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This is part five of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a European be

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The Beauty Alright, here's the deal. This story isn't about me... it's about Betty. Betty the Beauty. But things got awfully confusing awfully fast; and so, for the sake of simplifying it even a littl

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Jade: Walking into his office, he's sitting at his desk with his glasses sitting on his nose as he was grading a student's paper. I could imagine myself being sprawled out on that desk with those pape


It was the snuffling in my ear that stirred me. Several light sniffs, followed by one loud snort, and then the offending cold nose made its way to my neck and started the whole process over again. I m

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WARNING: will contain MENTIONS of psychological/physical torture, but nothing intense or gory at all. Summary: An espionage universe where the bad spy gets caught by the good spy; Clyde endures punish


An Oedipus County Tale This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks.

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Chapter 7- What Will I Do Without You? Driving was difficult. Concentrating on driving was difficult. My mind was going a million miles an hour, my heart thundering in my chest and my head was just fu

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Author's note: Thank you to my co-creator and editor, the Brit. This story's been a hell of a ride, and I'm grateful that we got to ride it together! xoxo In previous chapters: Dan, a cop, had attempt

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Chapter 11. 'Two-Tit Body-shot.' Remittances from abroad. Hotel on Perimeter Road robbed. Daddy's birthday party. Tequila shooters. More Nick. The first two rules. The following morning, Blen carefull

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At that, Don and Anne both turned to see two men following them. They were scraggly and unkempt, looking like they had just left a bar after an all-night drunk rather than at the zoo with families. "D

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The wake up I'm having a glorious dream. I am rich and not just slightly rich but filthy rich. I am on a yacht surrounded by gorgeous women with little or no clothes on. They all want me and fight ove

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A beat up, half dead Datsun B210 raced down the highway, its engine whining like an old sewing machine with a brick on the foot pedal, leaving behind a blue smokescreen in its wake. The steering wheel

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Chapter 28 The next morning they leave, having packed for a week's journey. Grown wise from past experience, they have packed plenty of weaponry, their guns and several cartridges of bullets, a hidden

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"Ok Bill, you don't have to tell me again. I told you I'd meet your wife's friend. It's just a low keyed dinner with your wife Theresa and her friend Marie. Ok. I get it." "Look, she's a really great


I'm sitting at home on Saturday night, a fairly regular routine for me for the past 2 years. I'm an avid reader and sports enthusiast so there's seldom a time when I'm alone that I can't sufficiently


5 years-10 weeks Again "Jim, I'm heading to the can." Bill paused, " I'm going to be there for a bit, to take a.. " He laughed. Classic Bill when Terry wasn't around. He was a poet and did know it. "W


1993-94: Homeback Confidential Not much sex in the first part of this story. Much more feelings than fuckings, as this is an account of my return home after Operation "Restore Hope" in Somalia. It was


Erich informed me that his aunt's farm was just a few more hours away. He was ecstatic, giddy with the thought of companionship, and frequently told me so. I was thrilled as well, but it had been so l

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All characters involved in any and all sexual encounters in the story are over 21. Any similarity to actual person alive or dead is purely coincidental. ***** December - Alan finally had everything re

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(May 18th 2000) The new year of 2000 had come and gone without remark, full of the usual laughter, dancing and drunken cheering that always led them into a brand new January. The millennium bug didn't

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Mia blew gunpowder and her hair out of her face, wiping the sweat off of her brow with one black colored sleeve. When Demon wanted them to practice he wasn't going to take no for an answer. They were

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Suits you, Sir Monday came and Kate had to go to work. She practically ordered me to go get a new suit, for which I was sent to a shop near Holborn, where a very nice elderly gentleman who had clearly

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Author's notes: It has romantic elements as well as sexual situations. Please skip it if this is not the kind of story you like. There are many great stories on this site with more explicit sex. Pleas

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Kirsty floated on billowing clouds of bliss ensconced in the warm, comforting embrace of her husbands. She tried to remember a time when she was this content and happy. But she could not. Bjorn was ge

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Chapter One. I met Eric at the tennis club I had joined. We were both single men with no set schedule to speak of, so we played together pretty often. I'm a pretty laid back guy on most things, but te

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Peter I was walking to my appointment with Ola, giggling at the thought of how surprised he would be. This week I had much more interesting things to talk about than how dull and meaningless my life w


Tammy tells Sam about a plan she has, then tries to convince her to go along...Sam and Tammy lay down the law to the senior staff about how the city should be run...and O'Neill gets a love interest. (

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While sweeping the hallway, or emptying the trash cans, or making sure the bathrooms had paper towels and toilet paper, Orrin thought about Emily. So what if I'm the janitor and she's a lawyer's perso

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Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Snow Angel also has the same characters and overlaps the events of this story by tel

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All four of us stood in silence for a moment or two, then Nathan broke out into a wide grin, "Looks like we'll need a few more diggers." Arnold glanced at his screen briefly, "When I say huge, I am re