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An Angel and an Owl

Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Ursa Myller looked at her reflection in the mirror again and wondered if Marcie would put her on the blacklist if she called to cancel less than an hour before the party. It could be sudden stomach flu. She definitely felt queasy looking at her costume. The thing was a confection of expensive white lace, silk, feathers and beaded opals. Ursa's bathing suits covered more.

She did not have the right figure to pull this off.

"Just wear it. You'll look great and you'll have the mask to hide behind. What do you have to lose?" Marcie's argument seemed valid at the time. So she'd taken the package as her friend smiled with a secret gleam in her eyes. "I can't wait until you meet him."

Him. Some mystery guy Marcie seemed to have the hots for. The woman wouldn't stop talking about him; Leo Wolfe. And just how would she know him when she met him? Masked and disguised. She held up the elaborate mask with the dark eyes and feathered headdress. She felt more like an albatross than the majestic being Marcie intended.

The doorbell announced her doom. No way could she cancel with the limo here. What had she gotten herself into? She pulled the silver cloak over her shoulders and tucked the mask and head dress under her arm as she went for the door.

The man outside was dressed in a black suit and tie with a domino mask covered his eyes. He looked like a bouncer, wide chested and bull necked. His voice crackled out, low and growling, "Miss Perez requests the honor of your company at the Masquerade." The blue of his eyes gleamed as he watched her and waited for the response.

What was the right phrase again? Marcie made her memorize it. "It is my pleasure to accept the privilege of the House-Mistress's generous invitation." She wondered what the brute would do if she didn't have it exactly right?

"Your mask lady." He motioned a meaty hand towards the bundle under her arm, looking expectant.

While she fumbled to get the feathery tangle in place, he walked her down the steps from her apartment and spoke in a low voice to her, "Do you know your word lady?"

"Yes. Tangerine." She felt herself smile but the expression melted away as the man spoke without a change of his stern expression.

"You understand you may depart at any time, for any reason. All you need to do is speak the word and find any doorman who will see you safe. Yes?" When she nodded, he inclined his head and offered her a large envelope before opening the door for her.

She clutched the package in her gloved hand as the perfumed cloud swirled from the interior. Inside she found herself seated with five other women in masks. Theirs were not as elaborate as hers but in gem colors like a rainbow. The door clicked closed behind her and she adjusted herself into the seat while the group eyed her.

Although she couldn't make out their faces, she could tell these were Marcie's friends. They had the tall, lean bodies suggesting they sustained themselves on a diet of cardio, silicone and tears. Thin and graceful with the best breasts and asses money could buy. In these costumes, they were the personification of a man's wet dream.

What in the hell was Ursa doing here among the Glamizons? She was barely 5'0 and a size nine for godsake. Stomach flu. Yup, she was definitely coming down with something!

One of the women smiled behind the red scarf covering her eyes and offered her a flute of Veuve Clicquot. "Welcome to the pre-party." She said in a throaty whisper. The others joined in her delighted laughter. The sound was musical, overflowing with excitement.

Ursa accepted the glass, hands shaking and the woman's smile widened. "You don't have to be afraid. No one is allowed to touch you unless you ask them. And all you have to do is say your word and they will stop."

"Or they'll get their ass expelled." Another of the women with eyes bound in sapphire silk murmured, lifting her glass in salute.

"No one wants to have their key and tokens revoked." Another woman, this one with a purple scarf around her eyes said, stretching out her impossible long legs.

Ursa bowed her face over the glass, bubbles tickling her nose, "I'm pretty sure I won't have to worry about anyone getting grabby."

The woman with the ruby sash who gave her the drink let her head tip to one side. A length of tawny curls tumbled over the swell of her breasts. "All you have to do is ask."

"Ask?" She moistened her lips and looked around at the women. They were each so impossibly beautiful it seemed ethereal; clad in gemstone hues and poised with utter confidence.

Ruby's lips curled up into the mysterious smile and she leaned back into her seat. "It's your first time I see. Have a look at your packet. You'll understand after you read it."

Ursa frowned, feeling all their attention on her as she sipped her drink and then set it aside so she could fumble at the envelope with her silken gloves. The parchment was golden closed with blood red wax imprinted with the seal of an owl. A large silver key trailing a wide blue ribbon fell into her lap along with a lemon scented card and several wooden disks dangling from blue ribbons. She squinted at the card.

'Welcome to the Masquerade darling. You are gifted with suite 13 for the pleasures of your visit. Please keep the key on your person when outside your rooms. The wooden tokens of the owl are for your partner(s) to note them claimed by you. No other patron(s) may molest them without your consent. The game is played this way—you select your friend(s) to accompany you for the weekend and offer them the token. They will accept or decline your offer. It need not be sexual company for there will be other activities in the atrium, pool, gardens and public areas.

The key-holder decides their fate. Guests are discouraged from propositioning key-holders. It is up to you to communicate your desires and limits. If your offer is refused, it is your obligation to behave with dignity and respect the wishes of the guest(s). There are many other guests to fulfill your needs.

While outside your suite, you are required to wear your mask and it is suggested that you communicate with your partners to firmly understand your comfort in maintaining the secrecy of your identity. You are not allowed to force your partner(s) to reveal themselves to you, nor should you ever feel compelled to expose yourself. You or your partner may break the bond of the token at any time for any reason without question. The house requests both parties act with respect in such matters or risk expulsion from house.

When you select a partner and they agree to your company, provide them your token and safe word. Do not change this word for the length of your stay as the house and staff knows this belongs to you and it will safeguard your partner and yourself. Should you or your partner(s) find yourselves in a situation either find uncomfortable, only speak the word and find a doorman who will see to amending the situation. The house does not tolerate bending or breaking the ethics of consent. Be rough, be joyous and be safe.'

Ursa felt her mouth go dry and she read over the card three times before looking up to find the women looking at her behind their various masks, their smiles knowing. She noticed they were all wearing their keys around their neck now that she realized what to look for. "I thought..."

"That we were the entertainment?" The women in an emerald mask laughed in delight and waggled her finger from side to side. "Oh no! We are patrons and key-holders. We decide who to spend time with and they get to dangle on the string. You see a handsome man, or lovely woman, you want their attention, you step to them and ask for them to keep you company. So long as they aren't wearing a key or someone's token, you're good."

"You can always talk to the key-holder of that token to negotiate some time together though." The woman in amethyst noted, her voice dreamy.

"I don't know if I can do this." Ursa admitted, feeling her heart beating way too fast as she counted the tokens. "I knew this was a sex party but I—I—" She squeezed fingers around the disks, trying to hide them.

"You thought it would be a sex orgy party where some masked man would just toss you on your belly and screw you without your approval and you wouldn't be required to make the first move?" The woman in a topaz mask asked, sounding both understanding and sympathetic.

"Something like that, yes. I can't talk to a good looking guy." She could barely keep her feet out of her mouth to talk with a guy period. When she went to take another drink of the bubbly, she realized that the glass was empty.

"The Mistress of the house has a keen eye for what people need. Maybe she thought stepping outside your comfort zone is what you need. You are the holder of a key, you decide what you want this weekend and how much you want and what you need." The woman in ruby purred happily.

"I'm only here for the night." Ursa said as the woman in emerald poured her more Champaign from the orange labeled bottle. This was far outside her comfort zone, and over her pay grade!

"You might be surprised how fast time flies." Emerald murmured. "Breakfast in the atrium is not to be missed."

"But what if I ask someone and they say no?"

"There are plenty of guests at the party." Sapphire answered, "Don't worry, you're beautiful Owl, and deserve all the joys the house has to offer no different than the rest of us."

The five women, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, and Topaz, lifted their glasses in salute and they toasted to pleasures to be.

They shared their tokens so they could remember each other in the press of the party, Ruby was Otter, Sapphire was Fox, Amethyst was Badger, Emerald was Bear, Topaz was Lynx. Ursa was feeling almost comfortable by the time the limo slowed.

"If you stay until morning, meet us in the Atrium at sunrise and we'll have a fine breakfast together and share our stories." Topaz said cheerfully as she turned to Ursa, her smile warm. "We always have such a wonderful time first morning."

"If I stay." Ursa answered, feeling warmth radiate into her cheeks. The other women looked just as eager to include her in their morning-after fun. Still, she imagined she would be running for the gates before the strike of midnight to get the hell out of there. A quickie and then she was gone.

"We'll hold a seat for you Opal-Owl." Ruby said knowingly and slid out of the limo with the help of the hand extended to her.

Ursa was the last to depart the comfort of the limo, feeling chocked and breathless. Outside she could hear harp and piano playing through the thrum of voices. When she hesitated longer, the driver in his simple mask leaned forward and offered her a smile.

"Miss? May I assist you?"

She checked again that the tokens were safe inside the clutch and that the key was visible against her modest cleavage and sucked in several breaths, struggling for calm. Then she accepted the leather gloved hand and allowed him to help her out. A long line of limos trailed the driveway and drivers were handing guests out into the sunset evening. Everyone wore a mask, face wrap or head-dress, each person's identity concealed. The resplendent costumes in an array of colors stole her breath away. The driver gave her arm a pat and she realized she still clutched onto his arm. The women in their gem outfits were deep in the throng of people moving towards the steps of the house.

"Miss, don't forget your ticket." The man offered her the envelop and card she nearly forgot, his eyes fixed on hers. "Enjoy your weekend."

Somehow she staggered along the walkway without falling on her face. Once she began moving in her stilt-heels, she realized there were not nearly as many people as she'd first imagined, only that they were all arriving at the same time. Classical music drifted over the grassy hillside and she saw the musicians situated on the expansive patio to one side of the lawn. She'd only seen Marcie's apartment in Oakland, this place out in Saint Helena inspired awe. The exterior looked like a French villa perched high on the hill with marble steps leading up into the main house. The circular driveway featured a large fountain and tiered gardens with lush tropical plants and a lawn that taunted the current drought with his lush texture.

She paused on her progress up the stairs to look around and marveled at the view of Napa Valley stretching around her. The hills rolled off into the distance and then dropped, stretching into the sunset against the distant mountain. Parcels of land formed random triangles of fields, simple farm houses, and vineyards in yellows and oranges, others in brown and green as the vines made ready to drop their leaves for winter. This was far removed from the grime of her normal city life in Oakland.

The brilliance of the costumes swirled around her, feathers, silks, furs with everyone smiling at her as they past. She snapped her gawking mouth closed and adjusted her mask to remind herself that no one knew her here.

Only Marcie!

Her friend wouldn't deny her the pleasure of admiring the vista and the landscape and the house itself.

When she reached the door at last, found the way blocked by two hulking doormen in fine black suits and domino masks. One of the men inclined his head, "Lady Owl." A white gloved hand extended for her invitation. With trembling hands she managed to remove the ticket stuck inside the envelope. The size of a credit card, it was made from metal and had an owl stamped into the face with five stars arched over its wide spread wings. Under it said: Patroness-Diamond ~ October 2015 -- October 2025. One of his eyebrows arched up as he looked up from the card and his voice was filled with a touch of awe. "Ma'am, this card will allow you access to the library, the cellar and rumpus rooms as you desire. May you enjoy the all the delights the house has to offer. Should you need anything, any doorman can assist you. With anything." He offered her back the card with a bow, dark eyes glinting warmly behind his mask. The other man swung the door open.

Golden light sparkled out from the vast foyer as she stepped inside, heels wobbling unsteadily against the slippery marble. The space was so enormous that the crowd seemed diminished here in the marble tiled space. A musician played the piano while masked visitors lounged on the red velvet sofas and couches. Many people sitting were not wearing keys and the majority of those guests were men mostly in their twenties although with masks, it was hard to judge ages. Gorgeous women looked comfortable behind their masks and headdresses. Handsome men were just as confident as the ladies, talking together in low voices. She felt her cheeks heat and touched her mask again.

People looked at her, sizing her small, curved body in the silvery cloak she did not check in at the door. It allowed some modesty she needed while getting comfortable. An attendant with a tray of wine passed by and paused at her side, murmuring about the selection: Cabernet Franc for the red or Viognier for the white. She selected the red and looked for a place to stand that would be out of the way just as the piano song ended and a familiar voice rang out above the low hum of voices.

"Guests and Patrons." The woman in deep indigo dress stepped into the center of the room, her golden key nuzzled against the swell of her breasts. The bejeweled corset gave her tall frame a wasp's distinct silhouette. "It is a pleasure to welcome you to the October house event. This is always my favorite party for the California house. I welcome the newcomers and ask that our veterans take time to show them the ropes--so to speak. It is good for your karma." She turned her masked face, scarlet lips curved into a smile when she met Ursa's eyes. Even with the gilded wings at the temples and ornate mask worked in feathers and leather, she would be able to tell this was Marcie.

"All four stories of the house are open to everyone as are the gardens, pool and atrium. Private spaces are locked and you should have the proper key if you are allowed access. I didn't think I needed to state this before but we do not allow pizza deliveries. Rhino's absence is not an accident. We are not a frat house. The kitchen can accommodate your needs; you only need to make your requests in a timely manner if you desire something outside our regular meals. Respect the house and treat it as you would your own. Clean up after yourself and honor others under the same roof."

The woman paused and smoothed a hand down her stomach. "If you have any questions or concerns, any doorman can assist you. I will see you all in the morning at breakfast." Smiling, she stepped back and the music picked up again, a lively jazz tune replaced the classic melody.

Ursa realized she expected a wild orgy to break out as she stood with her wine in hand, watching the mingling people. Sex-Party is what Marcie said. Not that she knew what to expect at such a thing, except for the faceless, meaningless sex of course. Hell, she'd half expected the women in the limo to come onto her and the ride to explode into a wild lesbian six-way.

Even the sex-parties in Ursa's life were boring.

As she finished with her wine, she began to see the pattern happening between pairs and sometimes trios and quads. Conversations moved from friendly to cozy with more covert touches than a normal party might allow. Then after a quiet exchange, a token would be offered and accepted with an air of ritual while the recipient would affix the token to themselves. More often than not, the group would then slip from the room and vanish through the archway or up the stairs to explore activities outside the busy foyer.

Not so busy now though. The boldest women and men had made their choices and taken their partners off to enjoy themselves. There were still people mingling in the room, they seemed less interested in sex than visiting and she had the impression that they were familiar with each other. Regulars. She'd watched one man turn down four offers. All beautiful women in outfits that inspired the imagination, a peacock, a leopard, a swan and a woman clad in silken flames. After the fourth politely departed, the man lounged awkwardly back into his seat with an air of forced relaxation.

Oh yeah, she'd been watching him. She'd watched a lot of the people though, he just happened to be there longer than most of the others. Also, he was the most interesting. His skin was so dark, like polished walnut. In contrast, the creamy feathers of his mask seemed to glow. Black eyes glinted with amusement behind his concealment but didn't touch his serious, pouted lips. His chest was bare except for a leather strap across his muscular pecs and his abs looked hard enough she was sure she could bounce a dime off them. Around his hips he wore a Romanesque leather skirt that left most of his powerful legs exposed. Small, tawny falcon wings were attached at his shoulders. At his sandaled feet lay an oversized bow and she'd seen the quiver packed with pink arrows attached to the strap. It looked as though someone had lathered him up in oil before presenting the giant dark cupid for display.

Earlier his couch had been full, but by now the others had departed and he cut an intimidating lone figure. After the multiple rejections of suitors, no one seemed willing to come speak with him. Definitely not her. Even if he were fully dressed, she would end up putting both feet down her throat trying to come up with something cool to say to him.

When another quad made their departure, she decided to explore and moved to exit the room as well. She couldn't just stand there all night staring at the handsome cupid. It was starting to get embarrassing. It might have been her imagination, but she thought she could feel his intense stare sharpen against her as she walked by his couch. Was that the soft creak of the springs and wood as he shifted forward? Hiding behind her mask, she didn't dare look over at him, feeling her blush scald her cheeks. If she didn't say anything, she didn't need to be disappointed by his respectful rejection.
Leaving her empty glass with one of the attendants, she headed to the arched doorway and heard louder voices laughing in the room beyond. Drawn by the sound, she came into the living room opening onto a balcony with both double doors open to the deepening twilight. A small group was gathered here chatting. Several people looked up and waved to her and she noticed they had slim slips of paper in hand. There was Peacock and Leopard she recalled from the list of rejected by the Cupid.

As Ursa came closer, she noticed several men lounging at floor by the women, rubbing the woman's feet. Simple masks concealed their faces but their bodies were nude except for the speedo-type loin cloth that kept them modest. Modest, except when they rubbed those glamourous toes against their stiff arousal. Suddenly Ursa wished she'd had the boldness to offer her token to someone.

"Come make a wager on the ponies?" Peacock asked, the sequins twinkling in the lights of the candles.

"Ponies?" Ursa asked and gave a small shake of her head.

"There will be a race out in the morning." Peacock said, reaching forward to smooth her fingers through the copper curls of her partner's hair. "You can have a look at the stock and see who you think will be fastest."

"Do I get to look at their teeth too?" Ursa asked, feeling a smile widen her lips.

One of the men leaned forward and grinned at her, showing his straight, white teeth and made a realistic horse-sound.

"Don't encourage the brutes. They are barely tame!" Leopard sounded imperiously as she focused on Ursa. "You're alone?"

She pursed her lips, "Yes. I haven't found the right partner yet."

"Well, you have to adjust when there's rejection. Don't worry, they are a bit wild the first night, you are better off waiting until the guests are looking to trade down to mix things up. I'm Kitten, this is Peacock. This is Hare and Hound. Stag and Dragon will be out there looking for their stables I'm sure. Or perhaps out having some fun training I daresay."

Trade down. Is that what she was? Fitting only for sloppy seconds? Cold embarrassment made Ursa take a small step back, just in time to see the dark shadow of the Cupid come strolling gracefully into the room. He looked around, scanning the area until he spotted her. She thought she saw the flash of teeth against the darkness when he caught her eye.

"Oh, there's a wild one." Leopard said, her sarcasm cutting a nasty undertone.

"He's a limp dick." Peacock replied with an uplift of her chin and a cold smile.

The venom was so unexpected, even the pair of men at their feet paused in the foot rubbing, twisting around to see who they were talking about. "The Archer?" Hound asked and then chuckled, shaking his head, "Damn. If you say so. You weren't with him at the last-- ughn!" He let out a squeal of pain as Peacock grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back.

"We say so." Peacock whispered, pulling the head back, smiling coldly at the man.

His eyes rolled and he moaned thickly, arching into the pull, lips trembling. "Yes. Yes of c-course!"

"Good boy. Now, resume the foot rub and I might forgive you and later....reward you."

Cupid didn't appear to hear the conversation but he noticed the display and hair pulling. His footsteps slowed before the smile fell away. He took in the others in attendance before turning, jaw tightening as he continued into the next room. She must have imagined his smile. It couldn't have been directed at her.

The mixture of excitement and jealousy made the air around the women crackle and Ursa stared at the coppery haired man who bowed over the feet of the lady, kissing Peacock's foot. He sucked her painted toes with a low, desperate sounding croon. The speedo strained against the length of his cock, hips rocking as he tried to give proper apology for his mistake.

Ursa pulled her eyes away and murmured an excuse before step back. No one noticed, or stopped her as she turned and walked from the room, leaving the pony-crowd to their wagering and foot-fetishes.

She didn't want to run into Cupid or anyone else right now. Her head buzzed with speculations regarding her party invitation. She and Marcie had been friends ever since the woman stumbled into the bookstore where Ursa worked, searching for information about the BDSM lifestyle. Marcie had struggled balancing her desires and her high profile career and life. Ursa found herself drawn to the concepts she learned while locating books. They formed their friendship on mutual exploration on an intellectual level. Surely her friend wouldn't invite her only to be filler.

Still, Ursa felt floundered far beyond the limits of her comfort zone. She did not jump into experimenting like Marcie. It was one thing to have a fantasy about rough sex and being in control and another to act on those urges. Should she just find a doorman and get a ride back home?

Ducking her head into the hall, she saw a couple making out against a wall but otherwise the space was fairly empty. Past the hall she found a staircase and walked up it, passing another few pairs enjoying the semi-public make-out spots. One couple along the stairway wasn't making any effort to hide their passion from anyone who passed. Ursa felt a thrill run through her at being the voyeur.

"She's watching you." She heard the woman growl into the man's ear and he moaned, arching towards the woman desperately, as though he might hide himself in her velvet skirts. "Oh no, don't hide from her, she wants to see you."

Oh, Ursa did want to see him. The man's bare back was facing her, his muscular shoulders were sculpted and hard. He wore a mask like a ram with curving horns lost in his honey colored hair and when he tipped his head towards her, she saw the gleam of bright green eyes in the candlight. A shudder ran through him and he arched his hips. The woman drew away then, letting Ursa have a full glimpse of his cock standing at attention and slick with wetness.

They were close enough for her to smell their hot sex. Heady musk and sweat and the sweet tang of perfume of the lovely pair of t hem. Ursa couldn't look away. The woman murmured a throaty laugh and purr, "Oohhh yesss! You like her watching us don't you?" the woman in the star mask whispered, adjusting her spangled skirts and flashing a view of her glossy pussy lips as she slid her thigh along his.

His stomach tightened and his cock bobbed lewdly, precum drooling down the length while her long fingers stroked him and guided him to her sex. When the head nuzzled over her clit, the woman moaned and her legs weakened, she leaned back into the wall for support and the man's strong hands grasped one of her slim thighs and coaxed them up, moving her heel up to her shoulder, spreading her wide as his cock plunged into her.

The slap of his hips meeting hers echoed in the stairway and lower down, she heard the soft moan of pleasure from the other couple she'd passed. Ursa wanted to slide her hands under her short skirt and find her wet pussy to ease the tangled heat there, but she couldn't allow herself that pleasure.

Instead she watched the couple fuck on the stairway, mesmerized. The way the woman was spread, she could see every inch slide in and out of her pink, eager cunny. This was far better than any porn she'd seen. This couple really enjoyed the sex; they weren't doing it for pay. Not doing it for any other reason than the pleasure they enjoyed.

His tight ass clenched and he arched upward, thrust in deeper, balls slapping against the woman's ass as he spread her wider and moaned at the impact. The wet glide of his length drew out almost to the head where he paused a beat before driving forward, letting the woman's body drop to plunge into her. They moaned together at the sweet union and he began to claim her faster, the fat length of cock pistoling in and out as the woman's moans became growls for "more!" and "Harder!"

He groaned as his back arched over her and slammed into her harder, arching and circling his hips with the deep stroke before drawing back, letting the head slurp free of her and driving in again, making her back and scream in pleasure. Harder! Oh yes!

Ursa's hand moved to her breast and she found the soft flesh in her palm, the nipple so tight it ached under the layers of soft fabric. She wanted it harder too. So primal and deep, until she couldn't walk! Her panties were getting soaked from her need and she knew she wouldn't have an outlet for it. It would just spiral tighter and tighter until she took care of herself.

"I'm so close! Please don't stop! Oh fuck don't stop!" The woman whimpered between the cries of pleasure and the slapping of balls against her slippery skin.

"That's right. Cum for me baby. Cum with me. I want your silky little pussy to milk my cock dry! Fuck!" The man in the ram mask gripped the woman's thigh, squeezing the flesh, making the tawny skin dimple under his grip as he fucked her against the wall. He slammed her back and she moaned, clawing fingers down his back, incoherent in her desire for him to take.

And he did take, hips bruising against hers until the smacking of his thrusts filled the stairway, mingling with the cries and screams of pleasure and pain from them and from the other couples unseen also enjoying this not so private place.

The woman arched back, hair caught in the man's fist as he arched her into the wall and the scream of pleasure spilled from her. Her bare breasts bounced free of the layers of cloth, nipple hard and pink before the man's lips wrapped around the bud of flesh, suckling it deeper into his mouth with a swirl of tongue. The climax made her face flush as pink as the nipple, her breaths sharp and whimpering as he fucked her faster and harder through the pleasure of her orgasm.

His groan escaped muffled around her breast, his hands gripping her harder as his body tensed, the thrusts growing unsteady before a wild spasm ran through him, making him lurch widly, pinning her into the wall more violently as he joined her in climax. The creamy trickle of cum trailing down his thighs and hers as they stayed joined there against the wall, gasping for breath and sharing a hungry, sweaty kiss.

Ursa moaned too, squeezing her eyes closed after watching the couple rocking back and forth several times together in that perfect union. Her hips rocked and she replayed the image of the man arching and jerking as he came, grasping tight to the woman as his cum must have filled her eager pussy.


"That's pretty hot. Right?" A voice beside her asked. It sounded so low it was almost a pure vibration. The unexpected closeness of the person made Ursa jump, her eyes snapping open wide as she whirled towards the speaker.

The dark Cupid grinned down at her. God, he was massive! She stared into the center of his perfect, muscular chest before tipping her head back to blink up into his mask. He smelled like a chocolate cream pie. The depth of her desire to lick him until her tongue was raw overwhelmed her! He only smiled wider as she gawked up at him. Then she realized she still groped her own breast and forced her hands away, gripping her fingers together.

"I didn't mean to startle you Lady Owl." He said politely, staying close in her personal space but he didn't touch her. "Sorry."

"N-no, it's ok." She managed to get the words out, feeling jittery, jelly-legged and desperate to get out of there. How long had he been watching? From the appraising look, she thought it must have been a little while. She was far too focused on the scene and its sweet completion.

"You like to watch?" He asked, dark eyes searching hers.

She blushed and stammered which made his smile widen. She couldn't get any words out.

"Like" He asked, voice dropping into an even deeper vibration that made her suck in a sharp breath. And the scent of him, all chocolate heat filled her senses.

"I...I don't know." She admitted and tried to look away, except that she couldn't. Cupid smiled so sweetly at her.

"You're all alone." He said sadly. "Me too." His hand moved to his chest, splaying the long fingers against the gleaming skin as he watched her, as though to indicate his lack of token.

"I saw you turn down several offers." She blurted and then sucked her lower lip into her mouth. "I should go."

He didn't reach out to stop her and she couldn't read his emotion from the mask but he said as she started to turn away, "I was hoping someone more to my taste would offer me their token."

She really needed to continue on her way and escape but his words gave her pause and she found her feet dragging. The couple arranged themselves, putting clothes right so they might continue on their way. Glancing up, she met the eye of the woman who smiled in encouragement. "W-what sort of tastes do you have?"

"Oh, I get off on a woman with curves who knows how to use them." He smiled warmly at her. Right at her. And his heavy eyes raked over her curves.

"I—I don't ..uh.... You know, no big ol' breasts and...." It wasn't possible for her to blush any more than she was already. "I don't really know..."

"You're here with all the power and you could ask any man, or woman, here to show you a good time and you turn us all down? That makes me very curious."

"I don't—want to get rejected." She admitted.

He appeared thoughtful a moment and then suggested, "you could try it out on me. You know, if you get rejected, you try again on someone else. Unless you need alone time. I don't mean to intrude if you're ....just watching."

Did she want to spend the evening just watching? She looked the man over and thought of all the ways that she'd like to ease her ache right now. Surely he was teasing her. This felt like a setup for disappointment. She glanced around but the couple had moved on and it was only the huge, winged archer and her.

"Would you like to be my partner tonight?" She asked, feeling the words stammer out in a nervous rush.

"Yes." He stated firmly and inclined his head, grinning. "I would." One big hand extended to her, palm up and he winked behind the mask.

"Y-you would?" She blinked hard up at him and he laughed.

"Yes." He said it again, "You're not just teasing me right? Building me up only to dash my hopes?"

"No! Of course not." She laughed suddenly and reached into the clutch, drawing out one of the tokens. She dropped it into his palm. His smile softened.

"You know you don't have to do anything you don't want to do pretty Owl." He affixed the token to his leather strap and beamed down at her. "I might beg though."

"I might enjoy hearing you beg." She admitted and then sucked at her lower lip when he rumbled a low, silken chuckle. Fuck, he was just too delicious.

"See, you are naughty! You are just trying to hide it behind this shy mask. Alright, so what will you call me?" He seemed to be so comfortable with this. How long had he been involved in this play party scene?

"I am going to call you Cupid." She told him, willing her voice stay steady.

He startled before coughing, "Really? Are you sure?"

She thought his narrow wings curled back as though trying to hide. When she nodded his smile brightened. "Alright I will call you Owl. And what word might I use to respect your limits?"

"Yes. Alright. The word is Tangerine."

"Tangerine. Got it." He took a deep breath and let it out. "I always use a condom. Fantasy is great but no amount of hotness is worth risking your future on. If you need to go 'raw', it's a deal breaker for me."

She nodded. "Of course!" Relief rushed over her because who knew how many people this beautiful man had been with. She felt her shoulders relax and he inclined his head towards her.

"You can touch me anywhere. Anytime. Any way you like. As long as I wear your token, you own me. I am yours to command. I like to be bottom, though I can be sweet talked into topping in the right situation with the right person -- sometimes." His eyes gleamed behind the mask and he obviously wanted to know about her. Her desires. Her needs.

She felt embarrassed and suddenly very shy as she lowered her eyes. "I...don't really know. I'm not exactly experienced. I'm not a virgin mind you but my experiences have been..."

"Vanilla?" He suggested in understanding.

She nodded, "Yeah. Only, I want to explore more. It was so hot to watch." Admitting that made him smile and she continued. "I just haven't found the right person to explore with. I know enough to respect my safeword though."

"Good. House-Mistress would tan your ass in a non-sexy way for pressing your luck and getting yourself hurt. We're not playing 50 shades of dumbass here. So, may I touch you as I desire it?" He lowered his voice, "Because, I have wanted to get my hands all over you since I saw you come into the foyer earlier."

Her stomach tightened down to the coiling squeeze of her sex. An eager thrill of pleasure spasmed through her at his words and the sweet, chocolaty scent of him. "Yes."

"Are you sure? You seem to hesitate a little." He teased and reached forward, not quite touching her but she could feel the warmth of his palm close to her bare arm. "Would you rather be hands off?"

He smiled as she reached out to splay her hands over his chest. He was hot to the touch, his darkness a contrast to her creamy skin. She was about to respond when heavy footsteps pounded up the stairs. Startled, she tried to jerk her hands back but his fingers pressed her against him.

"It's alright." He assured her, moving to the side so his back was to the people coming up. "I want people to see you touching me Owl."

"Why?" She asked quietly, searching his dark eyes.

"Because, it's exciting, like the couple we watched..."

"Hello there." A man called as he came up the steps. He wore a stag mask with intricate black antlers like the branches of a tree, and his key around his neck, hauled a woman by her hair. It struck Ursa as odd, not the way the man was pulled roughly but because her pretty dove mask looked damaged and threatening to fall from her face. The dove-woman sobbed loudly, babbling and begging for mercy. Was this rough sport? The man didn't seem concerned about her wellbeing or excited at her suffering.

"Are you alright?" Ursa asked the woman.

"Of course she is. Not everyone needs or wants to be rescued! Don't talk to her. Address me. She is being punished like the wanton animal she is." The man's voice slurred at the edges. A little too much drink and it wasn't very late into the evening.

She ignored the man and focused on the woman behind the nearly slipped mask. "Ma'am. Are you alright?" Somewhere behind the mask, the eyes were glassy and distant, lost in the sensation of emotional and physical pain. Was this were lust and pleasurable or not? All she needed was a nod, at least, to know this was their game and she would let them be. Was it really her job to monitor someone's hard play?

Cupid turned and was frowning at the scene and the woman swaying from side to side. "you might want to get her some care."

"You might want to mind your own fucking business." The man snarled and yanked on the woman's hair making the mask slip all the way off. The woman didn't even notice, she tried to curl in on herself, tears trailing down her cheeks. "You wouldn't want me fucking around with your Mistress would you? Oh, that's right, she moved on to bigger and better things didn't she?"

The woman's blonde hair was still held in the man's fist and she sobbed brokenly, makeup streaked and a purple bruise marring her cheekbone. Rough play indeed. Ursa didn't see any token on her but her bodice was ripped and her breast was bare. A tattered blue ribbon dangled from her shoulder.

"We're going now." The man sneered and moved to continue up the steps, uncaring that he was leaving her mask behind nor that she banged her knee painfully on the stair with a bark of pain.
"This isn't cool. Have some respect for..."

"When she stops spreading her whore legs for anything I might."

The Stag turned to face off with Cupid, balling up his free hand to threaten a fist at both of them. Things might have gotten out of hand quickly from the way Cupid started forward but suddenly a trio of men in suits came up the steps almost a run. The Doormen had eyes on the situation.

One of them spoke into his headset, "We have visual on the north wing. Stag with the Dove."

Letting out a breath, Cupid eased back to Ursa's side, slipping his arm around her to offer some protection. He glared down at Stag but the man's widening eyes were diverted to the arrival of the men in suits. She shifted closer to the warmth radiating from Cupid, curling into him while he kept a sharp eye on the newcomers and Stag.

One of the Doormen grabbed Stag by the nape of the neck, sliding the stun gun free of his pocket. "We don't need more trouble. Release the woman and let's go. House Mistress wants to talk with you." Another of the men had a billy club and looked more than capable of wielding it with skill to finish what the stunner started. Stag let out a strangled cry of frustration and flung the woman away from him, cursing her.

The third Doormen assisted in helping the woman while the first two kept hold of the troublesome Stag. "We have a handle on this situation. You two should return to the festivities. Thank you for your concern in this matter."

"Is she going to be alright?" Ursa asked through a tightening throat, shocked at the swift efficiency to disarm the situation.

"We'll have the nurse take a look at her. Don't worry, everything is fine now. If we need to make a police report, we know where to find you Owl. Archer."

Stag struggled between the two burly men but they were more than enough to handle his removal without needing to use the club or shocker. The sounds of his ranting echoed off the stairway as they lead him down and out of sight. The other man more carefully attended to the sobbing woman, offering her a cloth for her tear wet, bruised face as he guiding her down the passage.

"What an asshole." Cupid snarled as he guided Ursa up the stairs, away from the drama. When she didn't respond, he asked, "Are you alright?"

She nodded, her pulse still too quick in the aftermath from the situation. "It happened so fast."

"They don't take chances with the rough stuff when someone is pushing limits like that. Let me get you something to drink? I need a moment to calm down."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Thank you."

"I know just the place." He kept his arm around her, pulling her in closer and she slipped her arm around him, enjoying how her breasts brushed his tight abs.

"So, you know him?" She asked when they reached the top of the stairs. This spot was empty but she could hear music and voices nearby where the guests and patrons appeared to have gathered.

"I have been in this scene and friends with the House-Mistress for a long time so yeah. I know most of the regulars. Can't be helped, even with a mask I guess. He knew my ... ex-Mistress." He sighed quietly, "It's a long, boring and stupid story."

"She's not going to come after me or something will she?" Ursa asked, trying to make light of it, but after seeing the blonde so roughed up, it was hard not imagining something happening.

"No. It's been many months now. I took a break from things for a bit to re-group. She's not the clingy type. Which ended up being our problem. Anyway—you're safe. No drama with me. How about you? Am I going to get pulled around by my hair when some ex-lover comes for you?" He asked, sliding his hand along her side.

"Um—no. I haven't dated for a couple years." She chewed at her lower lip and let out a puff of air. "That sounds pathetic but—I'm picky I guess."

"Damn right you are. I had to practically beg to get your attention."

They climbed another set of stairs and the room there opened out onto a wide veranda with a bar and grill crowded with loud, cheerful people. The smells of roasting meat floated on the warm evening wind and she felt herself smile at the variety of people around the tables and couches and sprawled on the tiles and rugs spread around.

"Wine? Food?" He asked, leaning in closer to her, his voice warm against her ear and side of her neck.

"Yes to both. Do you need help?"

"Not at all. I'll just be a moment. You guard our spot." He led her through the crowd, hunting for a place to sit and finally found a place when a group made their departure. There beside the firepit, she curled herself down and watched him thread through the crowd.

She enjoyed the sight of him threading through the crowd, tall and proud, his thick muscles gleaming as he moved. Many people turned to look at him as he passed and she couldn't blame them. The mixture of disbelief and wonder made her throat tighten for a moment as she thought about the stranger. He'd rejected several offers and she was the one who secured his company. It made her feel giddy. Could she honestly follow through with this. Sex with the stranger. A one-night-stand. Meaningless sex.

Watching him, she decided she certainly could. In real life she'd never have a shot like this. She deserved to bang a hard-body at least once in her life.

"So, you're still alone?" Peacock came alongside her seat with Leopard and their pair of playmates tagging behind. Sharp, cold eyes swept over her, "I think House-Mistress needs to keep some playmates for your type. You know there are refreshments at last."

"My type?" She couldn't keep the fire out of her tone.

"Chubby girls. You know." Peacock didn't notice her tone. The man she'd partnered with watched Ursa, his eyes shadowed behind his mask, but she felt his hungry attention rake over her. His cock tented up the front of his loincloth.

Leopard chuckled softly as she looked at the seating, "Do you mind if we join you? A lot of room here for just a single person. Surely you can share."

"Actually, I am just waiting for my partner to return with..."

"That's cute." Peacock laughed and moved to sit on the side of her while Leopard swept in as well. It left the men to sprawl on the ground at the fee of the women.

Ursa's pulse sped up with her irritation and warmth drained from her cheeks. These rude women were friends of the Stag fellow they'd encountered on the stairs? "Really, I told you that I am expecting my partner back. Why bother asking if I mind you joining if you're just going to sit down regardless?"

"I guess we're just more Domme than you are. We take what we want." Leopard said lightly. "She was just trying to be polite and not take over the space but you can leave if you don't like it."

Ursa wanted to ask if either of them even understood what being a Domme was about but before she could, the soft rumble of Cupid's voice intruded. "Well, looks like things got a whole lot more cozy." He sounded amused as he knelt before her, his dark eyes only for her as he held the tray out to her, ignoring the pair of women.

"It seems so." She answered, feeling the scowl ease as she watched his warm smile curl up his lips behind the mask.

Leopard and Peacock both made choked sounds of shock.

The men were friendly however, "Hey man, good to see you." Hare said with a grin.

"Missed seeing you at the last few events."

Cupid inclined his head to the men before turning his attention back to Ursa with the tray still held out for her and she accepted the glass of wine and motioned for him to take his own while she adjusted to make room for the tray of food while he knelt at her feet.

Peacock found her voice at last. "This is ridiculous! Surely you're not going to give the pony-sports a go."

"I haven't decided what I'm doing." Ursa said as she lifted her glass to swirl her wine around in the bowl. "I haven't even had my dinner yet."

Cupid's smile turned wolfish and he glanced at the other men and rolled his broad shoulders without saying anything, just sized up the other two men with a friendly competitive posture. Ursa had the impression from the way the three men posed that they had raced previously or shared some intimate moments together in these parties. Maybe a bit of both!

She felt the women watching her as she sipped her wine and felt herself smile, relaxing into the moment. The thought that this handsome man had shared lovers with these other men thrilled her rather than shocked her. A tangle of desire tightened in her. Reaching out, she cupped Cupid's dark jaw and smoothed her thumb along his smooth skin. Behind his mask, his eye closed in pleasure. Even the men watched her petting him.

"I see." Leopard stood with a jerky movement and snapped her fingers to her partner. "It's way too crowded here. Let's go." She didn't wait for Peacock to join her, she turned with a huff and flutter of furs and strode away from the firelight alcove.

Peacock's gaze blazed as she pinned Cupid and Ursa wasn't sure what emotions was burning there in that gaze but it was nothing pretty. Jealousy? Greed? Hunger? She snapped at her partner and the man let out a low huff and stood before following after his playmate.

Cupid bowed his head forward and kissed her knee, nuzzling his cheek against her. "Do you desire participating in the pony-sport?" He asked quietly, dark eyes lifting towards hers.

"Yes!" She whispered, unable to keep the tremble out of her voice.

"Want to show those women how it's done?" He asked and his full lips brushed over her skin.

"Yes!" She sipped her wine and savored the berries and tannin of the red mingling with oak notes as mouth kissed the inside of her knee. "I want to show you off."

"Do you have gear for a pony of my caliber?" He murmured, his voice so low it was more vibration against her skin. "I am a very proud beast and require to be shown off in the finest equipment to do my best."

"I might manage something. Would you enjoy some pony-sport? I have the feeling you used to be a competitor."

He laughed and nipped her thigh up higher, careful not to adjust the tray or his wine. "When I was into the game, I had a bit of a reputation. The biggest thrill is knowing my Mistress enjoys the show."

"It means I will need to stay tomorrow hhmm?" She asked.

"There's so much to see here. More than you can squeeze into one evening." He assured her and kissed up higher up her thigh. "There's still time before you have to register me for the events. Time enough to eat and explore before deciding."

"And you know those men?" She asked in a soft voice, preventing him from spreading her thighs wider, giving him a nudge back with a hand so she could see his eyes.

"We have raced against each other and competed in shows. There have been a few bedroom games between us and our partners over the years." He grinned at her and moistened his lips before sipping his wine. "Does that excite you?"

She found it difficult to speak and nodded her answer, watching him. "Are you—bisexual?"

He chuckled low in his throat. "I guess I am, although I have only been sexual with a couple men and not those two. I'm more attracted to women and would much rather enjoy a strong woman taking me that way." His dark eyes burned the question into her and she felt her cheeks heat.

"Pegging. Right?" She guessed, throat tight and pussy tingling with a thrill. "I've seen a video of women using their strap-ons on men. I—uh—" Words failed her as she met his dark, mysterious eyes. How could she tell him how much she'd desired and longed to try that? "I never thought I could overpower someone to do that."

He sipped his wine and inclined his head. "Why do I have the impression this weekend is going to be full of firsts for you pretty Owl?" The way he adjusted himself made it obvious his cock was straining against the heavy leather skirting of his costume.

"If I stay." She said with a hint of warning, not quite convinced that was a good idea.

"Of course." His eyes glinted with playfulness and he nuzzled against her leg again, his smile widening.

Breathing out a nervous little laugh, she focused on what food he'd served for them and discovered steaks, vegetables and fries. She offered him a fry from her fingers which he nibbled with care. Then she cut into the steak and as she chewed, cut Cupid a bite, offering it out on the tines of the fork. In near silence they shared the meal and she felt herself relaxing.

Across the room, the sound of a loud slap echoed across the crowd, followed by a deep, throaty moan of pleasure. She looked up from admiring her companion to find the source of the disturbance. People shifted in the thickening gathering and she saw the man over a woman's lap, his bare ass in the air, pink from the slap she'd delivered. His masked head bowed forward until she brought the wooden paddle down on his backside with another sharp crack of sound. He arched and thrashed, Impala masked face coming up, the silvery spiked horns flashing. The woman was much smaller than the man, but he didn't resist her, his free hands gripping the couch rather than moving to protect his punished backside. She wore a mask that looked like swallowtail butterfly wings and a headdress of matching golden and sapphire silk.

At Ursa's feet, Cupid groaned, head turned to watch the spanking. He shivered and his hips rocked, though she couldn't tell if it were in sympathy for the impact or longing for it. His breath caught when the paddle connected again and then again.

"You do like to watch." She murmured, drawing his attention back to her.

His dark gaze burned into her as he smiled. "I enjoy watching and thinking about showing off like that—imagining the sensation."

Nodding, she pushed the plate away and grinned at him, "I think I'd rather use a crop on my pony."

He moaned quietly and his eyes closed as the shiver ran through him. The man being spanked moaned brokenly and when she looked over at the pair, she saw through the shifting crowd that the woman had drawn the man's cock from his loincloth and had her fingers wrapped around his base while paddling him with quick, sharp swings of the smooth wood. His ass glowed pink with darker red lines where she'd applied more force.

The way the man squirmed and panted and moaned sounded frantic, like he balanced on the brink of his control. Then the begging began and Ursa found herself squirming, pressing her thighs together as though it might ease the pressure building steadily through the meal.

"Please Lady!" The man moaned, his voice cracking. "Mercy Lady! I'm so close! No More! Please!"

The woman rubbed the smooth wood against his ass, as though she were smearing something into his welted flesh and relented her paddling, smiling as she looked around the room. Her expression looked dreamy, full of pleasure, her eyelids heavy with desire. "You don't want these fine people to see you cum?" She taunted as she slowly stroked the man's cock up to the head and back down.

The man made a low, strangled sound as his hips shifted and bucked, "Oh yes!" He shuddered and his bare ass tensed but it was the only sign of a struggle he made to get away. Certainly he could get away anytime he wanted, but he stayed over the woman's lap, struggling for his control.

"You are getting my thigh wet with your precum—you naughty boy." The woman said, her voice scolding.

"I'm close Lady." He choked and his head fell forward again, moans muffled against her leg as he tried to hide his face from the people.

Cupid moaned beside her, drawing Ursa's attention to her partner. He was looking at the alcove across from them where a woman was straddling the lap of her partner, facing him. Her short skirt slid up her muscular thighs to show off her ass. As the man lifted his ass up, the pair sighed in joined pleasure. The fat cock split the pink pussy lips so slowly, the woman's juices trickling down the fat cockflesh. She noticed they were not using a condom. It sent a sweet tingling ache through her to witness that intimacy.

Cupid's warm lips brushed over her thigh and his large hands stroked her calf and over her foot, drawing her attention down to him. His body was taut, his eyes burning into her as he squeezed her leg and foot. His fingers strong and insistent working in tandem with the kisses he peppered up the inside of her leg. This time she didn't push him away, letting her leg spread open wider.

"Ugh! Lady please! Let me cum! I'm so close." The Impala begged in a sharpening gasp, pleading for the mercy of the woman who'd claimed him for her pleasure.

Ursa slid her fingers into Cupid's dark curls and let her thighs spread open wider as he kissed up to the level of her skirt and nuzzled under the fluffy layers of feather, silk and fabric. She watched the couple in the alcove. The man's glistening cock glided back from the sweet little pussy as he lifted the woman up, allowing the head of his cock to slip free before dropping her down onto him with a wet slurp.

"Not yet." The Butterfly whispered in a husky growl. "I'm not ready for your release!"

Cupid's hand slid up her thigh and Ursa spread her thighs wider. When his fingertips pressed into the soaked silk covering her pussy, his breath sucked in sharply, "Oh Fuck!" He groaned and balled his fingers around the panties, making the cloth pinch along her plush hip before he yanked it away from her with a loud RIP! He drew out the torn ribbons of her panties to dangle the white silk and lace before his nose and breathed in her heady scent.

The couple in the alcove beside them moaned in pleasure as the slapping sounds of their union grew louder but Ursa had no attention to spare for them, she felt Cupid's black eyes devouring her as he lay the panties aside and pressed his fingers against her slippery pussy lips.

Leisurely he slid his fingertips between the swollen lips, gliding them across her clit. Everything about his touch slow and teasing, from the light petting through her heat, smearing the sticky honey down her cleft to her ass, to the way the pads of his fingers rolled her cream around and around her pucker before drawing his caress back up to her pussy. Not pushing into her, just priming her or maybe waiting for her to demand his action.

"Oh God!" She whispered when his thick finger pressed inside her. His thumb circled around her clit as one knuckle and then the second sunk into her.

"No beautiful, not even one of her angels." Cupid whispered into her ear as his long finger spread her open and he growled, "You're so fucking tight! I will need to stretch you a bit my little virgin." He smiled into her eyes, the darkness of his gaze beautiful enough to inspire her awe and wonder.

The Impala man cried out in a broken string of oaths and pleas, clearly being sweetly tormenting to the brink of his endurance. The sound of it made Ursa moan and she rocked her hips towards the thick finger stretching her wide. Just that finger felt larger than anything she could remember attempting. Almost too much. Almost.

Then he slipped a second finger into her and she tightened her fingers in his long curls, biting down hard on her lower lip to keep the scream of pleasure trapped behind her lips. Pain. Pleasure. Need! She arched herself up, feeling each of his knuckle pushing into her. HIs fingers curled up against her while his palm nuzzled into her clit.

She felt out of control! When had the tables been turned this way? She felt her toes curl and struggled to regain her composure but her resolve was so weak and his careful strokes in and out coaxed her swiftly towards the brink.

"That's right." Cupid whispered into her ear, purring low. "I've got you beautiful."

"Cum! Cum for me you beautiful brute." Butterfly woman commanded in a sterling tone, and with her order, the man's shattered cry of relief and release echoed through the room, matched by several other cries for others who were inspired by their play.
Ursa found herself trapped in the pleasure as well. She gripped the thick wrist of her partner, wanting to stop him but she was too far gone! Her face burned with a blush as she let out a fractured cry of pleasure and bucked against the fingers that curled up into her g-spot and rubbed just there with quick, steady pulses to push her over the edge of her climax.

His other arm wrapped around her, his bare chest pressing into hers as he held her against him and fingered her through the quavering orgasm and murmured into her ear, "You're so lovely when you fly to pieces! I could watch you all night long."

Her orgasm happened so fast! Normally she required complicated coaxing to reach this brilliant peak, but this stranger in his mask, dark chocolate voice and mysterious eyes plucked it from her so easily.

When she found her voice she panted, "But then you wouldn't get your pleasure."

"How do you know this isn't my pleasure?" He asked, nuzzling his face into her neck, his mask tickling against her skin in contrast to his soft, warm lips.

Her hand slid from his wrist and moved up his arm to his chest and then down his stomach to the front of his arming skirt. She felt him hard and huge under the guard of the studded leather and he rocked into her hand with a satisfying groan of need.

"This." She murmured and turned her head, grinning at him before she moved to kiss him.

He sucked in a sharp, startled breath and jerked his head back just before her lips could make contact with his.

The reminder this was casual, faceless sex cooled her passion. She jerked her head away with a murmur of apology. She drew her hand from his groin and pushed him from her with a hand to his massive shoulder.

"I'm sorry." She admitted, feeling foolish. "I shouldn't have done that." She grabbed up her torn panties, refusing to look at him as she fixed her skirts.

"Owl." His voice rumbled low, even though he let her draw back without resistance. "Let me explain. It's not..."

"No, it's alright. You set the boundary. I shouldn't be exchanging fluids with you." She offered him a napkin without looking at him.

"Kissing is..."

She held up a hand to forestall his words. "I know it's something people with an emotional connection do. I get it."

Despite her rational mind knowing this was safer than allowing herself to get invested in the handsome man, it still felt like a slap. For a moment, she thought about asking for the token back but she'd felt how huge he was under that leather and dear God, she wanted to feel that massive cock bare against her skin. She wanted to feel him against her tongue and taste him. Would he melt like chocolate in her mouth?

She felt her lips twist into a smirk. He would have to use a condom with the oral sex so she wouldn't find out his real flavor.

When she looked up, she found Cupid watching her as though he were holding his breath. Around them the sounds of pleasure grew louder; moans, cries and groans along with slaps of skin on skin. The musky scent of sex filled the room. "Is this a deal breaker?" He asked quietly.

"No. I am just processing it." She adjusted her mask to make sure she was still concealed and couldn't meet his gaze. "I think I should go check on the room before we get carried away." She glanced over at the couple who were screwing in the alcove and they were now cuddling in a wet and sticky mess together.

He followed her gaze to the couple and murmured softly, "There's a lot to be said for having a fluid bond but—it's rare. Special. It doesn't mean we can't have fun though."

"Have you ever?" She asked.

"Had sex without a condom?" He shook his head and smiled, "No. I always use protection, even with oral sex."

She nodded slowly and inclined her head. "Yeah, me either. Although, I've kissed people before." The fact that no one else had tasted him either made her smile faintly.

It was his turn to adjust his mask and he cleared his throat lightly. "Well, if I don't have a fluid bond with someone, I don't kiss them on the mouth. I haven't found anyone to make that bond with. " He watched her as he spoke and reached out, offering out his hand to her. "Shall we go explore the room?"

"I think so." She slipped to her feet and offered her hand to him and his big hand closed around hers as she pulled him to his feet. Giving him an extra pull, she drew him closer to her and boldly leaned into him, pressing her curves into the hardness of his body. "I will try to resist putting my mouth all over you. Just know I want to kiss you desperately."

He shivered and his eyes drifted to her mouth when she spoke and then focused on her eyes. "Noted." He whispered and moistened his lips, "I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, you are almost too irresistible." His fingers curled around hers and he lifted the hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles one after the other before carefully grazing his teeth over her skin. "I would have to kiss you for hours if we allowed ourselves the pleasure."

Blushing, she pulled him along with her, the other hand balling up her panties. He coaxed them out of her hand and stuffed them into the quiver of his arrows before pulling her along to the stairs. They passed fewer people now as they moved down the hall though distantly the piano was still being played.

They walked by a closed room with a Doorman guarding it and he nodded a greeting to them as they walked by. "Rumpus room." Cupid told her when she slowed her steps. "You need a special access to play in there."

"I have it." She told him and he tipped his head at her, peering curiously. "Is it like an orgy?"

"You'd have gotten more orgy action at dinner if you wanted it Owl my sweet. Rumpus room usually has more bondage gear and hard play." He murmured, "Sometimes there are themes and events."

She could feel his excited tension when she stopped. His fingers squeezed around hers before she wriggled her fingers free so she could fish out her card. She flashed it to the Doorman and he bowed his head to her after a quick regard of the card. "Lady Owl." His eyes shifted to Cupid and his smile widened. "Consort. Enjoy your stay." He opened the door to the room to let them in.

Inside, she expected to find a lair of red with the screams of the dammed ringing around the room. Reality showed the large room bathed in soft candle light and strewn with white and cream pillows and blankets. The furniture where benches of various heights with D-rings attached at various locations for attachments each in royal blue leather with black or cream accents. They were the only people in the room, but the smell of leather and the faint hint of sex lingering in the room.

There were also the implements of play she expected dangling from a display on the wall. everything from feathers and fur to the more exotic tools of sweet torment. As she took in the assortment of crops and whips and floggers, she felt Cupid's body tense, his breath catching. She turned to see the cause of the man's quickening pulse, the Saint Andrew's Cross in the corner.

"What do you like most?" She asked, looking back to Cupid.

His eyes drew away from the cross, "it excites me most being at your mercy Mistress."

"Then, you had best take off that quiver and get naked so I can secure you before you escape me." She said in her most serious tone, enjoyed the shiver running through the large man's frame.

"Mistress." Somehow he made that a title full of respect and hunger as he shrugged the thick harness from his shoulders and offered it to her. "The condoms are in case..."

"I don't think you've earned those." She told him, accepting the harness, and noticed his wings stayed attached to his shoulders. There was no time to question him about his costume though, his arming skirt was coming off and in a swirl of heavy , studded leather, the thing was off and he stood in all his naked glory before her. His cock stood out from his groin, proud and furiously hard, his heavy balls looking full and gleamed like the rest of him.


She licked her lips and then raked her eyes up his body and motioned for him to move to the cross. "Facing the cross if you will. I have uses for that ass of yours."

His throat worked in a jerky gulp as he met her eyes, then walked to the cross. The wings had a sharp falcon-like poise to them, the intricate bars of gold and cream increasing appearance of the bird of prey, small but powerful and built for speed. They seemed to shiver and tremble with his movement, without the strap, she could see smaller feathers blending into his shoulder blades and trailing down his spine to his ass.

They looked firmly attached to him, and completely real.

When she hesitated, he looked over his shoulder at her and an expression of wariness warred with his desire. "What is it?"

"Your wings. Are you really an angel?" She asked, feeling silly when he gave her a teasing smile.

"Of course not. Would an angel be a sexual deviant?" He teased and stretched his arms out, flexing his long fingers in a suggestive manner that made her belly tighten at the memory of how he'd stuffed two of them so deep into her pussy. The smile he fixed on her made her aware that she'd not hidden her response to that memory.

"A fallen angel?" She smoothed her finger along the nape of his neck and down between his wide shoulders and the wings perched there in their nest of soft golden and black feathers before trailing them down his spine. When he shook his head and bit back a low groan she pressed, "Pegasus?" He moaned rather than answer. "Cupid then."

Feeling his body shuddering, she pressed her lips against the center of his back, standing on tip-toes to reach that high, the chocolate scent of him mixing with the musk of his desire as feathers tickled her nose and cheek. Careful, close-mouth kisses down his skin and feathers.

She caressed her open palm along his tight ass and slapped one cheek firmly with her palm before attending to the attachment of cuffs around wrists and ankles. "And you know the word to make me stop?" She asked once his powerful limbs were secure.

His nod and rasp of the word assured her he wouldn't let her push him too far. Giving his ass another slap with her palm, she delighted in the feeling of power she had over the massive Cupid. He hung his head forward when she growled against his shoulder.

"I'm going to make you cum all over the cross." The threat made gooseflesh prickle his smooth, tight skin. She pressed herself against his back, enjoying the heat radiating off him. "Then I'm going to rub myself to orgasm against your back and these wings. You won't need to fuck me at all."

"Mistress I swear I'll be good!" He whimpered at her teasing, arching his back in a cat-like motion when she pressed herself against him. She even pulled her skirt up enough to press her slippery pussy against his thigh.

"It's not about being good my handsome Cupid. It's about how hot it is to deny you." A spike of pleasure drove through her as she teased him. She could prevent him from cumming and from taking what he wanted most—to be inside her. Her fingers traced his ass cheek, feeling the flesh warm where she's slapped him and she pinched the spot before sliding her hand between his thighs.

He let out a harsh breath of shock and rocked forward onto the balls of his feet. His legs were already spread wide thanks to the posture of the cross and allowed her free access to his heavy balls. "Mistress!"

"How much cum do you have in these full balls hhmm? Think you'll paint the wall with your cum?" She kissed his shoulder, brushing her full lips along his skin.

He made a low, eager sound and tried to arch his hips forward but found himself trapped against the rough texture of the cross, his cock pinned between wood, leather and belly. She gave his balls a slow squeeze in her palm, just enough to threaten pain. The sensation made him pant breathlessly, the hot flesh filling her fingers as she caressed and then relented.

Drawing away, she let him catch his breath while she searched the room for accessories to aid in the play. The big man didn't look over at her, but his back looked corded with his tension as he waited for her return. A wooden box against the wall provided a treasure within; a selection of sealed gear. She found a strap-on, various dildos in an arrangement of shapes and sizes. At the bar she found lubes set up like drinks, ranging from plain, water based to silicon based and there were a rainbow of flavors and warming offerings. There were candles and tiger balm and delicate wheels for prickly sensation play.

She selected a simple crop and a fur mit and the strap on harness with a bright purple dildo with two cocks, one for her to ride while the longer curved length fit into the ring of the harness. Oh, she'd enjoyed watching her share of porn and read so many books but never expected fantasy to cross over into reality. She removed her skirt and left it atop Cupid's discarded items to buckle on the leather harness.

He turned his head at the sound of the crinkling wrappers and his eyes widened behind the mask as he watched her adjusting the cock through the strap-on. "Oh!" Sounding breathless, he rocked his hips forward, restlessly nuzzling himself into the cross. "You look magnificent. Do you need assistance with that?"

"You've touched my pussy enough already." She whispered back and moaned as she eased the fat tip of the dildo across her creamy cunt lips. It felt cool and slick against her, the realistic curve and texture feeling very lifelike.

"Mmmm!" He growled, eyes burning behind the mask as he watched her playing with herself and the toy.

When she finally stopped enjoying her own pleasure and tormenting the man on his cross, she eased the fake-cock into her pussy. The base of the toy nuzzled her clit, sending sweet tingles down her thighs with each step she made. It felt like having a cock of her own and she wrapped her hands around the base of the tool while flourishing the whip against her thigh with her other hand.

"Stop staring or I'm going to blindfold you." She warned him.

The broken moan of desire spoke of his approval of such a punishment and she felt herself smiling. "You're a slut." She scolded the big man and extended the crop forward, dragging the end up the outside of his leg, over his knee and teased his thigh.

"Yes Mistress." He agreed, deeper respect laced through his desire.

When the tongue of the crop snapped against his ass he rocked forward with a gasp of surprise and she soothed him with a soft murmur and caressed the spot with the warmth of her palm gloved inside the soft fur.

"Fuuuuuck!" He breathed at the difference in contrast in textures. Under her touch she could feel his muscles tensing and didn't turn his face, gaze fixed straight ahead as she delivered another slap of the crop to his other ass cheek. This time he was braced for the strike and didn't respond except for the breath sucked in through his teeth.

Repeatedly she cropped his ass and thighs, sometimes pausing to sooth between the strikes but other times letting him writhe with multiple slaps to flush his dark skin even darker. It was erotic to see and hear the pleasure the pain caused him. Each time the crop fell, it lit him up a little higher and she moved the attention from ass cheeks down his thighs, teasing at first and then applying more pressure until he writhed and squirmed in restless need.

She slid the fur between his thighs to tease his balls while her bare hand curled around the base of his cock and stroked up the turgid length of him. His cock was so huge, she couldn't her fingers didn't encircle him fully. Pre-cum made his length slippery and slick. He moaned louder in pleasure as she stroked him and the shuddering of his body showed the struggle of his control. "Do you want to cum?" She whispered into his ear.

His cock lurched and bobbed in her fist and he moaned out a soft, "Yes Mistress! So much!" He tried to rock into her hand but she drew her fingers back and slid her palm up his stomach and side, smearing his pre-cum over his body.

"Such a dirty boy." She scolded him, so turned on, she was thankful for the dildo in her pussy to keep her excitement from making her thighs slick. "Just look at you, so desperate and needy."

He groaned and his head fell forward as she leaned her body in against him, letting him feel the cool dildo against his inner thigh. Against him, he shuddered and arched to avoid her pressing to his welted, oversensitive flesh but he could only move so far in his restraints. It made her feel powerful as she realized she was in control. She could let him dangle on the cross until he went soft and then come back to him and tease him hard and start all over again.

But what she wanted was to make him paint the cross with his uncontrolled orgasm. If she couldn't kiss him, she would make him toss his careful restraint to the wind. She would undo his reserve. She bit into his ear and he let cried out sharply in pleasure and pain, bucking into the cross. She didn't use her tongue, just held him and growled while she pressed into his back with her still clothed chest.

She drew back to slather the lube on the dildo, watching him squirming in his restraints. He didn't turn his head, obeying her request to not look. He sucked in a trembling breath when she reached for him again, trailing cool lube from hip across his ass cheek and then between the tight cleft of his ass.

"So glad you're spread for me Cupid. Now I can claim this tight little pucker without you fighting me."

He moaned out a protest and she paused, "Is that a request for me to stop? Do you want this to stop?"

He shook his head violently and bit back a muffled whimper.

"Good boy. Because I'm going to fuck you so hard with my big, fat dick. I've never fucked a boy before—so it might be rough baby." She guided the head of the cock to his hole and swirled the lubed head around several times before pushing forward.

The toy rocked against her clit, the pressure driving her side of the toy deep into her pussy and she squeezed her hand on his hip as the pleasure swept over her. His cry of pleasure matched hers as she drove deeper into him, groaning when she felt his heartbeat through that contact of toy, ass and her sex and she wrapped her arm around his middle, splaying her palm against his tight stomach, just above his cock. Her chest pressed between his wings. Those glorious wings.

She thought she felt them flex like something living rather than fake props glued into his dark skin. "Fuck!" She moaned and pressed her cheek into his back as he rocked his hips back towards her, making the dildo grind deeper into her pussy and against her clit.

With trembling fingers, she stripped what little there was of the shirt to bare her breasts and press nipples and swells of soft flesh against the strength of his muscles and texture of feather. She jerked deeper into him and he cried out in response as she fucked him.

Long deep thrusts of the toy gave her as much pleasure, there was no way he could feel better than she did! Fucking this powerful Cupid against the Cross, pussy stuffed with cock, thighs trembling with the building passion threatening to spill over. And yet his broken cries and shudders as she drilled deeper into him were authentic. His stomach tightened as she rolled her hips, stirring deep into him and he leaned his head back, dark curls tickling down his back.

"Mistress! I'm so...so0--Oh Fuck!"

She wanted to command him to wait—but she knew from the way his body shuddered and bucked and on some deeper instinctual level that he was beyond the point of having any control. Instead, she bit into his shoulder and wrapped her hand around the base of one of his wings while the other wrapped around his cock and began to pump her fist back and forth as she snarled in her pleasure.
Under the feathers, the wing felt hot and solid. The feathers tickled her palms but she could feel the muscle where it attached to his shoulder and skin. She felt the joints arching outward as she drove the dildo into him deeper. Deeper. Harder. His cock swelled under her fingers as she stroked faster than she fucked his willing little asshole.

He let out a roar of pleasure as his body jerked, making the cross rattle with the force of the movement. Under her naked breasts, his muscles tightened, his neck cording and even those amazing wings fanned open, giving up all pretenses of being fake or tiny as they unfurled. Her own orgasm overwhelmed her at the same time and she used her hold against his back for support as the tangle of pleasure tightened around the fat dildo plunging into her pussy.

She couldn't see the fountain of his cum, her vision obscured by the V of wings framing her body in a protective, strong fan of feathers. In her fist, his cock bucked and throbbed in time with her heart and she felt his release pound through him. The leather cuffs groaned and wood crackled with the force the ...Cupid....put upon it in his release. A roaring filled her ears, made her bones feel weak and she imagined the scream of an eagle deafening her as the wings enfolded her. Behind her eyes she saw stars spinning and felt her stomach falling end over end for several dizzying heartbeats.

It was impossible to know how long she clung to him, the pleasure felt so intense she nearly passed out from it, clinging tightly to him. But distantly other sounds cut through the bliss of the moment.

"Holy shit you two are hot." A woman's voice intruded into her spiraling pleasure.

When Ursa snapped her eyes open, she was no longer shrouded by wings, but still pressed into Cupid's broad, powerful back and he breathed rough and wild under her. His cock still rock hard in her hand, her knuckles slippery and warm from his cum drooling over her grip.

What the hell had they put in her drink?

"Fuck. How are we going to compare to that?" The man asked as Ursa slowly drew back and Cupid uttered a throaty growl of protest, looking over his shoulder at her.

His dark eyes were hooded, his smile dazed, searching her eyes. For a moment his lips pursed and his gaze drifted to her mouth, not masking the desire to kiss her. The kiss that they couldn't share. No exchange of fluids. Even for kisses that she knew would be earth shattering right now.

Her smile was unsteady as she eased out of him and uncurled her fingers from his still straining cock. As she drew back, she could see the wonderful mess his spray of cum made against the cross, the wall and his belly. The woman in the Star mask and the man in the Ram's horned mask were there and the woman offered her a towel for her hands that she accepted and quickly cleaned herself.

Her head buzzed with the intensity of her orgasm and she found herself unsteady on her feet but managed to unbind the big man and offer him a second towel for his cleanup. She noticed he was trembling as well as he spiraled down from that high and she found a blanket and pulled it over his shoulders. A fierce protective sensation tangled in her belly while she guided him across the room. She didn't want the others to see him in this weak condition. As the other couple grinned at them, she guided the man to a pile of pillows and motioned for him to sit.

She found water for him and offered him the bottle, touching his jaw to make him look up at her. His dark eyes were slightly glazed and he blinked three times before the focus came back into the darkness and he regarded her, his smile lazy. "Mistress?"

"You still with me?" She asked him and felt relieved when he smiled and nodded.

"I'm with you." He rasped quietly and leaned his handsome face into her fingers kissing her fingertips dreamily.

"I am going to clean up. Stay here ok?" She noticed other people were in the room. When they'd entered it had been empty, when had they come in? Had they watched everything? Fastening her shirt to hide her breasts, she fetched his skirt and quiver to make sure he had her token -- as though he might get snatched up by someone while her back was turned. Smirking, she left him to drink water and cleaned up herself and the cross.

When she returned to his side after cleaning up, Cupid had his blanket pulled close around him, expression less hazy. She found her skirt and pulled it on, cheeks warm behind her mask as she crouched down to the man. "How are you feeling?"

He reached for her hand and pressed his cheek into her knuckles as his eyes found hers. "Like a new man." He admitted in a soft voice.

"Good." She squeezed his hand in hers, enjoying how he dwarfed her.

"Do you think I could talk you into staying for the pony race? I would like to be sponsored by you and...honor you by winning the race in your name."

"That sounds awfully arrogant. What if you don't win?"

"If I don't win, you can kiss me right on the mouth." He murmured and added, "With tongue."

Her eyes darted to his lips, watching the corners curl up into a sexy smile full of naughty promise. "Damn. You strike a hard bargain. Fine. You'll have to guide me though. I'm not exactly sure what to do."

His eyes danced as he leaned in closer. "You look lovely as you do naturally and stand with the other jockys and boast about my prowess and enjoy the event."

"God you're arrogant." She couldn't help laughing.

He had the decency to blush and smiled at her, head tipping forward in polite acceptance. "I am fast, and I want to show off for you. You might have to present me a bit—I don't think you'll mind that. You seem to like showing off."

He gathered his long legs up and pulled himself to stand. She looked at his body as he shrugged off the blanket but he had the strap over his chest and was buckling the arming skirt on before she could question him more about the wings. The others in the room had not seen anything. She must have imagined it.

Cupid watched her a moment and then dropped the towels and blanket into the laundry and offered his arm to her with an incline of his head and a lazy little smile.

The signed up for the pony event was located in the foyer and only required a signature of their 'name' which was only their current titles and a show of her card. That accomplished, they found their way to her room without incident. They didn't even stumble upon an orgy in progress on their way.

The suite turned out to be a several large rooms on the wing looking over the pool and hedge maze. There were a number of connecting rooms and two private bathrooms attached to a main receiving room. During the daylight the sitting room would provide a fine view of the guests playing in the maze if they wanted to watch from afar. At least those twists and turns that faced the room.

A basket full of goodies sat on the table beside the door offering condoms, cock rings and small vibrators. Like the rumpus room, the bar area was stocked with a selection of lubes, less inclusive than the play room. House-Mistress certainly took care of her guests.

They agreed to sleep in separate rooms and not remove masks. It was her suggestion and a distant part of her wished he would have protested. Still, this wouldn't be as complicated at the end of the party. A little kink for the weekend and she'd return to life as normal.

She didn't think she would be able to sleep but after the hot shower, the moment her head settled against the pillow she was asleep. For the first time in a very long time, no nightmares haunted her night and she got the best rest that she'd had in years.

Saturday, Oct 31, 2015


"Opal-Owl." A cheerful voice called across the atrium the moment Ursa and Cupid arrived to the room.

He gave her a curious look and then turned a smile to the group of women in their jeweled colors where gathered but it was the woman in Ruby who had her arm up, waving towards them with a broad smile.

"People you know?" He asked, bowing his head forward so his lips brushed against the shell of her ear. The warmth of his minty breath tickled her skin and she grinned at him.

"We rode in the limo together to get here. They are nice women." She realized she looked forward to introducing them to Cupid and she didn't even know their names except for their token and colors. She changed their direction and moved to the large couch where the women were lounging with their selected partners.

For a moment, she feared the Glamazons would consume Cupid with their hungry gazes, but realized the women were only regarding him to measure him up for her sake. "Oh Owl, you found a charming companion. Is this Archer?" Ruby-Otter asked as she motioned for Ursa to come have a seat at the crescent-shaped couch.

"I'm calling him Cupid." Ursa made introductions as she sat and found she liked that Cupid knelt at her feet and drew her legs in close to him as he nuzzled his back and wings against her thigh as though this were the most natural thing in the world.

The women gave Cupid a longer look, searching him and then exchanged several puzzled looks between themselves.

"He is just darling." Emerald-Bear purred into the small silence. She wiggled a finger at Cupid who smiled from where he had his cheek resting on Ursa's knee.

"I heard," Amethyst-Badger murmured, "that there was a delicious scene in the upper Rumpus room last night."

Ursa felt warmth radiate into her cheeks but realized it couldn't possibly be what they'd done. "A disturbance?" She asked, throat tight with embarrassment.

"Oh no, someone was showing her pegging skills, reducing her handsome boy-toy to a cuddly ball of submission. It sounded like a particular Owl but the girl we met seemed so nervous about trying out this lifestyle. I think she told us she wasn't staying the night."

Ursa felt Cupid's smile against her knee and he nuzzled his cheek against her not lifting his head. His skillful fingers caressed the back of her knee. "I—well, surely there were more wild displays than /that/." She said.

"Don't tease her! I think it's fantastic, Owl." Ruby-Otter said and swatted her friend before grinning. "You look fantastic. It really suits you."

"What does?" Ursa asked.

"Confidence. You wear it well."

The server arrived to take their orders and offer mimosa or juice to the table while they ordered from the classy menu. She stroked Cupid's hair as she placed her order for both of them, feeling her heart race when he regarded her with a pleased smile at the guess she made for his meal. The other women did the same and when the server slipped off to fulfill the order, she found Ruby-Otter looking at her.

"And you're going to have this one run in the races? Confidence. I like it. It's about time newcomers stepped up rather than letting some of the regulars run away with the show."

She offered the drink to Cupid while watching the other women. "I don't understand. Why wouldn't other people participate?"

"Well, the core group, that is the loudest of the group, makes it challenging for newcomers. They tend to command most of the attention you see. In the past year they have driven off or discouraged a lot of newcomers from participating in the races and shows. The ponies seem quite concerned that they won't get any new jockeys or worse, that House-Mistress might find this too drama driven and cancel the future events. The race is fun but the horse-show is even better and during the winter when we go to the Tahoe house, there are sled races. But unless more people participate, it's going to end up dying off." Ruby-Otter explained.

Sapphire-Fox broke off from her make-out with the mature man she'd partnered with and cleared her throat. "I hear that one of the regular Jockey roughed up his pony last night in a drunken rage. He's part of that circle and rumor is Rhino was one of them as well, though he was a newcomer. None of their conduct is making good marks with House-Mistress you see. It is Easier to stop the sport than remove certain people from the party."

Cupid glanced up at her and offered the mimosa back as he rolled one massive shoulder in a lazy shrug. His smile curled up in a smug little twist of his full mouth. Sexy as hell and so arrogant she wanted to pull him by the hair up to her mouth and kiss him until his mouth bruised against hers.

"All I know is I have a man who is sexy as hell and I want to see him running around with my cockring on as he prances in the race." She said, surprised at the easy assurance rolling off her lips. Cupid's fingers squeezed the back of her calf and she felt his chuckle tremble through him where he pressed into her legs.

The women around the table saluted with their glasses, beaming at her in pride for her transformation from shy and stuttering to taking the situation, and the man, by the balls. Of course, she was behind a mask right now; it was easy to be courageous with her identity hidden.

Off to the Race

After lounging with the group at breakfast, they had little time to get to the garden where the races would take place. Ursa made a stop by the rooms to get the thick silver cockring and Cupid gave her a wary look when she knelt before him. "Owl..." He spoke her name in a hush of shock when she pushed the armored skirting up to expose his bare cock.

He was only half hard but when their eyes met, the length of him swelled and pulsed with desire. She gave him a small shake of her head, "You need to learn some control Cupid." She teased him and drew the length of his cock and balls through the thick band of silver. "If you were really mine—I'd have a whole cock-cage for you with a key so only I could have at you and keep you out of trouble."

He groaned and his hips rocked forward as his cock thickened and swelled despite the trap of the ring. "Oh! Mistress!" He sucked in a breath at the sensation and she could feel his effort to hold steady with the sudden spike of desire her words sent through him.

"I'd engrave my true name in the cage so everyone knew who to send you back to if you ever escape me." She continued and stroked his balls where they thrust through the loop of steel and pressed against the underside of his proud cock arching upward. She met his eyes and moistened her lips. "Maybe after the race, we can get that off you and get a condom on you so I can have you in my mouth you filthy boy."

She never thought having control over how she touched someone would be so hot. The condoms were like a shield, a sexy weapon she could use to prevent him from just taking what he wanted. His eyes blazed with his need and he rocked his hips forward. Precum beaded on the head of his cock, pearly and gleaming in the light as his cock bobbed lewdly before her lips. She blew warm breath over him and he moaned but—did not resort to begging.

"I heard that it's best to keep a pony's blood up. It will make them run better. But, perhaps it will make you run a little slower so I can have that kiss I so badly desire."

"You are cruel Mistress." He growled, eyes closing, struggling to regain his iron clad control.

To aid him, she drew the heavy leather skirt down over his cock. Even the armored leather wasn't weighted enough to keep his cock from tenting it forward right now. "Poor pony. You want to say the word, we can end this torment." She remained kneeling and he kept his eyes squeezed closed in this stand-off for resolve and control.

She pressed her thighs together, rubbing her aching need between her legs. Her own resolve was a fragile, desperate thing. Unlike this handsome Cupid, she didn't have her pick of lovers back home. Wouldn't it be better to get her wild oats out every chance she could? Except she never enjoyed this sort of sweet torment with anyone either. No way would she rush things.

He watched her stand and offered out his hands to her and smiled when she slipped her fingers through his. They didn't speak, just shared a look between them, she could feel the mixture of pleasure, frustration and need pulse through him, shared with her. Was it satisfaction? Or was he trying to test if her resolve would waver and she'd jump him moments before the race.

"We'd better go." She told him and gave a pull on his hands. "I'm sorry I don't have a quality harness, just something I borrowed from the room. I'm still new at this."

"There's nothing to forgive. I'm honored to wear what you give me. Even this horrible and wonderful cockring."

"I've always wanted to give it a try." She admitted, watching him trade out his quiver for the plain harness. The way he shifted awkwardly to thread his wings through the leather reminded her of her strange fantasy or illusion from the previous night. Tonight she wouldn't partake of any wine. Moving behind him, she helped adjust the straps and smoothed his falcon-wings around the straps, glad to see that they leather wasn't going to rub against the trail of feathers down his spine.

She wanted to ask him about the wings. But her tongue tangled up on words she wanted to say. "They look so ...real."

That attempt just made him smile and he tucked his chin down and fixed her with his glittering black gaze behind his mask. "I know."

His mildness made her grind her teeth and she pushed the questions aside. After the race she might come up with a better way to ask him. Or, maybe she'd just pull at the wing and see how it was secured to him.

The garden was filling when they arrived and Cupid slowed his steps so he would come in behind her. A glance over at him showed his chin high and his steps made with high-stepping action like a gaited horse might use. That made her smile but he looked past her, gazing off into the distance. Across the gardens, the other ponies with their jockeys were beginning to gather. Peacock and Leopard with their partners were showing off the elaborate and expensive harnesses gear they provided for their pony display.

If she did this again, she'd need to try to find a way to get her pony a better rigging. A big if. And who knew if she'd even have the same pony. The heaviness in her heart flipped several times as Cupid stood behind her and waiting for instructions. She didn't have headgear or halter as some of the other pairs were showing off. Another thing to try to get her hands on, something adjustable, something she could....

Cupid's warm breath ticked the back of her neck, distracting her from her thoughts. He uttered a soft, horse-like nicker at her and when she turned her head, found his glinting amusement fixed on her. She lifted a hand up and ruffled his curls.

"Run well!" She told him, sliding the hand down from long, tussled curls to his jaw and down his neck and chest, trailing over his muscles. "Try not to disgrace them too badly." He leaned in closer to her and brushed a soft nip along her neck before drawing away from her touch.

She led him to the line of other ponies and their jockey and gave the women a smile and nod though only a few of them returned the favor. Well, she had nothing to be ashamed of, so she stared down Peacock who was trying to toss daggers from her eyes. The rejection of the previous night must have cut her very deeply.

A server wove through the jockey once the ponies were at the starting line and Ursa plucked a flute from the tray as she waited for the start. "You know, we have a nice Pony-Day Tea the first day of spring." A familiar voice murmured at her side, the woman with the star mask regarded her thoughtfully, "Perhaps you would allow me to have House-Mistress invite you and your pony out for the day? We don't have races but—events." Her lips pursed behind the spangle of her mask. "Bobbing for carrots and rolling apples. Things like that. We don't wear masks though. It's mostly fluid bonded couples so there's not a lot of shame involved in our public sex."
Ursa blinked away from staring at Cupid showing off at the starting line. "Oh, I don't know. I mean, this is my first event and we're not—" She frowned as her nervous gesture made her drink slosh and spill over her fingers.

"Ah." It was impossible to tell what emotion hid behind her mask. "Forgive me. After watching you two in the room, I thought you must be quite close. Well, I'm Celestia. If you wish, have House-Mistress contact me. You might change your mind." Her blue eyes twinkled like another of the sequence in her mask.

"Thank you. I—I d-don't imagine it will." She hated the stammer and chewed at the inside of her cheek to keep a smile on her face. "Is the man in the Ram mask—yours?"

Her smile softened, "Ah yes. Ram. He and I have been together awhile now. He mostly likes to show off rather than actually win." She laughed and then pointed, "See there?"

Ursa turned her head to follow the point and saw where Ram and Cupid had settled beside each other and were puffing out their chests and posing, looking at one another and then sliding covert looks back at them, the women. "oh!" Cupid looked spectacular in that pose, tightening his stomach and giving his arms a flex now and then.

Hound and Hare were getting into the action to playfully posture to the others but a quick whistle from the direction of Peacock and Leopard made the men stand still and at attention at the start line.

Celestia sniffed over the rim of her glass, "Don't mind those women. They are so caught up in winning they have lost the joy of the game. You'd think they were out here stretching their legs." She wiggled her fingers at the pair of Jockey and Ursa noticed a third person stood near them, a man in a dragon mask.

His full lips pursed slightly as though he tasted something bad. He was rather adoringly stroking the head of a blonde girl standing beside him and when he turned to her, the frown melted away into something joyous. The girl tipped her head up to grin back at him from behind an elaborate hummingbird mask. She was wearing a harness around her and her pert, athletic breasts bounced in time with her side to side shifting.

Noticing where she was looking, Celestia murmured, "They have a female race as well. Since it became so competitive, they no longer mix the sexes so the men will go and then the ladies. There are so many more women than men pony, it's not a bad thing to split them up."

Ursa was about to ask more but the pony at the starting line were starting to get playfully restless as more stepped up to the line and other jockey joined their ranks and Celestia was drawn into conversation with someone else. Just as well really, she got distracted again by Cupid's more elaborate flexing and took a cooling drink from her wine.

The House-Mistress stepped out into the central point of the gardens where a gazebo heavy with rose vines was situated. Her dress seemed more elaborate today in the sunlight, drinking up the light and throwing back sparkles of blue and indigo from the many beads on the corset and flared short skirt. Two men came behind her, bare chested and wearing black furred loin cloths and they carried between them a bronze gong.

"Welcome to the races everyone. I'm delighted to see new faces in the group, I hope everyone will make our newcomers feel at ease and at home. The race will be a single time around the track, there are no jumps or obstacles this time as last time pony were far too exuberant and we can do without scuffed knees after 'accidents'." Her eyes narrowed and she swept a look over the crowd, seeming to linger on Peacock and her group a little longer than the others. "Men race first and then women. Afterwards we'll have awards following the traditional Saturday lunch on the lawn."

She squirmed in the silence that followed and glanced at Cupid to see him looking at her. A smile spread his mouth when he saw her looking. Dear god, he even made his damn pecs do that twitch thing. The only thing better would be for him to have those dark nipples pierced. She felt warmth spread down her chest and into her belly. He was glorious in the sunlight, like the dress House-Mistress wore, he drank in the light and gleamed like black diamond. Those little wings on his shoulders, tight and sharp as a bird of prey. The smaller feathers against his skin rippled in the wind that stirred up, but the longer primaries stayed stiff and proud.

"Ready ponies?" House-Mistress' voice rang out across the garden and the assembled, posturing and preening men in their harnesses focused ahead of them. A second passed while the woman seemed to measure their focus and then she grasped the hammer for the gong and struck the bronze plate solidly, sending a low thrum of sound to start the race.

The pony-boys dashed off the line together, at least the more competitive group of them. Some of the more flamboyant ponies pranced their way forward, using the time to show off their fine gear and finer bodies to the encouragement of the crowd. They were lovely specimens to be sure, hard bodies fine tuned to the running track and even those who were a little fuller in body held themselves with such confidence that their smaller or larger sizes didn't make any difference. They were all having fun.

The group ahead though, the runners, were in it for the prize. Or bragging rights. Or the pride of their Mistress on the line. Cupid was behind the main group of runners as they hit the middle point by a stride or two. All Ursa could think of was the kiss, make that kisses, she would collect as soon as he trotted over the finish line. Velvety lips on hers, his big hands cupping her face. Oh yes, she was going to kiss the hell out of him and then fuck him until he couldn't walk.

And then, as he crossed the middle marker, Cupid put the speed on. He wasn't kidding when he said he was a competitor. Making it seem so easy, he powered past two, then four runners at the head in the pack. In another long, mean stride he passed another without even a seeming to draw breath. She thought he might have said something to Hound as he strode by him easily, arms churning and danced out of the way of a leg striking out at him.

The crowd hissed and booed at the bad sportsmanship but Hound took a bad step as he corrected his footing and sprawled forward, falling hard. Another of the runners had to leap clear of his rolling body and the race continued.

As the dust curled away on the wind, they passed the quarter mark. It was Hare and Cupid now, running neck and neck, they looked equally matched, both men looked equal in their composure but then Cupid pressed forward, his mask almost flipping up with the force of the wind and he had to tuck his chin down low and pushed forward. Hare mis-stepped and veered towards Cupid but the tall man dodged him with a shortening of his stride at the last moment and then surged ahead, taking the advantage of Hare's fumble and struggle to re-balance his stride rather than bounce off the obstacle of the other runner.

The win was easily many lengths ahead as Cupid pressed on at his current speed to the end of the race, giving an embarrassing lead on Hare who seemed to have twisted his ankle during his bad step in the race. He didn't even bother posturing his arms over his head but slowed after the finish line and jogged backwards, calling some taunt behind him to Hare.

"Why that arrogant bastard!" Peacock snarled and threw down her glass with a crash of breaking crystal. "Did you see...? Did you.....?" Then she had to bite down on her tongue because there was nothing to see really, aside from runners throwing themselves at Cupid and the man dodging the obvious strikes at him.

The man in the dragon mask made a gesture at Peacock that seemed obscene in nature and turned to the girl with him and coaxed her forward. The girl hesitated, looking at the furious women and then up at the man before quickly stepping along with him, pressing into his side. The man's head bowed in low to her and they seemed to have a conversation while Leopard attempted to console the fuming Peacock.

"I see that even the lack of jumps isn't keeping things sporting." House-Mistress's voice rang out. "Ah, but the Archer is coming in first. Then Hare, Mouse, Lion, Seahorse--- "She ran off the list of names but Ursa only saw Cupid standing in the dust of the running track, bowed over his thighs, chest puffing with the effort to catch his breath despite looking as though he won the race so handily.

"You should probably go to him." Celestia suggested and pressed a bottle of water into her hand as she started for the field herself.

Ursa clutched the bottle of water and relinquished her drink on a table as she jogged down to the field. He'd won! Won! And she wouldn't get to kiss him—except she didn't care. He'd made those jerks look like asses and he won!

He held his arms out to her as she ran down the field, not caring if her mark flipped up or not. She leapt and flung herself into his awaiting arms and he spun her around several times, nuzzling his hot, wet face into her neck and she dumped a good amount of the water onto his head while the crowd burst into roars of victory.

She would have kissed him if she had her choice. But—swung around as though she weighed as little as a loaf of bread was good enough for her. He was hot and sweaty and soaked through her thin clothing but she didn't care. It felt so good. She could feel the thunderous beat of his heart against her and his breath still came out sharp and fast as he pressed in close to her cool body. She pushed the water into his hand and he set her down.

"I'll get you more." She murmured, hands on his chest, looking up at him as he gulped down the rest of the bottle.

"It's alright. They will come around for more." He grinned and his hands held tightly to her. "I don't want you going anywhere!" His voice held a possessive little growl to it that made her legs go weak.

"Well, if you get to make the orders now." She growled at him.

He answered with a bite to her shoulder and then nuzzled into her neck, kissing up to her ear, panting all the while. "I just need this. Please Mistress."

She smiled into the top of his head and wrapped her arms around him. During the time of his recovery, a server came by with water and the start of the lady-pony race started. She found a place to sit with her pony, letting him cuddle into her while he drank and she watched the race. The ladies were much more about the show and who could blame them with the types of outfits they had on. Mostly they wore elaborate body paint and large head-dresses and were naked which made running less than enjoyable with the sized breasts some women had. They still made a lovely show of going around the track.

Dragon's lovely Hummingbird made it over the finish line first, seeming to be more of a runner than the others. She turned around and Ursa saw her frown at how far behind the others were. They were not even making an effort to join her over the finish. Show or race? Perhaps in the earlier days, it was for fun and extravagance but they runners had made it more of a sport than it needed to be.

Cupid nuzzled her and brushed his lips against her jaw, "So, what did you think?" He stroked her hip up to the curve of her breast slowly and watched her with interested black eyes.

She pulled her eye away from the startled looking Hummingbird clapping for those coming over the finish line after her and smiled into the onyx eyes locked onto her. "It's lovely. I think I'd rather try the show though. Have you in a gag bit..some nipple clamps..." She reached out and pinched his nipple and he bowed forward with a guttural moan of delight.

His eyes rolled up before his lids closed over those dark eyes and he pressed in closer to her. "Mistress." He breathed in reverence and she released his nipple and smoothed her hand over his chest. She did enjoy this. Both the way he'd ended the race and watching the runners. The tripping, stumbling of the over-eager runners contestants was not enjoyable however.

Peacock and Leopard were fussing over Hummingbird for example and they were cooing and preening over her. Dragon stood a small distance away from the display of the women, watching with interested eyes behind hid mask with his arms crossed over his chest. It was impossible to read his emotion behind the elaborate mask of green and gold scales and wings. Cupid followed her gaze as his cheek nuzzled into the curve of her breast.

The little blonde behind her hummingbird mask looked baffled at the attention and glanced at Dragon for help. The big man said something and opened his arms to the girl and carefully extracted her from the women, using his arms as a shield. His head bowed forward and the two spoke together, leaving the others behind to glower at their back.

"Most of the women look like they are having more fun than you boys did." She told her Cupid, smoothing fingers through his hair. She pointed to another group of pony prancing and playing, still showing off. "I think we would have more fun doing that. I mean...." She moistened her lips and forced herself not to stutter, "Would you like that?"

He was quiet a moment, looking between the groups and then tipped his head to look at her and smiled. "Yes Mistress. I would like that much more." He kissed her chin and then drew his head back. "I feel like I should show these others that they are not the top of the roost however. Forgive me for showing off?"

She ducked her head and rested her feathery mask into his forehead and grinned into his eyes. "You've already taken away the sweet kiss I might collect. Now you want me to forgive your arrogance? I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet boy."

She felt him shiver in response to her and his large body curled in closer to her, murmuring as though he were a huge feline purring. She did her best to pretend it didn't affect her. "Yes Mistress." He stroked her side lingeringly, letting his large fingers pause now and then to squeeze before the caress passed along her curves. He made her feel strong rather than small. Strong rather than soft. She wished she could scream like an eagle.

"Now comes the time for our awards." House-Mistress's voice cut through the cheerful buzz of voices and Ursa released her tight hold of Cupid so he could stand up. He offered his hands to her and aided her to her feet and she accepted the offer to stand with him. She grabbed another bottle of water from a passing servant and forced it into his hand as his other arm looped around her and pulled her into his solid side.

The awards were a quick affair of exchanges of a pair of medals to the male and female runners for the event. It was a lovely medal on a long ribbon that the House-Mistress placed over the head of the contestants with all the honors of an Olympic game. The second and third place received simple ribbons. It hardly seemed enough of an award to stir the people up to such competitive violence.

"Quite a race." A deep voice rumbled beside her, making Ursa startle and she looked up at the man in the dragon mask. He was watching the awards being offered out with a tightness around his mouth that was not pleasure.

"It certainly was." She shifted her balance slightly, warily watching him from the corner of her eye. He cleared his throat lightly and turned to face her, "I wanted to say hello. It's nice to see a new face in the races. I didn't realize how closed and competitive the games had become until today. My pony-girl is new as well. She was convinced by a pair of the regulars that she should put on a good show—which they indicated was running fast." He gave a small shake of his head. "Well, you see how it is." His lips relaxed into a faint smile. Ursa found herself smiling back and nodded, "They are out for blood, just for a trinket."

"And bragging rights." He added with a low snort. "As that matters more than anything to some people." He tossed a glance over at the two women and their group and rolled one shoulder. "Anyway, it's good to meet a new Jockey. Don't be put off by all of us, we are usually a friendly group. Maybe you'll come out to the Spring Tea? There's nothing cutthroat there."

Invitation to the Tea party again. Ursa lifted her shoulders up, "I will think about it. I'm still really new to this."

"I see. Ah, here comes the winners. I will leave you to your celebrations. I'm sure our paths will cross again." He grinned at her and inclined his head politely before turning away.

It wasn't until he was walking off and scooping up his girl in a big hug that she realized how handsome the Dragon was and how little she'd been flustered or shy around him. The troublesome stutter didn't creep in once.

"Mistress?" Cupid asked as he strode across to her, hands behind his back, chest thrust out proudly to obviously show off the medal. "Your humble pony brings your just reward." At her side, he knelt at her feet and looked up at her.

She had a fierce desire to claim him and own him and put her marks all over that velvety dark skin as he eased down to his knees on the grass. Her pony. Her throat felt too tight for a moment when she realized it was only momentary. His dark eyes were devouring her, making her knees weak and he held his hands behind him, waiting for her.

"I'm not going to take your prize from you." She told him when she'd managed to pull her tongue from the roof of her mouth.

His expression didn't change; he only inclined his head to her, holding her gaze. "What might I do for you?" His smile curled his mouth, so sexy and naughty as he wet his lips with a slow lick of his tongue.

To answer, she slid her hand into his curls and took a fist full of them, pulling his head back so she could bow over his upturned face. "I'm going to take you to the rooms and use you ruthlessly and leave such marks on your body that everyone will know what a good pony you are. You won't need to wear the medal."

The Prize

Somehow they made it back to the room without touching each other though she had several impulses along the way to throw him down on the stairs and screw him soundly. Only her silent reminder that they did not have condoms held her resolve in place.

Damn her cleverness when she'd put the cockring on him and left the protection in its safe place. She could have screwed him on the lawn, in the sunlight with everyone to witness it. Her face burned and it wasn't shame she felt. That was hunger and pride. Though she was not experienced with sex, she was sure he could more than make up for her fumbling.

Her hand trembled as she unlocked the door but she managed to still herself when she reached for the center of his harness and pulled him in behind her, kicking the door closed once they'd cleared the doorway. Cupping his cockring-trapped cock and balls in her other hand, she pressed herself against him and his arms curled around her, squeezing her to him.

"Mistress." He breathed into her neck, "Do with me as you will." She could feel his eager smile before she pulled herself away and pulled him with her, using only the hand on his cock. His hips arched forward and he moved with her, his cock swelling in her grip.

"I liked seeing you out there with your cock out." She admitted, "But also felt strangely possessive of you. I don't want them seeing what's mine."

"They don't see me as you see me Mistress." He whispered around a moan as she stroked his cock firmly from the ring to the head, squeezing a thick dollop of precum from the head. "Oh Fuck!" His eyes rolled back and closed.

"Really? Well, I guess I won't have to mark you up nearly so bad then." He quivered with a mixture of disappointment and relief, arching into her fingers, his pulse hot through his cockflesh.

Releasing him, she reached for the basket of goodies and drew out a condom, smirking as she let him see the elegant scrawl of text: 'Chocolate' flavor. She cocked her hip to the side and tore the foil packet open with her teeth. He let out a hard breath through his nostrils and held still, devouring her with those black eyes behind his mask. When she set the cool condom to his cockhead, he shivers but remained steady aside from his quacking breath. Even as she rolled it over his cock and slowly down his length he managed not to push into her fingers.
She was not going to admit that she'd never given a blowjob before. The images in her fantasy always included getting a mouthful and then face load of creamy cum. This was safer—the respectable part of her mind stammered. Safe but also tame. And then she looked up his tight abs and saw the hungry look in his eyes. "Mistress!" His voice growled a plea through his teeth as he held so still while she stroked him through the condom protecting his dark length.

No. Not /tame/ at all!

She kissed the head of his cock, and slid her mouth down over him, letting her teeth lightly graze the swollen head and his hips rocked towards her. He moaned out his pleasure when she sucked him deeper, rolling her tongue over him, delighting at the feel of his pulse along the roof of her mouth. The faint taste of chocolate teased her and she sucked harder against him, bobbing quickly back to the head and then down again with a swirl of her tongue.

When her eyes lifted up to him again, she found him gazing down at her, watching as her lips stretched around his girth, slipping him deeper and deeper into her until she couldn't draw breath. He ground deep into the base of her throat and felt the velvet warmth of his short pubic hairs against her nose and the cool steel of the cockring kissing her lips.

"Fuck! Mistress!" He said it like a warning and his hands clutched into fists in the air before he released them and reached for her shoulders for support. With that encouragement, she began bobbing her head so her wet lips slipped and slid up and down his length. What she lacked in skill, she must have made up for in eagerness. Perhaps he didn't see the tears in her eyes when she nearly chocked on his massive cock. When her throat constricted around him he groaned and his hips hunched forward, plunging deeper into her before she had to draw back for a ragged breath. God he felt so good down her throat, she pressed her teeth into him as he pumped forward and he tossed back his head with a cry of pleasure, shuddering on the edge and fighting for his control.

His breathing came sharper, as though he were running harder than his earlier race. Ursa moved in time with his pulse and those gasping moans, driven by his desire and her hunger to push him over the edge. Her lower lip nuzzled into his balls as she came down firmly on his length, his thrusts driving himself into her as though he wanted to fuck himself directly down into her throat. She let him. She wanted him to.

She felt the tightening of his balls before he let out a strangled cry. His whole body tensed and he gripped her shoulders hard enough to bruise her. Her moan vibrated through him as she gazed up at his taut body and sucked harder against his length. Wrapping her arms around his hips, she squeezed the firm asscheeks and her fingers dug into him, pulling him deeper into her throat.

When he came, she could feel it through the thin, chocolatey condom, a hot pulse stronger than his own, an echo of hers and in time with his strangled roar of pleasure. The sound was both broken and joyous as he fucked into her, claiming her mouth and lips and throat. His big hands slide from her shoulders to her neck and up her cheeks, mussing the mask in his rough caresses and still bucking his hips into her in time with the release.

As he spiraled down from his climax, she thought of not correcting her mask, letting him see her. But then she recovered her swirling senses and let go of that perfect ass so she could adjust herself and let him slip from between her lips.

His fingers continued to caress her face and into her hair and the headdress covering her as he stared down at her, smiling brokenly down at her. "Was I too rough?" He asked, letting a finger brush across her lips.

"No!" She whispered and smiled. "Perfect." With a little wink, she removed both the condom and cockring from him, shivering when he whimpered at the overstimulated rush of blood into him.

"You're going to kill me." He chuckled breathlessly, sagging as she stood up.

"I think you're hearty enough for little ol me." She called over a shoulder while heading for the bathroom. As she flushed the condom she caught an image of herself in the mirror, her mask slightly tipped and her mouth red and lipstick smeared. Cupid's masked face peeked in behind her, his expression sheepish behind his concealment.

"I should clean up." He was so cute and shy after his orgasm, not the hard, mysterious man hungrily consuming her with his gaze.

"I'll watch to make sure you do it right." She leaned back into the door frame to give him room and admired his reflection and his backside as he washed himself under her eager gaze.

The water splashed over his hands and then onto his cock, the length not fully soft and quickly thickening as he stroked himself clean of his cum.

"Are you jacking off or cleaning?" She asked him and he met her gaze, lower lip catching between his teeth like a boy caught touching himself.

"Mistress, I'm cleaning." He whispered.

"You're doing a very poor job of it."

Her voice made his breath catch and his cock thickened even more. She stepped in closer to him, brushing his back and those tight, sharp little wings as she did so. "Like this." She whispered into his ear as he bowed his head down. Her hand wrapped around the base and together they stroked him under the flow of the warm water. She smiled and twisted the knob to cold and kissed his shoulder.

He sucked in a sharp breath, eyes closing and stroking together under the now chilled stream of water. She made sure to caress over his balls too, squeezing and raking fingers over the flesh as he cried out again with that mixture of pain and pleasure. His cock swelled to his full length as she did so, rock hard and bobbing lewdly in the water.

"I'm glad you're not finished—I haven't had my chance to put my marks on you." She whispered and turned off the water, still stroking him with his 'help'. "Go put on a condom and—get into my bed." She pulled a towel off the wall and carefully dried him, careful now of his scratched balls and tormented cock. "I'll warm you up nicely."

He shivered and more from the cold and obeyed her. She removed her shirt and skirt and adjusted her mask and the headdress that had lost many of its fancy feathers. A quick wash of her face and mouth and applied more lipstick as she heard him rustling the condoms and his light steps to the bedroom, prowling lithe and graceful. Her reflection grinned wolfishly back at her and she felt herself blush at the woman who stared hungrily back at her. That most certainly was not Ursa from Oakland, this was some other being.

Naked, she strolled after him and into the bedroom. For the first time in her life she didn't care about her round belly or full hips or her breast size and height. The man in the bed looked at her like she was the most edible treat in the whole place of decadent delights. He looked perfectly at ease with his thick arms folded behind his head and his cock already wrapped in the condom, standing at full attention. Like a delicious present.

Not for unwrapping but for tearing to little pieces.

He smiled a greeting to her and mouthed 'Hi' while giving his hips a little waggle and she stepped to the foot of the bed and slowly climbed up between his legs.

He arched his hips upward as she slithered her hands up his strong thighs and kissed her way up to his cock and over his belly, breathing in the sweaty heat of his body, still slightly damp despite the toweling dry. She could feel the chill in his skin as she straddled his hips and press her wet pussy along his cock, rubbing herself against him.

"Fuck you are so wet!" He shivered, looking down her body and her flushed pussylips split around the girth of his cock as she rocked back and forth against him. She was so wet it was almost a lather between her pussy lips and her thighs were slick with her juices.

"I've been teasing you all day and haven't been able to keep my eyes off you. I need you so bad. I don't want you to hold back. I -- I want it rough." She looked at him while she rubbed his cockhead against her clit and pressed herself against him there, crying out softly at the sensation that tightened her pussy and stomach and all the way up her spine.

"Yes!" He agreed and squeezed her hips, hands sliding around to her ass to pull her roughly forward against his cock. "your pony is ready for your first ride. You'd best hold on /very/ tight." His teeth gleamed as he grinned and rocked under her, muscles tensing under her as he shifted.

Her body moved with him, responding as naturally as though they'd done this before. She rocked forward, when his thick cock pressed against her opening and for a moment, the pain was almost too much for her. She was not a virgin—no. But she'd also not had anyone this big and it had been so long. Too long . His expression showed concern and his movement stilled but she thrust herself back against him with a shake of her head, "More!" She whimpered.

He clutched her ass hard in his hands and pulled her down onto him, moaning with her squeal of pleasure and pain as he plunged into her, inches of fat cock spreading her wider than the two fingers he'd teased her with. Teased her until she'd creamed all over him and now his cock was claiming her.

With a snarl, she raked her fingers over his chest and caught one of his nipples in between her fingers to pinch and twist, pulling against the tight bud until he bucked under her, snarling out an oath of pleasure and pain and need.

His hips drew back and then surged forward, making his cock draw out of her and then slam back in, rattling her bones with the smack of impact when his balls slapped into her backside. "Yesss!!" He whispered and sat up, wrapping his arms around her as he let her ride and grind against him, shuddering, "Don't you dare hold back!" He whispered into her ear, dark and growling as he nipped her there. "Fuck you're so tight!"

She screamed into his neck when he made her cum. Every part of her tried to resist the pleasure but the need was too strong and she'd longed for this since she raked her eyes over him. She came so hard, she thought she was going to fly to pieces. Only his strong arms around her kept her from breaking and she wrapped her arms around him, brushing against the base of his wings as she did. Her pussy throbbed around his cock, desperately milking him as shocks of sensation raced up her legs and spine. "Don't stop! Don't you fucking stop!" She snarled into his neck, biting him.

"Never!" He promised and rolled her over, pinning her to her back and adjusting to his knees with a powerful thrust into her that pounded her into the bed and made her see stars for a moment. "Again?" He whispered with a small, dangerous smile and drew his hips back, cock sliding up to the head and he gave her several quick, shallow thrusts, stirring her honey until the room was filled with the wet slurping smacks of his cock into her.

"No!" She whimpered and he grinned and lifted one of her legs, laying it against his chest as he bowed forward and fucked her long and slow, over and over, steady as a fucking machine. He held her gaze and she cried out desperately as she came. Her pussy spasmed around him, milking and pulsing and she arched up against him, pinned to the bed and able to escape the pleasure as he fucked her through the orgasm, bowing to kiss her chin very softly.

"There....there it is....yessssss." He growled and then moaned as she raked her fingers down his shoulders just under those exquisite wings. "I didn't think you could be more beautiful—but when you cum around me—Fuck Princess...." He arched into her, sealing himself into her until his balls nuzzling her ass. "Again!" He made it a demand this time as his cock drove in long, deep and so hard it was a sweet agony.

She couldn't speak but shook her head in denial and clung to him in the storm of sensation that spread through her aching and pleasured body. Her screams of release echoed through the room as he took her and tore her orgasms from her, pulled them one after another with the steady, sweet and sometimes brutal thrusts of his cock.

There was no keeping track of the orgasms, or the different positions he placed her in, sliding his legs over hers to straddle her and pin his cock between her thighs and pussy to fuck her tight, wet opening while she couldn't writhe or buck against him. He slowed after the last shuddering, rending climax that was closer to pain than pleasure and drew himself from her, caressing her face with his careful fingers.

"You still with me Princess?" He asked with a purr and nuzzled her cheek and the tears there she didn't know she'd let escape her.

"Yes!" She felt -- sweetly broken and satisfied, except that her lover was still hard. She curled into his sweaty chest and whispered, "Perfect!"

"Not too rough?" He asked, smoothing his hand down to her breast, cupping her and rolling his thumb over her nipple before squeezing and rolling it. When she moaned and pressed herself into the touch he smiled, "Ah, not too rough then." He bowed his head and kissed the nipple but did not take it between his lips, though there was a long hesitation there, his breath hot and panting from his ruthless fucking. "Princess....I want to take your tight little ass." As he said it, his cock gave an eager pulse against her thigh.

She tried to resist arching towards him like a hungry cat, but couldn't stop herself, her back bowed forward and she whimpered at him. "Yes!" God, she was going to be ruined for any other man in her bed forever!

He rolled her onto her side without her resisting, his big hands smoothing over her sweaty skin, squeezing here and pinching, as though he were savoring the softness of her under his strong, steely grip. Then she completed the roll onto her belly and wriggled her ass into the air, grinning over her shoulder at him where he knelt, squeezing a palm full of lube into his hand to slather onto himself. There was a wicked little gleam in his eye as he applied the cool gel to her and she squirmed forward before he grabbed her and hauled her hips back up and towards him.

"Come back Princess! There's no escape for you now pretty." He bowed over her back, growling and nipping up her spine while his cock nuzzled along her pussy, pressing in easily with the lube and her juices and the sweet, deep angle. His moan vibrated up her back where he rested his cheek, breathing into the nape of her neck, "Fuck! Oh Fuck! You are so fucking sweet!" He whimpered, the first indication of that steely resolve fracturing.

She felt her thighs quivering with that now familiar warning of pleasure and release and the sweet ache coiled around her as she moaned with him. "Please...don't stop....I....."

"You are going to be the...death of...oh fuck." He bite the nape of her neck and continued to thrust into her, long and steady, his body shuddering.

The bite—oh, that ache matched the tangle in her pussy and she came around him with a sob of delight and pleasure and his broken moan echoed hers as he slowly eased out of her, panting and growling into her back.

"So close Princess." He whispered, rolling the head of his cock against her slippery asshole. "So....fucking...close..." His voice had the same shivery to it as his body and he drew in several long breaths before pressing his cock into her, spreading her tight little pucker around him.

There was pain, but around it, liquid pleasure to go with the sharp sensation of being pushed open and open and then he was inside her, pressing deeper and she could feel every inch and vein and pulse in him more intimately than his steady fucking. He wrapped his arms around her and cupped his breasts, breathing into her neck as his chest pressed over her back.

"Oh God yes!" She whimpered brokenly but he didn't move yet, she could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing as he growled low in his throat.

When he began to move, the pleasure of it stripped her breath away and she could only utter a harsh, rattle of a cry as he slid back and then plunged deeper. The second time, he arched deeper still and his body jerked, tightening and shuddering. He bit into her shoulder as he trembled and she thought he swelled inside her before she felt the hotter pulse of his climax, deeper in her than she'd ever let anyone—and she wanted more. More! Her thighs quivered and she arched back against him as he continued to cum and buck over her.

He carefully rolled to his side and pulled her with him, still inside her and his hands caressed her body as he slowly spiraled down from that climax. She thought she felt the soft tickle of feathers along her arm and side but did not open her eyes, as though the sensation might flitter away if she looked.

With uncertain fingers, she reached blindly forward where she felt the tickle on her side and felt the long, bristled feather-tips and closed her fingers around the shaft and snapped her eyes open. It didn't vanish from her fist, it looked and felt quite real. "What's this?" She asked when she felt him holding his breath behind her.

"A feather?" He questioned after a long pause.

She twisted to look back at him, holding onto the feather and she could see his look of pain and concern in those dark eyes and the set of his mouth as he tried to pull the wing back. "Seriously. We're fucking and I'm not hallucinating this time -- obviously. You need to say something about the wings."

The wing stopped tensing against her and cupped over her side as he frowned, "I'm not quite sure how you even see them. You shouldn't be able to see them. No one else does. They're not important."

"You're an angel." She pressed the question again, feeling like he'd lied to her.

"I told you no. Princess...please...I have wings." His dark skin colored and he actually looked ashamed.

"I like them." She said quickly and wriggled back against him, feeling his heart hammering hard into her spine as his arms squeezed around her. "I just wanted to understand why you have them."

"I was born with them. I keep them hidden and no one ever seems to notice them, or feel them."

"Even when you flap them around and touch people with them? Your other lovers?"

She felt him shrugging behind her, his breath warm into her neck, "No one has noticed. Except you.

"Can you fly?" She wasn't sure she should ask more, but now she was intrigued. She was so curious she pressed her luck.

He was silent and stroked her stomach lightly. "Yes." He said through his teeth.

"Do your parents have them?"


"Maybe you're a super hero." She continued.

"Doubtful." The wing around her stirred and jerked back and away before she could claim the feather and hold onto it. "Sexual deviants are not heroes." That was the first time she'd heard anger and pain in his voice.

"I like them." She said again, firmly. "They are part of you and you should be proud of them. And...and fuck anyone who says you can't be a hero because you're kinky." She covered his hands with her own, feeling how small they were under hers.

He didn't say anything, but she could feel the anger in him for several long moments. Why had she pressed him? Did it matter? Tomorrow she would be gone and his lovely wings and body would belong to someone else. Of course it didn't matter.

"You alright?" He asked into the lengthy silence that stretched between them.

"Yes." She wriggled back against him and felt the rumble of his growl through her spine.

"Good. You devil." He kissed her shoulder and she felt the sting from the bruise there thanks to the bite and glanced back at him.

"I'm the devil?"

"You scratched me." He pushed out his lower lip. With a sigh the playful teasing fell away. "I need to get up and—clean up."
She knew they both should, but didn't want to move and lose this moment. Nodding at last, she wriggled away from him, the sensation of him sliding out a distant ache replaced by emptiness. He met her eyes and smiled before slipping gracefully off the bed and into the bathroom. She heard the shower go on and thought about joining him and then touched her mask.

Instead she went to the second bathroom, grabbing her clothes and showered his sweat and scent from her deliciously bruised skin.

Sunday, Nov 1, 2015


Ursa woke in the circle of strong arms and a powerful chest pressed against her spine and the steel strength of a hard cock nuzzling against her ass cheeks. For a moment she felt disoriented in this dream-like state. Faint sunlight struggled through the night and the gauzy curtains in a grey light and the events of the night before came back slowly to her.



Fantasy man?

His arms tightened comfortably around her, his large palm pressed against the soft curve of her stomach and he made a pleased sound against her neck. She felt his smile widening in his sleep. His happy sigh tickled her ear as he cuddled himself against her.

Sleepily she started to squirm back towards his warmth and comfort and then froze when her mask tangled in the pillow and sheets, pinching against her ear. The mask. It was a dream. She leaned her head back so she could turn her head and look at him. His mask was slightly askew but—stayed on as hers had. It didn't conceal his beautiful mouth though. Mobile lips and tongue pink against his chocolaty dark skin.

It was a mistake to have slept with him she realized, but she couldn't bring herself to sleep alone as she had the first night. There was something addicting about this though. She had to return to the normal world and her life beyond and there were no heroes in that life. No majestic shadowy men who craved chubby girls. She didn't know his name and he wouldn't ever kiss her. This was a fantasy.

Carefully she untangled from him and the bed and pulled on her clothes and her cloak. She didn't dare look back at him just as she hadn't allowed a last touch of those mystical wings. All Hallows Eve was over. It felt cowardly to leave without saying goodbye, but she knew she couldn't face him without crumbling and spending every last heartbeat of time with him. She left the harness for him, along with the pretty prize he'd won her during the race. He deserved it more than she did.

She felt disconnected from the world as she rode in the limo heading back home. She'd departed before breakfast not only to avoid seeing her new friends but to save herself from seeing beautiful Cupid in the daylight. She didn't want him to see her crying at their departure. Untangling from his arms was the hardest thing she'd done in a very long time.

The last moments in his arms had been the most erotic in her life. How was she going to step back into the normal world now? The power and confidence she'd felt in those moments was slipping from her mile by mile.

Should she have stayed? Could she have remained? She curled into the side of the door, drinking the juice in hopes hydration might ease her back to reality. It wasn't as though Cupid would give his true name. They had this weekend and that had to be enough for her. Tomorrow she would return to work and the day after that. Step by step she would forget the fantasy of the past days. In the real world, she was not a jockey of a fine prized pony-boy that so many powerful Mistresses craved. She was a book store clerk.

She pulled the hood over her head and fixed the mask to her face before allowing the aid out of the Limo. She mumbled her thanks and dashed up the steps to her apartment. Once in the door, she leaned against it, looking around the tiny studio. When had it become so small and cramped and ugly? She pulled off her mask and lay it on the desk that also served as dining room table and pulled the cloak off her shoulders. By now, the others would be meeting for breakfast in the House and would be having their games in the garden.

It was better that she left early. She said her goodbyes last night as best she could.

She slipped out of the cloak and tossed it onto the table, using it to cover the lovely mask. She didn't want to see the reminder of Cupid anywhere. How long would it be before she forgot him? Would she be able to turn off that part of her and move on? That's what people did. Right? Her muscles felt sore from her adventures, thrumming with the memory of sex. Really good sex. Lots of it. More in one weekend than she'd enjoyed in her whole life.

Her phone lay on her bed where she'd left it Friday night, it chirped at her and she frowned, twisting around and standing, enjoying the sweet ache in her limbs as she strode across the tiny space to grab it. Marcie's name and number lit up the screen and she felt a dark tickling in the pit of her stomach. Surely Marcie wouldn't be upset with her for leaving. She hesitated and then answered the line.


"Hey Ursa dear. How are you?" She sounded so concerned, as though she expected something wrong.

"Doing just fine thanks. How are you?"

"You sure you're alright? Nothing happened did it? I mean, you didn't depart under duress?"

"No. Of course not. I had a great time. Everything was great." She winced at the double 'great' and heard Marcie sigh quietly.

"So great that you left at daybreak?" A pause and then an additional quiet sigh, "I'm not going to press of course but—a little birdie told me they were disappointed you left so suddenly. I couldn't exactly give out details about you of course, so—I didn't."

"Marcie..." She didn't know what to say. Her heart squeezed inside her ribs and her eyes stung with wave of resulting emotion. "It was just a weekend." Wasn't it?

Marcie was quiet a long while. Ursa could hear the fingernails tapping along the side of the phone or maybe the desk. "Ursa—sometimes it's more than just a weekend."

"How can it be? I'm a faceless -- woman ....just a body in a mask."

"Well, let me just say that it started out for me like that once. Look what it has become."

"I don't want a relationship where I only see them once a month on a single weekend to pretend I'm..." She sighed quietly, "I don't even know what I am to be honest."

"From what I saw and heard, you're a diva with the crop."

"Marcie!" she felt her cheeks warm but couldn't help but smile with pride and pleasure at the memory.

"I'm not pressing darling. I respect this lifestyle isn't for everyone. Remember when we first met at the bookstore? You were very helpful providing the books for me during a rough time. I learned how to ask for what I needed and reject what I didn't. I have seen you grow into your confidence too. I think you are interested in this more than purely theoretical. Some people don't do this only at the House. Yes, our monthly events can be an outlet for play, but deeper relationships form."

"How?" she asked, feeling her breath catch. "I does one go from being a masked stranger in a kinky sex game to someone who is real? I don't know how to make that leap. I don't know if I should. I'm a book store clerk. I don't have fancy clothes or a house or....anything."

"You have a heart and a sharp mind Ursa and a sexy little body. Some things are more important than wealth."

"I don't know..." she murmured, feeling the ache of pain in her chest.

"Well, will you accept the November invitation? It will be in the Tahoe House and hopefully snow by then."

"I'll think about it."

"That's not a no. I'll take it. And you're alright? Is it fair that I tell a particular pony that you made it home safe?"

"Are you going to tell me who he is?"

"I can't provide that information right now, he hasn't given me the ok to share that. I won't tell him who you are either unless you tell me I can."

Ursa bit into her lower lip and couldn't speak for a moment, her chest too tight, her heart too heavy. "I get it." She murmured, feeling shattered but also knowing that was how it needed to be. She couldn't be so lucky. "Sure. Tell him I'm fine. If he cares. I'm...I'm going to go and shower and sleep Marcie. Thank you for checking up on me."

Marcie let out a breath, "Alright Ursa . I'll talk with you tomorrow then. Have a good day my friend."

Even after the shower and a nap, Ursa didn't feel back to her normal self. She felt both deflated and energized. She dressed and went for a walk, hoping she could shake the sensation. She tried keeping her mind off Cupid and what she'd done and what she wanted but couldn't have. Could she actually attend another event and pick another lover and do the same thing and not think about Cupid? She didn't even know his name or had never seen his face and yet she knew exactly how he looked in pleasure and in pain. She knew him better in the short time she'd been with him than she knew about anyone.

And if they were at another party and he wore another woman's token? Would she be as mad as Stag and want to really hurt him rather than just for the pleasure it would bring them both? No answers came regardless how fast or far she walked. At last she returned to her meager apartment. Maybe the lifestyle was too complicated for her.

No, normal life was not complicated enough. Her old world felt too small around her.

Monday, Nov 2, 2015

Monday came too soon. A blur of daily routine found her at the stacks, organizing pet books, lost in the equestrian books. It seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to have the constant reminder. Each book tucked into the spot made her think of the pretty harnesses she'd get for her pony-boy. If such a creature was hers for the keeping.

"Did you see him come in?" Vans, her oldest friend in the shop asked in a hiss, slipping in close to grab her arm, pulling her down the aisle. "You have got to see this."

Ursa sighed quietly, not up for this game right now, but her co-worker had been trying for the past year to get her hooked up with someone. It wasn't as though she could admit what happened over the weekend except for 'too much rum at a costume party' to explain why she acted so blue.

"You don't often see a man like this out in nature. At least not here. You have to see." They came around the corner of the self-help books and spotted the huge man in a suit, arms crossed over his broad chest as he glared at the books as though they just insulted his mother.

From the designer shoes polished to a shine to the sleek black curls, the man was a vision of elegance and wealth. She couldn't even fathom the expense of the tailored grey fabric hugging his vast shoulders. Her stomach lurched at the familiar set of his posture, the stillness of his body. His profile was just the same, proud and strong, square jaw thrust forward and skin a dark contrast to the color of his pale suit. The dark eyes seemed oddly haunted as he scanned the titles.

The mask couldn't possibly hide him from her. She'd recognize him if she were blind. She felt her mouth go dry and knew she was staring, felt her eyes sting with the threat of tears. Cupid. Her Cupid in civilian clothes, even hotter than his whole body bared to her. Even lacking his wings, whatever he'd done to conceal them—she knew him in her bones! She could feel his skin on her lips, silken smooth and hot.

"You should help him. He looks like he's not finding what he needs." Vans snickered and her honey brown eyes gleamed in delight as she gave Ursa a push. Vans loved seeing her fumble and titter in front of a good looking man and this intimidating man looking at books about human sexuality was the sort of thing to send Ursa into a tailspin.

Before the past weekend at any rate.

The push sent Ursa sprawling into view at the end of the row, her feet clattering loudly and Vans' snicker flickering up behind her. The man turned haughtily at the disturbance, black eyes looking down his broad nose before he focused down at her and blinked hard.

She straightened and moved a hand to her neck as though she were adjusting a lapel that wasn't there. "Can I help you find something sir?" She asked it without her Ursa-stammer and that shut Vans up.

He stared at her, shock and puzzlement warring over his handsome features. His curls were neatly styled rather than the sweaty mess she remembered seeing last, fanned over her bare breast. Schooling his expression, wariness replaced the shock, his posture coiling like a spring. The expensive suit, tie and polished shoes didn't offer as much protection as the simple mask though he'd been nearly naked all weekend. Now he seemed even more exposed and vulnerable. She felt a pang in her chest as her desire to protect him bubbled up.

"I'm just browsing." He said at last when she'd cleared her throat to remind him that he was staring at her.

The rumble of his voice made her belly tighten all the way down to her sex. She struggled not to allow it onto her features. She wasn't sure if he recognized her. The long sleeve shirt and baggy jeans wouldn't hint at who she was. It could be a coincidence he was here. In fact, he might not want to admit that he knew her. That thought made her stomach sink and her hands trembled with the familiar jitters of timorousness swirled around in her middle.

The old Ursa returned. She dropped her gaze, crestfallen, "Certainly sir. Enjoy your day." She tacked on a smile and slipped by him, ignoring how his body tensed with a slow inhale of breath as she moved past him and away, leaving him to his shopping.

Vans was waiting there for her as she rounded the corner, grinning like a fool. "Wow! He looked at you like he wanted to eat you up."

"I think he just wants to enjoy his lunchtime browsing without some kid bugging him." She said and knew by the sharp look Vans gave her that she was being dramatic. "Just...let the man shop." She added, tightening her lips into a smile before heading for the pets section and books waiting to be organized.

It felt good to take her frustration out on the books she was shelfing, lost in her thoughts, steeling herself. "Ma'am." The deep voice rumbled nearby, his steps light for a man of his size. She didn't look over at him, gritting her teeth. "Please tell me you recognize me." He stopped just outside her personal space, hands holding a pair of books. Even with the distance, his warmth felt sweet and decadent. Or was she remembering the time they'd spent together? "Say the word and I'll leave and never bother you again."

"Do you remember me?" She asked, eyes fixed on the spines of books.

He actually chuckled, "How could I forget you?"

Her stomach spun around as she struggled not to look at him. She feared she would dissolve if she looked at him. "What are you doing here?"

"A friend of mine suggested that I come here on my lunch. She said it's one of her favorite places to find books about the lifestyle. She said the staff was quite helpful to her over the years."

Marcie? This made her turn to him and she saw the doubt melt away and his smile crept onto his full lips. "I had no idea who she was talking about, but I don't think it's the skinny girl at the counter." He took a step closer, "I'm Leo." He offered out his hand to her.

She blinked, "Leo Wolfe?" She blushed when he looked baffled and nodded his head. "My friend has been going on and on about you. I thought you two were—"

"Were. A long while back." The smile warmed as he seemed to take note of her blush, "Fucking sexy. Yes, Leo Wolfe."

She looked at the open palm and then the books he held in his other hand; 'At Her Feet' was on top. He continued watching her, waiting for her to make her choice as he had when they'd been masked and she'd feared giving him the token. A few moments longer and she covered his hand with hers. "I'm Ursa. Ursa Myller. It's really nice to meet you."

His thick fingers curled around hers and his eyes closed with an expression of pleasure and relief. When he opened his eyes, they shinned brighter, "I wonder if you'd like to have dinner with me. I know we just met but, anyone who could help my friend with finding the right books and information has my full attention."

As he gave a small pull of her hand, she found herself drawn in closer to him and the circle of his arms that curled around her. "Yes." She whispered and lay her head into his chest, nuzzling into the soft fabric and breathing in the very Cupid scent of him. "I would love to have dinner with you." She heard the steady heartbeat in her ear and the low rumble of satisfaction.

The books fell from his hand with a clatter. "Oh Princess. You've just made my day." His finger touched her chin and he coaxed her head up. His black eyes were even brighter up close and without his mask, she could see the thick lashes that made his eyes look outlined in sooty black. For a moment he searched her eyes and then leaned in the brushed a kiss to her lips as his knuckle kept her chin poised up.

It started so soft, the shy contact of lips. Her breath caught and he echoed her while they stood there frozen. He parted his lips, as though to pose a question and in that moment of hesitation, she arched her tongue forward and caressed his lower lip and then darted between his lips to tangle with his tongue. He tasted like mint, chocolate and sunshine. When she deepened the kiss, he plunged his tongue forward to claim her mouth so hungrily he bruised her lips. The arm around her tightened, pulling her off her feet.

For a moment she had a wild desire to throw him into the book case and tear off his suit but the clatter of the books he'd dropped already had Vans hustling around the corner to see what the problem might be. The startled squeak of her friend broke the kiss prematurely.

"Ursa!" The clerk's eyes were ready to pop out of her skull as they flicked between them. At last they settled on Leo accusingly, as though the man had accosted her friend.

He carefully settled Ursa back to her feet and with a cocky little smile, used his thumb to brush her lips, likely where her lipstick smeared. "Think that's a good start?" He asked seriously, easing back out of her personal space.

It was an effort to let him slip from her arms but she willed herself to let go. "Yes." When she smiled, she felt the ache from the bruised lip, it must look swollen after his fierce kiss. "A beginning." With a hand she pointed to the dropped books that alerted Vans.

As the other clerk stared, the big man knelt down to gather up his mess, looking up through those thick lashes before standing up. "Ma'am. I'll be taking these. If you can be so kind to help me?" His dark eyes pinned Ursa, "I'll pick you up here after work?"

Vans mouth fell open and she didn't bother closing it, letting Leo stroll past her as she stared down Ursa. "That sounds fine." Ursa made her voice as casual as she possibly could, refusing to meet her friend's wild eyes. "Let me ring him up Vans." Together they walked to the counter, leaving poor Vans to gape and gawk after them.

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