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(Author Note) The acts of the fetish known as Breath Play performed in this and other stories by ME are not recommended to be attempted by those without experience, not educated concerning this fetish


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"Rosie, look at me baby." She had her arm strewn across her face, teeth clenched. "No." She ground out resolutely. No matter how many times they'd done this she'd be extremely embarrassed. John kissed

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Chapter 11 When Peter Neri took off his Stetson and laid it on the seat next to him. Then he picked up the thermos unscrewed the lid and poured himself a small cup of coffee. Steve McKinny just arrive

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Anya made her way through the house, past the two busy maidbots, and down the basement stairs to be scanned. Once inside the lab, she went right over to where Tammy and Mike were. Tammy was just finis


Recap: In the first two parts we learn about a girl named Kara who is twenty-two and is very sexual. It has been a while since she has had sex. She is four foot ten inches tall and has a tiny waist, b

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Author's Note: Read Chapter 1 if you are looking for lots of down and dirty gay sex, this chapter contains more sexual tension and character development. ***** Over the next couple days, Rodney can ha

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((Author's note: I have put Athene's adventures on the backburner for now, and will be focusing on this story for the time being. I do write the storyline out similarly to how my game ends up, minus s

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over. ***** Nick's eyes opened lazily in the way that only a good night's sleep could deliver. A grin spread across his face as he recalled where he was

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I believe I've found my niche. Westerns, set in history or in modern times, and/or detective stories are what I like to write best. I may try my hand at a romance or two in the future but I'm comforta


Grace was quiet when Don picked her up from school Tuesday, she sat placidly while he drove home, almost falling asleep on the way. As soon as they came in the house, Don made his daily check of her s

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BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER: THE PAST: Josh met a sexy woman named Mel in a nightclub. She turned out to be everything that Naomi was not. He quickly started developing feelings for her and

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Note to readers: I might have named my female lead 'Jillian', but I like the look of the alternative 'Gillian' and its separation from its male form Julian. The pronunciation is the same, just as with


Thanks to SlaveGirl70 for the help with editing. She suffered so you don't have to. This is a romance in the shadow of betrayal and revenge. ************************************** The star-filled Ariz

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"Status?" Garek asked Ithos as he strode onto the deck of the Arabella. Jack, Kairn, and Grelik hurried across the gangplank behind him. The two sea dogs nodded to the Captain before taking their leav


Hey Folks, Happy Thanksgiving, I wrote this one with the idea that it would be a nice long Holiday read. It's a bit different from my usual Turkey Day stories. Believe it or not this time the turkey s

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Working with Juan was something of a trial. "Alan, may I ask what you are thinking you are doing with that torch and those tanks of gas?" I closed the jeep door and frowned at Juan's shadowy figure, s


***Author's note: My editor suggested that I put the last two chapters together and submit it as one. Because of my recent hiatus due to my "football injury" (haven't been able to say that since high

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Those lyrics played back in her head driving up to the trail head.. "Yeah I'm chilling on a dirt road, Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones, Smoke rollin' out the window, An ice cold beer sittin'

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CHAPTER 10 – THE BIG Y The clit in the crotch of the Nile. We started our time in Sudan with having our first row. It was about some silly little thing, so small and silly that I have forgotten what i

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NOVEMBER, 1981 The sun had set early and the snowflakes were flying thick and wet in the headlight beams. It was the kind of snowstorm that completely buries anything not moving. The couple had left t

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I woke up the next morning naked in Kymona's bed. I don't remember coming in here last night. I looked around hoping to find that t-shirt she had given me, but I couldn't find it. I found a blue silk

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It would be an understatement to say that this story has been an emotional rollercoaster to write. Andy and Marcus are intense characters and there have been times during the writing process when I fo

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The next day I called Eve and arranged to see her. "Eve, I need to talk to you about something serious." "Okay, Jeff. As I told you before, you can always talk to me." "It's about Mom." Eve's eyes wid

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Thanks for your many kind remarks and thoughts, I'm glad you've enjoyed the story. I had hoped to post it last week but somehow the story kept telling me more ... thanks for reading, don't hesitate to


The story of Jacob Hightower continues. Please read chapter 1 to follow the flow and story line. Constructive comments, critiques, and emails are appreciated. ******************** Chapter Two Jake was


Tammy tells Sam about a plan she has, then tries to convince her to go along...Sam and Tammy lay down the law to the senior staff about how the city should be run...and O'Neill gets a love interest. (

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I let out a frustrated grunt as I left the building and made my way across campus to my next class. I really wasn't lying about being nearly late for class as I headed inside of the classroom. Everyon

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The sunlight pouring in through the slanted window of the bedroom wakes me gently, but it's the smell of coffee that gets me out of bed. I feel fresh, like I've had the best sleep of my life. I look o

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This storyline has become a favourite of mine. If your comments are any indication, you, the readers, have enjoyed it as well. So, Samantha and Alex are back for round three. I hope you like this one,

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