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Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 04

In this offering, Vala tries her hand at diplomacy, Sam and Tammy dispense justice for an indiscretion, and Boris gets introduced to the court...


Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes

Chapter Four

Four Days Later

Interior-Sandy Wildon's Suite

0520 Hours

"Mmmmmm, you got a big 'ol hard-on, don't you baby?" Sandy giggled, squirming closer to O'Neill. "Are you thinking about fucking me? That's it isn't it? You want to stick that big, hard dick in my tight, wet little pussy and just fuck the shit out of me, don't you?"

"Huh? What?" O'Neill grunted as Sandy pushed him over onto his back. He struggled up out of the fog of sleep, then groaned, his eyes going wide as she rested her hand on his stomach, pressing down on his bladder. "Unggghh! No, stop! Fuck!"

"What baby?" Sandy laughed as she wiggled her hips, sighing as his stiff cock slid slowly into her pussy.

"Get off of me." He growled, pushing her to the side and rolling off the bed. "I have to pee, that's why it's hard. You never heard of morning wood?"

"Really?" Sandy laughed, scrambling off the bed and following him into the bathroom.

She went over to the shower and turned it on, then turned and looked at him.

"Don't pee yet." She told him. "Come over here, I want to try something."

"Oh god, you don't want me to piss on you do you?" O'Neill asked, staring at her, his cock twitching in front of him. "I don't know if..."

"Not on me silly, in me." Sandy laughed. She turned around and bent over, spreading her legs wide so he could see the close cropped lips of her pussy. "Come on, Jack. Stick it in baby. You can piss while you're fucking me. I bet that'll feel wild!"

"Are you sure?" He asked as he came over behind her.

"Yeah, I want you to pee in me, then fuck the shit out of me." Sandy laughed, reaching back between her legs and grabbing his cock. She fit the spongy knob between the lips of her pussy, then pushed back at him, grunting at his thick cock plowed up into her. "Or fuck me then pee in me, I really don't care. Just do it!"

"Okay." He grinned, putting his hands on her hips as he started stroking in and out slowly.

"Oh god, that feels so fucking good, Jack. I love it when you fuck me in the morning." Sandy sighed, rotating her hips in slow circles. "Keep doing that, but go a little faster, stick it in all the way, I want to feel all of your big beautiful cock in me!"

"It's not that big." He muttered as he started fucking her faster.

"Eight inches is way above average baby." She giggled, pushing her ass back at him. "And you use it so well. God, I just knew you were gonna be good in bed."

She looked back over her shoulder at him as she pressed her ass against him. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed his balls, pulling on them gently so he couldn't pull back.

"Do it now, Jack. Pee in me." She whispered. "I want to feel your hot piss in my pussy."

O'Neill spread his legs a little wider apart and closed his eyes. It was hard enough trying to piss through a hard-on, but the way her cunt was clenching and working around his cock, he wasn't sure he would be able to do it.

Sandy squeezed his balls gently, massaging them with her fingers as she waited for him to cut loose inside her. She gasped when a small stream of piss spurted into her, filling her pussy with a sudden heat.

"Oh God! More, Jack!" She squealed. "That felt so kewl! It's so hot...come on baby. Do it, pee in me for real!"

O'Neill sighed as he relaxed, and a strong stream of piss rushed up his cockshaft to spray from his piss slit. He started stroking his cock in and out slowly as he pissed in her, surprised at how much he was enjoying the sensation of her pussy sucking the piss out of his cock.

"Oh my fucking god!" Sandy screamed as her pussy spasmed around his cock meat. Her knees almost buckled as an orgasm surged through her, and she started pounding her ass back at him frantically, fucking herself mindlessly on his cock.

Grinning down at her as he tightened his grip on her hips, O'Neill began fucking her hard and fast, and in seconds, felt his balls twitch in their wrinkle sac, then eject a load of hot cum. He groaned, burying his cock balls deep as the first jets of jizz burst from his cockhead, then pulled back and started plunging roughly in and out of her cumming cunt channel as the rest of his load spat from his cockhead in irregular spurts.

"Oh shit! Fuck me, Jack! Oh god baby, I love it! I love the way you fuck me." Sandy babbled as she came again and again, her cum and piss soaked cunt sucking and milking his cock wildly. "Pl...please, oh god, don't stop. Please don't fucking stop!"

O'Neill pounded his cock into her as hard as he could, then leaned over her, reaching around and easing his hand between her legs. His fingers found her clit, and he started stroking it lightly as he slowed his movements, finally bringing his cock to a rest still deep inside her.

"Cum for me bitch." He whispered harshly as he teased her clit bud. "You're not done yet, and neither am I."

Sandy moaned as she felt a fresh spray of hot piss flood her pussy, and her legs collapsed under her. She fell to her knees, and O'Neill's cock slipped from her cunt slit, a stream of piss still spraying from it.

Stepping up over her, he aimed the stream at her ass, then moved it downed so it sprayed right into the gaping gash of her pussy. Sandy grunted, then sighed as she brought her hand down, holding her pussylips open, letting his hot piss fill her cunt.

O'Neill groaned as the flow of piss trickled to a stop, he shook his cock so the last drops fell on her, then dropped to his knees and pushed his cock back into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, I liked that, baby." Sandy moaned as he pressed her down till she was laying out on the wet floor. "We're gonna have to do that again. Maybe next time, you can do it in my ass!"

O'Neill groaned, but couldn't ignore the way his cock throbbed at the prospect. He smiled to himself as he started fucking her slowly, knowing that it wouldn't be the last time they did it today.

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0645 Hours

"The guards said that you've been down here for over an hour." Tammy said as she came into the lab. "I didn't kno..."

She stopped when she saw that Sam was over by a workbench talking to a man with his back to her. "What's going on here, Sam? I thought this was our secr..."

"Boris?" She gasped as he turned around. "Is that really you? Oh my god! What did she do to you?"

"You don't like him?" Sam asked as she stepped up beside him, brushing a piece of lint off his jacket. "I still didn't like those cheeks, and I trimmed his hair so it's more like Cisco's, just a little longer. I like that look, neat, but a little wild at the same time. And I put some clothes on him."

"I love him!" Tammy gushed, coming over for a closer look. "He's beautiful Sam. You did a great job!"

Sam nudged Boris, giving him a look. "Aren't you going to say hello to Tammy, Boris?"

"Good morning mistress." Boris said in a deep baritone voice. "My cock is getting hard just from the sight of you. I can't wait to fuck you and empty my balls in your hot little pussy."

"Holy shit!" Tammy gasped, grinning wickedly. "You messed with his audio package too!"

"And I put your favorite dick on him." Sam laughed. "I talked to Jenn last night, and she said that you're healed well enough, so I thought you might want to..."

"You're damned right I do!" Tammy laughed as she started unbuttoning her vest. "I'm hornier than a three tailed cat in heat! Come on Boris, get naked and get your ass up on the table, I want to..."

"Why don't you use the bed?" Sam asked, pushing a panel aside, revealing a large, plush bed covered with pillows and surrounded by sheer curtains. "You'll probably be more comfortable."

"Wow, you've been busy down here." Tammy said, staring in wonder at the lavish setting. "What else have you been up to while I've been stuck all alone in my sickbed?"

"You haven't been all alone, I've been keeping you company." Sam smiled. "But I think I'll let Boris show you what else we've cooked up for you. I have a meeting with Andi in a little while, and I want to grab something to eat first."

She turned and looked at Boris.

"Program 'Welcome Home Tammy', Boris. Execute."

She winked at Tammy as she headed for the door.

"Have fun sweetie. I'll see you for dinner." She grinned.

"Do you want to see what Boris has for you, you little slut?" She heard him ask as she went through the door, barely managing not to laugh as the door closed behind her.


0710 Hours

Sam was wolfing down a plate of biscuits and gravy when Andi came in. She smiled at her and waved toward the coffee pot.

"Coffee is hot, I just made it." She mumbled around a mouthful of food.

Andi smiled and got a cup of coffee, then came over and sat in her usual place.

"I talked to Ladin Radim last night." Sam told her as she took her plate over and sat it on the counter. She got a fresh cup of coffee, then sat down and looked at Andi. "He thinks he's ready to go to his people about what we're doing, but he's getting resistance from his advisors. Apparently, Phrenum is balking about what we have in mind, and is stirring up dissent in the government."

"What does he want us to do?" Andi asked her. "This sounds like it's an internal matter. I really don't see where there's much we can do. He doesn't want us to kill him does he?"

"Nothing that extreme." Sam laughed. "I asked him the same thing. But apparently, Phrenum has contacts all through the government, and Radim can't kill him. No, what he wants us to do is send an emissary."

"What does he think that's going to do? And did you have anyone in mind to send?" Andi asked. "I have three or four assistants that could handle the diplomatic end for us, unless you want me to go."

"No, I need you here hon." Sam said, reaching over and patting her hand. "You've got enough on your plate without getting tangled up in this mess. And when we get done here, I want you to give me an overview of everything you have going, so we can look at what else you can split off from your department."

"Okay, so who did you have in mind to send as an emissary? And when were you planning on sending them?" Andi asked, opening a file on her tablet. "I can send..."

"I'm going to send Vala." Sam grinned. "I've already spoken to her, and she's ready to go. We already sketched out what we want to happen. Radim wants them to make an entrance at oh eight hundred local time, call it noon our time."

"Them?" Andi asked. "Who else are you sending with her, Daniel?"

"No, he's still working on St. Louis. They have the gate moved, and now he's working on getting a temporary runway put in." Sam told her. "She's taking two hundred marines with her as an escort."

"Don't you think that's a little...provocative?" Andi asked. "I mean, that's quite a show of force, Sam. Are they going to be armed?"

"Full combat rig with shields, which the Genii won't know unless they shoot at them, but they're standard equipment now that we're making them." Sam said lightly. "This was Radim's idea. He's going to welcome her in the plaza of their government center, and not even mention the troops. Or so he says."

"So why send them, I don't understand what you're trying to do." And said, looking perplexed.

"He wants to provoke a reaction from Phrenum, and hopefully, he'll do something stupid so Radim can get him out of the government, then get rid of him quietly." Sam told her. "The whole thing is going to be broadcast on state media, and he chose the time so there will be plenty of witnesses on hand as well."

"It sounds like the two of you spent quite a while working this out last night." Andi said, not looking at her.

"The three of us actually, I brought Vala in, and they worked out the details. They really hit it off." Sam said. "But don't feel left out. Tammy and I have been talking about this since Radim came to dinner. She wasn't happy with the way I handled him, then he reached out to us through his sister."

"I think I understand, Sam. But you've been shutting me out recently, and I'm not really sure just what my place is now." Andi said. "If you feel the need to repl..."

"You're the foreign minister of Atlantis, and my get it done girl, just like you always have been." Sam told her. "But no one is in on everything, Andi. There are things that Tammy and I are going to keep to ourselves, and you're not the only one that doesn't like it. Stephen feels left out too, but it's something you're going to have to get used to. We'll share what we need to when we need to share it, and that's just the way it is."

"Yes ma'am, I understand." Andi said, getting up and filling her coffee cup. She held the pot up, and Sam nodded. Andi poured her a cup then sat down, picking up her tablet. "You said that you wanted to see what else we could split off from..."

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0715 Hours

Tammy moaned as Boris pushed her legs wider apart. His mouth was plastered on her clean shaved cunt mound, and he was licking and sucking at her hungrily. Her hands were buried in his short, shaggy brown hair, and she stared down at him in wide-eyed wonder.

"Oh god, Boris, what has she being doing down here?" She gasped. "You're doing that just the way I like it. But I want to feel you in me! I want to you to fuck me!"

She tried to push him away, finally bringing her foot down and pushing on his shoulder with it.

Boris drew back and looked up at her blandly.

"You may not modify my program mistress." He said. "If you attempt to do so, I will be forced to restrain you so I may perform as instructed."

"Wh...what? Are you seri...what did she do, Boris?" She asked him, staring up at him in surprise. "How long does this program run anyway?"

"My basic program runs three hours and twenty-nine minutes, with subroutines based on your responses that extend up to a maximum of nine hours twenty two minutes." He said as he started to put his head back between her legs. "May I proceed?"

"It runs how long?" Tammy gasped, raising up to rest on her elbows. "You've got to be kidding me! Let me up Boris, I have to call Sam. I can't..."

"I cannot allow you to do that mistress." Boris said as he slid up over her quickly.

Before she realized what he was doing, he had both her hands locked in one of his, and was buckling a pair of leather cuffs attached to chains mounted on the headboard on her wrists. When he had her hands secured, he repeated the process on her ankles, using cuffs attached to the posts at the foot of the bed.

When he was finished, he lifted her hips and slid a pillow under her, then threw his leg over her, straddling her chest.

"Executing alternate program, running time, twenty-two hours, thirty one minutes." He grinned down at her evilly as he wrapped his hand around the shaft of his cock and pointed it at her face. "Suck my cock bitch."

Interior-John Sheppard's Office, North Tower

0805 Hours

"No, I want Stephen to take the Daedalus, John." Sam said, trying to hold back her anger. "I trust Evan, but I need Kevin at the controls of the Asgard beams. If this goes sideways, I want Vala out of there. She doesn't have the gene, and won't have a shield, just a kevlar t-shirt."

"I understand, colonel, but the only way Wilkins is going to get the experience is to go on missions like this." Sheppard said. "From what you've told me, you've covered all the bases, so..."

"No, John. It doesn't matter how many bases we cover, something can happen." She said quietly. "Tammy got shot because we thought the gate shield was enough. I'm not going to risk Vala when I have a way to protect her. I want you to make this happen, is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am, I understand. When do you want them to leave?" Sheppard asked.

"The Genii home world is less than an hour away by subspace, so we have some time. I want them on station just before the beam down." She told him, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes.

"You look like you're having a rough day boss." Sheppard said. "Anything I can do, besides everything what you want?"

"No." Sam laughed. "And it hasn't been that bad. I just spent an hour talking to Andi about this, then we went over what we're going to split off from her next. I think she suspects that I'm going to ease her out, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I need her, no one else can do the things she can. But I need to free her up to do the things that really matter."

"Well, you're sending the person you should send to talk to her off world, so how about I drop in and talk to her? I have a few things I want to go over with her anyway, so it's not a big deal."

"I'm not going to tell you not to do that, John." Sam said. "But I don't know how much good it will do. She ma'am'd me earlier, and she never calls me that. She's the only one that doesn't."

"She must really be pissed, or at least upset." Sheppard said. "Let me feel her out, and I'll let you know, okay?"

"Thanks, John. I'd appreciate that." She said with a small smile.

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0830 Hours

"Oh god, Boris." Tammy panted as she writhed under him. "Keep doing it like that you wonderful fucking stud! Ram that fucking cock in my cunt...harder, fuck me like you mean it you wimp!"

She tried to pull her hands down again, but they were bound together over her head, still attached to the headboard with a short length of chain. The cuffs on her ankles were connected together with another piece of chain between them, and she was digging her heels into his asscheeks as she humped her crotch up at his stroking cock.

Boris extended the G-nodule, setting the vibrate to oscillate slowly up and down as a spurt of lubricant spat from the tip of his cock. He picked up the pace of his fucking, adding a hip twist on alternating strokes so his cockhead plowed across the sensitive sidewalls of her creaming cunt channel.

"Oh shit!" She screamed as she started to cum again. "I'm going to kill that bitch! I swear to god Boris, I'm gonna shove my fist in her hairy cunt while you fuck her in the ass and we're gonna fuck her to death. Oh fuck, that's so good, baby. Keep doing it like that. Oh god, I think I love you Boris!"

Boris didn't answer, but there was a small smile on his face as he stared down at her.

"Oh fuck, not again!" She groaned as he buried his cock balls deep in her spasming pussy hole, spurting an enormous wad of pseudo-cum against the knurled knot of her cervix. His cock started vibrating as he held it deep inside her, and Tammy saw stars as a fresh wave of orgasms surged over her.

Interior-Sandy Wildon's Office, East Tower

0845 Hours

"What do you have for me Sandy?" Sam asked as she sat down. "Is Radim legit, or is he going to screw us on this?"

"From what I got this morning, colonel, it looks like he's legit." Sandy said, holding out a small stack of file folders. "The state media has orders to quietly have a crew in the government quarter, but they weren't told what to expect. And he didn't go to the top dogs, he went through a low level contact, so the bosses may not even know something is going to happen."

"What do you think is going to happen?" Sam asked as she flipped through the files.

"My gut tells me that just before our people beam down, Radim is going to tell the media to be ready to go live for a major announcement." Sandy said. "He'll already have a crew onsite, so if they balk, or try to go to the other leadership, he'll still have footage he can use if a propaganda war starts. I think he's going to get his message out about it being time to do business with Atlantis, and what the benefits to the people will be."

"I hope you're right." Sam said quietly. "My gut is telling me that we're stepping into a puddle of shit that may not have a bottom. But there's no way around it, we either have to get them on our side, or kill them. Getting them on our side just sits better with me."
"Me too, colonel." Sandy said. "I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but the average Genii is ready for a change. They don't like hiding all the time, and there's talk about wanting a change of government. They have contact with most of the cultures in this galaxy, and they see how other people live. I think once they hear that the Wraith have basically been eliminated as a threat, they're going to want things to change."

"You're probably right, but that's one that we're going to stay out of." Sam said. "I don't want to get pulled into any civ..." She stopped when she noticed Sandy looking past her, a small smile on her face.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw O'Neill backing away from the door.

"Coward!" She laughed, turning in her chair and looking at the door. "Get your ass back in here, Jack. We're just talking anyway."

O'Neill shuffled into the office, giving Sam a sheepish grin. He stood just inside the doorway, kicking one foot into the floor as he looked around, avoiding eye contact with both of them.

"Did you need something, Jack?" Sandy said, smiling brightly at him.

"Huh? No, I was just in the building and..."

"Really? What were you doing over here, Jack?" Sam asked, looking him up and down.

"I was, um, you know...doing stuff...I do it all the time." He said.

"Oh, isn't he the cutest thing?" Sandy laughed, getting up and coming around her desk. She went over and put her arms around him, leaning close for a kiss.

"I shall avert my eyes." Sam laughed, bringing her hand up to cover her eyes. She spread her fingers and watched as he kissed Sandy eagerly, his hand coming down and cupping her asscheek.

"No, really Jack, what are you doing over here?" Sam asked when they broke apart.

"Well, if you have to know." He said glancing over at Sandy. "Bra'tac is chasing Pharris all over the house, naked mind you, and that's just too much wrinkled flesh for any man to handle."

Both women burst out laughing. Sam recovered first, and she grinned at him as she stood up.

"So you thought you'd come over here where you could check out some firm young female flesh?" She laughed. She patted him on the shoulder, then smacked him on the butt as she walked by him. "I'm proud of you Jack."

She stopped at the door, her hand on the knob, looking back at them.

"Sock. Doorknob. Nuff said." She grinned, then laughed as she pulled the door closed behind her.

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0900 Hours

"Unh, unh, unh." Tammy grunted as Boris hammered his cock in and out of her pussy in a series of rapid-fire strokes.

He was kneeling between her legs as he fucked her roughly, one of her legs was stretched out and chained to the foot of the bed, the other was suspended from the ceiling. Boris was clutching the leg pointed toward the ceiling, jerking her down at his cock as he jammed his hips forward.

Tammy tried to swim up through the mindnumbing storm of stimuli rolling over her, but every time she got close to reality, he changed his stroke, or added a new sensation to what his cock was doing.

Boris stared down at her blandly as he pounded his cock into her, his program automatically varying his movements in response to her reactions.

Interior-Andi Samuels Office, East Tower

0925 Hours

"Got a minute, doc?" Sheppard asked as he stepped into Andi's office.

"Not really, John." She said, not looking up at him. "The colonel just told me that she wants me to split off three operations and make them independent departments, the coronation is less than four weeks away and we're nowhere close to ready for that, and..."

"Yeah, she just hit me with half a dozen new projects too." He said as he closed the door and dropped into a chair.

"Okay, what do you want, John?" Andi sighed, pushing her laptop away and leaning back in her chair.

"She's not trying to push you out, or replace you." He said lightly. "After Tammy, you're the most important person in the city to her. Without you, none of this would be possible. You're the architect of what we're doing, and she needs you to keep being there for her."

"Did you send you over here to tell me that?"

"No, as a matter of fact, she asked me not to say anything. But she cares about you doc, and she's scared that you might have the wrong idea about what's going on and..."

"Then why is she shutting me out, John? She deleted the video from the gateroom the day Tammy wa..."

"No, she didn't. I deleted those videos." He told her, looking at her steadily. "Ronin called me and told me what was going on, and I thought it best that there not be a record of what happened. I didn't tell her about it until later."

"So what really happened, John? What's so important about that day that she doesn't want me to know about it?" Andi asked.

Sheppard looked at her for a moment, then tossed a flash drive onto her desk.

"If you really want to know, now's your chance." He said softly. "But it's going to be your only chance, because I'll be taking that with me."

Samuels picked up the drive, looking at it as she turned it in her hand. She glanced up at him, then back at the drive.

"Is this really that important, John?" She asked. "Am I goi..."

"Those videos show her doing what was in the best interest of her city and her people." He said. "That's what she's always going to do. I think we should trust her, and help her, any way we can."

"So only five people know what happened that morning. You, Sam, Tam..."

"Four." He told her. "Tammy hasn't seen that either. The colonel told her that she had taken care of the problem, and she didn't ask any questions."

"Tammy's not in the loop on this?" She asked. "What else does she have going that we don't know about?"

"There's lots of loops, doc. And they all connect to one person." He laughed. "All we can do is make sure we don't tie knots in the ones we're in. Which can be a tricky proposition sometimes."

"I guess you're right." She said, a smile spreading across her face. She tossed the drive back and leaned back in her chair. "I trust your judgment, Sir John. She made an excellent choice for her first knight of the realm."

"Thanks, doc." He grinned as he dropped the drive in his pocket. "But can we talk about some other stuff? I want to reach out to McKay, and I need a wedding planner..."

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

1000 Hours

Sam stepped quietly into the lab and walked across the room, stopping just outside the small bedroom she'd had installed.

She smiled when she saw Tammy kneeling face down on the bed, blindfolded, her hands cuffed behind her back. Her legs were spread wide and chained to either side of the bed, with a stack of pillows under her hips to support her.

Boris was on his knees behind her, his hands holding her asscheeks apart as he licked and sucked at the wrinkled pink ring of her asshole. There was a small probe between her pussylips, and the tip jiggled and vibrated randomly, teasing her G-spot. The other end of the U-shaped device was centered over her clit, and a series of nubs and bumps vibrated and moved over that tender organ.

Tammy moaned, her body jerking and twitching as Boris feasted on her tender asshole. The probes stimulating her G-spot and clit kept alternating their rhythm, keeping her in a constant state of excitement, but never letting her actually cum. She was starting to get frustrated when she felt the pitch increase on both devices, and Boris moved his mouth away from her ass bud.

"Awwwww." she whimpered at the loss of his mouth, followed immediately by a gasping, "Oh god!"

Sam just barely kept from laughing out loud, then smiled as she saw Boris move up behind her, fitting the head of his cock into the tight opening of Tammy's asshole. She was relieved when she noticed that he had changed cocks, and the one he was about to shove up her ass was much smaller than the one he had started with. She was pleased that the subroutine she had written for that had actually worked.

She watched as he pressed his cockhead into her ass, making Tammy gasp, a small whine coming from her throat. Sam's fingers worked the button on her slacks, and she slid the zipper down, then let them fall around her feet. Stepping out of them, she crawled up on the bed and knelt in front of Tammy, then eased down so she was sitting spreadlegged against the headboard, her pussy right under Tammy's face.

"Fuck her, Boris. Fuck her tight little asshole while she eats me." She said quietly as she wrapped her fingers in Tammy's hair, pulling her mouth down onto the fur fringed lips of her pussy.

Tammy started licking and sucking eagerly, moaning into Sam's pussy as Boris started stroking his cock slowly in and out of her asshole. Her hips humped back at him as her tongue drilled up into Sam's juicing pussy slit, her body responding instinctively to each new sensation.

Boris pressed his cock steadily into the tight, wrinkled ring of Tammy's ass. Lubricant oozed from small pores lining the shaft, easing its passage. He forced the thick shaft deeper, not stopping until the hairs at the base of his cock tickled her asshole, making her moan. He held his cock still for a few moments, then started stroking it in and out slowly.

Sam sighed, closing her eyes and smiling as Tammy's tongue darted between the lips of her pussy, then drilled deep into the juiced soaked hole. She groaned when she moved her mouth up, sucking her clit between her lips, then went back to fucking her tongue up into her pussy.

Tammy shivered as she surrendered to the onslaught of sensations. The G-spot probe was vibrating wildly, while the one on her clit had changed to making delightful sucking motions. Boris's cock pumped slowing in and out of her asshole, each stroke getting progressively longer, but he was fucking her so gently that she jerked and spasmed every time he moved inside her. She was trying to figure out when he had put a pussy in front of her face, and how Sam had made it taste so much like her own pussy.

A soft chirp sounded in Sam's ear, and she reached up and took off her comm. Pressing Tammy's face harder into her twitching cunt mound. She ground her crotch up at her face as she stared down at her.

"Make me cum baby." She gasped softly. "Suck me, and make me cum in your face. Oh god, I need it so bad!"

Tammy started eating her hungrily, her tongue moving up and centering over her clit. She sucked the stiff nubbin into her mouth, chewing on it with her lips, then dropped her mouth back down, plastering her lips to Sam's creaming cunt hole, her tongue lashing around wildly as she brushed her nose back and forth over her clit.

"Oh shit! That's perfect, baby. Keep doing it just like that." Sam groaned as she felt her pussy flutter and spasm, then a wave a pleasure swelled over her. Her head rocked from side to side as she writhed under Tammy's talented tongue, and she whimpered happily as she came again and again.

Tammy moaned and sucked harder, lapping up the pearly droplets of girl cum that drooled in a steady stream from Sam's pussy. She whined when her mouth was pushed away from the tasty morsel, then groaned when her face hit a pillow as she tried to get it back.

Sam eased up on the bed, then slid reluctantly off the side. She picked up her pants and was pulling them back on as she stepped over to the bed, leaning close to whisper in Boris's ear.

"Make her cum, Boris." She said softly. "Full sensory overload, reactive response routine bravo, execute." She kissed him on the cheek, putting her headset back on as she turned toward the door.

The headset was chirping as she put it on, and she tapped it lightly, saying, "Go on Carter."

Interior-John Sheppard's Office, North Tower

1030 Hours

Sheppard, Caldwell and Vala sat in chairs in front of Sheppard's desk while she paced back and forth in front of it. She stopped and turned to them, directing her attention to Vala.

"So you know what we want to do, and you think you can pull it off?" She asked her. "And you have the transponders on, right?"

"We've been over it all already, Samantha, so yes, I know what we want to do." Vala told her. "And I have the transponders on, all five of them." She reached up, touching one of her small stud earrings. "But if you don't mind, I'd like to keep the ones in the earrings. They're precious!"

"I hoped you'd like them." Sam smiled, then turned to Caldwell.

"Stephen, tell Kevin that if anything goes wrong, he's to beam her out." She said. "If he loses the signal on her for more than a few seconds, uncloak the jumpers and take her out that way. Is that understood?"

"We've got it covered, colonel." Caldwell said, trying not to smile. "Marks is ready, we all are. Now all that's left is to go do it."

He stood up, holding his hand out to Vala.

"Lady Vala, if you're ready..." He said.

"Thank you, Stephen." She said as she took his hand and stood up. She leaned forward, smiling at Sam. "Everything is going to be fine, Samantha. We'll see you in a few hours." She said as she kissed her on the cheek.

"You better." Sam muttered as she watched Caldwell tap his come. A second later, the glare of an Asgard beam flared and faded, and they were gone.

"She's going to be fine, colonel." Sheppard said as he leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs out and crossing them at the ankle. "If it does get squirrely, the Genii will get a big surprise when they see they can't hurt our troops. My guys have orders not to return fire by the way. If the Genii fire on them, they're to hold position until Daedalus can beam them out. Stephen's jumpers have orders not to fire as well."

"Good thinking." She said. "The last thing we need is for this to go balls up because one of our guys killed a Genii."

She smiled at him as she walked toward the door.

"I have one more thing to do. Tammy and I will see you in the conference room around noon. Why don't you order us up some food, I'm already a little hungry."

"I can do that." He said, waving at her. "Where is Tammy by the way? I haven't seen her all morning."

"Oh, she's been tied up." Sam said lightly. "I'm going to go see if I can free her up right now."

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

1050 Hours

Tammy was still face down on the bed when Sam came into the lab, but now she was stretched out in its center, her arms and legs secured to the four posts on the corners of the bed. She wasn't moving, except for an occasional jerk or twitch. She had lapsed into unconsciousness a few minutes before.

Boris was kneeling behind her, his cock slipping back and forth between her asscheeks as he pushed them together. He had changed cocks again, and the fat knob of the long, thick cock he was pumping between the fleshy mounds of her ass poked out every time he stroked forward.

He looked over at Sam as she approached the bed, smiling and opening his mouth to speak. Sam held her finger to her lips, then motioned for him to come over and join her.

"You did very well today Boris, and I'm proud of you." She said softly, leaning close and kissing him on the cheek.

"Thank you, mistress." He said.

"Now, be a good boy, and come down here and turn around." She said as she sat on the edge of the bed. When he was facing her, she reached between his legs, pressing into the flesh under his balls. His penis dropped off into her hand, and she sat it on the bed beside her, then picked up her favorite, the eight inch uncircumcised one, and snapped it in place.

She pushed him back and took his hand, leading him around the bed. Stripping quickly, she crawled onto the bed, reaching over and unclipping the chains from Tammy's cuffs, then pushing her arm and leg out of the way. Rolling over onto her back, she held out her arms as she spread her legs.

"Come make mama happy, Boris." She smiled as he climbed onto the bed and slipped between her legs, his fleshy cockhead gliding easily between the lightly furred lips of her pussy. "Mmmmmm, that's a good boy."

* * * * *

Tammy moaned softly as she slowly regained consciousness. She felt the bed rocking and shaking under her, but she couldn't feel Boris's cock inside her. She wiggled her hips, and realized that her left leg was free. She opened her eyes, surprised when she saw her left hand in front of her face. Lifting her head, she looked to that side, gasping when she saw Sam up on her knees, with Boris kneeling behind her, slamming his cock into her sloppy wet cunt slit with long, powerful strokes.

Sam's face was buried in her forearms as she humped her ass back to meet his strokes. She was moaning non-stop, and it was obvious that they had been going at it for a while, and that she was going to cum soon.

Tammy watched them for a few minutes, then reached over and unclipped the chain from the cuff on her other wrist, then slid down, repeating the process on her ankle. She smiled as she saw Sam shudder, her hips jerking more frantically back onto Boris's cock.

"Oh fuck, that is so good." Sam groaned as her pussy fluttered and squeezed around his piledriving prickshaft. She looked back over her shoulder at him, her eyes glazed with passion. "Who's your little slut, Boris? Huh, who do you love, baby?"

Boris pushed her away, making his cock slip from her quivering cunt channel. He pushed her over, and she rolled onto her back, her arms reaching up for him. Climbing up over her quickly, Boris straddled her chest, his asscheeks resting on her tits, and his knees nudging into her armpits. He reached down, his fingers wrapping in her hair as he guided her mouth onto his cock.

"Yeah, that's a good little slut." He said as she engulfed his cockhead and started sucking on it feverishly. He looked down at her, his hips working in time with his hands as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. "You ready for a mouthful of cum you little cunt? You want a hot load of jizz in your mouth, and all over your little slut face, don't you?"

Sam stared up at him in wide-eyed wonder, nodding her head as best she could as she sucked on his stone hard cockshaft. The knob of his cock drove into her throat, making her gag, but she just sucked harder, her hands on his asscheeks, pulling him up higher so he could plunge his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Un-fucking-believable!" Tammy whispered as she watched them. She moved closer, and she saw Sam glance over at her, then look back up at Boris. Seconds later, her cheeks bulged, and she moaned around his cock, and Tammy saw rivulets of pseudo-cum drooling from around his cock as he fucked it into her mouth.

Sam swallowed quickly, but Boris fired off another steaming load of spunk, filling her mouth to overflowing. She turned her head, forcing his cock out of her mouth, then brought her hand down, wrapping it around the twitching shaft, jerking on it roughly as another spurt of creamy liquid erupted from his piss slit.

"Holy shit, Sam!" Tammy giggled as Sam pumped on Boris's cock frantically, her mouth open as she directed the spray all over her flushed, sweaty face.

Boris fired off another half dozen enormous wads, and by the time he was done, Her face was coated with thick globs of sticky white liquid. Looking up at him, she sucked his cockknob back between her lips, milking the thick shaft as she moaned happily in her throat.

Finally, Sam pushed him away, and Boris moved down, stretching out over her. His arms slipped under her, and he held her gently, his mouth coming down onto hers in a passionate kiss. He pulled away after a moment and smiled down at her.

"I love you mistress." He said softly.

"I love you too, Boris." Sam said, leaning up to kiss him lightly on the lips. "Now get off me, and go get cleaned up. That's a good boy."

"What the hell was that?" Tammy asked as she watched Boris move around the end of the bed then go out into the lab. She turned and looked back at Sam, laughing when she saw her scooping his cum off her face and licking it from her fingers. "And what the hell are you doing?"
"Protection and reward protocol. His neural network builds new pathways that reinforce his affection for us, so he wants to keep us from harm." Sam said casually as she scooped a glob of cum off her chin and let it dangle from her finger before it dropped into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she swished it around with her tongue, then swallowed it.

"But how can you eat that shit?" Tammy asked. "It tastes awful!"

"Oh, I changed the formula, made up half a dozen different recipes actually." Sam giggled. She wiped up a fingerful from her cheek and held it out to Tammy. "This one tastes like strawberry cheesecake. Wanna try it?"

Tammy leaned forward, and her tongue came out, lapping at the tip of Sam's finger. Her eyes lit up at the taste, and she leaned closer, sucking her finger into her mouth. Their eyes met as she licked the sticky nectar from her finger, and she smiled around it.

"So did you have a good time?" Sam asked, holding her arms out.

"Oh god! Did I!" Tammy laughed, coming over to lay on top of her. Holding herself up with her forearms, she smiled down at her. "At first I was pissed, but the longer it went on...well, I forgot all about being mad, and just got into it. Damn girl! What the hell have you been doing down here? And when did you find the time? I mean he..."

"It was easier that you think." Sam laughed, pulling her down and hugging her tightly. "Most of the subroutines were already in the database, and I just had to tweak them a little." She kissed her, their lips grinding together, tongues dancing across each other. They were both panting for breath when they broke apart.

Sam smacked Tammy on the butt, making the spongy globe jiggle. She smiled up at her.

"I'm sorry baby, but we have to get up." She said. "We have to be in the conference room at noon, but we have to go home to get cleaned up. I haven't put a shower in here yet."

Tammy rolled off of her, and slid off the bed, walking into the lab. Sam followed, bending down and scooping up her clothes. She smiled when she saw Tammy looking at a terminal.

"It won't do you any good." She laughed. "There's a lockout protocol in place to keep you from doing that to me."

"You bitch!" Tammy screamed, watching her run out the door. She turned and looked at Boris standing quietly by one of the worktables. She smiled and walked over, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you, Boris. You were wonderful."

"Thank you, mistress." He replied.

Interior-Conference Room, North Tower

1150 Hours

Samuels, Sheppard, Lorne and Wildon were already seated around the table when Tammy walked in. She had Jacob in a babypack, and he was busily nursing on the breast she had out of her vest. She sat down at the head of the table, smiling at the group.

"Where's Sam, Tammy?" Andi asked, as she smiled down the table at her. "And where have you been all morning? I have a few things I nee..."

"I've been tied up all morning." Tammy grinned, then looked down at Jacob, easing him away from her breast and holding a bottle to his lips. "And Sam is discussing secu..."

"Enough already!" Sam said as she stormed into the room, Ronin and Cisco right behind her. She spun on her heel to face them, and Ronin almost knocked her over before he could stop.

"See? That's exactly what I'm talking about!" She shouted at them. "Every time I turn around, one of you, or one of your guys is crawling up my ass! You knew where I was all day, and since I was in areas that you told me were supposedly locked down, there was no need for you to be with me! Now back the fuck off!"

She stalked over to the table, jerking her chair out and plopping down in it. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye, and spun around, glaring angrily at Ronin and Cisco as they started to sit down.

"Oh no you don't." She said slowly. She pointed at the door. "You two can wait in the foyer. I mean, this room is actually SECURE isn't it?" Her voice rising to a shout.

She watched as they walked out of the room, glaring at them the entire time.

"And close the door!" She yelled, then spun around to face the table

"Twenty fucking this, protocol that...jabber, jabber, jabber. It never fucking stops." She muttered. She glanced down the table, noticing that Sheppard was hiding a smile behind his hand. "What are you grinning about?" She growled at him.

"Well, is what they're doing any worse than the mother hen routine you put us through over Vala this morning?" He asked her.

She glared at him, then shook her head, and got up, going over to the door. She stepped out, and they could see her speaking quietly to Cisco and Ronin. She hugged them both, and they followed her into the room, taking seats at the end of the table near her.

"Sorry about that." She said quietly, then looked around the table. "So are they there yet? Somebody give me a status."

"Daedalus is on station, and we're just waiting for a signal from Radim before we send them down." Sheppard said. "The jumpers are already in place around the government quarter, and we've got Caldwell standing by if you want to talk to him."

"We'll get to him in a minute." Sam said, looking around the table. "Where are Jack and Bra'tac? And Pharris is in the city today, why aren't they here?"

"None of them are answering their comms." Andi said. "I've been paging them every ten minutes for the last hour."

Sam looked over at Cisco, trying not to smile. "Send someone over there to get them, but have them wait at the door. They may be...occupied."

"Um...Jack is in my office." Sandy said, coloring slightly as she looked down the table at Sam. "He said he was going to take a nap."

"They do that." Sam laughed. "I don't know why, I usually feel energized after..." She stopped, and glanced over at Cisco. He nodded, speaking quietly into his headset. She looked back at Sandy, grinning wolfishly. "You did take the sock off the doorknob I hope."

Sandy blushed furiously, looking down at the table.

Andi looked at her, then looked down the table at Sam.

"If we can get back on topic." She said. "It's almost time."

Sam nodded, and Samuels pressed a control next to her, and Caldwell's face came up on screens around the room.

"What's happening, Stephen?" She asked him.

"Radim is about to enter the plaza." Caldwell told them. "It looks like he's going to put on a show. This is what we're seeing..." He touched a control on his console, and four inset pictures replaced him on the screens. "This is the view from the jumpers, colonel." He paused, giving them a moment to take it in.

A podium had been set up at the top of the steps of one of the buildings facing the square. On each of the other three sides of the square, ranks of Genii soldiers stood at parade rest.

"That looks like three battalions to me, colonel." Caldwell said. "They're in standard Genii uniforms, but I'm betting that they're Radim's personal guard, or troops loyal to him."

"That's sounds about right, Stephen." She said, as she looked at the images. "How do you want to handle it?"

"I'm going to wait until Radim does whatever he's going to do, we haven't received his signal yet." He said. "When we do, we're going to beam our troops down in an open ended square, facing them. At the same time, the four jumpers at the corners of the square will uncloak. Vala will beam down at the open end of the square, boxed in by twenty marines, and walk to the podium while two flights of three-oh-two's do an aerobatic flyover from opposite sides of the square."

"Is all that really necessary, Stephen?" Tammy asked, lifting Jacob and laying him on her shoulder.

"Pomp and circumstance." Andi said. "It's too bad that we don't have a national anthem yet. I really have to get on that."

"Actually doctor, the jumpers are going to play Stars And Stripes Forever as Vala beams down, and ease into Pomp And Circumstance as she moves to the podium. I wanted Hail To the Chief, but..."

"You're having fun with this, aren't you, Stephen?" Sam laughed.

"Yes ma'am." He grinned. "But this is all Vala. We spent the entire trip arguing over the music though."

"It looks like something's happening." Sheppard said as he watched the view from the jumpers.

"Confirm." Caldwell said. "We're receiving a signal. Three minutes. It looks like he's going to keep it brief."

"Okay, let's see what the man has to say." Sam said as she sat back to watch.

Exterior-Genii Homeworld

1200 Hours/0800 Local

Ladin Radim came out of the building flanked by a squad of personal guards in dress uniform and strode across the patio to the podium. He paused, resting his hands on the podium as he looked out over the large crowd that had gathered. After a moment, He began to speak.

* * * * *

"What is he doing?" Phrenum shouted as he stared at the video monitor. He turned and looked at Colak, who stared back in confusion.

* * * * *

"Good people of Genia." Radim began. "Long have we suffered under the threat of cullings from the Wraith, living in fear, hiding behind a cloak of squalor, pretending to be simple farmers, and laborers."

He paused, smiling at the cameras at the foot of the stairs. "But no more. We have confirmed that the Wraith are at war, with each other, and have decimated themselves."

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, many falling to their knees in tears.

Radim waited for them to quiet down before he continued.

"Many worlds and peoples, including our friends the Travelers, and the city of Atlantis have decided to put an end to the Wraith, and the terror they seed across the galaxy." He said, looking around at the crowd. "And I say we should join them, so we may live in the light, and show the galaxy the true strength and worth of the Genii people!"

* * * * *

"No!" Phrenum shouted as the crowd cheered wildly. He turned and charged out the door, with Colak on his heels.

* * * * *

"He's got a way with words, I'll say that much for him." Sam said as she watched Radim speak.

* * * * *

When the crowd had quieted again, Radim continued.

"To that end." He said. "I have asked the queens of Atlantis to send an emissary, who we are..."

The glare of Asgard beams flared around the square and the Atlantian troops began appearing in formation on it. In seconds, the square was filled with marines standing facing the Genii with weapons held at port arms.

The Genii soldiers held their position, bringing their weapons to bear.

Sgt. Wilkins stepped into the square from his position at one corner. He looked around, a small smile on his face, then shouted, "Company!!"

As a unit, the Atlantian's brought their weapons down by their right foot, their left hand moving behind their back.

Genii officers moved among the ranks, ordering them to stand down. In moments, the Genii soldiers had returned to parade rest as well.

The Atlantian jumpers uncloaked at the corners of the formation, and music began blaring from speakers mounted on the drive pods as another Asgard beam flared in the center of the square.

With the three-oh-two's flying a crossing pattern overhead, a group of marines appeared in a tight diamond in the center of the plaza, then opened as the marines slow stepped into a vee formation, revealing Vala in it's center.

The music changed as Vala stepped forward, walking slowly toward the podium, smiling and waving at the crowd.

* * * * *

"Oh my god!" Sam laughed as she watched. "It's too bad Daniel isn't here. Look at her! She's loving being the center of attention like this."

"Something's happening behind Radim, Sam." Samuels said as she leaned forward. "Oh my god, it's Phre..."

* * * * *

"Traitor!" Phrenum shouted as he burst from the door of the building. "I'll kill you!" He shouted, drawing his sidearm and pointing it at Radim.

A two shots rang out behind him, and he staggered, a look of surprise on his face, then fell forward onto the ground.

Colak stepped out of the building, his hands raised, smoke still swirling from the barrel of his gun. Soldiers surrounded him, and in moments, he had been disarmed, and ushered away. Other soldiers lifted Phrenum's body and carried it quickly back into the building.

* * * * *

The crowd drew back at the gunshots, but the Atlantian and Genii troops held their positions. Vala waved the marines back as they began to reform around her, then stood, her hands folded in front of her as she waited for Radim to restore order.

* * * * *

"Good girl." Sam muttered. She looked at the monitor and spoke to Caldwell. "Don't beam her out Stephen, let's see what happens."

"She already told us to leave her in place, colonel. Her mike is live." He told her.

* * * * *

Radim looked around, feigning surprise as he heaved a sigh of relief. He noticed Vala standing calmly in the plaza, and waved his own guards back, then moved around the podium and down the steps to join her.

Vala met him halfway, and they shook hands, exchanging a few words, then walked back up to the podium together.

"What should be a day of joy has been marred with tragedy." Radim said solemnly, looking out over the crowd as they moved closer again. "But we cannot let this deter us as we take the first steps down a path that will lead to freedom for all Genii."

He looked out at the crowd, then turned, motioning Vala forward.

"Allow me to present the Lady Vala Mal Doran, emissary of the queens of Atlantis." He said, then bowed to her. "We offer our greetings, and our hopes for a peaceful, productive future together."

"Thank you, Ladon. Our queens, and the people of Atlantis share your hopes for peace between us." She said. She stepped back, reaching down to draw a long, slim dagger from her boot. "But on my homeworld, it is customary for enemies to exchange weapons when they become friends. Please accept this token as a sign of that friendship." She held the dagger butt first out to him, smiling brightly.

* * * * *

"That wasn't in the script." Sam said. "What the hell is she doing?"

"She's sealing the deal, in front of his people." Tammy said. "He's not going to be able to back out now."

"I hope you're right." Sam said, watching the screen intently.

* * * * *

Radim stared at her, then reached out, reluctantly taking the proffered dagger. The crowd erupted in applause, and Vala leaned toward him. "Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked quietly.

Radim turned away from the crowd, frowning at her. Vala smiled back, waiting patiently. Radim nodded abruptly, reaching down and drawing his sidearm, holding it out to her butt first.

"A gift deserves a gift in return." He said, smiling tightly at her, bringing another round of applause from the crowd. "To our friendship."

"Thank you, Ladon. This is a beautiful weapon." She said, pointing it in the air and pulling the trigger.

The report when it went off startled the crowd, and Radim ducked out of the way as she turned it toward him.

Feigning surprise, she dropped it on the podium. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was loaded! Please, forgive me."

"Th...That's quite alright." Radim said warily as he looked at her, then the gun on the podium. "I should have checked it before I gave it to you. It is I, not you, that should seek forgiveness."

"Think nothing of it." Vala said lightly, reaching out and taking his hand. "Friends forgive little indiscretions. Let's hope any that we have in the future are as harmless."

The crowd laughed, and Radim looked at her with a new respect. He bowed, then raised her hand, holding it aloft as they waved at the crowd together.

* * * * *

"She did that on purpose." Andi said.

"Of course she did." Sam laughed. "But it serves him right for handing her a loaded weapon."

"She made herself look like the victim, and got the crowd on her side." Sandy said. "How the hell did she do that?"

"Oh, our Vala's the sly one." O'Neill said as he went over and took a seat beside her.

"How long have you been here, Jack?" Sam asked, smiling over at him.

"I caught her entrance. You were all so intent on watching the show, I figured there was no point in distracting you."

He looked over and grinned at Ronin.

"And the next time you send your goons looking for me, tell them that you knock on a door, not pound on it."

"They'd been knocking for almost five minutes before you answered, general." Cisco said.

"Yeah, whatever." O'Neill muttered.

Interior-Ladon Radim's Office

1230 Hours/0830 Local

"You did that on purpose." He said as he closed the door behind them. "And there was no ment..."

"Of course I did dear." Vala laughed. "Only a fool hands someone he's just met a loaded weapon. You're lucky I didn't shoot you. If Samantha didn't need you so badly, I might have."

"" Radim sputtered, staring at her in disbelief.

"Can we get some coffee, perhaps some pastries, while I explain the facts of life to you? It's almost time for lunch in Atlantis, and I'm starving." She said lightly. She walked over and sat on a long leather sofa, looking around the room. "This is a nice office, Ladon. Very masculine. I like it."

Radim opened a drawer and took out a pistol, pointing it at her as he moved around the desk.

"What's to stop me from killing you right now, and telling them that a rogue element did it?" He asked as he came closer.

Vala smiled at him as she stood up and said, "Stephen?"

The glare of an Asgard beam flared and when it faded, she was gone. Another beam flared behind him, and when he turned around, she was smiling as she pointed a gun at his head.

"I suppose you could try." She said casually. "But I'm an excellent shot, so you'll probably be dead too."

Radim stared at her, then started to laugh, lowering his weapon then walking over and sitting it on the desk.

"I like you. You're very strange." He said as he picked up the phone. "And I suppose I've built my nest, so I should go ahead and put my eggs in it."

"Is that anything like making your bed, then lying in it?" Vala asked as she sat back down on the sofa. She laid her gun on the table and looked over at him. "My Daniel says that all the time, usually about me, and for the life of me, I have no idea what he means!"

Radim laughed, then spoke into the phone.

"Yes, would you have them send shinna and a large dessert tray to my office? Yes, for two. Thank you."

"Our shinna is similar to your coffee, but has a fruitier taste." He said as he pulled a chair around and sat down across from her. "If you want the truth, I never really cared for your coffee, I find it too bitter."

"I hope you don't find what I'm sitting in front of you too unpleasant." She said mildly. "We want you to be comfortable dealing with us. We think you're an ally worth having. An ally we have to have, to be honest with you."

"I suppose our spy network is what makes us valuable to you." He said.

"Yes, but Samantha was serious when she told you that our friends in the Milky Way loved your taava beans." She told him, looking around the office. "I don't suppose you have a few tons lying around that I could take home with me?"

"I'll have some brought to the square. You can beam them up with you when you leave." He laughed. He sighed, leaning back in his chair.

"It's not going to be that bad, Ladon." Vala said, watching him. "You're free to run your government anyway you like. What we're asking is for you to gather information about the needs of the peoples you already deal with, and be nice to your neighbors. That's not so much now, is it?"

"And in exchange? What would the Genii receive."

"As we told you, you would enjoy full access to goods from Atlantis, and the Travelers. That's not an exclusive arrangement, you're still free to deal with others as well."

Radim nodded, getting up to answer a knock at the door. He spoke quietly for a moment, then pushed the door closed and brought a tray over, sitting it on the table between them.
He poured them both a cup of shinna, pointing at a pale yellow liquid and a powdery brown substance in small bowls. "These are like your milk and sugar." He said.

"I drink mine black." She said as she leaned closer, looking over the tray of pastries, then looking up at him. "Which ones do you like Ladon?"

He grinned, pointing at a long round pastry on the end.

"These are my favorite." He said. "They have a thick, sweet cream inside that I've loved since I was a boy."

She picked one up and bit into it, her eyes going wide as she smiled broadly.

"Oohh mawh gahw!" She gasped around a mouthful. "Thihh ihh..." She stopped, chewing, then swallowing quickly, then smiling at him again. "That is incredible, can I ge..."

"I'll send a box home with you." He laughed. "Is there anything else you want to take home with you?"

"Well, that lamp over there is lovely, and Daniel would love that parchment you have over by the door. He's an archeol..." She stopped when she saw the look on his face. "Oh, you weren't being serious, were you?"

"No." He said, shaking his head. "But you were saying that we'd have unrestricted trade with Atlantis and the Travelers..."

"I believe I said, full access to goods, not unrestricted trade." She said, shaking her finger at him. "But you would have access to our medical technology, assistance in testing your people for the ancient gene, and our therapy for any that have the latent gene."

She took another bite from her pastry before she continued.

"The therapy doesn't work on everyone, I'm sorry to say." She told him. "I've tried it twice, and it failed both times. From what they told me, it works in about eighty percent of cases. You can have the doctor's talk about that."

"I'm a scientist actually." He told her. "So I want to hear more about it, but I can wait." He picked up a pastry, looking at her as he bit into it, nodding for her to continue.

"We'd also offer training on any non-weapons ancient technology you may already have in your possession, or may acquire. We will not offer training on weapons, or supply you with any weapons systems themselves."

"Understandable." He said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. He smiled as he sat the pastry back on the tray. "After the performance in the plaza, I wasn't expecting you to be quite so generous. That show of force was meant to intimidate, so I have to admit, I am genuinely relieved."

"Oh, that wasn't a show of force! That was pageantry!" She laughed. "A girl likes to make an entrance when she's meeting new friends! I mean, really!"

"You certainly made an entrance." Radim said as he got up and walked over to his desk. He picked up the phone, speaking quietly for a moment, then turned and looked at her. "It's going to take a few minutes to get your things together. Would you like to meet my cabinet, and some of my other advisors while we're waiting?" He asked.

"Not especially." She said, frowning slightly. She smiled as she added, "But I'd love to see more of your city. I thought it was lovely."

Interior-Robotics Lab

1400 Hours

"We're away, colonel." Caldwell said, leaning back in his chair.

"What took you so long, Stephen? They finished talking almost an hour ago." Sam said.

She stretched out on the couch, holding the tablet up over her so she could see him.

"Radim took her on a walking tour of the city while they were waiting for some gifts he promised her." Caldwell laughed. "By the time they were..."

"Oh no! She didn't!" Sam laughed.

"She sure did." Caldwell laughed. "She had her escort loaded down like pack mules before they were done. From what I could tell listening to them, he was having as much fun as she was. He was actually pointing out things he thought she'd like after a while. They really hit it off."

"He related to her much better than me last night when we talked, that's why I brought her in." Sam said. "I think he's a little scared of me, so I just sat back and listened."

"Well, we'll be back in an hour or so, and she can give you a full report then." He told her.

"That's fine Stephen, we'll see you then." She smiled, then tapped the tablet off and tossed it onto the table.

She rolled off the couch and walked over to the porter. Looking the guard up and down, she smiled and said, "I'm going over to the robotics lab for a few minutes. I'll be coming right back, but do you want to come anyway?"

"Yes, ma'am, thank you." He said as he followed her into the porter.

"I like that suit." She said as they stepped of the porter.

He followed her down the hall to the lab, and stiffened, reaching for his weapon when he saw a naked man standing across the room.

"Stand down." She laughed. "He's friendly, very friendly, if you know what I mean." She glance over at him as she walked over and stood in front of Boris.

"Hi Boris, how are you, baby?" She asked as she looked him over, turning him as she moved around him.

"I am fine mistress." he said as she came back around in front of him. "My cock is gett..."

"Abort Boris." She said quickly, glancing over at the guard.

"Sorry about that." She said. "There's still a few bugs we have to work out."

"Is that a replicator?" He asked, reaching out to touch Boris's cheek.

"No, and don't do that." She said quickly. "He has a self protection protocol, and I don't want you to get hurt." She glanced over at him as she opened a cabinet against the wall. "What's your name? You're not as freaked out as I expected you to be."

"Boris ma'am. Boris Matthison." He answered, trying not to smile. "But are you serious, would he really try to fight me?"

"Not yet." Sam laughed, bringing a tray over and sitting it on the table. "Right now, he'll just give you a nasty shock to keep you away. I still have some work to do on the system."

"That's amazing." Matthison said as he walked around Boris, looking at him closely. "What he for? I mean, why did you bui..."

"I didn't build him. I'm just refining the programming." She said. "Tammy drew up the schematics, but he was built by an ancient system. He's actually an android, one of the predecessors to the replicators."

She flipped the lid on the tray up and started going through the contents. Matthison came over, bursting out laughing as he looking in the tray.

"I'm sorry, ma'am." He said, when he got himself under control. "That just took me by surprise."

"That's okay." She smiled, "I got the wrong one anyway." She said as she closed the lid and slid it down the table, then went back over to the cabinet and pulled another tray out, lifting the lid before she came back to the table.

She turned and looked at Matthison, trying not to smile. "Before I do anything else, I have to tell you that this is a classified project. Tammy and I are the only ones that know about it. On that note, you are not, under any circumstances, to discuss what you've seen in this room, especially with Ronin and Cisco. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am." He said, then grinned sheepishly. "But you're a little late. The marines that were escorting Lady Tammy have been shooting their mouths off for days about what they heard going on in here. Apparently, she got pretty loud a few times."

She stared at him in surprise, then smiled. "So they said they heard her in here, but never saw anything? None of them actually came in here?"

"Not that I heard, but I got it secondhand, so I can't say for sure." He said.

"Okay, then they probably just think she was meeting someone down here to fuck." She said to herself. She looked up at him and smiled. "What I said goes. Keep this to yourself. If it gets out, I'll know where it came from."

"Yes ma'am." He said. "But you don't get this job by shooting your mouth off. Protecting the royal family means more than just keeping you alive."

"Cisco told Andi the same thing the other day. I guess that's where you got it?" She said as she went over and opened another cabinet. She pulled out a suit, holding it up, then glancing back over at him. "This is about the same color as yours, don't you think?"

"Yes ma'am." He said.

"Good." She said as she came over and dropped it on the table. "Call Sheppard and get a list of all the marines assigned to escort Tammy last week. Then call Dr. Samuels, and tell her that I want a list of everyone that has accessed the porter on this floor and this room in the last week, tell her she can get Chuck to help if she needs to."

She turned to her Boris and handed him the shirt, smiling at him as she dropped to her knees in front of him. "Let's get you dressed baby." She said as she changed his penis, putting her favorite back on. "Then you can come watch mama chop some people's heads off."

Interior-Auditorium, Central Tower

1530 Hours

Every marine in Atlantis had been assembled and were seated in the auditorium. At the front of the room, three enlisted men, three sergeants, and two officers sat behind a long table. Sam and Tammy sat off to the side with Boris, Matthison, and three other guards standing behind them.

Sheppard stepped through the doors at the back of the room and strode up the aisle. When he reached the table at the front of the room, he picked up a folder, then turned to face the marines.

"You have been assembled to witness criminal proceedings against nine of your fellow marines." He began, then paused, waiting for the marines to quiet down before he continued. "We will begin with the most serious of the proceedings. Bring in the prisoner." He said curtly.

A marine wearing a t-shirt, fatigue pants and combat boots was brought in and marched up the aisle. His escorts stopped in front of Sheppard, and the three of them came to attention. The prisoner started to salute, but one of the other marines grabbed his wrist, forcing his arm down.

"Prisoners do not salute." Sheppard said quietly, then opened the folder he was holding, glancing down at it.

"Private Richard Harper, you are charged with breaking and entering, grand theft, sabotage of a scientific experiment, espionage, and treason. Have each of these charges been explained to you?"

"They have, sir." Harper responded.

"You have the right to representation by counsel of your choice. Do you wish to be represented at this proceeding?"

"Yes sir, I request that Lt. Miller represent me."

Lt. Miller stepped forward, coming stiffly to attention in front of Sheppard.

"Lt. Miller, have you spoken to the accused, and reviewed the evidence against him?" Sheppard asked

"I have sir."

"Are you ready to proceed?"

"No sir, but the accused wishes to proceed immediately to trial." Miller answered.

"Very well." Sheppard said. He looked over at Harper. "Richard Harper, how do you plead to the charges against you?"

"Not guilty, sir."

Sheppard nodded and stepped to the side while Harper and Miller were led to seats in the front row.

"Capt. Kleinman will present the state's case." Sheppard said as he sat down. "You may proceed captain."

Kleinman stepped forward and spoke to the marines seated at the table.

"For the first charge, breaking and entering, the state will to present evidence that on May Ninth of this year, the accused did willfully circumvent a door control pad, and illegally enter a secured research lab."

He paused, nodding to a marine seated off to the side.

"Video evidence will show the accused..."

"Wait!" Harper said. "I want to change my plea!"

Sheppard stood up, motioning for Kleinman to join him. They went over and stood in front of Harper.

"At this stage of the proceedings, you only have two choices regarding a plea. Guilty, or not guilty. A plea of not guilty due to mental instability must be entered prior to these proceedings beginning. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" Sheppard asked.

"I understand, and I want to change my plea, colonel." Harper said.

"You understand that two of the charges are capitol crimes, and carry the death penalty?" Sheppard said slowly. "If you plead guilty, the panel will have no choice but to pass sentence."

"I know, colonel." Harper said, glancing over at Sam and Tammy. "But I know they won't kill me. I just know it."

Sheppard stepped closer, his face inches from Harper's.

"They called these proceedings you moron." He said harshly. "What ma..."

"Colonel, my client has stated that he wishes to change his plea to guilty." Miller said. He glanced at Harper and added, "I guess you want to throw yourself on the mercy of the court as well?"

Harper nodded, and Sheppard stepped back, then turned to take his seat. "Get on with it." He said over his shoulder.

Miller stepped forward, addressing the panel. "At this time, the accused wishes to change his plea to guilty, and throw himself on the mercy of the court. The defense rests."

The marines seated at the table stood up and went into one of the rooms at the front of the auditorium. They were back less than five minutes later.

When they were all seated again, a sergeant at the middle of the table stood up, holding a sheet of paper in his hand.

"Private Richard Harper, you have pled guilty to all the charges against you." He said slowly. "Are you ready for us to pass sentence?"

Harper and Miller stood up and faced the panel, Harper glanced over at Sam and Tammy, then back at the panel.

"I am." He said calmly.

"Very well." The sergeant said. "This court orders that you be stripped of all rank, medals, and honors, then dishonorably discharged from the Free Defense Forces of Atlantis, forfeiting all pay, benefits and allowances." He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. "This court also orders that you be executed by firing squad, said execution to be carried out at the discretion of the convening authority. May god have mercy on your soul."

Harper stared at him as he sat down, then turned to face the queens.

"I was stupid, but I never meant any harm." He said quietly. "I didn't know that she was a Genii spy, I was just showing off to a pretty girl. What I told her didn't seem that important, I wasn't giving her state secrets or anything, I don't know any."

He paused, standing up straighter. "The rest is all true. I broke into that lab and took some stuff. I deserve to be punished for that. That's all I have to say."

Tammy put her hand over Sam's as she started to stand up. She shook her head at her as she got to her feet and walked slowly over to stand in front of Harper.

She looked at him, and he met her gaze, not flinching away.

"I'm the one you hurt, the one you stole from, and betrayed." She said. "What this court says means nothing, it's my place to pass judgment on you."

Harper looked at her, and nodded. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"It's too late for that." She said, then took a step back.

"I'm going to commute your death sentence, but I'm going to exile you from my city." She said. "I won't have a man I know is a thief living with us." She paused, looking at him steadily. "We'll ask Stargate Command if we can return you to Earth, but if they refuse, you'll be sent to a habitable world to make your way as best you can. You are never to return to the city of Atlantis. If you do, you will be shot on sight. Do you understand?"

Harper nodded, then snapped to attention and saluted.

Tammy slapped him across the face, knocking him to the floor.

"Don't you dare." She said quietly. "You no longer have the right. You gave that up when you betrayed our trust."

She turned and walked back to sit next to Sam as two marines got him to his feet and escorted him from the room.

"There are no capitol crimes in any of the remaining cases." Sheppard said as he stepped back up in front of the table.

Before Sheppard could continue, Lt. Miller stood up.

"Colonel, all of the remaining accused were charged as a group, with identical charges. They request that they be tried as a group, considering that the bulk of the charges are conspiracy to commit acts each of the others are charged with."

"The state has no objection, and is ready to proceed." Kleinman said as he stood up.

Sheppard nodded and returned to his seat.

Lt. Miller stepped up in front of the table.

"If it please the court, the accused also wish to wave reading of charges, plead guilty, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court." He said. "They feel that it is in the best interest of our city that this matter be concluded quickly."

"This is highly unusual, your honors, but the state has no objection." Kleinman said from his seat.

"The court accepts the guilty pleas." A lieutenant at the end of the table said. "We will deliberate, and issue our ruling."

They didn't even leave the table this time, but passed sheets of paper down the table to the end. The lieutenant looked through the stack of papers, then stood and addressed the room.

"The court has agreed on a sentence. Have the prisoners brought in for the reading." He said.

"Your honors, the accused have authorized me to accept judgment in their place." Miller said. "They feel no good wi..."

"Are the accused aware that these proceedings are a matter of public record, and that they will not find shelter of anonymity by refusing to appear before this court?"

"Yes, you honor." Miller said. "As I stated before, they wish these proceedings to be concluded quickly so they may get on with their lives, and our city can put this behind us."

"Very well." the lieutenant said. "It is the ruling of this court that all eight defendants be stripped of all rank, medals, and honors, then dishonorably discharged from the Free Defense Forces of Atlantis, forfeiting all pay, benefits and allowances. In addition, they shall serve a term at hard labor, for no less then twelve, but not to exceed twenty-four months. At the completion of that term of incarceration, their citizenship shall be revoked. The court adds the stipulation that they may re-apply for citizenship after a period of no less than five years."

"Thank you, your honors." Miller said. "I will inform..."

"Have them brought into the room." Sam said as she stood up and started around the table. Tammy stopped her, taking her hand as she stood.

They moved to the front of the room and waited as the prisoners were brought in. When were lined up in front of them, she told the lieutenant to read the sentence again.

When he finished, they looked at each of them.

"Was it worth it?" Tammy asked softly. "You're no longer marines, and going to prison because you gossiped like old women and spread rumors about things you knew nothing about." She shook her head, tears running down her cheeks. "We trusted you...I trusted you, not just to protect my life, but my dignity. You robbed me of that."

"It was my fault." A man on the end said quietly. "I heard things in that lab, and told the others."

"We all did it, Simmons." Another said. "We had fun at their expense, and now we have to pay the piper."

"Did any of you stop to think about what you were doing?" Sam asked them. "Didn't you realize that..."

"Mickelson and Schultz." Simmons said, interrupting her. "They shouldn't even be here. All they did was listen."

"But they didn't do anything about a breach of security." Sheppard said angrily as he stepped over in front of them. "You sat around laughing and having a good time, making shit up. Don't try to deny it, I watched the videos."

He stepped over to a table and picked up several objects, then came back over in front of them.

"I don't know what was going on in that lab, and I don't care." He said. "What I do know, is that because of what she was doing in there, when one of my troops gets hurt, loses an arm or a leg, or gets burned and needs new skin, we're going to be able to fix them."

He held up an artificial arm in one hand, and a heart in the other.

"Replaceable limbs and organs." He said as he walked down the line. "She found these in the database, and has already given the research to Dr. Keller."
Pushing between two of the prisoners, he walked down the aisle looking out over the assembled marines.

"When we took this city, and decided to stay and help make it a place worth living, we pledged our lives and our sacred honor to that cause. Then we asked these women to lead us." He looked back at Carter over his shoulder. "Colonel Carter didn't want to be a queen, we forced her to take the job, you were all there, you all voted."

"And now, because of them, we speak ancient, and have the skills to make this city come alive again." He said as he looked around the room. "We've brought in fifty thousand new citizens, refugees from worlds ravaged by the Wraith, to join us so we can make goods for the rest of the peoples in this galaxy, and make their lives better."

"John, you don't ha..." Sam said, coming down the aisle to join him.

"No colonel, they don't see the pain you feel every time you send one of us out on a mission where we can be hurt or killed. They don't see the hours you spend trying to find new ways to protect us, or make this city a better place to live."

"We can see colonel." A corporal several rows back said. He stood up and looked around the room. "Most of us have been on a protection detail, and we know what's going on. That's why we stayed, so we can be part of it."

He paused, then looked over at Carter.

"These guys, the accused, they fucked up. They shot their mouths off to their friends, but they always had your back colonel, just like the rest of us."

She looked around, and saw heads nodding all over the room. She glanced at Sheppard, and he nodded.

"I've got this." He said, then turned and walked back up the aisle, stopping in front of the prisoners.

"As the convening authority, I'm going to overturn the court's sentence." Sheppard told them. "I'm sentencing you to ninety days confinement at hard labor, reduction in rank to private, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and assignment to every shit job I can think of for the foreseeable future. This court is adjourned."

"Now that's justice." Carter heard a sergeant mutter as he stood up. He grinned at her when he saw her looking at him. "Sorry, ma'am. That kinda slipped out."

"Don't sweat it, I agree with you." She smiled, then turned and went to join Tammy.

Interior-Conference Room, North Tower

1800 Hours

"Are you sure about this?" Sam said quietly, leaning closer to Tammy.

"Yeah, John just outed us when he told those marines about the medical benefits of what we've been doing." Tammy replied. "And you know that Cisco and Ronin are going to be asking questions about him, so we might as well get it over with."

"Okay, you're probably right." Sam said. "But let me do it."

Tammy nodded, and Sam looked around the table at the staff.

"You've all heard about the courts martial we had John convene because of a security breach in one of our research labs." She said. Heads nodded around the table, and she smiled as she continued. "We've already spoken to Jennifer, and she apparently told John, because he showed an offshoot of our research to the marines a little while ago."

She picked up the artificial arm, holding it up so they could see it.

"Tammy found research the ancients were doing on artificial limbs and organs while she was doing database searches for a project we're working on." She said as she sat the arm down on the table.

"I've been doing my own searches on technologies related to what Tammy gave me, Sam." Jennifer said. "I've found the surgical procedures related to attaching or implanting these prosthetics, and I don't mean to sound morbid, but I can't wait for someone to come in that I can..."

"What kind of project, colonel?" Caldwell asked, frowning at Keller. "If artificial limbs and organs are an offshoot, it has to be something big."

"Yes and no, Stephen." Sam said as she stood up. She walked down the table and stopped next to Ronin. She smiled down at him, then said, "Can I see your gun for a minute?"

Ronin looked at her, then pulled his gun from a shoulder holster and handed it to her.

She walked back to her seat and sat it on the table in front of her. Turning toward the door she said, "Boris, would you come in here please?"

"Good afternoon mistress." He said as he stopped in front of her.

"Hello, Boris." She said with a smile. "Stand right here baby. That's a good boy."

"This is Boris." She said, as she looked around the table. "Tammy drew up the schematics for him based on information in the ancient database, and he was assembled in the lab we've been working in. I've been modifying his programming over the last few days."

"You built a fucking replicator?" Sheppard said as both he and Ronin leapt to their feet. "Have you lost your mind?"

"Ronin, John, sit down. He's not a replicator, he's an android." She said as she slipped Boris's jacket off, then started unbuttoning his shirt. "This technology was one of the steps the ancients took as they progressed along the path that resulted in their developing the replicators."

"We have records that show that this type of android was used safely for thousands of years." She said as she slipped his shirt off, then lifted his arm and pressed into the skin under it. His arm came off in her hand, and she sat it on the table, then picked up the one sitting there and put it one in its place. "This one doesn't quite match his skin tone and build, but as you can see, the parts are interchangeable."

She took the arm back off, and put his back on, then looked at him and smiled.

"Disengage protection protocol, Boris." She said. Then lowering her voice she added, "Don't talk baby, we don't want to get mama in trouble."

Tammy burst out laughing as Sam turned back toward the table.

"Feel free to come examine him." She told the group. "Like I said, the ancients used these androids for thousands of years. Most of them were scrapped as new technologies were developed. We found a few parts in different labs around the city, and built the rest as needed."

"So the ancients were using them for labor in their cities?" Caldwell asked as he came over to look at Boris.

"Actually, no. It's was easier for them to build robotics right into machines, just like it is for us. It would have been wasteful to build androids to operate equipment." Tammy said. "This class of android was used for household duties, like servants, babysitters...and companions."

"Compan..." Jennifer said, stopping abruptly, her eyes going wide. "Oh my god! They built a sextoy!"

"I wouldn't have put it that way." Sam laughed. "But yes, that is his primary function right now. As I get his programming fine tuned, I'm going to add personal protection and child care, so we won't need guards in the residence, and won't have to depend on nannies."

"And he has know, all the..." Jennifer asked.

"He's fully functional in every regard." Sam said, opening his pants and letting them fall to the floor. She helped him out of them, then picked them up, folding them and laying them on the table. "Erection, Boris." She said as she turned back to him. "Full extension, extend G-nodule and vibrate."

There were gasps and giggles as the women gathered around him, forcing the men back out of the way.

"You're actually going to..." Caldwell said, a look of disgust on his face.

"Already have, Stephen." Tammy laughed. "It's no different than using a vibrator when you get right down to it. And this is a practical solution to a problem. I mean, it's not like me 'n Sam can go down to the O' Club and pick up one of your pilots for a one night stand."

"But I thought..."

"Nope." She said, shaking her head as she grinned at him. "We're sexual with each other, but we both like dick as much as the next girl."

"You said that you wouldn't need guards in the residence once you got his programming fine tuned." Cisco said. "What did you mean by that?"

"He'll be connected to the cities communication system, so in the event of an emergency, he'll be able to send out an alarm, fend of intruders until help arrives, or provide medical assistance." Sam told him. "Most of that is already built in, I just want to get a better look at what he can do before I bring it all on line."

She noticed that Jennifer was kneeling in front of Boris, her hand wrapped around his penis. She grinned as she said, "Ejaculate Boris, full volume and repeat."

Boris's cock twitched in Jennifer's hand, and a spurt of pseudo-cum burst from it, spraying across her face and into her hair. Another spurt spat from his piss slit, hitting her on the neck, soaking her shirt as she tried to skitter back out of the way.

"He usually has better control than that, Jenn." Tammy laughed. "You must have really turned him on."

"Fuck you." Jennifer shouted as she stormed out of the room, wiping her face with her hands.

"I better..." Sheppard said.

"Go ahead." Sam said. "We're done here anyway. But tell her I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist."

"You'd think she'd be used to it by..." He stopped, blushing a deep red as he realized what he was saying. "I better..." He said again, pointing at the door.

"Yeah." Sam said, doing her best not to laugh till he was out the door.


1910 Hours

"So this is what you've been doing down in that lab all this time?" Cisco asked, looking down the table at Boris.

"Yeah, I didn't see any point in telling you till we were ready to bring him home." Sam said, mopping up gravy with a piece of bread. "I wasn't trying to hide anything from you, it's just that some of the testing..."

"Got down right nasty!" Tammy laughed. "Today was the first time I've seen him fully assembled. Before I got shot, his midsection was strapped to a table. It was a little freaky..."

She stopped suddenly, looking over at Sam.

"Speaking of freaky, what's up with all the baby's, mama this and that, the that's a good boy's?" She asked her.

"Bonding protocol." Sam said as she stood up and sat her plate on the counter. "Why don't you get us some drinks, tequila would be nice, and let's take this in the living room."

She looked down the table and smiled at Boris. "Come sit with me, Boris. That's a good boy." She said as she watched him stand up. He followed her into the living room as Cisco and Tammy stared after them.

* * * * *

Sam was lying on a couch when they walked into the room. Boris had her feet in his lap and was rubbing them gently.

Cisco sat a tray of glasses on the table and sat down while Tammy poured shots. She handed them both a glass, then went over and pushed Cisco toward the end of the couch, stretching out, her head in his lap.

"So tell me more about this bonding protocol." Tammy said. "Am I going to have to do all the baby's and mama's too?"

"Not with Boris, but you'll have to do it when we build yours." Sam said, turning her head to look at her.

"You just lost me." Tammy said. "I..."

"He can only bond with one of us." Sam told her. "I didn't realize what was happening until it was too late to back out without wiping him completely and starting over."

She sat up and spun around on the couch, opening her vest as she looked up at him.

"Play with my titties, baby. Em seven, bravo three, execute."

Boris's hands came down and began massaging her breasts rhythmically, his fingers moving up to stroke and squeeze her nipples, then returning to kneed her fleshy tits.

"Well that's just not right, Sam." Tammy said. "He was my idea, and I..."

"I know, sweetie." Sam sighed as she opened her pants and slipped her hand between her legs. "But we built the guy I wanted. You let me pick everything that I liked, and I'm working out the bugs in the programming. So when we build yours, you can pick the stuff you like, and he'll be just what you want."

She looked up at Boris, a dreamy smile on her face.

"Delta two, Boris. Half insertion, vibrate fifty percent."

One of his hands moved down and slid into her pants, and she groaned softly as his fingers moved between her legs. The fingers of his other hand pinched her nipple gently.

"I love you mistress." He said softly. "Am I pleasing you?"

"Mmmmmm, You're making me feel wonderful, Boris. You're such a good boy."

"Maybe I shou..." Cisco said, starting to get up.

"Sit your ass down." Tammy laughed, rolling onto her side. She brought her hand up, laying it on his cock, squeezing it gently. "You're not taking this hard-on anywhere."

She looked over at Sam again. "Tell me more Sam."

"I have sixty-five different subroutines programmed into him so far, and his neural network has mapped my responses to the ones we've been through." Sam whispered, her hips arching up at his fingers. "He has seventeen levels in his reactive response routines that increase the sensitivity of his sensors, so he can vary the stimulus based on my reactions and maximize my response."

She looked over at Tammy and Cisco sitting on the other couch.

"Are you going to fuck him?" She panted, her hips arching up to meet Boris's fingers.

"I was thinking about it." Tammy smiled. "His cock is hard as a rock."

Sam glanced up at Cisco, then back at Tammy.

"Suck it. I wanna watch you suck his dick."

"I don't think he wants me to." Tammy said, her fingers toying with the zipper on his slacks, dragging it down slowly. "I think we're making him uncomfortable, and he wants to leave."

Cisco moaned softly, his hips moving on the couch, making his cock slide under Tammy's fingers.

"No!" Sam moaned, then gasped suddenly, her body shivering under Boris's fingers. "Do it baby! He doesn't want to leave. He wants to feel your mouth on his cock."

She looked up at him, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Tell her Cisco. Tell her you want her to suck your big, beautiful cock." She whimpered, then her eyes rolled up in her head as her body shook in a series of spasms. "Oh god! I bet she sucks cock alot better than me, and you liked that, didn't you?"

"You slut!" Tammy said harshly, grinning up at him as she pushed her hand into the opening of his pants, wrapping her fingers around the swollen shaft of his cock and pulling it out into the open. "You sucked his dick? When you bitch? Did you fuck him too? Did you?"

Sam's head nodded up and down rapidly, her eyes clenched shut as she writhed on the couch. Gasping for breath, she spoke haltingly to Boris.

"Ta...tango thu...three, fu...full extension, vibr...vib..."

"Vibrate one hundred percent, execute." Tammy said as she turned her face down and lashed her tongue across the head of Cisco's cock. She looked up at him, and smiled. "Make alot of noise, and cum as fast as you can. And talk dirty to me. She loves it."

With a loud moan, she sucked his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it frantically. Her fingers squeezed around the root, then started stroking up and down over the thick shaft.

"Yeah." He grunted. "Suck my cock bitch. Don't just lick it, get it in your little slut mouth and suck on it."

Sam's eyes popped open and she stared wide eyed at them for a moment, then she rolled off the couch, reaching down and pulling Boris to his feet. Her fingers tore at the zipper on his pants as she dragged him over in front of the other couch. Dropping to her knees between Cisco's legs, she fit the fleshy knob of Boris's cock between the lips of her pussy, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"Erect, full extension, all systems to max." She panted. "Fuck me Boris. Make mama cum on your big cock."

Bracing her forearms on Cisco's thighs, she leaned forward, her face inches from Tammy's as she watched her suck his cock. She looked up at him, grinning when she saw him watching her.

"Fuck her in the mouth, Cisco." She panted, then looked back at Tammy.

"Make him cum, Tammy." She whispered, humping her ass back as Boris fucked her roughly from behind. "Make him cum in your mouth, and on your face, I wanna see it!"

Tammy smiled around his cock, her fist stroking faster as her lips plunged up and down over the top third of his cock. She pulled her mouth back suddenly, holding his cock out to Sam.

Sam dove on his cock, her tongue lashing wildly across the plum colored knob, then across the top of the shaft as she sucked him deep into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down rapidly, then she pressed down, taking his cock balls deep into her mouth, holding it there for a long moment.

She pulled up, spit dripping from her lips as she gasped for breath.

"You. You do it." She panted, her eyes locked with Tammy's.

Tammy's mouth dropped back onto his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked on it as hard as she could. Her hand dropped off his cock, sliding down and cupping his balls, massaging them gently between her fingers.

Cisco groaned, his hips arching up off the couch as his hands came down on the back of Tammy's head. He started jerking wildly, his ass a blur as it humped up and down at her face.

Tammy's eyes bulged, and she choked as his cock plowed into her throat. A second later, thick strings of cum poured from her lips as his cock pounded in and out of her mouth.

"On her face!" Sam cried out as she came again, her pussy fluttering and squeezing around Boris's cock. "Oh god, cum on her face, Cisco! I want to seeeeeeee!"

His hand came down, wrapping around the shaft of his cock. He started jerking himself off into her mouth, then pulled it out, rubbing it all over her face as sticky wads of cum drooled from his piss slit.

Sam pressed forward, trapping his cock between their faces, her lips seeking Tammy's, kissing her hungrily as he rubbed his cock all over their faces. Sam crawled forward, moving up over him, her hands tearing at Tammy's clothes. Tammy's hands ran all over her body in return, and they fell back together onto the couch, then rolled off onto the floor.

Cisco watched as they got to their knees, still locked in their frantic embrace, then to their feet, moving slowly toward the bedroom. As they disappeared through the doorway, he looked down at Boris and grinned.

"Don't even think about it, buddy." He laughed when he saw him looking at him.

"Cisssssscohhhhhhhh! Get your ass in here and fuck me!" Tammy yelled, followed a moment later by Sam.

"Boris, be a good boy and come make mama happy, baby."

* * * * *

"So, who's better, me or her?" Tammy asked.

She was laying across the bed, her head resting on his stomach, her legs stretched out across Sam. Boris was laying behind Sam, his arms wrapped around her as she leaned back into him.

"Hmmmmmm, that's a tough one, you both have your strong points." Cisco said, looking down at her, then glancing over at Sam.

"Yeah, but you like one of us more than the other one." She said, looking up at him. "We won't take it personally, We just want to know."

"Well, you're a wildcat all the time." He said, reaching down and pinching her nipple. "And that's really hot. I mean, dancing on the sun hot."

"So you like me better." She said, sticking her tongue out at Sam.

"I didn't say that." He said slowly. "Sam is like a little kitty cat. She's all soft and furry, and rubs up against you, purring and being cute. But then she changes into a saber-toothed tiger, throwing you all over the bed, ravishing you like nothing you've ever experienced."

"So you like me better." Sam said, winking at Tammy.

"That's not what I said either." He said, folding his hands behind his head as he closed his eyes.

"Well what, exactly, are you saying?" Tammy asked

"I like cats." He laughed. "And I'll probably have to do you both fifty or sixty more times before I can even begin to have any idea which one of you is better."


2130 Hours

The comm chirped, and Sam got up, going over and pressing a key.

"Go on Carter." She said.

"Yes ma'am, Col. Sheppard is requesting permission to come over."
"That's fine, send him up when he gets here." She said. "Did he say what he wanted?"

"No ma'am, he said it was personal."

She closed the channel and sat back down, looking over at Tammy.

"What do you think?" She asked. "This about Jennifer, or..."

"I'm pretty sure it's about Jenn. We've been pretty rough on her, especially with the jokes."

They heard the elevator door open, and a moment later Sheppard stepped into the room. He was barefoot, wearing a pair of loose black lounging pants and a cream colored peasant shirt.

"Thanks for letting me come up." He said with a smile. "You got a beer around here? I'm out over at my place."

"In the fridge." Sam said, looking him over. "It's nice to see you in something besides fatigues, John."

"I like the look." Tammy said. "You'd fit right in on a Caribbean beach. Which reminds me, you surf don't you?"

"I used to." He said. "It's been years since I've had a chance."

"Well, if you want try it again, I was thinking about taking the boys over to the mainland and teaching them how." She said. "The pool is nice, but there's something about swimming in the ocean..."

Sheppard nodded, taking a sip of his beer.

"What's on your mind, John." Sam asked. "If it's about what happened with Jennifer earlier..."

He shook his head and took another long drink from his beer.

"I need to go to Earth." He said quietly, not looking at her. "I just got a message through the SGC. My brother had a heart attack, and he's in pretty bad shape."

"I don't know if we can do that, John." Sam said. "We don't know if they still want to arrest you for..."

"I'll go with him." Tammy said. "They owe us for giving Landry safe passage, and Hayes will know that if he touches me, all bets are off, and you'll come after us, guns ablazin'."

"I like that idea even less, but you're probably right." Sam said. "But we need to talk to Andi about this. She's been working with them, and can give us a better idea of what the mood is."

* * * * *

"I think the best way to handle it is to tell them that Tammy wants to make an official visit to Earth. As a member of her delegation, John would enjoy diplomatic immunity, which we would insist on for all our people."

"That will take too long, Andi." Tammy said. "We need to do this now. So the first thing we need to do is find out if there are any outstanding charges against John, and if there are, go to Hayes and have them dropped. Hell, he can issue a fucking pardon for all I care."

"That's what I'm thinking." Sam said. "We're doing more for them than they are for us right now. Reach out to Landry, then Hayes if you have too."

"I'll go get started, but you'll have to give me a couple hours." Andi said as she stood up and walked over to the door. "It's after business hours on Earth, so this could take a while."

"Thanks, Andi. Just let us know what you find out." Sam said.


0015 Hours

"I don't like letting you go to Earth, but you're right, it's the only way to handle this." Sam said. "You be careful, and check in with every few hours..."

"I will." Tammy said, then frowned, reaching over her to push Boris away. "Back off Boris, it's my turn with her." She looked at Sam again. "Is he going to do that all the time? I mean, am I going to have to compete with him for your attention?"

"No sweetie." Sam laughed, rolling over and smiling at him.

"Give mama a kiss, baby." She said, putting her arms around him and kissing him lightly. "Now be a good boy and move over to the other side of the bed, and go to sleep."

"Yes mistress." he said as he moved over to the far side of the bed and stretched out. His eyes closed as he folded his hands over his chest and lay still.

"He looks dead." Tammy said as Sam turned back to her.

"Sleep mode." She smiled as she crawled up and lay out on top of her, brushing her lips across Tammy's. "Now, you said something about wanting my attention?"


So ends Chapter Four of Book Three, Changes. Read Chapter Five to see what happens next.

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