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Better Loving through Chemistry Ch. 03

Nicole and I had met for dinner that week. I guess you could call it our first date. It certainly was the first time we met just to spend time together, with no sex and no partying planned. We met at this small restaurant she had read about. It proved to be delightful, and soon we were chatting over delicious food and a few glasses of wine. It felt very grown-up.

I discovered that my initial feelings were right. She was, indeed, a really cool chick. She was smart and funny, really easy to talk to. We were edging closer towards a relationship, something I could tell she would welcome. But a dark snake was coiled around the back of my mind. My experiment needed more data. I wanted to push it forward, to test the effect of my concoction. There was some shame here. I was obviously uncomfortable sharing with her the details of what I was actually doing. A part of me did not want to lie to her, especially if we were going to be something more than just friends with benefits. I wanted to finish my experiment, whatever that meant, before committing to Nicole.

So I played it cool, not closing the door on a possible relationship, but letting the process take its time. We did plan on meeting that weekend, to go out dancing again. I was looking forward to it.

The rest of the week flew by and before I knew it, the weekend was here. I had my dancing pants on, literally, had napped, felt fresh and ready to go. Any minute now Nicole was going to call, letting me know she was downstairs in her car, ready to drive us to that weekend's rave. She finally called and I was half-way down the stairs before she was able to warn me that she had brought a friend.

As I threw myself in the back seat, Nicole shot me a glance that said "I'm sorry". Her friend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, twisted around to wave hi to me. I had met her before but we had barely exchanged a dozen words. She extended her hand out.

"Forest" she said.

I briefly shook her hand. " I've met you before" I said as the car started rolling , "at some of the other raves".

"That's right. I didn't know if you remembered me." she replied, smiling.

She was a cute blonde, with a big smile and wild frizzy blonde hair. Her nose was a bit too big for her face, making her more cute than sexy. She was dressed in a gold layered dress, with christmas lights woven in between the layers. Purple wings were on her lap. Her make-up made her look like a bright eyes fairy, all blues, pinks and silver. I could tell that the full outfit was going to be quite a spectacle. All in all she looked like a smiling bundle of fun.

I draped my hand over the front seat as we talked, letting my fingers run across Nicole's neck, gently stroking her skin. She glanced at me in the rear view mirror and smiled. I smiled back and squeezed her shoulder.

We quickly made our way through the deserted streets of an industrial area. Around us were the low brick buildings housing car parts and machine shops, import-export warehouses stuffed with cheap Chinese toys. But no other human beings but us. We could tell we were getting closer to the rave when we spotted a car driving in the same direction as us.

We finally park a few blocks away from a rare three story building. The red brick building still sported the carved finial and cornices that announced its age. The painted windows announced its disuse in years past. That was our destination. Forest almost skipped all the way there. She had strapped on her fairy wing and turned on her lights sown in her dress. She looked fantastic and ridiculous at the same time, which was the point. She laughed at herself as she skipped ahead of us.

Nicole was dressed in her usual earth tones, a short paisley dress thrown over bell-bottom yoga pants. The outfit was tight in all the right places in order to reveal her figure, but not flashy.

As we walked, I quietly turned to Nicole.

"I only have two pills for tonight." I said, keeping my voice low.

"We can split one, or me and Forest can split it. If I'm driving I shouldn't get too fucked up anyway." she replied, smiling easily.

"It's the special pills" I said, even inserting air quotes around the special. "Is Forest going to be okay with it?"

"Forest is going to be okay with just about anything you can throw at her." Nicole replied, a knowing smile now on her lips.

"Are you going to be okay with it? If Forest starts getting, you know, frisky."

"I can deal with it." she replied, her eyes steady and a little smile on her lips that made my cock twitch.

"Hey Forest!" I called out.

She came skipping back to us.

"I have some treats." I said when she was within discreet earshot. "It's pretty trippy stuff, very sexy though. I mean, very sexy. Interested? Me and Nicole are going to take some."

Forest knew that I was our little group's fun chemist, so she perked up immediately.

"Is this new stuff? I'd love to try it!" she exclaimed.

"Okay then." I said, handing her a small white pill.

She swallowed it without hesitation. I cracked the remaining one and gave a half to Nicole. She swallowed her half with a small grin, kissing me on the lips after I had swallowed mine.

"Tonight is going to be fun" She whispered in my ear.

She took my hand and all three of us made our way into the building.

The old building had been a mix of office and industrial space. We made our way through a warren of empty rooms before finally emerging on the central space, a cavernous open area open to the roof, three stories tall and surrounded on three sides by balconies and windowed offices. The fourth side was a wall of red bricks, currently covered by a patchwork of fabrics on which videos and images were projected.

We had been led through the rooms by streamers and ribbons, preventing us from drifting off into the darkened offices. The same ribbons hung everywhere, hiding lights, creating giant floating shapes above us. It was like being underwater, standing under a vast school of colorful jellyfish. And of course, the music. It hit us as soon as we stepped into the space; deep rhythms that could be felt, driving and primal, with a trance track layer over it.

A hundred or so people were already there, dancing away. Most were dressed up in some strange home-made costume to match the theme of the rave. I hadn't bothered and just wore my usual colorful yet comfy clothes. Forest fit right in.

We hit the dance floor and before long all three of us were sweaty, happy dancing fools. Then the drugs hit, and we were happier, and sweatier, and the dancing became something else. The usual wave of warmth and looseness swept up form my feet. I could feel as muscle after muscle let go of tension I hadn't realized I had held. The music became more all encompassing, more of a presence in my skull.

It took a while before I finally turned my attention to Nicole and Forest. As soon as I did I wanted to be close to them. A wave of emotional openness, of diffused love, swept over me as I caught sight of Nicole. She caught my eye and suddenly the world dissolved and there was only the two of us, dancing nose to nose, then closer, body agains body, the feel of her skin against my cheek so perfect at that instant.

I opened my eyes (when did I close them?) and saw Forest over Nicole's shoulder. She was also under the full influence of my magic pill. Her body swayed in that looseness I recognized, that full body wave that whipped you from heel to nose. Her hands were already roaming across her bare thighs, her dress hiking up with every sweep of her fingers and revealing the triangle of bright pink satin covering her pubis.

Nicole's hands were roaming through my hair. She was grinding her pussy against my thigh in time with the music, dancing and rubbing at the same time. I could feel the moist heat radiating off of her through the multiple layers of clothes. I kissed her bare neck, tasting her sweet sweat. My eyes stayed glued to Forest.

Forest was dancing by herself, eyes closed, hands like butterflies over her body, landing on her lips and hair, sweeping over her breasts, tickling her inner thighs. And the beat of the music, always, resonating, sending waves up from the feet to echo across the body. Forest's mouth opened and her pink tongue peeked out to lick her lips.

I was growing hard against Nicole. She turned around, burying my cock between the cheeks of her ass. Her hips swayed against my erection. My hands rested on her hips, my fingers sweeping across the sensitive V of her lower belly. Her eyes were open, staring at Forest.

She leaned her head back to whisper in my ear: "is that what I look like on that pill?"

"Yeah." I answered.

"It's sexy as fuck" she said, her hips grinding deeper against me.

"Yeah" I agreed.

Nicole turned around, her hand brushing against my cock as she did. She kissed me before rubbing her face against my neck. She looked up.

"I need some water." She took my hand and pulled away. She reached out to Forest and grabbed her hand. She pulled the two of us away from the dance floor. Forest and I let ourselves be led through the dancing crowd, happy to follow. Forest still kept her eyes half-closed, still in her world.

Nicole led us to a set of rickety wooden stairs that led to a balcony where the bar had been set up. We made our way up to find a small space overlooking the dance floor, the walls covered with fabric, pillows and bean bag chairs thrown all over the floor. In the back a small bar was set up where water and cheap beer could be bought. Hallways leading deeper into the building had been blocked off by ribbons.

We left Forest standing by a wall that had captured her attention and went to buy some waters. When we came back, Forest had wandered down a hallway, her dress and fairy wings lighting the way for her through the dark building.

"Oh shit!" Exclaimed Nicole before grabbing my hand and chasing after Forest. We giggled as we ran, checking to see if anybody would come after us. No one did. Ahead of us, Forest was slowly walking towards a set of stairs. She turned towards us.

"Hi guys! I'm hot, I need some fresh air! Do you need some fresh air?"

"Good idea." said Nicole, taking her hand. The staircase were dark but looked safe, We headed up, hoping to find some roof top access.

"Are you guys having fun? I'm having soooo much fun..." Forest mumbled as we went up, her dress lighting our way.

We pushed through a door at the top of the stairs and found ourselves on the roof. The night was warm under a half-moon. All around us the city glowed under tungsten orange clouds. Forest whooped and ran around the roof, arms out, face to the sky. I held Nicole's hand and took in the sight. Below us the music came thumping, muted, through the roof. We embraced and kissed, our tongues playing, our hands roaming. I pushed Nicole against a low structure, part of an old ventilation system. She ground her crotch against my thigh.

Suddenly, Forest appeared above us, standing on the ventilation shaft. She was naked, her glowing dress balled in one fist, her fairy wings in the other. She raised her arms up above her head and shimmied her ass around, mooning the city. Nicole and I looked up and laughed.

Forest jumped down to stand next to us. She strolled over to the edge of the roof. I noticed how incredible her body was. She was still young enough to be tight in all the right place, a flat stomach, smooth thighs, a high butt that capped long legs. But she had such a womanly figure! Her hips were wide enough to give her a perfect hourglass shape, with a tight but round ass, thin waist and breast that were round and full. They defied gravity, full and heavy yet perky with bright pink nipples topping them. She was in that perfect window where her body was mature but age and gravity had not started their slow grind.

A small tuft of blonde hair crowned the thick lips of a pussy that was otherwise shaven bare. Maybe I stared.

"I love being naked!" she crowed "it feels so much better. If I could I would be naked all the time."

"Well you look great, you should be naked" said Nicole.


I glanced at Nicole. She was smiling, and frankly staring at Forest. My mouth started to feel dry. I liked the look of lust in her stare.

Forest turned to face the city. She brought her hands to her breasts, lifting them up as if to offer them to the distant skyline. Her fingers closed around her nipples and soon she was pulling at them, rubbing them between thumb and fingers. Her hips started a slow roll, her ass moving in a slow orbit.

Nicole, still facing away from me to stare at Forest, reached down and started to slowly stroke my hard cock through my pants. I pulled her close, my own hands drifting across her breasts. Her nipples were hard under my palms, sharp and pointy even under the layers of cloth that covered them.

A sudden sound startled us. Voices, footsteps, coming from the stairwell.

Nicole grabbed Forest by the arm and led her quickly away.

"Sweetie, come over here, quick," she said, hiding behind a ventilation shaft.

I turned towards the stairway just in time to see a small cluster of partiers stumble up. They spilled out onto the rooftop with whoops and cries, barely noticing me. I waved at them, trying to be friendly while hiding my erection.

In the corner of my eye I saw Nicole and Forest step out from their hiding place. Forest's glowing dress was back on, and she didn't seem happy about it. Nicole held her by the hand.

"Let's go," she said to me. We all filed back down the stairs.

We were soon back in the warren of empty rooms, trying to find the bar area again. The way was lit by Forest and her dress. She had put her wings back on, walking ahead of us. I held Nicole's hand as we walked. Maybe it was the drugs, maybe just the setting, but it was magical to have this fairy light the way ahead of us. The small lights in her dress moved and swayed with her every step, throwing shifting patterns on the walls.

I noticed that Forest was walking funny. She was rising high on her toes with every step, as if she was wearing high heel shoes. It gave her walk a bounce. I figured if I was still feeling the effect of the half-dose of the pill we took, Forest must be riding quite a psychedelic wave. Maybe she thought she was flying.

Forest turned to us, walking backwards. She smiled. Then her hands swept up and to the side before landing on her throat. Her fingers traced her collarbones, digging between the outer mesh of the dress and the inner lining. The fabric ripped. She dug deeper. The inner lining ripped, was loosened, started to split. Still smiling, Forest methodically separated the inner lining of her dress from the outer mesh.

The inner lining fell at her feet. Forest stepped over the pile of satiny fabric. She was now only wearing the outer mesh of her dress, the small lights woven through it, casting light upon her naked flesh. The effect was strange, and erotic. The light was uneven, the shadows dark. Every step she took changed the light, revealing then cloaking in shadow parts her. Her nipples, hooked on the mesh, poked out, pink and hard. Her belly was a long expanse of flesh leading to the deep and dark V of her pubis. A step revealed her pussy, another cast it in shadow.

Her eyes heavy with lust, Forest smiled. She twirled and before we could stop her, she ran ahead. Within seconds she was just a bright, winged figure darting down the hall. She turned a corner and left us in the dark.

I held on to Nicole's hand. We huddled closer. Our eyes adjusted to the darkness and soon we were able to make our way towards the red glow of the bar area, walking slowly though the empty hallway.

Soon we were standing at the entrance to the bar area. The caution tape was at our feet, where we had left it when we crossed it to reach the roof. Before I could take another step, Nicole pulled me back into the darkness. She spun me around and pushed me against the wall. Her breath was hot against me. She crushed her lips against mine, pushing her body close.

"I want you inside of me" she whispered in my ear, her breath hot against my skin.

She knelt down, tugging at my pants.

I was dimly aware that we were standing in the dark hallway and visible to anyone in the bar area glancing our way. Maybe it was the drug, maybe I just didn't care, but I let Nicole pull down my pants to mid-thigh, releasing my cock. She dove on it, filling her mouth with the length of the shaft, swirling her tongue around the tip. The explosion of sensation shot through me, rising up my spine and snapping my head back.

I stumbled backwards until the wall stopped me. Nicole grabbed my ass and hung on, her mouth stuck only cock. She was barely moving her head, just savoring the feel of my cock in her mouth as if it was made of candy. She let it slide out, rubbing the tip against her wet lips. Her eyes were closed, her jaw slack. She seemed in another world, gently rubbing my cock on her face.

I slid the tip of it back in her mouth. Her lips closed over it and she started sucking on it like a giant lollipop, gumming the tip. It felt incredible and frustrating at the same time. I wanted to feel her around my shaft, wanted to feel her heat. The only point of contact between us was her mouth on my cock. The rest of me felt cold, distant.

I pulled her to her feet and guided her towards the bar area. I didn't even bother putting my cock back in my pants. I guided her towards a large bean bag chair that had been thrown on the ground. I sat on it and pulled her on my lap. She wrapped herself around me, pulling her body as close to mine as possible. We kissed hungrily.

I know that there was a room around us, but all I could see was the sound waves of the music cascading over us. The trippy visuals were being triggered by the loud music which we could feel again. I had forgotten how loud, how primal that driving beat was, once we got close to the dance floor again. That drumming was there, in the body and in my visual field, given color and shape by the drug. Nicole was the only other thing I could see in front of me.

Nicole was squirming on my lap, moving and tugging at her own pants. Suddenly one of her legs was bare and she sat back down on my lap. Her pussy was naked against my cock, hot and wet, sliding along the length of my shaft. She had pulled one leg of her pants off to free herself.

She tilted her hips and I was inside of her. She rocked herself down until I was fully inserted, until we were pubis to pubis. She grabbed my head and pressed her forehead against mine. We were breathing in each other's mouth, eyes closed, as tight against each other as could be. She started rocking her hips, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Her pussy was wet and hot. I felt a drop of her juice slowly roll down my balls.

The sensation on my cock was not going to make me cum. She was barely moving, focussed on the feeling of her clit. I could feel the hard little nub of it against my skin.

The music became a single beat that resonated inside of us. Our breath became in sync with the rhythm of the music, our heart beats rose to match the beat of the music, the rocking of her hips matched the rhythm. The music flowed in us, through us, connected us.

To my closed eyes her body appeared to be transparent. Waves of pleasure were bouncing inside of her in colorful patterns, her clit pulsating in time with the music. I saw my cock, red and bright, inside of her, emitting a warm radiance that soon spread all the way up to her head, coloring her crystal body.

That was the trippiest sex I ever had. I saw her orgasm as a white light that shot out of her clit, riding on the crest of red heat emanating from my cock. I opened my eyes just in time to see her open hers. Our gaze locked as an orgasm rocked her, her pussy clenching down on my cock. She had never been more naked, or more beautiful.
She hugged me fiercely, her body shuddering in small spasms of pleasure. With my eyes open I lost the visuals of her inner pleasure. I could feel the cool air on my wet balls; a slightly jarring and mundane thought compared to what I had just experienced. She was so wet that my balls were drenched with her juices, and now they were cold! I laughed, which made my hips jerk and rub against her clit. She gasped and bit her lip; another orgasm was mounting already. I pushed her lower back closer to me, rising against her, grinding against her clit. She came again. I was still rock hard inside of her, but I doubted that I could cum right now, in this position. I enjoyed the warmth of her body and her pussy against me, around me.

We kissed.

"We better find Forest" I whispered in her ear.

She nodded.

She got of me, one hand holding on to her pants.

The bar area was almost deserted. We were in a back corner, and no one seemed to pay attention to us. I reached up and pulled her pants down. Her short dress fell barely below her ass so she was mostly covered. From my seated position I could clearly see her pussy, the lips still swollen and wet, the short brown hair that framed it all matted down.

I pulled her pants all the way down. She stepped out of them, smirking at me.

I stood up and stuffed my cock back in my pants. From a standing position you couldn't tell Nicole was panty-less. But I knew, and I loved it. I caressed the naked flesh of her ass.

"Let's go find her," I said, before kissing her on the lips while giving her ass a squeeze.

She smiled and took my hand, leading me towards the stairs and the dance floor. Her hips had an extra swing to them. Her pants were wadded up in my hand, reminding me of how naked she actually was.

This night was getting better and better.

And now to find Forest.

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