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Birthday Girl Ch. 02

Hey guys,

Thank you for the positive response and all the encouraging comments, it's the reason I am attempting to continue this story.

I am still a beginner, so constructive criticism is always welcome.

As usual, work of fiction... resemblance to any living... purely coincidental...blah blah blah.



As soon as we stepped in the music enveloped us like a blanket, and not a warm cozy blanket, but the really hot stifling ones that you just want to kick off in the middle of the night.


Shit, shit, shit, shit.

What the hell was I thinking? Was I out of my mind? What in god's name possessed me to take her for a drink? I was happy to be able to tie my shoe laces in the morning without screwing up, and now I was going to try and hold a conversation with this beautiful creature? I needed booze. Fast. I knew I had to get some liquid courage or this was going to be a disaster. Not too much though, that wouldn't do me much good either.

I glanced at the damsel by my side and she didn't seem to have noticed my silent freak-out and was content with following my lead. I looked at the main bar and confirmed my earlier assumption. Even a ninja couldn't get a drink from there right now. Fortunately the main bar wasn't my destination. No way was I going to spend my time with her in that mayhem. As much as I was dreading it, I wanted to talk to her. What I would say was anyone's guess but I knew I wanted to talk to her.

I nudged her and shouted over the noise, "Let's go to the side bar"

She couldn't hear me so I pointed towards the other side of the floor and mouthed "siiiideeee baaaarr."

Understanding, she nodded enthusiastically, like she wanted out of the noise as well.

I took the long way around, avoiding the crowd so we wouldn't get separated. I had been keenly aware of her presence beside me since we had entered. I felt every brush of our elbows and every touch magnified as we wound our way through the bustle. At one point we had to squeeze together to pass a tight spot and I got a slight whiff of her perfume. It was kind of flowery but very pleasant and applied just right so that it was just light enough to be enticing without overwhelming the senses. Classy. I knew women who dabbed so much of it on you wouldn't be faulted to think they'd showered in the damn thing. The hell you trying to attract? Godzilla?

The music finally started letting up as we edged away from the dance floor and the crowd was thinning. As we were approaching the side exit I looked to my right and saw Nick three tables over. Drat. He had a different audience from earlier and glanced at me once before returning his gaze to the man he was talking to. The very next second his head snapped back in my direction with a look of utter disbelief. His mouth was open and he kept looking at me then the girl, eyebrows furrowed. The man he was with was confused and started looking around to see what had got him so shocked and I could see him asking what was wrong. Nick looked back at him, then at me, then lifted a hand in my direction and tried to from a response but failed miserably. He abandoned the lost cause and directed his full attention towards me. He tried as if to come in my direction but hesitated. I bobbed my head and gave him the "Ooooh Yeah..." look making sure my companion couldn't see it. It seemed he finally made up his mind as he composed himself, excused himself from the prospective client and disappeared into the crowd in the direction of the dance floor. Double drat. I knew where he was going. Rat bastard.

We finally reached the exit and stepped out into the cool air. I took in the scene, drew a deep breath and smiled. This might be the only redeeming aspect of this club. It was situated on the western side of the city which was considerably higher than the rest and as such it offered a spectacular view of the skyline which was glittering with countless stars right now. The club was built on a cliff edge and this portion was an overhang with a steep drop into wild brush. Down below the entire city was a giant spider web of twinkling lights. The music dulled to a low throb as the door swung closed. The air was bordering on chilly with a slight breeze and there were a few patrons scattered around. I directed her towards the railing to a high table with two stools. Her dress hiked up to just above her knees. Never in my life would I have thought knees could be pretty but I was proved wrong. This girl had gorgeous knees. I admired her calves as she perched on top of her stool. They were smooth and accentuated by the heels she wore. My fingers twitched with the urge to run them over the smooth skin before I snapped back to attention. I didn't need that trail of thought right now.

"So, what'll you have?" I asked before making my way to the bar.

She pretended to be surprised, "from what I gathered you had a line of shots ready for me. Are you telling me that was all a lie?"

Dammit, I had to pick a witty one.

"Twenty five shots of tequila coming right up!" I countered as I turned to walk to the bar.

I heard her laugh as she called after me, "All right, all right. Get me a Screwdriver please."

I gave her a nod, "Will do."

The reason this bar wasn't crawling with half-drunks was that it wasn't a full bar with the full range of goodies. Sure you could get a few cocktails and beers, but for the good stuff you'd have to go to the main bar inside. Screw the good stuff, I was happy right where I was. I caught the attention of the bartender after a few moments and got a screwdriver for her and a beer for myself. I needed the booze but I'd have to watch my alcohol intake too. I usually get a little too excited when I get tipsy. Nothing harmful but to someone who didn't know me... Let's just say I take a little while to get used to. It was a delicate balance, a fine line between a lovable fool and a complete idiot.

I walked back with the drinks and saw her watching me. There was a gentle breeze blowing and it was playfully tugging her hair to one side. She lifted her hand and tucked the errant strands behind her ear. I shivered involuntarily. If she kept looking at me like that I'd be a puddle of goo in about five seconds flat. I needed a distraction.

I set the drinks down and spread my hands, "Ta-Da!"

I should drown myself.

She pursed her lips to stop a laugh from escaping. "That's a good boy, who's a good boy, who wants a Scooby snack?" she cooed as if she was talking to a pup that had fetched a ball.

"Ok, I deserved that," I said, feeling myself going red in the face.

Must activate fire-wall.

I tipped my drink at her and she did the same as we both took a sip. My mind was running full speed as I dissected the facts. Pretty, witty, confident, friendly and an amazing sense of humor. Only question now is how long before I monumentally screw up or how long before she reveals herself to be a psycho. I got a picture of her sharpening a butcher's knife as she asked me where I had been all night before I shook my head to clear it. I put the doubts at the back of my head as I decided to make the most of it while it lasted.

Something had been bothering me the whole time and I voiced it, "Uhmmm... Are you here alone?"

At that her eyes went wide and she cursed under her breath. "Shit, I totally forgot."

She fished her phone out and quickly dialed and held it to her ear as she signaled me to give her a minute. I wasn't complaining. The fact that she was at the same table as me was a miracle. She bit her lower lip as she waited for whoever it was to pick up and absently looked at the ceiling. Her feet were crossed on top of the other and she was swinging one foot from the ankle. I could have looked at her the whole night and been content. Finally whoever was on the other side picked up.

"Sally! Where are you?"

She waited for a response, "yeah I know, I'm sorry, I had to take a call so I went out and ran into Dan."

"Yeah god's gift to women Dan."

"No, no, I'm alright. He tried but I managed to get away. Someone helped me out," she looked at me and mouthed my hero and playfully batted her eyes.

My chest swelled and I could have battled an army of Orcs right there and then. Lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!

"I'm here at the side bar with him... Yes it's a him, geez grow up Sal," she said although with a smile.

"Fine, I'll see you in a bit, bye," she cut the call and turned back to me, "My best friend Sally. She's in there dancing," she nodded towards the dance floor.

"Do you have to go?" I asked unable to completely hide my disappointment.

She smiled, "Not for a bit, she's with her boyfriend so it's not a problem. Besides, I kind of like the present company."

I looked around before I realized she was talking about me, "Oh you mean me!" I said before I could stop myself. I was on fire today.

She chuckled lightly before saying "Yes silly, you."

"I'm sorry, I have this habit of saying things without thinking first." I said. Even her admonishments were appealing. She could call me silly for the rest of my life and I wouldn't have minded.

"I noticed. You made me a year older today you know."

I hung my head in shame, "Sorry. It just came out. It was either that or your house was on fire. Something told me he wouldn't buy that."

"Wise choice."

"So..." she said twirling her drink in one hand and half a smile playing on her lips, "no cape, no mask, no underwear over your pants... you should really work on your image if you want to be a vigilante and save damsels in distress."

"Do you know how hard it is to find a phone booth these days? Besides, my cape in the men's bathroom, last stall, behind the cistern," I bantered back then leaned in and added, "don't tell anyone though, or else..."

She drew a cross over her heart and shook her head slowly. "Does the capeless crusader have a name?"

I stood up and bowed, "Your friendly neighborhood super-hero Brian, at your service."

I straightened as she was laughing and asked, "and my damsel in distress would be...?"

Right then the side door opened, and the sounds of Hardwell came booming in. I was facing the door so I looked up on instinct and saw two people coming through. Crap. The vultures were here. They scanned the crowd before settling on me. Jenna's hands flew to her mouth and her eyes grew wide. It was like she was looking at a penguin in a zoo. She looked at Nick and said something. Nick had that stupid smirk on his face when he replied and I knew he was telling her I told you so.

I say this whole concept of best friends should be banned. The world would be a better place without the nuisances.

By now the girl, who hadn't replied, noticed my attention was elsewhere. She turned around to where I was looking and then back at me, "Is something wrong?" she asked.

The two hyenas had already started making their way towards us. Nick with that confident swagger and Jenna bubbling over with excitement. Even from here I could tell she was tipsy. This was not going to end well.

I resigned myself for what I knew was going to follow. "I sincerely apologize for what's about to happen," I said with a sigh.

She was visibly concerned now, "Why, what do you mean? What's going to happen?"

Just then they reached our table. Jenna was practically bouncing on her feet.

"Hi!" Jenna directed towards her with way too much enthusiasm. She stuck her hand out for a shake, "I'm Jenna!" I looked down and shook my head. What had I done to deserve this?

My damsel was taken back but recovered and politely shook Jenna's hand, "Uhmmm... Hi," she said still a little confused and looked at me for an explanation.

"My friends," I stated dryly. "Jackass" I said pointing at Nick, "and his girlfriend Bimbo," I finished gesturing at Jenna.

That earned me a punch on the shoulder. "Shut up," Jenna said and turned back.

Nick introduced himself and shook her hand as well. I could tell she was a bit flustered by all the attention and weirdness. I couldn't blame her. Not everyone was blessed with friends like mine. You see I kind of never had a girlfriend. No, girlfriend is too far-fetched, even saying hi to a female I didn't know was a mission. You could say I was a bit shy. Ok, very shy. I took a while to open up, and girls just thought I was boring. The fact that I wasn't a social media freak dint help either. This was the first time I had done anything like this and it was like a miracle for them.

I opened my mouth to say something when the door burst open again and a short brunette with curly hair bounded in followed by a tall dude with his hands in his pockets.

"No, she told me she was here, I'm sure," the brunette was saying loudly over her shoulder.

Damsel apparently recognized the voice because she turned around on her seat and started waving.

"Sally! Over here," she beckoned to them. Great. Just great. More people. Was it too much to ask for some alone time with her? Really? Was it? For the first time I had said more than two words to a female I was interested in and the whole world has to come barging in like there was a zombie apocalypse. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little but I don't care. Damsel mine, no share.

Sally broke into a wide grin as she saw her friend and rushed over. The dude followed at a slower pace. Sally got to the table first and they hugged like they were meeting after a decade. What is it with women and hugging? Go to the bathroom, come back, hug. Go outside, come back in, hug. Turn away, turn back, hug. Why do they even bother parting, just stay locked in an embrace the whole day.

The new arrivals introduced themselves. Sally waved at everyone and her boyfriend Bill nodded his head at each of us. It was obvious we weren't going to get any alone time now. Bill and Nick pulled up two stools each and placed them on either side of us so now I was directly opposite my damsel with Bill on my right and Jenna on my left. Great, might as well put her on the other side of the continent while we are at it.

"Drinks?" I asked.

Two beers, a Cosmopolitan and a Bloody Mary. I wonder why Mary was so bloody, maybe she interrupted someone's one on one too.

By the time I got back with the drinks Sally had asked what happened with douchebag and my damsel was recounting the whole story in detail. Dammit, I needed to find out her name, this damsel thing wasn't working for me. Somehow she had wormed her way out of saying her name this whole time. As she reached the part where I got involved she kept throwing looks my way and openly embellishing some of the things I had done. When she finished Sally looked at me, "That was brilliant!" she said.

Jenna was looking at me with her mouth open, "You did that? You?" she asked clearly in disbelief. She tested my forehead with the back of her hand to check if I had a fever.

"My man," threw in Nick. They were never going to let me live this down.

I was squirming in my seat. Being the centre of attention wasn't my cup of tea.

"It was nothing, anyone would have done the same," I said, eating half my words. Nick knew I dint being the focus so he stepped in and raised his drink, "To people who do what anyone else would have done!" We all clinked. Bastard.

After that the conversation flowed and everyone was talking to everyone. The drinks were flowing too as we would get a round when we were running low and pretty soon we didn't know how many we'd gotten. Whoever said alcohol reduces inhibitions was right. Soon I was in a heated argument with Nick and Bill over which was better, Tuners or Muscles. I had nothing against muscles, I nearly creamed my pants every time I heard a V8 Hemi roar, but I was a Tuner kinda guy. My wet dreams comprised of spooling Turbo's and fluttering Blow-off Valves and aftermarket Intercoolers. Bill thought all tuners were just flashy rims, big spoilers and noisy mufflers. Nick was being a snobby cunt by suggesting neither of our rust buckets could keep up with an LP670 SV. We both told him to shove his Lambo where the sun don't shine.

I had no clue what the girls were talking about but it was it seemed pretty intense as well. Jenna was gesturing her arms around animatedly and Sally was up on her stool, although because of her height you couldn't really notice. Even though I was passionately defending my beloved tin cans I kept stealing glances at my damsel and I knew she was doing the same too. A few of the times our eyes would meet and she would always gave me a small smile and once even a wink before Jenna would start waving her hands in her face trying to prove her latest point about heavens knows what.

The door flew open as someone came out and the opening melody of the theme song from Turbo Kid was playing. Sally squealed and jumped up and down, "Oh my God, is that Turbo Kid?!" she said grabbing damsels arm and shaking her. Damsel listened for a second before nodding. Wait a minute. She knew Turbo Kid? She actually watched Turbo Kid? No way. Was there no limit to how awesome she could be? I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that tonight was going to be Retro-Night from midnight, which would explain the change from EDM to Le Matos.

"We are so going to the dance floor!" screamed Sally and started pulling damsel to the door and waving us over. Never give a girl five red-bulls with vodka. She had the energy of a bulldozer. There was no arguing with her, she would have carried everyone to the floor if need be.

Damsel gave me an apologetic look and jerked her head towards the dance floor. Hell No. Over my dead body. I'd rather be stuck by lightning. Twice. Me and dance? I pity the fool who has to endure that. I do. I pity the fool. A drunk camel on roller blades could dance better than me. If I got on that dance floor she would run screaming for the hills. No, I'd just have to politely decline.

I'd barely even opened my mouth before Jenna rushed to me and grabbed me, pulling me up.

"I love this song too! Let's go!" she said as she put her arms around mine and practically dragged me around the table. Yeah right, she'd even dance to barking dogs right now. Nick had an evil smile plastered on his face. I was so going to get back at these two, if it was the last thing I ever did, I knew I'd have my revenge. I was still going to protest until I saw mystery girl's face and how it had lit up when she saw I was coming. Suddenly I couldn't find it in me to deny that smile. I just couldn't do it. Screw it. I'd dance naked in front of the whole club if it meant keeping her smiling like that. Let's do this. I'd just hop on the spot or something.

We found a spot on the dance floor and Jenna released me right next to damsel and headed off to Nick's side. She'd wish she had never been born after I was done with her. I was still plotting revenge as everyone started moving and I quickly tried to figure out what wouldn't look stupid. Sally was already in the groove and Jenna joined her with equal energy. I think damsel sensed my trepidation because she started bobbing her head and pulled simple moves that were easy enough to replicate. I found Retro wasn't as difficult to dance to, it allowed you to be goofy without looking like an ass.

I was no Michael Jackson but after a while I got the hang of it enough and actually started enjoying myself. After a few songs I got more daring. I pulled the Egyptian dance which made her laugh. She was a sport about it and copied me though she looked a thousand times better doing it than I did. We must have looked a sight, pulling silly moves on the dance floor. After that I started with the Indian dance. Soon the whole group was pulling idiotic moves. Sally came up with the Russian move with the squat and kicking legs. Bill pulled the robot and Nick started with Macarena. Jenna bobbed her head like Jim Carrey from What is Love. I couldn't remember the last time I had so much fun.
Through the whole thing damsel was by my side and we even did a few moves together. I twirled her around a couple of times and we bumped hips together and generally just goofed around. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the DJ dint play any slow songs so there was no chance to dance close to each other. I think it was for the better, it saved me the awkwardness. I didn't want her to go home with her big toe looking like a watermelon.

We didn't realize three hours had passed just dancing. Finally Bill looked at his watch and beckoned to get off the floor. We followed him outside still laughing and trying to think of more silly moves. We stopped outside the main entrance and everyone took a moment to recover. I glanced at my phone and was surprised to see it was three in the morning. Never before had I danced for this long nor had I ever enjoyed it this much.

"That was a lot of fun guys but it's getting really late and I'm afraid we'll have to leave," Bill said. "I have to drop these two ladies home and it's all the way on the other side of the city."

"I can't believe I was doing the Russian squat dance, my thighs are killing me now," Sally said rubbing her legs. Everyone laughed as they recounted their own moves.

"Bill's right though, we have brunch with his parents in the morning and I can't show up hung over. But we definitely have to do this again," she said pulling out her phone.

The girls exchanged numbers as Nick and I shook hands with Bill, and I asked him where he was parked.

"See that red Mustang there?" he pointed on the far side of the parking lot where a blood red GT350 sat gleaming under a street light. Nick and I nodded in awe as he continued, "Yep, the little Honda on the left is mine." We groaned and tried to punch him but he was too quick.

"Drive safe dude, and call if there's any problem." Nick told him.

After much hugging the girls parted and Sally went and stood by Bill, putting her arm around his waist and leaning her head on his chest. You could tell she was beat.

"You guys go ahead, I'll be right there," my damsel told them.

"Don't take too long," Sally said with a wink as they turned and walked to the car.

Jenna took Nicks arm and started guiding him away towards the entrance. Smart girl. As they went out of sight I turned back to mystery girl.

"You know, I still don't know your name," I said scratching the back of my head.

"Tsk Tsk," she clicked her tongue, "well, don't expect me to tell you. I'm not going to make it that easy for you. You're going to have to find that out yourself." She said with a cocky grin.

"What? How?" I asked. Yeah, real smooth Don Juan.

She spread her arms, palms up, "Figure it out, Einstein."

I had to smile at that. She could give me a run for my money.

I looked down at my feet then back up at her. I wanted to say so much but at the same time I didn't know what to say. I didn't want her to go but didn't know how to make her stay. I knew almost nothing about her and she was going away. I felt so much for her and I'd known her for less than a day.

She looked like she was hesitating about something before she made up her mind and held out her hand. "Give me your phone," she said, beckoning with her fingers.

I fished out my phone and handed it to her, wondering what she was up to.

"I don't normally do this but..." she shrugged as glanced up at me while typing something, "I have a feeling I can trust you."

She handed me back my phone then stood before me with her hands behind her back. She then reached up and kissed me lightly on my cheek. I froze as I smelt her delicate perfume when she came close and felt her warm breath on me. My skin tingled where her lips brushed it. In a second she was already pulling away and I clamped my fists to prevent them from shooting forward and stopping her retreat.

"Thanks for everything," she said softly. Then she turned around and walked away, her hands still behind her back.

I stood there dumbstruck, my hand automatically going to my cheek where she kissed me, staring at her leaving. I was never going to wash my face till the day I died.

Say something moron! My brain screamed at me. Something, anything, pipe up Retard!

When I finally opened my mouth to say something she was already a good distance away.

"Bye!" I shouted.

Can someone take a shotgun and please shoot me. Seriously. Just end it.

She turned around flashing that dimple and waved, "Bye..." she called out then turned back. I had to be the biggest idiot on the planet. My face should be in the dictionary next to the word idiot. I was a living breathing example. As I headed back in I remembered the phone in my hand and quickly checked what she had done.

I laughed quietly when I saw it. She had saved her number in my contacts but what made me laugh was the name she saved it under.

Birthday Girl.

For the second time that night I was not at all fazed going back into the club. Life was good.

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