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Blood Feathers

Okay, so I had this idea that poor Marcie needed a bit more back story and this whole thing really blew up on me. There's a lot of 'talky' stuff in the middle and there's so much more to tell, but I tried to have mercy on those readers who think I'm already writing too much.

So, there's more after this, but I will be putting it out in another story (maybe two)- Before the Valentines story comes out. That's the expectation at least.

I wanted to answer some questions the other stories opened up. But I think I ended up just putting more questions out there. This might be a disappointment if people are looking for a more sex-heavy story so here's the warning up front.

I've also had people insult me for posting BDSM in the romance category and so I'll warn there are BDSM aspects of this story. There are also supernatural elements to the story but I'm keeping it in Romance because I think the core of the story is the romance.

If you haven't read the other stories, you might want to read the others to get background on the characters before this one.

I'd view them in this order:

(Ursa #1 ~ October )

(Ursa #2 ~ November )

(Vans ~ November )

(You can also listen to Bloodfeather ~ Highly Suspect ) Per rules I can't put a link, but look for it.

Thank you for reading!


Dec 19, 2015

"Do you believe in angels?" Ursa's question didn't exactly come out of nowhere but it still startled Marcie. Her friend had been increasingly fixated on her new research project since moving in with her boyfriend.

"Where did that come from?" Marcie asked, smiling at the small woman as they waited walked up the steps of the Adler estate.

"I have been wanting to ask you. That's all." Ursa adjusted her dress, looking uncomfortable in the Valentino dress but it was beautiful on her. The pattern was fitting for this conversation, 'angel wings', which had drawn Ursa to it during their shopping trip. Leo had to go and pick it up because she refused to buy it. Adorable Ursa.

"I don't know Ursa. Guardian Angels? Seems a little new-agey. Please tell me you're not finding religion."

Ursa laughed and threaded her arm through hers with a shake of her head, "No Marcie, not religion. " She let out a soft breath and squinted up at the house, "let me just say I've been reading a lot of interesting things lately."

Marcie chuckled, "I've noticed. Are you enjoying your new library?"

The small woman nodded, making a sound of appreciation and tethered joy as she looked up at her, eyes shining, "It is amazing. I...I got a few new books recently."

Marcie could feel the tremble run through her and she patted her friend's hand. "Leo couldn't extend his generosity to anyone more deserving Darling." She loved how happy her friends were, both Ursa and Leo. There was something endearing about the way she resisted anything that cost money.

"I think he overdoes it." Ursa said with a swish of long skirts. She paused to look around the courtyard space from the upper balcony. "This reminds me of the first time I went to your party. Except no masks and much more clothing."

Marcie turned to admire the view. From this vantage point she could see the ocean, calm and quiet, with ships making their way between Angel Island and Tiburon or heading towards Sausalito. Men dressed in suits and tuxes mingled with women in bright cocktail dresses. People were wearing a different sort of costume here and while the sexuality was hidden, the power plays were in full effect. These game were much more complex.

"Will you join me in the gallery?" Ursa asked quietly, "I heard the Adlers put their artwork on display and I'd really like to see it."

"Not only on display but they auction off several pieces. Sure, we can go up there. When is Leo arriving?" Marcie smiled to her friend, hoping to ease the worry on her expression.

"He said he'd be here when the bidding started." Ursa murmured softly, "I hope he'll make it."

"He will. Never doubt that man. Maybe he'll get you something pretty to wear for Christmas."

Ursa shivered, "I hope not."

Together they walked inside, handing over their invitations and overcoats and after securing a glass of the Domaine Carneros offered by the servers. Then they found their way to the gallery to pick up their auction number and admire the items on display and on offer.

The Adler estate was the crown jewel of the family and it eclipsed anything Marcie owned. It was still early and the room was nearly empty, allowing them to admire the displays at leisure. Although she visited before, this was Ursa's first time and the smaller woman was a ball of nervous energy.

The empire that Dietrich Adler built. Marcie walked along beside Ursa, through the halls of family portraits and history stretching back hundreds of years. Marcie never thought much about it, her family house in Spain contained similar history on the walls; the pride of bloodlines extending back through the generations father to son. It looked pretty, but she never understood why it was so important.

Paternal bloodlines.


Ursa stared up one tall wall at the paintings as Marcie lingered behind her, not quite sure what was captivated the woman. "Do you think that's really a relation to the CEO?" She asked in a soft voice.

"This wall is the Engel family tree, Beatrice Adler's husband's line." Marcie said as she squinted up at the pictures. "That wall is the Adler line. Why?"

"Engel means angel in German." Ursa said very softly as she squinted up at the wall.

"Alright." Marcie watched her friend, hoping she would provide her more information than just a translation. "I give, why does that matter?"

Ursa pulled her attention away from the pictures and gave a small shake of her head, "I don't know yet. Just...I don't know." She walked along the it with head tipped back to stare up at the time line of paintings. "You notice this line here is all mother to daughter? That's interesting, right?"

Marcie squinted at it. She never paid this much attention but now that she looked close, that was really interesting. Mother to daughter along the prominent tier until it reached the current CEO Beatrix and her twin sister Juliette. Then there were two male children and the lines stopped. "Yeah, it is."

A small man with long golden hair held back in an outrageous holiday bow stood before one of those end paintings. A dusting of gold accented his upper lip and chin in a stylized goatee, the mustache waxed to curl up at the corners and beard neatly pointed. His tux had classic lines, hugging his powerful frame with tailored perfection. She guessed he stood 5'5 but only because of the heels of his polished boots.

He stood before a painting with his hands laced at the small of his back. He looked so pretty, he seemed almost ethereal. There was no hiding the family resemblance of the portrait he stood before. It could be his younger, larger brother. There a heart rending longing in his silent reflection as he regarded the image.

He let out a mournful sigh but in mid exhale his breath caught and he coughed.

Marcie realized she was staring at him when his head jerked in her direction. His bright silver eyes widened and she felt like someone kicked her in the stomach. The small man bowed forward with a mixture of laughter and choked sputtering.

Ursa was at Marcie's side, putting her tiny, curved body in between her and the blond, "Are you alright? Marcie?"

"Fine. I'm fine." Marcie gripped the front of her dress, staring at the floor, forcing breath into her burning lungs. Her heart hammered franticly in her ribs. "My God! OH my God! That felt..." Amazing and wonderful. Delightfully painful. She lifted her face and blinked at Ursa who clutched her arm. "Wow."

Ursa stared at her, "What happened?"

Marcie wasn't sure she trusted her voice. She was seeing the room through a pinwheel of colors and sensations, the way the man looked at her, she was sure she knew him. But there was no reason for the gut wrenching sensation and she couldn't put a name to his face. "I don't know. That man..." She looked up, about to point to the spot down the hall but the space was empty.

"What man?" Ursa glanced around and then squinted up at her.

Marcie jerked upright, heart drumming as she looked around the vacant hall. "It's fine." She took another long breath in and then checked her dress and hair. She did not just imagine seeing the man or the sensation of breath being ignited inside her.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Ursa asked, trailing at her side, frowning in worry.

"Just a cough is all. Sorry, the champagne must be hitting me hard." Marcie pulled Ursa with her to the painting the man had been looking at. 'Guntram Engel - Gone but not forgotten'. Written on the bronze plaque under the painted portrait of a beautiful young man.

The only beloved child of the CEO of Adler Enterprises.

Ursa looked from the picture to Marcie, eyebrows arched up as though she expected an explanation. "The man was looking at this painting. This is Beatrix and Maximilian's only child. He's been missing over twenty-five years."

"The Golden Boy!" Ursa whispered. "A ghost!"

"No darling. That wasn't him. This man was older and smaller." And so beautiful.

The next paintings were less elaborate, like they were an afterthought. Beside the portrait of the familiar white haired Beatrix Engel was a woman who was an exact mirror of her, except with shorter hair. Juliette, the twin sister. The 'younger' sister.

She looked less iron and steel than her sister somehow, her shoulders were not burdened with the wellbeing of the empire. Under her picture was an old picture of the man she'd seen, a cocky smile on his face, looking for all the world like he wanted to be anywhere but there, lounging indolently for his portrait painting.

Ursa pulled at her arm, smiling, "maybe he slipped into the next room." Eagerly she guided Marcie through the empty space but once inside the huge, silent room, they were both overwhelmed by the items on display. The whole space was filled with illuminated display cases housing gem encrusted jewelry pieces, antiques and paintings fit for museums not house collections.

"Whoa." Ursa whispered as she stopped before a large painting of a trio of Valkyrie racing with their horses across the sunset sky.

Marcie found herself drawn to the piece too, blinking up at the artwork and whistled quietly. "This is amazing." And beside the painting stood a winged helmet in gold and silver. It was pitted with wear and the a patina of age. Not a simple polished replica.

She looked at Ursa, gawking at the item and left her to enjoy it while she continued on, looking at the jewelry pieces that started with small earrings of silver and gold and progressed to elaborate showpieces dripping with gemstones and diamonds. A particular necklace with large chunks of tanzanite caught her attention and she paused, partially blinded in the glare of the stones.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" The deep voice rumbling at her elbow did not match the appearance of the pretty little man. He smiled at her, silver eyes twinkling, apparently pleased by her interest in the necklace.

"It's amazing." Marcie answered; even more devastated by his looks up close. He smelled like rain, fresh and bright, a lightning storm just over the horizon. It made her breath catch in a most peculiar way, not quite pain but too intense to be simple pleasure. Her toes curled up in the narrow heels.

"Translated, it's called 'tribute for the sea.'" The man said, not looking away from her, searching her face with a mixture of fascinated awe and excitement. "I'm Mano." He held out his hand, long fingers offered out and she noticed a deep burgundy birthmark on his palm.

"I'm Marcie Perez." She took his hand and felt enfolded in his warmth as his grip curved around hers.

"Enchanted." He whispered over her knuckles, bowing over her hand to brush a kiss to her skin. The tickle of his facial hair sent a sharp pang of desire through her. Magnetized, that's what she was, pulled in by him like a natural gravity between herself and him.

"Please, tell me you don't work here." He whispered, stepped closer, looking up at her through his thick golden lashes.

"Ah, from time to time I do." She murmured. "Corporate lawyer for Adler and her subsidiaries."

A look of profound disappointment twisted his handsome features and his body tensed, she could feel his response as surely as if she slapped his face. "And, you must have come with a date." His wide mouth curved into a sensual smile.

Marcie squeezed the hand still holding onto hers, "No." She felt delighted admitting it, enjoying his look of genuine shock. "I'm here with friends." She glanced over her shoulder where Ursa was slowly making her way down the displays.

"You're here with the little Messenger? You travel is powerful circles."

"The what?" Marcie began to laugh but his expression remained intensely serious.

"Messenger. Runner. She-who-Sees." He pursed his lips when none of these names rang a bell, "Oh. I see." A pause, another layer of disappointment. "Are you certain you work with my auntie?"

"Your aunt is Beatrix Engel?" Even as she said it, she knew it was true, he had the same intense eyes and the golden hair the woman had in her youth before it turned white. It clicked why he'd been looking at the picture in the hall. Missing family for the holidays was painful. "Of course. Well, I don't work with her directly very often."

"Better for you that way." He curled his fingers with hers when she didn't draw away, "Introduce us? She looks like her little jaw is going to hit the floor if we don't rescue her."

Even after he asked, Ursa looked over at them, her golden-green eyes round as plates and her mouth really was hanging open. She'd stood before a tapestry of a hunt complete with a winged woman in an ornate helm much like the piece on display.

"M-marcie?" Ursa rasped out, staring at the little blond and blinking rapidly as she gasped the catalog in both hands.

Mano laughed with genuine pleasure and offered Marcie his arm. "Adorable."

He gallantly escorted her to Ursa's side. Although she was easily a head taller than the man, nothing except his height seemed small. She could feel his strength under her fingers, his body tight beneath the expensive suit.

"Ursa, this is Mano. Mano, my dear friend Ursa Myller.

"Mano Engel?" Ursa squeaked, balling her hands tighter around the catalog, staring hard at the man as though he'd grown a second head.

"Mano Ka'aukai." He corrected, bowing low and pressing his fist to his chest, the gesture intense and formal. Like a military salute.

Ursa looked like a fish for a moment, mouth moving and gawking from him to Marcie several times before she remembered to snap her mouth closed. Her fingers fluttered as though she were trying to put her thoughts to words but nothing quite fit together and she made a little exited sound in the back of her throat.

Mano glanced at the tapestry that captivated her and then back to Ursa with a generous smile behind the sexy curl of mustache. "It is an inspired piece, but the one in the dining room is even more impressive. Do you work for my auntie as well?" He asked, his hand covering Marcie's where it rested on his forearm, stroking along her knuckles in a familiar, sensual caress.

She wanted to melt against him and feel more of the contact of his body with hers. Did he know what that touch did to her? Even when she leaned in closer and brushed the curve of her breasts subtly against his arm, he didn't flick an eyelashes of notice.

"N-no. I..." Ursa straightened and seemed to push her wandering thoughts away. "My date does though. Leo Wolfe."

Understanding gleamed in Mano's silvery eyes as he smiled, "That makes perfect sense."

"You know Leo?" They both asked together.

"I know of him. I admit I don't pay much attention to my auntie's empire, I'm just a silly boy after all, but...the name and reputation are familiar to me. He is a very lucky man."

Ursa flushed deeply and sputtered as she ducked her head, "that's very kind of you to say. I think I'm the lucky one."

"Then you are both doubly blessed. " Mano smiled and then pursed his lips and turned slightly, "You should have him see the sword on display." He suggested, motioning with his hand lazily off to one of the side displays. "It's not to be missed."

Ursa's eyes went very round and she looked from Mano to Marcie again, on the verge of asking something but she bit back to comment and put on a smile. "Sure. Yeah. I will tell him."

"Tell him what?" Leo's voice rumbled out as the big man came into view. Leo Wolfe was 6'7-plus pure dark chocolate, handsome gentleman. In his tux, he must have made women swoon dead away on his way here. He gave polite nods to everyone and then smiled with dazzling delight at Ursa, opening his arms to her.

It was like a light going on in the room. The small woman barely suppressed her cry of happiness and flung herself into the waiting arms, easily swooped off her feet and into a tight hug and kiss.

"You do good work." Mano murmured to Marcie, turning his head so his breath whispered along her bare shoulder and arm, his gaze gleaming up at her.

"How did you know?" She asked, averting her eyes from the public affection as the couple hugged.

"I can see it of course." He said with amusement and smoothed his fingers over the back of her hand, bringing her fingers to his lips to kiss the spot he'd touched. "It looks like your friends are busy. Want to ditch them with a delinquent?"

Marcie found her voice lost for a moment, the intensity of his look, the feel of his mouth hot against her skin and a sudden flurry of devious distractions he might plan for her. "Depends on who the delinquent is."

"Well, if I might be so bold, my auntie and mother and father have been trying to tame me for years and none of them can mend my wicked ways."

"Oh yes, you definitely look dangerous." Marcie whispered, enjoying the way he pulled her in closer to him. Was it foolish being drawn to the nephew of her boss?

Hell yes!

But he was working some serious magic on her. She would hate herself forever if she didn't see where this led.

"I think you know better than most that appearances are only skin deep. Hhmm?"

"Marcie, who's your friend?" Leo sounded amused and Marcie realized that she was letting the small man slide his arms around her and was on the verge of being whisked away without a question to where.

"I'm sorry, this is Mano Ka'aukai, Mano, Leo Wolfe."

Leo's eyes widened and Mano chuckled, "Oh, it's just a name." He puffed and slid away from Marcie to exchange a handshake with Leo, clasping the other man's hand firmly. "A pleasure. I was telling your beautiful Lady about a sword you should take a moment to admire. "

"I think Beatrix showed it to me after my interview." Leo said after exchanging the handshake.

"Ah, auntie is such a showoff. " Mano clucked.

"I will take Ursa to see it though."

Mano grinned at Ursa and then Leo, "If she found the tapestries interesting, she definitely needs to see the sword." He tipped his head and slanted a sly smile up at Marcie, "I have been telling Marcie here about another piece of interest. If you'll allow me to take liberties with your friend?

Ursa laughed from the circle of Leo's arm, her 5'0 in heels frame looking fragile in his dark shadow, "I don't think we have any say in what Marcie will and won't allow."

"You have a point. Marcie? Would you do me the honor?" Mano offered out his elbow towards her again.
Marcie felt that electric thrill race through her as those silvery eyes locked on her, full of expectation and danger. She had no idea just where he was going to lead her. With her stomach tightening and her heart racing, she slipped her arm through his. "If I'm not back by the start of the bidding, you'll know to send someone to find me."

"Never fear. I will keep her safe and guarded while she's under my care." Mano murmured while sliding fingers over hers, a low rumble of appreciation vibrating through him and into her.

"Have fun Marcie. " Leo chuckled.

"Not too much though!" Ursa flashed Mano a longer look, before Leo guided her off to admire the other selections.

"I never have too much fun." Marcie said, mostly to herself as her friends were leaving but Mano arched an eyebrow up at her.

"That's terrible. Are you against fun in general or do you live a joyless life?" He guided her towards the front of the room and suddenly pulled her into the shadows. With a faint tinkling of keys and growl of an old hinge and lock, he pulled her into the darkness.

"Mano." Suddenly Marcie felt panic tighten her spine. What was she doing slipping into dark old rooms in this house?

"Let your eyes adjust to the darkness. It's alright." His voice warmed along her neck, his arm sliding around her as he waited.

They were in a narrow hall, small twinkle lights curving down the corridor offering illumination. It reminded her of the back hall between rooms at her own house in Tahoe. She'd never been granted access to the Alder estate to explore and poke around though. "Alright, I'm ready."

He chuckled and pulled her forward, moving silently down the hall. She felt eighteen, sneaking off campus and up to no good. Then they were running, both of them laughing, as though they were just about to get caught by the house security. He pulled her up against him, darting around a corner she didn't see.

In the deeper shadows, she pushed herself up against him and felt his rumble of appreciation for her soft curves through the fine red dress. His chest felt hard and unyielding against her as she pressed him into the wall and slid her hand down his tux front and lower to his hip as his hands stroked and caressed over her body. "Fuck." He whispered against her jaw. "Take off your dress."

"What?" She gasped at the idea, "I can't just—" He kissed her, driving all rational thought from her mind. The caress of his mouth over hers filled her with a sweet honey and lavender taste to go with the summer-storm scent of him. His tongue didn't claim her, he only coaxed her mouth open with slow, lingering licks along the upper and then lower lip before suckling her lower lip.

"You taste like cherries." He whispered with a growl. "Does your cunt taste like cherries too?"

His voice took on a low, growling base tone, a bestial snarl against her mouth. The elegantly beautiful man in the tux had a filthy little mouth. The contrast made her knees go weak and he held her up while he peppered her mouth with kisses, avoiding her arching tongue as she yearned to fill his mouth to taste him.

His hand gripped her hip and then slid around to her ass, coaxing her leg up and over his hip. Her body betrayed her words as she arched into him, crushing him back into the wall and whatever tapestry she'd pinned him against. Tightness built in her thighs and stomach down into her pussy, making her will weaken.

It had been so long! She never let herself go like this!

With a pleased snarl he suddenly pivoted his body and she found herself slammed into the wall. Hard. She saw stars in the darkness and moaned, arching against him to let him know how much she liked it. "I won't make you late for the auction fierce Mistress. I just want a small taste." His hand slipped down her ass, long fingers tracing her cleft through the silken panties. "Oh fuck! You beautiful Bitch. You are soaking wet." His caresses along her pussy lips pressed the fabric along her folds, palm slowly rolling back and forth against her trapped clit.

"Yes? No?" He teased her, nibbling her earlobe around the diamond studs. "Please! You're killing me." He whimpered, grinding his cock along her thigh. He was enormous beneath the slacks, an impossible contrast to his size. As he begged, his fingers teased her pussy through her underwear, dragging one fingernail down her inner thigh where the lace and silk hugged her body.

She should say no. Absolutely not! She should have the control here. And yet. He transfixed her in the absolute darkness. This stranger with his smoke and diesel voice rumbling into her flesh.

"Yes!" She whimpered, arching into his hands.

She felt him smile against her jaw and he uttered out a long growl. "There's a price." He whispered but before she could ask what, she felt him yank her panties from her, ripping them with a single jerk.

He muffled her sound of protest with another kiss, this time plunging his tongue forward as two fingers drove into her pussy, pressing her harder into the tapestry at her back. He pumped his fingers in and out of he sex, the movement graceful and skilled, an experienced pro with those nimble, beautiful fingers. The ring nuzzled against her clit as he curved the fingers deeper and then darted them back before she could fully enjoy the sensation.

"Sshhh—someone will hear you from the stage if you're not careful." He warned playfully and the thrill they might alert someone to their playing made her pussy squeeze around his fingers. "Oh, you sweet Temptress." Her filthy-mouthed seducer made the words a title of honor.

"I'm going to bathe my face in your sweet cunt. Then, all night I will smell your exquisite perfume." He whispered against her mouth, not quite breaking the kiss, just adjusting so he could talk dirty to her while his fingers moved faster and faster into her.

He built her up to the peak before pausing, backing off his attention. His fingers paused, then flicked along her clit with this thumb while his fingers slowly pressed in again, this time when he filled her, she felt one pussy-slick finger slide into her ass as well.

Marcie prided herself in her cold control. She once had the ability to resist such things, but that was before meeting Mano. He burned through any thought of holding back, and pretense she didn't crave it. He melted the layers of frosty reserve and turned her into a frothing core of lust and desperate need! She clawed at his shoulders, their lips touching, gasping together. "Close!" She choked.

"I know. Sssshhhh!! Give it to me!" He demanded, his voice so low, a primal command as his fingers found the perfect spot, slipping deeper and harder with the increased pace of the thrusts. He pressed his lips to hers, muffling her scream of release, devouring her and seeming to enfold her with his free arm, pressing her back into the wall as she came over his fingers in a messy rush. "I've got you. I've got you. Oh you feel so fucking amazing Marcie!"

She bit into his shoulder through his suit jacket, sobbing out her release as she came, unable to stop the crest of the pleasure slamming into her in time with his curling fingers.

"Fuck!" He whimpered in shock as her sweet, sticky cream gushed over his fingers and palm, soaking up to his wrist. He slid down to his knees before her and pushed up her skirt, drawing one thigh over his shoulder while he kissed and licked along her thigh to her sex.

That perfectly curled mustache and beard tickled her clit and her pussy lips before his tongue replaced his fingers, lapping up all the wetness before she'd even stopped writhing from the orgasm. The wet fingers of his hand clutched on her bare hip as he purred against her sex.

She wanted to see him between her legs! She imagined his silvery eyes piercing her while he rubbed his cheeks against her and nibbled and licked her like a man starved for the taste of her. The sounds of unmasked pleasure vibrated through him and into her, sending new spikes of pleasure through her.

Oral sex never felt like this! This mixture of worship and hunger as the man attempted to sate his craving by devouring her. She gripped onto one shoulder and his hair, pulling the elaborate bow free so she could feel the tumble of his silken hair sliding through her fingers and across her thigh. He shuddered against her, his growls muffled in her cunt as he licked from asshole to clit and then slipped back down again to drive into her pussy while slippery fingers thrust into her tight pucker.

She turned her head to moan into the tapestry, wanting to scream out for more! MORE! She wanted the light on so she could see his beautiful face, see how his golden hair sparkled against her honey-brown skin. But in the darkness—he was a faceless force of nature consuming her.

Somehow she managed not to scream when his tongue teased a second orgasm from her, simply by lapping her clit, fingers stretching her pussy and ass, stuffing her. They curled in time with her pulse while he licked with the skillful sweeps of his tongue. Not only skill, it was artful, like a man who studied and practiced; someone knew exactly what she needed.

She felt his smile against her thigh as he drew out a third and fourth mind-blowing climax. She lost track of time in the darkness. If she never returned to the sun, she would be happy if she could have this! Even her years exploring her sexuality had not enlightened her like this!

"One more Cherry, my sexy temptress." He whispered, lips brushing her clit and she could feel him looking up at her. Wished she knew what expression he wore. Was he smiling? Or serious? His voice growled out the command , "For me. Give it to me!" He purred, words whispered against her pussy, nibbling her lips as his fingers shifted, sliding three in her pussy and then suddenly his tongue was darting into her ass.

"OH God!" She sucked in a startled breath at the sensation and lost herself in this lewd, sexy sensation, arching towards him with a broken whimper of pleasure. Her fingers raked along his scalp and he rumbled in approval and drove his tongue deeper, making her tremble violently against.

She came as hard and wet as she had the first time, unable to stop herself. Unable to restrain the rush of pleasure. The sounds of delight he made when she came were almost as intoxicating as the feel of his tongue deep in her ass. His fingers drove deeper and harder, working her orgasm until she thought she might faint with the dizzy roaring in her head. His filthy mouth made even dirtier by this most intimate sexual act.

He drew away from her only after licking her slowly clean, which only made her balance on the edge of yet another orgasm. This time he didn't complete the building of her climax though. Just when she started to clutch against his lapping tongue with those tormented inner muscles, he drew his head back and eased her leg down from his shoulder. He tugged her skirt down over her garters and stockings, kissing the tops of the lace before the smoothing the dress in place with strong, steady hands. "I should return you to your friends."

He sounded casual, almost bored, as though he had not just been on his knees eating her out, giving her the dirtiest oral of her life. Not just dirty but the most erotic. How many times must he have done this?


From his skill, this was common. Marcie felt heat burn her cheeks as rational thought slowly returned to her sex hazed brain. The denied orgasm felt like she didn't cum at all! She closed her eyes, panting softly and leaned back into the tapestry, willing her heartbeat to stop thundering.

"Fine." She tried to put humor in her tone, but she heard the edge there.

"Can you walk?" He sounded annoyingly amused, his fingers curling around her elbow to draw her to him.

"Of course I can fucking walk." That time she didn't bother masking her frustration. She shrugged out of his touch, feeling played. It didn't help that her legs barely supported her and she could feel the scratches his facial hair left on her swollen pussy lips and clit with every step. She would not let him see how much it effected her. She was Marcie Perez, House-Mistress and Domme. She most certainly did not go weak-kneed for anyone.

He made a small sound under his breath, a growl of desire and need as he walked at her side, back around the corner and into the twinkle-bulb illuminated hall. Marcie refused to look at him. The moment was over. His golden mane spilled over his shoulders in a wild disarray after their escape in the darkness. He fixed his attention ahead of him, pulling his hair back, deft fingers twisting the ribbon into place.

So beautiful.

Feeling her eyes on him, he glanced over at her and his body braced. For a moment, the silvery eyes gleamed in the thousand little lights and she thought he would push her up against the wall again. A heartbeat passed and another and he slowly closed his eyes, "Bidding is starting." He growled.

"Fuck the bidding." She whispered.

His eyebrows lifted up and he smoothed his fingers down his beard, smirking seductively at her. His pretty face glistened from her. "Your friends will worry. Come now—let me get you a drink." He curled the corners of his mustache, fixing them. "Surely you can control yourself, Mistress."

His humor made a pang of instant shame burn through her. "Of course I can." She would demonstrate how much control she had.

It might not be as much as she once prided herself having though. He watched her with unguarded lust, adjusting his cock through the slacks. The movement drew her gaze lower to the spot. He was hard, the arched length of him outlined through the fabric. "Good." He offered out his arm to her.

With a long sigh, she stepped to his side and slid her arm through his. "Just think, the auction is only a few hours." When he leaned in closer to her, she could smell her sex on him and shivered despite her prided ice-cold control. What was happening to her?


Marcie felt like her face was on fire as Mano escorted her into the large hall used for the auction event. True enough, it was situated against the back hall where she'd just enjoyed several toe curling orgasms. Her brain was still struggling to process the intensity of the climaxes. If not for the volume of the crowd, they would have heard her cries of enthusiastic pleasure.

He acted like nothing happened, cool and graceful beside her.

His fingers stroked over her knuckles with a subtle affection as they walked. His eyes stayed focused on the room and she dared not look at him or melt her crumbled restraint.

"Mano!" A waspish voice cracked out from behind them the moment they slipped out from the hallway. The click of heels closed swiftly on them, "Where have you been? Didn't I say for you to attend your aunt?"

"Mother." Mano purred soothingly as he turned, guiding Marcie with him and motioned with his hand lazily. "Have you had the pleasure of meeting Marcie Perez? Marcie, this lady has the honor of being my mother, Juliette Ka'aukai."

The woman looked so much like Beatrix Engel, down to the ice blue eyes. The difference was the hair, she wore hers in a chic bob, the white silk longer in front around her proud features almost to her shoulders. She was an imposing, statuesque woman like her sister. She didn't look amused. At all. Neither by the company with her son nor his flippant introduction. "The lawyer?" Juliette asked in disbelief and swept a look over Marcie.

It had been years since Marcie Perez felt both small and utterly dressed down by a single look. The woman's nostrils flared and her eyes narrowed to dangerous ice shards. 'I know what you've been doing.' The look said. If anything, the woman looked several shades more disapproving now. Juliette wanted desperately to swat Marcie like an annoying bug.

"Apparently that is her occupation mother. I was giving her a little tour."

"I am sure you were." Juliette's upper lip curled into an unpleasant smile. "Enough play, it's family time now." She didn't quite snap her fingers to bring the man to heel. "Nice to meet you Marcie. Happy Holiday." It was a dismissal.

Mano carefully untangled his arm from Marcie's, bringing her hand up to his lips to kiss the back of her fingers. "I'm terribly sorry about this. It looks like I've incurred the wrath of my mother." He didn't look remotely troubled with his fate, silver eyes dancing with mirth. His dirty little mouth curved into the world's sexiest smile. "Thank you for the diversion."

He turned her hand over and pressed his cheek to her palm a moment longer before releasing her reluctantly. It was a strange sensation, the feel of his damp goatee and his warm lips, she didn't want to lose that contact with him. Drawing back, he adjusted his tie then turned to the towering matriarch and motioned for her to lead the way. His hands slipped behind the small of his back as he strolled after her.

Marcie stared after the pair. The woman appeared to chew her son a new asshole while leading him to the front of the room. There, next to the stage, Beatrix stood with Maximilian, the tall woman dwarfed by her husband's mountainous size. They greeted sister and nephew with kisses and hugs and then they all turned to look back at Marcie.

Dear god...and he smelled like Marcie's pussy.

She felt more heat rush to her face. That was one hell of a sexy realization. Honey trickled down her inner thighs as her pussy tightened.

Mano smiled lazily, curling one corner of his mustache while his mother struggled not to strangle him. Maximilian roared with laughter, breaking the attention of the women's ice-blue eyes cutting into her. Beatrix looked thoughtful and waved to Marcie before turning to her sister and throwing an arm around her. She guided the group to their seats, talking quietly into her twin's ear.

This was definitely not helping her career. She couldn't let anything like that happen again. Ever. What was she thinking acting like a wide-eyed virgin?

Marcie smoothed her hands down her hips, scrubbing her palms along her dress as she turned to make her way through the crowd. She would have liked to see his birthmark again, the one in the same spot as her own. No, she must not even think about spending more time with him. It was an erotic adventure, one behind her.

Now she would find her friends and enjoy the rest of her evening. If the pounding in her heart and longing in her sex would stop she could accomplish at least one of those goals.

Leo, a head taller than those around him, stood beside Travis in his black Stetson, they were laughing about something. Both Vans and Ursa waved to her as she came closer but as she got closer, all four looked as though they could tell she'd been licked into multiple orgasms in a dark corner.

"You dropped your number." Ursa said, offering her the paddle.

"And your catalog." Leo added, handing it over.

"And your mind." Travis rumbled.

Marcie lifted her chin, "I need more champagne if you're going to start scolding me Mister Conte."

"We can arrange that. Do you have any idea who that is? Mano Ka'aukai is not only the heir apparent to the Adler estates while his cousin is in the wind, but he is fucking dangerous." Travis grabbed a flute of champagne from a server and passed that to her. "I'm serious Marcie. Stay away from him."

"Excuse me?" Marcie accepted the drink but she stared at her friend, "Are you giving me orders like you're my father? Because I will stuff my pointed shoe up your ass if you're playing the role of a possessive ex."

"I'm giving you advice like a brother and your friend, because you need it. You can fuck anyone you want and you pick that?"

"I'm not picking him and I'm not fucking him."

He rolled his eyes, "Right." He looked her over as though he could see every fingerprint Mano left on her.
"I swear to God Conte, this whole over-protective thing used to be cute when you were single but you need to let me go."

"I'm fucking serious Marcie." Travis growled, jaw clenching.

"You need to stop." Ursa said firmly and put herself between Marcie and Travis. She pulled a small compact from her clutch and offered it to Marcie. Her voice lowered, "Just—um...your lipstick is a little smudged."

A little smudged was an understatement. Her lips were swollen and the makeup smeared along one side almost to her jaw where they'd kissed so feverishly. She closed her eyes after a glance at her reflection. "Fuck." It was difficult not to relive the experience, the fire of her lust burning through all her cold resolve. She never craved anyone like this. She never thought she'd feel this way. Untethered and wild! She wasn't supposed to feel like this.

"I didn't think you liked short guys anyway." Vans said over the rim of her glass. "Don't you hate it when a dude is eye level with your boobs?" She shuddered dramatically.

Marcie focused on fixing her lipstick, a flush high on her cheeks. "Your concern is touching darlings. It's over now. Can we just enjoy the remainder of our evening? Thank you for supporting my needs. You can all stop ganging up on me. I mean it." She looked at each of her friends in turn before gulping down the bubbly.

She played match maker for them and they repaid her by warning her away from the most epic sexual experience of her life. She hated to admit it but despite his possessiveness, Travis had a point. Awesome oral sex was not worth losing her job and ruining her career in the process. And the Alders could ruin her before breakfast without flinching.

"Sorry Marcie." Travis said and rubbed a hand along her shoulder, squeezing.

"Just find a seat." She shrugged out of his touch and turned away from them, grabbing another glass of sparkling as she moved to take a seat.

Ursa frowned at the others and pulled away from Leo to follow after her. She didn't say anything, she didn't need to. The silent support was enough. Thank goodness for Ursa. They settled into their seats and Ursa took her hand, squeezing it and lay her head on her shoulder.

"Hello everyone." Beatrix Engel was at the stage, bringing her hands together under her chin as her voice rang out, stilling the conversations in the room. "Another year almost in the books and we are so delighted you could make it to the seasonal party. This year we are blessed with the return of my sister Juliette back in the arms of her family. And they say miracles don't happen. It gives us all hope that our beloved son Guntram will return to us as well."

She bowed her head in a silent prayer. This was the ritual prayer for the return of the missing son. Marcie realized she felt a new interest in that man returning. It wouldn't be nearly as scandalous if she banging someone not in line direct to inherit the whole empire.

Who was she kidding? Regardless of that man returning, she shouldn't involve herself with the handsome little blond. He didn't want anything beyond a quickie in the dark.

'Thanks for the diversion.' Classy Marcie.

"Rumors have been flying over the past few months since my sister returned and I am pleased to announce that my nephew, Mano Ka'aukai will officially be our heir to the estates should our darling boy not return to us. It is my honor to introduce you all to him now as I'm sure you're all longing to see the future." There was something strange about this introduction, Beatrix made the power play move no one expected. There wasn't exactly a gasp through the room, but a shift of interest and attention towards Mano as he hesitated in his seat.

Even though his expression gave nothing away as he gracefully gathered himself to stand and regard the room, it was obvious this was a move he didn't expect.


The smug smile on Beatrix face as she watched Mano spoke loud enough. She had him trapped somehow.

"Weird." Ursa whispered, "He doesn't look happy."

Marcie bit into the inside of her cheek to hold back her urge to stride to the front of the room and stand at his side in solidarity. That would not help her career any better than her earlier mustache ride. He didn't need saving.

Did he?

Ursa squeezed her hand back and Marcie forced herself to relax her fingers. "I'm sure he's just shocked."

His cocky smirk was gone, his silver eyes flat and cold as he stared at his aunt Beatrix.

"There's been a lot of internal maneuvering. Family politics. You notice his father isn't in attendance but his mother still wears the wedding ring." Leo said quietly, having taken a seat on Ursa's other side while Vans and Travis seated on Marcie's other side.

Beatrix bowed very prettily and pressed her fist over her heart, the gesture mocking somehow. "Thank you Mano. I'm sure everyone will all have ample opportunity to get to know him in the coming months. Now, we can begin the festivities, starting with the annual auction. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project, and we thank you for your generous donations towards this cause that is dear to us."

Mano didn't sit right away, his eyes tracked across the room and zeroed on Marcie as though he knew just where she was. His shoulders moved in a small exhale, relief easing his posture and light glittered in his gaze as their eyes met. With a slow smile, he crooked a finger towards her and winked before lazily turning back to his aunt and settling down into his seat.

"Holy shit." Vans whispered. "Marcie!"

Marcie couldn't breathe for a moment. Her chest felt too tight and heat spread through her sex and down her thighs and she feared she was going to leave a wet mark on her dress where she was sitting. "Don't say anything." She warned Travis who looked ready to start in on the warnings again.

She pulled her hand from Ursa's and sipped her drink, finishing the glass so she could focus on the catalog.

The auctioneer was introduced and came on stage along with his pretty assistant. The first few items were quickly put to bid. A painting, an antique lamp and a rug that had some interest but the real prizes were waiting for the audience to warm up a bit.

Finally, one of the display cases wheeled forward on the stage as the man smiled down at his notes. "Ah, this is a rare treat. Item number 3302, the sword Victorious. The bidding for this piece will begin at twenty-thousand. It comes from the family's private collection and has a history going back to the fourteenth century." The auctioneer's voice rang out over the merry crowd.

"Is that the sword?" Marcie asked, looking over at Ursa but the small woman's attention was fixed ahead of her with a determined set to her jaw. She surprised even Leo by putting up the first bid, color high on her cheeks.

The bids came in a flourish of numbered signs. This part of the company Christmas party was usually intense, but this particular piece had the room vibrated with energy. It threatened to quake the whole estate to the ground.

When the bid reached eighty-thousand, Ursa's resolve faltered and she made a small sound of discomfort when the bids rolled on ahead of her resolve. "Damn it." She whispered and covered a hand over her eyes.

Leo smiled and leaned over to kiss her cheek and held up his own paddle, casually flicking it up when the number went to one-hundred-thousand. It swiftly came down to Leo and someone in the back of the room, driving the price up to two-hundred-thousand as Ursa gripped her hands together and tried to hold her composure.

Marcie smiled at her friend and offered her hand to grip onto. "What are you going to do with a sword?" She asked her friend in a low voice.

"Display it. It's—it's...b-beautiful."

"Most girls just go for jewelry." Marcie teased her friend and then regretted it as Ursa blushed several shades darker crimson. The sword was one of those once in a lifetime pieces. It was shocking the Adler family put such an heirloom up for bid, but she never heard reasons for the selection of pieces and donations.

"Don't worry Princess." Leo said soothingly. "You want a pretty sword, you get a pretty sword."

Vans made an amused sound, "Spoiled spoiled spoiled."

"Two-hundred sixty-thousand dollars going once, do I hear Two-hundred seventy-thousand?" A pause and no counters to Leo's bid and after a third call the auctioneer beamed and rapped the gavel, "Sold, to the number 201."

Ursa let out an unrestrained cry of joy and flung herself into Leo's arms, almost knocking the big man out of his seat as she kissed him. She slid her hands up into his curls, mussing them as she climbed into his lap, never once breaking the kiss.

"Oh! OH my! May you enjoy it in...ahem...good health. Oh dear. We will take a small pause to refresh our glasses and the next item will be the tanzanite and diamond necklace."

"Hell yeah, that's a holiday miracle right there." Vans teased, "Hey Marcie, you ever have an auction at one of your parties?"

"Easy Brat, eyes up here." Travis whispered against her neck, pulling her back towards him.

Mano turned his head just slightly, a glance back at them, his lips curved into a pleased, smile of satisfaction. That little schemer.

"I haven't tried it yet. Maybe it's something to do for Valentine's day hhmm?" Marcie murmured averting her eyes from her friends making out beside her.

Ursa finally came up for air, laughing breathlessly and she primly fixed Leo's hair and shirt before wriggling out of his lap. "Thank you love." She murmured, eyes shining with happy tears. She blinked over at Marcie, "This is the one you wanted, right?" She tried to act like she'd not just bruised Leo's mouth with her kisses and pulled back the pages in the brochure to show off the item.

"Yes darling. That is, I was thinking about it. " Marcie smiled to herself, "'tribute for the sea.' Merry Christmas to me. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a fresh drink before they start on the item."

She slipped into the crowd around the bar, greeting the people while she waited. The atmosphere was spirited and even her height didn't save her from feeling overwhelmed by the press of people.

The bartender smiled at her when she finally threaded her way to the counter and he pushed a glass of amber liquid towards her.

"What's this?" She asked, squinting at the drink.

"A man ahead of you in line said you'd be here to pick it up. He said you would need it for the bidding. It's the Louis XIII cognac." He grinned at her and added, "Warmed."

Marcie looked around her but the area was packed and she fixed on the bartender, "Are you sure it was for me?"

"He said the tall beauty with midnight eyes wearing the red strapless dress with the zipper front." He looked her over appreciatively.

Marcie looked down at her Versace dress with a small smirk and lifted the glass, "Well, if you see him again, tell him I said thank you." She lowered her voice and winked, "You can also tell him he's doing it wrong. How can I compliment him on his good taste if he doesn't let me know who he is?"

"Well, look for the pretty blond in the Armani tux. Even in this crowd he stands out."


How in the world did he manage it without her seeing him?

Turning with her drink in hand, she scanned around her and saw him walking back to the front, his steps jaunty. The little shit was too clever for his own good.

Bemused, she glided back through the crowd, settling back between the two couples. They were only barely restraining their making out and heavy petting while she waited for the auction to resume with the next items. Travis's jacket spread over his lap and Vans cuddled up against him with both hands under it.

On the other side, Ursa and Leo where trying to covertly get hands into clothes without being too obvious. Mostly it was heavy petting through the clothing, Ursa almost in the big man's lap.

Marcie felt a pang of longing as she swirled her drink. She didn't want Travis or Leo, she wanted her own lap to cuddle with and tease.

The woman paraded the necklace along the stage, letting the crowd admire it. It was breathtaking, crafted in gold with large tanzanite stones intermixed with diamonds. It was the sort of piece that made an impressive statement. Marcie imagined wearing it for the next party and little else. Perhaps a gem encrusted bikini.

"We are proud to offer this piece and the matching earrings just in time for the holidays. You'll be able to do your shopping for that someone special right now. We're going to start this off at fifty-thousand dollars."

Marcie felt the tingle of excitement as she lifted her number to make the opening bid and grinned at Ursa as there was not a responding bid right away to answer her.

Then, a paddle went up in the front.


She hesitated and felt the heat drain from her face. She countered the bid, and several others raised it and when it reached a hundred-thousand, Mano once again lifted his number. Marcie felt her jaw tighten and she raised the bid again and instantly Mano's number went up.

"Three-hundred-thousand." She called out with a flick of her number.

Mano turned his head slightly, not quite looking back at her before his number went up. "Five-hundred thousand dollars." He countered, sounding impossibly smug as he swayed his paddle back and forth.

Ho-hum, half million dollars. Yawn. Like some lazy lion on the savanna, he stretched back in his chair and she didn't have to see his satisfied smile to know it was there.

Marcie dropped her number to her lap feeling a flush crawl up her neck and into her face. She stared hard at the back of his head, but her gaze didn't bow his broad shoulders, or ruffle his perfect golden hair or the ridiculously large bow.

The auctioneer arched an eyebrow at the man and then scanned the room for any other bids. "Are there any counter offers?" The man regarded Marcie with a smile of sympathy.

"No, I'm good." She shook her head to the auctioneer. Irrationally, her competitive nature demanded she win but she refused to fight over a bauble. Tossing back the rest of her drink, she stood, "If you'll excuse me, I need fresh air."

"I could flip him off if you'd like." Vans suggested but her hands were busy under the jacket.

Marcie couldn't form a proper respectful response. She reminded herself she was happy for her friends. Slapping the smug look of pleasure off Travis' face wouldn't fix anything.

Without a word she turned and walked out. Her shoulders prickled with the sensation and knew Mano was looking at her. The compulsion to look back was almost too much but she managed to throw her will into the effort of forward movement and left the room without breaking.

The doors swung closed behind her, blotting out the sensation and the cheerful, competitive buzz. She loved this house and its antique furnishings. Every piece held history. Family heirlooms rather than things collected from nameless strangers. It reminded her of her grandfather's house across the ocean and a lifetime away.

If only she were born a boy, she might have rights to her family house, not seen as the weaker sex. It was an uncomfortable thought and one she'd not had in a very long time. This time of year was always hardest, she missed the contact with family but knew she could never submit to her grandfather's demands. Mary his choice of husband who would then control his estate. No. No amount of money or wealth was worth her heart and spirit. Her mother would never have wanted that.

She walked outside, not bothering with her coat and moved along the balcony, nodding to the few people enjoying both the view and their cigars. The balcony wrapped around the estate and as she made her way to the far side, the voices faded. She walked to the railing and leaned over, peering out into the illuminated hillside beyond. Twinkle lights filled the trees and bushes lining the twisting pathway leading to the private cove. A few people were talking out there, taking advantage of the quiet night for a romantic walk or covert swim.

Marcie closed her eyes and breathed out a soft sigh. Just a few more moments out here to clear her head with the chilly air and she would regain enough composure to return. Perhaps the lovers would have their desires under control too. She felt too needy right now to watch others play without an outlet.

That wasn't like her, to feel this relentless craving. It all started when she saw Mano. The unexpected thrill tightened her stomach and sex until she'd doubled over with the force of it. Even now, her sex vibrated with a steady thrum where his facial hair once tickled her. She was marked!

"So, this is where you vanished." Mano's voice rumbled quietly from the shadows. He'd walked up on her soundlessly.

"I want to be alone." Marcie warned him.

"Ah." He stopped his forward progress but didn't turn away.

When she looked up, he was watching her with a torn expression, as though he wasn't convinced she really wanted him to leave.

"Just go." She told him. "Find someone else to be your diversion."

His spine straightened, "Excuse me?"

She turned from the view and put her back to the railing. "My tolerance for insults is at its limit. I am not some office girl you can diddle to fill a few hours between more important duties. It is obvious your mother doesn't..."

"First, I don't give a shit what my mother does or doesn't like. I am way to old to need her approval. Second, you don't honestly think I spent time with you just to fill time. Do you?"

"You said as much."

He scratched along his jaw and smiled at her. "I couldn't exactly tell you how much I enjoyed licking you until my tongue ached in mixed company. I did, by the way, really fucking enjoy it. You are the sweetest, most addicting diversion Marcie."

"I'm not going to be a pawn in the game you're playing with your mother and aunt."

The smile widened, "No, you are definitely not a pawn. I know mixing with me and my family isn't for the faint of heart, but you are already a player on the board. A Rook at the very least, maybe a Queen." He held out his hand.

She looked at the offering, craving the feel of him under her fingers, but Travis' warning rumbled in the back of her head. "You could ruin me."

"Is that so?" He asked, crooking a finger at her. "You could ruin me too." He held her gaze and took a step closer. "When my cousin Gun fell in love with his beautiful, headstrong lady, I never understood how he could throw it all away for her. And then I saw you tonight and had my heart kicked up into my teeth. It all makes perfect sense."

"You have only known me for a few hours. How does your heart know anything about me?"

"Magic." He whispered and took another step closer to her. "Didn't you feel it?"

She started to shake her head but then found herself scowling at him. The vivid gut-wrenching sensation was too fresh in her memory to even try to lie about.

"Yes." He purred. "That."

"That's not love." She assured him, as though she knew. She slipped her hand into his and he pulled her close against him.

"Gotcha!" His warmth felt intoxicating, wrapping around her like unseen silken ribbons.


"How do you know, if you never even try it?" He whispered and rocked his body against her, kissing her chin while his arm wrapped around her. "Come inside with me. Sit with me. My auntie won't mind and it would do my mother good to be put in her place."

"I shouldn't..."

"Come with me then—let me lay you down on a bed and fuck you long and slow until we are both sated and then let me fuck you until I drive every whisper of doubt from your mind." He kissed her bare shoulder and she breathed in the sexy smell of him. He still smelled like her pussy. Sweet and so naughty.
"You don't know a thing about my sexual needs." She pursed her lips.

"You don't know mine either." He chuckled, nuzzling her up to her neck, "We can explore and see if our needs match hhmm? I'll grab a can of whip cream on the way up Cherrypie."

She didn't think her pussy could squeeze any tighter! Didn't she swear off this lovely man only a few hours ago? "I hold monthly sex parties where guests wear masks and indulge in their most brazen sexual fantasies with other faceless, consenting adults." She needed to shock him, but wasn't sure what would be worse; driving him away with the truth or pulling him in.

"I see. Do you wear a mask? Do you...have sex with men and women behind their masks?"

"I do. I have." She stated while he searched her eyes.

"You haven't for a long time though." He wasn't asking or guessing she realized. He saw something inside her. Like her own glimpses of insight into people.

"That's true."

"You like to match people up in relationships, but...who is helping you?" He stroked a finger up her arm to her shoulder and then back down, simply for the pleasure of touching her.

"I take care of myself. What about you?" She asked quietly, struggling against the snare she felt tightening around her.

"Oh, this is my mask." He motioned to himself and she wasn't sure what he meant. His clothing or his behavior or something else? "When you are ready to see behind it, I'll show you. I'll show you everything. I don't have sex. My libido has been frozen for years while more important matters occupied my attention."

She didn't believe the words at first. Earlier he'd displayed the proof of his skill and his lust. Even now as they rubbed against one another, she felt his cock hard and proud against her thigh. When she ground against him with her knee, he growled in pleasure. Lost in those dangerous silver eyes, he wasn't lying to her. He really had not felt sexual desires in years.

Except now.

"Why?" She asked.

"Obligations." He answered. "A debt I owed someone dear to me." He kissed her shoulder, tongue flicking out to lick up towards her neck and breathed in her warmth, "The ban lifted the moment I saw you." He shivered and rolled his hips forward, grinding himself even harder against her.

She couldn't resist! She ran her hand down his chest and stomach, feeling his muscles tighten in response to her touch. She smoothed a finger along his belt and then drifted her touch lower, cupping her palm around his cock. He felt enormous and heavy in her grip, swelling even thicker when she smoothed her caress along his powerful length.

"God you feel fucking amazing Temptress. Believe me, there is no kinky, sexual desire you have that I would not break myself to satisfy for you."

She knew she must walk away from him and save herself. She must not allow herself to get drawn in! The moment she formed the thought, she knew it was already too late.

Just a taste.

She could get him out of her system and that would be it. If he was never with someone before, once he tasted her, he would want to explore. She knew better than anyone the restless, hungry heart and the need to try everything.


He gasped in surprise when she sank to her knees before him. His hands gripped her shoulders for balance as she seized the front of his slacks. "Turn about is fair play!" She whispered, her voice shivering as she pulled loose his belt. Smiling up, into his lust filled eyes.

With a moan, his hips surged towards her and she pressed her cheek against her groin while unfastening buckle and buttons. She pushed down his slacks and then the snug fitting bikini style underwear. It could not feel comfortable for his huge cock to be trapped in those tiny cotton confines and he sucked in a sharp breath of relief as she drew him out.

"My God!" She breathed as he filled her hands. She greedily cupped her palm against him, trying to circle his girth with her fingers. The massive steel of his lust dwarfed her hand.

"Marcie!" His body shuddered as her fingers trailed along the slit in the swollen head. Pre-cum spurt from the head as he grunted, his length bucking and bobbing, with the weight of the meaty prick. Like the rest of him, even his cock was perfectly sculptured. The head formed a lovely fist, flared around the crown and supported by the long, curved length of his shaft.

She ran her tongue around that heavy tip. The sensation of licking him sparkled along the back of her throat and she wrapped both hands around his base, loving the wild tickle of golden public hair under her fingertips. The smell of him made her crazy with need. He was wild and something in her heart cried out to unite with him in the wilderness where she belonged! She lapped along the slit, tongue-tip darting in and out of that hot cleft, bathing her lips and tongue with the pearly pre-cum. The taste of him, evergreen and cardamom, filled her and overwhelmed her.

Looking up his body, she found him gazing at her in awe. "No! Temptress!" He growled, voice cracking with the strain. "How can I possibly cum without you joining me?"

"You did it to me earlier. Several times." She reminded him as she nuzzled her cheek along the side of his prick. His eyes rolled and he cupped her cheek, smoothing his thumb over her lips where the pre-cum glistened.

"Touch yourself! Tell me how wet that perfect cunt is right now."

She choked back her whimper, licking his balls and up along the underside of his massive prick. Trembling, she did as he commanded, sliding her legs wider, knees scraping over the frosty stones. The cold didn't matter, the discomfort hardly registered. Between her thighs she was on fire! Her cream soaking her thighs down to the tops of her stockings. "Soaking wet!"

"Finger your hot pussy where I licked you. Oh Fuck, I want to bite your little clit! You came apart so beautifully when I bit you!"

The memory of that sensation almost made her cum all over her fingers. Her clit felt taut and frothy with her slippery wetness. She moaned at his growling encouragement and slipped her fingers into her pussy. Their eyes met in the darkness, this time there was enough light to see his gaze flaming with the same heat she felt squeezing around her fingers. His cock throbbed, bobbing against her cheek as he watched her, knowing she fingered herself. He listened for the wet slapping of her hand against her silken folds.

"Cherry, you're killing me." He moaned.

"Very slowly." She agreed and turned her face to his cock, smoothing her lips along the base, suckling wetly up towards the head. He groaned, sliding a hand into her hair. The grip tightened, pulling against the pins, making them bite into her scalp with an unexpected thrill of pain.

Fuck she wanted more! She wanted to consume him!

When her lips spread over the crown, her hair spilled loose of the pins. The sound of clips and combs tinkled around her as her mouth stretched wider and wider to accommodate that sweet cock. He echoed her groan, cursing in a low, brutal snarl. It was English at first, and then transitioned to a more guttural language as she took him deeper down her throat.

She'd been with a lot of men, in so many ways but she'd never felt anyone this large and perfect. How had she not found him before? She expected him to thrust his hips towards her, to grip her hair and fuck into her mouth and throat. Instead, he held still, shuddering as her lips played over him. His guarded restraint turned her on more than him taking from her. So sexy and strong, his composure unbreakable.

Her throat squeezed around him, testing her limits. He moaned as she gulped his massive length, grinding him deeper. Sliding her free arm between his thighs, she stroked her fingers between the cleft of his ass, teasing his pucker. The touches there made him snarl out a new string of curses and his cock bucked against the roof of her mouth.

His thighs spread wider when her lips finally reached the base of him, his balls warming her chin as she sucked. His careful fingers smoothed along the corner of her mouth where she stretched lewdly around him. The other hand stayed in her hair, holding on with a fierce grip without controlling or hindering her movement.

Then she slid up his length, swirling her tongue as she sucked along him all the way to the crown. The fat head popped free with a wet slurp, bobbing in the cold air before she sucked him back again, wrapping him in the velvety warmth of full lips and tongue.

Slow and steady, she spiraled her mouth down to his base and then back up. He coated her eager tongue with the creamy pre-cum but despite his groans of pleasure, the panting breaths through his teeth and the curses, he held steady.

Her fingers circled around his pucker and then slowly she pushed into him, feeling those snug muscles tight around her, gripping her with a flutter of unexpected pleasure. Together they moved, rising and falling in smooth, graceful union. His gaze burned with a mixture of reverent awe and lust, "That's so fucking hot, my wild Temptress!" He whispered, voice low and desperate. "Cherry. Oh Fuck. Fucking yes! Don't stop. Please... Faster!" He bared his teeth , never breaking the eye contact as his body tensed, shuddering.

She broke first, moaning around him as her mouth slid up and down his cock, in time with her fingers plunging into her pussy. Her hips rocked, the sound of the slapping and her slurping lips making it obvious to anyone who might stumble on them what was going on.

Her moans of climax were muffled around his cock, her throat stuffed as she sucked him through the blazing intensity of her orgasm. Under her lips, she felt his pulse thrumming and his cock swelled, growing even larger.

"Marcie!" He cried out her name like a tribute, his body arching with the electric jolt of his pleasure. The first jet of his cum shot into the back of throat with an almost painful force. The stream of his jizz filled her and overflowed her greedy mouth, trickling down her stretched lips, and dribbling down her chin and neck.

Again and again the gush of his cum filled her and she gulped him down, reveling in his taste. Each time his cock bucked, he snarled a leonine roar of joy, lost in the intensity of his climax. He smeared his fingers through the cum trickling from the corners of her mouth. Slumping forward he released her hair to grip onto the railing for support.

Her head swam with the intensity of their combined orgasms. The taste of him, musky and heady and singularly Mano, intoxicated her. She didn't want to release him. She wanted to finger his ass and suck him until he came again and again. Wanted him to roar her name until his voice was raw.

In the echoing silence she realized everyone outside heard them. Those people in the cove below swimming must have heard them.

Mano whimpered with something like pain and pulled at her shoulders, "Someone's coming." He lifted her physically to her feet and off his fantastic cock. He grinned at her, focused on her cummy lips and lunged forward, kissing her hard.

His moans and tongue filled her mouth as her lips parted against him and she crumpled into his arms when he sucked her tongue into his mouth. This was new. The messy shared kiss, unhesitating even though she'd just gulped down his cum. This felt more erotic than anything she'd tried before. She wanted to fall to the ground and fuck him right there!

"And just what is going on here?" The familiar voice sent a pulse of dread through her chest, freezing her passion.

Why did it have to be his mother?

He held her when she tried to jerk away from the kiss. Instead of releasing her, he seductively sucked her tongue and only when he'd melted her resistance against him did he end the kiss. His nose nuzzled hers, his expression dreamy, lids heavy with satisfaction. He remained with his back to the voice, smiling into Marcie's eyes. "You are devastating." He whispered, tucking his cock back into briefs and slacks before pulling his silk kerchief from his pocket to offer to her.

"Did you hear me? This is a respectable estate, not the place for indecent copulation!" Juliette sounded furious.

Marcie wanted to jump over the railing to avoid this embarrassment but instead she wiped Mano's cum from her face and neck while he used his body to shield her. There was no masking what she'd been doing. She didn't need a mirror to know how ruined she must look.

He took her hand, the one she'd used to finger herself to orgasm and brought it to his lips, kissing each finger. "She hasn't seen you. Slip around the back."

She stared at him. "Run away with my tail tucked between my legs?"

"This is my fault." He cupped her cheek and slid his hand through her hair, stroking black coils tumbling free around her. The pins and combs lay around her feet, twinkling in the moonlight. "I'm not ashamed but I will not cause your ruin. I'll find you inside."

It was the worst feeling in her life. Embarrassed, she slunk into the dark around the house, heels off, running bare footed in the shadows and out of sight.

Stupid Marcie. So fucking stupid!

The shame twisted her up inside. Her control should be better than this. Travis was right, she could have anyone. Better if she kept her urges behind a mask. Somehow she made it to the bathroom without getting caught or stopped.

The reflection in the mirror looked even worse than she feared. Her lipstick smeared, mouth swollen with the unmistakable bee-stung swell of cock-sucking-mouth. Her hair was wild, parts still pinned up, most loose and tangled, pins half trapped in the black locks. What took hours to style took only seconds to destroy. Like her career.

There was a glassy, freshly fucked gleam in her eyes. Even as she swore to herself never ever to touch him again, she longed to have him walk in and fuck her over the sink.

She washed her face, cursing herself. Her knees were scuffed from her carelessness and of course there was the unmistakable cum stain on the front of the dress. All she could do about the hair was pile the tangle into a messy bun, filling the sink and trash with the various pins that made the style look elegant and artful earlier.

Marcie needed to leave.

Reapplying her lipstick, she was just about to flee when the door banged open and Vans stumbled into the bathroom with a tittering giggle.

The blonde had cock-sucking-mouth too, complete with smeared lipstick, mussed hair and raccoon eyes where her makeup smeared by tears. She also wore a pink hand print on her cheek. The huge, shit-eating grin melted when she saw Marcie.

"Marcie!" She gawked at her and straightened, covering her mouth as though it would hide her condition.

Marcie tried to shoulder by her but Vans grabbed her arm. "Don't. Travis is right out there. What the fuck? Are you alright?"

"Are you?" She reached out to poke at the slap mark.

Vans hissed out in pain and jerked her head away, "Yes. Consensual. Fucking OW! "

Marcie motioned to herself, "Consensual." She agreed and narrowed her eyes, "Funny how my play is somehow not acceptable though."

"Oh my God! You went out and met up with him? Holy fuck!"

"It's not your business."

Vans brows knit with concern and she shook her head, "We're your friends. We want what's best for you."

"Then why doesn't anyone support me? Like I supported Travis despite how you crushed my best friend Ursa. " She yanked her arm free. "You've known me for less than a month. How can you possibly know what's best for me?" She didn't wait for an answer but went for the door. "Merry Christmas."


True enough, Travis stood outside the bathroom, looking smug and sexually satisfied. His smile fell away when he saw Marcie and the realization of what she'd been up to made his expression turn stormy. He reached for her, a growl under his breath.

She evaded his touch, spinning away from his reach but caught his arm, twisting it back at the wrist. "Don't you ever grab at me unless you want me to neuter you." She whispered, giving an extra crank against his limb. "You don't get to decide who I love." She felt angry tears burn her eyes.

"Marcie—" His eyes went round with shock from the painful twist on his arm as much as her words.

She'd just said 'love'. Did she mean LOVE? The room felt too small, too cramped, too loud and too crowded. She whirled to made good her escape, striding for the coat check where she retrieved her coat and fled into the night.


She didn't make the door!

"Miss Perez." The clarion call of Beatrix Engel's voice rang out from behind her, full of an unmasked delight.

Marcie felt her skin from the base of her skull down to her tail bone blaze with fire under the woman's attention. There was no escape for her now. Turning, she saw the crowd parting around the tall woman flowed towards her with long, graceful steps. She was tall, made even taller with the heels, preventing Marcie her usual advantage of height for leverage.

"I hope you're not leaving already." She said when she reached her side at the coat check, reaching out with her hands towards Marcie, palms up in greeting. "Won't you accept my invitation and stay the night?"

This was a first. Both the way she took Marcie's hands and the invitation. These were formalities for family. The woman met her gaze down the sharp, hawkish nose with the familiar intensity she knew from their business meetings. This context felt all wrong. She wasn't asking for details about legal standings and status on projects. Her intense smile softened when Marcie hesitated, interest warming her ice blue eyes. The contrast to the cold glare her sister gave was staggering.

"Shocked Miss Perez?" Her voice brightened, not quiet a laugh. Long fingers squeezed over Marcie's and she turned her hands over, looking at her palms. She glanced at the birthmark on Marcie's left hand, smile widening.

Marcie found herself blushing at the intense regard of her hands and was glad when the woman curled her fingers closed to hide the mark. The hourglass stain, dark bronze against her pale palm, always made her think of a black widow spider. Not at all as pretty as the wine colored feather on Mano's palm. "We've worked together for years Mrs. Engel and it has been my understanding that only family stays for the evening."

"Please, call me Beatrix, we're not in the office. It has not gone unnoticed that my nephew has shown a particular interest in you." She released Marcie's hands with a motherly squeeze.

The woman's eyes gleamed as she hit the nerve she'd been fishing for and Marcie silently cursed herself for not keeping her emotions in check. "I don't think your sister shares your interest in letting me get closer to her son."

"Oh really? Why is that? You are well educated, have shown yourself capable in your job and you're faithful to the company. You're a Perez yes?" The question was strung tight with approval. Beatrix Engel, with her hall of lineage going back in time would find Marcie's own old bloodlines intriguing.

It reminded her of her grandfather. The intensity that she should marry and breed fine, healthy heirs for Juan Carlos, his best friend. A powerful alliance. It had been so long ago since that summer in Spain. But not long enough to rid her of the crawling dread. Certainly the offered son, Ramirez, was everything a girl could want but even a pretty cage was still a cage.

"I'm sorry, what are you suggesting?" Marcie asked, already seeing the ambitious maneuvering. Her mother's voice whispering to her younger self, 'you have your father's strength but my heart. Follow it. Do not be swayed by baubles and gowns. Be your own woman, not the woman who belongs to anyone for their gain.'

Watching her mother's loveless marriage was more than enough warning for her.
"I won't dance around. You and Mano make a striking couple. Why block your way? He was so enraptured by you, he won the necklace for you after all."

Another of those gut-kick sensations and the subtle curl of Beatrix's lips at the hit. The woman was much better at this game than Marcie.

The older woman pursed her lips, "I'm sorry! I seem to have wrecked the surprise."

Horribly she realized this was all a setup for her. The unusual and sudden seduction. The intensity of her feelings. This bauble dangled like ripe fruit for her. Over the woman's shoulder, she could see her friends watching them, four sets of worried eyes pinned to her. 'Love' She wished she could take back that horrible word. Mano said he was wearing his mask. He'd tried to warn her.

"Mrs. Engel, I'm not interesting in any relationship right now. I'm married to my career." Her anger at the setup helped dull the pain. "I feel horrible for my friendliness was misread as something more than a diversion. I would be glad to pay the price for the piece myself so your nephew doesn't feel obligated. Or compelled to continue his attentions."

That was not what Beatrix Engel was expecting. Her flicker of shock showed in a tightening around the corner of her eyes and the smile wasn't quite as warm and satisfied as before. "I see. Of course I understand. It is our gain that you are so dedicated in your work. On a personal note, I'm sorry you're not interested. I think you deserve something more in your personal life." She reached out and offered Marcie's arm a squeeze. "Don't worry about the piece. It will remain safe with us."

Strange, that her boss was more supportive of her finding someone in her personal life than the people she cared for most. It's just part of her bait Marcie! She warned herself as she covered Beatrix's hand and squeezed. "All things in their proper time. Right?"

Her friends had been right in trying to protect her. They'd tried to warn her away from someone completely unsuitable for her. Both her heart and stomach twisted inside her.

"Of course. I will break the disappointing news to the boy gently. Have a most merry holiday Marcie. We will see you the week after New Year to get back to work hhmm?" Mrs. Engel, CEO of Adler Enterprises let no emotion show through the professional smile as she turned and walked back to where her husband was chatting with a group by the towering Christmas tree.

She got her overcoat and hurried to the door.

Fate still wasn't done with her though.

As she opened the door to run out into the night, she slammed into Mano coming in with his mother. It was a comedic full-body impact with the small man who grinned at her, keeping her from falling on her ass. Despite his size, he didn't waver under the collision with her.

Juliette regarded her with sharp eyes but for some reason, she held her tongue despite looking ready to unleash the a load of insults.

Mano flashed a smug grin up at Marcie as he tried to slide his arms around her but Marcie twisted away,

"Don't fucking touch me." She tried to capture his wrist to give him the same treatment Travis received, but he was far too fast, countering her grab with a painful slap to the back of her hand.

He let her draw away, his mouth tightening into a steel line. Oh. That expression made the hairs on her arms prickle up with a spark of expected danger. "What happened Cherrypie?" Even his voice had a dangerous edge to it.

The pet name was so silly and unexpectedly endearing. Love The lights in the room swam before her vision. "I'm not some fucking pawn." She snarled.

"Fuck." Juliette whispered under her breath, "Mano. Mano please—let me talk to my..."

"I'm done." Mano said as he turned to his mother. "I told you out there, if you were planning anything else; you or my auntie, I was out of here. How dare you. Did you learn absolutely nothing when Gun abandoned the family?"

He didn't keep his voice down. In fact, he lifted it. Conversations in the room died as all eyes turned to witness this nugget of gossip and family drama.

Beatrix and her husband, the towering Maximilian came to defuse the situation. The huge man still had a head of golden hair that had not faded with his age and he was huge. Not just tall, and honestly he had to be close to seven feet, but with a thick neck and shoulders. There was something jolly about his smile though, as though he would not mind a hearty scuffle at his holiday party if it livened up the dull conversation his wife must have been dragging him through.

Marcie had only seen him a few times, he rarely meddled in the company and left his lady wife handle the business while he did—well—Marcie wasn't quite clear exactly what Maximilian did. Body building? "What seems to be the problem?" The voice was so thickly accented with German, Marcie instantly remembered Ursa's wide-eyed remark. 'Engel means angel in German.'

"Excuse me mister Engel. I'm just leaving. Ran into your nephew and his mother on my way out." Marcie said with a plastic smile. Whatever games were happening, she knew if she stayed, she would be right in the middle of their board. Skilled at power play she might be, but she was not armed for this particular battle.

His brows drew together over sapphire eyes brighter than even Travis' laser gaze. "Really? Did my wife not invite you to stay?"

"There was a misunderstanding about my intent." Marcie forced herself to say, taking a step back, wanting badly to get out from under the gaze and into the cold night. She gripped her coat so tightly she thought she might rip it.

"Your intent?" Mano asked through his teeth, not quite opening his mouth, the words growling out. He was looking at his auntie though.

Beatrix stepped forward, her voice like silk, "Mano. I am sorry. I let it slip that you purchased the necklace for her. I think there was simply a misunderstand-"

"This is the thing you have not learned; you have no power over me. The only power you have is what I give you. I don't need your inheritance." He lifted his voice again and glared at his aunt.

Beatrix laughed softly, "Now my sweet nephew. Don't I?" Looking amused she cut that frozen gaze to Marcie as though to remind him that she held power over Marcie. She lowered her voice, pinning Mano with a look of fury as she growled out, "I want to know where my son is. You are going to tell me, or I swear to God, I'm going to make things extremely difficult."

Marcie's career hung in the balance. But she'd been here before, a lifetime ago before she even knew the world or her own metal. Her grandfather's thorny hands on her arm, demanding her and threatening her to do his bidding or he would make her life unbearable. 'You have not known poverty, do you really wish to risk that girl?' She felt her stomach falling out from inside her now as she had then.

Mano didn't let his mask slip, he didn't flinch or turn away from his aunt as he held her gaze, "What makes you think it's within my power to tell you where the Golden Boy is?"

"And what makes you think I'm going to stand for you ransoming me to hurt him?" Marcie added. "You have a lot of nerve." She stepped forward and reached for Mano's hand. Solidarity.

He didn't turn his head but his fingers twined with hers, expression not changing though she could feel the radiant joy through that touch that she had not left him to these vultures.

"Beatrix, love, what are you doing?" Even Maximilian looked startled. "Our son made his choice long ago. If he wishes to crawl along the bottom, it's his decision to make."

"No!" Beatrix growled. "No! No! No! He is my son. He is an Alder, and so are you Mano. Remember your duty to family."

Mano took in a long, slow breath and then laughed loudly. "I haven't been an Alder since Gun left. I am Ka'aukai. I am my father's son. I know my duty to family. Do you?" He deftly unfastened the bow-tie and with a smirk, pulled open his shirt to display the tribal tattoos covering his hard body. Rather than the sort of boring flash tattoos, these were intricate Polynesian designs and even in the quick glance, Marcie knew there was meaning behind every drop of ink curving along his tight abs and broad chest.

Dear God but she wanted to lick pathways over each intricate curl and line.

"Mano!" His mother warned in a hiss.

Mano ignored the gasps and titters in the room and glanced up at Marcie, eyebrows arched up in question. 'You ready for this?' He shrugged out of his jacket as his aunt and mother continued to warn him against this public display.

Absolutely! She inclined her head just a little and felt herself smile in answer to his wicked grin.

"Marcie. Be sensible. Think what you are giving up." Beatrix warned, her voice vibrating with anger.

Those were her grandfather's words too. As though that were training for this day. Mano was pulling off his shirt and all those fantastic tattoos spinning and coiling around his handsome, lithe body. Marcie whispered out in awe with the rest of the room witnessing. And then a pair of glorious wings fanned open from his shoulders, golden feathers throwing off diamond sparks of light as he shook them out.

Behind her, she heard Ursa's startled squeak.

"No mask now Cherrypie." He grinned at her and pulled her hand to his lips, standing before her bare chested and utterly gorgeous. A flicker of concern danced in those silvery eyes as he waited to see her response and reaction to this revelation.

"They are very nice tattoos." She said, not quite believing she was seeing the eagle-like stretch of wings fanned out on either side of him. "You shouldn't have to hide them."

"Mano! How dare you turn this party into a carnival!" Beatrix's voice sharpened. "Put your shirt back on this instant. Are you divorced of your senses and any thread of decorum?" She flashed a look at her sister, "What sort of animal did you raise?"

Mano ignored them all, grinning at Marcie. "Yes, because the tattoos are the problem." He smirked at her. "Ah, I almost forgot." He patted the jacket and fished something out from the inside pocket, a flat, leather box that he held towards her before opening the lid. Inside the black velvet, the deep indigo shimmered like the sea trapped in the shadows. The necklace seemed to come to life as he lifted and held it towards her, "May I?"

"You can't buy me." She warned him.

The voices in the room died. At least, she no longer noticed them, "You are not for sale." He assured, "Neither am I."

She nodded, feeling her heart race when he fastened the necklace at the nape of her neck. His lips brushed her skin just under her ear. The necklace felt warm and oddly heavy on her bare shoulders. He said something, but in a language she didn't understand. She didn't need a translation, he spoke it with reverence and respect and when he drew back from her, pressed his fist to his chest, his eyes bright with tears.

He held out his hand to her, palm up, showing off the birthmark curved in his palm like a red feather and jerked his head towards the door as his other hand tossed jacket and shirt over his shoulder and wing, "You ready to go pretty lady?"

She nodded, and looked around her at the crowd but the only person who seemed notice the wings was Ursa. She slipped her hand into his, enjoying the thrill of his strength when he squeezed her fingers and pulled her in against him.

They stepped out into the night and when the cold curled around her, she began to question just what she was doing. What the hell /was/ she thinking? They walked down the curving stairs and he slid his arm around her, body tense and wing curling around her. "Are you going to fly me off to your nest?" She asked, voice quavering and she realized the shock was making her shiver more than the cold.

"It's a little far. And too cold for you." He whispered and slid his jacket over her shoulders. "You alright? I am so sorry about this. I really fucked this up."

She wasn't sure if she was alright or not so she didn't say anything. She motioned down the narrow street where her car was parked, "I'm in the corvette there."

"Nice car. A classic for a classy lady." He squeezed her shoulders and looked down at her. "Come home with me?" He felt so warm against her, bare chested and almost thrumming with residual anger. "I can make this right."

"I don't know Mano." She reached up and uncertainly touched a feather of his wing, certain it would melt from her touch and certify she had gone crazy. The golden plumage felt real enough, speckled with bright white at the tips. "What are you? An angel?"

He cupped her face in his hands. "Of course I'm not an angel! It's difficult to explain. I'm Kyrie, on my mother's side." His wing curved along her side as though he couldn't believe she could feel it either.

"Valkyrie you mean?" She watched his expression, enjoying how he smiled up at her in the moonlight.

"Well, no. Valkyrie are only women. Females alone have the ability, privilege and honor of guiding warriors to the afterlife. Men have no place in the hierarchy...'wings on a man are like tits on a bull' my grandmother was fond of saying."

"No way." Marcie blinked. "My grandfather had sayings like that about women; 'a woman's only good to provide a healthy male heir for the line'."

He lifted both eyebrows. "You witnessed what my family wants."

"But your aunt wants her son." Marcie said, frowning.

"So he can father a child off someone of her choice to get a girl heir to take up the crown."

She shivered, "You're serious? This whole, 'warriors to the afterlife?'" She narrowed her eyes at him, "You just flashed your wings to everyone in that room? Aren't they going to say something?"

"No." He smiled, "You can't just show someone the wings. They have to be seen. Very, very few people see them unless they are touched. By death, or with the sight, or the bond." He smirked at her and her look of hesitation. "It's a lot to take in. And we're just scratching the tip of the iceberg."

"Ursa is going to loose her mind when I tell her. She has been so fixated on angels lately. I have no idea why but she's been throwing herself into all this research. I can tell her right?"

"I suspect the little Messenger saw them and a lot more than you." He leaned in and kissed her softly. "There are so many secrets."

"I'm good at keeping secrets Mano." Marcie assured him and pressed in tight against him. "I host parties every month where I keep the identities of my guests in secret. I have for years."

"These are more important than who likes anal sex, Marcie." His voice was deadly serious. "There are things you are not going to be able to tell your friends. Not even the adorable Messenger."

"More than the fact there are really beings that spirit the dead to the afterlife?" She asked with eyebrows lifting.

He nodded, silent for a moment, his dire expression made her shiver under the warmth of his jacket. "People have died for these secrets. People I love and care for." Letting out his breath, he closed his eyes, tipping his head back, "I didn't spend my life as a celibate to risk it all now."

"You can trust Ursa and Leo, Travis and Vans too."

He shook his head and jerked his thumb back towards the house. "Leo and Travis work for them. Never, ever forget that. What you tell Ursa she will tell Leo." He frowned, "I'm sorry Marcie but that is just the fact."

"You are saying my friends or you?" She asked, feeling her lips turn down at the corners.

"No Cherry! I'm saying you don't share what you see while you're with me. So long as they are ensnared in Adler and all its influence, they cannot be trusted."

"I need to think about this." Her head spun. It was so much to take in. "I have to think what I'm going to do moving forward. I destroyed my career." She stepped away from him. "What happened to your cousin, Mano?" She asked him.

His expression didn't flicker, giving nothing away. He rolled up his shoulders, "He followed his heart." He said flatly and when she stepped away, he pulled his shirt on, tucking those impressive gold wings away under the thin fabric. Like they were an illusion all along. A dream she only touched for a heartbeat. "The sun doesn't rise and set on the Adler empire. There are other opportunities out there. Better ones. My cousin taught me that."

She didn't want to leave him. She wanted to drag him into her car and kiss him until all her doubts splintered but reality was the Alder job had been her first and only. So many years with the indoctrination of those steel and iron values. Year after year she'd guzzled the company cool-aid and danced to its tune. "What are you going to do?" she asked him.

He winked at her and tapped the corner of his eye, "what I've been doing my whole life. Watch. Wait." He didn't hold onto her or try to restrain her but she could see the same longing she felt echoed in his gaze. "Take all the time you need. I didn't mean to cause this trouble, but I must say I'm pleased you're out from under her thumb."

Marcie nodded and resisted the urge to leap back into his arms. She closed her eyes and turned to her sleek red stingray and slipped into the cold seats, shivery and spine itching. In the rear view mirror she saw him sauntering into the night, glancing back over his shoulder, waiting for her to drive away.

"Come on Marcie. Time to go woman." She closed her eyes and started the car and forced herself to drive away before either of their resolve broke.


Marcie woke from a wonderful dream where she and Mano were riding horses along the beach. He was quite a good horseman in her imagination. When they were done with the ride, they found a place in the dunes and made love. Lazy, sun-warmed sex on a downy blanket. He'd stretched her out under him, covering her and slowly pleasured her, talking filthy dirty with every stroke.

She woke shuddering and soaked with sweat. The taste of his kisses burned her mouth and his words growled in her ear, 'Come to me. Come with me!' As his body shuddered, his cum fountaining into her as she shattered to pieces around his massive cock.

She lifted a hand to her throat, feeling the necklace against her sweaty skin. The weight was a comfort and smiled to herself, cuddling into her empty bed. Her fingers stroked down between her breasts and then lower down her stomach to her sex. The memory of his tongue in her lashed across her thoughts as she found her clit slippery and swollen.

"Mano." She whispered his name, as though it would invoke him just by speaking it. She longed that he would appear on golden wings and sate the hunger gnawing through her.

Her fingers slipped into her pussy. The taste and smell of him swept her back to the moment of her last orgasm when his cum gushed hot into the back of her throat. Her pussy squeezed around her fingers as she pressed deeper into her, spreading her legs wider with a choked moan, his roar of pleasure ringing in her ears.

She came so fast, fingers slipping and sliding in and out of her, imagining his tongue darting into her asshole for that filthy, wonderful oral. Her toes curled with the power of the orgasm, thighs tight and the wet rush of release soaked down her ass and the sheet under her.

"Fuck..." Gasping, she realized that she still felt restless and needy rather than the usual boneless relaxation an orgasm should provide. What would his huge cock head feel like slamming into her pussy? Her hips arched up into her hand, even grinding the heel of her hand against her clit wasn't enough to stop the twisting desire wrapping around her spine.

With an effort she abandoned her self-pleasure and pulled herself from the bed. She shuffled across her bedroom, pulling open curtains as she went. Every muscle in her body felt tight, from the nape of her neck to the soles of her feet. It was like a taut wire pulling her. A swim is what she needed.
Instead of going to her Oakland apartment, she'd driven herself to the Saint Helena house. She wouldn't get any emergency calls from Adler, It didn't matter how far from the home office she was. Today would be her start on the holiday and then she would focus on her job hunting. The house felt empty, the echoes deeper in the stillness. Perhaps being alone in this huge home wasn't the best idea.

Grabbing a towel, she slipped naked into the gardens were the pool awaited her. She walked along the grass lined path, nipples tightening in the chill morning air. The sun was just rising over the coastal mountains. From here she could see the whole valley off the end of the pool. The water gleamed blue and inviting against the grey morning. Tossing the towel to the side, she tested the water with a toe. Cold. Just what she needed to snap herself out of this sexual tangle.

She dove in; wearing only the pretty necklace Mano gifted her with. Only when she swam the length of the pool and surfaced did she consider the salt might not be the best thing for the gold. She twisted, turning back to the house-end of the pool and realized that her legs felt odd. Her skin felt warm down her thighs and calves to her toes.

Rolling onto her back, she held up her leg—-only, it wasn't a sleek honey-brown limb lifting from the water but a glorious ivory tail arching up out of the water. Fins unfurled as she tried to wriggle her toes. With a cry she slapped the whole thing back under the water, kicking her legs. She tried to perform the motions familiar to her body but her legs were fused, the muscles and bones all wrong. The result was a mouth full of salt water and a lot of sputtering as she went under and struggled her way back up.

As though to mock her, the necklace gleamed, warming against her throat in a comfortable pulse in time with her heartbeat.

Tribute to the sea her ass!

"Fuck!" She slapped the surface of the water and struggled her way to the nearest edge of the pool, feeling dizzy. Even swimming the butterfly didn't feel right—isn't that how mermaids swam?

Grabbing the stone edge, she pulled herself up, hauling the big, heavy tail out of the water. "I'm not a fucking mermaid! No! No no!" But the tail flopped out before her, big, water gleaming off the ivory flesh. "Oh God. Please go away! Please- please!" She rubbed down the length of the thing from her groin down to where her toes would be, now a pale fin looking wilted out of the water.

Tears filled her eyes as she began to panic, imagining crawling through the house, trying to get up to her cell phone. Thankfully, as she began to furious mop at the new skin, her legs returned. First her toes and then the rest of her legs, the tail melting away or into her as the flesh dried.

She tried to remove the necklace but she couldn't find the clasp and when she pulled at it, hoping to snap the thing, it only grew hotter and actually burned her fingers. At last she rolled onto her side with a scream of outrage and frustration, beating the grass with her fists.

Finally, when she'd finished having her breakdown and realized she could move her legs, she reevaluated her newfound gift.

She was a mermaid!

Currently dry, her toes worked! Good. She could stand, walk, jump and run. Even better! She chewed at her pinkie nail and toyed with the necklace while walking around and around her pool. Then, she dove back in to give her new appendage a test swim.

This time, she could appreciate the details of her tail. Long and strong, the skin was like a dolphin, but no, the arrangement of fins was wrong. There was a line of dorsal fins ending in an upright fin with a long banner tip. Like a shark. She even had a flare of fins at her hips but wasn't quite sure how to work those. The skin was not white as she first thought but a pale silver, blending to black at the tips of fins and dappled with gunmetal spots over her spine and sides.

For a moment she just let this sink in while she floated on her back, looking down her white belly where it blended with her ribs, honey brown skin transitioning to white and silver. She swept her body back and forth in the water and realized that was how she needed to swim. Like a shark.

She was fucking shark!

With a fierce joy she spun over and tried it. It was glorious. The pool proved too small to fully test her speed though, she was across the length before she could build up any momentum and turning at that speed ended badly.

She had to go to the ocean.

Ursa had to see this!

With thoughts tangled through her, she hauled herself out of the pool and fumbled for her towel, drying off her tail until her legs returned. She felt a strange, heaviness pulling her human body after playing in the water. Even worse than the normal water to land transition. In the water just now, she felt light and powerful and...ok, really dangerous too.

She showered with trepidation, expecting to go fins-up when she got wet. Gripping onto the sides of the shower she turned on the water and braced herself but her body didn't change. Her legs supported her and she wiggled her toes just to make sure. So, not just getting wet, that was a bonus.

Her hip and outer thigh were scuffed where she scraped them against the wall of the pool in her poorly maneuvered turning, a reminder that the wounds wouldn't melt away with her sharkskin. Also her muscles felt sore and an itch spread from her tail bone up along the nape of her neck. She began scratching the spot with her scrub brush but it only made it worse. At last she gave up and padded out of the shower, basking in the steam room as she considered what to do.

More than ever she wanted to see Mano and thank him. Talk to him about his wings and her new tail. Did he have a tail too? Would he swim with her? That made her nibble at her lower lip with anticipation. OH yes, she wanted to go swimming with that handsome little man.

In only her towel, she got her phone and called Ursa while she made coffee.

Ursa answered on the first ring as though she had been waiting for her. "Hello!"

"Good morning darling." Marcie knew she was almost purring but couldn't help herself.

"M-marcie! Did you bring him home with you? Did you? Oh my gosh, please say you did!"

Laughing, Marcie assured her, "No. I needed to think about some things before I let him — sweep me off my feet."

"," Ursa was even more adorable when she fell into that habit of her stuttering.

"I saw his wings." Marcie said firmly.

Ursa squealed with happiness and Marcie imagined her doing a little dance of victory. "They were amazing. So big too! Maybe that's because he is little. I mean, short. He's not really little right? I mean, wow Marcie. Please, please, please tell me you're going to see him again."

"You like him?" Marcie hesitated and settled into a chair with her coffee, wrapping around the warmth.

"Yes." The woman gushed with enthusiasm.

"Travis and Vans don't think very highly of him."

Ursa sighed softly, "I hate to say it, but I think Travis is struggling seeing you with someone intimate. I mean, not like he wants to be with you. Like I told Vans when she was freaking out about Travis being all possessive of you, I think he views you as the little sister and he doesn't think anyone is good enough for you. I think he did a big turn-around when Mano threw the inheritance back in his mommy's face. Wow, should have gone home with him Marcie!"

"I don't think so. He has fucking wings."

"I know. They are gorgeous." Ursa gushed dreamily.

"They are wings. Ursa, it isn't natural."

Ursa was quiet for a long time and then said, "They are part of him Marcie, it's just a part of him. Different what? You really didn't go with him because of the wings?" There was a little edge to her voice Marcie didn't expect.

"Well, not only that. I had to process the whole wings thing and other things he said. Did the others see them? Anyone talk about them?"

"Leo noticed them. I think Travis did but he didn't talk about it and Vans, well, Vans barely noticed his tattoos. That's very Vans-like though, she was distracted thinking Travis wants to run off with you."

"Ugh. That will never, ever happen." Marcie growled.

"That's the same thing I told her Marcie."

"Fuck. Ursa, Mano said he has a lot of secrets and I can't share anything he tells me with my friends." Marcie felt foolish saying it. As though she couldn't keep a secret.

Even Ursa struggled processing this concept, "Since when have you ever had to share everything with us? I mean, Leo has secrets I don't share with you. Everyone has things they need to keep private. Could you really not respect his wishes because you want to share it with us?" Ursa sounded very troubled.

"No...No, of course not. I just didn't like that he thinks none of you are trustworthy." She groaned and drank more coffee.

"He doesn't exactly know any of us Marcie."

"Or me either Ursa."

"Then it means he's willing to take a risk on you and let you in. That's...really intimate."

Marcie touched the necklace, running a finger over the gem between her collarbones and let her eyes fall closed. "You're right. Ursa, you're really the best."

"Damn right I am." Ursa laughed and then purred, "And you saw his wings!"

"Yes. There is that." Her chest felt tight, full of thoughts of Mano and him tearing open his shirt to bare himself to her. Stripping off his mask. "So, Usra darling? How would you and Leo like to come and spend the rest of the holiday with me in Saint Helena? It's not a 'party', but I was thinking you two and maybe Travis and Vans might like to join me. All these rooms and play toys and I'm all alone."

"Are you going to invite him?"

Marcie realized as she started to say; 'YES' that she didn't know how to contact him. Her throat tightened and a strange keening sound escaped her. "I don't know how to reach him."

Ursa murmured softly under her breath before whining, "Marcie! Why didn't you get his number?"

"I wasn't thinking! My head was full of feathers! Literally."

"I bet we can find a way to find him between the five of us." Ursa sounded so confident it made Marcie smile.

"Thank you Ursa my dear. You are amazing. Talk with Leo about the offer while I call Travis."

"No need to. We were already talking about how we could spend Christmas with you. We're bringing all the gifts with us. Alright?"

"It wouldn't be Christmas without gifts. We can go out and pick out a tree."

"And let us decorate the house. No hiring help for it. Don't over-do anything."

"That sounds fair. I'd rather spend my energy on job searching."

"When you're not enjoying your time off." Ursa urged, her tone bright. "Relax for a little while."

Marcie laughed, "Fine, I will try it. Call me if you change your mind, otherwise I will expect you sometime tomorrow."

She called Travis next, after another cup of coffee.

"Marcie. How are you doing this morning? Walking alright?" There was that smirk in his tone.

"Good morning to you too darling. Why should I be walking strange?"

Travis rumbled quietly, "A wild evening with—"

"I went home alone. Aren't you happy I'm not messing with anyone dangerous."

A deep silence fell over the line. "You didn't go home with him? After he threw his heart on the floor at your feet?" Whistling through his teeth, he cursed fluently, "You are one hard bitch to impress Miss Perez."

"Yeah. Guess I wasn't thinking too clear after the...ah...display."

"You didn't like it huh?" He guessed and uttered a grim little growl. "Fuck."

"It is a lot to process." She sipped her coffee. "Did you—um—I mean, what did you see?" How in the world was she going to ask if he saw the wings?

"Huh? Aside from a man throwing away his future for nothing? Tattoos—um..." His voice trailed off and Marcie knew he was wrestling with the same problem she was having.

"Just because I didn't knock boots with him last night doesn't mean he threw it away for nothing. And—did you see anything more than the tattoos? I'm kinda struggling here to process what I saw."

"You saw the wings didn't you?" He said it like an accusation. He began to curse fluently into the phone in his frustration.

"I ...yes. Travis, what's wrong?"

"Just...fuck...Fuck. Marcie...I...Vanderbilt didn't see shit. She doesn't see anything."

"Darling, I don't understand." Marcie tried to be soothing but she was completely baffled. "Mano said they can't be shown, they have to be seen."

"Yeah. That's the whole problem Marcie." Travis said in a choked voice. "I love her Marcie, but she doesn't see...anything."

Marcie held her breath and slowly turned his comments over in her head. Her back itched and she rubbed restlessly against the back of the chair, "Travis, you have those scars on your shoulders. You said you got them when you were on the ranch as a kid."

He didn't say anything.

"You liar! You fucking liar! I knew barb wire couldn't have done that!"

"You couldn't see them!" He shouted at her. "How can you see his and not MINE... Why?" He sounded furious. She didn't like hearing Travis broken like that.

"Darling I have no idea! I—this is all new to me. For what it's worth, this is my first time seeing anything like this. Maybe she needs time? What does it matter if she sees them or not? You love her. Isn't that what matters?"

"I can't explain it—there's a piece missing. Maybe she isn't the one Marcie. I think she's desperate for something to cling onto but... Fuck. It's going to crush me if I have to break it off with her Marcie."

"Don't talk like that. Stop this right now Travis. Talk to her about it. God you're a stubborn man. You need to talk to her."

"And say what? She hasn't once even asked about the marks. You know what she notices? Anytime I mention a woman or look at anyone. She notices that I didn't like you getting cozy with Mano. She...doesn't see anything Marcie."

"Honey—you knew this when you began flirting with her. Self-centered. Selfish. Prideful. Willful."

"I still love that about her. All those things. But..."

"But that means she's going to take a little more time seeing you. I mean, really seeing you. Maybe you're going to have to strip for her in public and shock her enough to notice."

"Not happening." Travis rumbled, voice tight.

"Well, since that's off the table, how would you like to come to my place for the holiday? From tomorrow until we get sick of each other. I think New Year's Eve would about do it. You two are still going to New York right?"

"Yes. And I have to beg your help with her Christmas gift. Please. I know jack nor shit about horses."

"In one breath you're considering how to break up with the woman you love and the next you're plotting getting her horses?" Marcie asked, trying desperately not to laugh.

"I love her Marcie. I'm going to spoil her rotten and enjoy the time I have with her. Make up for being such a dick last night. Which, by the way, I'm sorry about. I don't know what I was doing. The old woman spun all these stories about Mano leading her son astray. All I've been told was how he was no good, trouble and dangerous. Clearly I missed the other side of those stories. Thank God I was adopted by sane people."

"You were raised on a ranch right? That's still true?"

"Stop busting my chops woman. Yes. I can tell a truth. From time to time." Finally his normal tone started returning. "We would be happy to come spend Christmas with you."

"Good. I may even have leads on horses here. Do you know what kind she wants?"

"A pretty one she can ride?" Travis asked, uncertain. "I need a set of those super tight breeches with the leather ass too."

"Hopeless. Alright, we'll figure out the details later. See you tomorrow?"

"Yes. We'll be there with bells on. Well, Vans will wear bells." She could hear the leer in his voice.

Marcie hung up the line, mind buzzing with information. The scars on Travis's back were hardly an afterthought before. Something he wore from his rough childhood on a farm in Fresno. And Leo—he had them too, now that she thought about it. Ursa asked her about them just before the Tahoe trip. It never even came into her mind after she'd remarked on them. Scars. So what. She could only remember talking about them with Ursa. Ever. Not even his ex-mistress ever mentioned them.

'They cannot be shown, they have to be seen.'

Just thinking about the scars made her back itch all over again and she groaned. She pulled herself out of the chair, drawing her towel over her shoulders, using it to rub along her spine as she wandered upstairs.

In the bedroom she peered at her back. It looked red of course, thanks to her scratching and rubbing but it didn't look like a rash. Her imagination played out a graphic scene where a set of wings tore from her shoulders; like in the movie Black Swan.

"You're not growing wings." She informed her naked reflection and checked again just to be sure before slipping into her bra and then a very soft sweater and jeans.

She made arrangements for the housekeeper to be around for the week. Then she called the cook.

Chef Sean Torrez was an interesting man who came from a family of chefs and cooks. His uncle owned several restaurants in one of the nearly tiny town of Yountville. Marcie had the good fortune of discovering Sean by chance and he'd been her house cook for parties since she purchased the house. Sean's mother fell in love with and married a Spaniard who shared her love of equines and together they ran 'All the Kings Horses' in yet another nearby small town; Calistoga.

It didn't take long for Marcie to connect with Marion Torrez to admire her beautiful Spanish horses. Marcie had it in the back of her mind that Marion might be the right contact for Vans' Christmas gift.

"You want me to stay at your place for Christmas and cook for you?" Sean asked, around a barely restrained laugh. "You know I'm married. Right?"

"You can all come and stay." Marcie suggested, putting a smile in her voice.

" The last time we stayed, we got little Tara. I mean, as much as my mother would love Tara to have a little sister or brother, I don't think it's the right place for Tara."

"Tara has got to be 4 now right? Perfect time for addition number two." Marcie teased and Sean groaned and laughed heartily.

"You are evil Marcie! When are you going to have some babies? I am younger than you and already settled down with kids and wife."

"Hush. I need a husband before the babies. How about I don't keep you here for Christmas eve or Christmas day. I will try not to burn down the kitchen."

"Honestly Marcie, I'm teasing. I'm a chef, we don't really take holidays off anyway. You put the proper money on the table, let me go home for a few hours on Christmas and, and I've got your back. You want anything special? How many people are we talking?"

"It's not one of 'those' parties Sean. Just four, maybe five friends and myself. So, you are more than welcome to invite your wife and child. I can manage to keep my clothes on from time to time."

Sean chuckled, "I think you're just trying to get me in a trap! I feel it. Thank you for the offer but I think my mother will want what time we can spare."

"Speaking of your mother, I have a friend who is looking for a horse for his sweetheart. I'm not exactly sure what she's looking for, she hasn't been in the saddle for a bit. Do you think your mother has anything the right age and training for someone green?"

"I'm not sure. Mom has some really nice horses but no idea if any of them are up for sale. Call her. She has extra horses right now because a friend of the family passed away and caring for them while things settle out. I don't think the woman who inherited them knows anything about horses. Ask her about Amy's horses."
"I'll do that. Tomorrow my friends will arrive. Should I leave shopping to you?"

They talked about the menu and in the end agreed to pay his inflated holiday fee which included him doing all the purchasing. She didn't mind paying him more, it was a steal. Sean had put up with some of the most outrageous requests her guests threw at him, always with a smile and he kept his mouth shut.

She called Marion next and they talked about family and plans for the holiday. The woman's family was huge. Three children, six grandchildren and five brothers and sisters with their own brood of children and grandchildren underfoot. Marcie, felt that distant longing for the family bond she'd lost when her mother passed away too young.

This would be the first Christmas in five years she was with friends. Normally she spent the company shut down and new years at Bodega Bay, trying to forget she didn't have family to spend time with.

"I should set you up with one of my nephews." She said out of nowhere. "My brother Anthony's boys are all single. There's nothing wrong with them, that I know of, just stubborn. Early twenties, hardworking, employed, and cute."

"Oh dear. Sounds too good to be true. Thank you Marion, but I'm fine." Marcie quickly got to the reason she called before the woman could focus on setting her up. "Do you have a horse or two for sale? A friend of mine wants something nice for his lady. I don't have much details but she'd need something kind and not too young or too old."

Marion was quiet a moment, "I have a couple horses that might work. I am also boarding horses for a friend of mine who passed away. I don't know the new owner's plans. I haven't touched the subject because she's still... adjusting." Somehow, that sounded like an understatement. "Come by and see what I have. If you or your friend fall in love with one of Amy's horses, we can arrange a talk with the new owner."

"Thank you Marion. It will be great to see you again."

"You are always welcome. Bring your ponies in sometime and come for a ride with us." Marion murmured warmly.

"I'll take you up on that this spring. Maybe sooner depending on how life shakes out. We'll see."

"Oh really? Are you thinking of moving?"

"Maybe. I'm in between jobs. Who knows where I'll land when I find something new."

"I'm sorry to hear that but you know what they say, things happen for a reason."

Marcie hung up feeling more relaxed with company invited, meals arranged and a possible lead on a Christmas gift. She liked the idea of living here. She could sell the Oakland properties and move the horses here. It might take some work to get real stables here but it might work.


Marcie sat at an outside table at Roses in Saint Helena, pushing her salad around her plate. Normally she loved this particular dish but today everything tasted grey,like the overcast day. Maybe it was the cold that had her feeling chilled. Or the overhead heaters were messing with her and making her feel flushed.

Her thoughts were spiraling down into a splendid daydream where she was running her tongue over Mano's tattooed stomach. She imagined him sweeping everything off the table to spread lay her out and have her for lunch.

She closed her eyes, a roaring in her ears and an ache spreading down her spine, through her sex. Just as she questioned how she would find the sexy little blond, she realized the sound was an external source. Opening her eyes, she watched six motorcycles slowly cruising on the street. Men riding snarling machines, dressed in leathers, flying their colors proud across their shoulders.

'Fallen Angels', embroidered bold in arched script. The club name instantly made her think of Mano and those magnificent golden wings. Their logo was even a winged warrior poised under the rocker with a large sword ready to do battle.

For a moment she stared at the precession that continued down the busy street. Then the group wheeled their gleaming motorcycles, performed an organized U-turn and came back towards her. This time, they slowed alongside her, pipes roaring. Marcie felt everyone in the courtyard peer at her.

The gang of bikers was interested in her?

The man in the lead grinned at her from behind his dark sunglasses and casually smoothed his hand over his sleek golden goatee. Marcie felt a fierce, fiery joy slam into her.

"Hey Cherrypie." Mano beamed at her, pushing his glasses down his nose to pin her with those liquid silver eyes. His gaze roamed over her like a caress, lingering at her throat where she displayed his gift with pride. She'd selected this low cut sweater to showcase the brilliant stones on the necklace afterall.

It was an effort not to stand and leap the half wall of shrubs so she could throw herself into his arms. "Hey Angel." She called back and regarded him with a haughty stare. Dressed in wet leathers, he looked strong and dangerous mounted on the enormous Harley. He really had been serious about wearing a mask the night before. She struggled to reconcile this hard looking thug with the elegant beauty at the party.

She couldn't decide what she liked better!

Grinning fiercely, he crooked a finger at her and patted the back of his bike.

"My momma warned me about bikers." She told him and glanced at his companions. They were an assorted group of rough, dirty looking men, masked in helmets and face wraps against the rainy cold. Casually she dropped a few bills on the table and scraped her chair back.

One of his shoulders lifted and he revved the bike, calling the roar of it. "Do you want to live forever?" He held out his hand to her, as though he expected her to climb right over to him.

Her heart hammered wildly and she smoothed her long hair back, drawing herself to her feet with all the poise and elegance at her command. She shrugged gracefully into her coat and walked back into the restaurant. She felt his eyes on her, drinking in her every movement. Her ears rang from the volume of their engines, the hum singing to her like a siren's call. Her smile grew wider as she hastily paid and strode for the door.

He was off the bike when she came out the door and ran to meet her, sweeping her into his arms and off her feet in a spin.

She felt magnetized to him, drawn with a planetary force and the impact of crashing into him thrummed through her. He cupped her face and claimed her mouth in a seductive, melting kiss. Unquestioning, her lips parted under his tongue, hers darting forward to tangle with the wild, fierce heat of him, letting him consume her as he spun around with her. She imagined two eagles clasping talons and spinning. Spinning. The blinding joy made sparks of light dance in her vision and she lost herself in the feel of his mouth hard on her.

His buddies hooted and clapped at their public display which only made her kiss him harder. God, she'd missed him so desperately and they'd only been separated for a few hours. "Don't ever leave me again." She whispered against his lips and he growled back to her.

"No Lady. On my life. I am your man forever." He pressed his cheek to hers, mustache tickling her skin. His arms squeezed around her and a shudder ran through him as though he too felt the massive pull against her.

"You're a fucking biker." She scolded him and he grinned at her, unrepentant. "Did you pick the name?"

His eyes twinkled and he wrapped her in his arms, kissing her adoringly as he cupped her face in his gloved fingers. "It's a little joke. May I escort you home beautiful?"

"Yes." She glanced at his curious friends as he led her back to the bike, arm around her, pressing himself tight to her. "I can't believe this. How did you find me?" she whispered to him, wrapping both arms around him, raking her fingers over the thick leathers.

He met her gaze, that heated look melting through her and he shook his head, "You found me. Didn't you?" Without waiting for her to answer, he called to the others, "I'm going to take the lady home. You guys go on."

She watched the other bikers size her up, feeling the pride of their approval of her. "Not going to introduce me to your gang?" She teased him, drawing back enough to play with the front of his jacket. Fuck he looked hot. Long hair loose and tangled from the helmet, face red from the cold under the golden glint of hair. It was all she could do to keep her hands off him.

As though he could read her thoughts, he leaned in, "You don't want to waste time meeting them right now. And this is no gang." His eyes danced, "Fuck I missed you Cherrypie. Let me get you home before I do something that will embarrass you." His body pressed in harder to her, rubbing his hips forward, grinding against her so she could feel how hard he was through his chaps and jeans.

What she wanted was to pin him against the motorcycle and do very bad things to him but she bit back her comments, closing her eyes as he nuzzled against her neck up to her ear. "You have to let go of me." She whispered and kissed him until his moans filled her mouth.

He growled and slid his hands down her body, squeezing along her hips and then over her ass, gripping her hard. "You let go first."

She nodded and pulled away with an effort and quickly scrawled her number on a piece of paper with her address, thrusting it at him. "In case we get separated. I didn't have a way to reach you."

The other bikes were driving off as Mano pulled her back to him, clutching the numbers like his more treasured possession. "Thank you."

"Your secrets are my secrets." She told him, cupping his face as she smiled, whispering against his mouth, "I went for a swim this morning."

His fingers covered hers, looking surprised, "Oh?" he hesitated and one corner of his mouth slanted, "Was it refreshing?"


He flashed a toothy smile, eyes on hers. "What I wouldn't give to see you."

"I'll show you when we get home." She whispered and licked along his mouth before nipping his lower lip, biting into him until he growled at her. "You're spending Christmas with me."

"Of course." As though there was never any doubt.

She smoothed her fingers through his hair and forced herself to release him. "Follow me." She called and turned, not daring to look back over her shoulder as she jogged towards her car.

With her heart in her throat, she led the way to her house up on the hill. The wild man on his motorcycle, knowing in her heart this was what she wanted and needed. It felt perfect.

A distant rational thought surfaced, 'she hardly knew him'.

Then she would get to know him and everything about him. If it took her the rest of her life learning about him. It sent an electric thrill. Her Mano. A possessive heat spread through her and she looked up into the rear view mirror, imagining he held her gaze through the distance.

She couldn't get home fast enough!

In the driveway, he leapt off the bike and strode to her before she made a complete stop. Jerking open her door, he reached in and pulled her out. "Marcie." His voice formed her name like a promise as he slid his hands up into her hair, drawing her face to his.

They gazed at each other, poised mouth to mouth, breathing in each other's gasps as the rain pattered around them. She knew as he stripped off his gloves she would never make it to the house. She needed him like air. How had she lived her whole life without this?

"Mano." She grabbed the front of his jacket, yanking it open to rake her shivering hands over the tee shirt beneath it. Under the soft cotton his body felt hard and unyielding. Dear God, she was so lost in this man.

His bare hands traced across the necklace and down into the valley of her cleavage, smearing raindrops onto her honey brown skin. Then his long fingers curved over her breasts, squeezing a palm full in each hand. Her nipples tightened into his palms, feeling the thrum of his passion through her as she tore his jacket from him.

He let it fall into the gravel as her cool hands pressed under his shirt. He sucked in a shocked breath at the chill of her touch, muscles tensing. Hard, and sculpted under her fingertips, his hot skin calling for her touch. When she scratched along his hard abs, he pressed into her. She clawed upward, finding his nipples hard and rolled them in her fingers until he growled out his need for her. He bared his teeth when she ripped at his shirt, encouraging her roughness, pushing her onto the hood of her car. He bowed over her, lips pressed to her throat.

The watery sunlight spilled over his chest as he arched out of the shirt, adjusting his hands off her just long enough to fling the clothing away. He flapped open his wings the instant they were free, stirring the rain around her. The delight bubbled up in her, breaking into laughter. Her heart swelled with a strange, glorious light. The most beautiful man in the world looked at her as though he wanted to consume her. The laugh caught him unexpectedly and he smiled, watching her darker fingers trace the line of one of his tattoos across his stomach and up along his rib.

He looked carved in marble, his muscles cut and angled like the rest of him. He felt like a dangerous weapon against her, hard and strong warmed by an inner flame. Dark coils and swirls of the tribal markings swam before her eyes as she traced one line along his pec, down his rib and over his hip.

The light caress made him grit his teeth, as though the sensation were so pleasurable it gave him pain. His body yearned towards her touch as he hissed out a breath, "Fuuuck!!"

"Does it hurt?" She asked, sliding her hand to his face.

"It is exquisite agony!" He whispered, turning his head to bite softly against the flesh of her palm. "But nothing compared to being without you."

The truth of his words burned her as she arched into his warmth, "Yes! Mano!" She whispered out his name, melting under him as he covered her. He bowed forward, golden hair sheltering her as he captured her lips. He tasted like honey and burned like fire across her tongue as he plunged into her mouth. Sucking her lower lip. rolling his tongue along the plump edge as he held her pinned and with agonizing care drew back until her lip finally slipped free of his teeth.

His fingers trembled with excited anticipation at the edge of her sweater and he hesitated, taking a slow breath before pushing the fabric up, exposing her stomach. His thumb swept along her skin and when her muscles tightened, he leaned in and brushed a kiss under her navel. He lingered over every caress and kiss, making them heavy with meaning and significance. This inch of skin. His! This line of muscle. His! The warmth of his mouth pressed over her navel, his tongue slowly curving to lick her as he lifted his eyes to hers.

She melted under the implications in that gaze. Oh yes, she gave herself to him without question or reservation. He teeth nibbled at the soft skin of her stomach and his fingers tightened in the sweater. Another few inches of skin exposed, rain dappling her and he followed kisses upward to her ribs. The soft, white angora slithered off her body as she stretched against the pull of cloth. She wanted this to last forever! His silvery eyes saw everything about her, admiring her with awe like he'd never seen anything as rare. Like she was his first and his only.

"Fuck you are beautiful." He whispered, cupping her breasts through the black bra, tracing the embroidered roses before catching her nipple, pinching and twisting it. When she bowed up, into his touch, he shivered with unrestrained desire and his eyes closed as though it were finally too much to withstand. "I knew you were last night my Marcie, but you look magnificent in the rain. You have enslaved me." He slid his arms around her and pressed his cheek against her breast through the delicate lace, nuzzling over her heart and kissing there as his arms circled her, wings mantled over her. Evergreen and cardamom, wild and free.

"You've enslaved me too!" She whimpered, sitting up so his deft fingers could unclasp her bra.

He grasped the bra strap in his teeth to draw it down her arm. She loved the devastated look on his face as he witnessed her honey-brown skin exposed, dew-dappled with diamond raindrops, nipples dark peaks on her full curves. Her heart ached under the adoration and the joy lighting his face.

His hands cupped her shoulder blades, fingers curving over the bones, palms pressing into her. It awoke something dormant in her when his thumbs swept down her spine. The erotic fire spread through her making her feel filled with spangled light. Pleasure radiated from where his hands touched along her back. His hands squeezed over her shoulders, raking down her back to her ass, thumbs splayed along her spine. It felt like he was unzipping a dress. She imagined her skin shivering open so something new could uncoil from within. It felt...right.


"Whh...what are you doing?" She asked, breathless with her need.

"Touching you. " He whispered, kissing the corner of her mouth, nipping her jaw and then sucking a slow path towards her ear. "Worshiping you." He purred, facial hair tickled in contrast to the silk of his mouth and tongue. . "I've got you." His kisses were warm, his fingers sliding down at last to her backside where he cupped her ass.

"Do you?" She asks, "Really? Really got me?" She drew up to look down at him, her hand splayed over his tattooed chest and knew before he even said anything he would never let anything happen to her.

"Always. Forever." He assured her.

His fingers stroked back up her body, following the curve of her ribs and over her breasts, palming both of them, letting her heavy warmth fill his hands. He pressed kisses between her breasts, over her heart while his hands pressed the warm mounds of flesh against his cheeks. She knew she should feel cold in the rain, but it cooled the feverish blaze raging in her. She stretched out on the top of the car, wanting to feel every inch of his body over her. In her.

He trapped the dark buds of her nipples between his fingers, pinching them with his knuckles. The spark of pleasure made her breath catch, a rush of warmth soaking her panties and through her jeans. Each pull and pluck grew more intense, until her nipples burned with the intensifying of the sensation. He bit the curve of her breast, dimples of teeth left on her as she writhed under him.

She couldn't let herself get swept away!

The pressure built, her need bubbling into her throaty moans, answered by his encouraging growl. His tongue lapped over her nipple and then flickered the tip, circling while his hands squeezed the plush tits. Once he tasted her, he lost himself. His hot mouth hungry over her nipple, tongue curling and fluttering, lips sucking her greedily. Then one hand drifted lower, thumb digging into her hip bone, preventing her from arching up into him. She yearned towards his torments, begging for more. The wicked smile answered her before he bit her nipple. She moaned, digging her fingernails into his inked shoulders, struggling not to come undone.

"Let go! Don't hold back!" He whispered as the bite rocked through her control. "You can't break me." He assured her and groaned when she clawed into him.

She cried out as his teeth pressed against the delicate flesh again, tongue a burning lash swirling around her nipple and his growls a humming thrill through her. His hand cupped her sex through her jeans, steady, rocking the heel of his hand against her mons, fingers pressed along her swollen, aching pussy. The heat spread through her as she came, sobbing out with pleasure as she let herself feel the silken pleasure.

"Oh Fuck. I didn't think you could get any sexier Temptress!" He growled around her nipple, brilliant silver eyes burning

He grasped the front of her jeans and lifted her physically up by her belt with a fierce growl and roughly pulled open the buckle before unfastening her buttons and zippers. As though the fabric were an insult for daring to conceal her flesh from his all-consuming eyes. His nimble fingers. His smoldering mouth. He tore at the clothes and she squirmed as he stripped the pants off her, tossing them and her shoes onto the ground. Her bare ass shivered over the candy apple red of her corvette.

She'd never felt so exposed. He saw more than her bared body, he saw into the most intimate part of her and she loved it. Yes. This! This man and his unwavering, cutting gaze and his devil-may-care smile. He really was a fallen angel and she was doomed. Her sex tightened, a spasm of need close to pain swept through her. His mouth pressed kisses down her stomach to her sex, eyes darting up to her as he watched her response to the feel of his lips on her swollen pussy lips.

"Fuck!" She groaned, toes curling against the metal of the car as his lips smeared along the creamy lips of her pussy.

"Your cunt tastes so much better than cherries. I can't get enough of you!" He gripped her hips, watching her while his tongue curved forward, lapping hard over her clit, then dragging down between her swollen folds, licking up her wetness.

Watching his response to her taste was better than she imagined. Their play in the dark had been hot, but this—this was heavenly. He bit her clit, sending a sudden sharp stab of pain up her spine, spreading through her pussy. At the same time, two fingers thrust into her pussy. She bucked in an electric bolt of pleasure, shuddering into an unexpected orgasm as he plunged the fingers in and out of her. Her moans echoed off the lawns as she melted around his fingers, making a mess of him and the car hood and he continued thrusting into her, long fingers glistening in with her lust. His burning gaze never wavered as he licked, devouring her while his name rang off her lips. Relentless, he coaxed another orgasm from her, fingering her while his tongue circled her clit.

"You're going to fucking kill me." She whimpered, trying to squeeze her thighs closed before he could continue this sweet oral torment.

With a flash of white teeth, his cheek nuzzled her thigh. "Surely you're not finished already." His voice a low growl, wet hair tangled on her parted thighs. He licked his lips, tickling her skin with his mustache. The playful smile wrapped her around his fingers. She'd never had a lover so devoted to her pleasure. So tuned into what she needed.

"No Angel, I am most certainly not finished with you. You can still walk. Right?"

His eyes widened and he hissed out a soft, guttural oath under his breath.

She sat up, grasping a handful of his hair to pull him up to her and kissed him. He groaned into her mouth as she darted her tongue into him, tasting herself on him, tart, sweet and heated. He arched towards her, chest rain slick against her naked breasts and melted into her as she twisted his hair in her fist. She kept him secure to her while her tongue drove between his lips, claiming him with a bruising kiss. Her other hand cupped his cock through his jeans, smoothing her thumb across his length.

He felt even harder than he had the night before, filling her palm as she raked fingers along his length. His gasp escaped the kisses and his hips surged forward, grinding into her touch. Without breaking the kiss, she yanked open the belt, her skillful unfastening of buckles and buttons making him sag against her, shuddering down to the tips of his wings as she pushed his jeans down over his hips. At last she broke the kiss, giving his lower lip a bite before releasing her grip.

He looked devastating! Breathless, gasping and mouth swollen from the bite and eyes glazed with a raw, animal need for her. "Mmmm." She whispered and smoothed her thumb over his red lower lip and his eyes rolled in pleasure that made her smile. "I'm going to fucking wreck you." She promised, feeling completely unhinged and frantic, like she might fly to pieces if she didn't have him inside her soon.

He snarled in approval, rocking towards her with the same desperation she felt. The tattoos continued over his lower stomach and hips, his thighs and legs where also decorated by the curves and whorls of black against his hard, muscular body. His cock arched free at last, curving upward, head swollen and huge, more glorious in the daylight than she could have imagined. He pushed the clothing away and kicked out of boots and leather to stand before her. Naked, tattooed and winged, looking as dangerous and primal as anything she'd ever seen, or dreamed. Heartbreakingly beautiful.


He smiled at her, eyes flashing in the rain, answering her in silence: Yes. Of course. Hers!

She leaned forward, reaching for him with one arm sliding around his shoulder and the other hand eagerly covering his fingers around his cock. He came to her unresisting, drawn to her pull and crashed against her, forcing her back into the car with an unexpected force of his strength. His mouth found hers, a cry of desire vibrating through her as they kissed and she felt his bare skin against hers, his hair tickling her cheek, his wings curving over her bare hips and breasts. His cock swelled in her palm, answering her pulse as she stroked him.

She needed him with a furious, consuming ache. It spread through her from every point of contact his body made with hers. The need to claim him and be claimed by him, skin on skin in the most primitive, bestial manner possible. Her heart hammered wildly at the prospect of having sex with no protection. She'd never done that before. Unlike any other sex she'd had, the condom had always been a piece of the playtime—a requirement. A shield against intimacy. It seemed blasphemous somehow to shield herself in any way with this man.

"Marcie?" He asked when she hesitated for just that moment, his bright eyes searching her face. "What is it?" looking horrified he'd done something wrong. His hands cupped her face.

"Condoms..." She whimpered

Twisting to the side, her hand found her purse on the windshield. Trembling fingers drew out the foil wrapped condom and she pushed against his shoulder. He looked baffled, drawing back reluctantly.

She held up the condom and he blinked at it before realization dawned on him. He looked...shocked. "Condom?"

"Safe sex." She whispered, hands trembling more than they had the first time she had sex. Then again, it had been so long since she had this awkward conversation...condoms. Damn. He really was a virgin. An honest to goodness virgin! How was it even possible for him to still be a damn virgin?

"I want to feel you though." He whispered. "Skin on skin."

God she wanted that too! Needed it. "It's not safe."

He slid his thumb across her lower lip and down her chin and leaned down to her, pressing his forehead against hers. "Life isn't 'safe'." He whispered and kissed her, warm and liquid, drawing her tongue to him, curling his around hers. His hand traced along her jaw, palm to her cheek and his thumb caressing the corner of her lips while he shared the passionate kiss with her. Only her. This was not the kiss of a casual encounter, of hurried, frantic lust. This soul consuming heat planted in her heart and spread to her limbs and deep into her sex.

He sucked her lower lip and very slowly drew his head back, releasing her reluctantly from the spell of the kiss, leaving her shattered and breathless over the hood of her car.

"Maybe I want you to have my child." He whispered, and his eyes flashed with such intensity, she vibrated though her bones, sex tightening.

"We just met!" Marcie whispered when she was able to find her voice. Even to her the protest sounded weak.

"Aahhhhh..." He whispered along her jaw, his smile devilish and hot. "And yet..." His fingers playing over her, knowing just where to touch to make her whole body bow towards him. His lips hovered over hers, his breath on her skin but he didn't let her seal her mouth to his. It was an agony!

"Mano! I...I...Oh Fuck!" She rejoiced in the prospect of getting knocked up by this beautiful man. Unfortunately reality swept in, sobering her. Would his family use a child against him? Against her? What if something happening to their child?

He seemed to read her fears as clearly as if she spoke them and his brows knit together as he submitted to her kisses at last and groaned when she crushed her mouth to his.

When she finally broke the kiss, dizzy from the taste of him, he purred softly, "Ah, not a prospect for the faint of heart. I respect your concern. Protection it is." But in that look, those dangerous silver eyes promised her that no child of his would be subjected to Adler rule. And oh how she longed to take back all her fear and let him have her, body as well as the heart and soul he already plundered.

He plucked the foil wrapper from her fingers and rolled over, onto his back, pulling her onto him as he stretched out over the car. Using his teeth, he tore open the package and withdrew the circle of latex. She loved how he fumbled with it, transported again to her youth, and new sex, raw with desperate need. This though, was not just a simple ache for release—it was so much more!

She straddled his hips and covered his hands with hers, feeling him trembling with the same excitement she felt.

"Fuck!" He whispered, "Look what you do to me!" His hips arched upward as she helped him. She smoothed her small fingers over his scarred knuckles and the big gold ring on his ring finger, guiding him in unrolling it onto his cock.

"Look what you do to me!" She pressed her sex against his thigh, grinding into him. Her pussy had never been this wet before.

"Marcie...I need you!" He whispered and leaned up, kissing her breast, his body trembling with the sensation of the cool condom hugging his thick cock.

"Show me!" She begged him, kissing his lower lip. Reaching down to stroke over his balls as he arched under her, bucking towards her. He looked utterly perfect!

Together they guided him to her pussy, her fingers twined with his, petting her sex with hands and the swollen head of his cock. He growled at the touch of his cock against her cunt lips. So many times with others, this moment of union happened so fast. The eager need to feel the completion rushing past the sweetness of the first time.

There would never be another first time for either of them. She felt the blush of realization warm her and he smiled as their eyes met.

This time, he teased her and toyed with her, not letting her have what she wanted. He held her back when she tried to drop her weight on him, gripping her thighs to support her. "Not yet!" He whispered, cock throbbing against the entry of her sex. Her honey coated him but he held her up, shuddering with need for her but not letting himself enter her. "Kiss me first! I want to taste your tongue when my cock slides into you." His voice broke, muscles tense but utterly controlled.

"Oh Yes. Mano yes!" She leaned down to him, sliding one hand up from her pussy and his cock to cup his face as she kissed him. His breath gasped against her lips before she pressed against him, first with her mouth, and then her breasts into his chest, enjoying the warm strength of him under her breasts and hardened nipples.

He lowered her slowly, the shaking of his body the only betrayal of his crumbling control. The size of him sent a painful ache through her pussy. She cried out when the fat head stretched her open and he kissed her, squeezing her ass, pausing each after inch.

"Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!" She whispered, licking along his upper lip as he moaned with her.

His cock bucked into her spasming pussy. She bit his lower lip in her desperation as he lowered her onto him another inch. Slowly his cock spread her, the sweet union exquisitely painful and perfect! The swollen head pulsed in her, stretching her wider, making her toes curl as she whimpered. They rocked as one, bodies pressed flush. His wings hugged around her sides, curving around her.

Grinding together, they moved in unison, her hips drawing back, his arching forward and then in tandem. Little adjustments at first, as though neither were ready to be separated, even when that caused the slick friction just they most craved.

She sat up slowly atop him and he groaned at the sensation of her adjustment, taking him deeper into her. She could admire him under her. Stretched out along her glinting red car, his body tight and sculpted between her thighs. She held his gaze, squeezing him with her legs as she rolled her hips in large circles, making him cry out in pleasure as she took him deeper, stirring his massive cock into the heat of her. He bucked upward, watching her full breasts bounce as she rose and fall over him. His hands traced over her body and her curves and she raked her fingers along his chest and stomach, over his shoulders, feathering over those living tattoos.

Her dark hair fell wild around her naked body, wet and clinging to the curves of her honey brown skin. She was wet from the rain and from her passion, gliding over his hard length like they were dancing. Under her, the tanned beauty with his primitive tattoos and mystical wings arched with her, hands playing over her body, squeezing her breasts as she rode him.

It was like a dream!

"You are so beautiful!" He whispered, voice broken with desire. His thumbs caught her nipples, flicking along them, pinching as she rose and fell with long, deep strokes smearing her painfully around him.

She moved faster against him, lost now, unable to stop. Her body shuddered with the need for her release, she was so close, balanced on a thin thread of control. His hands squeezed against her hips, lifting her, drive her down harder onto him. Each downward thrust slapped hard against her, stinging her inner thighs and bruising her juicy pussy.

"That's it! Right there! " He moaned, eyes rolling back, muscles tightening, cording along his body the same moment her orgasm shuddered through her. She screamed with her orgasm. The heat of it tingled up through her thighs and spiraled up her spine to the nape of her neck in a hot flush like lightening. It spread through her, melting her and gushing out from her pussy. She soaked his plunging cock with her honey.

She had no words to warn him of this force of nature. It overwhelmed her and she squeezed her eyes closed as she screamed out in pleasure. Under her, his body bucked, his hands squeezing her hips harder, fucking up into her as he joined her climax with an answering roar of his release. He plunged his hips upward as he came, roaring out her name. She felt his cum pulse in time with her squeezing, greedy sex.

Sitting up, his arms wrapped around her and he burred his face against her neck, body shaking with violent pleasure and his hands scored over her back and shoulders. She could feel his heartbeat drumming through her, a rapid song of desire and fulfillment. He kissed along her shoulder and throat, nuzzling his face against her rain wet body and she felt him laughing, or maybe it was sobbing or a mixture of both. That blend of unfettered joy caught her up and she clung to him. Never wanting to let go.

Smoothing fingers through his hair, she kissed him anywhere she could, his brow, his temples, over the crown of his head. One hand smoothed through the glittering feathers of his wing, marveling at how impossibly soft and warm they felt. Tears fell unrestrained as she clung to him, feeling her whole body pulse in time to him.

It wasn't enough. She still felt an ache for more. Even having him hard and filling her was not enough. How could she ever get enough of him?


He carried her inside, arms wrapped tightly around her naked body. She felt more broken than if she were just spinning down from the hardest play of her life. One part melted bones, one part pounding heartbeat and the rest burning with happiness.

They only made it onto the foyer before she had her hands in his hair, pulling his face to her, seeking out his mouth with hers. Together they sank to the floor and his body covered hers. His big hands closed over her wrists, pulling them over her head, stretching her under him as he covered her.

He pinned her down and kissed her lips, breathing into her as his cock stroked along her belly and her hip. His eyes gleamed the question into her as he drew his head back to admire her helpless under her. Small he might be, but stronger than she would have dreamed. Steel against her silken flesh.

"Yes!" She gasped and spread her legs wider, hugging her thighs around his hips. The door was open, the cold, rainy wind whipping inside. He growled against her throat and bit her skin, marking her with the almost savage press of teeth against her. Sucking a line across her neck, he left another necklace there, marks of his passion on her skin, burning proof of his need.

"I want to fuck you so hard." He whispered but instead of claiming her with his bare cock, he slipped up her body and straddled her stomach, still holding onto her hands as he stroked his cock along her abs and up between her breasts. "Fuck you without a condom and fill your womb with my seed."

Her head spun with his words and she felt the tangled pleasure they inspired in her. His hips rocked forward and his heavy cock nuzzled between the valley of her breasts, dark nipples straining with pleasure.

"Yes!" She cried softly and arched her shoulders up off the ground, feeling the restless itching ache down her spine.

"Do you want that? Want your cunt stuffed with my cum?" He whispered, baring his teeth. He leaned down, bowing over her, wings stretched wide while he kissed her mouth and fed from her whimpers. "Again." He kissed her, trembling, "And again."

"Yes! Please! Mano!"

He purred down at her and released her hands so he could press her breasts tight around his length and fuck his slick cock in and out between the rain wet mounds. Each time he darted forward she licked the swollen head but he drew back before she could properly lavish him with her tongue.

"I don't think you know what that implies." He growled to her, the low vibration thrumming through her ribs and heart as he fucked her soft tits. "If I fill you with my cum, you will be mine forever." Silvery eyes burned into her, threat and promise gleaming down at her. Wet hair, dark gold, fell around his face and shoulders, swaying with the movements of his thrusts.

"Oh God! God yes!" She gasped and his cock slid over her lower lip, pre-cum coating her mouth before he jerked back and out of reach of her hungry licking. "I am yours." Because fuck, the taste of him was too intoxicating. Addicting. She never wanted this to end.

His fingers pressed harder against her breast, short fingernails grazing her nipple before he pinched it tight. Her cry of pleasure rang through the room and as she bucked under him.

He groaned, lost as his cock swelled and bucked wildly against her. There was no warning as the pearly cum arched from him, spraying her throat and chin, over her lips and her cheek. His gaze held hers, expression overflowing with his adoration as he cupped her face and thrusts in and out of the cleft between her full breasts, lost in his orgasm and the sight of her coated with his pearly cum.

It felt so good! The hot gush of his seed, the view of his passion transforming his handsome features. Movements graceful, rising over her with his whole body shuddering, cum spraying again and again as though there were no limit to his massive load of spunk.

At last the peak crested, every muscle tensed and straining, pushing forward and snarling out his joy. She rolled her tongue along the underside of his cock, letting the last pulse of cum coat her mouth. He watched it all before letting his eyes roll closed in bliss. The pleasure ebbed and he sagged forward, sucking in shuddering breaths as he eased the grip against her breasts.

Carefully he glided down her body, pressing himself flush to her side and kissed her. "Are you alright?" He asked, his voice thick as he admired the mess he'd made of her. He cuddled himself into her side, stroking fingers over her cheeks.
"Yes!" She sobbed and then laughed and slipped her hands through his damp hair.

"I didn't hurt you?" He asked, smearing his thumb over her lip before kissing her cummy mouth.

It took a moment before she could assure him, "perfect. This is perfect!" She curled into his warmth, breathless.

"Fuck right you are." He agreed with a growl and licked up her cheek. He mantled his wings protectively over her, blocking out the wind and cold she didn't notice before. "Someone left the fucking door open." He teased.

It wasn't until he was completely sure he had not really hurt her that he began to extract himself from her. He kissed the bite marks, tsking at them and the scratches he'd left on her breasts. Then he got up to fetch the soaked clothes from outside and slam the door closed and locked behind him.

He dropped the pile of leather and cloth but held onto the jacket before scooping her into his arms.

"I can walk you know." She whispered against his chest, ear pressed over his heart.

His wings fluffed and he growled against her wet hair, "not while I'm carrying you you can't." He teased and patted her ass. "Where shall I take you love?"


She smiled at him, heat rushing to her face. "There to the bedroom." She smiled into his chest as he walked through the rooms of her big house, keeping her cradled safe against him. Inside the room, he glanced around, smiling at the view of the rainy garden, patio and pool.

In silence he settled her into the bed and then hovered over her, watching her expression with curious, eager eyes.

"This is all so sudden." She murmured.

He chuckled, wrapping her in his arms. "Yes." Not at all concerned or questioning.

"So, what happens now?"

She felt his smile curve against her skin, "We start planning a wedding."

The laugh escaped her, "Whose wedding?"

He tipped his head and smiled up at her through gleaming lashes and the smile was pure evil. "Ours."

"You're kind of skipping a few steps."

That made him chuckle, kissing one of the scratch marks he'd left on her. Long feathers stroked lazily over her hip.



"Seriously." She pressed him.

He watched her with a straight face. "Well, what would you like to happen now?"

She chewed the first thing that jumped to her mind: 'start planning a wedding'. He grinned toothily at her. "No!" She laughed and covered her face. "I can't get married."

"Oh? But you gave yourself to me."

She felt the heat burning her face and whimpered. "Except you didn't take what I offered you." She whispered.

His smile looked radiant and he tickled her with his feathers. "Didn't take what you offered in the doorway. No. But I will. Oh my love, I will."

"We can't." She whispered.

"Who is going to stop us?"

"Your mother, your aunt," she began but he didn't even open his eyes, just offered out a middle finger.

"They are not invited."

"Your father?"

He smiled with a gleam of joy, "He will love you."

"Mano, I host sex parties. I'm not going to give that up."

"I don't want you to give them up. Why would you have to give up anything you haven't already surrendered?" He drew a heart over her breast with his fingertip and held her gaze.

"Because they are sex parties. Mano, I strut around half naked."

He breathed out a low growl of approval. "Would you invite me to your parties?"

"Of course." Her smile answered his, her heart hammering so hard. Dear God, it turned her on so much to think of him as her consort. Her lover. Her husband. "You don't know anything about them. I might screw every man in the place."

Oh, those liquid silver eyes saw her, knew her more intimately than anyone. A hot thrill coursed through her. "You do?" All throaty and sexy. "I don't think those fools are doing it property. I might be new at this, but just wait until I get some practice."


He laughed in delight and kissed her lips and pressed himself against her, letting her feel how hard and ready he was already. "For the record, I don't care if you fuck someone else at your party. So long as you are safe."

"Would you want to fuck someone at the party?" She asked quietly.

"Aside from you? I don't think I could." He said, then shook his head. "No. That doesn't sound enjoyable. At all." In fact, he looked decidedly ill at the prospect, "You wouldn't want me to, would you?"

"No." The merest suggestion that he might fuck someone else sent a stab of white hot jealousy through her. That was a strange new emotion for her. Before meeting this mysterious, wonderful man she never felt possessive or jealous. When she said it so quickly, he smiled. "I want to dress you up and use you ruthlessly during public play."

He tipped his head, watching her, "Dress me up as what?"

"You know what pony play is?"

"Yes. You'd want me to dress like a pony boy?" He looked amused, and thoughtful.

She nodded and looked him over as he considered it.

"Cherrypie, I would try anything that turns you on."

"Would you like it though?" She murmured.

He laughed, "I won't know until we try it. Seeing your indigo eyes darken with passion would be enough for me to love it."

She let out the breath she'd held back and closed her eyes, relaxing again against him. He slowly drew away from her, reaching for the jacket he tossed over the back of the couch. In silence she watched him feeling around in one of the pockets. At last he drew out a small, familiar shaped box. Jewelry.

He turned back to her, drumming his fingers over the top.

"What's that?" she felt her stomach tighten with an unexpected spasm.

"Ah, this is for my heart and my soul, my Lady." The smile he fixed on her was filled with happiness. "Beloved...Will you marry me?"

"I...I..." Marcie knew this was insanity that she didn't instantly say no. Basking in the warm afterglow she felt herself smile. "You just carry a ring around asking women to marry you?"

He barked out a laugh, "Of course not. I would only ask my soulmate to marry me."

"Soulmate?" She asked, blinking. "Mano..."

"You don't like that term? How about bonded? Oh, bound? Linked? Lifemates? Your heart lives in mine, I only know what I feel."

He spoke while watching her and she realized that he'd slipped off the bed and knelt before her with the box offered out, still closed. And although the terms seemed strange, it felt right. Yes, of course her heart had been waiting, sleeping, until she'd seen him in the hallway looking at the pictures of his lost cousin.

"What will that do to me?" she asked, unable to keep the smile from her lips as she touched her necklace.

He followed her movement with his eyes and growled low in his throat. "Love, this comes with my heart. The necklace only responds to you because of the ability you have by nature." He leaned in, eyes twinkling, "I know I have secrets but you have them too. Right?"

She held his gaze, not wanting to look at the box though she couldn't deny the pull of it against her. "My back has been itching since I met you. My mother was a mysterious woman who unfortunately passed before she shared any of her secrets with me. Please don't tell me I'm going to pull a Black Swan ok?" She chewed at her lower lip.

"No love. Let me help you?" His head tipped to one side and he smiled warmly at her. "Your mother was unkind to let your wings express on their own or assumed you didn't have them. Or perhaps your father didn't understand?"

When she nodded, he waggled the box from side to side.

"I have a lot of questions." She told him, looking at the box at last.

"I have a lot of answers." He whispered.

"I love you Mano Ka'aukai. You are impossible and I know almost nothing about you aside from the fact that I'm not going to live my life without you. Yes, I will marry you."

"I love you Marcie Perez. I will not hide secrets from you. It may just take some time for me to unveil them all without overwhelming you." He opened the box and bowed his head down, hair hiding his face from her as though he were shy. The ring sitting in the dark velvet had a huge round diamond as the center stone, surrounded by a swirl of gold inset with smaller pave round stones like a wave.

He looked up to her when she hesitated rather than reaching to take the ring. Carefully he worked the ring free of the box and held out his hand, palm up, birthmark showing.

"Will our children have wings?" She asked softly as she slipped her hand into his.

"In all likelihood, yes. Along with other interesting abilities. Like how you can tell things about people you cannot explain?" He slipped the ring onto her finger to accent his point about his knowing. "Future sight. Healing. Some manner of troublesome magic that they will wrestle with. Does that bother you?"

She shook her head, squeezing his hand, "Actually? No. I have the feeling daddy will be able to handle that."

"Mommy will too." He assured her as she pulled him to her and back onto the couch.

He wrapped her in his arms and those glorious wings as she smiled at him. "I won't let anything happen to our babies." She whispered.

He reached for one of this wings, pulling the long primary feathers, separating the longest lead from the others. Gritting his teeth, he tugged, yanking the shaft free with a low grunt of pain. The end of the quill dripped deep crimson blood as he offered it towards her. "By my blood and all that I am, I won't let anything happen to you, or our children. As long as I draw breath and into the beyond."

She wasn't quite sure what to do, but he smiled encouragement as he leaned over her. "You have to understand that I don't know or understand any of these rituals." She whispered as he drew the quill over her forehead.

"I know Temptress." He laughed. "It's perfectly fine." He admired the calligraphy he's painted in blood over her brow and then tucked the long, golden feather behind her ear.

She expected it to vanish but it remained like a normal, though rather large, feather, tucked in her hair. "You planned this since last night?" She asked.

He smiled impishly, "A long while before actually." When she didn't reply he chuckled and kissed her lips. "When my cousin met his beloved, he cursed me; because I introduced them. I was very amused because I was young and stupid and he was...completely and utterly lost in her."

Marcie wrapped herself around him and nuzzled into his chest. She could understand being lost in someone now that she'd met Mano. She shivered with the thought of what it would be like if she were younger. This would feel overwhelming. "So, you were a bit of a jerk hhmm?"

He ducked his head, "I fear your betrothed is not a nice man Marcie. No. But they needed each other and I don't regret bringing them together. Gun told me that I should be prepared and not let the moment pass me by and so when he went to get his love her ring, I got that one." His fingers stroked along the ring she wore as though he'd spent plenty of time reflecting on it.

"How long ago was that?" She asked, tightening her fingers in his.

"Twenty-Five years." He murmured. "Give or take a few months."

She frowned in shock, "What would happen if I didn't come to the party? If we wouldn't have met? If..."

He turned to her with a calm smile and leaned in and brushed a kiss to her temple. "Oh, you would have found me. Like today."

"Ha! You found me."

"So you say." He teased between his kisses.

"You have lived without sex all this time? Never wanting it? Not even curious?"

"I have...erm...had...other responsibilities."

"Do I get to meet him? Your cousin? His love?"

He shook his head, "No. Not the way you think anyway. It's not in my power to bring him back to my auntie even if I wanted to. Which, I don't."

She nodded her head, letting all this settle in and felt him watching her. She looked up, blushing at the intensity of his gaze. "What are your friends going to think of this?"

"The ones who matter will be happy. What about your friends?"

"Well, seeing as I have been waiting for Ursa to call me to tell me Leo proposed to her, I think she's going to be shocked. I'm not sure about Travis and Vans. I am worried about them."

"I adore the little Messenger. She is fierce isn't she?"

"Oh yes she is. And Leo is her biggest advocate. Seeing them happy together brings me the most joy. Well, it did before I ran into a certain devil at the company party."

Mano curled his mustache and rolled slightly so he could better cuddle into her. Like her, he must have long needed someone to wrap up and be wrapped in. She squirmed, her back itching fiercely as she adjusted in the curve of his arms.

"Travis and Vans, these are your friends too? They are coming for Christmas?" Mano stroked her back, instinctively finding the spot that itched, pressing his thumb into the spot rather than scratching it. It dulled the discomfort, spreading the warmth of him through her.

"Yeah, Tomorrow they will be here. So you'll meet the most important people in my life. The other people are mostly seen behind masks. Important but—in different ways. How about you? Your gang?"

"It's really not a gang. We ride bikes and—well...the jackets are in honor of Gun and his smart ass idea. We fly the colors mostly..."

"To be a pain in the ass?"

He grinned at her and inclined his head, "The very thing."

"I like you Mano." She whispered.

"I love you Marcie. I will introduce you around. I warn you that I have a bit of a reputation."

"Shocking. I will keep that in mind. Am I going to have to brush up on my martial arts?"

"No love. Just, understand that some people don't see me as you do." He tickled her with his wing.

"I can see you are an acquired taste."

He rolled onto his back, pulling her over him, encouraging her to pin him back while he stroked along her back. She spread her thighs, hugging his hips with her knees before slowly opening for him, opening wider so she could wrap him up. "Yes. Thank goodness you like my taste." He kissed her lower lip "Love." His expression grew serious and troubled, "You are going to need those wings out."

She shivered and groaned softly, "Are you sure?"

He was quiet, palms pressing flat against her spine for a moment before slowly stroking up towards the nape of her neck, sitting up under her, expression thoughtful. "Yup. Feel here?" He pressed his thumb against her shoulder blade and she groaned and nodded, biting her lower lip. Her skin felt tight, the muscles aching and restless.

"How did you get yours out?" She asks, glad when he relented with the pressure.

"My father held me by my ankle in one hand and used a knife with the other to cut them free."

"God. That's horrible." She whispered.

"No, they are just under the skin. It's worse to let them come out on their own. Imagine if you had these sprout out when you were younger. Or while you were alone. Most children just grow up with them and it's strange but they don't hurt. There are perks. Like flying."

"Wait. You can fly? Seriously?"

He laughed. "Yes love. You, however, won't have the muscles right away." He rubbed her back.

"I don't understand how I've had these all this time and they were not a problem before."

"Same reason we finally found one another." He murmured. He watched her, trying to judge if she was happy about these new limbs and she cupped his face, smoothing fingers through his beard with a smile.

"I'm glad. I would rather have you here with me when they come out. Unlike swimming this morning."

He glanced towards the pool and then back at her, "Does your hot tub use salt too?" He grinned at her, "It's going to be a really fun Christmas."

"Not with an open wound I'm not getting into salt water."

"I guess I'll wait until you heal up then. So—do you trust me?" He asked quietly.

Here it was, the moment of truth. A near stranger and her future husband. In truth, she felt complete trust in him, feeling the dried blood across her forehead, remembering the intensity of his vow and she touched the feather tucked behind her ear. "Yes love. I trust you."

He closed his eyes and nodded, "Alright. I'm going to need a very sharp knife."


He lay her on the bed and kissed down her spine to her ass, nipping her there. "You have such pretty bronzed skin my beauty." He whispered. "Stay here, don't move." Leaving her on the bed, he went to the fireplace and made the fire and then slipped out of the room while the fire caught to the wood.

She watched the flames licking upward, warming her and drying her damp hair and listened for him in the silent house but he was as soundless as shadows. When he returned to her, he carried a small leather case. "First aid kit." He told her, sitting beside her, body cool from being outside though his wings were still warm as he wrapped one around her hip.

The pack contained one of the most complete trauma kits she'd seen. "Planning on going to war?" She asked him as he withdrew gauze and various bandages as well as tweezers and suture needle and thread.

"There's danger everywhere." He answered with a casual wink. "This is going to be painful. I'm sorry love." He slipped gloves on but rather than pulling the scalpel from the kit, the knife that came out looked fit for ritual bleeding. He showed it to her, presenting it towards her on his open palms. It looked so innocent there, but curved and dangerous.

"Is that even clean?" She asked, voice tight and throat dry. She felt a little dizzy. Knife play she was familiar with, but she'd only watched. There was a level of intimacy in shedding blood much like sex without a condom. Somehow blood was the most vital of bodily fluids afterall. This wasn't play. Was it? The silver of the blade shimmered in the firelight, the gems along the hilt too bright. Oh, she felt the crawl of pleasure down her spine, through her sex and through her thighs to her toes that curled up.

"It's clean. I am going to put it to the fire first, then sanitize it again with this wipe before it pierces your skin."

"Have you ever done this before?" She asked, squirming into the bed. "Fuck, this is crazy."

His gloved hand settled on her back and he squeezed her shoulder, the touch calmed her but set the restless itching into a frantic overdrive. "I haven't done it myself. No. But I know what to do. I cut here, and here." His thumb brushed along the spots along her shoulders. "That will be the worst and then work the wings free before stitching the skin around them. Then we'll wrap you up while you heal."

She whimpered, it both sounded like agony, and thrilling. When she squirmed, he chuckled, "I was expecting more protests. My love likes the knife?" He whispered down at her and kissed the shell of her ear. "Fuck."

"What is the alternative to cutting them free?" She asked quietly.

"They will hurt under the skin. Might cause a fever. Eventually they will cut free naturally and make a ruin of your back. Might cripple your wings in the process." He stroked down her back, outlining where the wings must be hidden inside her.

"I don't want to be a Valkyrie." She whispered.

"I don't think you can stop being what you already are love. The wings have always been a part of you, just not expressed." He kissed her ear, voice warm and soothing. "I will be as gentle as I can." He promised while pushing her hair away from the nape of her neck and kissing the spot. It sent a heady pulse of pleasure through her and he adjusted against her, letting her feel his hardness against her hip.

He ran the tip of the knife down her back from the nape of her neck down to her tail bone and the metal made a soft, musical sigh as it vibrated across her. "That isn't a normal knife." She groaned and felt her eyelids grow heavy with the pleasure spreading from the contact.

"Well, that's true. It's a very special blade actually. From my father. Blessed by Pele, or so he told me."
"Fuck." She shivered as he traced her ribs on one side and then the other, just letting the tip scratch her without ever breaking the skin. It stirred the heat and hunger in her. "You really don't look Hawaiian you know."

"So I have been told. Doesn't change my lineage though. I was raised on the islands and then my mother moved me back here when I got into high school. They have a...turbulent love affair."

"You never wanted to go back?" She asked, trying to glance back at him, to see his expression as he played the tip of the blade over her hip.

"Obligations keep me here. I visit but my home is here." He kissed her shoulder. "My home is with you now."

She smiled dreamily and arched towards the blade and gasped at the heat of it responding to her, singing with the beat of her heart. "Mano. Fuck. This is real? All of this? I mean...I'm not dreaming this?"

"It's all real." He moved from her and walked to the fire, offering the blade to the flames there as he said he would. She watched his body, as his wings fanned open wide to the hearth. His muscles moved under his inked skin and again she marveled at the shifting, curling patterns, wishing she understood the meaning. It reminded her of the story of the illustrated man, though she got no messages or visions from Mano's tattoos. Yet.

Mano was talking quietly to the flames, or to the blade, speaking a language she couldn't understand but it was beautiful and rough falling from his tongue.

When he'd bathed the blade in the fire long enough, he walked back to the bed and teased the heat of the blade so close to her skin, purring low to her when she shivered but held steady, trusting him not to hurt her. She knew he was about to hurt her and secretly craved it.

His fingers stroked her hair as he waited for the metal to cool and then opened one of the antiseptic package and used it to clean it. "Hold very still. Okay? I don't want to cut too deep. The blade is very sharp." Leaning in, he kissed her softly. "Are you alright? You ready?"

She took a moment to draw in a shivery breath, filling her lungs with the scent of him and returned his kiss with quivering lips. "Yes love. Ready."

He moved up her body and straddled her hips and ass, squeezing her between his strong thighs before settling himself against the small of her back. He felt so warm against her, his naked balls and cock teasing against her lower back, out of the way of the cutting and her blood he'd be spilling.

He pressed his thumbs against her right shoulder, again tracing the point he would cut before dragging the edge of the blade along the spot.

The metal sighed dreamily against her, with a musical aaahhhh vibrating through her skin down to her bones as the heat spread through her from the point of contact. It didn't hurt. Instead it sent a liquid thrill through her, flashing like lightening through her. She wondered if he'd even cut the skin until she felt the hot trickle of blood down her ribs and spine. The sensation intensified into pleasure as he began pressing into the spot, carefully drawing the wing free of her skin and freeing it from it's secret hiding spot. She groaned, struggling not to writhe her hips as he pressed cloth to the wound and around the limp, wet appendage.

She closed her eyes, breathing shakily. The pain and pleasure wove together until she felt lightheaded. "You're doing good love. You are so beautiful." He growled, sounding so proud as he kissed the back of her head, rolling himself against her as he growled. "Just a little bit more and it will be done. Try to stay still lovely."

She wanted to look back over her shoulder to see it. Would they be golden like his wings? Glittery and bright? The thoughts shattered as he pressed his thumb into the other shoulder blade and then made the cut after a breath of warning to her. If anything, this felt even better than the first cut. She could focus on the kiss of the edge against her, burning hot and spreading the contented sigh through her. Shuddering, she pressed her hips into the bed, creamy need trickling down her thighs as he carefully did the second extraction and then packed it with gauze or towels.

"You really do like this?" He asked, hands applying pressure to the bleeding. "Not too much?"

"'s a really erotic sensation. Yes, it hurts but...fuck. Mano. So good."

He rumbled a low, pleased chuckle, "Let me stitch these and get you properly bandaged."

"Can I see them?" She asked as he began to adjust the first wing, deftly stitching. "Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Been in a few scrapes." He smirked at her when she glanced back, "Of course you can see them." He looked so pleased about the wings, as though they were the most lovely things he'd ever seen.

She gasped in shock at the sight of them. They were not pretty. Reedy quills like long rolled cigars stuffed into the skinny arm jutting from the smiling cut. She didn't seem to be able to move it at all. "Oh no." She whispered.

He looked up from his stitching, "What is it? This hurt? I'm sorry, almost done."

"No. I can't move it. What's wrong with it? Why does it look..." She choked on the words she wanted to say; hideous. Crippled. Sick.

"They are just weak and those are blood feathers love. They are still soft, the quills will dry and harden and then the feathers will break free in a day or two. This is all very natural. It's fine." He leaned down to kiss the back of her neck and then her cheek. "They are beautiful, like you."

He smiled lovingly at the uncertain sputtering and began to wrap the first wing, carefully folding the ungainly thing and curling bandages around the wretched blood feathers. "Don't try to move it, just get used to the weight."

"In Black Swan, her wings flew out all puffy and soft." She grumbled and he pressed himself against her ass.

"That was a movie love. And you are no swan. You are a magnificent eagle."

She chewed her lip as she reflected on her new additions, unable to shake the horrible disappointment. She didn't feel so magnificent. He stitched her other wing and also wrapped it before sliding down her body, kissing his way down her, worshiping her skin as he went.

"You are so fucking sexy." He whispered to her, slipping off the gloves so he could run his bare fingers over her, sliding down her hips and then her ass, squeezing before those deft fingers slipped between her thighs. "And so wet."

She spread for him as his fingers stroked her swollen sex, feeling where he'd touched her and licked her and fucked her. The touches brought flashes of the knife play hot to her mind and she bucked against his fingers that drove into her. She heard the soft whisper of his wings and then felt them slide around her body, stroking along her sides and the curves of her breasts as he plunged two fingers steadily in and out of her hungry sex.

"I want to fuck you bare." He whispered, leaning over her, his hard chest pressing into her bandaged back, careful not to apply too much force but she bowed her spine towards him so he would know not to treat her too soft. Too careful.

"Oh Fuck!" She moaned as his thumb pressed hard into her clit and his ring finger circled her tight, eager pucker. "Mano!"

"Is that a no?" He asked in a quiet growl as she wrestled her need to have him raw and to be safe.

"I haven't done it before. I..." The breath sucked out of her, hadn't she already given herself utterly to this man? "Yes" She whispered, voice catching.

He breathed in her scent, licked along her shoulder as he pressed himself against the cleft of her ass, letting his bare cock tease her skin, his pulse thrumming through him while he fingered her slow and steady, moaning along with her. "Are you sure?" His fingers curled into her, stuffed deep and arching into the sweet core of her.

"Yess!! I need you!" She bit her lower lip and knew she was so doomed!

He continued to use his hands though, sliding one hand under her belly to draw her hips up and thrust his fingers in deeper and harder, the ring on his finger desperately grinding against her and then slipping out in quick, darting thrusts that left her breathlessly clawing at the bed under her.

His finger dipped into her ass and her thighs shuddered as he bit into her shoulder with a raw growl. A lifetime of no sex and he was most definitely making up with it now, exploring every inch of her body and coaxing out the most extraordinary sensations as he toyed with her and teased before pleasuring again.

Suddenly he slipped his fingers out of her and his hips surged forward, the thick head of his cock smearing up through her drenched folds. His moan tangled up in him as his whole body froze at the unexpected heat of her, the sensation of the overheated swell of her pussy on his naked skin as he settled himself to her entrance.

A lifetime of sex of every possible flavor and this was the height of it all! She could feel his pulse racing through the stretched skin of his cock head and her pussy squeezed for his length that did not yet push forward to claim her. He gripped her hips, breath heated over her shoulder and neck, hair tickling down over her. "I won't last long like this." He sounded so primal, his body shaking with the struggle not to dip deeper.

"I won't either." She whimpered and rocked back towards him, feeling him grip her hips painfully tight to keep her from moving too quick as his heart hammered faster.

The careful control fell away as he snarled out her name and thrust forward, sliding inches of heat into her. Fuck it felt amazing. Slick and so hard! She could feel every ridge of him from the fat head to the veins straining down the length of him. And he throbbed inside her, swelling even larger, bucking with a lurch of desire.

"Mano! Oh God!" She reached under her and cupped his balls while he pressed into her, sliding through her creamy warmth until he was finally sheathed fully into her.

Her heart squeezed in her ribs and her pussy tightened and she felt him in a way she'd never felt with anyone else, as he pressed his heart over her spine, whispering his love in her ear and his wings caressed the curves of her breasts and the peaks of her nipples. She burned hotter than the fire dancing in the hearth. He was hers!

She was fucking his too. In a way she didn't fully understand before.

He made a sound like pain as he shuddered over her and his teeth bit into the back of her neck while his hand sunk into her hair, pulling her head back forcefully so he could kiss and bite up her jaw and to the corner of her mouth. "Oh Fuck! Marcie! Oh Please tell me this is good for you too."

"So good!" She whimpered as he pulled her up and onto him, sitting up with his thighs straddling hers, supporting her as he bounced her back into him and then rocked with her, sliding in and out before thrusting back in forcefully. "Close! Oh Fuck."

He let out a silken groan of pleasure as she rolled her hips back against him, pulse hammering even harder and fingers dimpling her hips and in the hair he held back, keeping her head back into his shoulder. "Yes! Yes!" He chanted the words of encouragement as he began to move with her, sliding out to the head, savoring the feel of her muscles squeezing desperately around him before sinking back in, steadily working into her.

His mouth claimed hers as she came. His tongue darting forward to tease out her scream of pleasure as her sex spasmed around him, the orgasm rushing out of her down from the aching points of her shoulder directly to the delicate pink flesh wrapped around him.

His teeth pressed hard to her lower lip as his own cry joined hers, a roaring snarl as his cock bucked inside her. When he came, it was hot and silken, gushing deep into her, drumming through her orgasm while he plunged through her climax with quickening thrusts of his hips.

'If I fill you with my cum, you will be mine forever'

It had always felt so controlled with a condom, each party so careful about the exchange of bodily fluids that the act of sex was almost stopped right after the climax for the all important removal of the latex. This though—ohh, this went on and on, his cock still brutally hard and the pounding thrum of his cum surging into her made her thighs tighten and her whole pussy squeeze with a desperate, hungry need.

His hips gave one last, shuddering thrust forward and then stilled, his body shaking, his fingers gripping her as though he were afraid he would fly to pieces if he weren't squeezing her to him. She moaned into his mouth, tongue curling up to trace his upper lip. "I' you..." She panted and he growled low in response, squeezing even tighter.

Her body curled towards his as she slid her hand up to cup his face, the other down between her legs to cup her sex and his balls, feeling the slick, wet heat of both her and his cum. It felt so erotic and deliciously messy. He swelled again and throbbed as he groaned into her mouth, eyes rolled back in the most extraordinary expression of bliss and agony she'd ever seen.

"I love you." She stroked his cheek and stayed very still, trying to process all the sensations, lost in the swirl of pleasures and let her eyes close as he nuzzled her face, kissing her softly, his golden mustache tickling along her skin.

"I love you Marcie. Sweetheart." His voice so quiet, sounding almost fragile in that post-sex bliss. His grip softened and his palms caressed her stomach and up between her breasts. Very carefully he eased them both back down, wrapping her in tight to his chest with those impossible wings blanketing her and wrapping her tight.

She tried to tell him how wonderful it felt, but the words were a blur and nothing quite fit. There were small, mortal words for an experience that went so far beyond it. Instead she made little mewling sounds of pleasure, rocking her ass back against him, rewarded with a fractured whimper back into the nape of her neck. With a smile, she let the absolute bliss wash over her and drifted to sleep.

The ringing of her phone startled her into instant wakefulness. Whimpering, she had to finally untangle from Mano, realizing as she fumbled to get the phone that they were still joined and he growled soft, sleepy protests when she managed to escape from him. Feathers and limbs were still holding her, drowsily restraining her.

It was only four O'Clock. She smiled back at her lover, his sleepy silver eyes regarded her from where his cheek rested on her ass. He was far too sexy and sex rumpled to be real. One of his arms looped around her leg to keep her from 'escaping' the bed and him.

"Hello?" Her voice was fuzzy with sleep and hoarse from her screams of pleasure. Damn.

"Marcie? Hey, it's Travis. I—" He sounded like shit. Marcie closed her eyes, already knowing what he was going to say. "Vanderbilt is missing."

Mano sat up, rolling towards her and slipped his arms around her. He seemed to read the nature of the call and silently let her lean into him, listening.

"What do you mean missing? Maybe she went out? Is she with Ursa?"

"I mean, she isn't home, she left her car and no one has heard from her. I went up to check on her when she didn't come down for lunch and—"

"When is the last time you saw her?" Marcie leaned into Mano who frowned his concern at her.

Travis was quiet too long and then whispered, "Last night when we got home. I stayed up. Thinking. Shit. I thought she was just sleeping in."

"So you have no idea when she left?" She recalled the conversation they had on the phone that morning and groaned inwardly, eyes shuttering closed.

"No." Travis sounded completely miserable.

"Do you want me to come join you to help you search for her? It will take me a couple hours to get out there."

"No, don't do that. Ursa, Leo and I are looking. I was hoping maybe she called you."

"I'm sorry Travis, she hasn't reached out to me. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Travis didn't say anything right away and Marcie's heart ached for him and in concern for the woman in question. Her parting words with Vans were not the most friendly and she regretted them now. "Just tell her to come home if you hear from her? Tell her I love her!" Oh, the emotion in those words.

Marcie leaned into Mano. "I will tell her. Be gentle with yourself Travis, we'll find her." When she hung up the phone, she turned to the man who held her and cupped his face.

"She'll be alright love." He rumbled at her and turned his face to kiss her palm, silvery eyes burning into her.

Marcie felt her heart twist a little more and nodded her head, not feeling nearly as confident. She was helpless to do anything. She could only imagine the woman hearing part of the conversation she'd had with Travis and her resulting response from it.

"He has very good tracking skills Marcie. He will find her." Mano whispered against her shoulder and then pulled her in close. "You can't do anything more right now."

So Marcie allowed herself to be cuddled into arms and wings, while she tried to convince herself that Vans was at a bar somewhere getting drunk, not really lost. Just making Travis sweat for whatever she'd heard out of context on the phone. They would all be together tomorrow and have a laugh over what happened and Christmas could carry on like usual.

Everything would be fine.


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