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Blake Ch. 13

Blake crouched down and swooped his arm under my legs, picking me up and carrying me to our bedroom; he kissed me the entire way. Blake put me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing me in earnest. An ache grew between my legs and I twisted beneath him.

He pulled away from me and began to unbutton my blouse. I followed his lead, removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his chest muscles as I did. My tongue ran gently against his skin, savoring every inch of his immaculate torso. Even though it had become familiar, I could never get my fill of Blake or his body.

Blake groaned lightly from my touch before pushing me back down onto the bed. He pushed my blouse open and eagerly licked the tops of my breasts, which were straining against my white lace bra. His tongue traveled over the top of my right tit, slid between my confined breasts where he planted a soft kiss, before traveling over the top of my left breast. I was panting beneath him, enjoying his tongue on my overly sensitive breasts.

Blake's mouth moved down my body, his tongue gently caressing my skin and setting my nerves on fire. When he reached my waist, he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off abruptly. His fingers went between my legs, rubbing my clit over my panties. His mouth kissed my neck, before his tongue traced my throat. I moaned as my pussy grew wetter from his attention. My hips bucked against his fingers, bringing more pressure against my clit.

Suddenly, he tore his mouth away from my throat and moved down between my legs, ripping my panties off in one fluid motion. His fingers traced around my drenched lips while his tongue played with my clit. My moans grew louder and were more frequent. My temperature rose and my blood raced through my veins. My hips bucked towards his mouth, desperate to feel some part of him inside me. Blake steadied my body with his free hand, while he slowly tortured me.

Blake's fingers circled my dripping hole, getting closer to my entrance with each pass. Eventually, two of his fingers found their way inside of me and I gasped. Blake moved in and out of me slowly, curving his fingers forward as he pulled out. His mouth continued to enjoy my clit. His tongue stroked my nub up and down, occasionally circling it. As his fingers moved into me faster, he began to suck on my hypersensitive clit. I was moaning so loud, it was borderline a scream, but I didn't care. I was too lost in the sensations and was desperately trying to prolong my orgasm for as long as possible.

I didn't last much longer. My body went rigid as I was overcome with immense pleasure. Blake slowed his ministrations on my body and stopped shortly after my body relaxed. He kissed his way back up the body, settling on my lips. I could taste my sweetness on his lips, causing my arousal to spike anew.

Blake stood up and smiled his seductive smile at me. His hands worked quickly to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants, releasing his magnificent cock. He lined himself up perfectly before slamming into me. I moaned as his dick penetrated my dripping pussy. Blake kept his ice blue eyes focused on me as he continued to fuck me.

My head was spinning and my breathing was out of control. I was completely out of control as Blake claimed me. From his stare, I could tell that he was driven by pure desire. He was uncontrollable as he pounded into me, but I wasn't going to stop him. I loved every moment of it.

Finally, it all became too much and I was rocked with another orgasm. I screamed out, letting the feeling consume me. Blake followed shortly after, grunting as he unloaded deep inside me, before collapsing on top of me. When he regained some of his strength, he rolled off me and slipped the covers over us, holding me close to him.

Neither of us said anything as we recovered from our most passionate love making in weeks. I just laid cuddled in his arms, lost in his embrace.

When my mind finally came back to reality, I remembered the pressing matter at hand. I didn't want to take us from our moment, but I really had no choice.

"Blake, there's something I need to tell you."

His phone began to ring with Arthur's distinctive tone. He looked at me, with a raised eyebrow.

"Mind if I get that? It may be important."

"No. At least this time you had the decency to ask," I chuckled, recalling our first time in bed together.

"I will never make that mistake again," he retorted as he stood up and answered the phone. He left our room to take the call in private. I couldn't resist admiring his naked form as he crossed the room. I was already aching to touch him again.

As I waited for his return, I thought about how I was going to approach the subject at hand. It was going to be difficult regardless if I eased into the subject or bluntly told him I was pregnant, so I had to think about what was easiest for me, and I was leaning towards the blunt approach. I took a few deep breaths to ease my mind before Blake reentered the room.

"Great news, Kaitlin. Arthur has smoothed things over with the board and public relations is working on a press release to clear my name. Looks like everything is getting back to normal."

"That's great."

Blake slid back beneath the sheets, pressing his body into mine. He brought his hand up to the side of my cheek and kissed me softly.

"None of it would have been possible without you, sweetheart. I owe you so much." His lips met mine again in a softer, sweeter kiss. It took my breath away.

"I can't help but wonder, how did you find out?"

Looks like I was taking the easing approach.

"I ran into Jessica and we got to talking. When I told her Desiree was pregnant, she flipped and insisted on seeing her immediately."

"It's a stroke of luck that you ran into her while you were out to lunch with your mother."

My head fell as my lies started to catch up to me.

"I didn't go to lunch with her today."

Blake looked at me, puzzled.

"Where did you go?"

"I went to the doctor's office. That's where I ran into Jessica."

His confusion waned and his face was content.

"Oh, did they find out what has been happening with your stomach?"



"I'm pregnant."

Time stopped as I tried to gauge his reaction, which could easily be summed up in one word: shock. The problem was I couldn't tell if he was happy or angry. It was just a neutral expression of shock.

"What?" he finally asked after a minute.

"The doctor told me I'm three months pregnant."



"How are you and the baby?"

"Both healthy."

I didn't expect what happened next. A broad smile encompassed Blake's face as he pulled me tightly into his arms, kissing the side of my head. For a while, he just held me close and kept kissing me. When he finally released me, he placed his hand on my stomach.

"The doctor suggested I speak with the father about what we wanted to do."

Blake's expression went from happiness to horror in an instant.

"What do you want to do?" he asked, hesitant of my answer.

"You first."

He swallowed hard and thought about his words before speaking.

"It's your body and your choice, but I hope you'll keep it."

I bit my lip lightly as a smile spread across my face. I was overjoyed that he still wanted me and that he wanted this baby.

"Good, because I was keeping him regardless of what you said."

The joy that Blake had felt had returned and he laughed at me.

"Him? How can you possibly know it's a boy? You're not far enough along to know."

"Call it a mother's intuition," I said smugly, causing us both to laugh.

I looked down at Blake's hand on my stomach, overlapping my hands to his.

"Blake are you sure this is what you want?" I asked.

He pulled my face up to his, forcing me to stare into his captivating blue eyes.

"Kaitlin, there is nothing I want more in the world than to be a father and there is no other woman in this world that I want to carry my child. This is everything I have ever dreamed of."

Tears pooled in my eyes as I continued to stare at the man I love. The man who was going to be the father of my child. The man who made my world perfect.


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