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Beebe and Petey Ch. 09: Conclusion

If you're just now joining the series, here are the characters:

Chad, (nickname BeeBe) age 20, drafted and on leave between basic training and AIT

Kathy, (nickname Petey) age 18, College student, Chad's fiancée'

Denise, (nickname Dene) age 18, Chad's sister and Kathy's best friend

Jan, age 28, Kathy's sister

Tony, age 26, Jan's lover/boyfriend—ex Air Force, airline pilot.

Dave, age 20, a friend of Chad's


Saturday morning, Nov 27th, 1971

This time Dene and I were up and going before Chad! Yesterday morning he had already tucked away a 5 mile run before we staggered down; this morning there was no sign of him.

Last night had been another round of intense sex and adventure. It was the wildest we'd ever had in our fledgling adventures; the evening ended when we got kicked out of a motel!! Either the walls were pretty damned thin or we must have been a lot noisier than we realized. (Maybe both!) The consolation, if there was one, came when we got a standing ovation from the TWO rooms to our left. The room on our right must have lodged the complaint; we saw a curler-bristled head disappear behind a curtained window. But the folks down the row to the left were a group of Marines fresh back from 'Nam, and they loved it! [Writing this now, I'm struck by the fact that if this happened today there would already be video clips on YouTube and Facebook with strings of comments. But in 1971, thank goodness, no cops, no record, no foul.]

This morning Dene's parents had already left to pick up my folks and Jan at their hotel to hit the sales at the west suburbs biggest mall. Dene and I opted for a quick breakfast of cereal, juice and coffee then headed up for showers.

I peeked in Chad's room. He tentatively opened one eye, then smiled: "Hey! I know you-you're that wild broad who screamed so loud when she came a whole hotel full of marines broke into applause!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" I acknowledged, opening my robe and bowing deeply. Then I dropped it on the floor, peeled off my nightgown and leaped onto his bed.

"Guess my folks are gone, huh? I scared myself for a minute after I said that! I forgot who might hear!"

"Just me and Dene. Your folks are picking up Mom, Dad and Jan and heading out to Northwest Plaza to hit the sales. Sooo-you hiding a banana under the sheets or are you glad to see me?" I reached over to see for myself.

"Hey, you two-you're not starting something without me, are you?" Dene asked as she leaned into Chad's room.

"Wouldn't think of it!" I answered back.

"Oh?" Dene said with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry to have misinterpreted! I thought maybe finding you nude in Chad's bed holding his dick meant something was starting."

"Nah," I said, "not without you; I knew you were right behind me."

"Are you sure you two wouldn't like to catch a shower before we jump back into this?" Chad asked. "I, for one, ain't too damned fresh anymore."

We had to admit we were awfully ripe after last night's sexcapades in the waterbed. I headed for the shower. Dene stayed behind in Chad's room.

As I was stepping from the bathroom I heard the door open downstairs and Jan's voice called: "Are you three up and moving yet?"

"Hey Jan! We're up-did you bail out on the shopping trip?"

"I doubted I'd be interested in the same shops so I've got Dad's rental and they're riding with Dene's folks."

"I'm just out of the shower and getting dressed-Dene just got into the hall shower and Chad's using the master bath-be down is a sec!"

Pretty soon we were giving Jan the blow-by-blow of our Friday night! We hammed it up a little. At the end, she was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her cheeks. "You three are a fucking trip!" she howled. "Guess you have some idea of how much noise you can make in a motel now, huh? And a bunch or jarheads saved your bacon? You better hope they didn't get your name, Chad, or you'll NEVER hear the end of it from them or your Army buddies either!"

"I'll take their shit if it comes to that," Chad said, "getting a standing ovation and seeing Sir Asshole-the-Manager try to shrink into his shoes almost made the ending worthwhile! The only thing I feel bad about is almost losing my temper. I was ready to go all kung fu on that piece of shit. If Kath and Dene hadn't talked some sense into me, I'd have fucked things up for all of us."

"A good piece of self-knowledge, Chad. So anyway, what's on tap for the finale? You got plans for tonight?"

"I'm of two thoughts-" Chad said, "I would love to find a place where the 4 of us could play, but I wouldn't mind spending the last night with everybody here-all 8 of us."

"I could go for family night." I chimed in.

"Don't think I can sit for the whole evening," Dene said, soto voce.

"HA!" I added. "There's a price to pay for your ass-whacking fetish! I'm still stinging a little too, and I didn't take anything like what I gave you!"

"But you liked it, didn't you," Dene grinned.

"You're taking the paddle too, Tiger?" Jan asked me. "How'd you like it?"

"We just used hands, not paddles, but I came like a ton of bricks!"

"Lemme see your ass!" Jan demanded, and I dropped trou to moon her.

"Still a little pink, but no marks," she judged. "Dene, let's see yours!"

Dene's ass still had some fading rectangular paddle marks from Jan's ministrations earlier in the week, but she was also still sporting crimson hand prints from my work last night.

"Holy crap! Whose work is this!"

"Kathy's-I had to push a little to get her up to speed, but she gave me some good ones!"

"Nice work, Tiger!" Jan gave Dene a good swat as she yanked her slacks back up. Dene yelped, then ooooo'd.

The sexy teasing went on a while longer, but in the end we decided to stay home for the last night. Dene, Pam and I had to head back to school and work. My folks had a long day of travel to get back to California with 16 hours total travel time and two layovers. Jan and I had it easiest-one of Tony's partners in the -210 had flown it to St. Charles Tuesday to take a flight for Delta and would be flying it back tomorrow afternoon. He agreed to drop us at Corpus before heading back to their home field north of Dallas. Chad was going to spend a week with his folks and then take a bus to Corpus to spend a few days with me before reporting for AIT. Dene was planning to take "The Dog" (Greyhound) back to Bloomington, Indiana and classes at IU.

There was a surprise at dinner!

Dene announced that she had quit the IU swim team. Her scholarship was good through the end of the fall semester, but wouldn't be renewed for the spring semester.

"My classes are taking more work than I'm used to," she explained, "and the team practices were longer and more exhausting than high school. It was a hard choice, but I decided if I wanted to have a shot at law school I just had to make classes my first priority. The out-of-state tuition is going to be pretty rough without the scholarship, Dad, so I can transfer to Mizzou at semester break."

There was a moment of stunned silence before Dene's dad spoke.

"Well, if swimming is pulling down your studies, you're making the right decision. I'm a little surprised, I guess. I thought things were going well. Your mid-terms were pretty good."

"It was only a 3.5, Dad. That was a wake-up call. There were a couple of really obvious times when swim got in the way-I missed a quiz because I cut class to practice, and I was just too tired to finish a project the way I knew it should have been done. I think I can still pull it up to a 4.0 for the semester. I've been spending the time I gained from dumping swim practice to do extra credit assignments, talk with the Profs and TAs and make sure I get everything mastered all the way, like I did in high school. It's pretty clear I made the right decision to drop swim-things are going really well now."

"Is there still time to apply to Mizzou?" Dene's mom asked.

"I haven't really pursued that yet. It might be too late, but if it is, I can move back here, work a semester and apply for the fall semester."

"Let's explore the options before we pick a direction. Are you happy otherwise at IU? Are the classes good? You have some good friends?" her dad asked.

"The classes are pretty good. 3 of them are survey courses-big lectures with TAs doing most of the teaching, but the content is OK. It's probably the same at any big school. My roomy is nice-we get along OK, but I was a hermit until I quit the team, either hitting the pool or hitting the books. I didn't really click with the team. I mean, they weren't antagonistic or anything but I didn't get close to anyone. We were all in the same boat-it's hard to socialize while you're swimming 5 or 10 miles a day, and there wasn't much time left after that. We had the bus trips for away meets, but even those weren't much of a deal. I always had my nose in a book. It's actually better now-there's a girl in the one challenging class I've got who seems about at my level. We study together pretty regularly, and find things to do on weekends. She's in a sorority and wants me to rush next semester, but I'm not sure about that, even if I don't transfer."

The conversation between Dene and her folks took up most of the rest of dinner. I was surprised she hadn't tipped me off, and a little irritated, but I kept my mouth shut.

After dinner, Dad put his arm around my shoulders and asked: "So how are things going for you, Kitten? We were a little surprised Dene was having a rough go. Are you OK?"

"It's kind of the other way around for me, Dad. I'm still bored stiff in all but one of my classes. I pulled a 4.0 at mid-terms, and unless Calculus blows up, I should still have that locked in for the semester. I just can't wait to get to Rice. I'm afraid my brain will start to rot if I don't use it more. I'm worried sick about Chad, though. It's going to be hard not to let that distract me. We've got to figure out a date. I don't think it will be before he gets shipped out. Dad, I just don't know what's best."

"Jan was right when she told us to trust you, hon. But don't feel like you're on your own. Use Mom and me to bounce things off of while you think things through. Don't be afraid to use long-distance-there are times when it's worth the expense, and I can probably get an auto-von line at work. You know you're always welcome to move in with us in California, too-they're got some pretty great schools there."

As independent as I thought I was, it felt so good to have Dad's arm around me and to know he was still in my corner. I felt my eyes water up as I hugged him and whispered, "Thanks, Dad."

All eight of us stayed up in the family room until about 11 that night, with conversations that swirled around alternately in small clusters and then with everyone jumping in. It had a very comfortable, safe feeling-maybe more so because we all knew things would never be quite the same.

Dene and I finally fell into bed and I spooned her as we talked softly.

"Dene-what the Hell. Last time we talked, you were going to be a teacher and coach swimming! Where did law school come from? And what's the deal with swim? I had no idea you'd dropped it. You're a damn fish-there's got to be more, isn't there?"

"Yeah. Not sure I want to talk about it."

"Dene-how come? Did you fuck up? You know I don't care. And I think you need to talk. Hon, tell me, OK? Tell your Petey what's going on."

I felt her begin to sob quietly. I kissed her shoulder and drew her closer to me, nestling my cheek next to hers.

"Yeah. I fucked up. With the coach. I feel like I've been cheating on you."

"Holy Crap, Dene! I thought we were past that! You get to do whoever you want! You didn't abandon me. I know you won't ever abandon me, and if you entertain yourself with other lovers while we're apart, it's OK! For God's sake, just look whose arms are you in this minute! And whose pussy were you in the last two nights! You didn't cheat on me, so just cut that crap out. And tell me every lurid detail!"

"You sure?"

"I'm abso-fucking-positive."

"I still feel guilty, but thanks."

"So what happened?"

"Well, the coach called me into her office the first week. She said she always wanted to get to know her girls individually and invited me to her house for dinner. She said it would be a small group of us, but when I got there, it was just me. She was wearing a thin shift, and I could see she was braless. She's built kind of like you, by the way, and I thought: "No big deal-her house, her option." She gave me some wine, and then some more, and then she served a really great linguine dish with these huge shrimp. It felt weird at first, like I was on trial or something. I really worked at not dripping linguine down my blouse or sounding stupid. But between the wine and talking about things to do in Bloomington, and what life had been like in Corpus, she really put me at ease. Then she took me outside to show me her hot tub. It was this big wooden vat on her patio. She had a fence and tall landscaping all the way around the yard, so it was really private. She asked if I'd like to sit in it a while. She offered to loan me a suit if I wanted, but said that she just always skinny dipped and whoosh! She pulled the damned shift over her head! My jaw dropped. Partly because she just stripped in front of me like it wasn't a deal at all, and partially because she had a treasure trail! Not as thick as mine, but there it was."

"It would take a lot to equal this," I said, reaching down to stroke her furry belly. "So, did you? Strip off, I mean?"

"Yeah. I was in full battle gear-blouse, bra, skirt, pantyhose-so I didn't just go 'whoosh, naked' but I got there. She widened her eyes and said I was "an absolutely stunning young woman" and was glad I was comfortable with nudity. I wasn't-comfortable, I mean-but I tried the best smile I could. Seemed to me I WAS on trial now, and it had nothing to do with swimming. But she was pretty hot, and I was a little drunk. I was getting turned on, too, and I'd never been in a hot tub. Before we went to the tub, I got more assertive. I closed the distance between us and gave her the line from The Graduate: "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."

"My God, Dene, was Mrs. Robinson really her name?"

"Nah-but the shoe fit. She said "Well, what do you think?" I cupped one of her tits, rolled her nipple in my fingers, and said: 'I'm pretty sure you are.' She said: "You may be onto something there." She hugged me in close, slid her hands down to my ass and kissed me. She had an enormously long tongue-when she slid it in my mouth I thought 'now there's something that needs to get up my pussy.' We stood there making out for a while-she'd play with my tits, I'd finger her pussy, we'd do some little neck sucks and ear nibbling. Then she said "Shall we?" motioning to the hot tub, and we got in. Gotta tell you Kath, hot tubs are great! She held me in her lap, played with my tits, stroked my bush, fingered my pussy-but it was all slow and gentle. After about 15 minutes, I was limp as a wet noodle! I was surprised how much effort it took to climb out of the tub. We headed to the bedroom and got down to more serious sex. She asked if I liked "devices" or just wanted to play naturally. We went natural. That tongue! Frenching with her was almost like sucking a really agile dick! Honest, she could reach the back of my throat! Her fingers really knew their way around a clit, too. She kept me hovering right on the edge of cumming forever. It was weird when I went down on her. I kept pretending I was you going down on me! You know I've never thought my bush was very sexy-all coarse and thick, and if it wasn't for you, I'd keep it bald above my bikini line. I still like yours best-soft and delicate, tres feminine. But anyway, I ate her out for a long time and got her off probably 4 or 5 times that first night. And then, goddamit, she fell asleep! I was lying there in her bed, so horny I could almost cum without even being touched, and she rolls over and goes to sleep! I figured if she offered "devices," they'd probably be close to the bed, so I went exploring. Found a vibrator-about the size of yours-and got myself off with it. Then, what? Do I spend the night with her? Do I get dressed and bug out? Busses wouldn't still be running and it was a long walk back to the dorm. I didn't have any idea what a cab would cost and I didn't have much cash, so I stayed. Practice was at 5 the next morning, and I figured she'd give me a ride in."

"Well, she gave me a ride, but the mood was WAY different in the light of day. She would hardly look at me. She gave me a bitchy stare when she saw I'd used her vibe. She dropped me at my dorm so we wouldn't be seen arriving together at the pool, and when I got there, late, of course, she bitched me out in front of the team and gave me extra laps. It was pretty confusing and I was late for class because of the extra laps. When we finished evening practice that day, I went in her office and closed the door. I asked why she was mad at me. She slumped, and said she wasn't really mad, but that she always felt guilty after having sex with a girl. She said she had some baggage from growing up in a Pentecostal church, but couldn't seem to stay away from girl-girl sex. I told her I was way past feeling guilty about liking girls and that if she wanted to continue I thought she was a good lover and ought to keep on doing what gave her pleasure. I mean, it just seemed silly now that women would feel guilty, but I remember how we felt when we started out."

"That was a Friday, and our first meet was still two weeks off. She invited me back to her house again for the weekend. THAT was a weekend to remember, I'll tell ya'! Friday night was a repeat of Thursday-wine, nice dinner, making out, hot tub then eating her out for a half hour. And dammit, she went to sleep AGAIN! That was kind of a pisser. I went for the vibe, but she'd moved it. Bitch. I was a woman on a mission! I went around all her bedroom drawers, then into the closet. Paydirt! There was a long, flat box at the back of the closet and when I reached in, I pulled out a different little vibe, smaller than the first one. I got myself off twice with it, and got the sheets good and damp with my pussy juice. I put the vibe back this time so at least she wouldn't have that to get bitchy about if the guilt hit her again the next morning."

"I was up before she was Saturday morning and showered while she still sawed logs. I hunted around in the kitchen and started the coffee. The place was kind of a mess in the daylight, so I started straightening and dusting. She stumbled in about 7 (that's a very late morning by swim team standards) and went for the coffee without speaking. I joined her with the dust rag over my shoulder and asked how the guilt was this morning. I tried to make it sound genuinely sympathetic. She clouded up in a frown for a moment, but seemed to relax. 'Thanks for making the coffee' she said, and went into the living room. She didn't seem to notice my cleaning. I let her sip her coffee until it was gone and got her a fresh cup. Finally I said: 'Listen, if this is going to be too awkward, don't feel like you have to let me stay all weekend.' "

"Nope!" she said. "I had a great time last night, and I'm determined not to feel guilty about it. You stay. You administer cunnilingus better than anyone I've ever been with." Dene tried to use some kind of Yankee accent for the coach.

"HA! 'Administer Cunnilingus'?!? Dene, she actually said that?""

"Thought you'd get a kick out of that. Yep-her exact words. And in all the other times we were together, she never said 'pussy' 'cunt' 'tits' 'asshole' 'eat me' 'give head' and especially not 'fuck.' She really was wound around the axle about sex."
"So did she ever eat you out?"

"Nope. Not once. She'd run that foot-long tongue around my tonsils, but never put it where it'd do the most good."

"So you were like her little whore girl or something-doing her and not getting anything for yourself? I can see where that would have ended badly"

"Not quite that bad. She went out for groceries later that morning and I went back to that flat box in the closet floor. Hoo-boy. Fur handcuffs, paddles, nipple clamps, rope, anal beads, a big old butt plug, a strap-on and a half-dozen dildos. AND a whole pile of Polaroids! There she was: tied up; in handcuffs; getting paddled by a guy; getting fucked; getting caned; sucking dick; getting her nipples twisted; getting fucked by a woman with the strap-on—Coach had some serious kinks. Girl-girl sure wasn't her only departure from her Pentecostal upbringing."

"I dunno, Dene, maybe that was to relieve all that guilt! Maybe she had to get 'punished' for being bad and enjoying herself. Did you fess up to finding her stash?"

"No, never. But I decided to push things a little. The floors really needed work. I got out a mop bucket and did the kitchen floor and bathrooms, vacuumed and finished dusting. When I heard her pull up, I splashed soapy water down one leg of my jeans and stripped them off. My T-shirt covered about half my ass and most of my bush. I thought I'd let her take a gander in the daylight. I peeked out around a corner of the kitchen and asked if she had anyone with her or expected company. She didn't, so I walked out in just the T-shirt. 'I soaked my jeans emptying the mop water-thought I'd let them dry if that's OK with you' I said." She said to just stay away from the front windows and it'd be fine. She got in one more load of groceries and stripped down all the way. 'Don't want you to feel awkward' she said. I helped put away groceries, finished putting away the cleaning supplies and found as many opportunities as I could to bend over and display my butt. She finally took the bait and said: "You know, you're being a very naughty girl. I've half a mind to get my paddle after you!'

"I felt my pussy get wet. I hadn't had any ass-whacking since Jan worked on me last summer! I tried to look as bashful as I could and said I felt guilty and embarrassed about it, but that although I didn't need to be punished, I did like to be spanked. She comforted me by admitting to actually needing punishment herself! Just what you said, Kath-she could only build up so much 'sinfulness' before needing to be punished. I said 'Well the only thing I can think of that you need to be punished for is not using that very nimble tongue to lick my clitoris and penetrate my vagina! Turnabout should be fair play, after all, and I'm sure you enjoyed it when I administered cunnilingus to you!'

"You didn't use that language!" I laughed.

"Oh, I sure did! She said that was very true, and then got quiet. She fixed lunch for us and then headed back to take a shower. About 10 minutes after the water stopped, she called me back to the bedroom. The contents of the box were laid out on the bed. She was already in the handcuffs, still naked, and looking stoic. 'Denise,' she said, 'I need for you to punish me. I know I had a responsibility to avoid having relations with a student, and I know it's wrong to lead a young woman into lesbian activities, and I know I should have given you pleasure and release. Please use as many of these devices on me as you care to. Take as long as you wish. I'll try to take anything you give me, but if I try to get away, you may tie me up.' "

"So did you lay into her?"

"I thought about bailing out. But then I thought she probably really needed it, and decided to go ahead. There was a red ball with straps on it on the bed. I'd missed that when I went through the box. There was another pair of cuffs, too, and a 3-foot pole with leather straps on each end. I had to ask her what the hell the ball and pole were for. When she explained, I put the "ball gag" on her and pushed her forward onto the bed, face down. The pole was a 'spreader'. I put the straps on her ankles with the rod between them so she couldn't close her legs. Then I explained what I had in mind: 'I'm going to paddle your buttocks lightly for about 5 minutes. It won't hurt very much at first, but it will begin to sting. Next I'm going to lubricate your anus and penetrate it with these devices. I'll use all of them, small to large, opening your anus up more with each one. Then I'm going to insert this large plug and leave it there. That will be a sign that I'm about to start administering very hard blows with a paddle. I'm writing a number on this piece of paper. I'm folding it so you can't see the number and setting it on the night stand. You will tell me when to stop paddling your buttocks by moving your head from side to side 3 times. Do that for me now to show you understand.' (She did) 'If I've already equaled or exceeded the number of blows I wrote on the slip of paper when you instruct me to stop, your punishment will be over. If you tell me to stop before I reach that number, I will administer double that number at a higher intensity.' "

"So you kept on with the clinical language?"

"Yes, it just seemed to fit her, you know?"

"So how'd it go? Did she get the extras? How'd she take the butt plug?"

"She was evidently pretty used to it. Later, she claimed I ended up being so gentle she almost didn't count it as being punished, but I wasn't trying to be particularly gentle. She had tears welling up by the end of the 'gentle' 5 minutes. I had fun fucking her ass with the dildos-I don't think any of them were painful, but evidently they were deeply embarrassing. I had to push a little to get the butt plug seated, but it went in OK. I'd written 10 strokes on the paper, and she went to 20 before she stopped me. She was definitely sobbing by then. I unlocked her cuffs and took off the spreader, and gave her permission to remove the ball gag and butt plug."

"So did you do this a lot? I'm guessing something blew up after while."

"We fell into a pattern. As a cover, she 'hired me' (I never got paid) to clean her house every Saturday. We'd spend Friday night making out in the hot tub, then moving to the bed for me to eat her out through a few orgasms. Saturday mornings, I'd clean and make breakfast, she'd shop, and then we'd have the afternoon fetish sessions. The only variation was that before I'd work her over, I made her paddle me while I used a vibe on my clit. I'd use her nipple clamps sometimes, and by the way, I'm gonna have to get a set those from Jan. I think you might like 'em too under the right conditions. Anyway, she'd paddle my ass following my instructions about which paddle, how hard and how many. Then I'd make up some punishment routine for her. The more times we did it, the longer her punishment session lasted and the more toys I used on her. I can't say I really enjoyed that part of it, especially since I'd already had a couple of Os by the time I'd start on her, but she clearly either really needed it or really loved it, or maybe both. That was the only thing that kept me at it. I'd shove in the butt plug first thing without warm-up stretching. I'd shove the biggest dildo up her cunt and make her hold it in, I'd paddle her ass for a while, then flip her over and paddle her tits and whip her pussy, I'd pull hairs from her bush, I'd use the nipple clamps on her pussy lips and yank on them, I'd use a cane on her ass and draw great big red welts, I'd end up giving her as many as 50 really hard strokes with the paddle. I took Polaroid's of her with all the marks for her collection. It was incredible what she'd take, and she'd always be really grateful when I was done."

"So what happened? Why'd it end?"

"We got caught. She always took the phone off the hook so we wouldn't be interrupted while we played. The dean needed her for an expulsion conference on one of my teammates and couldn't get her on the phone, so he came by the house. I was bent over in the kitchen, bare-ass naked holding my ankles while she alternately paddled me and finger-fucked me. There was evidently a narrow sight line from the side windows by the front door into the kitchen and he saw me getting 'abused.' Unfortunately, I hadn't locked the door after I went out for the paper and he came stomping in to rescue me. He told me to get dressed, told Coach she was fired, and drove me back to the dorm. He apologized over and over for coach. I figured saying anything at all was a bad idea so other than thanking him, I kept my mouth shut. When I got up to the floor, I called Coach and told her I'd swear I'd asked her to paddle me. She said that might have worked if she hadn't been 'penetrating me manually' too. She told me not to worry about her. She even said I should tell the dean that she'd forced me to have lesbian sex with her if I wanted to. I said we should both keep quiet about the sex and about her need to be punished. You're the only person I've trusted with the story. Evidently she told the school that she'd coerced me into being her slave. The University was never explicit about it; they only wanted to know how to 'make things right' with me. I said I didn't think I could keep swimming and that I might want to transfer schools, but was devastated to lose my scholarship. Kath, they gave me a cash-out for my scholarship- tuition, room and board through the end of a bachelor's degree! I had to sign a 'non-disclosure' agreement, but I got a check from some foundation for $35,000! I gave 10 grand to Coach to help see her through, but I've still got quite a nest egg. I'm struggling with what to do about Mom and Dad. It probably makes sense to transfer to Mizzou, let them keep paying my tuition, and then use the cash toward grad school. I don't think I can even hint about getting that check without setting off a whole lot of questions that have no good answers. And yeah, law school. I'm gonna be a lawyer and sue the fuck out of assholes who fire people over who they like to sleep with or what they like to do."

"I think growing up sucks, Dene. This stuff is getting hard."

"Amen, sister."

"I love you Dene." I hugged her tightly.

"Love you too. Thank God for us, Kath." She kissed my hand.

And we drifted off to sleep.

Friday, Dec. 3rd, 1971

A week had passed. My folks were back in California, Dene was back at IU finishing the semester, Jan and I were back home in Corpus Christi. To my surprise, Jan had flown the -210 the whole way from St. Charles to Corpus—Tony's partner signed her off for solo cross country and said he thought she was ready to get her license as soon as she logged a little more time! He shook his head saying not too many people took instruction in a complex, retractable-gear airplane.

Chad was set to arrive this afternoon on the bus from Houston. He was set to deadhead from St Louis to Houston on Delta, courtesy of Tony, then take the bus on into Corpus arriving at 5:40; I was on pins and needles waiting for him. Tony, Jan's guy, was staying in the house too. After a tightly-scheduled Thanksgiving holiday flying for Delta, Tony was off for 5 days. He and Jan had disappeared into her bedroom yesterday afternoon when he got in and didn't re-emerge until she had to go to work this morning. Tony would be taking my place in Jan's shop while he was here to let me spend the most time I could with Chad. I had finals coming up the week after Chad left for AIT, and was pushing to keep ahead of assignments.

After Thanksgiving weekend, Chad stayed with his parents in St. Ann, MO., a suburb of St. Louis. We had talked via long distance twice, and had written letters trying to think through when we should get married. We only had a week left until Chad had to report to Ft. Polk for his AIT, and all we had managed to do was put the decision off until this week.

There hadn't been any more hint of what the Army thought about Chad's language skills. Eddie Vu had agreed to keep working on Vietnamese with Chad while I went to class at the J.C., but the Army, being the Army, didn't seem at all interested in someone who could pick up languages and accents 10 times faster than anyone else in the country. Keeping at it couldn't hurt, though, and knowing that Chad had something important to do would help me muster the willpower to keep going to class instead of staying home and humping him 24 hours a day.

4:00 found me killing time by re-vacuuming what I'd already vacuumed twice today when, through the sheers, I glimpsed Chad's form striding up the front walk. I hurled the vacuum toward the closet, raced to the door and threw it open to greet - Tony.

"DAMMIT!!" I yelled.

Poor Tony, key in hand and moving toward the lock, looked startled, then sympathetic.

"Hoping for someone else, I'd guess?"

"Oh, Tony, I'm sorry. Yeah-I thought Chad had made it in early to surprise me. I didn't see very clearly through the drapes. I guess I just really wanted it to be him. Hey-c'mon in. You're home early!"

"Jan wanted me to get started on making a nice dinner for the 4 of us, if it's OK with you. Chad's due in at 5:40, right? So you'll be home about 6 or a little after?"

"Hope so. That's assuming he got on the flight, and that it wasn't delayed, and that he caught the right bus, and that the bus gets in on time. I wish your -210 had been available-he'd be here by now."

Tony was in partnership with 3 other Delta pilots in the Cessna 210.

"3 out of the 4 of us have the same downtime-I should have thought farther ahead and reserved it. It's been a really hectic season for air travel, though. I barely had time to remember who I was! If I plan dinner for 7:00, would that work OK? Chad would have time to unwind and freshen up and you two, or maybe all 4 of us, could visit before we sit down."

"That sounds really nice, Tony. Hey, you and Jan must have been really, umm, tired last night," I said with a grin and a wink. "You went to bed and slept right up till time for work this morning!"

"Well, I sure was tired this morning," Tony replied, returning the smile. "If you're anything at all like your sister, Chad may not have anything left in him for AIT!"

"Oh? What's my sister like, Tony? Wasn't she able to sleep?" I continued the tease.

"I'll never kiss and tell, Tiger, not even for you, except to say that Jan has more sexual energy than any 10 women combined ought to have."

"I'm not sure if I'm equal to 10 women. 5, maybe, but 10's a lot."

"Hey kiddo, I need to get to the grocery and get things going. How's a nice beef tenderloin sound? Oh, and hang on-I'll make sure his flight was on time into Houston."

Tony made the call and talked to one of the stews who verified both that Chad was able to board, and that they got into Houston on time. One worry dealt with! I was torn between staying at home by the phone in case something didn't go according to plan, and heading on down to the bus station. The bus station won-I fired up Betty (my VW) buzzed on downtown.

It was a little before 5 when I walked in and sat down in the terminal. I've never SEEN a clock move so slowly! I'd look at it, wait for HOURS, and when I looked again, it was only a minute later! Finally, a bus from Houston was announced and I went outside. It actually rolled in a minute early! But dammit! It looked like a little old lady convention when the doors opened! One-by-one they groaned and creaked down the stairs and clustered right at the bottom to bottleneck everyone coming behind! I could see Chad grinning at me from the aisle as he inched forward. It was all I could do not to shove the old bats down on the curb, but images of my Nana kept me civil.

I stood behind the crowd and Chad pushed his way through to lift me off my feet in an embrace and smoldering kiss!

"Oh Chad! I want us to get married before you go to 'Nam," I blurted.

Holy shit. I didn't know I was going to say that!

"My too, baby, me too!" Chad replied. "I've never been so sure. It just feels so right having you in my arms again." He kissed me again, long and deep. "Let's plan it for the end of my AIT-that will give the families time to get here."

Over Chad's shoulder, I saw one of the old bags galumphing toward us with a scowl. Doubtless, she thought kissing in public was scandalous—if she only knew! I was about to unleash unkind words, but one of her friends intercepted her. "Maudie, dear, look over here, quickly. I'm afraid they're mishandling your bag!" Maudie whirled and the intervener threw me a wink as she steered "Maudie" toward the bus. "Thank you" I mouthed to our rescuer.

We retrieved Chad's bag, threw it in Betty's nose and buzzed on home, pulling in at 6, like Tony and I thought.

Jan was home too; there were hugs, handshakes, smiles and lots of good cheer.

"Is it OK to tell?" I whispered to Chad.

"Go for it."

"Jan, Tony-we have some news. We've decided to get married before Chad ships out. We're going to wait until Chad graduates from AIT so the families can have time to come down"

"Oh, Kitten-good for you!" Jan gushed. "Oh, we'll have such fun planning it. Tony and I will both do anything we can to make it fabulous! And sorry for using "Kitten," but that just sounds right for wedding planning."

"Ditto what Jan said, kids-you're going to make a great couple! I've got some cooking to do, though" Tony said. "Chad if you want to unpack and freshen up, I'll get the girls some wine and get going in the kitchen."

Jan and I talked while Chad unpacked and showered. We covered lots of possibilities for the wedding and reception, working up more energy as we talked: shopping for a bridal gown, how many attendants to have, bridesmaid dresses-all the usual wedding busy-nests. I was surprised at Jan's enthusiasm, given her refusal to get married, but her excitement was in high gear!

"I assume you and Chad will want as much time all to yourselves as you can get while he's here, Tiger?" Jan asked.

"In fact, I DO!" I replied with emphasis.

"Tony and I will be working most of the time, and we can take as many overnight trips as you'd like us to."

"You don't need to leave, Jan! It's not like we're hiding anything from you, for God's sake. I don't think we'll be having any orgies with you, though."

"Got plenty of loving' all my own, kid!"

"We've only got a week. A day less, actually, since he's got to report to Ft. Polk a week from today, but we'll come up for air at mealtimes." I winked.

That first night Chad and I got in a week's worth of love making, trying to make up for lost time. Toni's dinner was awesome-the tenderloin was melt-in-your-mouth tender. And he fixed a zucchini-tomato casserole, mashed potatoes and a nice salad to go with it.

Chad and I excused ourselves quickly after dinner. Even though Chad had just showered, I'd gotten all sweaty vacuuming and re-vacuuming (and pacing back and forth) so we took our "usual" pre-sex shower together. I let him wash me first, enjoying every sensuous touch. He made it into a very sexy massage! He worked on my shoulders and neck, using his thumbs to loosen all the knots, then kneeled behind me and massaged my calves and thighs-it was just wonderful. (Having his face nestled up next to my ass was pretty great too!) He began working on my butt and slowly reached up through my thighs to stroke my bush. The heel of his hand was pressed into my labia and although they weren't parted (yet) I could feel my clit beginning to respond to the pressure. I took his hand and moved it back down a few inches, pressing his finger into my juicy slit. With the tips of his fingers, he lightly rolled my clit. My whole body shivered. I turned to face him and pulled him up into a long, deep kiss while the water cascaded over us, then slid down to lather up his dick and balls. I took my time stroking his soapy dick, rinsing, sucking the head, then soaping it again. We must have been at it for longer than I thought-the hot water began to run out!
We dried off, walked across the hall to my room without even bothering to dress and fell immediately into "position 1." For us, of course, "1st position" was with mouths planted firmly in each other's crotches! It didn't take Chad long to explode. I wasn't about subtlety-I sucked that cock with verve and confidence, stroking it with my hand as my mouth pulled it in and out and squeezing his balls with my other hand. I didn't bother waiting to catch up with him this time-I wanted a mouthful of cum right damn NOW! It had been a week-he had plenty for me, and made that low, guttural groan as the shot blasted down my throat. He was plenty loud enough that Jan and Tony had to have heard-but who the hell cared? I let him rest for a few minutes and pulled his head back into my pussy. He returned my vigorous efforts! Straight to my clit with his lips and tongue, one hand under my ass lifting me into his face and two fingers working my pussy. I didn't last long either, ending with a series high squeals and Chad's head clamped between my thighs.

"MffPedeee-by head!" Chad complained, his words muffled by my pussy.

"Oops. Sorry."

We lay panting for a while before renewing our efforts. It was a night worth waiting for!

So was the next one.

And the next one.

And-well, you know.

Before we knew it, Thursday the 9th came, and we were down to our last night. This final night had a different feel to it. We had another wonderful dinner (thanks, Chef Tony) talked until about 10 with Jan and Tony, then went back to our room and just held each other. We kissed occasionally, cried some (well, I cried) and drifted off in each other's arms.

Chad had been diligent with his language work under Eddie's guidance. Eddie just shook his head in amazement at the progress. He didn't think Chad would pass as a native speaker for very long-he wouldn't have the background of someone who grew up in Vietnam. But he could translate on the fly and was picking up a lot of nuances from inflection and cadence. Eddie couldn't believe the Army was just ignoring that.

I saw Chad to the bus station early on the morning of Dec 10th, kissed him goodbye one more time, then sat on a bench and bawled my eyes out.

Friday Evening, December 10th: The Phone Call

"Yes-I'll accept charges"


"Yeah-Chad? You get there OK?"

"I'm here, but turns out I'm not supposed to be."


"They didn't have me on the roster. I showed 'em my orders and then sat in the HQ building most of the afternoon. Turns out I'm supposed to be at Ft Huachuca, where ever the Hell that is."

"Did they tell you why?"

"They just said my orders had been changed. They called back to Bliss-my LT was TDY someplace, but somebody finally found he'd changed my orders. I guess they got mailed to the Corpus address. They're probably getting forwarded to Mom and Dad in St. Ann, or maybe getting returned to sender."

"What's at Ft-what did you say it was?"

"Huachuca. Don't know, but I'll get there quick. They've got me on a MATS flight out of Polk tomorrow morning at 0530. Evidently there's an airstrip on the base there. I don't even know what STATE it's in. Could be Mexico, for all I know."

"Hang on. TONY? You know anything about some Army Fort called Whatchyuka? Hold on Chad, Tony knows something."

"Chad? It's Tony. Was Kath trying to say Ft. Huachuca?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"I'm pretty sure it's some kind of spook base, buddy. I gotta think it's your bad-ass language skills finally getting some attention. They got a long fuckin' runway there too."

"That's what's on my mind too, but nobody's saying a thing here. Where the fuck is it, Tony?"

"Arizona, man, but not by much. It's due southwest of Tucson, almost all the way to Mexico."

"Well, fuck. Could be worse places to winter, I guess. Will they let you fly the -210 in there?"

"I don't know, man. I'll check."

"Let me talk to Kath again."

"Good luck, man."

"Chad? I was listening to Tony's end. Do you think this is good news?"

"I think my AIT may be a different kind of hard than I would have had at Polk. I don't know what to think about good vs: bad news. But listen, we never came up with a code, and we should have. So I've been thinking. If I write you a letter and start it out with your real name, Dear Kathy, then everything in the letter is real. If I start it out Dear Petey, then some of it is BS. Real name, real facts; fake name, fake facts. If I want to really reverse the meaning of something, I'll add "for sure". So if I start Dear Petey, and say "for sure the LT is a great guy" he's really an asshole. OK? We can't get carried away with detail that way, but it's something. Same thing if I phone."

"OK-sounds easy enough. Where are you now? Are you sure your phone isn't monitored?"

"I'm in town. They said that since I wasn't officially assigned to them I could stay off base. I've gotta get back in at 4 AM, though, so I'm going to hit the rack pretty soon."

"Ok-love you bunches. Be careful. Call me when you can."

"Love you too. I'll do my best."


Huachuca was indeed a language/spook "finishing school." And unlike Polk, Chad got no leave, even on weekends, and that wasn't even the worst. The worst was, he got shipped out without notice, without getting leave and wasn't permitted to call me. They allowed him to write an open letter to me that got mailed after he'd left the country.

"Dear Petey,

I'll be gone for a while, but for sure only a month or so. I wish I could tell you about it. I will, as soon as I can. Listen, Petey, for sure I'm OK with this. I'll get back soon so we can get married like we planned. Love Chad"

We didn't get married. We never got a chance. I got several more "Dear Petey" letters from Saigon, and they all said "for sure" he was in Saigon and safe from the heavy action. Then the letters stopped. My folks, Chad's folks, all of their contacts in the Army, everyone tried to find out what happened, but Chad's assignments had been classified.

Finally, his folks got notice that he was listed as MIA.

My senior year at Rice, I ran into Dave-remember him from the Beach Patrol? I'll skip the romance and adventures—Dave and I got married after I graduated and moved to LA for grad school. I still ached for Chad, and like his parents, was torn by the uncertainty that he might still be alive. But the US had withdrawn, North Vietnam had swept in and taken over the South. It had been 3 years, and in my heart I thought Chad had been killed.

Only he hadn't been killed. 5 years later, he knocked on our door in San Diego. I almost didn't recognize him. He was leaning heavily on a cane and seemed to have aged 20 years. I was speechless, then elated, then a sobbing mess.

By that time, Dave and I already had our first child. I can't say I loved Dave with the intensity that I had loved Chad, but he was a good man, and we were happy. Chad assured me over and over that he understood, and was glad I had moved on. He already knew I was married—he'd been back in the states for a month and had been in touch with his parents and Dene. He apologized for swearing them to secrecy. He'd been in Walter Reed until 2 days ago, and had to go back the next week for more rehab. He had to see me, he said, even though he had no illusions about displacing Dave and picking up where we left off. He just wanted me to know he was alive, and that he was glad I found someone, and glad it was Dave.

We visited all afternoon, had dinner with Dave, and because he insisted over and over, drove him to the airport to begin his trip to his parents' house in St. Louis. After a flood of tears, I kissed Chad goodbye again.

We didn't end things there. In broad strokes:

Chad married too, about 5 years after he got back, and began a lovely family;

Dave was killed by a drunk driver just after our 10th anniversary;

Chad and Dene were my rocks for a couple of years, visiting often as I worked through the grief, changed jobs and relocated to Illinois. When my libido returned I resumed my lovemaking with each of them;

Dene did transfer to Mizzou, enrolled in Naval ROTC, took the Marine option and let them pick up the tab for both her undergrad and her law degree;

I remarried-Dick. He was good for me, good for the kids, and life became tolerable, even pleasant.

Dick had been in the lifestyle before he met me, quit when I wasn't comfortable with it, but brought me back into it for the last 5 years of our marriage;

Chad died early last year. Melanoma. It was already stage 4 by the time they discovered it, and it took him within a month of the diagnosis. This series has been a way of working through my grief over his death. It's helped.

Thanks for reading. I may write more about the adventures the 3 of us enjoyed as adults, but this seems like a good place to end the series.

Val (aka Kathy/Petey)

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