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Short sex stories


Candy walked slowly to the side of the sorority house. She was exhausted from her classes, and there was no way she would be able to navigate the grand stairway at the front. The rounded stairway that led to the columned entry and huge wrap-around porch was elegant, but it had no handrail.

She reached out for the handrail at the side entrance and considered turning around when the bitchy voice of her sorority president, Marie LaTour, reached her ears.

"Cand-ass, so nice to see you," Marie sneered as she loomed over the side entrance stairs. Her southern Louisiana accent made it almost sound like a genuine greeting.

"Yeah, looking good," one of Marie's ever present minions chimed in.

Candy looked up at the trio of blondes. They were almost interchangeable. Marie stood out only due to the dark eyebrows that gave away her obsession with the bleach bottle. All three bitches-from-hell had embraced the plain vanilla, Texas-girl look. They were lean, blonde and sure of their own superiority. Still dressed in their practice uniforms for the cheerleading team, their presence was salt in her wounds.

She sighed and allowed her good manners, ingrained since birth, win out. "Hey y'all. Good to see you too."

Candy ignored their less than subtle digs at her now damaged eyesight. Six months ago, she had also been a scholarship athlete on the cheerleading team. Five months ago, her highflying days ended when she was dropped during a practice. As a flyer, she knew the risks: broken arms and twisted ankles were common injuries in her sport. What she hadn't anticipated was hitting the bleachers with her head when she was dropped. The impact was so hard it had nearly blinded her.

She'd spent the summer cocooned at her family's estate near Dallas. Following doctor's orders she had rested, and rested, and moved as little as possible. In the end, she had regained her sight in her right eye, but the left was almost completely gone. She was still adapting to the loss of depth perception. She didn't trust herself to drive. Maybe by next summer she would be ready to attempt it.

In the mean time, she was making up her finals from last semester and trying to keep up with her classes this semester, so that she could graduate as planned with her degree in Biology. The injury meant the loss of her scholarship, and while her parents had money, she didn't want to abuse their generosity. So, she smiled at the girls who had failed to catch her and entered the cool open space of the home she would continue to occupy for the next year.

Marie grinned as she relaxed on the front porch of her house. She had everything she'd worked so hard to snatch. Her scholarship was safe and she was President of the sorority. No one in the house knew how close she'd come to losing it all last year.

She vividly recalled the conversation with her coach last spring. The coach had summoned her to a private office.

"Marie, what's going on with your grades?" Coach demanded without any greeting.

"I'm doing my best. The practices eat into my study time, but I'm sure I'm passing everything." Marie wasn't sure. This was the first semester she'd been unable to secure all male professors.

"Unfortunately, we aren't going to have the same funding next semester. I'm being forced to cut at least one scholarship due to the new budget. You're at the bottom of the team for grades. Fix it or you're going to be looking for student loans." Coach looked away, clearly dismissing Marie.

Marie was so mad she couldn't see straight when she left that office. It didn't matter that she'd worked her whole life to get out of the swamp. It didn't matter she would have to drop out without that scholarship.

She'd hated Candace Sinclair from the moment they met as pledges three years ago. Candace, or "Candy", was everything she wasn't - tiny, wealthy, brilliant and confidant. It was enough to make Marie want to vomit.

Marie only planned to injure Candy enough to make sure she wouldn't lose her scholarship. She had already been blowing her Accounting professor. She didn't have a clue how to bring up her other grades; those professors were all women. She was determined to get her business degree and her MBA. She was going to be fucking rich. Not just rich, fucking rich. She was never going back to the swamp.

Now, she was sitting on the porch of the sorority as its President. Her scholarship was secure. She had two semesters to finish and she'd managed to find the classes she needed all taught by men. She grinned an evil, satisfied grin.


Candy dropped her bag on her bed and fell down next to it.

"Hey girl, you ok? I heard your greeting from the witches of Eastwick..." Molly looked over from the desk where she was studying to peer at her roommate.

"I'm good. Just need a minute to pretend I'm a corpse. Then I'll be able to study again all night." Candy barely moved her lips to respond.

"You got another headache? I can get you some ibuprofen," Molly offered.

Molly handed her the tablets and a glass of water. Candy swallowed the medicine on autopilot.

"Did you decide on a costume yet?" Molly asked a few minutes later.

"I don't know if I'm going." The annual Halloween party the fraternities threw was a big deal on campus. Candy wasn't sure she was up to it.

"It's only two weeks away and Marie has commanded that everyone in the sorority must attend in costume. I can't believe that bitch got to be President. If you'd been here for the election, it would've been you by a landslide."

"I didn't realize it was mandatory. I'll come up with something." Candy completely ignored the reference to her missed election. She wanted to be the President this year, but it just wasn't meant to be.


The sound of her cell phone jolted Candy from her sleep. "Hello?"


"Maximilian, do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Eleven, and I know you're still studying, geek!" her cousin Max teased.

"Well, I was, but now there's a drool spot on my lab homework where I fell asleep on it."

"Hey, you know you're supposed to be taking care of yourself. You're still healing."

"Yes, mom."

"Speaking of moms, she asked me to check on you. I was thinking of coming out for the big Halloween bash. My campus doesn't do anything like you guys. Thought I could check on you and maybe do a little trick-or-treating if you know what I mean."

"You don't have to check on me. I'm fine," Candy was tired of the family treating her like a two-year-old. Her eyesight was impaired, not her brain.

"Well it's me, or Aunt Louise. I'm only 5 hours away. I can leave Friday afternoon, and we can go to the party on Saturday, back on Sunday. You don't have to see your mom, and I don't have to make an excuse to a girl whose name I don't remember."

"Great, you or my mom. All right, you can come. Are you wearing a dog costume?"

"Funny. Woof," he replied as he hung up.

Two weeks later

"Who the fuck is that?" the blonde on the porch came to life as a Black BMW M3 pulled up to the curb and a gorgeous man unfolded himself to his full six foot something height.

"Roll your skanky tongue up, he's mine." Marie knew money when she saw it and was willing to settle for an MRS instead of an MBA, especially with a man like that.

"Hey sugar," she called out, "you lookin' for me?"

Max suppressed the full body shiver elicited from the voice on the porch. "Well, now. I'm not opposed to looking, but I'm actually here to visit one of your sisters. My cousin, Candace Sinclair."

Another voice to his left called out. "Max, I'm Molly, Candy's roommate. She's on her way down now."

Max turned to the sweet voice. Molly was petite, with a head of curly red hair and freckles and the cutest dimples he'd ever seen framing a great big smile. He walked away from the blondes at the front without a second glance.

"I'm going to pummel little orphan Molly the next chance I get," growled the evil sorority President. "Who does she think she is, interrupting my conversation with my future husband?"

Max dropped Candy and Molly off at the sorority house later that night after catching up over a pizza. He promised to return to take them shopping for costumes the next afternoon.

"You didn't introduce me to your cousin." The voice erupted from the darkened living room as Candy and Molly moved down the hallway. Candy and Molly both jumped and squealed in fright. Marie appeared in the door, scowling at the two girls while inwardly celebrating her success at scaring them.

"Sorry about that, he was starving after a long drive. You know how men are," Candy replied trying to placate the demon, so she could get some sleep.

"Better than you do," Marie replied.

"Ain't that the truth," Molly quipped under her breath.

"Excuse me?" Marie whipped her head around to stare at the smaller girl. Molly wondered for a moment if it might not spin around completely.

"I'll introduce you tomorrow at the party. He's going to go with us," Candy quickly interjected to try to draw the attention away from her sweet roommate.

"Fine," Marie acknowledged before flouncing off down the hall to the President's suite. She'd achieved her objective, no point spending any more time with those two losers.

The two girls watched her go, not moving until she was completely out of sight. "Well, that was scary as hell," Molly said as her legs regained feeling. She started moving toward their shared room.

"Yeah, it's going to be a long year."


Max found a spot near the fraternity house to park. He must have had the luck of the gods because the place was packed. The frat house wasn't far from Candy's house, but he insisted she couldn't walk in the shoes she was wearing.

"Come on, you naughty nurse," Max ordered as he opened the car door for Candy and assisted her out.

"Naughty can be nice," she teased back as she adjusted the tight uniform down as far as it would go. It still exposed the top of the white lace garters that were holding up the white stockings. She checked the zipper and pulled it open just a little further, taking advantage of the boost her white corset was giving her underneath it. She had an old-fashioned nurse's cap perched on top of her wavy chestnut locks that grazed the tops of her creamy breasts. Combined with the 4" white Mary Jane fuck-me-pumps, she was a patient's wet dream.

Max gave her a light smack on the ass as he opened the back door for Molly. Molly had decided to embrace the shitty nickname the mean girls teased her with and was wearing a tiny red dress with a white ribbon around her ribcage that was finished in a bow just underneath her tiny tits. She had on black ballerina flats and very little makeup. She wasn't looking to hook up or impress anyone. She just wanted to survive.

"Why thank you kindly Mr. Zorro," Molly purred. She loved flirting with Max because it was safe and he was nice to her.

Max whipped off his black hat and bowed to her with a flourish. He had to use the other hand to adjust the play sword he wore at his side. "It was my pleasure Miss Annie. And, if no one claims you tonight, I would take great pleasure in adopting you."

He had assumed a slightly Latin accent and stared at her through his black mask with his beautiful turquoise eyes. The same eyes her roommate had. She knew he was just teasing her, but she still felt a blush rush fiercely over her skin and her panties get a little damp.

Max extended his elbows to the girls and escorted them into the crazy alcohol-fueled excuse for a masked orgy.

The frat house was packed and the music was loud. There were vampires and werewolves dancing with witches and pussycats. Max made his way to the bar and grabbed three unopened beers.

"Here, be sure to keep your eye on these until you finish." Max warned Candy and Molly. He'd been at parties where drinks had been drugged and he didn't want his cousin and her friend to be potential victims. He'd already seen an "apothecary" area behind the bar with a variety of pharmaceuticals from ecstasy to generic Viagra. They also had two large jars of condoms.

Theodore Applegate was leaning against the wall when he saw Candy dressed as the hottest nurse he'd ever seen. He was glad the white coat of his Doctor costume covered his crotch. They'd gone to high school together back in Dallas, but he'd never been brave enough to say hello. Two beers and his mean girlfriend blowing him off seemed to provide the bravado needed. He stood and moved through the crowd intent on his target.

"Hey Candace." Theodore tapped Candy on her shoulder unsure she would hear him over the noise.

"Teddy! How are you?" Candy turned and recognized the guy she'd had a minor crush on since her sophomore year in high school. She was surprised he was talking to her now. Candy introduced Teddy to Max and Molly.

"You want to dance?" he asked before he lost his nerve. He wanted to get her away from her cousin and roommate or he'd never be able to talk to her.

"Aren't you here with Marie?" Candy didn't want to cause trouble for herself by dancing with Marie's boyfriend.

"Um, she blew me off. She said something about finding a real man, so I think we're done."

"Then let's dance!"

Candy and Teddy moved to the dance floor leaving Max and Molly behind.

"What's wrong, Molly?" Max asked. The girl looked like someone stole her puppy for use in a science lab.

"That's Marie's boyfriend. If she sees Candy with him, god only knows what that evil bitch will do to her next."

"What do you mean 'do to her next'?"

"Well, I was at the practice when Candy was injured. It looked to me like she was dropped on purpose. Marie's an evil bitch. She was about to lose her scholarship and she was going against Candy for president of the sorority."

"Why hasn't my cousin told me this?"

"She doesn't want to believe it. She says it was an accident and since she was gone during the election, it's not a surprise that she lost. Your cousin believes the best about everyone. But, I hear things. No one notices me and I heard Marie gloating over the injury and the election with her bitchy entourage."

"That nasty fucking cunt!" Max swore under his breath, not wanting to offend Molly.

"Speak of the devil..." Molly saw Marie approaching Max. "Can you excuse me? I need to find the restroom."

"Sure, I'll wait here for you."

"No, don't bother. I'm going to look for some of my other friends. You don't have to babysit me. I'll find you later."

"Don't leave without me. I want to make sure you get home ok."

"Sure," Molly replied as she walked away.

Max felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up and turned to see what was causing the creepy feeling. Standing right behind him was Marie dressed as a witch. Her long black dress barely covered her breasts and had a hood that partially covered her dyed locks. There were slits up the length of her dress on both sides and the front and back exposing the high-heeled pointy shoes and her bare fake-tanned muscular legs. Max supposed it could be a sexy outfit on another woman.

"Hi there. I'm Marie La Tour, you must be Max." the witch smiled. He supposed she intended to be sexy, but she appeared more predatory.

"Nice to meet you, Marie." Max replied out of politeness while an evil plan of revenge began to take form in his mind. "How is it possible you aren't here with someone?"

"Well, I was. But, I understood that Zorro's all about saving damsels in distress. Want'a save me?" She pushed out her lower lip in what was supposed to be a sexy pout.

"Saving damsels and delivering vigilante justice," Max replied. "Looks like the first thing I need to do is get you another drink. Stay right here."

"Mmm. Observant too. I'll be here," the witch teased handing Max her empty red cup.

Max stood in the short line for the bar as a plan of vengeance began forming in his mind. Yes, it was absolutely time for some vigilante justice for the witch who took his cousin's eyesight, her scholarship, her opportunity to campaign for the leadership of the sorority. These were things that could not be returned. There was no restoration that could be made. Punishment was the only option. He needed to put a leash on the bitch, so she didn't continue to wreck his cousin's life. From what Molly said, the campaign of terror was ongoing. It was going to stop tonight.

Marie was enjoying flirting with Candy's cousin. The drink he'd brought her was almost empty. She was feeling really good from the ecstasy she'd taken earlier. "Do you want to get out of here? I need to see a lot more of you than we should expose in this crowd." She rubbed her body up against his pressing her hand on his crotch.

"Sure, we can take a drive and see the stars and the Halloween moon while you work your magic on me, my little witch," Max smiled down at Marie appreciating how easy she was making this for him. He was glad he'd popped a Viagra when he picked up her drink. His dick was a least half-hard, something that wouldn't have happened without the chemical assistance.

Marie grabbed Max's hand and dragged him through the crowd of costumed revelers. He spotted Molly and mouthed to her to stay, he'd be returning. She nodded in acknowledgment. He also noticed Candy still dancing with Theodore. He hoped the guy was worth his cousin's time.


Max drove out into the hill country a few miles from the campus. He stopped at the first turn out after leaving the city. No point in driving too far. He just wanted to do what he came to do as quickly as possible and get back to Candy and Molly.

He opened the passenger door for Marie and assisted her from his car. Damn, he was going to need it detailed to get rid of the stench of her perfume. "Hey, witchy-poo, time to work your magic."

"What kind of spell would you like to me to cast?" she teased.

Max leaned forward and grabbed the front panels of her dress where the split began. He pulled up and apart, ripping the cheap cloth in two. He took the scrap from her body, leaving her in just her red push-up lace bra and matching panties. She wasn't wearing any stocking, just the witchy heels. He dropped the ruined costume in front of her on the dirt and commanded, "Suck me."

Marie dropped to her knees instantly and began unbuckling Max's pants. He'd taken off the sword belt and hat when the left the party and was now in a basic black outfit with the small Zorro mask. The mask was working well to hide the disgust in his eyes.

Marie dropped to her knees on the wadded up cloth. It was so kind of him to think of her comfort she thought to herself. "I'm going to suck you so good, you're going to want me on your dick every day."

"We'll see about that." As it was he was sure he'd need two showers by the time it was done.

Marie took his half-hard dick from his pants and stroked it in her hand a couple of times. Max's dick was a nice size half-hard; she couldn't wait to see just how big he'd get when he was fully engorged.

She licked him from base to tip several times, working her spit over him with her hand. She slid her lips over the plump head and tongued his slit. She worked her way to the base of his ever-hardening cock. When she got her lips to his pelvis, she purred against the head that was pushing on the back of her throat.

Max grabbed her head, twisting his hands into her chemically dry blond locks and began fucking her face, turning her head as he wanted and pounding into the back of her throat. He'd never treated another girl like this. But this was Marie, his cousin's enemy. He was hate-fucking her as the only way to extract any pleasure from this disgusting piece of shit.

Marie was struggling. Her eyes were watering and her nose was running, but she found that she loved being dominated. Her hand went between her legs under her red lace panties and found her clit. She was rubbing and moaning in time to his thrusts.
Max could feel his orgasm rising. He pulled her off of him, releasing his cock. He tightened his grip on her head with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other, stroking himself off. He held her still with her head yanked back at an impossible angle and shot his load all over her face and hair. Marie came as he did reveling in the degradation.

Despite coming hard, he was still fully erect. "Stand up."

Marie stood and took off her bra. She used the fabric to wipe some of the spunk from her face. She dropped the fouled fabric onto the ruined dress and grinned at her dark dominant. "Doesn't look like you're done."

"Not by a long shot," Max growled. "Drop the panties, leave the shoes on and go stand at the front of the car."

Marie tore the tiny panties from her body and tossed them in Max's direction. She stood waiting at the front of the car, unable to see what Max was doing.

"Turn around and put your hands on the hood."

Marie turned and bent, putting her hands on the still cooling car. She wiggled her ass at him as he came around the car. His dick was out and hard and covered with a condom. Hell yes, she was looking forward to having that gorgeous meat jammed in her wet pussy.

Max put a hand on her back, pushing her down until her chest was resting on the top of his car. "Yep, definitely going to need to wash this car as soon as possible," he thought.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and held them far apart. "Don't move." He stroked his dick across her pussy lips picking up the residual cream from her orgasm. The lubed condom and this moisture would have to be enough, not that he cared all that much if he hurt her.

He pressed the head of his dick against her puckered asshole. "Marie, I'm going to fuck your ass. Do you want my dick in your ass you dirty girl?"

"Yes! Please." Marie's body clenched with desire at his nasty words. Her hand went to her clit rubbing and pressing to ease the achy want.

"Say it!"

"Fuck my ass! Please, fuck this dirty girl in the ass." Marie squealed as Max pressed into her hard. He continued to thrust hard, working himself deep into her dark channel. He'd never wanted to participate in anal sex. It wasn't his thing. But, there was no way he'd stick his penis inside her cunt. He didn't want even a remote possibility of conception.

Once he was completely embedded in her butt, he released one cheek and used it to take his smart phone from his shirt pocket. He'd made sure the lens was above the edge of the pocket when he'd arranged it in the car and the recording could capture the audio as well. It helped that Marie's shrill voice was loud enough to carry to the next county. Now, he was using the screen to make sure he got her gaping asshole swallowing his hard cock like the wanton bitch she was.

"Do you like it, Marie? Do you like my dick in your ass."

"Yes. Yes, I love your dick in my ass. Pound me, fuck me hard. It feels so good." She was rubbing her clit vigorously, getting off on the dirty sex and his dirty words. She knew she was going to come at any moment.

He was working her hole hard and was going to come any second now. "Are you going to come? Are you going to come from getting ass fucked?" Max demanded, knowing she was close.

"Yes, yes! I'm fucking coming," she squealed as her pussy and ass clenched. He could feel the rhythmic movements of her vagina and it sucked on her own fingers. It was enough to push him over the edge. He came hard and roared his release.

Max pulled out of her ass and pulled off the condom. He dropped it in the dirt and ground it in to make sure the condom was torn apart and his sperm was beyond any reclamation attempts. If he was correct, Marie was going to be pissed at him and he didn't want to give her any material for future control.

Marie turned around and tried to wrap her arms around his neck looking to sate her need for afterglow affection. Max pulled away harshly. "Get off me, whore."

"What? What the fuck Max?"

"You think I don't know what you did to my cousin? This was all about payback and control. I fucked your face and I fucked your ass. I recorded the ass fucking. You jack with my cousin again, and I'll post this video to the raunchiest porn site I can find and email links to the entire University, staff, students, professors, everyone!"

"You bastard! Who do you think you're dealing with? I'll fucking end you."

"Marie, you need to shut the fuck up and get in the car and think about how you're going to change your behavior. I can keep this video forever. I can email it to any future employer, I can email it to any lover you might take. And, I can use this as the first wave of revenge. I'm a naturally creative person. You don't want to inspire my creativity. You want to declare peace, not war, with me."

"I'm not getting in the fucking car. Fuck you Max! This isn't over."

"I think it is," Max said getting in the car and starting it up. "Last chance, Marie. I'll give you a ride back."

"Fuck off!" Marie was pulling clothes from the dusty pile of scraps. Her come soaked bra and the pieces of her dress were going to have to do. "I'll find my own way back. And this is war. You and your fucking cousin are dead!"

Max slammed the car door and pulled away fast letting a stream of dirt and pebbles spray the crazy bitch. He wasn't worried for himself, but he was going to need to think about how to protect his cousin. He'd expected tears and bargaining. He'd seriously underestimated this hateful witch.


Marie was livid. The more she walked the more pissed she became. Her hair was crusty with come. She had no panties. She held the pieces of her ruined dress closed to cover her mound. Her bra had obvious cum stains, and she was developing blisters from the cheap costume heals.

She'd been walking for over an hour and guessed that it was close to midnight. There hadn't been one car on the lonely country road. But this shit wasn't going to kill her; it was only going to make her stronger. She was going to come after those spoiled silver-spoon fuck-heads so hard they wouldn't know what hit them. Those Texas brats were going to be up against a Louisiana swamp gator. She was mean, and she was deadly, and she was determined.

She stomped on down the road and finally heard the noise she'd been praying for echo across the empty land, a truck. She stopped and turned to face the oncoming vehicle. She tilted her head up and shook out her hair. She let the dress fall away from her leg. She needed to make sure that whoever was driving stopped for her.


Mahlon was worried about his brothers. Raguel was restless and agitated. Shallum, always quiet, was starting to show signs of depression. Something had to change soon or there was going to be trouble. As the oldest, it was his responsibility to care for his siblings.

He'd decided to take them driving, looking for fresh road kill that wasn't too damaged to mount. Their contract work was down. It'd been a hard year for the hunters. In past years, the demands for mounted mule deer and white tail deer heads was more than they could handle. This year they were easily keeping pace with the requests for their taxidermy.

Worse, their youngest sister had died a year ago trying to give birth to the latest family member. It was their sixth try. Despite doing everything his daddy had taught him, he couldn't save the babe or the mother. No sex and no work was no way for a man to live his life.

He drove, deep in thought and almost ran off the road trying to avoid the woman he'd seen at the last moment.

"Help! Help me please. My boyfriend left me. I need a ride." Marie was already moving to the truck that was now sideways across the narrow road.

"Mal, get her." Rage whispered as Mahlon opened his door. Shallum was slapping his hand against the dashboard, grunting, and bouncing in his seat. He wanted her too.

"What seems to be the problem, ma'am," Mahlon drawled with his best soothing voice. The same voice he used with injured game to calm it before the kill.

"I need a ride. My boyfriend took advantage of me and then freaked out when I told him I'd tell. He left me." Marie worked to generate some crocodile tears to reinforce her story and work the stranger's sympathy.

"I'm Mahlon, Mal to folks I know." Mal held his hand out testing her trust.

"I'm Marie, Marie LaTour," she replied placing her hand in his.

Mal smiled. He held her hand and began moving toward the truck. "My brothers, Rage and Shallum, are riding along. You're going to have to ride on their laps."

"I don't mind. Thank you so much for stopping."

"Glad I could help." Mal opened the passenger door on the truck and lifted Marie by her waist as if she was light as a feather. Rage grabbed her upper body and pulled her farther into the truck settling her sideways across Shallum.

Shallum laid his hands across her legs, tucking her feet in as Mal closed the door. Rage reached around Marie and held the handkerchief palmed in his hand to her mouth and nose. She struggled, but she was no match for these hulking monsters. Within seconds, she was unconscious.

Mal started the truck, completing the turn begun when he'd stopped suddenly. He went back the way they'd come, away from the city, and the University, and everything Marie had known.


Marie opened her eyes and saw nothing. Wherever she was, it was pitch black. She tried to stretch her tight muscles but bumped into what felt like bars. She came up to her knees and felt around the edges of the space. It seemed she was in a large dog kennel. The door was locked with a padlock.

"Hello?" She croaked. She was trying to recall the events that led to her captivity. She remembered leaving the party with Max. She remembered their sex and their fight. She was walking. What happened after that?

"Hey! Let me out of here! I need to pee! I need to go home. You can't keep me! Let me out!" She was screaming hysterically, despite her desert dry throat. Someone had to come or she would die here. She rattled the sides of the kennel, trying desperately to pull it apart.

"Stop that!" Mal demanded and turned on the overhead lights. Marie was blinded and blinking from the dramatic change. "You will behave, or you will be punished, severely."

"I need to use the restroom. Please. I'm so sorry, I'm just scared." Marie figured she better acquiesce until she could escape. She realized she was completely naked except for what felt like a dog collar. Mal was standing over the cage staring at her. She knelt and dropped her head, trying to embody the appearance of submission.

"I'm going to unlock this cage. You'll be allowed to use the toilet, and then we'll wash you. If you're a good girl, you'll be fed. Any resistance will be punished. You're in training as our new bitch. Until you're trained you'll be on leash when you're not in your kennel. Do you understand?"

Marie nodded silently wondering how long it would be before she could kill them and escape. As if she would allow someone to treat her like a dog and call her a bitch. They had no idea with whom they were dealing. Getting in that truck was not the smartest thing she'd ever done.

Mal attached the leash to the leather collar and pulled Marie from the cage. She stood and looked around the small room. Other than her kennel, there was a bed, a mattress on a hand crafted metal platform with iron pipes extending from the corners. There were various eyehooks in the walls at different heights. Suddenly, she felt a stinging slap to her ass.

"I said, heal." Mal growled and pulled the leash, grabbing her ear and pinching it.

"Ow!" Marie squealed and staggered quickly after Mal her neck extended from her body.

Marie was pulled down a short hallway and into a bathroom. It was utilitarian. There was a toilet, a sink, and a bathtub. The floor was bare plywood. Although there was a showerhead, there was no shower curtain. There was no mirror and the door had been removed.

"Um, can I have some privacy please?"

"No. Use the toilet if you need to, but you're staying on leash, as I explained."

"Can you at least turn around?"

"No. Your body is ours. Anything it does, we'll know it. We'll care for it. You'll do as we say."

Marie needed to pee desperately, so she did the unthinkable and sat and peed in front of the man. "Where's the toilet paper?"

"You don't need any. It's not good for the septic system. Step into the tub. We're going to wash you." Mal pulled her leash making her rise from the toilet. "Rage, Shallum, come in here!"

Marie stood embarrassed in the tub. She held her hands crossed over her mound with her shoulders hunched, trying to cover her breasts. She could feel a small trickle of urine running down her inner thigh. For the first time since this ordeal had begun, she felt like crying.

Rage and Shallum entered the bathroom stark naked. Marie flinched. Neither man was attractive. Rage was covered in hair. He had as much hair as the monkeys in the zoo. He was muscular, but disgusting. His dick was hard. It looked like a beer can. Five inches long and probably just as much girth. It was a funky mottled red color. She wanted to gag, just looking at it. Rage grinned and groped his own balls enjoying her scrutiny.

Marie quickly turned away and was assaulted with the vision of Rage's brother in all his naked glory. He wasn't hairy, instead he was almost hairless, and he had maybe three pubic hairs. His dick resembled his brothers, but seemed to be shorter and possibly even bigger around. It was beer can, but an Australian import one.

Shallum made a guttural laughing sound and reached down to grab himself as his brother had done. This was when she saw that his hand resembled a lobster claw. He had only two fingers, if fingers were what you called those things extending from his wrist. His other hand seemed to be better formed, but still missing a full compliment of digits.

Marie began to whimper as the two men joined her in the tub. If she hadn't just urinated, she would have wet herself.

Mal blasted her with the cold water shooting from the flexible showerhead he held in his hand like a prison guard turning the hose on his prisoner. "Awk! Can't you get that warm first?" Marie demanded.

Mal responded by blasting her in the face. The brothers turned her and Mal soaked her backside. He wet down her hair.

"Hold her open," he instructed his brothers. The two men pressed her into a bent position and each grabbed an ass cheek and pulled, hard. Cold water was directed at her asshole giving her an unexpected but brief enema. The water moved down and was aimed at her pussy.

The water pressure changed to a strong pulse that was aimed directly at her clit. She felt herself responding. She had used the showerhead at the sorority house to masturbate in the past. Her body knew and responded to this action. The hands on her back moved simultaneously and began pinching her nipples. They pulled and pinched as the water pulsed. She didn't want to, but within a couple of minutes she was barking out her orgasm.

"Good girl," Mal praised her. "Get the soap."

The water left her and Rage was pouring shampoo on her head. Shallum was loading up his claws with liquid soap that looked like it was from a dish soap bottle. Marie didn't want him to touch her, but she knew better than to fight it. Instead, she closed her eyes and resolved to survive whatever was coming next.

Rage was washing her hair, scrubbing her head, as if he suspected she carried lice. It hurt, but the four hands rubbing soap all over her body distracted her. They covered every square inch. There were fingers rubbing soap in her ass. There was something rubbing soap up in her pussy. She suspected it was Shallum's claw, but she couldn't make herself look.

The water returned, still shockingly cold. They repeated the process of rinsing her including bending her over and holding her apart for a deep rinse. She knew now was not the time to fight and wondered when the time would come. These men weren't fat; they were quite muscular in fact. She was easily manhandled and manipulated despite her athletic build.

The men pulled her from the tub and three pairs of hands armed with the roughest towels she'd ever endured rubbed her body pink. Again, no spot was ignored no matter how much she squirmed.

"Hold still," Mal ordered.

"I'm trying, it hurts! Are you drying me with sand paper?"

Two brutally hard smacks were delivered to her ass with no warning.

"Shut your trap, bitch." Rage had delivered the punishment shocking Marie into silence.

Mal yanked her leash. "Heal." He pulled her back to the kennel room. Instead of pushing her into the cage as she expected, he pulled her to the mattress. "Lay down."

Marie crawled onto the bed and lay face down. "Turn over," he instructed.

Marie did as she was told. She'd thought she was going to get more spankings for back talking. It seemed they had something else in mind. Shallum was busy securing her arms to the posts of the bed. Mal reached down and did the same with her legs. She was quickly tied in a spread eagle position. Rage returned to the room with some kind of equipment, but she couldn't turn her head far enough to see what it was.

Mahlon was removing his clothes. He looked surprisingly normal after seeing his brothers in their altogether. His cock was thick, rising from a normal amount of body hair. Marie wondered if she could convince him not to let his brothers have her.

"I want you," she cooed. She spread her knees apart and raised her ass as far as she could, offering herself to the least offensive captor.

"Good, cause you're going to have all of us. Are you on birth control?"

"Um, I use the ring, but I require the use of condoms. Do you have any?"

Mal knelt at the edge of the bed and stuck two of his thick fingers deep in her channel. He dug around for a few minutes causing Marie to grunt in discomfort. She knew she was in no position to argue, but this didn't bode well. He hummed and pulled his fingers from her holding her birth control device as a trophy. He tossed it away on the floor, grabbed his dick and shoved it all the way into her in one thrust.

Mal pounded into her fiercely. He was gripping her hips hard enough to leave marks. Marie tried to pretend to enjoy it. She made little mewling noises and told him how good it was, how he had the best dick ever.

"Shut the fuck up," he told her.

Marie quieted, not in response to his words, but due to the evil look in his eye. He'd cut her throat if she didn't do as he said. At that moment, she had no doubt that she meant nothing more to him than a useful dog. She knew from her days in the swamp that the only thing a useless dog had coming was a bullet to the head.

Mal came hard, shooting his hot seed all over her womb. As he pulled out, Rage lined up behind him and jammed his dick in her vacant hole. His width forced her to stretch. It was good that she'd been warmed up with an orgasm in the shower and his brother's cum. It still hurt, but it went in. Rage knelt up close to her, forcing her legs over his knees, raising her ass to allow him to go as deep as he could. He grabbed her at the shoulders and pulled himself into her body violently, over and over again.

She didn't even try to charm Rage. She just took the punishing fuck until he came inside her. His body hair was sweaty, and rubbed her sensitive skin. She tried not to cry. "Shallum, come here. It's time to mark her."

The third brother started clapping and hopping, his hard dick bouncing up and down. Marie closed her eyes. Rage pulled out after shooting his wad and filling her with more cum than his brother had. She thought he'd never finish.

Shallum crawled on the bed over her and sniffed her neck and between her breasts. He leaned over and bit her nipple causing her to squeak in pain. Shallum grinned and grabbed his deformed penis. He stroked it and rubbed it over her pussy lips and her clit. Marie had her eyes shut tight until the first thrust. Her eyes popped open at the pressure. She gasped involuntarily and turned to find the source of the chuckling that rung in her ears..
Mal was standing to the side with his arms crossed over his chest, beaming with pride and laughing at her discomfort. She closed her eyes again, trying to disassociate from the situation. She couldn't do it. Shallum had started stroking her as he pumped away. He worked her clit with no mercy until she came forcefully and began milking his beer can dick. Now she cried with shame at what her body had done.

Shallum yelled a strangled shout from his throat as he came, adding his sperm to his brothers' mix. Marie was glad her birth control was still likely keeping her from getting pregnant from the unappealing mix.

Thinking they must be done with her for the time being, Marie was surprised when Mal straddled her chest. "We're going to fuck your mouth now. If you bite any of us, I'm going to remove your teeth." He held up a pair of pliers to reinforce his message. Marie abandoned any thought of rebelling at the thought of having her teeth pulled. Instead she nodded once and opened her mouth.

He shoved his dick in her mouth and used her roughly. Her throat was getting rubbed raw before he finished, coating it in his cum. She swallowed in self-defense to avoid choking.

Before she'd fully recovered, Rage was shoving his thick meat between her lips. She tried to wrap her lips around her teeth, but he was almost too big to be able to do it and open enough. She gave up and just stretched her mouth as far as it would go. Her mama always said she had a big mouth. Who knew it would come in handy one day?

"How is it?" Mal asked his brother.

"She's tight, she's not biting, but I can feel a little scrapping. Shallum will never fit unless we modify her."

Marie blanched. Modify her, what the fuck did that mean?

"Ok, she can just suck his balls for now, and he can unload in her mouth.

Marie lost focus for the next few minutes focusing on the intent behind the brothers' conversation. She wouldn't be coming out of this unscathed. Someone was going to pay as soon as she got free. First, the brothers Grimm were going to fucking die, then Max and his whore cousin. This was all Candy's fault. She'd been fucking with Marie's life since they met.

Marie swallowed reflexively. "Keep your mouth open and suck gently." Mal had grabbed her hair and pulled her head back until she focused on his eyes. She responded by opening wide to receive Shallum's bald testicles in her mouth. Shallum had straddled himself over her so that her face was in his ass. She closed her eyes. He was grunting in joy as he tugged on his dick.

Marie suckled and licked the mute's testicles. They seemed small after everything else that had been stuffed in her maw. She tried to give him pleasure. After all, he was the only one who had bothered to make her come. Better to get all of this over with as soon as possible. Shallum soon came all over her front. He reached forward and rubbed the goo across her chest and into her breasts much like a child playing with finger-paints.

Mal had released her legs, and Rage held her unshackled arms.

"That's enough Shallum. We need to finish the mating."

Mating? Oh fuck, that sounded way too permanent. What else could the mating entail? The men flipped her over and locked her arms down again.

Her ass cheeks were pulled apart and something cold was drizzled over her asshole. Mal took some of the lube in his hand and stroked it over his dick quickly. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees and then shoved himself right up her ass. Marie screamed. She was still sore from taking Max, and Mal was making it seem like Max had been gentle.

Mal slapped her ass over and over again. "Shut up bitch. I don't want to hear your mouth. You need to learn your purpose in this world. You please us and you give birth. You obey us in everything." He punctuated each word with a thrust into her tender hole and a smack on her tender red skin.

Mal wasn't coming again any time soon. It was the third time that night and as much as he was relieved to finally have an outlet, it was going to take time to climax again. Instead of continuing, he ripped himself out, still hard, and told Rage to take over.

Rage jumped in and pushed with all his power, forcing his inhuman girth up the new bitch's ass. Although lubed, it was still too much.

Marie felt herself tear a little. It hurt and she couldn't hold back the whimper of pain. Rage smacked her ass, adding his handprints to his older brother's. He pumped a few more times and then pulled out as Mal had done and pointed to Shallum.

Shallum loved anal. It was his favorite type of sex. He picked Marie up by the hips and Mal lay down on the bed where she'd been. Marie was confused. What now? Rage got on the bed between her tied down arms and lined his cock up with her face.

"Eew, no way! That dick has been in my ass."

Rage slapped her. "And now it's going back in your mouth. The same rule applies, bite me and you lose your teeth. I won't pull 'em, I'll knock them the fuck out. So shut the fuck up, and clean my dick."

Marie held back a sob, but the tears poured out. She opened her mouth wide and tried to ignore the taste. At the same time, she felt Mal's dick press into her dripping pussy. There was so much cum in there, it slid right in. What didn't slide in was the giant fuck-stick at her back door.

Shallum pressed himself into Marie a quarter of an inch. Marie mewled around Rage's cock in her mouth. There was nowhere to go, she had to take it. She was completely immobilized. The cock in her mouth kept her from moving forward. She couldn't turn with Mal's grip on her hips and his cock deep inside her pussy. Her arms were locked to the bed. She was at their mercy.

"Relax Marie. This is the end of the mating. Just take it and we'll be done, I promise." Mal was using the same soothing voice he'd used on the road. "You're doing great. You're a good girl. You're our girl. We made you our girl. We just need to break you in tonight. We have to make you ours. We want you and we're going to care for you. This is how we bond you to us. It has been done this way in our family for all females as long as I remember."

Marie's body went lax. There was no point in fighting even if she could have summoned the energy. They were going to keep her and use her. She understood that now. The pain from the penis that finally pressed fully into her anal canal was beyond description. She wondered if she would need stiches. The men began to move in a rhythm only they knew, created from years of fucking one woman at the same time.

She had no idea how much time had passed. She may have passed out for a while. She awoke due to the screaming and grunting of three men unloading their cocks in every one of her orifices. It sounded like they were screaming "Ours". She blacked out again.

Marie felt a stinging pain on her belly. It was only slightly greater than the pain from her ass and the tension of her mouth and jaw. Her entire body was throbbing and sore, but the sting on her stomach was bothering her. There was a mechanical buzzing that she didn't understand.

She peeled her eyes open. She had expected that her limbs would be once again tethered to the bed. However, she was appalled at what was happening to her. Rage was holding a tattoo needle over her stomach in one hand and a white cloth streaked with red in the other. He was finishing what looked like three large gothic letters above her bellybutton. Her brain was having trouble comprehending what she was seeing upside down. He pulled his hand back, finished with his work.

Marie began to laugh hysterically as the letters became decoded in her brain. M. R. S. She had said to herself, just a few days ago, that she would settle for an MRS instead of an MBA. Careful what you wish for her mama always told her. Guess she should have heeded that advice.

Mal put some goo on the fresh ink and then put a light bandage over it. He washed her off with a washcloth, gently wiping her pussy and still bloody ass. After completing her care, he picked her up and placed her carefully in the extra large dog kennel. A blanket had been added for her comfort. He closed the padlock and Marie curled up and cried until she finally fell asleep.


Three weeks later

Max was back in El Paso attending classes. He wasn't entirely surprised when a uniformed police officer interrupted his Criminal Law class and his name was called. Max raised his hand and then calmly packed up his belongings. The officer stepped into the hallway to wait for Max.

"What can I do for you, officer?"

"We'd like you to come down to the station to answer some questions about a missing person. Seems you may have been the last one to see her."

"Her?" No way was Max going to volunteer any information. Marie hadn't been seen since he'd left her on the dirt road, very much alive.

"Marie LaTour."

"I'm happy to help with any information I have, but I'd prefer to drive myself rather than leave my car here. Also, I'll be calling my lawyer to join us. You understand."

"You're not under arrest, but it would be faster if you just came with me." The officer was clearly trying to pressure Max into letting him have control. Max had too long to plan his response. He'd put a lawyer on retainer a week after Halloween, when Candy had informed him that no one had seen Marie since the party. He'd told his cousin nothing about the Halloween trick he'd played on Marie. She didn't need to be involved.

"I promise, I'll be right behind you. Only the speed limit and red lights will delay my arrival." Max gave the officer his best smile.


Max sat in the interrogation room at the police headquarters. He'd been there for over an hour. Fortunately, he'd remembered to use the restroom before he came downtown and no way was he drinking anything provided by the officers. He didn't need to donate his DNA. As he contemplated making another call to Mr. Goldstein's office, the door opened.

"Max, sorry for the delay. I've asked them to give us a moment, but they'll be here shortly. I assume this is about the matter we discussed two weeks ago?"

Max nodded.

"Do you have the recording?"

Max nodded again. He knew from the way his attorney was phrasing the questions that it was likely someone was listening in and possibly even recording the conversation. It may not be completely legal, but Max wasn't taking any chances of saying something that would incriminate him.

Two officers came in at his lawyer's invitation. They asked to record the interview and Goldstein gave approval. After some initial state your name stuff and date and time, the officers began with the real questions.

"Do you know Marie LaTour?"

"I met her at a Halloween party this year."

"Did you know her prior to that?"

"No. I saw her at my cousin's sorority house the day before, but I didn't know who she was at the time."

"How did you meet?"

"She approached me at the party and introduced herself."

"What did you do after that?"

"I took her empty cup to the bar to have it refilled and brought it back to her."

"Did you drug her drink?"


"Did you leave her after giving her the drink?"


The second officer jumped in, "You were seen leaving the party with Marie."

"That is correct."

"Where did you go?"

"We went for a drive to look at the stars."

"Do you remember where you stopped to 'look at the stars'?"

"Yes, it was county road 77, about five miles in at the first turn out."

"How much had you had to drink?"

"One beer."

"Any drugs?"

"I took one Viagra at the party."

"Did Marie take any drugs?"

"I didn't see her do so."

"Why Viagra?"

"Marie wanted to fuck and I wasn't sure I could perform."

"You're a young man, why didn't you think you could have sex with her?"

"She disgusted me."

"So why take her somewhere to fuck her?"

"So I could record it and get her to stop tormenting my cousin."

"Did you kill her?" Max was surprised by the change in the questioning. He'd thought they might follow up on the tormenting comment. Apparently they already had some knowledge of Marie's behavior. He took a breath before answering. "No. Is she dead? I thought she was just missing?"

"Do you have this recording?"

"Yes. I have it here on my phone."

"Would you play it for us, please?"

Goldstein nodded at him to go ahead. Max took out his iPhone and pulled up the video. He turned volume up as loud as it would go. The men watched the recording of Max ass fucking Marie. They listened to her beg for Max to fuck her, the fight, and to Max offering to drive her back.

"Where did you go after you left Marie?"

"I returned to the party. My cousin and her roommate were waiting for my return so that I could escort them home."

"What time did you get back to the party?"

"I don't know exactly but I wasn't gone much longer than an hour. I drove Marie to the hills; we had oral and anal sex. The recording time stamp shows about 15 minutes of total recording time. I think it was about a 15 minute drive out there, so 15 minutes back."

"What time did you leave the party?"

"I took the girls home just before midnight."

"That's kind of early for a frat party."

"Is it?"

"Why did you leave so soon?"

"Well, Molly, my cousin's roommate isn't a big partier. Candy had been dancing with some guy she knew from high school and was tired. I had to drive back here the next day. After I dropped the girls at their house, I returned to my hotel. I'm sure the night manager would remember me, he liked my Zorro costume."

Goldstein interrupted, "Gentlemen, I believe Max has sufficiently accounted for his whereabouts and his interactions with the missing woman. If you need more information, feel free to get a subpoena or an arrest warrant. As you both may know, his iPhone and his car have built in GPS tracking and would corroborate this entire timeline. While it is unfortunate that the she's missing, it is clear that my client offered to take her back to the party and she refused. Wherever she may have gone after that is beyond my client's knowledge. Good day, sirs."

Max stood on the sidewalk in front of the police station. "So, what do you think? Are they going to try to arrest me?"

"No, the girl hasn't been found dead. She's still just missing and she's an adult. They're going to keep you listed as a person of interest, but that's not going to mean anything unless a body turns up. I'll keep my copy of the GPS tracking data should a subpoena appear. It's backed up to the data center in Dallas where we rent storage. Just go on with your life as usual, this will fade."


Candy relaxed in the afterglow. She was wrapped in Teddy's arms in his bed. She couldn't believe how much her life had changed in the last months.

"Madam President, that was fucking incredible." Teddy moaned at her. She loved his nickname for her. She'd won the replacement election at the sorority by a landslide. The minions, without their evil leader, had fought over which of them should run to replace Marie. As a result, they each received only one vote. Candy suspected that each of them had voted for themselves.

"It's always incredible with you, my First Man." Candy pulled the white sheet up over her naked body, discarding the idea of going to Teddy's kitchen to fix a snack. It could wait until she'd rested. She loved that he'd moved into a tiny off campus apartment just so they would have a place to be alone.

"Are you ready for your next anatomy test?" Teddy teased.

"Already?" Studying anatomy with Teddy was unbelievable, it consisted of him kissing, licking and sucking places on her body and her having to name that part for the system they were studying. Since they'd begun 'studying' together she'd aced every exam in her class.

"Yes, it's time to study the bones of the hand."

"We did the skeletal system two weeks ago," Candy protested sleepily.

"We missed something."

"We did?"

Teddy lifted her left hand and slid on the diamond engagement ring. "Yes, we did."

"Oh my GOD! Teddy, is that what I think it is?" Candy sat up, suddenly wide awake.

"Yes. Does that mean you like it?"

"Yes, I love it. I love you!"

"I love you too, Candace. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I will marry you, Theodore Applegate." Candy threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

"Ok, but I'm going to take this back when we get to your folks house for Christmas. I'm going to talk to your Dad and get his permission. Then we can do the formal, down on the knee ask in front of your family. I just couldn't wait to hear your answer, love."

"Can I wear it until then?" Candy held her hand up, the light from the windows causing the marquis cut diamond to sparkle.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Teddy kissed her and rolled on top of her. He slid into her slowly and made love to his fiancé for the rest of the afternoon. Studying could wait.


Many months later

Marie stood naked at the stove except for her collar preparing the evening meal for the brothers. She bent to pull the casserole from the oven and her hips were grabbed from behind.

"Shallum, no!" Mal called the man away from her. "You know we can't fuck her right now."

Shallum began grunting and pounding his hand on the kitchen table.

"Marie, suck him."

Marie turned slowly revealing her swollen belly. Mal came to her and took her hand to assist her to her knees. Shallum had already dropped his pants and was stroking his hard dick. Marie opened her mouth as wide as she could, letting Mal and Shallum control the action.

The modification Rage had made to her teeth with the grinding tool was enough to allow Shallum entrance to her mouth. She didn't experience pain from eating anymore and since there were no mirrors in the house, she didn't know if it looked bad or not.

Marie caressed and stroked his balls. She knew what he liked. He would come quickly and be happy. After dinner, he would want to lie on the couch across her lap and suck on her nipples. She wasn't sure what would happen when the baby came in a couple of weeks. Her milk would come in, but would it be enough for both of them? At least her nipples were toughened up. Nursing would be no problem.

Marie continued to suck as her mind wandered. She wondered if anyone missed her or even looked for her. She wondered what she would do if she was ever freed. She no longer cared if she was ever let go. Her child was coming and the brothers fed and sheltered her. She'd learned to obey every command and was rarely punished. For the last few months, she'd been allowed to sleep in her bed instead of the kennel.

Shallum came down her throat and she swallowed everything and then licked him clean. After she finished, she thanked him as she'd been trained to do. Mal lifted her to her feet and the men sat at the table while she served them dinner. After putting the food on the table and seeing the men had everything they needed, she took her place at Mal's feet with his assistance and waited for him to feed her.


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