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Finding A Fresh Violet

*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Dennis Dumas fought hard to keep the annoyance out of his voice as he wished Babette Babineaux a good night. He double-checked the alarm, then locked the front door of DeGarde National Bank then hurried to his car.

"Damned ignorant bitch," Dennis thought, and then chided himself for having such ugly thoughts about the bubble-headed teller.

But because of her carelessness, he would be late making the coffee for The Sundowner's Group and he could already hear the ribbing he'd take.

Dennis and Marjory Benoit had started The Sundowner's Group of Alcoholics Anonymous roughly four months ago, both agreeing that, by the time they got home, got changed into comfortable clothing, got their dinner, it was hard to make themselves get back out to go to an eight o'clock AA meeting. The Fifth Tradition Group, however, was unwilling to change their meeting time from eight o'clock, so, as Dennis's sponsor, Mitch Redmann suggested, they took their resentment and a coffee pot and started their own group.

At first, the seven o'clock meeting time met with some resistance, but more and more people were seeing that being finished with their AA meeting at eight gave them more time to fellowship, or to go grab a bite, or just get home and unwind.

The Baylor Lake Baptist Church gladly rented them a room in their meeting hall for twenty five a week, or roughly twelve dollars and fifty cents a meeting. There had been more than one time when Dennis, who chaired the Tuesday night meetings, or Marjory, who chaired the Thursday night meetings had to pass the baskets twice to get that week's rent, but again, it was picking up in attendance.

"Hey young feller, thought you might have forgotten about us poor miserable old drunks," Mitch smiled when Dennis pulled up.

"Teller was a thousand off of her tally," Dennis said as the two exchanged a quick hug. "Finally found it; she'd sold a five hundred dollar Cashier's check and..."

"Posted it in the debit ledger instead of the credit ledger," Mitch guessed as he grabbed the large urn they'd need for the coffee.

"Have I told you this story before?" Dennis asked.

"Funny thing about sobriety," Mitch smiled as he filled the urn with water. "Longer you go without a drink, more some of them brain cells start working again. Can't wait until you find out for yourself."

"Screw you too, Mitch, screw you too," Dennis smiled as he put the laminated 'How It Works' and 'The Twelve Traditions' out.

"Now my feelings are deeply hurt," Mitch said.

"Stick around; your feelings will change in just a minute," Marjory said as she sniffed the air. "Damn it; coffee's not ready yet?"

"Teller screwed up..." Dennis started but Marjory was busy helping Mitch while flirting with the gray headed man.

By the time the next member came in, though, the coffee was ready.

"Mitch, there is nothing I love more than a good cup of coffee," Marjory said as she sat next to the man.

"Well, thank you," Mitch smiled as she shifted in the hard plastic chairs the church provided for them.

"But what is this?" Marjory asked and Dennis and David laughed

"Cruel cruel woman, I swear," Mitch smiled.

After the meeting, after Mitch and Marjory had helped him clean up the meeting room and lock up their coffee urn and other supplies, Dennis looked across the street at Chuck, a fairly new restaurant.

"Any of y'all ever eat there?" Dennis asked as David, Paul and Carter were arguing about either Backyard's Barbeque or Jade Garden for dinner.

"No, you?" David asked, squinting as if he was just now noticing that there was a restaurant there.

"No, but Backyard's is so damned noisy; think they'd ever heard of putting carpet in, huh?" Dennis said.

"And that bitch at Jade Garden's always in a bad mood," Paul agreed. "'What you want, huh? No separate check. Too much work! You ready you order, huh?'"

Dennis smiled as his friend imitated the surly waitress at Jade Garden Chinese restaurant.

"There's always Casa Ole," Carter offered.

"Ah yes, nothing like that good old 'fresh out of the microwave' Mexican food, huh?" David scoffed.

"Well, while y'all stand around out here attracting mosquitos, I'm going to see if they're any good," Dennis said and started across Highway 19.

"Dude, if they suck..." David said, trotting after Dennis.

"Yeah, yeah, put it on your next fourth step, huh?" Dennis laughed.

"Y'all sit anywhere," a pudgy strawberry blonde girl smiled as the four men trooped in. "Be right with y'all, okay?"

They selected a table near the plate glass window so they could keep an eye on their cars in the church's parking lot.

"Hi, welcome to Chuck," the girl said, passing out four single sheet laminated menus. "As you can see at the top of your menus, it's called 'Chuck' because all of our hamburgers are made from one hundred percent real ground chuck. We use a...."

"Oh, I thought maybe the 'Up' had fallen off your sign out front," Paul said.

The girl looked at him, and then continued her spiel.

"We use a cast iron grill at five hundred degrees..." she continued.

"Not six hundred degrees?" Paul said. "That's it; I'm out of here."

"Pay no attention to him; none of us do," Dennis smiled and the girl smiled at him.

"The heat seals in the natural juiciness of the one hundred percent chuck and the cast iron ensures that the meat is cooked uniformly; can I get y'all anything to drink?" the girl concluded.

"Coke if y'all got it, Coke. Not Pepsi," Paul said.

"Oh, and let me guess; separate checks," the girl said, writing down 'Coke' for Paul.

"Yes ma'am, please," Dennis said to the attractive young lady.

"And what you want?" she asked, looking into his hazel eyes.

"Ice water for me, please," Dennis said.

"You wuss," David accused.

"What? I like water, just good old plain water," Dennis defended.

"He never even drinks coffee; who ever heard of an alcoholic doesn't drink coffee?" David said to the girl.

"You're an alcoholic?" the girl asked, surprised.

"Yes ma'am, coming up on four years without a drink," Dennis smiled.

"Oh, good for you!" the girl praised, putting a hand on his broad shoulder.

"I just picked up my seven year chip," Paul said, pulling the heavy medallion out of his pocket.

"That's good," she praised but didn't touch his shoulder.

"Y'all got root beer?" Carter asked. "I love root beer. One time, when I was a kid..."

"Root beer, and for you?" the girl asked David.

"Diet Coke for me," David said.

"Be right back," she said and sauntered away.

"She's mine, hear?" Paul demanded. "I saw her first."

"Good God, Paul, she's just a kid, huh?" Dennis admonished.

"And we all know you're ancient," David said. "I can't believe DeGarde even lets people as old as you work there; isn't there some kind of law against senior citizens having to work like that?"

"I'm thirty eight and you're only one month and ten days younger than me, bitch," Dennis elbowed the man.

"And here we go," the girl said, putting Dennis' water down first. "And Diet Coke, and root beer and..."

"How you know this is Coke and not his nasty ass Diet Coke?" Paul asked.

"Put a straw in yours," the girl said.

"And spit in it," David joked.

"He wasn't supposed to know about that," the girl said. "Now, y'all know what y'all want or y'all need a few more minutes?"

"You know what? This 'Tropical Chuck' sounds like a winner to me," Dennis said.

"Quarter pound, half pound or full pound?" the girl asked.

"Pineapple slice, fiery Island sauce..." Paul read aloud from the menu. "Now I know you're gay."

"Half a pound and the sweet potato fries with that," Dennis said and eyed the girl's name tag. "Violet, huh? God, now that's a name you hardly ever hear anymore."

"Last name's 'Breaux' and there's like what? A million Breaux's running around here so my momma wanted me to have a kind of unique name," the girl smiled.

""And it suits you," Dennis smiled.

"Homo," Paul loudly whispered.

"And you, Mister Funny Man?" Violet asked, giving Paul a hard glare.

"Now I'm afraid to order anything," Paul joked, flirting with the girl.

Carter took a long time but finally decided on just the Original Chuck.

"Dude, now that is a regal ass; I'd love to just bury my face in that and go 'Brrrrp!'" Paul whispered as they watched Violet's sizable ass wiggle away in her skin tight blue jeans.

"Line starts behind me," David agreed.

"I mean, she's a little too chubby for me, but hey you like them like that, right?" Paul said.

"Wow, we are some spiritual giants in here, huh?" Dennis teased.

"That other girl hasn't even looked up from her phone the whole time we been here," Paul commented, nodding toward an Asian girl that read and responded to text messages on her phone.

"Yeah, she's the manager," Dennis said.

"How you know that?" David asked.

"Because that's all my manager ever does is sit at her desk and text all day long," Dennis said.

"And here we go, Tropical," Violet said, serving Dennis first. "South of the Border, Original..."

"She's serving you first because she knows old people take much longer to gum their food," Paul teased Dennis.

"Did you hear that, David? Kind of sounded like an anal echo, didn't it?" Dennis said.

"Damn, man, that South of the Border looks good," Paul said.

"I kind of like the way that looks," David agreed, nodding towards Paul's Campfire Chuck.

The four men joined hands, said a quick prayer of gratitude, and then started the feeding frenzy.

"So how was it?" Violet asked Dennis as he swallowed the last of his sweet potato fries.

"Eh, it was all right," Dennis shrugged.

"All right?" Violet squealed. "All right? I slaved over that hot stove all day for you and all you can say is 'it's all right?'"

"But I'm willing to come back and give you another chance," Dennis smiled and she giggled.

"What's the deal with 'Fast Fingers' over there?" Paul asked as he dredged his French fries through his ketchup.

"Huh? Oh, you mean my manager?" Violet asked, nodding toward the Asian girl that still stood, leaning against the counter, sending another text message.

"Ha! What'd I tell you? Huh?" Dennis laughed.

He smiled at Violet.

"I told him that was the manager; that's all my manager does is sit and text.

Violet looked at Dennis's suit and tie, then back at his eyes.

"And what you do?" she asked him.

"I'm a shift supervisor at St. Elizabeth Public Utilities," Paul offered.

"Database management at DeGarde National Bank," Dennis said.

"Need some more water?" she asked, noticing that his glass was low.

"Dude, I am telling you; that girl wants you," Paul said as Violet scurried away to get Dennis more water, and Carter some more root beer.

"And not you," David needled Paul.

"Dude, she's young enough to be my daughter, Dennis shook his head.

"Daughter!" Paul scoffed. "Uh, more like 'Grand' daughter."

"What a prick," Dennis said as Violet scurried back with the glasses.

"Bye," the Asian girl finally acknowledged them when the four men filed toward the door.

"Yeah, she wants you too," David joked as they gathered around their vehicles. "Saw the way she almost stopped in mid text?"

"Go home and give Emily a kiss for me, huh?" Dennis laughed, shaking the man's hand.

After the Thursday night AA meeting, the four decided to go to Jade Garden; Marjory and Jamie, a newcomer decided to join them.

"How many?" the ill-tempered waitress shrilled at them as they gathered in the foyer.

"Six, little Miss Sunshine," Paul snapped back at her.

"No separate check," she immediately said.

"Why not? If we were all at separate tables, you'd have to do separate checks," Marjory asked her, smiling pleasantly.

"Too much work," the woman yelled.

"God, why y'all come here?" Jamie asked timidly.

"Food's great even if her attitude sucks," David said.

"Get anything but the seafood," Paul suggested.

"Now, Honey, we pray when our food gets here," Marjory told the girl. "I know you said you're not sure if there is a God or not but..."

"What do you say when someone sneezes?" Carter asked.

"Keep your germs to yourself!" Jamie giggled and Carter giggled as well.

The next Tuesday night happened to be the thirty first of the month and Dennis had to do the month's end uploads to File Share and OS-Data so Marjory took his Tuesday night meeting.

Thursday night, Paul filled him in on Jamie and Carter's combined relapses.

"Sick seek out sick," Dennis said.

"Yeah, I know but damn it, it just sucks," Paul complained.

"Hey!" Violet called out happily when Dennis, David, Mitch, Paul and Peter walked into Chuck after the meeting.

"Thought you forgot about me," she playfully complained as she handed out the menus.

"Forget you? Impossible!" David declared.

"No, it just took this long for the vomiting to stop," Paul said.

"Water, Coke, Diet Coke; where's Root Beer?" Violet asked.

"Went back out," David said.

"Dude, anonymity, huh?" Dennis chided.

"Shit!" David said, chastised.

"Yeah, the burgers here are real good for a colon cleanse," Paul told Peter.

"Yours will be," Violet threatened.

"Hot damn, I like this girl!" Mitch laughed. "Hey Paul, she's your new sponsor, hear? I just fired you."

"So, how was it this time?" Violet asked, leaning heavily against Dennis as he finished his Reuben Chuck.

"Eh, it was all right," he sighed.

"I hate you," she said. "I slaved over that burger just for you and all you can say..."

"But mine was yummy," Mitch said.

"That's nice," Violet said and slapped Dennis on his shoulder before walking away.

"Dude, I'm telling you, that girl wants you," David said.

"Damn, boy, I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other and I can see she wants you," Mitch chimed in.

"Guys, whatever, huh?" Dennis said. "She's what? Still in high school, huh?"

"Listen, I know Kimberly just up and walking out fucked you up pretty good, but still..." Mitch whispered.

"Mitch, you have no idea," Dennis agreed.

"Okay, here you go," Violet said and handed Dennis a check then walked away again.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Dennis laughed when he saw the sixty six dollar and seventy two cent total.

"Oh, I thought you said it was on you tonight," Violet said with a straight face as she handed out the five individual checks.

"Violet, you're all right in my book; I don't care what Paul says about you," Mitch laughed.

In the parking lot of the church, after telling the others good night, Mitch and Dennis did an impromptu fifth step.

"Worst fucking thing is, Kimberly has my ass over a barrel," Dennis complained. "She knows if I declare bankruptcy I'll lose my job."

It was the beginning of the 1996 fall semester on the University of Southwestern Louisiana when Paul Dumas met Kimberly Louviere. It was lust at first sight; they had very little else in common. Dennis David Dumas was Catholic and Kimberly was Agnostic. He wore his Dole/Kemp button proudly and Kimberly wore her Clinton/Gore tee shirt. He liked Pearl Jam and she adored The Indigo Girls and Tracy Chapman. He liked beer and was developing a taste for whiskey and she liked pot and wine.

But he liked her thirty six double D breasts and slim, almost boyish hips and she liked his thick seven and seven/eighths inches of cock.

Before midterm exams, Kimberly discovered she was pregnant. The two had a solemn civil ceremony and moved into his mother's house in DeGarde, Louisiana.

Since Kimberly was struggling to even make Cs and Ds in most of her classes and Dennis was maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Kimberly dropped out of school and began working as a cashier at a SpeeDee Oil Change.

Just after Christmas, Kimberly tearfully told Dennis they'd lost the baby.

"I guess you're going to want a divorce now, huh?" she bitterly spat at him.

She pulled on her McDonald's uniform; she never did tell Dennis why she suddenly quit her job at SpeeDee Oil Change and stormed out of the house.

Dennis did what he did best, got out a sheet of paper and tried to figure out the math. Sex was about the only thing keeping them together and even that wasn't the greatest. Kimberly was a straight suck and fuck kind of girl and Dennis wanted a little more excitement. Anal sex was a strict 'NO' for Kimberly. She even refused to shave her thick jungle; wouldn't even entertain the idea.

But he had said he would love, honor, and cherish her until death parted them and he was a man of his word. Or tried to be.

That night, he told Kimberly he really hoped they would try to stay together. She broke down in tears, clinging desperately to him and declared her love for him.

Graduation brought on only a few job opportunities and Dennis took a job at DeGarde National Bank as a teller. By then, Kimberly was on her sixth job and would not even discuss going back to college, even though the University of Louisiana at DeGarde campus had just opened.

But she also never missed an opportunity to blame Dennis for having to drop out of college.

Super Bowl Sunday of 2002 brought Dennis his first DUI. He paid the fines, attended the classes and went to the required twelve AA Meetings and vowed never to do that again.

Mother's Day of 2007 brought Kimberly her first DUI. Even the judge was moved to tears when she tearfully claimed she had realized it would have been her tenth Mother's Day had she not lost her baby.

He was not moved to tears when she showed up in his court less than a year later for her second DUI and a multitude of other charges, including resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, and possession of roughly two ounces of marijuana.

Dennis, who was now the Operations Manager of DeGarde National Bank, had to drive Kimberly to her job as a receptionist for a chiropractor's office (He didn't remember how many jobs she'd had in the twelve years of their marriage) had to drive her to her classes and to her meetings, and, since she made very little as a receptionist, had to pay her fines and legal fees.

Dennis' second DUI came in 2010 and Dennis got a third DUI six months later. By this time, his drinking was daily and even some mornings, Dennis would crack open a beer to still his hands from shaking so he could shave.

Kimberly's marijuana usage was also daily as was her wine drinking; often Dennis would come home from work to find Kimberly already passed out.

Right after his arrest for the third DUI, Kimberly was also arrested for driving on a suspended license and again was found in possession of marijuana.

"Mr. Dumas, my office," Ms. Frentz, Dennis' supervisor snapped.

Dennis rankled mightily under the management of Ms. Kim Frentz. The girl was twenty six years old, had never had any management experience and did not take suggestions or critiques well.

Ms. Frentz hemmed and hawed, crippled by Political Correctness, but the upshot of her babbling and rambling monologue was simple; get help or get packing.

Dennis Dumas checked himself into DeGarde Chemical Dependency Unit for their twenty eight day program and, just like he did with everything else, got out pencil and paper and did the math.

Kimberly did not come visit him for 'Family Day' as she claimed she had no way to get there. Dennis' mother had succumbed to a three pack a day cigarette habit a few years earlier, his brother lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and his sister and her life-partner lived in Seattle, Washington.

"What you thinking?" Dr. Amber Istrey asked Dennis that evening, after everyone else had discussed what having their family members visit had revealed to them.

"I am thinking that this is where alcoholism has taken me," he said as a tear trickled down his cheek. "I'm completely isolated and I have no one to blame but me."
Kimberly did not come for the next 'Family Day' or for his small graduation ceremony.

Kimberly continued to drink wine and smoke pot. She was in a drunken stupor when Dennis picked up his one year chip; he did not tell her when he picked up his two year chip.

The end came when Dennis noticed several cash advances on their credit cards and several ATM withdrawals. He immediately cancelled all the joint credit cards as well as his own; if Kimberly had any in her name, those cards were her problem.

"Hey, I just tried to get some money and it says it won't let me," Kimberly slurred into the telephone.

"Kimberly, you just got two fifty out yesterday; what do you need more money for?" Dennis asked, keeping his voice low.

"I didn't just get..." Kimberly lied.

"I asked what you need more money for." Dennis demanded, still keeping his voice low.

"Fuck you! You're not my father!" she screamed into the telephone.

She attacked him the moment he walked into the house, clawing at his face and screaming obscenities. A neighbor, hearing the ruckus, called the police.

Dennis agreed to press charges; he hoped that a few nights behind bars would do what three interventions had failed to do.

Then Kimberly was gone.

Dennis came home from work to find all of Kimberly's things gone and all of his things slashed, ripped, mangled, or burned. Her four brothers and two sisters did not know where Kimberly was; she'd burned her bridges with them when their parents had died, demanding more money, more properties than an equitable split.

A few months later, the harassing telephone calls from various creditors and debt collection agencies began. Still, her brothers and sisters did not know where Kimberly was or how to get in touch with her.

"Yeah I seen her and that little n*gger boy she's running around with, looking rough, you hear? Probably weighing about eighty pounds," Brent, her oldest brother spat, disgustedly. "Tried get about fifty bucks out of me, told them fuck off and that was about a month ago."

Kimberly may have run up the credit card debts but the collectors had no way of finding her. So Dennis had to bite the bullet and open his wallet; his name had been on those accounts as well.

Because of a little clause in his contract with DeGarde National Bank, Dennis could not declare bankruptcy. He was part of management and management was not to default on their debts.

And because he had no way of finding Kimberly, he could not collect any reimbursement either.

Now, swatting at mosquitos in the dark church parking lot, Dennis looked up when he noticed that the lights of Chuck had gone out. He smiled tightly at Mitch.

"Well, sponsor, we're not going to solve the problems of the world here tonight, huh?" he said and the two men hugged and left the church parking lot.

The next day at work, he again had to correct one of Babette Babineaux's mishaps. He noticed, as he used her computer, that there were a large number of shopping sites saved in her 'Favorites' list.

Ms. Frentz made no comment when he reported this to her and he shrugged. If his boss was too incompetent to care, why should he?

Clark's has got the best burgers," he heard one of the tellers say to a customer.

"Nuh uh, the Dead End does; and you don't have to get your car all smelling like greasy ass food," the customer argued.

"Y'all need to try Chuck, out in Baylor Lake," Dennis interrupted.

The two women looked at him and smiled.

"Right by that church? They any good?" the teller asked.

"They're great, or at least I think so; know what? That's where I'm going for lunch," Dennis decided.

"Brought mine," the teller said.

"I'm on my lunch break and I only gotten minutes left," the customer said.

"Oh well, Mickey Dee's for you, huh?" Dennis smiled.

"Ew!" the customer and teller both declared.

"Hey! Where's your buddies?" the Asian girl asked when Dennis strolled in to Chuck. "Violet's off today."

"Oh, damn; well, tell her I stopped by," Dennis said.

Dennis was surprised at how disappointed he felt that Violet wasn't there. He looked over the menu and decided to try their Texas Chuck, three strips of thick cut bacon, cheddar cheese, sweet and tangy barbeque sauce and grilled onions.

"Quarter pound," he told the Asian girl. "Got to get back to work and I eat a half pound, I'll be falling asleep at my desk."

"Bring your buddies next time," the manager said as Dennis left the building.

"Believe it or not, some of them work," Dennis smiled and left the building.

At the Tuesday Night meeting, Carter, picked up another white chip and made promises that 'this time he was serious about his sobriety.'

"No; we're not going to Chuck; I'm fucking sick of burgers," Paul said the minute they stepped out of the church. "I don't care if your girlfriend gets all upset or not; or Fast Fingers either, hear?"

"Well we not going Jade Garden, what you want, what you order, no separate check, I spit in your food," David said, imitating the surly waitress.

"Casa Ole's is pretty good," Carter suggested.

Paul, David, and Dennis arrived at the Mexican restaurant and waited and waited for Carter. He would not answer his phone and did not respond to text messages either.

"What you expect?" David quipped as they made quick work of the chips and salsa. "Look at the dick head that sponsors him."

"You're not his sponsor, I am," Paul retorted.

"Exactly!" David laughed.

"Let's see; there are two convenience stores and four bars between here and the Sundowner's meeting," Dennis said.

"And Jamie lives in those apartments off Bailey," Paul said.

"How you know that?" David asked.

"Uh duh? I'm his sponsor," Paul reminded them. "Boy told me where they holed up after their slip."

"Hate that word," David said.

"Really, a 'slip' is when you're walking down the street..." Dennis said.

"...Slip on a banana peel just when someone opens the door to the bar and you slide in and this drunk accidentally spills his drink into your open mouth," Paul and David joined in.

"That's a slip," Dennis said. "Everything else is a pre-planned drunk."

"Yes Mitch, thank you Mitch, whatever you say Mitch," Paul said.

"Worse things to be called," Dennis chuckled.

Carter showed up for the Thursday night meeting, angry and belligerent and stormed out of the meeting before the baskets were passed at 7:30.

"Some of us just have to die from this disease," Mitch contemplated.

"Fuck you, Paul, I'm getting a burger," Dennis said the minute they stepped outside of the meeting.

"But where?" David joked as they trudged across Highway 19. "I don't feel like driving all the way out to Clark's."

"Hey; where were you last week?" Violet demanded when five men and Marjory trooped into the building.

"Getting a triple bypass from all your grease clogging my arteries," Paul said.

"Water, Diet Coke, Unsweetened iced tea, Coke, Coke, ma'am, what about you?" Violet asked.

"Water; I sure don't need any more caffeine," Marjory said, reading the menu. "Any of y'all ever had this Teriyaki Chuck?"

""Sounds gay; hey Dennis, how's the Teriyaki Chuck?" Paul said.

"You'd love it; comes with this special sauce, kind of milky looking," Dennis said as Violet came, carrying their drinks.

"Okay, I'm sick now," Marjory said.

"Guys, guys, there's a lady present," Mitch counseled. "And Marjory's here too."

"Oh, you ass hole!" Marjory shrieked with laughter.

They ordered and kept up the banter. When the food came, they held hands, bowed their heads and did a quick prayer.

"I love that y'all pray like that," Violet admitted as she surveyed their drinks.

"With your food? We have to," Paul said.

"Hey Mitch, you hear an anal echo?" David asked.

As Dennis stuffed the last bite of his burger into his mouth, Violet appeared.

"How was it?" she asked, putting her hands around his neck, prepared to strangle him. "And don't you dare say 'it was all right' you hear?"

"Eh, it was okay," he sighed and laughed when she started to choke him. "Quit! Quit! It was good, all right?"

"Hey, um, uh listen," Violet said as she returned with their receipts. "I uh, um, tomorrow is my birthday and..."

"Well Happy Birthday!" David, Paul, Peter and Mitch said.

"Oh just you wait, Honey, one day you'll be like 'oh my God, not another birthday,'" Marjory said.

"That's wonderful," Dennis smiled.

"And I uh, I you wouldn't want to come huh?" Violet asked, blushing hotly.

"I'd love to," Paul said.

"Not you," Violet snapped.

"Where and when?" Dennis asked.

Violet suddenly gasped and covered her mouth.

"Oh! Never mind! It's at Jumpers! Oh, I forgot you're an alcoholic!" Violet apologized.

"Honey, we can go anywhere free men go, provided we have a good reason to be there," Mitch said. "And Dennis's smart enough get his ass out of there if he starts feeling squirrely.

"Well, it's uh, you sure? We'll probably get there about 9 thirty I mean you know?" Violet said. "But believe me, I'll understand if you can't make it; I didn't even think when I said it at Jumpers."

"Well, at least we know she's over twenty one if it's going to be at Jumpers," Paul said when Violet walked away.

"Yeah, last damned thing I need is you calling me because you got busted with some jail bait," Mitch agreed.

When he got back to his small apartment, Dennis looked through his meager clothing selection and had to admit he needed to do a little shopping.

There were suits, ties, dress shirts and dress shoes. Then there were grubby, stained, ripped clothing. He had nothing in between.

Mitch, and from time to time, Kim Frentz said the same thing; Dennis was either black or white; there was no gray. He was either all, or he was nothing; there was no middle ground.

At work the next day, he asked three of the tellers that seemed to be around Violet's age what an appropriate gift for someone in their age group would be and rejected all their suggestions. They all suggested electronic gadgets, or extremely expensive gifts.

On his lunch break, Dennis dashed over to Abdul's, the exclusive department store in DeGarde, and picked up a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt and a pair of casual suede shoes.

"Oh, that matches that shirt perfectly," the sales girl said as he looked at the red and beige shirt one more time. "See? The beige and the beige?"

"Yeah, how about that?" he smiled.

He saw a jar of gourmet jellybeans as he was on his way out and thought, "Bingo! We have a winner!"

And the salesgirl told him he could get it gift wrapped for free on their second floor.

That evening, dressed in his new clothes, Dennis went to The Fifth Tradition meeting, shot the breeze with Mitch and a newcomer then agreed to read the 'How It Works' for Mitch and barely managed to stay awake through Gene W's story.

The man's story might have been interesting, maybe even entertaining if Gene didn't punctuate every sentence with 'Um' or 'You Know?'

"I don't know, Gene," Mitch said graciously after Gene finally ran out of things to ramble about. "But I think you just might be one of them alcoholics."

Then a few birthday chips were handed out and again, Dennis fought hard to stay awake during the rambling monologues the three chip recipients felt compelled to give as they received their chips.

Dennis felt compelled to actually drink a cup of coffee in the hopes of staying awake long enough to go to Jumpers, greet Violet and wish her a 'Happy Birthday' and possibly even dance a dance or two with the girl before having to leave.

"Working tomorrow?" Mitch asked as Dennis grimaced through the coffee.

"Think 'Fast Fingers' will be there?" Paul asked.

"Yes, ten to two," Dennis agreed, answering Paul's question with a shrug. "Of course it'll be dead but the minute we close, there'll be a line of people wanting to get in."

"Alcoholics aren't the only selfish, self-centered people out there," Mitch agreed.

It was nine forty five when Dennis pulled up close to the nightclub, fighting hard against wincing at the loud music. He checked to see that Violet's present and card were not visible; no sense in giving anyone a reason to break into his car, and got out.

The bouncer looked at Dennis with a cocked eyebrow but nodded and Dennis walked into the nightclub.

Inside, the music was deafening and Dennis could physically feel the thumping, booming music.

He looked around but the darkness was cut only by swirling multicolored lights. There was very little possibility of him being able to find Violet among all the thrusting, jiggling bodies.

"Hey!" Violet screamed happily and squeezed him in a fierce hug, then jammed her lips to his.

"Hi! Oh my God! I can't believe you made it! Oh my God, my friends are going to shit when they see you, I told them I had the most handsome boyfriend ever and none of them would believe me, come on, oh this just makes my whole day, I can't believe you're here!" She screamed, kissed him again and then pulled him through the writhing bodies toward a table.

She was wearing a very tight pink top and in the light it made it look like she wasn't wearing a top at all. Her skirt was so short he could see the tops of her pink thigh high stockings. Her small feet were jammed into impossibly high heels which would explain how the somewhat short girl was able to kiss him; Dennis was almost six feet tall.

"Hey!" Violet squealed at a group of girls when they reached the table.

Of the four girls, Violet, in Dennis' opinion, was the prettiest. Sierra was a tall gangly girl with quite severe acne, but a sweet smile. Tanya, who insisted on pronouncing her name so that he would not mistakenly call her 'Tonya', was a short, plump girl with a very severe mannish hair style. And Olympia had hard eyes, a very large nose, and no smile.

The jeans, shirt, shoes, and jellybeans had set Dennis' budget back just over two hundred dollars, but Violet kissed him again and Dennis shrugged and bought the girls a round of drinks.

"You ain't drinking?" Olympia challenged almost angrily.

"Work tomorrow; doesn't need the hangover," Dennis said easily.

"Come on," Violet demanded and pulled him onto the dance floor.

Dennis really couldn't dance, but packed together like they were, it didn't matter. She rubbed, jostled, bumped and ground herself against him and he returned the favor.

"Woo!" she screamed out loud and again kissed him.

After sweat was pouring freely off of her face, she finally decided to return to her three friends. They were still in the same place, but had fresh drinks in front of them.

"Got you a beer, didn't know what you liked," Olympia snarled at him.

"Oh, well thank you so much, but I've already had enough," Dennis said easily.

"Ooh, I'll drink it," Violet said and did gulp down the entire beer in just three swallows. "Oh my God! I've never danced that much before!"

"Nope; usually we just sit here and watch," Sierra admitted. "You never had a guy here before.

"As pretty as y'all are?" Dennis lied.

"Oh, please!" Violet laughed and put his hand squarely on her pudgy buttock. "Fat as my ass is?"

"As sexy as your ass is?" Dennis said directly into her ear and she laughed happily and wiggled her buttocks against his hand.

"Well, I got to get," Tanya, not Tonya said, sliding and nearly falling off the stool. "Ass hole's got the kids and you know what a dick he is if I don't get them early enough.

"Love you, happy birthday," Tanya said, hugging Violet.

"Shit; it's already eleven?" Olympia said, also sliding down. "I open tomorrow too."

"Well, since she's my ride, guess I'm going too," Sierra said and hopped down. "Happy birthday, Violet; love you."

"And I work tomorrow too," Dennis agreed.

"Oh, you're my ride," Violet said, grabbing his hand. "April dropped me off.

"April?" Dennis asked.

"My manager?" Violet reminded him.

"Okay then, ready, Birthday Girl?" Dennis smiled.

"Depends," she smiled up at him. "Ready for what?"

The bouncer smirked at them when they left but Dennis really didn't care.

"Okay, first, happy birthday," Dennis said, handing Violet the expertly wrapped present.

"Oh, Dennis!" Violet squealed loudly, but his ears were still ringing from the deafening din inside the club so her squeal didn't hurt his ears.

"You didn't have to get me anything!" she protested, stuffing her tongue into his mouth.

Dennis could taste the beer and the fruity drink she'd guzzled moments earlier and fought against the gag reflex. Other than the foul almost overpowering taste, her kiss was hot, passionate.

"Really? Just you showing up was all I wanted," she admitted when she released him.

"So how old are you today anyway?" he asked as she ripped the paper off the package.

"Nineteen," she said.

"Wait, what?" he asked. "Then how'd you get in?"

"Fake ID and Sierra's fucking two of the bouncers, oh my God, I LOVE jelly beans! April told you, didn't she?" Violet squealed.

She stuffed a large handful into her mouth and giggled and hummed happily.

"Glad you like them," Dennis chuckled and started the car. "Where're we headed?"

"Your place; I told my momma I probably wouldn't be home," Violet said.

"What? And she's okay with that?" Dennis asked as she stuffed a second handful into her mouth.

"As long as I don't wake her up when I get home, she don't care," Violet admitted. "I was kind of an 'Oops!' baby; she was fifty three when she had me so she's..."

"And she's all right with you spending the night with a thirty eight year old man?" Dennis asked.

"You're how old?" Violet asked, staring at him.

"Thirty eight," Dennis said.

"Damn! I thought you was twenty nine, thirty at the most," Violet said.

"That change anything?" he asked, almost laughing at her.

"Yeah!" she said and again stuffed her tongue into his mouth.

This time, all he could taste were the handful of jelly beans and he returned her kiss with equal passion. She did not stop his hand when he cupped one of her breasts; it was a little smaller than he'd expected, and he could tell that Violet wore no bra.

"Yeah," she whispered and bit down on his lower lip. "Makes me want to fuck you even more."

Dennis knew his apartment was clean; he was almost fanatical about it, but was still somewhat embarrassed that he was a thirty eight year old man and was living in an apartment.

"Nice," Violet said, looking around the place. "Even smells nice."

"Oh?" he asked, now nervous. "What's it supposed to smell like?"

If it's my momma's place? Like old people," Violet laughed, putting her jar of jelly beans onto the coffee table. "Or if it's Tanya's place, like dirty diapers and weed, or if it's Olympia and Sierra's place, McDonald's and weed and pussy."

"McDonald's and pussy?" he laughed as she approached him.

"Yeah, they work at McDonald's and they're lovers," she said and insinuated herself around him, pressing hard against him.

He put his arms around her and pulled her tightly against himself. She purred and wobbled slightly.

"Ooh, got to go potty," she suddenly said and pulled back. "Please tell me your bathroom is clean."

"It's clean," he assured her and pointed to the door.

Violet gave him a sloppy kiss then scampered to the door.

She did not close the door, but Dennis was too uncomfortable to peek.

Violet was the first woman, girl really, since Kimberly's abrupt and painful departure.

After the required six months of physical separation had passed, Dennis did file for divorce; because Louisiana is a 'No-Fault' state, he did not have to have a reason. But because Kimberly could not be located to be served with the petition of divorce, it slowed the process down considerably. Brandon Johnson, his attorney had told him it would take another six months, and then the divorce would be granted in absentia.
Since she left, since giving up the rental home, his life had consisted of work, AA Meetings, and work. Yes there were women in the AA Meetings, but the majority was married. Of the few single women that went to the meetings he attended with any regularity, two were old enough to be his mother, including Marjory. Three were gay, another one was strictly interested in African-American men only, and the remaining age appropriate woman was such a bleeding heart liberal, she was far too thin-skinned for him. Anything he said was challenged with furious animosity and her debating voice gave him a headache.

The toilet flushing brought him out of his reverie and again Dennis felt a shiver of fear.

Inside the bathroom, Violet looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands. She had no illusions about how she looked. If she did not have long, thick strawberry blonde hair, the kindest word anyone would have had for her was 'plain.' Her nose was a blob that sat in the middle of her face; her lips were neither thick, nor thin. She had one tooth that was crooked; it stuck out a little too far. Her chin was slightly receding and her short jawline was obscured by her pudgy jowls.

She was well aware that she was easily sixty, probably seventy pounds overweight; Violet couldn't remember the last time she stood on a scale, hating seeing the results. On a five foot, one inch frame, that extra weight didn't even have the decency to go to her breasts. Fat girls were supposed to have big titties, not mere bumps on a fat torso. Her lumps of fat went instead to her neck, shoulders, belly, butt, and legs.

And her face. Her best feature, she thought, were her hazel eyes. And that was ruined by the lump of flesh she called a nose.

Dennis said she was sexy, but men would say anything to get a piece of ass.

She almost squealed, a happy smile flashing across her face.

A piece of ass.

On her birthday, she was going to be a piece of ass. She was going to do it; she was going to lose her virginity on her birthday.

To such a handsome, sweet, funny man.

The first time he'd come into Chuck, he'd smiled at her, instead of looking disgusted by her lumps of flab.

"Thanks a lot, Momma," Violet thought.

Momma tended to just jam food in her daughter's mouth, rather than take the time to talk to her daughter, find out what had her daughter happy, or sad, or frightened, or bored.

And when she asked how the food was, most customers would respond with 'Fine' but Dennis had said 'Eh, it was all right.'

And then he'd smiled at her and Violet had felt her pussy get wet.

Not damp, not moist, but drooling, oh my God, do I look like I just peed in my pants wet.

Violet determined that her make-up was about as good as it could get, that she had wasted enough time in his bathroom. Nervous excitement propelled her to the door.

She couldn't believe he actually had the grace and manners to put both seat and lid down on his toilet, oh my God, she was going to do it, she was going to lose her virginity, she turned off the light and prepared to leave the bathroom.

He's thirty eight and her pussy actually spurted her excitement. A strong, handsome, mature man and Violet groaned out loud.

"Hi, oh my God, I really do love jelly beans; they're the best, how'd you know, April told you, didn't see, she gave me a whole bag for Halloween and they were all gone before we were even done cleaning up the place," Violet rambled as she stuffed more of the candy into her mouth.

Dennis smiled; it was obvious Violet was nervous as well. She did not ramble and chatter likes this at work, or at the club. But she was a rambling, chattering mess now.

"Come here," he ordered and she lurched slightly on her high heels.

She was sure he could smell her pussy; she sure could. When he'd ordered her, she'd almost had an orgasm.

"Yeah?" she smiled playfully as she insinuated herself around him, pressing herself against him.

He pulled her even closer with his left arm while his right hand softly stroked her face. They kissed hotly, passionately and he continued to stroke her face with his right hand, while his left hand kneaded her fleshy buttocks.

"If he don't like my fat ass, he sure ain't showing it," she smiled as he sucked on her tongue.

"I want you," he whispered and she groaned out loud.

He released her long enough to pull her into his bedroom.

Just as she expected, Dennis's bed was neatly made. And, just as she expected, the furniture was austere, manly, no frills anywhere.

His bed was a low slung platform bed, with a single dark brown plank headboard. The chest of drawers and the low dresser matched the bed; the comforter was a plain chocolate brown one with no trim at all.

"Anyone ever tells you you're beautiful?" he whispered and began kissing her again.

Violet shook her head 'no' while smiling up at him.

"Well you are," he said and began to edge her top up.

"I'm fat; I know I'm fat," she said bluntly, not hindering him, but not helping him either.

"You're not skinny, that's for sure," he agreed and kissed her again, leaving her snug pink top just underneath her breasts.

"But I don't think you're fat," he amended, and then pulled the top up and over her head.

She smiled as he used his fingers to comb her long strawberry blonde hair away from her bare breasts.

"Violet, they're... You're beautiful," he groaned and again kissed her.

She shivered as she felt his fingernails lightly scraping at her smooth back, then her shoulders, and then her belly, working up to her thirty eight A breasts with their small, light pink nipples.

Her nipples were so hard they actually hurt and she groaned again when his fingernails raked them.

"Beautiful," he whispered again and put his hands on her hips.

She reached up and undid a shirt button. She grabbed his lower lip between her teeth and bit lightly and undid another shirt button.

"I love you," she mumbled, her words incoherent as she did not release his lip.

Her skirt was held on by an elastic band and she almost squealed when he slid her skirt down, leaving her in only bikini panties, thigh high stockings, and high heeled pumps.

She hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt, finally releasing his lip so she could kiss his hairy, manly chest.

It was obvious that he did some exercising; his muscles were firm. She pressed herself against him, feeling her bare flesh against his rough hairy chest, and she shivered again.

"Let me..." he said and turned on a bedside lamp, then turned off the harsh overhead light.

"Oh, my God," he said, coming up behind her; she was too ashamed of her body to turn and face him.

He grabbed her from behind and kissed her bare shoulder.

"Violet, you really are so beautiful,' he murmured into her ear, his hands coming up to cup and squeeze her breasts.

And, just as she knew he would, Dennis did not leave her blouse and skirt crumpled up on the floor; he picked them up and placed them onto the low dresser.

She crawled up onto his bed and rolled over to watch him struggle out of his shirt and jeans.

Her eyes opened wide when his boxers came down, revealing a substantial slab of meat.

Violet had seen a few cocks; at Baylor Lake High School, desperate for a boyfriend, she sucked a few of the football players' cocks. She would have fucked them too, if they hadn't laughed at her, called her a 'fat ass slut' and left her to sob in shame.

None of those three boys had a cock as long or fat as Dennis' piece of meat, though. She clamped her thighs together, suddenly fearful of how that huge tree trunk was ever going to fit into the small opening of her pussy.

Dennis smiled at Violet and climbed onto the bed to stretch out next to her.

"Can I...?" he asked, tugging at the waistband of her bikini panties.

She steeled herself against the fear and mutely nodded her head. He did peel the polyester material down and sighed appreciatively at the sight of her sparse strawberry blonde pubic hair.

"You can tell I'm a natural strawberry blonde," she whispered, afraid to open her eyes.

"Yes I can," he said and eased her panties off her legs, taking her shoes with them.

"There; that's more comfortable, huh?" he asked and again stretched out next to her, taking her into his arms.

His kisses were demanding, his hands were touching her all over. Finally, his fingers found her soaked pubic hair, found her slick, puffy lips.

She grunted in orgasm as his fingers found her throbbing clitoris.

"Oh, my sweet sweet flowers," he moaned and sucked another kiss from her gasping lips before bending his head to suck an aching nipple.

"Uh!" she grunted as his fingers were tickling another orgasm from her overheated pussy.

She grasped his head, forcing him hard against her breast.

"Ah!" she cried out as a second orgasm pulsed in her guts and he paid homage to the other breast with his mouth.

"I just love, I have to taste, there is nothing like the taste of a woman," Dennis babbled as he wiggled down and rolled her onto her back.

"Aigh!" she suddenly screamed out as he glued his hot mouth to her pussy.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she screamed, bucking her pussy hard against his face.

So this was why Sierra put up with Olympia's nasty, unhappy attitude.

Dennis sucked her lips, sucked her juices from her, and then found her clitoris.

She cried out harshly, squirted copiously when he lightly bit her nub and the next door neighbor actually pounded on the wall, hard.

"No! Ah! No more!" Violet sobbed out, weakly pushing Dennis away from her pussy.

He chuckled while she rolled weakly from side to side, still trying to catch her breath.

"Let me..." she gasped and reached down for his cock.

"I'm not going to..." he warned and then growled as she sucked almost half of his length into her mouth.

Three strokes with her small hand and she gurgled happily, tasting his semen flooding into her mouth.

"I love you," she admitted, then fought back the groan.

She hoped he was still too entranced with the orgasm to have heard her declaration.

"Thank you; I really like hearing that," he said sincerely as he again stretched out next to her.

He pulled her over to press against him and she felt his limp cock as some semen dribbled out of it, staining her stockings.

"Do you... Um, you know, do you...." she asked, looking down at his hairy chest.

"Right now? Yes, I'm pretty sure I do," he admitted.

She looked up into his hazel eyes, searching them. Then she smiled happily and burrowed her head against his shoulder.

"Love you, Dennis Dumas," she murmured happily.

"Love you too, Violet Breaux," he said and kissed the top of her head.

"You like my big old ass, huh?" she giggled as his hand gripped, squeezed, fondled her buttocks.

"Love that sexy ass," he said and sucked a kiss from her.

"Listen I uh, this is," she stammered as she felt his cock slowly rise up.

"Violet, honey, are you a virgin?" he gently asked and she burrowed her head against his chest again.

Again he kissed her, he rubbed and squeezed and fondled her flesh. He used his fingers, sought out her sensitive clitoris and she grunted in orgasm.

"I'll be as gentle as I can," he promised as he rolled her back onto her back.

"I know," she assured him as he knelt between her plump thighs.

"Kiss me," he ordered and she smiled and craned up for a kiss.

"Love you," he murmured into her mouth and placed the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

She tensed up as she felt him begin to enter her but his progress was aided by her copious wetness.

There was a momentary blink; there was no pain as she'd heard Tanya describe, just a blink and then she groaned loudly as she felt his entire length filling her pussy.

"Am I..." he asked and she stuffed her tongue into his mouth.

He lay on top of her, most of his weight supported by his elbows, kissing her, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

Then he began to pull out of her and she groaned again.

If sex felt like this every time, Violet could understand why Tanya had three kids. Actually, she wondered why Tanya didn't have more than just three kids. She wondered why her mother, who claimed to have had hundreds of lovers, had only given birth to herself and her fifty four year old brother.

Violet could feel the flared head of Dennis's cock as it scraped and rubbed against the walls of her pussy. She could feel the shaft of his cock press against her throbbing clitoris as he leaned forward. She twisted in blissful ecstasy as he grabbed her nipple with his left hand.

Then he pushed back into her and put more of his weight on top of her.

"Ah!" she screamed in orgasm and wrapped her fat legs around his hips.

She locked her ankles together and ground her pussy up hardtop meet his forward thrust.

"Ah, oh God!" she screamed and the next door neighbor banged a meaty fist on the wall again.

"I don't think he likes us very much," Violet giggled after her orgasm subsided.

"Maybe might want to put a pillow over your mouth next time," Dennis chuckled.

She grabbed one of his foam pellet pillows and screamed into it when Dennis again began to pull his cock out of her pussy.

Suddenly Dennis tensed and fought hard against bellowing as he pumped stream after stream of semen into her clutching pussy.

"Oh God, oh God, that was oh!" Violet gasped, pulling the pillow away from her sweating face.

When he could think again, Dennis slowly pulled his cock from Violet's sloppy pussy. He discovered he was still hard and urged Violet onto her knees.

"Oh!" Violet gasped when Dennis fingered her pussy a few times.

"Oh! Nuh uh!" she protested when he pushed his slimy fingers against her tightly puckered anus. "You ain't sticking nothing up there!"

Dennis didn't listen to her; she was protesting verbally, but her plump ass was pushing back against the tips of his fingers. He slid his still erect cock into her pussy and she groaned, pushing her face into his mound of pillows.

Within minutes, he had a good rhythm going; his two fingers pulled out of her rectum as his cock slid into her pussy and his fingers jammed into her rectum when he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

From time to time, he would spread his two fingers apart, trying to widen her anus for a third finger.

He was glad he'd already ejaculated so much; he was able to pound in and out of her, smacking his belly hard against her pale pink buttocks

"Augh!" she screamed into the pillows, shaking in orgasm.

Dennis wormed a third finger into Violet's stretchy anus and then tensed and groaned as he pumped her pussy full of more of his semen.

"Oh God, no more, no more," Violet whined, trying to fall forward, the headboard preventing her movements.

Dennis pulled out, groaning with the effort. He then wobbled off the bed and into the bathroom.

A quick pee, then he washed his fingers clean.

Dennis checked that the door was locked, turned off all the lights except the bathroom light, and then returned to the bedroom.

"What?" Violet asked sleepily as Dennis chuckled.

"Smells like sex in here," Dennis quipped.

"No shit," Violet said.

"Still love me?" Dennis asked as he pulled the comforter down, rolled Violet over and slid the other side of the comforter down before pulling it up to cover her.

"Yeah," she agreed and burrowed into the pillows.

Dennis prayed, tried to do his nightly meditation but couldn't think of anything else but the slumbering girl lying next to him.

"Hey!" she protested slightly when he moved one of the pillows away.

"I get at least one, huh?" Dennis protested.

The alarm woke him at six o'clock and she was now facing him in her sleep.

"Oh my God; I'm insane," Dennis thought, looking at the nineteen year old girl's face. "I have got to be out of my mind; she's just a kid."

Violet woke up to the smell of burning toast, at first very disoriented, then groaned.

"Did I really?" she asked, then touched her sticky, gummy pubic hair and groaned again.

"Hey, hope you like your toast well done; Kimberly took off with the good toaster and this one, if you just jiggle the handle burns the shit out of your toast and..." Dennis chattered from the doorway, extremely nervous.

Violet blushed hotly as she got out of his bed, uncomfortable in her nudity now that the passionate excitement had waned. Her stocking on her left thigh had worked its way down and she truly felt ridiculous

"Good God, you're beautiful," Dennis said as she bent over to pull her bikini panties and her errant stocking up.

Violet finished getting dressed and came out of the bedroom, blushing hotly.

The outfit had been perfect for going out, drinking and dancing. The lack of a bra had been daring, sexy at nine thirty last night.

Now, at eight fifteen on a Saturday morning, the outfit seemed tawdry, cheap.

Dennis felt equally nervous. Suppose in the morning light, she looked at him and saw a tired, bitter old man? A pathetic excuse of a man?

Before she could pull away from him, before she could reject him, Dennis's first instinct was to push her away, to lash out at her, even to attack her weight, her youth and inexperience.

"God please help me," he prayed fervently.

"Hey, I uh...." Violet said, tears of shame burning her eyes.

Dennis pulled her into an embrace and kissed her. Softly at first, then with growing insistence.

"I love you," she sobbed, clinging onto him.

"Love you too," Dennis assured her.

She ran into the bathroom, again, not shutting the door and emptied both bladder and bowels.

Coming out, she started eating the scrambled eggs and burnt toast.

"So, what you doing today?" she asked, noticing that he wore his suit and tie.

"I'm manager on duty today; we're open from ten to two," he said. "Probably be done about four then got to do some grocery shopping. You?"

"I got to be at work at five; we close at ten but I don't get out until ten thirty, sometimes eleven, depends if there's some dumb ass can't tell when to hurry up and get," Violet said.

"Then what?" Dennis asked as he fussed about, cleaning an already clean counter.

"I don't know," Violet said, adopting a little girl voice. "What you want to do?"

"I uh, you um, uh maybe you could..." Dennis said.

"Pick me up at ten thirty; I'll text you if I'm running late," Violet ordered.

"Okay, come on; where you live?" Dennis said, taking her empty plate from her.

Violet again felt a wave of shame as she walked out to his car; she looked like a slut in such a short skirt and such a tight top with no bra to hide her hard nipples. At the trailer park, she again felt the shame as she saw that three of her neighbors were out and looking with mild interest at the strange automobile that pulled up in front of the old woman's trailer.

Violet kissed Dennis, steeled herself and lugged her jar of jellybeans to her trailer door.

Work kept Dennis busy until three ten, mainly because Babette again couldn't balance her drawer and again it was because she posted to the wrong ledger.

She tearfully signed the written complaint form that Dennis put in front of her and Dennis could see that she'd already had two written complaints that year. One more and she would be let go, no matter what the reason for the fourth complaint.

That night, Dennis met Mitch and Paul at an AA Meeting held in the DeGarde CDU. He frowned as he, for the third time, had to remind one of the patients that it was an AA Meeting, not an 'I want to bitch about my wife' meeting.

"Sir, if I hadn't read the Preamble and hadn't read the 'Singleness of Purpose' announcement at the beginning of the meeting, I could see the reason for your confusion," Dennis said.

"Fuck you, huh? Fuck you! I got a fucking right talk about whatever the fuck I want to, God damned ass hole!" the man bellowed.
"Brent, out, now," Dr. Istrey ordered.

"Keep coming back," Paul chuckled.

"Fuck you; I get out, I'll be looking for your ass," Brent spat.

"Member of the Fifth Tradition Group," Paul calmly said. "Can't wait to see you at our meetings."

"Ain't no difference between Meth and akahall; a drug is a drug is a drug, right? Why I can't talk about Meth?" A belligerent girl demanded.

"If there's no difference, then why is there a CMA meeting here on Tuesdays?" Mitch patiently asked. "You may not be able to see it right now, but believe me, in time you will."

"Y'all just a bunch of racist mother fuckers," the black girl snarled.

"Tuwhanna, out, now," Dr. Amber again ordered a patient. "Rose will be in your room in a minute to talk with you."

At nine o'clock, the three men and nine patients that still remained in the great room held hands and recited the Lord's Prayer.

"Dennis, I know you graduated from here, and I really appreciate you wanting to give back, but this is the last meeting I'm putting up with," Mitch said as the three men stood in the parking lot.

"I understand," Dennis said sadly. "I just know it meant a lot to me when y'all would come in and carry the message to us when I was here."

"Fuck, I'll be back; this shit's cheaper than cable any day," Paul smiled.

"And you; how old was that girl, huh?" Mitch demanded, slapping the shirt pocket where a scrap of paper crinkled.

"Hey, Mitch, you're my AA sponsor, huh?" Paul said defensively. "Not my relationship sponsor."

"I'm your sponsor. Period. Alcoholism is a disease of the mind, body, spirit, and your little Mr. Happy. You keep thinking with your dick, Paul, it's going to get you drunk. Or dead, or both," Mitch spat.

Dennis pulled up to Chuck and smiled as a happy Violet waved through the plate glass window at him. April looked up from her phone long enough to nod in his direction, then resumed her thumb dance on the phone's touch screen.

Moments after the last customers left the building; Violet bounded into his car and hugged him tightly.

"Hey," he smiled when she released him. "Need to go to your place or..."

In answer, Violet held up a small bag.

"Oh, your friend? Paul, that's the one thinks he's funny, right?" Violet asked. "He stopped by had dinner."

"Oh?" Dennis asked, jealousy popping up.

Paul was not above trying to steal another man's girlfriend, or wife. And being slightly younger than Dennis, and being a better dresser, and having wittier patter, Dennis was slightly worried.

"Yeah, spent the whole time aggravating April," Violet said.

"Who?" Dennis asked.

"My manager, remember? But tomorrow? I'm the one that's going to need to get dressed and go to work; we're open from eleven to three," Violet told him. "We get that church crowd right after they get out. You know what their favorite burger is?"

"The Walk on Water Chuck?" Dennis asked.

"No," Violet giggled, playfully slapping his arm. "We don't have that! It's the turkey burger. Believe that? They all get the turkey burger, quarter pound."

She leaned over the console to whisper, "They're all at least a hundred pounds overweight; like any of us believe they're all healthy and shit."

"Got to start somewhere," Dennis smiled as he parked in front of his apartment building.

Their progress was slowed by having to stop and kiss several times, but they did finally reach his apartment.

"I need a shower; I smell like burgers," Violet claimed, making a bee line for his bathroom.

"Need help?" Dennis joked.

"Ooh, yeah, you can get my back," Violet said.

Dennis's shower was not intended for two to share, especially if one of those struggled with a weight problem. She still smelled like burgers when they finished. But Violet's breasts, pubic mound, and buttocks smelled of Dennis's manly soap.

"Need to bring some of my soap and shampoo; you're sucks," Violet said as Dennis toweled her off.

Oh yeah?" he smiled as she used one of his nearly threadbare towels to dry him off.

"And how old are these towels, huh?" she complained. "My ass doesn't need to be any drier, all right?"

"You sure?" Dennis asked, playing with her plump backside. "We got it pretty wet in there."

"Yes I'm sure," she giggled and kissed him.

She hugged him and put her head on his chest.

"Love you so much," she enthused, then looked up at him expectantly.

"Crazy about you," he smiled and kissed her.

"Crazy because of you," he muttered playfully and she gasped in mock outrage.

An electric hair dryer was added to the list of items Violet claimed she'd have to bring to Dennis's apartment. She came out of his bathroom, a third towel wrapped around her long strawberry blonde hair, turban style.

The turban fell off as he grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed.

She complained for a half a second until his mouth glued itself to her quite wet pussy.

She then looked puzzled, but finally understood that Dennis was trying to twist her into a 'sixty nine' position. Because she was slightly shorter than him, he had to crane his neck to reach her pussy. The next door neighbor didn't know it, but he would have been grateful to know that Violet's screams and moans were muffled because of the fat cock in her mouth.

She screamed and gurgled as Dennis pumped a hot load of his semen into her throat, almost choking as her third orgasm rippled through her.

"Hey, uh, why I got to do all the work, huh?" Dennis playfully complained as he again twisted her around.

"What?" Violet shrieked and slapped his muscular chest. "I'm the one doing all..."

She got the hint and squatted over his erection, then sank down, pulling his fat cock into her very wet pussy.

Dennis watched as more and more of his length disappeared into her strawberry blonde muff. He then smiled at her facial expression; she was concentrating on what her pussy was doing, what her pussy was feeling.

She grabbed a pillow and placed it over her own mouth and screamed in orgasm when he played with her clitoris.

When she pushed that hand away, he began playing with her pudgy buttocks.

"Oh!" she shuddered as he insinuated a slimy finger into her anus.

"Like my ass, huh?" she asked as he fucked two fingers in and out of her rectum.

"Love your ass; going to fuck that ass one of these days," he responded.

"Nuh uh!" Violet protested lightly. "You're not sticking that big old thing up my ass!"

She squealed when he suddenly rolled her onto her back and began pounding in and out of her.

"Uh!" she grunted into her pillow as another orgasm welled up.

Then he stiffened and pumped her pussy full of his semen.

In the morning, Dennis again was struck by how young, how innocent Violet looked as she slumbered.

While he cooked eggs, and tried valiantly not to burn the toast, Violet used his shower.

"God, why you buy such cheap ass shampoo?" Violet complained lightly as she came out, of his bathroom, nude except for the towel around her long hair.

"Because my ex-wife tried her best to leave me penniless," Dennis said easily as he finished buttering his own toast.

"How long you been divorced?" she asked as she ate most of her eggs in one mouthful.

"Fifth of next month, unless Kimberly suddenly pops up and tries to fight it," Dennis said.

"You're... I'm sleeping with a married man?" Violet squeaked, eyes wide.

"You heathen! You sinner!" Dennis playfully admonished.

"Oh, I am! I'm a terrible heathen!" Violet claimed, spreading her plump legs, showing him her patch of hair and the inner pink lips.

"Good girls go to Heaven," Dennis said. "Bad girls go everywhere else."

"Well, this bad girl has...." Violet checked her wristwatch. "About three hours until she has to be at work, so I'm going back to bed."

She put her empty plate into the sink and waggled her ass as she walked to the door of the kitchen/dining room.

"Coming?" she asked and walked to the bedroom.

Dennis quickly finished his own breakfast then scampered into the bedroom.

They did 'sixty nine' again until he'd ejaculated into her mouth and she'd wet his face with her own spending. Then he put her on her knees and pounded her hard and fast until she begged him to stop.

Then he lay next to her and entered her pussy while they lay on their sides, facing each other.

"Wait a minute!" she exclaimed. "If I'm a heathen for fucking a married man, what's that make you? You're fucking someone you're not even married to!"

"Oh, it makes me a poor innocent little lamb, led astray by this horrible, evil heathen," he said seriously.

"Oh, okay, bye," she said and tried to move away from him.

He laughed and held her tight, then rolled on top of her, pinning her to the bed.

She had to take a second shower and complained about his lack of a hair drier as he drove her to work.

"I'll be back to pick you up, okay?" he said as she got out of his car.

A trip to the Wal-Mart in Breaux Bridge sold him a hair drier and four big fluffy towels and four fluffy washcloths.

He also decided enough was enough; it was time to throw away the broken toaster and buy a new one.

If the cashier thought anything of the assortment of his purchases, she didn't comment, just made idle chatter about some sporting event she'd watched on television.

His new towels were barely dry when Dennis realized he'd be late picking up his girlfriend so they were flung onto the couch and he raced for the stairs.

"I was starting to think you'd forgotten about me," Violet playfully pouted when he pulled up.

"You? Never," he smiled. "But I was afraid, if I came to pick you up, you might be evil again and lead me astray."

"Oh God, please!" she rolled her eyes. "I've had about all the preaching I can stand! All those holy rollers trying to make me come to their church. Oh, and your buddy popped up again."

"Okay, where to?" he asked.

"Uh, home? Where else?" Violet said, putting her hand on his crotch.


Again, Carter picked up a white chip, promising that he was serious about his sobriety this time. Brent didn't want to, but with urging from Paul, he went over and told Carter he was Carter's new sponsor.

"So uh, where we going to eat?" Carter asked Paul, slightly rankled that Paul had passed him off to another sponsor.

"We don't have a choice," David laughed. "We don't go across the street; Dennis and Paul get in deep shit."

"What? Why? I don't want one of them greasy ass burgers," Carter complained.

"Then you and your sponsor can go to Casa Ole," Paul shrugged.

"Hey!" Violet called out as the six men trooped in.

"Hey, where's Fast Fingers?" Paul asked.

"Shut up, Paul; I'm right here," April said, coming out of the employees' bathroom.

"And how many times I got to tell you, don't fucking text me when I'm in my meetings, huh?" Paul asked, kissing the girl.

"Fuck you; who's the dumb ass keeps texting me back, huh?" she smiled and playfully pinched his rear.

"That's it; we're going to Jade Garden; service's much better there," Paul said.

"Oh, your ass!" April hooted. "You forget? That's my aunt, ass hole."

She put a scowl on her face.

"What you want? No special order, no separate check, you ready order?" she barked out a perfect imitation of the surly waitress.

"Paul, why you haven't got down on your knees and begged this girl marries you yet, huh?" Mitch laughed.

"You crazy man, I know marry him, he too much trouble, you ready order?" April barked out, still imitating her aunt.

Water, coke, unsweetened iced tea, diet coke, sprite, hey root beer, good to see you," Violet said, already putting the drinks down on the table for them.

When the burgers came, April and Violet also joined hands with the six men and prayed.

"How was it?" Violet said, leaning over Dennis's chair as he finished the last bite of his Tropical Chuck.

"Eh, it was all right," he shrugged.

"I hate you," Violet laughed and kissed him. "That's what I'm going to say next Saturday, you hear? Eh, it was all right."

"What? What's next Saturday?" Carter asked.

"The wedding," Violet said, showing off a simple half carat engagement ring.


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