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Costumes and Collars

'Thousands of costumes to choose from!' That's what the sign over the shop promised. "I don't want to go to a Halloween party." Frankie repeated as Christopher parked the Range Rover. This conversation had been circling for the hour long drive to their destination.

Once parked, he turned in his seat and grinned directly at her, reaching forward to offer his hands, palm up, to her.

"I'm serious." She said, keeping her own hands in her lap. She tried out her patented glower on him. It only made his smile widen and his index finger crooked towards her in summons.

"Why not?" He asked in his usual calm, unflappable tone.

"Dressing up in a ridiculous costume? It sounds horrific and uncomfortable and childish."

"I'll be dressing up too. It's Samhain, a very important holiday for us. We have a huge party with everyone in costume. It will be very fancy. And? It will be nice to be seen together for the first time without drama. Formal and everything." His green-gold eyes gleamed with his delight and pride. Their first time out as a couple.

Terrifying! Frankie felt her throat tighten up with a mixture of dread and excitement.

"Christopher, designers of these ridiculous cheap'o costumes don't make anything to fit a 6'2 women with my muscle mass. I should pick something totally skimpy so I can show off my ass to everyone. Sexy..."

"Oh no!" He teased with a playful growl. "You are to wear a sheet with holes in it. Noone gets to see your backside except for me."

"Savage." She couldn't hold onto her straight face and smiled back at him, reaching out to slide her hand into his waiting palm.

"Mmmm." He agreed and bowed his head over her fingers, brushing a soft kiss to her knuckles. The impossibly sexy quirk of his lips and smoldering look through his lashes made her chest feel too small for her heart. "You have no idea."

"I kinda think I do. Hey, no fair using your weapons of charm on me." She accused, letting her eyes fall closed as the pad of his thumb caressed along the crease of her palm, gliding over her birthmark with a silvery thrill to match the too tight ribs.

"It's completely fair when you're being stubborn. I have to use every trick to even the board." His breath tickled along her wrist before he pressed his cheek to the back of her hand and met her eyes, a silent plea in the wild green gaze. All for her. Only for her.

"Impossible man." She whispered, squeezing his larger fingers.

"You like that about me." She could feel his smile against her skin as he nuzzled his cheek there. "Please Sunkist. You can dress me in anything you like." A pause before he clarified, "for the party."

"You trust me to do that?" She felt warmth rise to her cheeks at the nickname and tried to scowl a warning at him, but he kissed the back of her knuckles, distracting her.

"I trust you wouldn't dress me in anything that would give someone too much to look at." He assured her with narrowing eyes, as though he were considering the wisdom of his offer. "My whole family will be there."

She felt a wider smile stretching her lips, "Oh, so I could really embarrass you!"

It was so rare to catch the big, mild gentleman off balance that she delighted in the shocked, eyes-widening expression suffusing his chiseled features. The dimples fell away as his mouth opened on an adorable gasp. "You wouldn't." He hesitated and stared at her. "You would! Frankie Welton! Don't you dare embarrass me."

"My goodness! Christopher Harris-Wallace is /shy/? Who would have thought it possible?" It was her turn to gloat a moment, basking in the warmth brightening his sharp cheekbones. Leaning in closer, she kissed his lower lip very softly. "I guess that's the cost if you want me to dress up for you."

He searched her eyes, "Evil woman." He whispered low and slid his hand free of hers so he could gather up two handfuls of her bright orange curls and pull her in close for a hard kiss. The grip was unyielding, his strong fingers scraping along her scalp as he drew her in closer, preventing her from escaping by the roots of her hair. She gasped in shock at the force used to hold her, allowing him liberties with the depth of the kiss. His sleek tongue invaded her in a sudden, hot curl between her lips. Into her.

Peppermint filled her mouth, both cool and hot in contrast to the warmth of the sleek tongue tasting her deep and ruthless. Even as his fingers balled into fists on the curls he'd captured, he plunged his tongue deeper into her, claiming her then coiling around hers until she heard herself moaning for more.


His teeth pressed hard into her lower lip as he growled into her. Fingers uncurled, releasing her hair but his grip on her lower lip intensified, trapping her there so he could caress the swollen flesh with the tip of his tongue. Slow, teasing strokes passed back and forth over the pulsing skin before he released her from the kiss.

Free, she remained melted across the console, trying to press herself up against him without success given the space of the interior and object in the way. His hands slid through her curls in a lazy caress and his thumbs brushed along her jaw as he drew his head back to admire his mark left on her mouth.

Her lower lip throbbed, it felt like he'd broken the skin but she didn't taste blood, just felt the roar of blood in her ears and the crying hunger for more. She felt the melted honey between her thighs and rubbed her legs together to ease the sensation that sizzled from mouth to nipples to her sex. A single kiss set her on fire and he knew it. Of course he did.

"I don't know if I can keep my hands off you for the length of a party." He admitted. "Particularly if you don't allow me any clothing to hide behind." His thumb brushed over her lip and she hissed aloud at the sensation, letting her eyes flutter closed. Long fingers gripped her lower lip and pinched as he whispered into her ear, "You wouldn't be that cruel. Would you?"

Her answer was a low moan as he nuzzled against her ear. She tried to slip her leg over the console and realized that even if she managed to get into his lap, she was wearing boots and jeans and there was no way to get at the prize she wanted. Mercifully he released her lip and kissed the offended spot affectionately. It took her a moment longer to regain her composure and there he sat, watching her with hooded, dangerous green eyes and a boyish, dimpled smile on his pretty mouth. He regarded her lips in satisfaction, obviously pleased with himself for provoking her response, or perhaps at the audacity of leaving his bite marks and bruise in her sensitive flesh.

"Mine." He whispered with unimaginable pleasure

She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Mine." She met his eyes, his half-lidded as a little moan escaped him. "You really are overdressed." Her fingers played with his tie and under it, one of the buttons of his shirt. "You're even wearing an undershirt. It's like layers over layers."

"I need some protection Frankie! You're ruthless." His eyes widened with the innocent expression she'd believed once. Before getting to know him. Before he was biting her lip, and other places, until her toes curled. "So, shall we go shopping?"

He didn't wait for her answer but slipped out of the SUV and glided around to her side of the vehicle. It was no good trying to convince him otherwise, he would open and close doors for her no matter how she reminded him of women's rights and her own ability. A knight was not so easily reconditioned after a lifetime of chivalric training.

Black curls gleamed in the sun as he held open the door for her and inclined his head with the elegance and grace of long training. When she stomped out of the car he extended his arm, the black tailored jacket both hiding his exquisite frame and accenting it. And from the mild smile, he knew exactly how much she liked seeing him in it. Why he thought he needed to be dressed so fine for costume shopping was beyond her, it must be to torment her with his buttoned up perfection. Several ideas about how best to use his tie leapt to mind as she pressed her fingers over his forearm.

The shop's logo had a Groucho Marx style glasses, nose and mustache and called 'Disguise the Limit'. They'd driven over the hill from Napa County into Santa Rosa because, the Spirit store in Napa just wouldn't do. "You're such a snob." She teased him as he tucked her under his arm.

He put his nose up just a little and sniffed down at her, but his bright eyes shifted from hers down to her mouth only to return to her gaze with such a naughty grin. "I know. Horrible isn't it?"

So there they were, the tall, elegant gentleman ready for a black tie event, and the amazon woman under his arm in rip-kneed jeans and baggy tee-shirt looking for a fight. They drew many stares as they walked down the tree lined street of Old Railroad Square but for once it didn't make her feel belligerent. Today, she didn't feel like taking on the world. Inside, even more pairs of eyes shifted to them as Christopher opened the door and escorted her in.

"Can I h-help you two with anything?" The girl behind the counter tucked the book she was reading away to offer a stammering smile while gawking up at them. She was cute in a too much eyeliner and piercings way with long, pale limbs and liquid brown eyes. Her attention basked in Christopher as though the handsome man were the moon. When her gaze shifted to Frankie, somehow more color drained from her face. It might be Frankie's broken nose, height, size or the brilliant orange curls.

"I think we'll just take a moment to look around. I don't know that she's made up her mind about what plots to hatch with the costume." Christopher answered, slipping his arm free so Frankie could wander around the dimly lit store.

The clerk made a friendly and agreeable murmur of approval for looking around. "If you need anything, just give a shout."

It really was huge inside. And while she expected it would have a better selection than the seasonal costume store, had no idea there would so much. There were wigs, and makeup, and wings, and all sorts of costumes arranged by time period.

Oh, she knew what sort of costume she wanted to have him in. Nothing but a collar and a loin cloth. She glanced over at his fine suit buttoned all the way up and grinned dreamily to herself. He looked away from a display and caught her looking and whatever he saw in her expression made color rise to his cheeks again.

He held out a costume—a white angelic robe with fluffy white wings. His eyebrows arched up in question. "Sexy angel?"

"No!" She hissed at him and laughed, ducking behind another display.

"Sexy devil?" His voice drifted to her between the racks. "It would go with your hair."

"Don't make me kill you." She peered out at him and held up a headband with cat ears to him.

"You like me too much to—hey, ugh--what's that?"

"Sexy kitty-cat?" She suggested, grinning as she twirled the headband.

"Oh, I don't know Frankie."

"Come on Pussycat, you said I could dress you up." She moved closer and reached up to settle the ears on his head, fixing the curls around them.

"I was thinking something tough. Like a Fireman. Or maybe a Lumberjack." He grinned and tipped his head at her, the movement very cat-like. "You realize that I'm going to have payback. Right?"

"Maybe I'll dress up like Lady-Tarzan." She teased and pulled a wire-stiff tail from the wall with a giggle. Yes, she actually /giggled/.

He made a soft, uncomfortable sound in the back of his throat, brows drawing together over vivid green-gold eyes. "Frankie...."

"Christopher. " She smiled impishly while pulling one of the spangled velveteen-collars from the wall and turned to pin him with a look. A floss of glittering leash hung off the ornate silver ring.

His throat worked as he looked at the emerald green stones set into the fake velvet of the collar. "You're a horrible person." He whispered, blushing. "You want me in a body suit?"

"I think I'll just paint you." She admitted and adored how his big, strong frame squirmed at her suggestion. Rather than tossing the items at her, he stared. "Come on Pussycat. I wanna see." She purred, pointing him to the dressing room.

"I hate you right now." He huffed and brushed by her, playfully pinning her a moment against the display before sliding away. The warmth radiated off him as he glowered fiercely down at her. The combination of his hard body pressing her back and that smoldering look made her nipples tighten but before she could arch back against him, he moved away.

"Liar." She trailed after him, watching him prowl across the room to the fitting room.

"Payback Frankie. It will be mine." He whispered and slipped into the dressing room.

She tossed over the loin cloth over the door. "You want me to help you zip up?"

He just growled low at her. From her side of the door, she could hear the rustle as he removed the layers of clothing and she had the distinct impression he enjoyed slowly dressing and undressing to make her wait.

"There's no way I'm going to show you this here, let alone parade around in it!" The mixture of outrage and nervous excitement sent a hot thrill through her. "This is—this is insane. I..."

"Just let me see." She rattled her knuckles against the door and found herself a little short of breath at the prospect of seeing him nearly naked in that spangle-collared. A quick glance around assured her no one was around to get an eyeful. Just her.

He threw open the door and stood before her naked except the scrap of honey colored cloth covering his manhood and the collar around his thick neck. His arms were crossed over his nude chest and he glared at her so ferociously that for a moment she almost fell back a step.


The silvery and emerald chain hanging from the center of his throat gleamed down his body and across his laced forearms, twinkling against the velvety warmth of the chest hairs. His body braced for a fight, even the cords of muscles on his neck stood out. If he were a cat, every hair would be standing up on an arched back.

"Hey Pussycat." She murmured in a low, soothing voice and his eyes softened. Just slightly. His jaw didn't unclench nor the red fade from his cheeks. "You are sexy as hell." Reaching out, she caressed a finger over the fancy leash and let it slide between her fingers, drawing the line in bit by bit though he didn't move. Giving a small pull against the fragile chain, she leaned back and his larger body very slowly followed the lure of the delicate pressure.

One foot shifted forward as he bowed towards her, making the leash go slack between them and his arms fell away from his chest, exposing the broad expanse of muscles and the sleek dark curls down pecs and stomach to vanish under the loin cloth. The dangerous, primal hunger in his eyes as he watched her made her body tighten from her heart all the way down to her sex in the too-snug jeans. He bared his teeth in a long, low growl that made her glance over her shoulder for fear someone would hear him.

"So—?" He snarled. When she turned back to him, he'd moved into her personal space, she could feel the heat of his body, smell the cedar and sandalwood wilderness on his skin. The thin loincloth offered no protection from his excitement, his cock nudged against it, tenting it out. "Should I ask the girl up front what she thinks?"

Frankie felt her hands form fists at the idea of anyone else seeing him but she put on a smile for his teasing. "I think I need to see the whole thing first." She whispered and pushed her index finger into the center of his chest, pushing back with a steady pressure as she followed him into the dressing room. "How does the tail look Pussycat?"

He edged back step by step with the lightest touch and her other hand curled the leash around her scarred knuckles. He reached around her to close the door at her back but didn't touch her. In the darker alcove of the dressing room, his eyes all but glowed. Mirrors covered the three walls around them and a scattering of fine tailored clothing lay in a folded pile on the corner of the bench.

She didn't need to ask him to turn around; she could see the view from behind perfectly in the mirror. The lines of his back and shoulder muscles, dusted with dark hair and the tight cheeks of his ass, not covered at all by the silly tail or the G-string. "Oh God." Her eyes returned to his face and the room seemed too small to move, she felt the door against her spine and his look devoured her whole. One of his eyebrows slowly lifted up in question. Her fingers tightened against the leash and she pulled him towards her, drawing his head down to hers as she leaned up to brush a kiss to his lower lip. "A little makeup and you're good to go."

He uttered a small moan and his eyes half closed, "You're going to kill me." He whispered as she kissed his lower lip again and then his mouth fully, leaning into him to press him back into one of the mirrored walls, pinning his bare body between her and the cool, reflective surface. Like the kiss he'd delivered to her in the SUV, she kissed him hard, when his lips parted, her tongue arched forward, darting between them to taste him. Claim him. The peppermint sweetness was both hot and cool against her tongue as they kissed.

She drew back at last, sucking on his lower lip, letting the liquid suction sound mingle with the panting of their joined breaths.

"Just for a few hours, sexy." She teased, pressing herself into the heat of his naked chest and delighting in how he tightened against her. His cock, pinned against her stomach and that loincloth, hardened even more. "You will just have to hope I don't dress too sexy to excite you." He didn't reach for her, just made fists and relaxed them against his thighs to fight the urge to act on his impulses. "Maybe I'll drag you into the closet for a quickie. If you're really good."

She circled her wrist and another few inches of leash coiled around her knuckles until they nuzzled under his jaw. Her index finger pressed into the dimple on his chin when she bit his lower lip, tasted the moan and need on his breath. His cock arched, throbbing with the beat of his heart.

"I'm the one in the collar, and at your mercy." He whispered in all seriousness, gooseflesh prickling along his arms and chest, dark nipples as tight as hers. His precum left a spreading wet mark along the soft fabric of the loincloth where his cock was struggling upward against it.

"You are." She whispered and her hand pressing against his sternum drew a line through the velvety black hair down one pec, dragging the fingernail across the muscle to the pert nipple. "How did I get so lucky?" She caught the nipple between her thumb and forefinger and slowly rolled the bead of flesh, pressing him back against the mirror to support him as his shuddered in pleasure.

There was no answer, just a broken, muffled moan, unable to drop his head forward with her hold on the thin chain. Her fingers released his nipple and stroked down his ribs and across to his stomach, first brushing with fingertips, then scratching to make his flesh jump and his muscles tighten under her touch. He felt exquisite, and evoked such a dark, decadent hunger in her, she leaned in to brush kisses along his shoulder and neck.

He tasted and smelled so good and she never tired of running her body over his, licking over the pelted muscles down the trail over his abs as she dipped fingers into the top of his loin cloth, teasing the cock fighting free of the flimsy restraint. "Undress me." She whispered to him as she returned to her full height and let the leash out from her grip. "With your teeth."

His head tipped, feline-like with his crown of silly plush ears and the jungle green in his gaze as he ate her up with a glance. The tip of his tongue wetted his lips and then he bared his teeth before leaning in, nipping at her shirt with little playful growls. He pulled and pinched at her as he bowed forward. She squirmed away from the bites but he caught her nipple in his teeth and held her a moment, pinning flesh and cloth in his mouth as he met her eyes. For a moment she feared he was going to leave a wet mark on the fabric but he released her after an agonizing moment. She felt swollen and needy, head swimming with her hunger for him.
She wanted him to touch her but wanted more than anything to touch him with her head clear and not distracted by the unique and overwhelming pleasure she felt at his smallest touch. His mouth finally reached the hem of her t-shirt and without using his hands, he drew the shirt up and over her head and she eased her tangle of curls free as he dropped the shirt away and moved to nuzzle at her bra straps, nipping around at the skin and uttering soft, sweet purrs while nuzzling the strap off her shoulders. He kissed her freckles and scars, his gaze returning to her eyes between the kisses, as though he wanted to witness every response she while his mouth and lips and tongue enflamed her and made her blush and yearn for him.

He didn't need his hands. His skillful mouth could even unclasp the front hook of her bra and as she arched forward to let the simple white lace fall away, he hovered close to her exposed breasts, warm breath tickling her small, nutmeg hued nipples. His warmth in the cool room made them tightened more and the ache spread through. When she didn't stop him, or encourage him, he simply offered out the eager pink tongue and she arched forward that fraction of an inch to rub herself against the offered mouth and found herself tangling fingers in the leash again to draw his face closer to her pert mounds to feel him against her. "Suck them!" She ordered, voice pitched low. He uttered a soft moan of pleasure at the command and obeyed her wishes.

The heat of his mouth enfolded her and she felt herself sway on her feet as her knees went weak. He managed to keep his hands to himself, though she felt him shifting his arms, fingers arching towards her as though drawn towards her and with obvious effort restrained himself. This was her game. He followed her rules and she both despaired and delighted, reaching her hand up to take ahold of his head and draw him away from her before she lost the edge of her control completely. "The jeans."

He swept a look across her silken breasts, the wetness and pink marks left by his sucking before drawing his gaze up to her eyes and she felt him burning her as they went. The question in that gaze seemed to ask 'are you sure?' even as he leaned down, settling to his knees at her feet. Warm kisses peppered her stomach making her muscles clench hard. His mouth brushed over the scars at her navel before wetly licking down to the button of her jeans. He breathed her in, pressing cheek against her sex through the fabric and she felt her toes curling up in the steel toed boots.

"Do it!" She snarled at him and he hesitated only a beat before grasping the front of her with his teeth, pulling. Part playful, part frantic to get them off and open and down. She felt the frustration flutter in her belly too. This teasing was almost too much. Her excitement built higher as the fastenings came open and together they both sighed in relief and need. Her hands moved forward to help after he'd managed to tug the zipper down and grin up at her in victory.

"So wet." He whispered as the jeans wriggled down, forced to spend a spare moment removing her boots while he nuzzled her shoulder and hip. "I want to touch you. Frankie please. I'm dying."

"Almost." She promised him as she kicked off the boots at last and stepped out of the crumpled pants, one long leg after the other. She curled one leg around his shoulder and he let out a soft, husky growl at discovering the simple white panties blocking the destination of his nuzzling. He met her gaze while biting against the soaked crotch before him. The nip of teeth grasped flesh as well and he pressed down.

She sucked in a breath and arched into his face and this time his hands moved up to catch her as she sagged. One strong hand supported between her shoulder blades, the other gripped her hip to keep her from falling.

"Sssshh!" He warned through the fabric and pussy lips between his teeth and gave a small shake of his head from side to side. She turned her head to her shoulder and muffled her cry of pleasure there and he released her, nuzzling into her slit with his nose. "I'm going to devour you." He warned, green eyes flashing, those silly cat ears flicking in his curls as he adjusted and carefully gripped the side of the panties in his teeth. With a casual toss of his head, he snapped the fabric with a satisfying rip.

She wanted to demand yes! but her tongue felt as swollen and stiff as her clit and she could only nod and pull at his fragile leash to draw him to her. His fingers squeezed into her where he supported her and she could feel his restraint shivering through him as he arched his tongue forward and lapped across her juicy lips and pressed between them, licking from her ass to her clit in a slow, ice-cream lap of his long, agile tongue. Her eyes squeezed closed, she couldn't look into his gaze and feel him licking her like that without losing her mind.

"Christopher!" She sucked in a breath and reached for his hair, grabbing a handful of soft curls, brushing the headband aside.

"Sssshhhh!" He warned and his tongue slid down through her folds, purring and vibrating as he swirled slowly around her opening and lapped as though he were savoring every drop of her. His fingers squeezed tighter as the purr became a growl and his tongue thrust into her. His grip bruised her and his tongue turned her into a creamy mess as she shuddered into his face.

And balanced on that spectacular moment, she felt the fear. The old, hidden terror that he'd stop! That she'd dangle on the brink of pleasure and pain and he would draw away and instead of hunger in his eyes, she'd see guilt and shame. She squeezed her eyes closed and felt the familiar cold try to return. She shouldn't be doing....

The bite against her clit make her eyes fly open and she met his gaze, felt him burning into her as his teeth pressed and pressed and she felt her toes curling tighter as the fire overwhelmed her. As she came, he released her and fucked her with his tongue, never moving his hungry gaze from hers. The smoldering faded into satisfaction and delight as he held, and unraveled her until she was only a shivering, bared nerve of pleasure.

"Stay with me!" He demanded and bowed his head forward to bite against her inner thigh, dimpling the flesh at the juncture of sex and leg. She arched and bucked, the spike of pleasure so savage that she almost came undone before he released her. He kissed the spot and smiled up at her, devilish and so sweet as he kissed the bruised bite spot, eyelashes tickling her skin.

His kisses moved slowly towards her soaked pussy. "Again!" He whispered as he slowly licked around her clit, the oversensitive bud almost painful to the touch. Almost. Just enough to make her quake under the graceful lap his tongue. He licked across her, and then inside her for a long, slow fuck. Whispering her name, between this sweet torment, he urged her, teeth dimpling her inner thigh and swollen lips before plunging his tongue into deep into her. His cheeks were slick with her honey and he gave no sign of relenting until he'd coaxed more pleasure from her.

This time she couldn't break contact with his eyes. Those wild, passionate eyes while he fucked her with his tongue. She tried to muffle the sound of her pleasure as the pleasure he gave her shattered into a thousand pieces. Arching against him, her body shuddered and his grip tightened, his fingertips bruising into the flesh of her ass and shoulder while his tongue drove faster into her. Her body jerked and writhed, her climax soaking his face and chin, maybe his neck and chest as well with the savage force of the second orgasm.

He was unbendable, unbreakable and as she shuddered against him in nearly brutal waves of pleasure, he held her and kept her from flying into dangerous shards. When her pleasure had ebbed and only after he'd licked her into calmness, he released her, coaxing her leg from his shoulder. His hands slid up her hips as he knelt there before her, slick and wet from her pleasure. "I've got you." He whispered and kissed up her body, nuzzling her stomach and leaving her wetness along her flesh as he moved.

When he stood, he cupped her face, his eyes half closed in pleasure but despite his wild heartbeat and the gleam in his eyes behind the thick lashes, she knew this moment was hers alone. Leisurely he brushed hair away from her eyes and the smile he leveled on her curled her toes.

"My turn." Those words alone, a low purr of sound against her throat when he leaned into her, sent a spasm through her body and he chuckled. The sound low, vibrating through him as he pulled the leash from her fingers and unclasped the collar from his throat. "Can you be quiet?" The collar dropped to the floor and he continued the devastating, heart breaking smile as his thumb hooked into the side of his loin cloth and so casually unclasped it.

Oh God. He was glorious. She savored the view of his hard cock jutting forward. His swollen head was nearly purple with his longing and slick with precum. When she reached towards him, he very casually brushed her fingers away with a 'tsk'ing' sound and the smile brightened. "No." He whispered and she felt her body burn. She could feel every place he'd pressed a kiss and bite and arched towards him only to feel him hold her back.

He offered out his hands to her and she slipped hers into his and raked fingers up his forearms to his shoulders until she pressed flush against his chest. His touch felt gentle, his hand stroking along her body now that she'd given him permission to touch. She lost herself in the sensation of his hands, her head dizzy and blood roaring in her ears while he trailed his skillful fingers along her sides to the curve of her breasts and then rolled this thumbs over her nipples. "Don't be careful with me." She growled.

"We're going to get kicked out!" His voice breaking slightly on the edges of his control. She felt his smile against her throat as he wrapped one arm around her and lifted her off her feet. He shoved her against the mirrored wall hard enough to rattle her teeth and the wall.


"Sshhhh!" His thumb brushed along her lower lip as he smiled at her, "I'm going to hurt you." He promised, "If you're a very good girl and stay quiet!"

She started to whimper a quiet protest and a plea but his hips drew back and the long, slick length of his cock slid along her thigh and over her belly before he crushed her with his body to pin her into the mirror. Her heart lurched at the strength of him and she felt her ribs ache at the pressure he applied to her. "Yes!" No sound came out but her swollen mouth formed the word. This!

He held her gaze as his hand slid down between her body and his, his head tipping to the side as he stroked his cockhead along her juicy pussy. "How long do you think it will take me to make you cum? How many strokes do you think?" He asked while rolling the head of his cock over her clit. It still felt too sensitive there and she squirmed as he relentlessly stroked through her juicy cleft to torment her. "One? A dozen?" His smile curved wider. "How long until someone knocks at this door? Think you can cum before they do?"

"What about...."

"Not about me Sunkist." He whispered and moaned softly as she squirmed again.

"Pussycat please! Stop teasing me!"

"Mmm, but I want to sink in and feel you shuddering around me all wet and sticky sweetheart." He whispered and rubbed against her pussy again with his cock, not sliding in yet, working her up, letting her feel every inch he had to ram into her. And God but he looked fantastic in the mirror where she could see his muscular back arched over her. When she moaned louder, he smiled, "Quiet, dangerous seductress!"

She thought she might die of the pleasure and the torment. It felt like she hadn't just cum and soaked his face. It felt like she'd not been touched her whole life. Her eyes rolled as the swollen cock head smeared up along her clit circling and rolling his hips, ass cheeks clenching with the effort it took him not to take what he wanted so badly. What she wanted just as badly! He shuddered and with a slow adjustment of his hips, she finally felt him there against her opening. The throb of him matching her frantic heartbeat.

His hand cupped her cheek, thumb brushing along her jaw as he eased himself into her. His eyes closed for a heartbeat as breath sucked in sharply as though it had been claimed from him. He uttered a sweet, almost pained sound as he pressed into her. Deeper and deeper, inch by inch until the impact of his final few inches rattled the mirror under her ass. The world could have stopped. It could have exploded for all she cared. He was in her, balls deep and one with her, his breaths matching hers, his huge cock stretching her wide and held her pinned ruthlessly to the cold mirror.

Her toes curled painfully as the pleasure melted her bones and she muffled her moan into his neck, biting down hard. He struggled to hold in his own sounds of pleasure and his hands squeezed her hip and the other her breast in time with the first savage thrust of his hips.

She felt the orgasm crash through her as he circled his hips, grinding deeper into her. As she began to cum, he snarled and drew his hips back before slamming deeper into her. The movement was so hard it shuddered the whole wall behind her. She wanted to scream out her pleasure. Scream for more! Stars danced in her vision as he continued to fuck her as she came. The hot juices of her climax trickled down her thighs and ass, left a messy smear down the mirror as he plunged into her again and again.

"Frankie!" Her name on his lips was like a reverent prayer as he filled her. He lifted his chin, letting her have better access to apply teeth to his throat, as though he longed for her mark against his flesh. The thrusts didn't stop, they were long, steady movements of his hips while his chest kept her pinned and breathless against the mirror. She tangled fingers up into his hair as he drove into her faster. His body shuddered each time his balls slapped her ass and he angled up to shove and grind into her juicy, heated depths.

They would hear them! She knew for sure there was no way to hide the way he was slamming her into the wall. For a moment she expected the mirror to shatter and cut them but she didn't care! "Cum with me!" She begged him, sliding fingers from his hair to frame his face in her hands and draw him down to kiss her.

As though those were the most beautiful words he'd ever heard, his eyes rolled and when he kissed her, his moans and his tongue filled her mouth. He tasted like her, musky and tart with the sweetness of her pleasure all down his chin and throat and she shuddered as he drove into her harder.

Someone was going to be at that door any moment! They might be outside listening. The thought of it made her moan into his mouth and her tongue warred against his, wanting to be as deep inside him as his cock was in her cunt. Wanted to feel his cum shooting deep and hot into her womb as she came with him.

The sound of his orgasm was a loud, muffled roar into her mouth and his hands gripped her hard enough to hurt and it spurred her own climax, just as wet and slick as if he'd not teased the others from her! His cock arched deep inside her at the forceful plunge forward and he coaxed her thighs higher on his chest, supporting her as his manhood swelled and bucked. The fountain of hot cum shot so deep inside her, the heat of it blazed into her, filling her and overflowing.

Her heart raced along with his, their orgasm tangled up together so tight it hurt! Her arms were around his broad shoulders, fingers clawing at his muscular shoulders and back. The view from the mirror showed how rough she'd been and she let out a soft whimper.

Then the knock came at the door, a tentative little clatter of knuckles, "Everything in there?"

Christopher managed his composure first and his voice sounded almost bored, "Just having some trouble with a zipper. Everything is fine." His eyes though, they gleamed with pleasure and desire as he watched her.

"Uh, O-okay. If you say so. Just, don't break anything okay?"

"Sure. Sorry, just clumsy."


Frankie had to close her eyes and bite on the inside of her lip to keep from roaring with laughter. As she shook with suppressed mirth, Christopher lowered himself down, sitting on the bench, still firmly inside her and making no move to push her away. His hands cupped her ass and gave her a little pat.

He looked abused, his neck bitten red and his back torn to ribbons and mouth swollen and red while his curls stood on end. Well abused. "Sorry about the—"

"I will put you over my knee and pink this sexy ass if you apologize for the hottest sex of my life. Well, second hottest, after the other night at least. Best public sex. Actually, first public sex!"

She melted against his chest and his arms curled around her, making her feel strangely small rather than the 6'2, amazon she was in reality. Her heart did strange things in her ribs, words tried to slip out but she wouldn't let them. 'Just enjoy the moment. Don't spoil anything!' She told herself.

"Darling?" Christopher kissed her shoulder, "There's no way I can wear that outfit to the party. As proud as I am to be on your leash—even my control isn't that strong. We'd never get out of the house. Besides, I'm not sure it's the sort of statement we want to make in front of the whole family."

She rested her cheek on his shoulder breathing in the sweet sex scent and his own, while her fingers stroked through his chest hair. "You mean how you're enslaved and chained to me?"

"Oh, they already know that part." He whispered and grinned with a touch of pride. "But making it official?" He met her eyes with a saucy wink.

She thought about it while remaining in the curve of his arms, cuddled tight to him in the afterglow. Official seemed like a big step, particularly when they'd not even stepped out as a couple yet. With a sigh, she started uncurling from him but his playful hands trying to restrain her complicated her efforts and stirred the fire in her sex again. "Focus Christopher. That clerk is going to barge in any second."

Christopher finally let her climb from his lap, his gaze less fierce but not quite sated and looking particularly edible with her marks on his neck and face still glossy from her sex. He could seduce her back to him with little effort. He knew it too, not even bother covering himself up. His chin lifted in challenge when he noticed her gaze rake over his naked, slick body. "Just a little more! Quick!"

She tried to cover herself, feeling the hot trickle of his cum and hers trailing down her thigh. That caused her own embarrassment to blaze hot through her as she fumbled around for her clothes.

He eased off the bench and knelt before her, using his silken boxers to dry her long legs. He settled his cheek against thigh and looked up to meet her eyes with a smile. Just as he turned his face towards her leg to kiss her bare skin, a heavy pounding echoed at the door.

"Alright you two. Time is up. You've had plenty of time to pull yourselves together." That wasn't the shy clerk but an irate man on the other side of the door.

They exchanged looks and blushes and picked up the pace on finding and getting on their discarded clothing. Christopher stuffed her panties into his pocket with an impish smile and looped his tie over his shoulder casually, shirt unbuttoned but undershirt on though it didn't hide the bruises and bites she'd put on him. He reached out to straighten her tee-shirt with a fussy little twitch of fingers.

She bit back her laugh and retrieved the costume pieces and moved towards the door but he'd already grabbed the handle and stepped out first. Stepping forward, his expression crystalized into the formidable Harris-Wallace ready to do battle. He slung his jacket over a shoulder and his free hand reached for hers. She laced her fingers in his and stepped out beside him, amused as the manager fell back, almost falling over his own feet to avoid being run over by the pair of them.
Frankie felt sorry for the guy. It was bad enough to be stared down by her, but with Christopher in fully defensive knight mode and the scent of sex haloed around them, the poor man didn't stand a chance. The manager's anger snuffed out and his mouth popped open. He tripped back and out of the way, eyes darting between the pair of them with an incoherent stammer.

"We'll take it." Christopher said, voice brittle on the verge of anger though leaning closer to boredom as he looked down his nose imperiously at the manager. The look could peel paint. It certainly curdled the manager's expression.

"God you're a snob." Frankie nudged him with her hip and he slid his arm protectively around her as though he thought the manager was some threat he must prepare to squash, which almost made her laugh out loud. "And a Fireman outfit that will fit his royal highness." She added after a moment, "And if you think that devil outfit will fit me, we'll take that too. Since I guess you don't want us taking up your dressing room anymore."

In the end, she ended up with a white robe that wasn't quite scandalous where it ended just above her knees and red feathery wings that matched the silly halo with attached set of horns. He got his fireman's outfit complete with rubber ax and helmet and a little bundle of cat ears, tail and collar for after the party. She thought he might have pushed an extra few bills over the counter to soften the misunderstanding. It wasn't until he had her safely tucked into the SUV that he finally let his smile slip and flash those adorable fucking dimples at her.

He always got what he wanted.

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