Sex stories

Short sex stories


I'm sitting at home on Saturday night, a fairly regular routine for me for the past 2 years.

I'm an avid reader and sports enthusiast so there's seldom a time when I'm alone that I can't sufficiently fulfil my time without succumbing to boredom.

However, keeping myself busy isn't quite the same as not being lonely. My divorce was final one and a half years ago but I've been alone since my wife of 23 years decided that she needed to leave me for a divorced doctor.

I'm a truck driver. The money isn't bad but it doesn't exactly put me on easy street either. My ex-wife, Katie, was a 19 year old waitress when we met.

We married just a few weeks before her 21st birthday and we lived in a small apartment while I worked and she went back to school to get her nursing degree.

6 years later, she had a really great job at a local hospital and was moving her way up the ladder.

To be fair, she is an excellent nurse. In spite of the hurt she's inflicted on me, her nursing skills and work ethic is second to none.

She continued her schooling and 5 years ago she was promoted to be the Surgery Manager which included the pre-op and post-op departments.

Her income also became more prominent. During her nursing years she was able to put enough money aside (mostly from call-back and overtime) to cover the college education expenses of our twin daughters, Candace and Cloe.

She also became much more friendly with a Dr. Chambliss. He was divorced from his wife. He had a reputation as a womanizer but Katie was smitten by his looks and charm. In spite of splitting half of his estate with his ex-wife, he was still very well off financially and that appealed to Katie.

I'm not sure where I lost her. The 19 year old waitress was an attractive but aimless teenager that had gone into the workforce immediately after high school.

I was attracted to her thin, athletic build and short blonde hair. She was a cross-country runner in high school but she had no direction in her life after high school.

I am three years older than her and I had already began my career as a truck driver. It wasn't exactly my first choice but my uncle had made a very good living at it and convinced me to pursue it.

I've been with the same company since then. I began by driving across the country which kept me away from home for several nights in a row often. The company has always tried to be as family-friendly as possible so after a long run where I'd be gone for 7-10 days, I'd usually be able to spend at least the next 4-5 days at home before having to run another load.

Six years ago, I was finally able to grab one of the local runs. Compared to the cross country travel, this has been heaven. I arrive at the dock by 6:00, inspect my truck and review my route, then hit the road and almost always back at the dock by 4:00pm.

I have 10 hour shifts and I'm always off from Friday through Sunday. It took nearly 20 years, but I finally got my dream shift. I was excited to not have to travel as far from home but I was also excited to be at home with my family more.

The girls were in high school at the time and Katie was working as a shift supervisor at the hospital. I thought my life was going great until...

Katie had been exposed to the "good" life. Our home was nice, in a safe neighborhood with good neighbors, but certainly nothing fancy.

She had been to social functions at the homes of administrators and doctors. She had gone out of town for classes and seminars and stayed at 5 star hotels at the hospital's expense.

I noticed a distance beginning to develop about a year before she hit me with the news that she was leaving me for Dr. Chambliss.

She explained that our lives and directions had changed since we first met. That's only a half-truth...HER directions had changed...I was still the humble and faithful husband. To add a little salt to the wound, she admitted to an on-going affair with this doctor for nearly two years.

The divorce was amicable. With a rather large disparity between our incomes, I could have sued for alimony. Instead, she agreed to let me keep our home. I was able to sell the house and use the equity to pay in full for the small condo that I live in now.

One of my activities that I got involved with once I was on a normal local work schedule was to renew my interest in bowling. Prior to going on the road, I bowled in a league and consistently carried and average between 180-185.

I could sit back, enjoy a beer or two, and enjoy the people at the alley. Katie's brother Kevin and his wife Drea bowled in the same mixed league as I did on Tuesday nights.

I didn't bowl in that league because of Kevin. That was just a coincidence. I bowled in that league because a couple of my co-workers and their wives bowled in it. Also, at the end of the season money had been accumulated for a trip to Las Vegas to bowl in a tournament there.

To put it plainly, Kevin was a class A jerk. He was a loud-mouth know-it-all that wasn't nearly as likeable to everyone else than he thought he was. He was a family member so he was tolerated. As an ex brother-in-law I still tolerated him because of Drea. We were still friends.

However, he was a scratch bowler. His average was always over 210 and he had several perfect 300 games to his credit over the years. He was tolerated because of his bowling prowess.

Drea wasn't really that bad of a bowler but with an average hovering around 140, it was her handicap score that helped out. She was actually one of the better women bowlers in our league. If she bowled a game much better than her average, then the handicap would help a lot.

I never liked the way he talked to her. He seemed to enjoy berating her in front of others. Drea would just quietly walk away and sit alone. Often, some of the other women would come over to cheer her up.

My team was the two couples from work and myself. We would bowl against their team twice in the season but I was often near enough to them to observe this kind of behavior.

Even after Katie left me, Kevin and Drea never treated me any differently...although I sensed a bit more tension from Kevin if my conversations with Drea got too friendly.

He did have a jealous streak in him but I had no designs of taking Drea away from him. I knew the feeling of having a spouse stolen and I would never do it to anyone else; not even an asshole like Kevin.

I really did like Drea, though. She was a very attractive and very nicely built brunette with long hair always pulled back in either a ponytail or braided. She had bright blue eyes that could hypnotize a man.

Although 48 years old, she could have easily passed for 35. Her young skin betrayed her age. In spite of her obvious physical attributes, Kevin would often tease her about her large ass or how gravity has affected her tits.

Her ass wasn't that large in my opinion. It was proportionate to her overall build. She wasn't a petite woman. I always guessed that she was probably a size 10 or 12. I'm very positive that other men saw the same beauty and sexiness.

Although I would never move in on another guy's woman, I always wanted to tell Kevin that if he wasn't happy with her, I'd be happy to have her. In spite of being married to such an asshole, she was generally a happy and positive person to be around.

That's not to say that I hadn't had carnal and erotic thoughts about her. I adored her face and body and the only thing that kept me at a safe distance was the ring on her finger.

She had been a secretary for the County for over 25 years. Kevin was a general contractor. They had a comfortable living. Maybe that was why Drea stayed with him...they had a nice home and amenities that she couldn't have enjoyed on her own.

One Tuesday night during our Autumn Season, I arrived at the bowling alley and met my teammates. As usual, I looked to see which lanes we'd be using that night and I always looked to see where Drea would be.

She was scheduled to be in the next two lanes over with Kevin and the rest of their team, however, they never showed up. Their three teammates were at a loss to explain why they didn't arrive and numerous attempts to call them were unsuccessful.

They bowled two short that evening but our group of friends in our league were seriously concerned. As much as Kevin loved to bowl and as competitive as he was, it was completely out of character to miss out on one of his bowling nights (he had one other league, all men, that he participated in on Thursdays).

I knew where they lived so several of us drove by to see if anyone was home after our league night was over.

I was in the lead car since I knew where they lived and two other cars totaling 8 others followed.

As I turned the corner to their street, I saw three police cars parked in front of their house and in their driveway. My heart sank as I imagined the worst.

I knew about Kevin's temper and was always afraid that he may have hit Drea before. I am bigger, stronger, and a much better fighter than Kevin and if he had hurt her, I wanted to kick his ass right front of the cops.

I parked across the street while I motioned for the others to stay in their vehicles until I knew it was safe to come over.

To my right as I crossed the sidewalk in front of their house, I saw Kevin sitting in the back seat of the police car that had parked in their driveway.

We made eye contact and I could tell that I was probably one of the last people he wanted to see. The look on his face was telling me to go to hell. Then he mouthed the words "fuck you" emphatically so I couldn't possibly misinterpret what he meant.

"What are you doing here?" an officer asked me as I approached the front door. I saw Drea sitting in a chair with an ice pack over the left side of her face. I was livid. I already had an idea what had happened.

"I'm both her ex brother-in-law and a friend officer."

"Please let him come in," Drea pleaded to the officer.

The officer waved me into the house. I motioned to the others to stay where they were.

Drea cracked a slight smile when she saw me.

"This is Randall Franklin," Drea told the officers. "His ex-wife and my husband are brother and sister but we've remained friends since their divorce 2 years ago."

I was asked some cursory questions about what I knew about Kevin and any violent tendencies.

I told them the truth about his temper, especially after a few drinks. Although I had never seen him physically harm Drea before, I had an utter disdain at the way he talked to her.

From there they wanted me to give examples, which I was happy to do.

"What happened, Drea?" I finally asked.

"Kevin...let's just say he came home already with too much booze in his system. It was a slow day because of all the rain we had earlier so he stopped by the bar with his buddies and downed a few."

"He got home and for whatever stupid reason, he began accusing me of having multiple affairs on him. He accused me of having Jeff and Hank from work and accused me of having an affair with you as well."

"Randy, I've never cheated on Kevin in the entire 26 years we've been married. We began yelling and he hauled off and used his fist and hit me across the side of my face."

"He ran out the door and I called 911. The police were on the next street over and stopped him as he tried to back out of the driveway. He was so drunk that he had trouble even operating the automatic door remote on his car."

I had to know more. The officers were listening.

"Has he ever hit you before tonight?"

"He's never hit me like that I told the cops...he had a habit of pushing me into the bed or that couch over there...then he'd force himself sexually. I think he got off doing that when he was mad."

"Was it only when he was drunk?"

"No, sometimes he'd just be mad about something I did or didn't do. We'd argue and the next thing I knew I was being pushed around and eventually having miserable sex with him. Of course he always seemed to have at least a little bit of alcohol in his system. I'm sure you've noticed that yourself before."

I nodded to the officers in the affirmative.

I was about as mad as I could get but I had to maintain some level of cool, especially with 3 officers still in the house. I was feeling tough, not stupid.

What I wanted to do was drag Kevin's ass out of the patrol car and perform justice right there. To hell with the courts and due process.

The officers told her that she had to go to the ER so that a complete physical could be done. This would be used as credible evidence against Kevin.

"Drea, that's not miserable sex...that's rape. Being his wife isn't a license to physically manhandle you. What do you plan on doing?"

"I called a friend of mine from work. She's going to meet me at the hospital. I'll stay at her house a few days. I'm taking off the rest of the week from work."

"Randy, I'm getting an attorney and divorcing his ass. I don't know how much jail time he's going to get. He'll probably post bail and come back to the house. I don't want to be here when he does."

With the officers there, I proposed a solution.

"I'll be off work by 4pm tomorrow and can meet her here by 4:15. Kevin is scared of me. He won't dare try to hurt her if I'm here. I'll stay out of the way while she loads up more of her personal items."

The officers were grateful for my offer but told me that they would assign an officer to escort her to and from the property.

Although I understood, I was disappointed. I really hoped that he would act up and I'd have a good excuse to put a big hurt on him. Kevin is a bully and I've seen evidence of that before. He'll talk tough to someone he thinks he can intimidate. He's never talked tough to me except that night in the safety of the back seat of a patrol car.

I knew damn well that he wouldn't have said that to my face. He's about 5 feet 8 and 170 pounds while I'm 6 feet 1 and 210 pounds.

It's all muscle and I've always handled myself well when I've had to fight. Even in my 50s, I can still defend myself if needed. I never look for fights, in fact I try to defuse a situation if I can, but Kevin was due for an ass kicking and I wanted to do it so badly. Of course, that fact that I was so fond of Drea would have made it more satisfying.

Kevin's not a weakling, he does work a job that requires strength and endurance, but I knew he was intimated by my size and strength.

I left Drea but encouraged her to call me if she needed anything...especially if she caught any shit from my ex. I wasn't sure what Katie might do or say in defense of her brother.

I walked back across the street and talked to our bowling friends. One of them had seen Kevin in the back seat of the patrol car and they weren't surprised when I told them of the evening's events.

I assured them that Drea was fine for the night and that she was divorcing him immediately.

There were no more incidents. As expected, Kevin was arrested and he posted bail...using their home as collateral.

The hospital's report on her facial trauma and comments from people like myself and others that knew about Kevin's temperament was all the courts would need to eventually convict Kevin and grant a divorce to Drea.

Meanwhile, Drea stayed with her friend from work. She went back to work the following Monday and returned to our bowling the next Tuesday.

Kevin had a lucrative business to protect so he was cooperative with the courts and agreed to enter anger management counseling as well as an alcohol rehab program and that a restraining order would be strictly enforced.

He did no more time behind bars but was to serve a suspended sentence of 3 years. Any violation of the court's terms would have him spending the next 3 years behind bars. That would hit him where it hurt the most...his wallet.

They have a 21-year old daughter, Krystal, in college that was devastated. After that, she swore that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Drea tried to encourage her to at least continue speaking to him but she was resolute.

Drea was awarded the house and sizable alimony, although she no longer wanted to live in the house. She had plans to sell the house and have a new beginning.

Bowling was one of Drea's pleasures that she continued to enjoy. Kevin was no longer welcome at the bowling alley and he was informed that if he dared to enter through any of the doors that the police would be called immediately. That would be a violation of his parole.

It was during these weekly bowling games that Drea and I began to talk more than usual. I enjoyed these evenings but I never approached her to meet at any other time.

There was an unmistakable connection between us. She was getting her life back in order and felt safe inside of her home again. One month after she resumed her league bowling, she invited me over for a home-cooked meal the following night.

The last thing I wanted to do is act too quickly on her. Most importantly, I really liked her as a friend and I wasn't going to dare act in any way that would jeopardize that friendship.

However, she was sending out very subtle signals and it seemed that she wanted more. I wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking on my part or if it was truly her way of telling me to go further.

She had put a roast in the crock pot to cook while she was at work. We enjoyed the roast as well as potatoes and carrots.

She did an expert job in seasoning the roast. I knew that she was a decent cook because of dishes she'd cook for family gatherings. While Katie and I were married, we didn't visit their house too often, but when we did Drea would always have a tasty meal for us.

Then Drea decided to state her purpose for the evening.

"Okay Randy, I'm glad you enjoyed your meal and I have some dessert in the fridge for later."

"However, I did have another reason for asking you over."

She had my attention.

"I'm going to sound very forward but it's the only way I know to do it."

"Yes? You have my attention Drea."

"Good. Randy, you and I have been friends for a lot of years. Actually we were in-laws for a long time."

"Yes. That's nothing new. I'm not sure where you're headed with this."

"Where I'm headed Randy is...and I hope that I haven't read you wrong...that you and I seem to be a good mix together."

"Am I wrong to assume that you've thought about me as more than just a friend?"

"No, you wouldn't be wrong about that. I just didn't think you wanted a guy to be anything but a friend after what happened with Kevin."

She looked disappointed and told me.

"I'm kind of disappointed in that, Randy, to be honest with you."

"Don't you think that I can't tell the difference in your character and Kevin's? Look, you've never acted out of place with me."

"That night that you came by the house after Kevin was arrested? I knew you were bowling that night but I was hoping that you'd come by...although I wasn't expecting you to."

"Of all the people that I didn't want to see at that time, I did want to see you."

"Let me be honest, Randy. I used to be jealous of Katie because she was married to you and I was stuck with Kevin."

"I have no idea why she'd leave a guy like you. You have all the characteristics of a perfect husband. You're loyal, hard-working, and honest. You're also a nice looking guy."

That part made me uncomfortable.

"Thanks Drea. Those are kind words but I've never seen myself as some kind of hot guy. I just live as I believe I should live."

"Truck drivers have a reputation, and some of them deserve it, of being bed-hopping man whores. I was in love with Katie and although I had my chances, I never cheated on her."
"I'm more than a little uncomfortable talking about these things though. I'm sorry if I don't seem too enthused."

She was quiet for a few seconds then started with an even bolder question.

"Be honest with me Randy. Be deathly honest."

"Okay, I'll try."

"Don't try. Just do it. This is important to me as your friend."

"Okay, I owe you that."

"Good. I want to know how you honestly feel about me. I already know that we're good friends. I'm digging just a little deeper, if you know what I mean."

"Uh...I might know what you mean but could you be more specific?"

"Dammit Randy, do you think I'm attractive and sexy?"

"What kind of question is that, Drea?"

"The kind of question that deserves an honest answer," she responded with more of an edge to her voice.

"You want honesty?"

"Yes, dammit."

"Okay, here's honesty and I hope you can handle it."

"Try me."

"Fine, not only do I find you attractive and sexy, I love your eyes, your large tits, and your ass. If I were some horn dog that didn't have any ethics or a moral compass, I'd have tried getting into your pants a long time ago. How is that for brutal honesty?"

Drea's face lit up with a huge toothy smile.

"That's exactly the kind of honesty I was looking for Randy. You see, we're good friends and there's clearly potential to be lovers."

"Look, we've both been hurt by exes that were assholes. You and I stayed true to our vows even though neither of them loved us enough to honor their vows."

"Yes, Kevin cheated on me. At least with two that I know of for sure. One was the secretary at his office. He had her several times. Another time when he went to Las Vegas he visited a whore house north of the county. I saw his credit card bill and he didn't deny it."

"I may not have the body that all men want but I do the best I can with what I have."

It bothered me to listen to her not seem to appreciate her body. I let her know.

"Let me tell you something Drea. I don't know who in the hell you've been listening to over the years but you are still one very hot looking lady. I can tell you again that I'm one guy that appreciates what I'm looking at right now."

Drea was wearing blue jeans...tight enough to accentuate her ass but loose enough for her comfort. She was wearing a pullover sweater that wonderfully accentuated the size of her breasts. When I looked at her at that time, I tried to imagine what she looked like without any clothes on.

She was only 5 foot 3 inches tall but with a very full frame. I had always admired her body and could never understand why she didn't see herself the same way. I couldn't see why Kevin felt the need to cheat on her. He had a hot wife right there at home.

I finally got the nerve to ask the next question.

"Are you just asking these questions or are you suggesting something more?"

"Both. Randy, I do desire you. I desire you as a person, I desire your body."

"I'm not sure what's right or wrong but we've both been lonely for quite a while. Shit, I was lonely when I was married."

I knew that feeling as well.

I stood up and took her hand as she stood from her chair.

I brought her face close to me and kissed her lightly on the lips. She returned the kiss with a fervor that caught me off-guard.

It was only a matter of a few seconds and our tongues were darting around inside of each other's mouth. Suddenly, Drea pulled back and made another startling declaration.

"You know what? The minute Katie left you I wanted to leave Kevin's ass and go after you. You and I have played the part of the faithful spouses while our exes were playing around."

"I'm fucking tired of being the good girl. I'm tired of seeing guys like you being alone when you can be enjoying a good woman in your bed and in your life."

"I'm not even sure I want to be monogamous anymore. Shit, I've saved my passion for one guy that didn't appreciate it. I have a burning desire to share it with others."

I knew she wanted me in bed right then but I was disturbed by the thought that she had no desire to stay true to one man anymore. Still, I had a raging hard-on and a very willing partner. The monogamy discussion could wait for later.

"In that case Drea, I think we need to get into that bedroom of yours and take care of our passions. I've been dying inside to see what you look like naked."

"Shit Randy, after tonight, you can probably see it naked as much as you can handle. I'm yours right now. Do whatever you want to me. I just want you inside of me...NOW!"

It took only a few seconds to remove her top. She stood still as she watched me hurriedly remove her sweater and then her bra.

Holy shit! Her breasts were even hotter than I had imagined. I now knew why she always wore thick bras. She was a full D cup with large light brown areolas about the size of a silver dollar.

Her nipples were the star of this show. They were thick and hard from the beginning. Although the breasts had the sag expected from a now 49 years old woman that is large busted, the nipples were still prominent and sexy.

I instinctively took my mouth to her hard and thick nipples. I immediately knew that her nipples were ultra-sensitive. Knowing that, I kept at it for several minutes. Her appreciative moaning gave way to appreciative thanks.

"Damn, I haven't had my tits treated like this in almost forever. Right now I want us naked and having your dick deep inside of me."

It didn't take long for both of us to be totally disrobed. I stopped to stare at her naked pussy. She had a thick, dark bush that was trimmed on the sides and bare beginning with her labia.

I put my hands between her legs and immediately felt the massive dampness from her pussy caused by her excitement.

"I'm sorry Randy, no more touching...just that hard cock of yours in me."

I did as I was told. She wanted no more foreplay.

I'm not exceptionally well hung and I'm probably normal in thickness, but she didn't seem to care. She wanted me and it probably didn't matter how well or not well-equipped I was.

It had been well over 2 years since I'd last had sex. My cock was aching to be inside a warm, wet pussy again and in spite of my best efforts to withhold my ultimate satisfaction, I wasn't going to last much longer.

Drea must have sensed as much and instructed me to pull out and shoot my load on her tits. It's something she'd always wanted but had never happened to her before.

I gleefully pulled out my hardness and shot several large loads onto her gorgeous chest. I got a nice, thick shot on her right nipple.

We then were on our backs catching our breath. I kept looking at her as she stared at the ceiling fan with a contented look on her face.

I kept staring at her naked tits. While on her back they hung down from her sides. I reached over and massaged her left tit. All of my spunk had landed on her right tit and in her cleavage. The left tit was clean and eager to be massaged.

"Randy, I honestly can't remember the last time I was this satisfied. This may be the best I've ever had."

I wanted to last longer and I told her so.

"I didn't expect you to last that long. It's been a long time for you as well, hasn't it? What's important is that we finally got to do what we've been wanting to do for what seems forever."

"I'll have to confess something to you, Drea. I've always got the best look at your tits that I could. When you'd walk away, I'd always get a few extra seconds of looking at your ass."

"You're one hell of a sexy woman. Even more so now that I have you here naked next to me. I don't know why you'd ever doubt yourself. That is one fucking hot body that you have."

A few tears crept down her cheeks.

"Thanks, sweetheart. When you love a guy so much like I did Kevin and he keeps saying and doing things that make you feel unattractive and undesirable, it wears on a girl."

"After Kevin and I were done, I expected you to take a more active interest in me. We'd been in-laws and good friends for so long. I just thought that it was natural that you'd make more of a move on me."

"That's when it occurred to me that you only liked me as a friend but didn't consider me attractive enough for anything else."

"I know how nicely built and pretty Katie is and I figured I wasn't in her class."

Those words stung me. Laying right next to me was an incredibly sexy lady and she had been waiting for me to make a move. When I didn't do it, she became the aggressor.

"You've got to be kidding me, right? I mean, whatever in the hell ever made you feel like you weren't in Katie's class...or not in my class? Just because of what that asshole Kevin said?"

"You've just said something that has totally taken me for a loop, Drea."

She gave me that deep, soulful look and I could tell her eyes were beginning to water slightly.

"Then what was it that made you not even make a play for me?"

"That's easy to answer, Drea. You just came out of a bad and abusive relationship. I figured the last thing you wanted was to have some horny old guy hitting on you on the rebound."

"Eventually, the I would have figured that enough time had passed and that you would gladly accept an offer for a date."

"Holy shit, Randy. That time might have been before his arrest. I was that close to cheating on him."

I didn't like that answer.

"Drea, that kind of disappoints me. You see, in spite of how much I really never liked Kevin, I would never hit on another guy's wife."

"I know the feeling of having a wife taken from me. I know the feeling of being cheated on, just like you do. It hurts like hell."

"I do wish that you'd left before that one night, though. Maybe tonight could have happened much sooner."

That did it. She no longer made any effort to hold back her tears.

She buried her face on my chest, her tears dampening the sparse hairs that had gone gray over the years.

I gave her a few minutes to cry and hopefully clear her mind.

"What have I done to myself, Randy?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean...look at me tonight...look at me...I invite you over and act like a two-bit whore. I had every hope of bagging you tonight."

"I'm talking all kind of foolishness about wanting to start playing around, possibly with several guys."

"I didn't have the patience or the confidence to wait until you asked me out."

"I was wallowing in self-pity telling you that staying faithful isn't worth it. Why? Because I was married to an asshole, that's why. I let that asshole define my self-worth and my moral compass."

"We've known each other for so many years Randy. I can tell you right now...and I've felt this way for more years than I can recall...I love you so much. Never more than tonight, though."

Wow! I wasn't expecting this out of her so soon. Everything she said was true but she seemed to sort out her emotions and feelings so quickly after only a few words from me.

"Tell me something Drea. Do you still have a desire to try different men before settling down or have you abandoned that idea?"

"Hell no. With the right guy I could stay put. However, in the absence of the right guy I won't deprive myself anymore."

"Part of my problem with Kevin wasn't just the fact that he was verbally and physically abusive. It was the neglect in our bedroom. The only time I saw him with an erection was when I'd catch him looking at porn on the computer."

"I could never act nice enough and willing enough to turn him on. I even tried to be naughty and seductive, even talking dirty to him...still didn't do a thing for him."

"So, yes...if I stay single the rest of my life...I sure as hell won't stay celibate. The right guy will deserve every bit of my love and passion. I'll not only remain faithful, I'll do so very willingly. The right guy will never have to worry about my fidelity."

I finally understood her. In fact, I began to admire her even more. I had stayed celibate since Katie fact even before she left.

I had probably denied myself of some carnal pleasures because I was going to wait until the right person comes along. Maybe I should have had some fun before as well.

"So Drea, let me ask you a very serious question."

"Sure, Randy."

"Is tonight just a booty call for you or are you interested in settling down with a guy like me?"

She laughed.

"What if I told you the answer was both?"


"Hey, I wanted this just as much as you did Randy...maybe more. I also want more of your friendship...and I want more of your cock. Is that so hard to understand?"

"I guess I can understand. I mean, I value your friendship and I've always desired your body."

"Exactly, Randy. Look, what we have together as friends has taken shape for nearly 30 years. We know each other quite well."

"It's not like I went bar hopping and came home at 2am with some strange guy...although I'll admit I've considered it in my lowest moments."

"I'm with a guy I can say I've really loved for many, many years."

I understood and agreed.

"Drea, even when I was married to Katie, I often wondered what it would have been like being married to you instead. We've always gotten along well. Our interests are very similar."

"I'm laying here next to you and your cum soaked tit wondering why we had to go through so much to get to this point."

Drea looked down at her tit that I had referenced and smiled.

"Maybe I need a quick shower to clean off this mess you made," she said while winking and smiling at me.

"Is there room for two in that shower?"

"You know there is Randy. You've been to this house enough times. You may have to hand wash my chest thoroughly."

Washing her in the shower caused my cock to revive. Drea noticed it and took extra time washing my cock with extra soap and hand motions.

Once she rinsed it off, I lifted her enough against the side of the shower and plunged my hardness into her again.

I had planned on making my second session with her last longer but my sac had refilled in a way that hadn't happened since I was a teenager.

In those days I could shoot my load and be ready to do it again in less than 30 minutes. On this night, I was ready to shoot my load an hour later...and another huge load at that.

"Shit, Drea. I was hoping to last longer the next time. I don't know what happened tonight but I rebounded faster than any time that I can remember since I was a teenager."

"No need for an apology Randy. You've made me about as happy as I've been in so many years. I feel hot and sexy again."

"You looked at my naked body with hungry eyes. Your cock sprang up at the mere sight of it. You wanted to shower with me and that caused you to pop up again."

"You have no idea how that makes me feel. I've had lady friends at work tell me that they thought that I was still desirable to guys, but you've proven that tonight to be a fact."

"I don't want to be a slut. I want to be the good wife. It isn't just about the sex either. I want a man that wants to be with me...not just when he's horny."

I felt the same towards her. I always valued her friendship and told her so.

"So, where do we go from here, Drea?"

She answered me with a question.

"Where do you want it to go?"

"I'd like to be with you forever...and I think you feel the same way."

"I do, Randy. Very much so. There's just one problem...and I know it's probably wrong but..."

I could see her struggling. I encouraged her to tell me, no matter what it was.

"You see, I make an extra 600 dollars per month from alimony payments. Living with you or being married to you, that goes away."

"And you know what? It's not the amount of money that I'd miss. It's the fact that once a month, that asshole has to write out a check for 600 dollars with my name on it."

"I know it burns his ass when he does it. You see, it's the revenge factor that I'd miss more than the dollars."

Although I understood, I was disturbed at the possibility of that factor holding up any progress we'd made.

"Oh no, Randy. I'll give it up when necessary. As much as I love you, I want to be financially independent the rest of my life. Let's enjoy our time together but not dependent on each other for our financial well-being."

I tried to clarify my intentions.

"I'll share whatever I have with you and I'm sure you'd do the same. The thing I want to share the most with you is my time. Is that making sense?"

She looked at me hoping I understood her intentions. I understood but I felt like she was worried that I'd eventually be another Kevin. That bothered the hell out of me...and I tried sharing that with her in the nicest way possible.

I also realized that she was probably better off overall financially than I was, at least currently. I was going to do more than fine with or without her finances though.

"All I can say Drea is that I'm not Kevin. I'm never going to physically or emotionally hurt you. You may be a little better off than I am financially. That's a possibility."

"I live comfortably enough. I pay my bills, enjoy some indulgences like bowling, put food on the table, and stuff a fair amount into my retirement as well as a savings."

"When I retire in about 10 years, I'll have a nice cushion between Social Security and my own personal retirement. I'll make nearly as much per month as I do right now and I won't have a mortgage by then."

"Whatever I have, I want to share it with the one that I love. No matter how much or how little you have, that fact won't change."

"If the financial part is a deal-breaker to you, I'll understand. We can always be friends."

She stared right into my eyes.

"I don't want to just be your friend anymore, Randy."

"Listening to you, I don't give a shit about the money anymore. I'd probably run off to Las Vegas right now and marry you if I could."

That remark threw me off, to say the least.

"I'm not suggesting some quick elopement, but I do think a level of commitment would be appropriate. Like you said, it's not like we just met for the first time tonight."

"You know what's strange, Randy? This is what I've wanted for a long time with you...yes, even when I was still with Kevin. I know it was wrong to desire another guy at the time but...well, you were what I wanted and Katie didn't appreciate...hell, I doubt that she even had a clue that I had eyes for you."

"Now you are willing to give me what I wanted and I'm the one with cold feet. Please forgive me for saying or doing anything that would make you think that I'm comparing you to Kevin in any kind of unfavorable way. That would be unforgivable."

"I just want to spend the night with you. Why not just stay here?"

I liked that idea but there was one big problem.

"I have to get up early for work and my work clothes are at my place. However, if you want to pack some stuff, you can stay with me for the night...who knows, maybe a lot more."

"You got it!" she exclaimed quickly. "I'd probably like staying at your place better anyhow. This place still reminds me of that asshole that used to live here."

It was a done deal.

We haven't spent a night apart since, and that was a year ago.

She sold her house and pocketed the money for her retirement. She moved in with me. One month later we eloped to Las Vegas. She was anxious to take my last name and ditch her previous married name.

A week after essentially moving in with me after our first night together, Drea received a call from Kevin's attorney. Kevin wasn't able to contact her due to the restraining order but he had gone through his attorney to send her a message.

Drea had no desire to hear from him. She told the attorney that she was done and she meant it. The attorney didn't pursue it further.
Two days later, Katie arrived at my place with a letter from Kevin. She was very pleasant to both of us and practically begged us to read it. She assured us that we'd like its contents.

In spite of the reasons behind our divorce, Katie and I had remained on good terms. It wasn't overly friendly but very cordial. I had no reason to not trust her; especially being as friendly as she was with Katie.

The contents of the letter:

Dear Drea,

So much has happened to tell you about in one letter so I'll keep it as brief as I know how.

The first thing I want to say is that I apologize profusely for the hell that I've put you through. I can never take that back but I'm tortured by those horrible memories of such abuse.

This isn't an attempt to reconcile with you. I know that we're done and I blame only myself for that. My motives are purely to let you know that I'm doing better and everything I do now is to make my life better; not to get back with you. There is too much damage done.

I would like to wish you the very best. You really are a great lady. You are attractive and cheerful and I never told you that nearly enough. I'm also tortured by the thought of letting that get away from me.

Again, I'm sure you'll find another man. Whatever you do, don't settle for anyone that treats you the way I did. You deserve so much better.

I've done a lot of soul searching. I am now 2 months sober. I have taken anger management classes ordered by the court. I meet with Alcoholic's Anonymous as part of the court order as well. That will be a routine for me for years to come but it's the best thing I've ever done. It's a day by day process but I'm determined to be a better man than I ever was when I had you.

Your life goes on. My life goes on but with a new beginning. I do hope that there's a day that we can at least be cordial to each other.

I'm also sending a similar letter to Krystal. I love our daughter and I will beg for her forgiveness. I don't deserve forgiveness but I hope that you'll both be gracious enough to extend it.

I've been humiliated and humbled. I've cried more in the past couple of months than I have the rest of my life combined.

Sadly, this is probably what it took to get me to where I am today. I've heard that you and Randy have kind of gotten together. Please know that I wish the very best for you both if you take it further. He's a good man, Drea. I have always envied him for being the kind of man I want to be now. I'm sorry that Katie didn't see that.

I'll try closing this out before I start crying again. Thank you for being so good to me for so many years. I didn't deserve it but you did it anyhow.

If you've read the letter this far, thank you for taking the time. Randy, if you're reading this, thank you for being a better friend to me than I deserved and I apologize for accusing you of cheating with Drea. I know better. I always have known better.

If I could ask only one favor from you it would be to pray for my continued recovery. I like the man I'm becoming and if I can stay away from the booze then I will be happy. If not, this whole process begins again. It's that important to me.

Sending my very best to you.

Love, Kevin Armstrong

Drea's eyes began watering as she finished the letter. We were both impressed by it. It was time to move on for all of us. Drea encouraged their daughter, Krystal to reconcile with her father even though there was no chance for her parents to reconcile. She agreed to read his letter and decide.

From that time on, we quit referring to Kevin in derogatory terms. In that letter, a man that I always saw as arrogant and obnoxious was humbled and contrite. I always suspected that alcohol abuse was a part of his problem and he was on the right track.

I knew he had a long road ahead. I truly prayed that he continued on the right path.

I had seen truck drivers lose their careers over alcohol abuse. The DOT standards are very strict when it comes to truck drivers and alcohol. One single DUI and your career is over. Zero tolerance policy for even having a trace in your system. I usually had one or two beers while bowling but that had worn off long before getting behind the wheel again.

There is still a restraining order but that will lift once he finishes parole. We don't anticipate any further problems but we'll be on the alert in case he has a relapse.

From the beginning we believed that we'd be good together and nothing has happened to make us believe otherwise. Our level of compatibility is more than amazing.

The sex remains great. We sleep in the nude and I still enjoy stealing glances at her nude body as she sleeps. Those large breasts with the thick protruding nipples still turn me on. I often wake up with my arm draped over her and one of her tits in my hand.

That thick dark bush between her legs might as well be a welcome mat for me. I love to bury my head between her legs and eat her delicious pussy quite often. She had never had a guy go down on her before me. Now she's addicted to it.

We still bowl during all four seasons on Tuesday night. That same group has a Las Vegas tournament at the end of the season. That gives us four visits to Sin City each year.

Most of our social contacts have been through our bowling. Our city of 50,000 people is mostly a blue collar town and we fit in well.

My two daughters and Krystal have been very supportive. Of course Krystal has known me as Uncle Randy for the longest time and Chloe and Candace and have known her as Aunt Drea.

It is awkward but they understand the circumstances. They are all fully aware of our former partner's infidelity and every one of them are disappointed with the offending parent.

A friend of Drea's, a co-worker, has been trying to get her to take me to a nude beach nearby. She and her husband enjoy it and assured her that it's a non-sexual setting.

We haven't said for sure yes or no. Drea admits to being intrigued by it. It's safe to say that if she decides she wants to go then I'll be right there with her.

We like walking around the house nude, but in the privacy of our home. In public? Other guys being able to stare at my sexy wife's body? Maybe. I'm certainly proud of her body. She's already lost 14 pounds and looks even better than ever.

She didn't have to do that to impress me. I loved that body before that because it belonged to the most amazing woman I've known...Drea.


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