

The kiss was a burst of anxiety and intensity. They grabbed at each other. Their clothes were just another barrier that whey wanted to break through. He slipped her arm out of her one sleeve and let the dress fall to her beautiful waist.

He wanted to taste her. He took her mouth again. He met her eager tongue and grabbed her soft ass in his hands and squeezed after smacking it roughly causing a moan to escape her mouth. He assaulted her neck next inhaling in her scent only drove him more mad. He sucked and bit her gently. Rain felt the wetness between her legs as she parted them.

She started to undo his vest. She let it fall to the floor and started on his shirt. He left her neck to help and she slid the shirt off his shoulders. She went to work on his bare chest. She laid kisses. She slipped out of her heels and was right where she wanted to be. She kissed a trail down to his navel and started to unbuckle his slacks.

She pulled his gorgeous cock out his pants and admire its length and thickness before tasting the tip first.

"Rain" He said her name like a warning. Her hands explored him and he closed his eyes. Rain drew back and teased him. She kissed around his hips and waist and he put his hands in her hair as he felt her hands try to wrap around the length of him. She gave a moan of feminine approval and licked the tip of him again and then took him in her mouth.

She hummed and the vibration made his balls tightened and electricity moved through him. She worked his dick in her wet mouth. He felt his cock jerk in her mouth. She was bobbing on his dick with such purpose he felt that he wouldn't last much longer. Once she started to slurp he had to pull her up.

He pushed her against the wall and let the rest of her dress drop to the floor. He pulled her thong to the side and inserted two fingers inside her. He immediately growled as she was a pool around as he stroked inside her sweet pussy. She threw her head back as Marcello dropped to the floor. He needed to taste her. He took her into his mouth and slurped her juices. He spread her lips and admired the pinkness of what was now his pussy. He devoured her clit and her moans encouraged him. He wanted her to know whose pussy this was. He added his fingers inside her and sucked on her clit even harder.

"Oh my god...Marcello...don't stop baby." She gripped his head as he was giving her the lashing of a lifetime. She felt her body go to the edge as her back arched in orgasm. She let herself cum all over his mouth. She moaned as Marcello didn't stop. She tried to escape but he held her still until he had drunk all of her juices. She writhed under his persistence and another wave of pleasure brought her to orgasm.

"The bed." She said breathlessly. As he stood up.

"We won't make it." Desire was in his eyes and her juices were dripping from his mouth. He kissed her letting her taste herself. She never thought she could be so kinky and so turned on. After those wave of orgasms she would do whatever he wanted her too.

He placed her on the table in the living room. He ignored the papers and glass that fell to the floor. This time he knew he would not be gentle. He burned to plunge inside her and rock her world. He was itching to be inside her. When he tore her thong off she knew the need was dire.

"Marcello!" She screamed his name as he pushed into her all the way deep inside her. He started to work quickly putting both of her legs on his shoulders. His hands gripped her waist as he stroked her as if the world was coming to an end.

"Fuck, your so tight Rain." She held on to the sides of the table her eyes closed as her breast slapped together at his rapid pace. He bent down to put passion marks on her neck. He was an animal and he kissed her with possession. She was his. "

"Yes baby, yes!"

"This pussy is mines now, you hear me Rain." He growled in her ear and she bit her lip as tears came down her eyes as he rotated his hips inside her pushing deeper. He watched the emotions on her face as she climaxed. Her mouth producing no sound. "Speak!" He lifted her off the table and her legs wrapped around him. He smacked her ass and held her steady as he pounded her some more.

"It's yours...oh god...its yours baby! Fuck me!" He worked her over until she came some more as he thrust deeper. He laid her on the table and took his thumb and rubbed adamantly against her clit.

"No more lies right?"

"No baby, fuck Marcello!" She grabbed his hand and tried to move it from her clit. The pleasure was unbearable. She didn't think she could cum anymore. She felt her lip would bleed if she bit down any harder. She knew her back would be sore as it roughed against the glass table.

Marcello continued and started stroking her out again. He loved the feel of her pussy gushing all over his dick. Tonight he wanted to make sure there was no question of his need and desire for her. He wanted to make it known that no one could love her like he could.

"This pussy feels too fucking good. You tryna make me cum huh?" He grabbed her throat gently and eased up with a naughty laugh as he shook his head. He slowed down his strokes as he took her mouth. He grabbed her tongue with his and came inside her. He pushed as deep as he could needing to be buried inside her until he didn't know where she ended and he began. "I love you." He grunted in her ear.

Black strands of his hair fell forward and he took her in his arms as he finished she passed out. He hoped he didn't hurt her. He laid her on his shoulder and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and went to run her a bath for when she woke up.


Rain sat up and pain shot through her leg at an alarming rate and soaked through her body. She dug her teeth into the pillow and suppressed a scream. This couldn't be happening. She looked to the window as tears clouded in her eyes. Surely enough, the rain pattered on the window. She felt all of his pain the muscle and the flesh straining to grow and heal.

"No! This can't be." She leaned further into the pillow as she felt him moving putting strain on his leg and hers. How could he stand this pain? Her head felt hazy with the ache that course through her. Italian! A white man nonetheless. Her mother had told her. If she was right then Marcello was her soul mate. They were linked but how could that be? She didn't link them...but if he was the one was automatic. She replayed the legend in her mind. She looked to the window. It was still night. She had only been out for a couple of hours.

She felt Marcello rush in the room and break through her thoughts. She felt his eyes run over her naked body and suppressed a shiver. His soul was troubled but his fantasies were satisfied for now. She blushed at how rough he had been with her earlier. He climbed onto the bed and she dug her fingers in the sheets there was the pain again.


What's wrong? Are you in pain?" He rushed to her side and looked down at her tears clouding her eyes.

"Did I hurt you Damn it!" He shook his head as he ran a hand across her forehead and made her sit up and look at him.

"No, I'm fine it's just a little pain. You didn't hurt me baby." Her eyes softened at his concern. She meant it. She never knew that love could hold such desperation. She never knew how much he wanted her but he had showed her and she loved every ground breaking minute of it. His love was king and what he did to her body was incredible.

"Come on, I ran you a bath." He scooped her in his arms and carried her to the tub. He sat her naked body in the water and she felt the tension ease from her.

"Baby join me." She grabbed his hand and he scooted in behind her laying her against his chest. He dipped the washing towel in the bubble filled tub and she leaned her head back as he ran it down her body softly caressing her. The tub was a round oval and seemed to be made for them. It was a perfect fit.

"Now that you're my girlfriend-"

"Oh is that what I am? Say's who?" She teased.

"Says me." He kissed the crook of her neck as he continued to bathe her.

"Okay, then I guess I am. And since I know I'm not your first many have you had?" She felt him tensed for a second and then relaxed.

"Let's just say I'm no Tiger Wood's, but I was young and reckless once upon a time. I had my share of women but none like you." He quipped and even from behind she could feel his devilish grin.

"And that's suppose to be the icing on the cake to ease my worries?" He laughed and she just rolled her eyes.

"I'm being honest. You're special to me Rain." He kissed the top of her hair and she sighed.

"I know baby." She whispered it. She had to tell him the rest. He deserved to know what he was getting into right?

"What's troubling you? Are you still worried about Jessie?" His voice was smooth in her ear.

"No, I feel safe with you. I'm sorry I lied."

"Rain-" He lifted her chin forcing her to look into his assessing green eyes. They were like deep pools of seaweed floating lightly in his corneas. She got lost in them.

" That's over Rain. We finished that in the living room remember?" He hand grazed her pussy and she shivered. "If something is bothering you baby then let me know. 'll take care of it. I can take care of you." To put emphasis on his words he lathered up the towel, dipped it in the water, and then moved in between her legs. She threw her head back and moaned as his rough hand massaged her hot spot gently.

"I'm okay." She whimpered as he stopped and then went to her thighs.

"You're sore enough" He stated when she started to protest but he gave her a long deep kiss and she smiled. Her heart warming. She was so in love with him.

"What made you wanna be in the army? Was it a lifelong dream?"

"No,when I was younger I wanted to be in the mafia-" He chuckled deeply.

"Oh really? I could see that." She amused him.

"Aye, you talkin' ta' me." He did his best mafia impersonation and she laughed but shivered. When he laced it up thickening his accent he sounded so sexy.

"That was good, so why didn't you join the mafia? I could have been taking care of you in a mansion, not that this house isn't nice but compared to a mansion-"She trailed off teasing him, and he splashed water in her face. "I was kidding!" She laughed and ran a hand over her face clearing soapy water out her eyes.

"Yea, un huh. Well blame my father—soon as I told him about my dream he made me watch the godfather and killed the dream." Marcello said and Rain laughed as he sounded like his father really had crushed his life long dreams.

"Aww poor baby." She teased him turning around to wrap her arms around his neck and face him.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on." His eyes became sharp and intense and the laugh died on her lips. Her hair was matted down from all the water and sticking to her back. He ran a large hand over it. He blinked water dripping from his long lashes.

"And you're the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on. I love you Marcello." She kissed him passionately. She wanted to stay with him always.

"I love you too. Come on my hands are getting wrinkled." He broke the kiss and lifted her out the tub as if she weighed nothing. He drained the tub and gave her a robe after she lightly dried off.

"Go sit on the bed. I need to wrap your leg. I think your almost healed."

"The doctor said I'll never be completely healed baby. He said that would take a miracle." His words had her swallowing her tongue. Isn't this the part where she says, I know what to do? Still she couldn't. She didn't want him to think she was a freak. Who would love a freak? And he wouldn't believe her-would he? The legend said they had to love each other. If he's her soul mate then it was time. She didn't need the rain to heal him.

She could use there love. It was a very intimate process but she could heal him forever. The power of love was the greatest power of all. She knew that he mother would never be as powerful as her. She was filled with too much hate.

He held her tightly in his arms after she finished wrapping him. She gritted her teeth at his pain hearing the patters on the window pane. Now each time it rained she would feel his pain until she healed him completely. She was still afraid even after there passionate night that he would look at her differently. She didn't want him to let her go but she desperately wanted to heal him. Then maybe she could heal herself?

Just as they closed their eyes Marcello's phone rang.

"Hello? Connor wait, slow down man. What?" He sat up and Rain fell from his arms to the bed. "Who? Ellen is locked up! Of course she's still locked up...Jazz? She's not here...Connor calm down. We'll find her..." Marcello hopped out of bed and she watched as he struggled to find clothes. "Connor I'm on my way calm down!" Marcello hung up the phone. "Fuck!" He yelled.

"What's going on?" Rain questioned as she began to move too.

"Jazz is missing. Some shit from the past came up. Jessica was at the ball. He thinks Jazz saw them and read it wrong. She asked David to watch Donny and now she's missing and-"

"I know where she is?" Rain said and rushed to pick up his phone. She quickly dialed Connors number.

"Hello, Connor? It's Rain. Jazz told me she was planning to go take space with her parents. She was planning on going after the banquet. She didn't want anyone to know...I'm a 100% sure...did she tell you? Yes I sense her...She's fine. Okay...hurry. We'll meet you there." Rain hung up the phone as Marcello stared at her in confusion.

"Marcello I'll explain later but we need to catch a flight to Georgia." Marcello started to argue but didn't. There was more going on than any of them knew. They were going to need each other more than ever now. They were heading down a familiar path and it was time to settle it once and for all.

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