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Falling for the First Time Ch. 05

Author's Note: I can't thank you enough for your patience! I want to apologize for the major delay in updating this story - we all know how unexpected life can be.

Thanks again to SexyGeek and abMarie for editing these chapters, and sticking by my side throughout this story.

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Chapter 5: Finding Out Where We Stand

"I hate this," Jaz muttered as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

Keri spoke up, "Calm down. You're almost done."

Rolling her shoulders back, Jaz glared at her friend, "I'm never doing this again."

Keri smirked and glanced over from the stove. "You volunteered to help."

"Yeah, but I didn't know you were going to make me cut onions." She sniffled as she made the last cut. "Ok, what else is there to do?"

The girls moved around the kitchen prepping for dinner. Keri had volunteered to make her mom's special spaghetti while Jaz had pulled together sangria. Since it was going to be Emmett's first official time hanging out with the girls, they thought it would be nice to cook something. As they were setting up the table, a knock on the door sounded.

A smile lit Jaz's face as she saw Emmett standing there dressed in his work clothes, but without the tie and with the top button of his shirt undone. He held a bouquet of daises as he bent down to give her a soft kiss on the lips and a whispered hello. Mmmmm.

"Emmett! You shouldn't have," Keri chimed in, grabbing the flowers from his hands.

"You're welcome, Keri," he spoke kindly and smirked at Jaz. She guided him into their kitchen and poured everyone a glass of sangria.

During dinner, the three made small talk between bites, but once all the plates were cleared, Keri took over the conversation. She probably thought she was being sly sneaking in a series of questions to find out more about Emmett, but it was pretty obvious. She asked him about his job, his family, and his friends. He didn't seem to have any trouble answering them, but Jaz's fingers fidgeted around her glass nervously. She tried shooting warning glances to her nosey friend, but nothing was stopping the questions.

Jaz spoke up before Keri could start asking about embarrassing stories or even past girlfriends. She cocked her eyebrow as if to challenge her. "So Keri, how's Nick?"

Keri smiled mischievously in return, "He's great. Thanks for asking. You know, he actually is expecting me over soon, so I better start heading out. I'll just take care of the dishes."

She made a move to start collecting the plates, but Emmett stopped her. "It's fine. You go ahead. The least I can do for this amazing dinner is wash the dishes."

Keri raised her eyebrows at her friend in surprise. "Thank you so much. It was nice to finally get to sit and talk with you." She grabbed her purse, and dashed for the door before Jaz could argue with her.

Emmett let out a quiet laugh, shaking his head as he stretched his arm behind her shoulders.

"What?" Jaz smiled and leaned into him.

His smiling grey eyes looked into her. "She's great."

Jaz laughed. "Yeah, she is. I'm just happy you're still sitting here."

"Of course, I am." He pressed his lips together. "Do you think I passed her test?"

"I hope so. I don't even know what she was trying to do."

"What? Am I the first boyfriend she's ever interrogated? " He smirked.

Jaz bit her lower lip, not knowing how to reply to that. She never told him that he was the first guy she's ever been serious about. Her first date in her entire life was with a guy who just wanted to get in her pants, and that didn't end so well. After that, she decided to put her dating life on hold...until she met Emmett. So far he's proven to be the man of her dreams, who was now looking at her in a weird way.

"I am, aren't I?" He removed his arm from her shoulders, and turned his body to face her. His expression showed a cross between confusion and worry. "Did I do something wrong? Did you tell her about what happened last week, and now she's –"

She waved her hand to stop him. "I didn't tell her anything, and no you didn't do anything wrong. What happened last week is dealt with, and nothing was your fault."

"Ok. But I am the first boyfriend she's questioned...right?"

"Yeah." Jaz took a deep breath before continuing, but then caught what he said. "Wait. Boyfriend?"

Emmett scrunched up his face and smiled. "Um, yeah. Isn't that what we are?"

"Uh..." We are? I don't know. I've never done this before. "Sure?" Jaz replied in an awkward tone.

His eyebrows drew together and he looked even more confused than before. "Jaz, if a label isn't what you want, then that's fine. I'm sorry for assuming things, but I am curious to hear what you think this is, because I want to be on the same page as you."

"I mean, uh, I'm fine with you being my boyfriend. It's just that...I, uh. I never had one before." She pressed her lips tightly together and took in deep breaths, anticipating his reaction.

He gave her a questioning stare, and he looked like he was waiting for her to say that she was joking. After a moment of silence, understanding dawned in his eyes, and he sat up straighter in his seat. "I'm your first boyfriend? Ever?" he asked in disbelief.

She forced out a short laugh and nodded her head.

"Really?" He cocked his head at her. When she nodded once again, he leaned back in his seat. "Do you mind me asking why?"

"No one really asked, and I guess it was never a priority for me so I didn't bother putting myself out there." She shrugged a shoulder, not sure what else to say.

He squinted his eyes at her. "So everything we've ever done; after the hike and even after the party. Was that all a first for you?"

"Yeah, it was." She held her breath, and her fingers twitched in her lap as she waited for his reply.

He spoke quietly, "That's cool."

Jaz let out a laugh. "Cool?"

A smile grew on his lips as he looked at her. "I'm not turned off, if that's what you were waiting for. It's actually kind of hot."

Jaz laughed in disbelief and shook her head at him. Uh, what the fuck? "And how is it hot, if I may ask?"

Emmett grabbed her hand and held it in his. His warm touch comforted her, and sent a tingly feeling throughout her body. "I'm the first guy you've ever let get that close to you. I'm honored. So yeah, it's hot."

She blushed and felt heat begin to rise up her neck. "Well, thank you. I think. All of this doesn't bother you?"

"No, I don't see why it should. Like I said before, we'll go at your pace. If I ever go too far, you tell me, and I'll stop. I promise." He leaned towards her, and gave her a gentle kiss, as if to seal his promise. "Now, c'mon. Help me wash the dishes."

Jaz cocked an eyebrow at him. "I don't know. You were the one that volunteered, not me." She got up from her seat to carry her plates to the sink.

Emmett placed a hand to his chest in mock surprise. "And what are you going to do? Sit and watch?"

"Yea, why not?" She pressed her lips together as her eyes sparkled at him. After a few seconds of him squinting his eyes at her, she rolled her eyes and turned towards the sink. "Ok calm down, I can help, you big baby."

"Good girl," He reached out and gave a loud slap to her ass, catching her by surprise.

Jaz whirled around and looked at him with wide eyes. He had a cocky smirk on his face as he began to clean up the table. As soon as he turned around, she grabbed for the dishtowel and rolled it into a makeshift whip. Lashing out, she hit Emmett right on the ass, causing him to jump. Her body shook with laughter.

A dumbfounded smile lit his face. "Oh, now you're getting it."

He made a move to grab her, but Jaz ran out of his grasp. Laughter filled the room as they chased each other in the small space. Raising her hands in surrender, Jaz plopped down on the couch to catch her breath. Emmett gave her a big smile that caused her heart to beat rapidly. Before making his way to wash the dishes, he removed his blazer and rolled up his sleeves. Jaz mentally fanned herself and checked him out as he walked away.

A moment later, she got up to help with cleaning the kitchen. Once everything was spotless, they decided to watch a movie. Even though it was close to eleven at night, they were not ready to end their time together. Jaz went to her room to quickly change into cotton shorts and a t-shirt before making her way back to the living room. Emmett stood in front of the DVD shelf trying to see what there was to watch. She approached him from behind and kissed his shoulder.

He glanced down at her and smiled. "For two grown women, you sure have a lot of Disney movies."

She turned her head to give him a look. "Excuse me, they're all amazing movies. Haven't you checked the reviews?"

"I see how it is." He gave her a sideways glance and pulled out the only live action movie from the shelf and put it in the DVD player.

After hitting play, Emmett dragged her to the couch and pulled her to sit next to him. A stupid grin grew on her face as she curled herself by his side and breathed in his spicy scent. His warm hand rested on her thigh, and his fingers made light traces on her skin. A few minutes into the movie, she couldn't take it anymore. It felt as if his touch was sending electric pulses all the way to her crotch. She placed a hand on top of his to stop his movements and looked at his face. He was looking back at her, and his fingers intertwined with hers.

Instinctively, she reached up to brush her lips against his. Her hand gripped his as she kissed him softly. Darting her tongue out, she licked at his lips, wanting more.

"Jasmine," he spoke in a low voice.

She raised her head to look into his steel grey eyes. Without saying a word, he leaned in and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. He sunk his tongue into her mouth, kissing her with fervor. There was a power behind his kiss, like he was demanding the same amount of passion in return – and she gave it right back to him. She sat up as her hand grabbed onto his shoulders. He pushed her into the couch, laying her on her back. Their tongues teased each other, as if they were dancing together.

His hands were gripping her waist, and made their way under her shirt. It felt uncomfortable feeling his fingers on her back as she lay down. She didn't realize what he was doing until her bra snapped open.

"Emmett," her voice said in a panic.

He broke their kiss and leaned in with his forehead against hers, his breathing heavy. His eyes blazed with lust. "I want to do more, but I won't push you." He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to keep going?"

She took a few breaths and nodded her head, letting him know he could continue. When he removed her shirt and bra, her nipples hardened from the cool air in the room. He bent his head down to kiss the swells of her breast. Her head leaned back, and her eyes closed as she released a sigh. She felt his warm lips lay soft kisses across her chest, grazing her nipples ever so slightly, teasing her.

When his mouth finally wrapped around a nipple and sucked, her back arched. He nibbled and pulled it into his mouth, and she brought her hand to the back of his head, not wanting him to stop. His head moved to the other to give it the same attention and she became putty in his hands. Jaz barely noticed his hand moved lower as his fingers slowly pulled down her shorts. Trusting his word, she let him do as he pleased.

Once she was only in her panties, he knelt between her open legs, and lifted his head from her breasts. She whined at his absence, and looked up at him. She felt wanton lying there with her body exposed, and Emmett kneeling above her still fully dressed in his button down and slacks. She was thankful for the dim lights, not used to having someone stare at her body. His eyes took all of her in, and he licked his lips unconsciously. It was just like in one of her erotica novels; she couldn't help but imagine him as a dominant man looking down at his submissive. Between the image in her head, and her built up nerves, she let out a little giggle.

He cocked his eyebrow at her, "Something amuse you?"

"No, of course not...sir. You in your suit, and me practically naked. It's like you're a dom, and I'm just here. I don't know. It's kind of funny." Her body shook with laughter. Oh my god, you're being so stupid, Jaz. Stop rambling.

He laughed with her and grabbed both her hands to pin them down on either side of her head. He leaned down to kiss her, leaving her feeling breathless once again. He whispered in her ear, "I could be more dominant, if you want. The things I've imagined doing to you..."

Her smile disappeared, and the temperature of her body rose. He turned his head to kiss her, and she felt the passion return to her body. He released her hands and rested his fingers underneath the waistband of her panties. "May I?"

She paused for a moment before nodding her head. She didn't have to touch herself to know her panties were drenched. He pulled them off, and put her legs on either side of him as he continued to kiss her lips. His hands made their way all over her body, from her breasts to her waist, and to her ass and thighs.

Jaz's breath hitched as he kissed his way down her body, and rubbed his fingers over her pussy lips, spreading her wetness. Her breathing became shallow as his fingers came close to her clit, but never touching her there. She looked down and saw him lay kisses around her pelvis, where her stretch marks showed. Her hand reached up to run through his hair with affection, and he looked up at her with his lustful stare. Lowering his head, he kissed above the trimmed patch of hair on her mound, before giving a lick to her clit.

A gasp escaped her lips. Adjusting her legs, he settled himself more comfortably leaving her feeling more exposed to his gaze. Her wetness was dripping between her lips and between her ass cheeks, and she felt self-conscious of her thick thighs and stomach. Emmett must not have cared, because he laid a trail of kisses on her inner thighs, from her knees to where they were connected, stopping before her lips.

Two fingers rubbed up and down her pussy lips, massaging them. His lips descended on her, licking where his fingers touched, slipping into her every now and then. He sucked the lips into his mouth, and licked between them to lap at her wetness. When he never came back to her swollen nub, she felt as if she was going insane. Insecurities forgotten, she moaned aloud, "Emmett, please. Oh god, please."

Her hips rocked gently with his ministrations, wanting to direct him to her clit. Finally, he gave her another peck on her clit before licking circles around it, and sucking her into his mouth. Her hand gripped the couch and the hair at the back of his head. His fingers thrust in and out of her, and he sucked harder, running his tongue back and forth across her clit.

He moaned against her clit, and sped up while using more force, causing her to reach her climax. Her orgasm shook her whole body, and her thighs clasped on either side of his head. A moan sounded in the back of her throat as her body continued to spasm. He continued sucking, but her sensitive nub couldn't take it after awhile, and so she pushed his head away.

Jaz's body hummed with pleasure as he licked at the wetness between her pussy lips, and sucked his fingers into his mouth. He gave her one last kiss down there, before making his way up her body.

Emmett adjusted their bodies so they were lying on their sides before taking her lips in a gentle kiss. They laid in silence as he ran his hand along her side. She felt his voice rumble in his chest as he spoke, "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

She grinned at him. "Shut up."

He made a move to get up from the couch, but she stopped him. She kissed his neck, and spoke quietly, "Let me." A hand made its way between their bodies, as she grasped the bulge underneath his pants.

"Hmm?" His voice cracked, the cocky grin wiped off his face.

"I want to. Please? Teach me." She pressed a kiss on his neck between each sentence. He nodded his head, and she moved to straddle his body.

His heated gaze watched her, and he reached a hand up to cup her breast, running a thumb over the hardened nipple. It's like his hands were made for this. "You're breath taking," he whispered.

Heat rose to her cheeks. Here she was, naked and just came all over his face, but she felt uncomfortable hearing his compliment. Unsure of how to respond, she leaned down to kiss him, tasting her wetness on his lips. With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned his shirt.

Emmett glanced down at her hands, his desire replaced with a hint of concern. "Jaz," he whispered. She glanced up at him. "You're shaking. If you don't want to do this, it's ok."

Her heart melted. "I want to. I'm just nervous. A good nervous." When he still looked doubtful, she gave him a reassuring smile. "I'm a twenty three year-old virgin who has never given a blow job before. I think I have a right to be a little nervous."

He smiled back at her, and pulled her down to kiss him. Feeling his body relax once again, she kissed down his chest the same way he did to her, stopping to kiss each nipple and feeling them bud against her lips. Slowly, but surely. Just do it like the books.

She moved to unbuckle his belt, and saw that some of the wetness dripping from her pussy was smeared on his pants when she straddled him there. She looked into his eyes and ran her fingers over the wetness on his bulge. "Sorry. I think I stained your pants."

There was a twinkle in his eyes as he laughed breathlessly. "I forgive you."

Her fingers worked to open his pants, and pulled down the waistband of his boxer briefs. Damn. From the intense grey eyes, to his broad chest and hard stomach, and down to his throbbing cock – he was all man. And he's all mine. She tentatively wrapped her hand around the base of his erection, giving it a slight squeeze. Groaning softly, Emmett helped her take off his pants and she kneeled between his legs.

He hissed in pleasure as she brought her hand up to the head of his cock, and used her thumb to spread the moisture leaking from the tip. His hand wrapped around hers and guided her to move up and down his length. "You can squeeze it a little harder," he mumbled as his hand moved hers.

Jaz tightened her grip a little and jerked him a little faster. Emmett's hand fell away as his head rested back against the couch. A small sense of pride filled her as she heard a quiet moan escape his lips when she gripped him again.

She brought her mouth down to replace her hand, and he released a sharp gasp. He tasted salty as her tongue swirled around his head. Emmett's breathing became heavier as she continued to pleasure him. Must be a good sign. So she did it again, and sucked. He directed her hand to cup his balls, as she licked along his entire shaft, feeling the veins and muscles against her tongue.

Emmett's fingers grasped her hair, guiding her up and down when she encased the head of his cock in her mouth once more. Her wet tongue licked at the arousal seeping through his slit. With a hand gently cupping his balls, and her other hand working up and down his shaft, he moaned her name aloud. At a quick glance up his body, she saw his chest rise up and down with each breath he took, and his eyes shut tight.

Jaz gently caressed his balls, and was rewarded with another moan. His fingers tightened in her hair, and his hips thrust upwards as he spoke through clenched teeth, "Jasmine. I'm close."

At that, she sucked harder, stroking her tongue underneath the head of his cock. Her fingers wrapped around his length tighter as she sucked him into her mouth. She felt his balls twitch in her hands, and felt more of his salty moisture spill into her mouth. Emmett's climax caused his body to quiver beneath her. His fingers tugged her hair, and a few quiet grunts escaped his throat. "Oh, Jaz."
His moisture spilled down her fingers as she tugged at his length. A moment later, she crawled back up his torso, laying gentle kisses up to his lips. His fingers were still tangled in her hair, and he kissed her passionately. Their tongues slid against each other, and she rubbed her naked body against his. Emmett's hands slid down her back, pausing to squeeze her ass. She moaned into his mouth, before breaking the kiss to breath against his neck.

The movie played softly in the background, as they held each other. After a few minutes, they finally decided to get up and clean themselves in the bathroom. Jaz tidied up the living room before jumping into the shower after Emmett. By the time she was done getting ready for bed, she saw him lying in his boxers on the couch fast asleep.

Is this a dream? A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Nudging him awake, she guided him to her bed. She wanted to be next to him tonight, in her bed and holding her close. His body fell into the soft sheets, and he pulled her against him. She felt comfortable and at peace. He gave her a soft kiss on her temple, and she wiggled her body against him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," his low husky voice whispered in her ear.

She mumbled an "Oops," and stopped. After a few minutes of lying still, Emmett's breaths returned to a rhythmic pattern and her eyelids became heavier. The last thoughts in her head were of feeling warm and safe in his arms, as she fell into a deep sleep.


"Thank you for all your hard work this week, Jasmine. I could not have done any of this without you." Lauren spoke to her as they closed up the office.

Jaz breathed out, "It's definitely a learning experience." Both ladies walked to their cars and said their goodbyes.

Work had been more stressful than usual, making the weeks seem like a long drag. Lauren had connections with wealthy people who were interested in her work. It was great for the business, but some of those people came with an attitude that Jaz had little patience for. One client in particular had insisted both Lauren and Jaz meet with him every day that week over the course of several hours. The man was indecisive when it came to the layouts and depended on his girlfriend's approval for every detail, which frustrated both women. By the end of the week, Jaz and Lauren were mentally worn out.

Emmett told her that he was willing to make her dinner if she came by his place. Never one to refuse good food, she happily accepted and was now on her way to him. All Jaz wanted to do was sleep away the stress, particularly in Emmett's arms. Time seemed to drag on whenever they were not together. It had been a couple of weeks since they were able to be alone. She had often found herself craving to be near him, but they only got to see each other a few times during their lunch breaks lately.

They planned on spending this whole weekend together. There were no plans, except that they would be with each other and away from work. As he opened his door, she reached up to kiss his lips. Moaning softly, he pulled her inside and shut the door.

She broke the kiss and sniffed the air. "Mmm, is that –," she sniffed again, "Is that barbecue?"

His body shook from trying to contain his laughter, and he bent down to kiss the tip of her nose. "Really? You stopped kissing me because you smelled that?"

She smiled at him as they walked towards the kitchen. Seeing the take out containers, she eyed him suspiciously. "I thought you said you were going to cook if I came over."

Opening up the containers, he smiled apologetically at her. "That was the plan until I found out I had to stay back for work an extra hour."

"On a Friday?" She felt his pain.

"We have this new intern, and he was assigned to me. He asks too many questions, but he's got spirit, which I admire. Reminds me of myself, except I wasn't as talkative. I've tried telling him to tone it down, but I feel like I'm going to have to start writing detention slips or something."

A smile lifted the corners of her lips. "You don't give detention to college students."

He smiled in return, "You're right. I'll just kick him out."

She imagined him acting as a teacher at his work. Mm, I'd love for him to be my naughty teacher. Her thighs rubbed together at the thought. Emmett has opened up more to her about his life and even more so about his work since they've first met. The mysterious cocky guy she knew was slowly slipping away, and he was growing to be more like a close friend. A really hot close friend who knew how to do amazing things with his tongue.

After dinner, they changed into more comfortable clothes, and then took a walk around the block together to enjoy the cool air rolling in for the evening. The sun's last rays were slowly slipping away as they held hands and walked in comfortable silence. As they turned the corner, they came upon a small empty park. Déjà vu of Emmett pushing her against the tree flashed in her mind as he walked towards the edge of the park to sit by the trees. Leaning back against the bark, he pulled her down to sit between his legs. Jaz snuggled into his warmth as he wrapped his arms around her, and closed his eyes.

"What are we doing here?" Jaz whispered, breaking the silence.

Emmett leaned his head back and took a deep breath before speaking. "Relaxing."

"At night? In an empty park? Isn't that kind of dangerous?" She pursed her lips at him.

A grin played at the corner of his lips and a grey eye peeked open at her. "Are you saying I can't protect you?"

She raised her hands in a mock surrender, "Whoa now, calm down. I was just wondering."

He grabbed one of her hands and kissed her knuckles. "Don't worry. I come out here a lot, and not a lot of people tend to wander this late. It's not exactly a popular spot for drug dealers or homeless people. Too many families in the neighborhood."

A shot of electricity went up her arm at the touch of his lips. Feeling safer, she was able to focus on him, and what he was doing to her. His lips moved against her fingers as he spoke, or more like mumbled.

Making an attempt to joke with him, as well as get him to stop so her hormones could calm down, she said, "You don't know where my hands have been." She slipped her hand from his grasp and smiled at him.

He looked down at her with a tight smile. Reaching out to grab her hand again, he held it out in front of her as if to inspect it. "Oh really? And where have they been?"

"Uh...somewhere gross. Like what if I was cleaning up dog poop?"

His chest shook with laughter. "You don't have a dog."

She giggled. "Ok, what if I was just cleaning the bathroom?"

"Are you trying to say you don't wash your hands?" His laughter shone through his eyes as she looked up at him. When he bent down, his lips were only an inch away from hers. She stretched her neck up to brush her lips against his, and her eyelids slowly closed.

"I think I know what you've done with your hands," he mumbled against her lips.

"Hmm? And what's that?"

Emmett guided her hand down to the front of her mound, while his other hand inched her legs wider. She released a shaky breath as she let him move her hands underneath the waistband of her leggings and panties. He moved her fingers with his, rubbing up and down her soft pussy lips. It was almost as if she was a puppet as he controlled her movements.

A soft gasp escaped her lips as they dipped into the wetness between her folds. His tongue slipped into her mouth, and she moaned against his lips. He let go of her hand to draw slow circles around her clit. Jaz felt her body molding into his as her head fell back to rest against his shoulder. He licked at her neck as his fingers began to move faster.

He stopped suddenly. She was about to protest when he pulled her to the side of the tree, and a car drove pass. Bright headlights swept across the small park, barely missing where they were currently sitting. Well, that would have been embarrassing.

A laugh escaped her and Emmett joined in. His arms tightened around her from behind as they quieted down. "Um, I don't think we should do this here," she spoke with laughter in her eyes.

They both stood up and brushed the leaves from their legs. "Yeah. I don't want to have to bail you out for indecent exposure." A crooked grin appeared on his face.

Her jaw dropped, and she tried to keep a serious face. "What? Excuse me, but you were the one who shoved your hands down my pants."

"You practically begged me. My fingers are soaked." He shrugged his shoulders and began to walk away.

"Yeah, and your boner was practically poking through the back of my leggings." She squinted her eyes at him as she walked along his side.

"That thing has a mind of its own. I have no control over it, especially when you're around." His lips pressed together to hide a big grin from forming on his face. Jaz shoved her shoulder against his. He laughed at her as he playfully shoved her back. By the time they made it back to his apartment, her cheeks were sore from all the laughing and smiling. They sat together on the couch to flip through the channels. Eventually, as her body relaxed next to his, her eyelids grew heavier.

Hearing her yawn, he got up from the couch and carried her into his bedroom. "Don't jump away this time," he spoke against her forehead, and she felt his smile.

"Don't worry. I'm not drunk this time," she smiled back at him.

When he laid her in bed, she snuggled into his blankets. He left the room for a few minutes to turn off the lights in the living room, and she was already half asleep by the time he crawled in next to her. Bending over her, he laid a soft kiss against her lips.

"Goodnight, Jasmine," he mumbled against her lips.


Emmett listened to her breathing even out as he brushed a stray piece of hair away from her face. The intern at work was not the only matter stressing him out. He thought it was a good idea to inquire about the job in London earlier that morning, but now it was tearing at him.

Traveling has always been a part of his life, his career. It was never a struggle to leave home, and then come back weeks or even months later. Now, the idea of being far away from here bothered him. No, not being away from here. Being away from her. The thought of it pulled at his heart.

Sam would not reach out to him until a couple of weeks from now, which left him enough room to breath a little. Pulling Jaz closer to his body, he hoped there was someway he could go after his dream while keeping this woman by his side.


The need to relieve her full bladder jolted Jaz awake. Slowly, she made her way out of the bed, and then dashed inside the bathroom. When she returned, she found the bed empty. Shrugging her shoulders and too tired to care, she made her way under the blankets and breathed in his scent. The first rays of sunlight cast the room in a soft glow and she inhaled the scent of coffee that wafted throughout the room. She heard Emmett walk into the bathroom and come out a few minutes later to crawl into bed with her. His hands grabbed her thighs to move her body to straddle him. Since he was only in a pair of boxers, the feeling of his skin against hers raised goose bumps across her body.

"Good morning." He gave a gentle smile.

"Good morning to you." He reached up and gave her a soft kiss. What started off as gentle slowly became heated. Wetness gathered between her legs as his hand slid underneath her shirt to caress the side of her breast. The other hand pushed the waistband of her panties down so he could grip her bare ass.

She felt brave in the dim light, as she reached down to remove her t-shirt and resumed kissing him. Rocking her hips slowly, she could feel his hardon pressing through the fabric of his boxers and her wet panties. He moaned into her mouth and rolled her onto her back. While his hand groped her breast, he slid down to suck on her nipple. Jaz held onto his arms, enjoying how much attention he was giving her.

Emmett pressed his hips forward, pushing his bulge against her swollen pussy lips. Moaning his name, she wrapped her legs around his waist, not wanting him to stop. The only noises in the room were their heavy breathing and his wet lips sucking at her chest. Her eyes turned heavenward as he rolled her nipple between his teeth, and did the same to the other. Oh god, I want him so much. I want this. I want you.

"Emmett," she gasped.

"Hmm?" his lips moved back up to slide his tongue back in her mouth. Her hands moved up to grip his shoulders. She felt weak as she gently pushed him away. Finally, she got him to break apart and he rolled onto his back. "I'm sorry, Jasmine."

Sorry? Wait, I'm not sorry. Confused, she leaned on her side to look at him. "What?"

He placed an arm over his eyes and pulled the blanket over his erection. "I'm sorry. I want you so bad. It's not easy to remember that you're not used to this." His chest rose and fell with each deep breath he took.

Realizing what he was thinking, she sat up and placed an arm on him. "Don't be sorry." Biting on her lower lip, she looked down nervously at him. "I want this. I want to do this."

A second after the words left her mouth, Emmett sat up and looked at her. Instinctively, she pulled the blanket up to cover her naked breasts. His grey eyes looked into hers as he whispered, "You want to have sex?"

Hearing it made her heart skip a beat. Jaz was no saint, but at that moment, she felt like a blushing virgin from her romance novels. She gulped, "Yes."

He stared at her in silence. "Are you sure?"

She nodded her head, and let the blanket slip from her grip. His eyes darted down to her breasts and he gulped before looking into her eyes. The world felt as if it came to a pause and the center of gravity pulled them towards each other. Her heart skipped a beat as his fingers caressed her cheek, and she leaned into his touch.

"I want you, Emmett. I want this with you," she whispered before he captured her lips in a searing kiss.

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Sep 5, 2018 in romance