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Amanda Pt. 01

Writer's Note: This started as a major rewrite of my first submission. If you read it some of the characters are the same. After submitting that story, I realized the characters were telling me that there was more to tell. Here, then, is the story telling of a shy young man's coming of age experience. He learns much from a caring mother in part 1 before meeting what will be the love of his life in part 2. Sex is here but it takes a while. I like a long slow teasing build. I do write with an East Texas dialect. If you want a quick stroke story look elsewhere; this ain't it. Literate, constructive comments are always welcomed. Please vote. That is the only applause we authors get. Enjoy. Legal BS – all persons engaging in sexual activity are 18 or over.

Additional note – there is tobacco use in all parts of this story. It was very common in the 1960s, especially in the medical profession. Look up the statistics. If that bothers you hit the back button and go elsewhere.


Part 1 – Introductions and Love Develops

Growing up in East Texas in the 1950's and 60's wasn't easy. Dad died in a traffic accident when I was ten. That left Mom and me. She was a Licensed Vocational Nurse, working shift work at the hospital in town. Her pay was lower since she wasn't a Registered Nurse. Dad's life insurance paid off the house and covered his funeral expenses without a lot left over. Mom had to be very careful with her money to provide for our needs. She was able to meet the bills, but had very little left over for other than necessities.

Mom and Dad married when she was seventeen. I was born when she was eighteen. Her work kept her active, which enabled her to maintain a trim figure. She was a small lady, 5'-2" weighing about 100 pounds soaking wet. She had auburn hair, green eyes, and a light complexion thanks to her Irish heritage.

I was small for my age, topping out at 5'-7" weighing 145 pounds. I took after Dad, having a medium complexion, brown hair, and hazel eyes, but fell short of his 5'-10" height.

Since it was just Mom and me at home, I learned early about doing laundry, cooking, housekeeping, and yard work. I mowed yards and did odd jobs for neighbors to help with expenses.

Our home was a small two-bedroom frame house with one bath. Mom and Dad bought two half-acre adjoining lots and built the house on one of them. The house was utilitarian, with just the basics. We only had a tub with no shower. The kitchen and dining area were common and also contained the laundry area. There were wood floors throughout, except for the bath, which was linoleum.


The high school I attended had a strong vocational program with multiyear classes in woodworking, metalworking, and auto mechanics. I had a family history of carpenters and woodworkers, with a four greats grandfather coming to East Texas to build a cotton gin in 1835. Naturally, I enrolled in the woodworking program. That was how I met Raymond Fields.

He came to the school looking for a woodworking student with the potential to become a professional cabinetmaker. Mr. Groves, my teacher, recommended me even though I was just fifteen.

The school had recently started a program where a student could go to class for half a day and work for the other half. I could do it but it would mean an additional year to get the class credits needed to graduate.

Having a job meant I was able to get my drivers license on a hardship basis at age 15. This was a big help because I didn't have to depend on Raymond to get to the jobsites. I was able to use Mom's car since she was working night shift at the local hospital. I gave Mom half my pay each week to help with the household expenses and was able to start buying tools and begin saving for a used truck.

My work kept me from attending school social functions. I didn't even attend the football games because I was usually working. Interactions with my age group were limited to classroom time. Naturally quiet and shy, I became more so.

Mom and I were not able to spend much time together due to both of us working different hours. She didn't push me to date because our times together were limited and money was tight. She would occasionally express concerns but I was always able to dodge the issue claiming work. I'd become so introverted I was unable to carry on a normal conversation with a girl. I was actually afraid to try for fear of looking like an idiot.

Until the summer after I turned seventeen, Mom tried to work evenings or nights because of the shift differential pay. That summer she changed jobs for a full time day position in a doctor's office with weekends off after I was able to buy a used ¾ ton crew cab truck from an uncle. This gave us more time together, especially in the evenings during the summer.

After she began working the day shift we were able to spend evenings and weekends together. We would try to eat out at a local cafe once per month. We also spent many evenings talking. Most of the time it was about our jobs and dreams, or planning small projects like fencing the back yard or painting a room in the house. Our weekends were spent either with my paternal grandmother or doing things around the house.

Everything was fine in my world until the summer after I turned eighteen. That summer brought a major change to my life.


The previous year had been good for both Mom and me. Mom made the final payment on her car, and I'd found a small house to tear down for salvage, all before turning eighteen, about two weeks before of the end of my junior year in high school. I'd built a laundry room addition on the house and a 24' by 36' shop on the adjoining lot Mom owned that year with the lumber salvaged from that house.

Several people had approached me about building cabinets and bookshelves. Having the shop gave me a place to work out of the weather. The additional income allowed us to insulate our home and install central air conditioning in addition to installing a shower and tile tub surround in the bathroom. That sure made summers more bearable. We always said the humidity at least equaled the temperature during the summers in East Texas.

Mom often worked with me in the shop on weekends, applying stains and finishes to completed projects. She said that since we were using the money for home improvements that benefited both of us she needed to do her part. She was quite good at finishing.

We would always talk about a variety of subjects when working together. I soon noticed, though, that she wanted to primarily talk about one subject.

One of her favorite things to do was to ask about the girls at school. I'm not totally sure she understood how shy I was around other people. I'd get embarrassed about her comments and questions and begin to get very tense and nervous.

My grandmother had also been asking about girls and kept telling me about a girl she knew. As shy as I was, my responses were always noncommittal.

After finally realizing how embarrassed I was, Mom would begin to joke around to try and lighten the tension that would develop from her asking about any girls I knew or dating during some of our conversations.

One Saturday, about three weeks after my eighteenth birthday, we were working together in the shop, finishing a set of bookshelves. I was scheduled to deliver them to the customer the following week. As usual, we had our normal joking banter going. I was cleaning up the shop while Mom rubbed out the final coat of finish with oil and rottenstone.

Mom said, "Mike, light a cigarette for me. I'm about ready to take a break."

I found her cigarettes and lighter over by our coffee cups. Having seen Mom and Dad both smoking all my life, I thought nothing of it. Taking one from the pack, I put it in my mouth, lit the lighter, and inhaled. Wrong thing to do. I started coughing my head off while Mom was cracking up, laughing.

"What's so darn funny? I asked, gasping for breath.

"I can't help it," she said, still chuckling. "My mistake. I should've told you how to light it. You inhaled when you lit it didn't you? she asked.

"Yeah," I said, somewhat breathlessly. "What'd I do wrong?" I asked. "You inhale all the time."

"Well," she said, "you have to mix the smoke with air so it doesn't choke you. Most people will only suck in with their mouth when lighting up. You're old enough to smoke now if you want to and I don't mind. I know you and your friend Larry, from across the street, tried smoking corn silk a couple of years ago."

"His mom told you, didn't she?" I asked.

"You're right. Connie told me the same day you did it," Mom said. "Ya'll try to sneak around and do things but you always get found out."

"Like when we skipped school a couple of years ago to go fishin'," I said.

"Right again," she said. "Youngsters never figure out that everything they try to do and hide from their parents, their parents have already done and know about."


Mom and my paternal grandmother were the only ladies I was halfway comfortable talking with. As our talks progressed Mom discovered just how introverted I was. I finally admitted I was scared of girls and didn't know how to talk to them.

Mom was concerned about my shyness and began to try to help me resolve the issue. We began to role-play in the evenings. It was embarrassing for me at first until I realized Mom was a very attractive lady that looked much younger than her age of 36. She looked even younger when carefully made-up. She was also working with me to overcome my reluctance about touching. As part of the role-play she had us holding hands and hugging. I was beginning to enjoy these sessions.

During one of these sessions the subject of sex came up. It was a very embarrassing discussion for me.

"You understand that sex is a normal part of life, don't you?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, I know that," I replied.

"Why haven't you said anything before now?" she asked.

"Well, it's not something I feel comfortable talking about, even to you," I said.

"Haven't I always told you that you can talk to me about anything?" she asked.

"Yeah... but it's so embarrassing. You know how I am. I have a hard time talking to girls and don't know what to say," I told her. "I'm barely able to talk to you and Grandma."

"You have to remember that sex is how you got here," Mom said. "Bill and I both enjoyed sex a lot. I'm not saying you should go out and do it now, but you need to know how it works. When the time comes you need to be able to have a good relationship with a girl that you both can enjoy."

"You are at the age now when your sex drive should be very high," Mom said. "You're masturbating now, aren't you? You know, playing with yourself?"

"Mooommm!" I said. "You're really embarrassing me!"

"Well, aren't you?" she asked. "Answer me."

"Yeah," I answered, sheepishly. "I am."

"I know you are," she said. "I know about when you started. I also know you do it most every night."

"Mooommm!" I said. Then I thought for a minute. "Yeah, I guess you do. You said the other day that anything I could do you'd already done and knew about, didn't you?"

"I knew I didn't raise a dummy," she said.

Continuing, she said, "I know you've heard the stories about how it'll make you go blind or go crazy. Don't believe it. Masturbation is a normal part of life. There is nothing wrong with doing it," Mom said. "It helps keep the urge under control. Now, I need to show you something and we need to talk more. There are a lot of things I can show you that will help you in the future with girls. I can help you learn how to make a girl happy. You're well on the way already."

"Let me get one of my books," she said, going to the bookcase in her bedroom. She pulled out a large book, saying, "Let's go to your bedroom and use your desk."

I got one of the chairs from the dining table and carried it to my desk. Mom was already seated at the desk with the book. "This is 'Gray's Anatomy'," she said. "It's a very thorough book on human anatomy, used in medical and nursing schools. Almost everything you need to know about the human body is in here. The only thing missin' is the slang names for things."

She opened the book to the section covering the male anatomy. Going through the pages she showed the male genitalia. She explained how arousal in a male caused blood to be trapped in the penis, causing an erection. She explained about the function of the prostate, testes, and other glands, and explained ejaculation in scientific and slang terms.

Turning to the section covering female genitalia, she said, "Now, this is what you'll be more interested in."

We discussed the illustrations in detail, especially the one that identified all the parts of the vulva. Mom was very detailed in her descriptions of how each part contributed to female arousal and orgasm. She explained how the parts would change with the labial lips swelling and opening, how the vagina would secrete slippery mucus, and how the clitoris would swell and protrude for better stimulation.

During the discussion she gave me the slang names she had heard used for the various parts. Then she mentioned oral sex, asking if I had heard of 'eatin' pussy'. I said, "Yeah, I've heard of it."

"It'll really get a woman hot," she said. "You should remember it."

She then gave me a detailed description of how she liked it done and what it felt like to her. She then described a girl sucking on a man's penis. "If you have a girl that wants to do it to you, please let her decide how deep you go in her mouth. Some people have a strong gag reflex and your dick bumping the back of her mouth at the entry to her throat can cause her to choke. It'll almost feel like you're gonna throw up," she said. I didn't say anything but that sounded like the voice of experience.

Our discussion continued for good while with me asking questions and her answering. She concluded by saying, "This book will always be in my bedroom. You can look through it anytime you want."

In the days after the discussion about sex, Mom became more blatant about walking around the house in her underwear. I could tell she had a full bush because I could see the shadow of pubic hair through her panties. There was even a time or two I saw her in her bedroom completely topless.

It became harder for me to conceal my erections. I finally decided that if she was going to show off I would too. I started wearing gym shorts around the house without underwear. It seemed we were each trying to attract the other.

After a couple of weeks of role-playing and talking, Mom finally decided to force the issue. "You need to learn how to date and court a young lady," she said. "I know we live in a small town where everyone knows everybody but it's only 35 miles to Longview, where no one knows us. I'll be your date and coach you on behavior and small talk."

"But Mom, are you sure this'll work?" I asked. "I'm still worried about actin' or doin' something stupid."

"Why don't we plan to have a dinner and movie night this coming Saturday?" she asked. "There'll be a John Wayne western called 'The Sons of Katie Elder' showing at the Twin Pines drive-in and we can eat at El Chico before going to the movie."

She knew full well I was a sucker for Mexican food and a western movie. She enjoyed them as much as I did.

"Since this is gonna to be a date night, let's do it right," she said. "You get your truck cleaned up Saturday morning. After you clean up and dress, leave for a while to allow me to finish gettin' ready. Come back home, knock on the door, and I'll join you. We'll go to the restaurant and then the movie. It'll be fun."

"Well, if you're sure this is the thing to do I'm game," I told her. "Maybe this'll help me overcome some of the shyness in public." I figured that at this point anything would help.


Amanda Reynolds was spending the summer after high school graduation with her parents. She was a nice looking girl but not a real beauty. She had not dated much in high school. Amanda's few dates had not gone well. The boys seemed to think that she should be an "easy lay", which she didn't like. Her family had inherited their house and farm five years previously when her grandmother passed away.

Amanda was about 5'4" tall with long dark brunette hair. She was an average build with a short waist and long legs. She was looking forward to working around the farm with her dad over the summer before starting college in the fall. Her plans were to get a two-year bookkeeping and accounting degree before going to work.

After they moved to the farm, they met Thomas and Elizabeth Davidson, who owned the adjoining farm. Amanda and her mother visited Mrs. Davidson frequently. Mrs. Davidson was always talking about her grandson, Mike, and what he was doing. She always made a point of telling Amanda about him. He and Amanda both attended the same high school.

Amanda gradually became interested in Mrs. Davidson's grandson. She finally figured out who he was at school. During her sophomore year she noticed that she wouldn't see him in the afternoons. None of her friends knew much about him other than he was very quiet. Their boyfriends didn't know much about him either.

Amanda and her mother visited Mrs. Davidson more after her husband passed away. She began to ask some questions about Mike. She learned that he was a very quiet, shy, young man that was working through the vocational program at school. He lived with his mother. His dad had died several years previously. He never dated.

Amanda's mother was concerned about her daughter. She didn't seem to be interested in dating much, saying the boys were a bunch of immature jerks. Mrs. Reynolds made several visits to Mrs. Davidson during Amanda's last two years in high school. The ladies would talk about Amanda and Mike. As they each shared information about the kids a plan began to develop. Mrs. Davidson decided to get Mike's mother involved.


Saturday morning found me washing my truck and cleaning the interior, which meant a trip to the local carwash to use the vacuum and a stop for gas. After filling the tank I returned home.

Mom was wearing her usual weekend attire of shorts and a tee shirt. My usual dress down attire was cut off jeans or gym shorts and a tee shirt, the rattier the better.

I hit the bathroom to take care of the three S's. While I was standing at the sink in my underwear shaving, Mom came in and hugged me while pressing her breasts into my back and kissing the back of my neck. "I love the smell of a good clean man," she said before leaving.

Her actions had me bumfuzzled. This was the first time she'd been this affectionate. It took all my concentration to finish shaving without some serious nicks. The old Gillette double edge sure got a workout.

I went into my room to dress. Mom had laid out a new bright blue western shirt, new blue jeans, and a new pair of boots for me. I stuck my head out the door asking, "Where'd the clothes come from?"

Mom replied, "I felt like you needed something new so I bought 'em for you. Consider it a belated birthday gift. I can never repay you for the way you've stepped up and helped out since your dad died. We're doing so much better now, I feel you've earned it."

After dressing I went to the living room where Mom was. She told me, "You sure look nice. I almost want to stay here with you. Now, we need to set some ground rules. Since I'm your date tonight I'm not Mom. Call me by my given name, Patsy. You'll have to talk to the staff at the restaurant. You'll have to place the order and answer any questions. This'll force you to communicate with people you don't know. I know how reluctant you are to speak to strangers. You can talk. You do to me, your Grandma, and the people you work with. Learn to do it in public to strangers."
"Yes Ma'am," I replied. "You're forcin' me out of my comfort zone, but I understand why. It won't be easy, but I'll try my best."

"Depending on how successful you are there may be some rewards for good behavior," Mom said. "You got a reward in the bathroom earlier."

That statement got my attention. "What types of rewards are you talking about?" I asked.

"You'll have to wait and see," she replied, smiling. "Now, you clear out and come back in about forty-five minutes. That'll give me time to finish getting ready. Take the small cooler, ice it down, and get some drinks. Find someplace to hide the cooler. Drive-ins'll sometimes check your car lookin' for food or stuff. See you later, Baby."

I got into my truck and drove away. My mind was still whirling around the rewards statement. What could she be talking about?


Returning home from my errand forty minutes later, I pulled into the driveway behind Mom's car. I got out of the truck and went to the front door. Knocking as she'd requested got a "Just a minute" reply.

The door opened and took my breath away. There was Mom wearing a white silk sleeveless blouse that buttoned down the front. She also had on a top of the knee length pleated skirt that was a perfect color match to my shirt. She was wearing suntan colored stockings and black pumps with 2" heels. Her shoulder length hair was lightly curled under on the ends in a pageboy style. She'd lightly applied full makeup including a bluish green eye shadow that was a perfect match for her green eyes. A very light blush and red lipstick were the finishing touches. She had a small gold chain around her neck and a gold bangle bracelet to complete the ensemble. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

"Good evening lovely lady," were the first words from my mouth. "Your chariot awaits." I know, the dialogue sounded like a cheesy romance novel, but I was almost struck dumb.

"Let me get my purse," she said, picking up a small black clutch from the chair arm by the door. Turning on the porch light, she closed and locked the door. She took my arm as I escorted her to the truck. Opening the passenger door I assisted her into the seat. Lifting her leg gave me a brief glimpse up her skirt where I could see the tops of her stockings.

Since the mid 1960's were pre seatbelt laws, Mom scooted over in the seat to sit beside me. She was close enough her thigh was pressed against mine. Her skirt pulled up to just below her stocking tops. Thank goodness for bench seats and automatic transmissions. I was able to place my arm across the seatback above her shoulders while I drove.

We made small talk during the drive to the restaurant. She was behaving differently tonight. She seemed to be more affectionate and even more outgoing as she coached me on etiquette in a slightly upscale restaurant. All I had been to before were the local Dairy Queen and the local cafe with booth or counter seating.

Parking at the restaurant I went around and opened the door to help her out. Sliding across the seat pushed her skirt up allowing a glimpse of white lace on her panties.

Holding hands, we walked to the front door of the restaurant.

Following her coaching, I approached the hostess station in the restaurant. I told the hostess we needed a table for two in a secluded area if possible. We were very shortly escorted to a semi-hidden table in a corner. I followed Mom's swaying walk as we followed the hostess. I noticed that she drew admiring glances from some of the men there. After reaching the table I pulled out the chair out for her, allowing her to be seated. I took my seat as the hostess told us our waitress would be with us shortly.

Mom's previous coaching allowed me to be able to talk with the waitress and place our orders. This earned a big smile and wink from Mom. It did wonders for my confidence. "You're doing a great job," she told me. "Keep it up for a reward later," she giggled.

"Here we go again," I told her. "I hear a lot of promises."

"You'll like the rewards," she replied. "They might be like the reward at home this afternoon. Just keep up the excellent work like you have so far. You're doin' great, Baby. Just keep it up durin' the movie later."

We continued to talk and lightly tease each other through dinner.

During the conversation I told her, "I noticed some of the guys in here givin' you some looks when we came in."

"How do you feel about that?" Patsy asked.

"Sorta two ways," I said. "It makes me feel like I'm with a really pretty, desirable lady, but it also makes me want to go over and tell 'em to keep their eyes to themselves, that you're mine."

"Mike, Honey," Mom said, "that's exactly the right way to feel about a girl you're with. If she knows that she'll think a lot more of you. We ladies really like to feel the man we're with will cherish us. What you said tells me a lot. It says you'll protect and care for me. That's what a woman really wants."

When we were finished with the meal I assisted her from her chair and again followed her we left the restaurant. Watching her swaying hips was mesmerizing. Once outside she said, "I am impressed with how well you talked while eating and how you treated me. That's the way a girl likes to be treated. That deserves a reward." She placed her arms around my neck, pressed her body against me, and delivered a full on lip lock kiss. Feeling her breasts against my chest combined with the kiss was causing a problem in my jeans.

Arriving at the truck I unlocked and opened her door. After I helped her into the seat and before turning she raised and spread her knees slightly, allowing me a quick glimpse of lace trimmed, white, sheer panties. This did nothing to help with the problem I was already having. Again I wondered, was this intentional or not?

It was only a short drive to the drive-in theatre. After paying at the gate she told me, "Find a spot away from everyone else on one of the back rows."

I jokingly asked, "What are you plannin' to do, sneak out?"

Her reply was, "You'll find out. When you get parked get the cooler out because I want a coke."

I had the small cooler hidden in the toolbox on my truck. Mom had told me that they would often check the interior and trunk of a car because people would hide food or drinks there, trying to sneak them in. I figured the toolbox would be safe. It was.

We slowly drove to the back row of the parking area where we found plenty of spaces available. Mom said, "Park away from the others and stop the truck so we can see from either seat. When you have a girl with you always remember there's more room back there."

After I got the truck positioned, Mom said, "Let's go to the concession, I need a restroom. We also might want some popcorn."

We walked to the concession with my arm around her shoulder and hers around my back. She kept her side pressed against me the entire way. The side of her left breast was rubbing against my side. Separating, she went into the Ladies while I took care of business in the Gents. Meeting again, we went into the concession and bought popcorn before going back to the truck. While in there she again drew looks from some of the guys. Going back to the truck we heard a couple of wolf whistles. These made her giggle and softly say, "Guess I've still got it."

I told her, "You've always had it."

At the truck we got back into the front seat. Mom slid over close to me and put my arm around her shoulder. She said, "I really like the way you're openin' up and talkin' to people now. Since you're so shy I know it's a hard thing for you to do. Keep workin' on it."

I told her, "It's always been hard to do. I was kinda always treated as an outsider in elementary school. You know that I was always picked last for school sports because of my size. The other kids were always quick to laugh and make fun of those of us that were small or clumsy. I hated the humiliation so decided to not participate."

"I know, Honey. Youngsters can be cruel," she said. "You've matured into a fine young man. You're very responsible and have turned into someone any girl can be proud of." She scooted even closer, almost climbing into my lap. "I am so pleased with the way you've always helped around home. You've always put our needs ahead of your own wants."

"Mom," I started to say.

"I told you to call me Patsy," she said. "You're an adult now. I know I'm your mother and always will be, but I think you've earned the right to call me by name."

"OK, Patsy. I always helped out because I felt it was the right thing to do. Dad and you both taught me to try to do the right thing," I told her. She turned, wrapped her arms around my neck, and hugged me like she was going to squeeze the life out of me. I wrapped my arms around her back returning the hug. Her left breast was pressed into my chest.

"You've earned another reward," she said, licking my right ear. "I want you to really kiss me," she said. "You need to know how to kiss like an adult. We'll practice 'til you get it right," she said.

This was a bit of a surprise. Until tonight our kisses had always been platonic, on the cheek. "Patsy, are you sure?" I asked.

She replied, "I told you, you're an adult now. You need to learn adult things. Kissin' a girl's no different. All you have to do is follow my lead."

She then kissed me. I felt the softness of her lips pressed to mine. After a few seconds, I felt her tongue tracing my lips. It was such an erotic thing to me. I opened my lips and began to trace her lips with my tongue. Her tongue came in contact with mine. It was like a small electrical shock to my system. I heard her begin to moan softly. After breaking the kiss she whispered, "I've really missed that. Your dad could really get me going with a kiss. You're following in his footsteps."

There was a side effect to the kiss. My penis began to swell again. Mom could see it in my lap. "It looks like you're having a hard time there," she said with another soft giggle.

"You're the cause of it," I told her.

"I guess I'm too "hard" on you," she replied, with another laugh.

"You've always been "hard" on me," I said.

"Kiss me again," she said. "I need it."

I pulled her to me and kissed her. The kiss seemed to last forever as our tongues dueled.

By this time it had gotten dark enough the projectionist started running the concession advertisements and previews. While they were playing Mom asked, "Mike, your high school class has about fifty in it, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I think that's about right," I told her.

"OK, then. With fifty in your class there should be about twenty-five girls. Right?" Mom asked.

"I think so," I replied. "What're you gettin' at?"

"Well, I've never heard you say anything about any of 'em. Even though you've been so shy, surely you'd have one as a friend," she said.

"You haven't seen 'em, or don't know 'em" I said.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked. "That isn't something I'd have thought you'd say."

"Well, there are the three or four really good lookin' ones," I said. "The problem with 'em is their families have money or own businesses in town. They think they're too good to associate with the riff raff. They only want the football and basketball players. They look down on all the rest of us."

"Then there's a group that're from average families. Some of 'em are taller than I am and most of 'em look pretty average. You know, people like the Kellys across the street," I told her.

"Then there's one poor girl that has a bad case of acne and is real clumsy. I don't know much about her but I feel kinda sorry for her," I said.

"That pretty well sums 'em up," I said. "Another thing, I'm only at school for half the day with work. Also, all most of the girls in my classes talk about are movie magazines and guys playin' sports. I will say, though, that the last couple of years I've seen one girl that's different. I don't see her chasin' after guys and she seems pretty serious most of the time. She has long dark hair and looks kinda nice. I don't know who she is."

"That's about what I expected," Mom said. "You seem to be more interested in what you can't have. That's the way most men are. They want sirloin. It takes 'em a while to decide they're better off with hamburger."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"What's wrong with the average girls?" she asked me. "The average girl isn't as likely to be stuck up or wrapped up in herself. I was one of those when I was in high school. If your dad hadn't picked me out of the crowd you wouldn't be here now."

"But Patsy, you're beautiful!" I said.

"It's just make up," she said. "I was a late bloomer and didn't really come into my own 'til after you were born. You'll find out that you have to judge a person by more than their appearance. You have to look at personality and other things also."

"I guess maybe you're right," I said, "but, other than Grandma and Mrs. Kelly, you're the only woman I've been close to. You're what I know to compare 'em to. I compare the ones at school to you and most of 'em fall short. There's only one or two that seem serious about what they're doin'. You're so much prettier and you talk to me without the putdowns."

"Mike, your dad and I married in 1947. I was seventeen, a year younger than you are now. He was twenty-two when he enlisted in the Navy in 1942. There was ten-year difference in our ages. He'd fully matured and settled down by the time we met. He picked me out of all the possibilities he had."

By this time the movie had started. We interrupted the discussion to settle in and watch John Elder and his brothers get justice for the family.

Remembering what Mom had said, and having her sitting so close beside me, gave me a lot to think about. It made it hard to follow the movie, especially when she would turn and want a kiss during the slow action parts of the movie.

She seemed to want something, but because of my inexperience, I wasn't sure what. I definitely wanted something. I wanted her or someone like her. Comparing her to the girls my age I realized that nearly all of them I knew were immature. They were wrapped up in movie magazines or dreaming about football players. Here I was sitting beside a full-blown adult woman instead of some silly girl. This was what I wanted.

With a flash of inspiration, I realized that loosing Dad like we did made me grow up faster. Mom was right. I WAS an adult now with a more mature outlook on life.

She might say she was hamburger, but it sure looked and felt like I had prime filet mignon sitting beside me.

Patsy turned for another kiss. I wrapped her in my arms for a hug.

Finally the movie ended. Before the next feature started, Patsy said, "Let's go to the concession again, I need the restroom."

I got out of the truck and walked around the back to her door. While behind the truck, I had to make an adjustment in my jeans. Sitting next to her and thinking the thoughts I had, had given me a major hard on.

Helping her from the truck, we again headed for the concession. Once there she went to the Ladies while I went to the Gents. After rejoining, I asked if she wanted popcorn again.

"No, not this time," she said. "Let's get back to the truck before the next movie starts."

The second feature was an older movie on its second run through the theatres, 'Terror on a Train' with Glen Ford, a 1953 black and white suspense movie.

When we got back to the truck Patsy said, "Let's get in the back seat this time."

I unlocked and opened the front passenger side door, reached in, and unlocked the rear passenger side door. Opening the door, I helped her in.

By the time I'd walked around the truck, she had unlocked both doors on the driver's side. I got in the back seat as well. Once I was seated, she moved over, sitting very close beside me.

We rolled the windows down again since it was a warm night.

Patsy got her clutch, opened it, and took out her cigarettes and lighter. "Do you want one?" she asked me.

"How about if I share yours?" I asked.

Handing me the lighter, she said, "Fine. I don't mind sharing."

I lit the lighter and held it up for her. She took my hand in both of hers and was rubbing my palm with her thumb while lighting her cigarette. Really? I'd heard guys in my PE class saying that if a girl did that she wanted to fool around. After she got it lit, she raised her head. I closed the lighter and tried to hand it back to her.

"No," she said. "That's yours."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I don't own a lighter."

"Yes you do, that one," she said. "I bought it for you. A gentleman should always have a lighter. Suppose you see a girl you'd like to get to know. She takes out a pack of cigarettes. You step up and offer a light. Next thing you know, you're complimenting her dress, her eyes, her hair, or something else to get to know more about her. Offering her the light was the icebreaker that got everything else started."

"I never thought of that," I said.

By this time the projectionist had turned the floodlights off and started the second movie. It was not a feature we were especially interested in.

Patsy got into my lap. She kissed me again and asked, "Where were we when the movie ended?"

"In the front seat," I said.

"You're bein' a smart ass," she said.

"You left yourself open for that one," I told her. "We were huggin' and kissin' in the front seat."

We started gently kissing. I hugged her to me as we did.

Our kisses grew more passionate, and my tongue was becoming very familiar with hers.

We'd been getting very friendly for about 20 minutes when Patsy took my hand and placed it on her waist before saying, "Mike, Honey, I gave you a signal when you lit my cigarette. Do you know what it was?"

"Well, you held my hand with yours and were rubbin' my palm with your thumb. Is that what you're talkin' about?" I asked.

"That's exactly right," she said. "Do you know what that means?" she asked.

"I've heard the guys at school say it means a girl wants to fool around," I told her.

"That's right. You have to be careful, though. If that's what she wants she'll usually give some other signals also," she said.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well, I've given you several since we left home," she said with a giggle.

"What were they?" I asked.

"When I got in the truck at home I lifted my leg so you could get a quick look up my skirt," she said. "That was a signal that I was interested in you and might be interested in gettin' friendly."

"Getting out of the truck at the restaurant I let my skirt ride up so you'd get a quick flash of my panties. That was a signal that I really like you and really want to get friendly," she told me.

Then she said, "Getting back into the truck I gave you a good flash of panties. That's to reinforce that I'm really interested in gettin' friendly with you."

"When I put your hand on my waist," she said, "is another. If a girl's wantin' more she'll do something like that and maybe move your hand up and down on her side."

Mom demonstrated what she'd said by placing my hand there and slowly moving my hand up on her side.

She then wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled us into another kiss. I slowly moved my hand up her side until I was touching the bottom of her left breast. I stopped there. The question in my mind was should I go further? This was my mother. How far did she want me to go?

Breaking the kiss, she leaned back slightly, staring into my eyes. I was sitting there, frozen in position.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I was about to feel you where I shouldn't," I said.

"Did I tell you no or try to pull away?" she asked.

"No," I said, "but I was touchin' one of your private areas."
"Mike, you're too much of a gentleman," she said with a smile. "Most guys would've been all over a girl's tits by now. She'd have been tryin' to fight 'em off if she didn't want it. If she didn't want it she'd never have agreed to get in the back seat or sit in your lap. I've been givin' you all the signals girls'll use if they want to fool around."

"Baby, I don't mind you feelin' my tits through my clothes," she said. "I've seen you starin' at me in my underwear at home and know you try to look through the shower curtain when I'm in there. I know you've even seen 'em bare a couple of times. I really don't mind."

With that she placed my right hand on her left breast. I cupped my hand around it gently squeezing. Patsy gave a soft moan as she kissed me again. I could feel her nipple bump through her bra and blouse.

After a couple of minutes, she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and slid my hand inside. Her bra felt different, thinner than the ones I'd seen her wear around the house. Her nipple was making a very pronounced bump in the bra cup. I tweaked it a few times, which made her moan softly.

We continued like that for a few minutes before she put my hand on her knee. Her stockings felt wonderful, so soft and smooth. I began to rub her knees, which brought another moan.

She spread her legs slightly and moved my hand between her lower thighs, moving it up and down her legs. I started moving higher up her thighs until I was under her skirt and at her stocking tops. The bare skin of her thighs felt like satin.

My penis was now so hard it felt like it was going to tear through my jeans.

My fingers were tracing over the skin of her inner thighs and moving slowly toward the heaven between them when they felt hair.

Hair? I remembered seeing panties at the restaurant.

Suddenly Patsy said, "Mike, stop. Here comes the 'head checker'," as she pulled my hand from under her skirt.

My erection was rapidly deflating.

"What the heck's a 'head checker'?" I asked.

"See that guy walkin' behind the cars with a flashlight?" she asked, while pointing across the lot.

Looking past several cars, I saw him. He was slowly walking behind the cars and would turn his head, looking toward the screen when behind each car.

"What's he doin'?" I asked.

"He's checkin' to see if he can see heads in the car. If he doesn't, he'll go up and shine the light through the window. Sometimes he gets an eye full," Mom said. "Pretty much all drive-ins will have a guy that patrols the parking area. They claim it's to stop people from going too far. I think he's just a pervert that gets his jollies tryin' to catch somebody doin' something they shouldn't."

The thought of watching a couple humpin' and pumpin' had me back at full staff quickly.

Mom got off my lap and sat back in the seat, buttoning her blouse.

"That killed the mood. We'd better go home," she said.

We rolled the windows up and I got out to help her into the front seat. She kept pulling her skirt down getting out and getting in.

What had I done to make her mad? Should I have put my hand so far under her skirt? What happened to change things so quickly?

I went around the truck, getting into the driver's seat.

"Patsy," I started to say.

"Let me think," she said abruptly, as she took out her cigarettes and lit one.

I started the truck and slowly drove from the theatre parking area.

My mind was racing. What had I done? What had I not done? Why was she upset? What could I do to make it right?

Mom was very quiet on the way home. A couple of times I tried to ask what the problem was or try to apologize for whatever I'd done. Each time she would abruptly cut me off, saying, "Mike, please, let me think. We'll discuss it when we get home."

I was becoming so nervous and apprehensive on the drive home I stopped and bought cigarettes myself. Mom didn't want to talk to me. She was shutting me out completely. I was becoming an emotional wreck and almost chain smoking by the time we arrived home. I was very fragile emotionally, only having started to open up very recently. Things were looking bad to me.

Parking the truck behind Mom's car, I got out, went around, and opened her door to help her from the truck. She didn't take my arm. I followed her to the door.

Mom got her key, unlocked the door, and went in.

By the time I got inside, closed and locked the door, and turned the porch light off she was seated on the sofa with the end table lamp on, lighting a cigarette.

Patting the cushion beside her, she said, "Come. Sit here beside me."

I slunk over, not sure what was about to happen.

"Mom," I started to say.

"I told you to call me Patsy, didn't I," she replied, somewhat sternly.

"Patsy," I said, "I want to apologize if I did something wrong tonight. I thought you were enjoyin' what we were doin'. You told me that I could touch your breasts and you seemed to enjoy it."

"You didn't tell me to stick my hand up under your skirt," I told her. "If doin' that made you mad at me, I'm so very sorry. Please, tell me what I have to do to make things right between us. Not knowin' what I did wrong is tearin' me up. Please, tell me how to fix this."

"Mike, you did nothing wrong. Everything was going just right when I saw that damn guy with the flashlight," she said. "It sorta surprised me and scared me a little. The pause in what we were doin' got me to thinkin' about where we were and what was happenin'."

"I just had to take some time to think about things," she said.

Mom said, "I'm sorry for being so abrupt with you. I just needed some time to clear my head. There's nothin' to fix, it's just me."

She stubbed out her cigarette and sat, staring into my eyes for a minute. I was drowning in her beautiful green eyes.

Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and put a toe-curling kiss on me. I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her into a tight hug.

Breaking the kiss, Patsy said, "Mike, we've gone pretty far tonight. I know you're sexually aroused like I am. We're really close to crossing a line people say we shouldn't. We need to wait and talk about this in the morning."

Standing, she picked up her cigarettes and lighter. "Let's go get some sleep," she said.

It was so hard not to follow her swaying ass as she went to her bedroom and closed the door.


Mom woke me the next morning, saying, "You need to get up. We need to eat breakfast and talk."

"This sounds bad," I replied.

She said, "Not really. We just need to discuss what happened and decide what to do. I also have something I need to tell you."

I got up, pulled on a pair of gym shorts, and went to the kitchen to start the coffee brewing. Mom came in, wearing a knee length, green chenille robe. The front was open to her navel and the belt was loosely tied around her waist. She went to the refrigerator, getting out bacon and eggs. While she was cooking, I poured our coffee, got out some orange juice, and made toast. I set the table while she was dishing up our breakfast. The bacon, toast, and scrambled eggs seemed to taste better this morning.

As we were eating, Mom started talking. "Mike," she said. "People'll say what we were doin' last night was wrong. We almost crossed a line we can't come back over. I felt it was the right thing to do when we started. I need to apologize to you," she said. "I know you were upset drivin' home last night. You were wonderin' if you'd gone too far and I was mad at you. I wanted you so much that I was goin' to let you have it all in the back seat of the truck. Then that guy and his flashlight showed up. That scared me and made me think about what I was doin'. I needed that time last night to really think it through to be sure about what I want to happen. I want it so badly."

Reaching across the table, I took her hands in mine. "You've just answered a lot of the questions in my mind," I told her. "Last night you taught me a lot. I'll always remember what you told me and what we did. You've been the standard I always compared girls to. I've never met anyone I've been interested in because they all fell short next to you. Why'd you wait so long to tell me and show me?" I asked.

"I wanted you to be an adult, so you could make an adult decision," she said. "You are now."

When we finished breakfast, Patsy asked me, "Well, what do you want to do now?"

"I can mow the yard, do the laundry, and paint the house," I answered jokingly.

"NO!" she said. "We're gonna spend some time talkin' about this. She got up, came around the table, straddled my legs, and sat facing me. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and stared into her eyes. Leaning forward, I kissed her wonderful warm mouth. Leaning back, I said, "I want you to know that I love you and always have. You mean so much to me that I don't know what I'd do without you."

"You'll meet a nice young girl someday," she said. "I know it's gonna happen. When it does I'll have to let you go and live your own life."

"Mom," I started.

"I told you to call me Patsy," she said.

"I thought that was just for the date last night," I replied.

"Look, Buster, you're an adult now," she said. "You've demonstrated that clearly. I was givin' you all the signals last night but you wouldn't take advantage of 'em until I told you to. I'm so proud of you. Your adult behavior and that damn guy with the flashlight kept me from goin' too far."

"But Mom," I replied. "Although I understand what you're sayin', I just don't feel real comfortable callin' you anything but Mom. I was going to say that I don't want another girl right now. Every girl I've seen or known I've always compared to you. Every one of them has fallen way short of your standard, except maybe the one Grandma keeps talkin' about. You're the type of woman I want. You've been the type I've always dreamed about. You're my ideal of the perfect woman. No one else I know can ever replace you. No one can. I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you for years. I've just never known how to show or tell you so."

Mom had begun crying during my declaration.

"What's wrong" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong. It's all right. It couldn't be more right," she said. "I've loved you as a mother loves a son all your life. Watching you mature has made me fall in love with you as a man. It makes me so happy to know you feel the same way. The tears were tears of happiness."

"Now, how do we want to handle this?" I asked her. "I know we can't run an ad in the paper telling what we've done or knock on doors telling all the neighbors. Are you sayin' you think we should start sleepin' together? If you are, you'll have to show me what to do. Other than a magazine or two I've never even seen a naked woman in my life."

While we were talking, the loosely tied belt on her robe had untied and the robe had fallen open. She was totally naked under it. The beauty within entranced me. I was all I could do to keep my hands off her.

Looking at the treasure in my arms, I said, "You know, you woulda really given that guy an eye full last night."

She said, "If you think so."

"I'm lookin' at it. I know so," I told her.

She looked down and saw the open robe. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, closing the robe. "So much for modesty. I guess you got a free show!"

She continued, "What just happened is a perfect example of how much of a gentleman you are. I was wide open to you and you didn't take advantage of it. You're exactly what many, many girls want and can never find."

Mom said, "We need to do something today. There's beds that need changin' and some laundry to do. Somebody also needs to wash the dishes. Then we might have time for you to learn some more."

"Sounds like a good idea," I said.

She said, "Now, let's gather up the laundry and get started." With that, she stood and started to her bedroom. I followed. Unusually, clothes were scattered on the floor in her bedroom from last night. Mom said, "Now, you can help me strip the beds and remake 'em."

We gathered her clothes from where they were scattered across the floor. I held up the bra she wore last night. "Mom, I've never seen this one before."

"Yeah," she replied. "I've kept it and the panties hidden in my dresser for a while. I bought 'em a few months ago with last night in mind. They were part of the bait I was usin'."

"Well, I guess it worked didn't it? I asked. "Looked and felt to me like you were gettin' what you wanted, weren't you? I kinda fell right into your trap."

"Yeah, but you seemed to like it as much as I did," she replied.

We were still gathering clothing when there came a knock on the front door.

"Just a minute," Mom called out.

There was a flurry of activity. Mom thrust her armload of clothing at me, saying, "Quick, go put this stuff in your room. I'll see who's at the door." She closed her robe tighter and retied the belt. I took another quick look around, grabbed her stockings from the floor, and took off for my room. Her bedroom was on the back side of the house and mine on the front. Her room was visible to anyone going to the bathroom.

I heard her open the front door and say, "Good morning, Connie. What can I do for you this morning?"

It was our neighbor from across the street.

Connie said, "Morning, Patsy. I need to talk to you and Mike."

Mom said, "Come on in. I'll get Mike."

She came to my door and said, "Connie, from across the street, wants to talk to us."

I was sorting our clothes on the bed. "Let me get a shirt on and I'll be right there," I said. I got a tee shirt from my dresser, put it on, and followed her from the room.

Connie was a good neighbor of ours. She was a stay at home mom and had looked after me in the evenings, when Mom was working, for several years after Dad died. She and her husband, Lawrence, had become good friends of ours. They had four children, three girls and a boy. Her son, Larry, was the youngest, a month older than I was. We'd grown up together and had become friends. He was another small guy like me, but was much more outgoing.

Coming into the living room, I saw Patsy and Connie seated on the sofa. "Good morning, Mrs. Kelly," I said. "What can we do for you?"

"This is so embarrassing," Connie said. "Larry needs to find a job. There's not a lot going on here in town and he doesn't have a car. We only have the one and Lawrence uses it to get to work. Larry still has another year of school like you, so can only work full time during the summer 'til he finishes." He'd been held back a year in the second grade.

"Well, Mrs. Kelly, you're right," I told here. "There aren't a lot of jobs here in town. I can talk to my boss tomorrow. Right now we're pretty busy and he's talked about hiring a few hands and splitting the crew to work two jobs. He's out of town for the weekend, though, and won't be back 'til tonight."

Connie said, "That would be a big help. Larry made a big mistake and has to make it right."

"What'd he do, and where is he?" I asked her. I'd only been around Larry at school the past couple of years because I'd been enrolled in the vocational program, working afternoons and evenings during school.

Connie started crying. She said, "He got his girlfriend pregnant. Her parents are pretty mad about it. We are too. We all met at their home last night. Her parents want 'em to get married. I suppose it'll be for the best if they do. The kids say they love each other and want to make it right. He and Lawrence are back over there today. I told 'em to go without me. I wanted to talk to you about a job. The plant where Lawrence works won't hire anyone without a high school diploma."

Mom scooted over on the sofa and hugged Connie. "Connie," she said, "we'll try to help if we can. I know this has come as a shock to you. Let's go to the kitchen, have some coffee, and work this out."

We went to the kitchen. I cleared the table and poured each of us a cup of coffee. We all sat.

"Larry doesn't have a lot of work experience," I said.

Connie said, "I know. I thought about asking you because you've hired him for help in the past. You didn't use him much, but I understand that. Your jobs are small."

"You're right, Mrs. Kelly. I wasn't able to use him a lot. He was good help, though, when I had him workin' for me. I could depend on him and he was willin' to learn."

"If I can talk Raymond into hirin' him it'll have to be as a laborer or helper to start. He can ride to work and back with me. I'll ask if I can have him as a helper, although he may have to work with the framin' crews some. I can show him what I know so he can learn more. I can most likely use some help myself in the evenin's too. I'm biddin' on a couple of large cabinet jobs right now."

Connie said, "That would be wonderful, if you can work it out. The kids'll be stayin' with us for a while after they marry. Her parents don't have the room. They have two girls and a boy and the girls share a room. My girls are all gone now, so we have the room." Theirs was a larger four-bedroom house.

Mom said, "Connie, if there's anything we can do let us know."

The talk turned into a general discussion. I got up, started another pot of coffee, and washed the dishes. Leaving the ladies to their discussion, I went to Mom's room and stripped her bed. I then went to my room, moved the clothing from my bed and stripped it also. A check of the bathroom added some towels and washcloths to the laundry pile.

I figured I'd better check the washer and dryer. Sure enough, the dryer needed to be emptied and a load in the washer needed to be dried. Taking care of that, I returned to my room and gathered the dirty laundry. I had to pass through the kitchen to get back to the laundry.

After taking care of things in the laundry room, I rejoined the ladies at the table.

"Connie, why don't you, Lawrence, and Larry have dinner with us tomorrow?" Mom asked.

"That'd be a good idea," I said. "I'll have a chance to talk to Raymond in the mornin' about the job. Maybe I'll have some good news."

We went with her to the front door. Connie turned, grabbed both of us and tried to hug the life out of us. "Behave and don't do anything I wouldn't do," she said, laughing. "I really do love the both of you. We'll see you tomorrow evening." With that, she turned and left.

We got busy. There were beds to be made. We worked together and soon had them done. When we finished, we sat at the table with cups of coffee.

Mom then came around the table and sat in my lap before asking, "Mike, it's time for you to make an adult decision, a decision that will affect us for the rest of our lives. Do you want to sleep with me? I've already said that I want you. This is something that has to be kept between us. Now what'll it be? Do you want me as much as I want you?"

I stared into her beautiful green eyes for an eternity. How bad did I want to sleep with my mom?

Finally, I said, "Can I have a little time to think it out?"

Mom said, "Baby, take the time you need. I've been thinkin' about this for the past couple of years. I waited to say anything because I wanted you to be an adult. You've acted like an adult since you started working for Raymond. Legally you are an adult now."

It was getting into the late afternoon. I said to Mom, "We need to eat. We've been foolin' around and haven't thought about it. Why don't we go to the Shamrock cafe and get something?"

"Sounds good to me," she said.

We each went to our rooms, got dressed, got in my truck, and left.


While we were eating we talked about jobs and school.

During the time we were there, several people that knew us came by to speak to us. One or two commented that Mom looked happier. She told them that she was, that things were better because I was becoming more outgoing. They would then ask me questions, which I answered. I also paid compliments on their appearance or commented on things they said.
Here came Darla, one of the nurses at the doctor's offices where Mom worked. She and Mom were always kidding with each other when they were at work or met socially.

Darla, said, "I can't believe it. He can talk. As long as I've known him I've never heard him say more than two words at a time." Looking at Mom, she said, "You have a reason to be happy. You have a hard workin' son that can talk."

She and Mom both had a big laugh at that.

Darla slid into the booth seat I was in, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. Looking me in the eyes, she told me, "If you were ten years older, I was ten years younger, and I wasn't married, I'd be chasin' you all over the place. I'm gonna find you a girlfriend. You're what women are lookin' for."

I looked over. Mom was glaring at Darla and then broke out laughing after hearing what she said. "Good luck with that," she said. "He's still scared of girls. I'm trying to ease him into it gradually. You're not the type of influence he needs right now."

Darla quipped to Mom, "Says you. You need a man. You're gonna let it dry up without one."

With that, Darla got up. She told Mom, "I'll see you at work tomorrow, Sweetie." She left.

After finishing our meal, we settled up and left.

While driving home, I kiddingly said, "I thought for a minute there we were gonna see a cat fight between you and Darla. You were sure givin' her a hard look."

Mom said, "She's one of a kind. I wouldn't trust you with her for a minute. She kids around a lot. I'll have to see what she says tomorrow."

"Yeah," I said. "What did she mean it was gonna dry up? You're gonna have to explain that to me."

Mom erupted in laughter. "My pussy gets really wet sometimes, especially when I've been kissed and teased for a while. I'm surprised I didn't leave a big wet spot on my skirt while we were in the back seat and coming home last night. You really had me stirred up."

"Now you know why I always wear the heavy cotton panties. They help. I was always wet around Bill and I'm the same way with you most of the time, especially when you wear those gym shorts. There's just something about you," she said.

After arriving home we sat on the sofa, talking, which continued until I excused myself for the bathroom.

Coming back into the living room I asked, "You don't think Darla will be a problem, do you?"

Mom said, "Not really. She kids around a lot but is pretty serious most of the time. We've gotten to know each other pretty well. When she starts having fun or after a few drinks she'll say most anything. She'd had few today and was pretty loose."

"I thought I smelled it when she was sittin' beside me," I said.

"Bill and I would drink a beer every now and then, before he was killed," she said. "I've never smelled it on you. You've never had a drink have you?"

"No. I've had the chance, though. Some of the guys on the job keep it in coolers and have one after work. They've offered it to me, but I was always afraid of drivin' after drinkin'," I told her. "It never seemed worth the risk."

"It's not," she said. When I was workin' the emergency room we hated to see Friday and Saturday nights. Those were always busy nights and a lot of it was from drinkin' and drivin'."

While we were sitting there I was thinking. I asked, "What are we gonna have to eat tomorrow night? Got any ideas?"

Mom thought and said, "Why don't we cook hamburgers? We can do those fairly quickly and if you cook the meat on the grill most of the mess is outside."

"Sounds good to me. You better stop by the store, though. I'll be working on the job out at Center Point and won't get back 'til about six. Then I'll have to clean up. I know we'll need meat and buns. Why not get ground sirloin? It tastes better and don't shrink as much," I said.

"What about dessert?" Mom asked.

"How about ice cream?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me," was the reply.

I lit a cigarette, looked at Mom and said, "Mom, I've been thinkin' about what we talked about earlier. You're completely serious about us sleepin' together aren't you?"

"Yes, Mike, I am," she said. "I'm completely serious. I'd have let you have it all in the back seat of your truck last night 'til that damn guy with the flashlight showed up."

Now was the time. Here she was if I wanted her. All I had to do was say the word and she was mine.

I was again staring into those beautiful green eyes. I said, "Mom, you'll have to show me what to do."

She threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me like tomorrow would never come. I hugged her and pulled her against me, mashing her breasts into my chest.

"Oh Mike," she whispered, "you've made me so very happy."

Standing, she said, "Come with me."

I again followed her swaying ass, this time into her bedroom.

Once in the room, she stepped out of her shoes and turned to face me, saying, "Take my clothes off."

I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. She was wearing the sheer bra I'd seen earlier. Her nipples were erect, making pronounced bumps on the bra. I reached behind her to fumble with the catch of her bra. Mom quickly reached behind her back and solved the problem. Sliding the bra straps off her shoulders revealed her magnificent breasts to my view. Her areolas were almost the size of a half dollar coin and her nipples were the size of the last joint of my little finger. They were a beautiful medium reddish brown color. I had to feel, kiss, lick, suck, and bury my face in these fleshly delights, all at the same time.

Mom finally pushed my head away, saying, "You're forgettin' what you're supposed to be doin'."

"Sorry, Mom," I said. "I was tit struck."

She giggled and said, "Get busy."

I unzipped and unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt. It slid over her hips and down her legs to the floor. Mom stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside. She was wearing the panties I saw last night. Her full bush of auburn pubic hair was plainly visible through the sheer fabric.

"Mom," I said, "I remember seein' panties at the restaurant last night but felt hair when my hand was under your skirt."

She laughed, before saying, "I took 'em off that second time in the restroom at the drive in. I was gettin' ready to give you everything."

Kneeling before her, I leaned forward and kissed her panty-covered mound before sliding the waistband over her hips. The panties pulled free from her slit and slithered to the floor. Leaning forward again, I took my first ever taste of pussy by licking through Mom's slit and up over her mound, before kissing her navel.

Mom pulled my tee shirt off before telling me to stand. She knelt to unsnap and unzip my cut offs before pulling them down my legs. She grabbed the waistband of my jockeys, ripping them down my legs to expose my seven-inch erection. Wrapping her hand around my penis, she began stroking me before leaning forward to take the head in her mouth. Mom's tongue was swirling around and over the underside of the head, which was driving me wild with lust.

Releasing me, Mom stood and moved in for a full body hug and kiss.

Mom said, "This side of the bed is mine. Go to the other and help pull the covers down."

I walked around the bed where we pulled the cover to the foot of the bed. Mom lay down and patted the bed beside her. I got into the bed and met her in the middle. Taking her into my arms, I kissed her. Trying to remember what she had told me, I continued the kisses over her face to her ears where I licked them and lightly nipped at her earlobes. My kisses continued down her neck and upper chest to her wonderful breasts.

I gently kissed and licked over her breasts to her nipples. Her nipples were delightful things, just begging to be kissed, teased, and lightly nipped. Mom was moaning softly and beginning to squirm around when she pushed me onto my back. She quickly turned and straddled my shoulders with her knees pushing her pussy in my face.

Her outer labia were swollen and had darkened to almost the same color as her areolae and nipples. The pubic hair trailed across her labia and onto her perineal area. The inner labia were a dark pink, flaring open, and very moist. Her swollen clit was extended from its hood. It was the same deep pink and size as a pencil eraser. I could see her vaginal opening, which was weeping fluid. The smell of aroused woman was intoxicating. I was mesmerized, staring at her magnificent pussy.

Wiggling her hips, Mom said, "Hey. It ain't gonna lick itself. Get busy."

I used my hands to spread her labia further and licked up through her slit several times. Each time I would start at her clit she would moan louder. I licked up once more and pushed my tongue into her vagina. After inserting and withdrawing it several times I moved down and sucked her clit in between my lips. I alternated between flicking her clit with my tongue and gently nipping at it with my teeth.

Mom was sucking on the head of my penis, alternating between swirling her tongue around the head and probing the slit. Her mouth was so warm and moist on me.

I pushed the forefinger of my left hand into Mom's vagina, rubbing it on the front wall feeling for the magic spot she'd told me about. When I found it, Mom moaned loudly and pushed her pussy harder into my face. She was beginning to shudder and the muscles of her thighs were tightening.

I could feel my balls drawing up and knew I was close to cumming.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned.

"So'm I," Mom moaned.

She thrust her pussy hard against my face as the orgasm began. Her vagina clamped down on my finger as fluid flooded from her. I was shooting into her mouth at the same time.

When our climaxes subsided, we lay limply for a minute. Mom finally turned to lie on top of me. A small amount of cum was in the corners of her mouth and her cum was all over my face. We kissed and began to lick each other's face clean.

Mom said, "Thank you for that. I haven't cum that hard since your dad died. I love you, Baby."

"Thank you, Mom, for sharing with me," I said. "That was my first experience. I'm glad you enjoyed what I did for you."

"Baby, you can do that for me any time," she said. Wiggling her hips she said, "Ooohhh, you're still hard. Good."

Mom rose up and straddled my waist. She raised enough to rub the head of my penis back and forth through her slit until I was well coated with her fluids. Moving me back to her vaginal entrance, she slowly lowered her pussy onto me. Her vagina felt like warm, oiled, velvet as it descended onto me. She paused, rose slightly, and lowered again, repeating until I was fully seated in her vagina. I was as deep in her as I could get. The feeling of being fully seated in the vagina I had come out of eighteen years earlier was exquisite.

Once she was fully down, Mom said, "I need to sit here for a minute and get used to you. I'm so full now. You're every bit as big as your dad was and it's been eight years."

Mom began to move her hips in a small circular motion alternating with a back and forth motion. I reached up and began to pull and twist her nipples with both hands. Mom's motions were getting faster and she was beginning to raise and lower on me. We were thrusting together more and more rapidly. Mom was moaning and twisting her body as she leaned forward to mash her clit between our pubic bones. I was trying to get deeper into her on each upward thrust.

Mom's chest was flushing and her entire body was coated with sweat when she began to shudder as the climax took her. My balls were drawn up tight against the base of my penis as she thrust downward hard on me and loudly groaned, "Aauuuuggggghhhhhh!"

I pushed as deeply as possible into her vagina as cum shot from my penis. I lost track of the number of shots as my vision blurred and I saw red from the intensity of the feeling. Mom collapsed forward onto me and lay limply. I was barely able to wrap her in my arms as the aftershocks passed through us.

Mom raised her head and kissed me deeply before saying, "Baby, that was wonderful. You've given me something I thought I'd never feel again. Thank you."

I returned her kiss and said, "Mom, I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Is it always like this?"

"No, it gets better as you learn your lover," she replied.

I could feel my erection subsiding until her vagina pushed me out. When it did, I could feel our combined cums draining onto me. Mom rose to her hands and knees before turning around. She pushed her freshly fucked pussy into my face, saying, "You clean me and I'll clean you."

We each began to lick our combined fluids from the other. After we were reasonably clean, Mom turned again and kissed me. She still had some of our mixed cums in her mouth, which we shared.

Afterward, I said, "Mom, I tasted my cum once and didn't care for it. This time it's different. I didn't mind tasting it from you."

"It ain't strawberries and whipped cream," she said, "but love makes the difference. Now, it's getting late. We need to shower and get some sleep, we both have work tomorrow."

Showering with Mom was a wonderful experience. We each washed the other and played around some until the water began to cool. After drying each other we returned to her bedroom. Mom looked at the bed and said, "Baby, we need to use your bed tonight. I'll have to wash these sheets tomorrow."

We went to my room and got into bed. Mom was half lying on top of me as we shared kisses and whispered endearments until sleep overtook us.


That unwelcome jarring note was the raucous buzzing from the alarm clock.

Mom was still lying in my arms when we awoke. Nothing is as wonderful as having the woman you love naked in your arms in the morning.

After sharing kisses and "Good mornings," I rolled out to get dressed for the day, giving Mom first shot at the bathroom. After dressing, I was off the kitchen to make coffee and start breakfast. Mom came into the kitchen and took over the cooking so I could get in the bathroom to finish preparing for the day.

While eating we talked about the plan for the evening. She would have everything done except for grilling the burgers when I got home. I told her I would have the grill ready to light before I left for work and asked her to light it about 5:30. It would be ready to use by the time I got home and took a quick shower.

After packing my lunch, I prepped the grill and left for the job.


Arriving at the job site, I met with Raymond. I needed to look at the plans for the cabinets and staircase on this job. After we discussed what I needed to do and the additional materials I'd need, I asked him if he was still planning to hire additional help.

"Yeah, I am," he said. "We're busy enough right now to do it. I have four houses scheduled now and am biddin' three more. I'll try to push some of them back 'til next year 'cause we always have bad weather during the winter."

Our East Texas winters rarely had snow, but we always had to deal with cold, rainy days.

"I know a guy that I think would make a good helper. I've had him work for me in my shop. He's pretty sharp and willing to work," I said. "He's like me and still has another year of school to graduate. He could work the same hours I do during school. He's my age. I could use a helper with some of the jobs you have coming up."

Raymond thought a minute, then said, "Let me think about it. That might save me havin' to pull a helper from the framers. I've got to go to the lumberyard and meet with a bricklayer. I'll be back around noon. We'll talk about it then."

"Sounds good to me," I said. "I'll be here."

Raymond left on his errands and I started laying out and cutting materials for the kitchen cabinets.

I had the overhead cabinet casework cut out and dadoed before noon. I was ready to start assembling after lunch. I was working alone because Raymond had the rest of the crew working on a large framing job close to Longview.

I stopped for lunch at noon. Raymond drove up about ten minutes later. "Hey, boss," I hollered at him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said. "How's it goin'?"

"I've got the overheads cut out and ready to assemble," I told him. "It'll take a couple of stiff legs to set one of 'em. You know one of these overheads is ten feet long. I'll need a helper with that one."

"I know," he said. "The customer didn't want it split into two cabinets. That's one of the joys of custom work."

"Yeah, I am findin' that out with the small jobs I do on weekends. They always want it done the hardest way."

Raymond said, "Why don't you start cuttin' out the base cabinets this afternoon? There's room to work on 'em in the garage. Bring that guy you know with you tomorrow if he's available. I'll talk to him in the morning and have him fill out the paperwork. If everything looks good I'll let you have him for a helper. That way he can work after school the way you do."

"I was kinda hesitant to let you work like that when you started, but it's worked out. You've turned into a good cabinetmaker and finish carpenter. You always get the job done on time," he said.

"Raymond, what can I tell him to expect for pay?" I asked.

"I'll start him at three quarters what I'm payin' you. After a month we'll know how he's gonna work out. If we're satisfied with him, I'll give him a raise then," he said.

"What are your plans after you graduate?" he asked.

"Right now I don't know," I told him. "Mom said something about takin' a vacation for a few days right after graduation. We were talkin' about goin' to the Gulf coast, south of Houston. Nothing's definite though. Why're you askin'?"

"I'm workin' on an idea," he said. "If everything goes like I want it to, it'll put you in business full time. I still have to think about some things and talk to some other contractors first."

"This ain't gonna put me out of workin' for you is it?" I asked.

"No, it won't do that. The thing is that you could specialize on cabinets and have more work to do than now," he said. "I'll know more in the next month or so. We'll talk then."

I went back to work, cutting out the base cabinets. I usually worked nine to ten hours per day during the summers. During the past school year I worked six or seven hours per day after school, making up the balance on Saturday if needed. The next year I had a light schedule and would be able to leave school by 1:30. I could average seven hours per day, maybe more. I'd have to find out about Larry's schedule.

I finished and cleaned up so I could leave for home at 5:00. I'd be home by 5:45.


Arriving home, I parked my truck in its usual spot in front of the shop. I was glad to be there. I went in the back door, noticing that Mom had the grill lit. Good, I could start cooking as soon as I got cleaned up.

Mom met me at the door with a hug and kiss. "Evening, Mike," she said. "How was your day?"

"Long and tiring," I said, "How about yours? Did Darla say anything?"

"Yeah, she did. She was runnin' around all over the office tellin' 'em all that somebody needed to grab you while they could," she said.

"Oh hell," I said. "That's all I need, somebody tryin' to fix me up with all their nieces and daughters. Tell her that I'm off the market; I ain't interested in any of that right now. I don't have the time between work, school, and you."

"I'm headed for the shower. What time are they comin'?" I asked.

"I talked to Connie about fifteen minutes before you got here. They'll be here in about fifteen minutes," she said.

"I'd better hurry," I said, leaving for my room. "We're not dressin' fancy, are we?" I asked as I went.

She said, "No, nothin' fancy." She was in her usual around the house attire of a tee shirt and shorts.
I undressed, grabbed some clean cutoffs and a tee shirt, and headed for the bathroom.

After taking care of business and dressing, I left the bathroom to hear people talking. Mom, Connie, and Lawrence were sitting in the living room. I didn't see Larry.

I came in, saying, "Hello, how is everybody?"

"We're fine," Lawrence said. "How was the day?"

"Kinda long" I said. "Where's Larry?" I asked.

Connie said, "He's gone to get his girl. I asked Patsy if it'd be all right and she said yes. He left about ten minutes before you got home. They should be back in fifteen or twenty minutes."

"Well, he'll have to make a short night of it tonight. I'll need him to be ready to go with me at 6:00 tomorrow mornin'," I said.

"That's great news," Lawrence said.

"Yeah, it is. I talked to Raymond this mornin' and again over lunch. He's willin' to hire him and let him work with me. I need to find out what his school schedule is like next year. If he can get out early it'd be good," I said.

"Is everything ready except for cookin' the meat?" I asked Mom.

She said, "The vegetables are cut, the patties are made, and I only have to toast the buns."

"I'd better get busy," I said.

I went into the kitchen. The patties were on a platter in the refrigerator. While I was getting them and a spatula, Lawrence came in. He went out the back door with me to the grill.

"Mike," he said, "Connie had a talk with me last night."

"I figured she would," I said. "What'd she say?" I had a good idea what was coming.

"She told me about the talk ya'll had Sunday mornin'," he said. He appeared very nervous, lighting a cigarette from the butt of one he'd been smoking.

Connie had revealed to us that she and Lawrence were first cousins and that their families had thrown them out and cut them off after she got pregnant.

"Lawrence, I hope you don't mind. Connie told us what happened to you, what your family did to you. We know it must have been hard for both of you. No family support and a new baby? I'd hate to think about havin' to do it myself. You've done well, though. You have my admiration," I told him.

"Now, I need to know, does Larry know any of this?" I asked.

"No, he doesn't," Lawrence said.

"OK. That tells me what I need to know. He'll never hear it from me," I said. "You can tell Connie for me that we'll keep your secret."

We heard a car pulling into the driveway. There was Larry with his girlfriend Karen. They got out of the car, coming to where Lawrence and I were standing by the grill.

"Hey, Larry. How've you been?" I asked.

"Hey, Boy," Lawrence said.

"Doin' OK," Larry replied.

"Who's the pretty girl?" I asked. "What's she doin' with the likes of you?"

"Karen, this is my best friend, Mike. Mike, this is Karen," Larry said.

"Hello, Karen. I'm Mike. Welcome to my Mom's and my home," I said.

"Thank you," Karen replied. "I've seen you at school. You were in my Geometry class last year. You didn't say much."

"I remember you now," I said. "You were a couple of seats in front of me on the next row."

I was busy turning the burgers.

Turning to Larry, I said, "You gotta take this pretty girl home early tonight. I need you ready to go at 6:00 tomorrow morning."

"That's good," he said. "What'll I be doin'?"

"Workin' for Raymond as my helper. I started the cabinets at the Center Point house today. Eat your Wheaties in the mornin'," I said. "You'll need 'em."

I told him what the starting pay would be and that he would be reviewed after a month.

Lawrence asked, "Is he gonna need a car?"

"Raymond told me I could have Larry as my full time helper," I said. "He'll be able to ride to and from work with me for a while."

"You work long days, don't you?" Larry asked.

"Yeah, sometimes I do. I put in nine and a half today," I said. "Most days in the summer I work tens."

Mom and Connie came out the back door. Patsy said, "Hi, Larry. We thought we heard you out here."

Looking at Karen, Patsy said, "Hello, I'm Patsy. You are?"

"I'm Karen," she said. "I want to thank you for letting me be here tonight."

Mom said, "You're more than welcome. Any friend of Mike or Larry is always welcome. Come on in the house with Connie and me. We'll get you a drink."

"Mike," she asked, "how long on the meat? We've got everything ready inside."

Looking at the grill, I told her, "I'm almost ready here. I'm taking 'em off the grill now." With that I started removing the burgers from the grill.

Everything was set up assembly line fashion on the kitchen counter. I sat the meat by the buns and invited our guests to help themselves.

We all took seats at the dining table and began the meal.

"Larry," I said, "what does your class schedule look like next year?"

He said, "I need four classes to have enough credits to graduate. I think they'll all be mornin' classes. Why?"

"Raymond offered to let you work my schedule next year," I told him. "Last year I left school after 2:00 and went to work. Raymond came to the school with me last summer and we made sure I was enrolled in the vocational program to make it legal. I worked after school 'til about 9:00 each night and some Saturdays when I had to. I averaged thirty to thirty five hours per week."

"Sounds good to me," Larry said. "I'll have to find a day to get by the school."

Connie said, "Larry, I'll call the school tomorrow and talk to them about it. When do you want to go by there?"

"Connie," I said, "let's wait for a month. Larry can show Raymond how he works. He'll have to go by the school and do some paperwork with the counselor as his employer. He had to do the same for me. He has to send a report on me to the counselor every month about my hours, he'll have to do the same for Larry."

The conversation turned to a general discussion of Karen and Larry's future plans. We learned more about Karen and she learned more about all of us.

Conversation continued for about another hour before Lawrence and Connie told Larry and Karen that we had an early day tomorrow. Lawrence and Connie walked across the street while Larry drove Karen home.

Finally. At last Mom and I were alone together. We cleaned the kitchen. Since we'd eaten off paper plates there were only a few dishes to wash. After we finished, she said, "I need a bath. I feel like I need a good soak and I need to shave my legs."

"Can I shave them for you?" I asked. "I'll massage your feet and legs after."

"Sure," she said. "Come on. I'll show you how."

Following her to the bathroom, we undressed. While I was adjusting the water temperature in the tub, Mom sat on the toilet to pee. I was already half erect from the thought of seeing her naked. The sound of her pee splashing in the toilet and knowing where it was coming from brought me to a full erection quickly.

Mom felt of the water and said, "Make it hotter. My feet and legs need the heat."

We got into the tub together. I took the soap and washcloth and washed Mom's feet and legs.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good," she said.

Turning her in the tub, I washed her back and reached around to wash her front. Of course, particular attention was paid to ensure her breasts were clean.

Mom turned again and sat on the edge of the tub. She took her razor off the shelf at the end of the tub and handed it to me.

"Take the soap and lather my leg," she said. After I did so, she said, "Now, it's no different than you shaving. Move the razor up my leg to remove the hair."

I took my time for fear of nicking her leg. After shaving her leg, I ran my hand up and down her leg to feel any stubble I missed. After rinsing the soap from her leg, I turned to shave the other. When I was finished, I trailed my fingers through her pubic hair.

"Have you ever shaved your pussy?" I asked.

"It's been shaved twice," she said. "Bill wanted me to shave it after we married. It was shaved again when you were born. I didn't like it because it itched so much when the hair was growing back. It's also a very sensitive area and I had to use a moisturizer after I shaved. Bill didn't like the taste of that. He claimed he'd just eat a hair pie with sardine sauce," she said with a giggle.

She just said something about being born. Oh shit! "Mom, are we gonna be in trouble? I didn't use a rubber," I asked.

"Now you worry about it," she laughed. "Baby, I can't get pregnant again. I had some serious complications carrying you. The doctors told me that I most likely wouldn't survive another pregnancy. They recommended a procedure called a fimbriectomy and cauterization. Basically the ends of the fallopian tubes are removed and the ends burned to seal them. My ovaries are still in place and I still have my monthly cycle but I can't get pregnant."

Hearing her say that strengthened my resolve to care for this wonderful woman that had lost so much.

After we finished her bath, Mom joined me on the sofa. I took her right foot in my hands and began to massage it gently, working from her toes up to the calf of her leg. She lay back and sighed. After massaging her feet and legs I said, "Let's get a glass of iced tea. I need to tell you something."

Patsy's face looked serious when she came into the kitchen. "What's goin' on?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not sure, but I think Raymond is gonna make a change in the way he does things. He wanted to know what my plans were after graduation. He also said something about puttin' me in business more than I am now," I told her.

Mom thought for a minute. She asked, "What do you think he has in mind?"

"I'm not sure, but I believe he's thinkin' about sub contractin' a lot more of the work on the houses he builds. Right now he subs out the electrical, plumbin', roofin', and paintin'. The only direct employees he has are the framin', sheet rock, and trim and finish crews. I overheard him and the framin' foreman talkin' a few days ago. Thinking about what I heard then and what he said today it adds up," I told her.

"How would that affect you?" she asked.

"It'd put me in business for myself full time," I said. "If that were the case I'd have to bid on doing his cabinet and trim work. I could do the same for other contractors also. It wouldn't be any different than the bookcases and cabinets we build here in my shop. I'd become an employer, hirin' help to do the work. That means I'd probably need a part time bookkeeper or somebody like that to help with payroll."

"Right now I'm just gonna have to wait. Raymond said he'd know what he was gonna do just after the first of the year," I said. "There's no reason to worry about it right now. I just wanted to let you know what was happenin'. Thinkin' about it, though, I'll probably have to have a bigger shop."

"I'm glad you did, Honey," Mom said. She looked at the clock saying, "Guess we better get to bed. That clock'll go off early in the morning."


I awakened the next morning, as before, to the loud raucous buzz of the alarm. I rolled over, shut off the alarm and headed for the bathroom. Mom was already in there. "I've got to go in early today," she said. "We've got a staff meetin' before the office opens."

"I'll start breakfast then," I told her, before going to the kitchen where I started the coffee and started eggs boiling on the stove. I quickly went to my room and dressed for the day. By the time I got back to the kitchen the coffee was done. I poured cups for both of us and started the bacon cooking on a low heat. Picking up Mom's cup of coffee, I carried it to the bathroom for her.

She was finished with her make up. She had her bra, garter belt, and white stockings on and was just pulling up her panties. At this time most nurses still wore white dress type uniforms with white stockings and shoes. I sat her coffee on the countertop of the vanity and got a kiss.

She followed me to the kitchen after putting her robe and shoes on. I was setting the table and preparing my lunch while she finished cooking the bacon and removed the shells from the hard-boiled eggs.

We sat and ate while discussing what we had to do during the day.

After eating, I went to the bathroom to shave and brush my teeth. Mom was in the bedroom, putting her uniform on. I got another kiss while telling her to have a good day at work.

Leaving the house through the back door, I found Larry waiting for me at the truck. He had a lunch box and thermos with him. I unlocked the truck; we got in and headed out.

"What're we gonna be doin'?" Larry asked.

"We've got to build and set cabinets in the kitchen and utility room. Then we'll have to build and set the vanity cabinets in the bathrooms. Raymond's supposed to have the interior doors delivered later this week. We'll have to set them and then build the closet shelves," I told him.

"There's also a wall in the den that'll have picture frame moulding on it, along with a wainscot on the other walls. That'll all be done in ash. We'll have to be careful with that because it'll get a light stain and lacquer finish. The painter'll do the stainin' and finish."

"Then we have to install the balusters, spindles, and rails on the staircase and balcony after we get the treads down. That'll all be oak. You're gonna be learnin' a lot the next few weeks," I told him.

We stopped at a small country store about six miles from the jobsite. I asked Larry what type of soda he preferred. "You'd better get it now. This is the closest place to the job," I said.

After making our purchases, we drove to the jobsite.

When we arrived I unlocked the toolbox on the truck and we unloaded the tools and extension cords. I'd left my table saw in the garage. The framing crew had installed the garage doors and exterior doors when they dried the house in so it could be locked up.

The roofing crew was already there working. They started at daylight so they could get off the roof before it became too hot.

I had the plan sheets in the kitchen where I was working the day before. I briefly reviewed the plans with Larry before we started assembling the cabinets I'd cut out the day before.

Having the help sped up the job. I'd already laid the cabinets out on the walls so we knew where everything went.

We were almost ready to hang that ten foot cabinet when Raymond drove up. I introduced him to Larry. They talked for a few minutes. Raymond then took him to his truck to fill out his W2 and other papers while I worked on some of the smaller cabinets.

When they came back into the kitchen Raymond told me that the brick would be delivered today along with the sand and Portland cement for the masonry crew. They were scheduled to start tomorrow. He wanted me to sign for the deliveries and keep the tickets for him. He said he was going to be tied up on the Longview job the rest of the day.

I told him I'd take care of it and we would see him tomorrow.

After Raymond left, Larry and I got busy, assembling and hanging the cabinets. We talked while working. He was always asking questions about methods and materials. It was a pleasurable day and I discovered that I enjoyed answering questions and teaching. Larry was a good student and eager to learn.

By 5:30 we were ready to call it a day. We'd put in a hard ten hours. Thank goodness for air conditioning on the truck. During the drive home, Larry commented that he had enjoyed the work but was rather tired. I told him that I knew what he meant and that he would adjust to the job within a few days.

We'd cooled down and were ready to eat again when we got home. Larry walked across the street, saying he'd be ready to go at 6:00 the next morning. I told him to rest up and I'd see him then.

I went in the back door of the house. Mom was there to greet me with a hug and kiss. She'd already showered and was in her robe. She had dinner almost ready. I was undressing as I headed for the bathroom. The shower was calling me.

After I showered and put on a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt, I went to the kitchen. I was ready to sit down and eat.

She had pork chops, green beans and mashed potatoes ready and on the plates. She'd prepared enough I'd have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

We sat and began eating.

As we ate I told her about our day and she talked about hers. When we finished I helped her clean up the kitchen. We also folded laundry and put things away.

We sat in the living room on the sofa. Mom was sitting in my lap with my arm around her shoulder.

We had the TV on. Our favorite Tuesday night programs were Rawhide, Red Skelton, and Petticoat Junction. We both liked the westerns and comedy shows.

I'd lit a cigarette we shared while watching Rawhide. We each had a glass of iced tea we were sipping on.

Mom asked, "Do you think Larry is going to work out?"

"I think so," I said. "I believe Raymond'll be happy with what we did today. We got the kitchen finished and cut out the bath vanities. He was a big help and really wants to learn. I'd guessed it would take three weeks to do everything, but we'll be done sooner. Having him as a full time helper sure speeds the work up."

She then said, "Connie called me after I got home. I think she was concerned about how Larry'd work out."

"He was pretty tired this afternoon. It'll take him a day or two to get used to working the nine to ten hour days," I said.

"How are your feet and legs tonight?" I asked her.

"Kinda tired," she said.

"Why don't you lay back and let me massage them for you?" I asked her.

She got off my lap and lay down with her feet in my lap.

I massaged her feet and calves slowly, paying special attention to the balls of her feet and her calf muscles. She was sighing and moaning quietly, "Mmmmmmm. That feels so good I'll give you a day to stop."

"Mom, I'm glad you don't mind explaining stuff to me," I said. "Your willingness to talk openly to me about things means a lot. That's one of the many reasons I love you."

"You've taken the time to help me start getting over my shyness and have taught me about sex and how to bring a girl pleasure. I woulda figured it out but she probably wouldn't have enjoyed it," I told her.

Mom got into my lap. She said, "Mike, I love you and want you to be as happy as Bill and I were. What we've talked about will help you get there."

We continued to talk while watching TV. My hand was busy exploring her pussy. Mom finally said, "Shut the TV off and let's go to bed."

I eagerly complied.


Mrs. Davidson, Mike's grandmother, called his mother while he was at work. As they talked, she asked how Mike was doing and if he was showing any interest in girls. Patsy, his mother, said that there was no change other than he had talked some about the girl his grandmother knew. That was welcome news. Mrs. Davidson explained that she and Amanda's mother had decided that Amanda and Mike would be good for each other. Knowing what Mike's grandmother had said about Amanda, Patsy thought it would be a good idea also.

The decision to make was when to get them together and make it appear to be accidental. Several options were discussed but none seemed ideal.


Larry and I were hard at work when Raymond came by the jobsite just before noon. We'd assembled the vanity cabinets, had them installed, and were measuring for the closet shelves when he arrived. After looking around for a few minutes he asked, "How's it goin'? Looks like ya'll are making progress."

"Yep, we are. Having the help has sure sped up the job," I remarked. "I've got a good hand here. We finished the kitchen yesterday, got the vanities today, and are workin' on the closet shelving now."

Raymond said, "Ya'll are movin' right along. I'll have to go by the lumberyard and see if I can get the doors delivered earlier. I'll also check on the stair materials."
"Well, we've got the paneling and moulding to do in the den and all the window stools and casings to work on, so there's enough to keep us busy," I said. "There's also the crown mouldings in the living and dining rooms to do. I'm gonna have to get another stepladder for that."

Raymond said, "I've got a ladder I'll bring by tomorrow mornin'. Why don't you plan a short day on Friday? I'll bring the paychecks by early so you can take off about 2:30 that afternoon. You'll have about 43 hours and Larry will have about 33. Don't worry about workin' Saturday."

I looked at Larry and he looked back at me. "Sounds good to us," I said.

After Raymond left, Larry and I ate and went back to work.

I figured he would be happy with getting off early and having the weekend to spend time with Karen would suit him. I was right. He was going to be busy getting a wedding planned.

The remainder of the week was much the same. Larry and I worked during the days and spent the nights with our ladies, he with Karen and me with Mom.

Friday we were cleaned up and on our way home by 2:45. Raymond had stopped by the job with the paychecks before noon. He was very pleased with the progress we'd made.

On the way home I asked Larry if he needed to go by the bank to deposit or cash his check. I needed to make a deposit into my checking account and hold out some cash for the weekend. He wanted his in cash. We stopped and took care of our business.

I drove to Larry's home to drop him off. Since I was off early I planned to surprise Mom. I headed for the grocery store. The butcher cut a couple of inch and a half thick boneless ribeye steaks for me and I got a couple of nice baking potatoes.

Getting home, I had time to shower and dress in my usual gym shorts and tee shirt. By the time Mom got home at 4:45 I was ready to light the grill. The potatoes were already in the oven, baking.

When she walked in the front door I was there to greet her. She dropped her purse and a package from the drug store in the chair before turning where I could wrap her in a hug and kiss her.

"Glad to see you," she said. "What are you doing here at this time of day?"

"Raymond sent us home at 2:30 today," I said. "He told us not to work tomorrow, that we were ahead of schedule. How was your day?" I asked her.

"Not bad. We actually had a light patient load today so I'm not so tired this evening," she said.

"That's good," I told her. "I've got supper started."

"What're we havin'?" she asked.

"I picked up a couple of ribeyes and baking potatoes at the store on the way home," I said. "I figured I would grill the steaks and do twice baked potatoes. Maybe you'd put a salad together."

"Sounds good to me," she said. "Let me get my clothes off and get cleaned up."

Mom headed for the bathroom while I went to the back porch and lit the charcoal in the grill. Coming back into the kitchen I checked the potatoes. They were ready. I removed them from the oven and split them so they could cool enough to work.

I was working on the potatoes when Mom came into the kitchen. She'd finished her shower and put on her usual green chenille robe and bedroom slippers. I checked the fire in the grill while she began making the salad. It would be about another fifteen minutes before I could put the steaks on. After finishing the potatoes, the steaks were put on the grill.

She finished the salad and came to the back porch. She said, "The potatoes are back in the oven, be ready in about fifteen minutes. I wish I'd known you were getting steaks for tonight. I'd have stopped and gotten a six-pack of beer. One of the doctors was telling us about marinating a steak in beer for about an hour before cooking. He said it tenderizes it and gives it an excellent flavor."

"You'll have to do that. That sounds like it'd be good. That way you could have one with the meal if you wanted," I said.

"You could have one too," she said. "Even though you aren't legal yet I wouldn't mind as long as you do it here at home and don't drive after."

She returned to the kitchen while I finished the steaks.

The meal was delicious. We enjoyed talking during dinner while we were making plans for the weekend. The decision was made to visit my paternal grandmother Saturday. We hadn't been to visit in three weeks. She'd called a couple of nights ago wanting to see us. Mom said, "Grandma seemed a little down when I talked to her the other day. She said that she really wanted to talk to us this weekend."

Mom's parents had both passed away. Her father had been killed in an oilfield accident in 1940 and her mother from a heart condition six years ago. She had an older brother that was overseas working for an oil company.

My paternal grandfather had passed away two years earlier. His will had left the family farm to my grandmother and the uncle I'd bought my truck from. My grandmother, who was still living on the farm, and my two uncles were the only living family I had besides Mom.

After dinner Mom and I worked together to clean up the kitchen. Our normal working together banter continued during that time. When finished we each got a glass of iced tea and went to the living room. Once there we took what had become our usual seats – me on the sofa and Mom in my lap.

I'd turned on the TV. Our normal Friday night viewing was Wild Wild West, Hogan's Heroes, and Gomer Pyle USMC. I had a feeling we might get distracted tonight. That wasn't a major issue; the summer reruns were on anyway.

We shared a cigarette and talked while the TV provided background noise. I was sitting quietly when she said, "I'm glad you have this weekend off. That'll give us some time together without working in the shop."

"Yeah," I said, "it does. I'm curious to know what Grandma wants. You don't think she's planning to sell the farm do you? The last time I saw Uncle Junior he talked like he was thinkin' of selling his part."

"I always liked being out there when I was growing up," I continued. "I wish Dad had lived. If he had I'd stand a chance at one day having part of the farm myself. I've always wanted to live out there."

"I don't know," Mom said. "She did say that Junior was going to be there this weekend."

"It'll be good to see him again," I said. "Since he took that job and moved to Texas City we don't see him much. I wonder if Aunt Kathy and the girls'll be with him?"

My uncle had three daughters. His wife, Kathy, was a librarian for the school system and he worked for Union Carbide in their Texas City plant.

Mom said, "I don't know. She didn't say. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out."

It was as I thought. We ended up shutting the TV off early because of the distraction between her thighs.


The next morning after we'd breakfasted and cleaned up we got in Mom's car for the drive to my grandmother's house. I was behind the wheel for the trip. It wasn't a long distance but was on dirt roads most of the way. There were a lot of zigs and zags due to the roads being laid out along property lines after the area was settled in the early 1800s. The state was building a new highway that would save quite a bit of time and distance but it was about six or seven months from completion.

We arrived about 8:30 am. Grandma and my Uncle Junior were sitting on the front porch when we arrived. Grandma invited us in so we all went to the kitchen and sat around the breakfast table while she poured each of us coffee. We spent the next hour or so talking and catching up on what each of us were doing.

Grandma finally said, "I wanted all of you here today so I could talk with you. I'm having to make some plans and change some things because I don't have much longer to live."

"On the last visit to my doctor he told me that I have an advanced cancer that they can't treat. I've been feeling run down for several months and he's been running tests to find out why. The best guess is that I have about six months to a year left," she said.

This was a surprise to us. Junior said, "Mama, what are you planning to do? Is there anything we can do for you?"

Grandma said, "Junior, my biggest decision now is what to do with this farm. I know you've said your girls are not interested in it and that you're thinking about selling your part. Is that still the case?"

Junior said, "Yes, Mama, that's the way it stands. Kathy's close to her family in Texas City now. I don't think I could blast her out of there with a case of dynamite. I'm settled into the job and don't plan to do anything until I retire. We all do like the area down there and will likely stay after we retire."

Grandma then asked me, "Mike what are your plans when you graduate? I know you like what you're doing. Are you planning to stay around here?"

"Well, Grandma," I said, "I haven't made my mind up yet. Raymond, my boss, says he wants to talk to me around the first of the year. He says he's working on an idea that would put me in business for myself full time. I'm not sure what he has in mind but I think it would let me work as a subcontractor for him and other builders. I really need to know what he has in mind. I'd like workin' for myself. That way I could specialize as a cabinetmaker. I'd also like to stay close to Mom."

"I want this place to stay in the family," Grandma said. "Junior, would you be interested in selling your part to Mike at a reasonable price and Mike, would you be interested in buying it?"

Junior said, "Yeah, I'd be interested. Let me think about it."

I looked at Mom. This was a decision I felt we should make together.

"Grandma, this is something I need to think about and talk over with Mom," I said. "I need to be more certain about my future before I could commit to buying Uncle Junior's part. I'd like to have it but don't want a lot of debt. If I have to go into business for myself I'm gonna have to spend money on a larger shop and hire a man or two."

Junior said, "Mike, I'll sell to you, but I'm not in a hurry. I agree with Mama that it'd be good to keep the place in the family. After you know what your plans are we'll sit down and talk about it. You're my brother's son. Kathy and I have three girls and none of them are interested in it. I'll make you a better deal than I would anybody else just to keep it in the family."

I looked at Mom again. "What do you think?" I asked her.

"Mike," she said, "you need to know what Raymond's plan is first. I'd like for us to stay close also. I've always liked this house and the location. It'll only be about a fifteen-minute drive to the doctor's office when the new highway opens. We need to think about it before making a final decision."

Grandma said, "You need to go look at the old dairy barn while you're here. You know it has a concrete floor, electricity, and water. It might make a shop building. It's mostly open space inside. Your Granddad had cleaned it up inside and was using it to keep the tractor and some equipment in. You've used the tractor several times mowing around here."

Granddad had a Ford tractor and Bush Hog mower along with a box blade and disc he had used on the farm. I used the tractor a few times each year to keep some of the mowing done and to maintain the road back to the lake on the farm.

She continued, "I'm planning to go see my lawyer this next week and have a new will made. I want to leave my part of the farm, which includes this house and all the barns and outbuildings, to Mike. Thirty of the ninety acres are included too. Junior's part is sixty acres. That was the way your granddad made his will."

Grandma's news was certainly a surprise to us. Mom had suspicions about Grandma's health for a while but hadn't said anything.

After visiting for a couple of hours, Mom and I went to look at the barn. The structure was in good condition even though it hadn't been used in almost twenty years. Granddad sold off his dairy cows right after the war when the milk processors started using trucks instead of the railroads to haul milk. His was a small operation and not very efficient.

The barn was very dusty but could be washed out easily. There were large doors on each end and a feed and tack room partly across one end. The room was tight and could easily be converted to an office space. Looking it over I could see the metal roof was in good condition. All the supporting structure was sound. There were definite possibilities for a shop area. The interior of the barn would have to be finished and wired. The barn had a separate electric meter. Water was from the well that supplied the house.

Mom and I discussed our future while looking the barn over. The only big if was what Raymond was planning. We both liked the old farmhouse. It was a large three-bedroom two bath single story frame house with large porches under roof on the front and back. There needed to be some updating to the interior and it needed paint inside and out.

After we finished our examination of the barn, Mom and I walked back to Grandma's house. Our discussion continued during the walk.

She said, "Mike, if your job works out we could sell the house we have in town. We can use the money to update the house here and have some to convert the barn to a good shop. What do you think?"

"Mom, that's your house, not mine," I said. "I don't have any interest in it."

"You're wrong, Baby," she said. That house and lots are half yours. Your dad's will named me your guardian 'til you were eighteen. Ownership of the house and land was split between us. I have a lifetime tenancy until either I die or we jointly agree to sell after you become an adult. It's half yours."

By the time we were back at the house Grandma had lunch ready. Everyone gathered in the kitchen again to eat and continue this morning's visit. Mom and I cleaned up the table, washed the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen for her.

My uncle was going to stay overnight. Mom and I returned home late that afternoon. We continued to discuss the possibilities and our options. Eventually we decided to wait until I knew what my situation was going to be.


Monday morning Larry and I were hard at work when Raymond drove up. He looked the job over. I told him about what Grandma'd said on Saturday. I also asked if he was planning to sub contract more work.

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinkin' about," he said. "A lot of the builders around here are startin' to do it. It'll cut some expenses and mean I don't have the headaches of keeping the crews busy all the time. Some of them are good framers but can't do finish work. You're a better finish carpenter."

"I'd rather do the finish work and cabinets than frame," I agreed. "How would this work so I can stay busy full time?" I asked.

"You'd have to bid each job," he said. "I've been asked by several builders who did my finish work, cabinets, and stairways. Several of them have seen your work and like it. Some of them are interested in you bidding their work also. Good cabinets and finish are selling points on a job."

"John and you both did a good job of training me," I said. John was Raymond's cabinetmaker and finish carpenter before me. I'd worked with him a year before he retired.

"It wouldn't be any different than the bookcases and cabinet work you're doin' in your shop now," Raymond said. "There you figure out the materials and estimate your labor. This'd be the same. You'd have to have insurance to cover your help on the job. I'll introduce you to my agent. He set me up with a policy that wasn't that expensive. I can show you some things that'll help with the taxes also. I'd really like to see you succeed. You do good work and I know it'll sell."

"If you think you want to sub, I'll even help you convert that old barn into a shop. You furnish the materials and I'll send some of my guys to help and pay half the labor cost. We could have you set up pretty quickly," Raymond said.

"I'll sure think about it," I said. "I'll have to talk to Mom and Grandma first. I should be able to work on the barn anytime."

It looked like the decision about my future was close to being made.

I went back to work. Larry and I talked about his future plans while we worked. He said he liked the work and wouldn't mind doing it after he graduated. He also told me that his and Karen's wedding plans were made. They would be getting married on the Friday before the Labor Day weekend. He asked me to stand as his best man, which I was glad to do. His and her parents were going together to get them a car and some basics for housekeeping. Karen was going to stay out of school next year to have the baby and would return to finish up the year after.

We finished our day about 5:00 and started home.

We arrived at my home. I parked the truck in front of the shop. Larry went across the street and I went in the back door. Mom was there to greet me with a hug and kiss. We talked about our days for a few minutes before I hit the bathroom to shower.

As I was coming out Mom met me at the bathroom door. "I love the smell and feel of a good clean man," she said, as she stepped into a tight hug.

While we were eating, I told Mom about my conversation with Raymond. We discussed it and decided we needed to talk with an attorney and an accountant to know what to do about taxes, payroll, and other business matters. She said she'd taken bookkeeping classes in high school. I'd taken the vocational courses, mainly woodworking and general shop classes. We agreed that she would be the best one to set up the appointments for us, since she could make the calls during her workday. She said she'd ask the people in the office who they'd recommend.

After we finished dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, we sat in the living room to relax "This is becomin' a regular thing," I said. "Every time I sit down you're in my lap."

"Are you complainin'?" she asked.

"No. I like it," I said.

"Good. I like it too," was her reply.

After our normal evening of TV and relaxing we went to bed and settled in for the night.


The next morning at breakfast I told Mom, "I'm gonna need to talk to Grandma this next weekend. Would you want to go back out there?"

"What's going on?" she asked.

"I talked to Raymond yesterday. I was right about him plannin' to sub out more work. He offered to help with convertin' the barn into a shop. I need to get Grandma's permission to start workin' in there," I said.

Mom said, "After what she said Saturday I don't think there'll be a problem. I'll call her this afternoon when I get home from work. I need to talk to her anyway."

"I'd go by there after work but it's on the other side of the county. That'd put Larry and me gettin' home way late. With him gettin' married in two weeks, they're still makin' last minute plans," I said.

We'd finished eating and it was time to leave. I got a hug and kiss before leaving.

Larry was waiting when I got to the truck. We climbed in and left for the job. On the way I asked, "Larry, are you interested in workin' some Saturdays?"

He said, "I'd like to get some extra time in. Karen and I are gonna need the money when the baby gets here. What do you have goin' on?" he asked.

"I'll know more this next weekend, but it looks like I'm gonna need some help buildin' a shop," I said.

"But you've got a shop," he said.

I said, "Yeah, I do. After I talked to Raymond yesterday my plans are changin' though. Maybe I shouldn't say anything yet, but it looks like I'm goin' to be in business for myself. I was gonna talk to you later about workin' for me. It looks like Raymond is gonna start subbin' more work includin' cabinets and finish work."

"How's that affect your shop and me?" he asked.

"Well, we found out last Saturday that my grandma only has about a year or less to live," I said. "She's gonna will her house and land to me. There's a barn on the place that would make a good shop. It needs to be cleaned up and finished inside. There'll also have to be some wiring done and lights installed. There's a lot of work to do out there. I need to look at it again and make some decisions. I'm plannin' on doin' that this comin' Saturday."
"How's this gonna affect me?" Larry asked. "I've got to have a job."

"That's why I was gonna talk to you," I said. "When everything gets set up I'll need you as a full time hand and probably have to hire another guy as a helper. I wouldn't worry about it now. We've got to finish the house we're workin' on and do four to six more right now. That'll get us past the start of school and into next year. I've also got bids out on some small jobs that'll fill in."

"Sounds good to me," Larry said.

By this time we were at the jobsite. We unloaded and started work. The talk and joking around continued through the day.

The remainder of the week was much the same.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Mom and I were in my truck going to Grandma's house. Both of us were wearing our usual weekend shorts and tee shirts. She was expecting us after Mom's call on Tuesday. We got there about 9:00. Grandma was sitting on the porch waiting for us. After the hugs, we all went to the kitchen for talk and coffee.

Grandma told us, "I went by the funeral home and planned and paid for my funeral. Ya'll won't have to worry about it. Everything has been set up the way I want it." She then said, "The lawyer told me it would be better for me to deed the property to Mike now instead of going through probate after my death. He said that would tie things up for up to a year getting everything settled. I have him workin' on that now."

"Grandma, would there be a problem if I started cleanin' up and workin' on the barn?" I asked. "It looks like I'll need it as a shop sooner than I was first thinkin' I would."

"Mike," she said, "you can start cleanin' it up. I think you should wait 'til after we get the deed finished and recorded before startin' anything major. We don't want to have any question about who owns what. There was a situation with the Harrison place a few years ago. The son thought he was goin' to get the house and barn and started tearin' down the barn before the will was read. He'd already hauled part of it off before he found out it was his sister's property. There was a big fight about it. I don't see how there'll be a problem here, but let's be safe."

I looked at Mom, saying, "Mom, you may have to help me get a loan at the bank. I need to do some serious figurin' this week to estimate how much it's gonna cost to convert the barn. I need to get with an electrician about the wirin' also. I also need to get the drawin' board out. At least out in the county, like we are here, I don't have to worry about permits and inspectors."

"Grandma," I said, "I need Mom to go with me and measure the barn and feed room. I may want to come back tomorrow and look at the old chicken house. Most likely I'll want to tear it down and use the sheet metal and some of the lumber. I'll wait 'til after everything's done with the lawyer before I do though."

Grandma said, "Ya'll go do what you need to. I'll have lunch ready a little after twelve. I'm fixin' fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and gravy."

Grandma's fried chicken was the best I'd ever eaten. I'd be there.

Mom and I got in the truck and drove to the barn. I had a hundred foot measuring tape and a sketchpad in the truck. After we were in the barn I made a rough drawing that we could put dimensions on. We started with the feed room, measuring and noting the dimensions. We discussed what would need to be done to finish the room. She made notes on a clipboard I'd had in the truck.

"One thing you can't do without," She said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"You're gonna have to put in a bathroom," she said, as she headed for the back of the barn. "Back in a minute," she said. "I've gotta pee."

I followed her to the back of the barn. I watched from the door while she stepped outside and took care of business. Mom said, "Your dad always wanted to watch me pee too."

I said, "You don't sound like you object. I wasn't sure how a woman would pee without a toilet."

She replied, "I don't mind you watchin'. I've watched your dad and held it for him when he peed. It was kinda fun." After she finished and was ready, we did the measurements I wanted at the rear of the barn before going back to the front.

The feed room was built on a raised floor. Granddad built it that way so it wouldn't get wet when he washed the barn floor out. It was raised 18 inches above the barn floor. He'd built it that high to make it easier to unload feed from his pickup. He could walk the bags from the truck into the feed room directly.

There was room to run the drains under that floor to the outside without having to break up concrete. The flooring was sound but there were some gaps between the boards. The walls were open framing on the inside with the studs and fire blocking exposed, making it easy to wire and insulate.

The open area of the barn had two rows of posts twenty feet apart down the center. Each row was fifteen feet in from the outside walls. The remainder of the area was open space since Granddad had removed the stalls about fifteen years earlier.

Mom and I talked while measuring the barn. She said, "The Labor Day holiday will be coming up in a couple of weeks. Our office will be closed. What does Raymond plan to do?"

"If he does like last year, he'll shut the jobs down. Too many of the guys'll want to go fishin' or somethin'. He usually goes himself," I said. "Why? Is there somethin' you want to do?" I asked.

"Why don't we see if we can get down the old road to the lake here?" she asked. "It's been a couple of years since I went fishin' there. There's a really nice spot to camp down there. That was one of your dad's and my favorite campin' and fishin' spots."

There was a two and a half acre lake back in the woods here on the farm. It was split between Grandma and Junior's properties. My great grandfather had built the dam around 1900 with a team of mules and a slip after selling off the timber. I'd been there last fall to go fishing and earlier this year to mow with the tractor.

We had finished measuring and making notes about the barn. On our way back to the house I said, "We need to get the campin' gear so we can get it cleaned up and ready. Let's ask Grandma where it is."

Mom and I were eating lunch with Grandma when I asked, "Grandma, do you know where the campin' gear is stored? We were talkin' about spendin' Labor Day weekend down at the lake campin' and fishin'."

"Junior was the last one that used it," Grandma said. "He went to a deer lease last winter with some of the men he works with. He left everything in the smokehouse. There's all the cookin' gear, sleepin' bags, a couple of cots, and a tent in there. I think there are a couple of kerosene lanterns there too."

Grandma continued, "I don't know what the road back there is like. Mike, you were the last one to go back there. What was it like then?"

I said, "Grandma, it wasn't too bad. I had to cut a little brush in a place or two. There wasn't any place that was washed out. If I find a bad spot I can take the box blade on the tractor and grade it out."

I looked at Mom and asked, "Mom, why don't we try to get back there this afternoon? I've got an axe in the truck if we need it. You can show me where you and dad used to camp. I might have to come back next weekend and use the tractor and brush hog to mow."

After finishing lunch and helping Grandma clean up the kitchen, Mom and I were on our way to the lake. The farm was hilly so we were out of sight of the house quickly. There was about eighteen acres mostly cleared around the house, barn, and outbuildings. Shortly we were in the wooded area. Most of the timber was second and third growth pine and hardwood about thirty to forty years old. The road was an old logging road from when the area was last logged. I only had to cut a small amount of brush at the edge of the wooded area. The timber shaded so well there was very little undergrowth.

The area around the lake was fairly open. Grandpa had kept it mowed until about three years ago. I had mowed each spring and fall when I was at the lake to keep the brush down.

Mom was getting excited when we arrived at the lake. "I just love it down here," she said. "Your dad and I were thinking about building a cabin back here when he died." Pointing to a hillside she said, "We wanted a small one room cabin on that hillside overlookin' the lake. We camped several places around the lake but that was our favorite."

I'd also liked that hillside for the view of the lake and surrounding area. That gave me an idea that I kept to myself. I needed to be sure where the property lines were if I was not able to buy my uncle's part.

The area surrounding the lake was not badly overgrown. Most of the grass was about knee deep coastal Bermuda grass. It would mow easily.

"Mom, where would you want to set up camp?" I asked. "I'll mow that area and down to the lake and around the shoreline next weekend."

She led me to a flat area on the hillside. "Right here," she said.

Walking around, she said, "Here it is." She started pulling up grass exposing a rock fire ring. "We usually camped here. This is where we'd build the fire for cookin'."

There was a large oak tree just uphill from the fire ring. She said, "Bill'd park his truck under that tree. It was always shady in the summer. We always had a tarp we could use if it rained. Bill would tie a rope around the tree, bring it over the cab of his truck, and tie it to the front bumper. He'd ease the truck forward and pull the rope tight. We'd drape the tarp over the rope to cover the cab and bed of the truck. He called it a poor man's tent."

"Mike," Mom said, "I want you to know that Bill and I used to spend a lot of time naked when we'd camp back here. That was something we really enjoyed."

"You mean totally naked all weekend?" I asked.

"That's right," she said. "We'd even go skinny dippin' in the lake."

"Is that somethin' you'd be interested in doin' again?" I asked.

"It all depends," she said. "I probably would if I was with the right man."

"What's the right man?" I asked.

"Some one that shaves my legs, knows how to eat pussy, and can fuck me silly," she said. "There's a man here with me now that qualifies."

I pulled Mom into a tight hug and gave her a kiss before saying, "I'm glad to know that I'm good for something."

After looking around more and discussing our plans, we started back to Grandma's. When we got back, we went to the smokehouse to get the gear. The tent Junior had was a canvas wall tent. With the rope idea and that tent we could be very comfortable camping. We loaded up the cookware and utensils to take home for cleaning. We'd get the rest when we were ready to go.

While we were visiting with Grandma before we went home she said, "I'm glad ya'll are going campin' there. Daddy and I liked to camp and fish there too." She had always called my granddad 'Daddy'. "We'd sometimes spend four or five days back there, sleepin' in the wagon and cookin' on a wood fire. There was a little flat place on a hillside that overlooked the lake that was so pretty. There was a fire ring on it we always used. It was there the first time I was. Daddy's papa built it when he built the lake."

It seemed everyone favored that spot.


Monday afternoon Patsy called Mike's grandmother. She said, "Grandma, I have a solution to our problem. Why don't you invite Amanda and her mother to come fishin' while Mike and I are campin' at the lake."

Grandma said, "Patsy, that sounds like the answer. That way we could get the kids to meet and see how they get along. I'll call Maggie and see what she says."

End Part 1 – To be continued


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