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Alpha Bravo Team Ch. 04

Mia felt her skin flush and wanted to curse out loud at the interruption of her shower as well as her fantasy. Having Aidan standing there, holding the shower curtain open, had her furious. She covered her breasts with one arm, cupping her swollen and throbbing pussy with the other. "How the hell did you get in here?"

He held up a ring of keys, Demon's keys, which unlocked all the locks in the bunker, including her locker room. He stepped even closer to her, his eyes roaming over the delicious curves that were incredibly bared to his hot gaze. His cock was so hard, especially after walking in on her masturbating and hearing her call his name. "You didn't answer my question, Mia. Can I join you?"

"Are you fucking crazy?" How could he even ask that? "Do you have any idea what that would do to the team, especially if Demon found out?"

A wide smile crossed his face and he moved even closer to her, ignoring the fact that he hadn't changed since he'd left the workout room and the water was still pulsing out of the shower head. "So, let me get this straight. If I were to try to seduce you anywhere else but here, you'd be open to the suggestion?"

"God! You are so fucking annoying." She tossed her head, her wet hair smacking him in the face. "Just...Just get out of here before I scream rape!"

"You wouldn't dare," he replied. His voice was smooth, ignoring the threat. He bent; tugging his shoe off one foot then slipped the other one off as well. He ignored the short cut off scream she let out, stepping into the shower, his big body pressing hers against the wall. The tank top he was wearing quickly became saturated and showed every little bit of his chest, which wasn't little at all.

Her hands came up to push him away but she couldn't move him. "I'll scream," she warned once more. The smile that lit up his face was irritating to Mia. "Back the fuck off of me, Aidan. Or one of these days, I...I'll castrate you."

"Honey, I think when we're done, you aren't going to want to castrate me, you're going to want to dip me in gold so that you can keep me forever."

"Yeah, well at least your mouth would be shut." She shot the words back at him, wanting him out of her shower before he realized how hot she still was. There was an ache between her thighs, a throbbing that had her wanting to reach up and kiss him, to beg him to fuck her. It was a hard thing to ignore, especially since his leg was between hers, his knee pressing against her pussy with rhythmic precision that was making it hard to breathe. "Please Aidan," she yelped, her tone changing. "Don't do this to me."

She finally saw a bit of the Aidan she'd fallen for. He rested his forehead against the wall above her head. "I...I can't, Mia. I can't stay away; I can't stop pushing your buttons. You're becoming way too important to me." He lifted her chin with one finger. When she was finally looking up at him, he ducked his head, his mouth coming down on hers.

His lips were supple, talented, and they instantly took her back to the point she'd been at when he'd interrupted her. It was so easy for him, which made it just that much harder for her to deal with. She tore her lips away from his, a heavy sigh and then a harsh gasp left her. Her body undulated against his knee, wanting more pressure, wanting him to fill her.

"Should I leave you now?"

She glanced up and into those sexy golden eyes of his. "Dammit, Aidan! Why do you do this to me?" The sensuous half smile of his curved his lips, his hand coming up to cup one of her breasts, his thumb strumming over her nipple was almost her undoing.

"What do I do to you, Mia? Tell me." He pinched her nipple, hearing her moan. "Do I make you as hot as you make me? Come on baby, give details, tell me how I make you feel." He took her hand from his chest, sliding it down, over the muscles of his hard stomach before pushing it even further down. He cupped her fingers over the wide ridge of his cock, his body stiffening as he heard her moan. "You want me, Mia. Don't even try to ignore it. If you didn't find me sexy, I wouldn't have gotten to you so easily. And I definitely think that you wouldn't have called out my name when you were so close to an orgasm before."

Mia wanted to growl at him, to deny his words and order him from her shower. But she couldn't, she could barely open her mouth to speak. Her body was one big throbbing ache and she desperately wanted him to continue what he was doing with his knee as well as with his hand on her breast. Even as she felt a rush of shame heating her cheeks, she couldn't stop him. If he did stop, she was certain she'd be begging him to continue.

That thought had her body arching and she felt his hands slide under her ass, lifting her easily from the ground. "Wrap your legs around me, Mia." The words were an order and one she was afraid not to answer. She could feel the hard ridge of his cock under his pants, tenting them in front of him.

She closed her eyes. He kissed those fragile lids gently before sliding his lips over her high cheekbones. He held her easily with one arm, the other pushing the hair out of her face.

"Why are you doing this?" she finally gasped out.

"Kissing you?" He took her lips in a kiss that was full of heat and need. He didn't need to know her answer, he only needed to feel her response to his lips and feel her arms wrapping round his neck, drawing him closer. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Yes, no, God! I don't know."

Aidan laughed, his hand left her breast to cup her soft cheek. For a woman who was so feisty and prickly, she was very soft in some very intriguing places. "Just give in, Mia. Let me show you what I can do to you, what you'll want to do with me." His voice was so rough and intriguing as she listened to his words.

"I...I can't." she finally said, almost crying out as he pulled just the tiniest bit away from her.

"I won't take you unless you're willing, Mia. I won't do anything you don't want me to do. You've got to ask me." He stroked his hand over her cheek and then slid into the hair near her ear, lifting her face more to his. "I want you, Mia, but you have to want me too."

For a single minute she heard the need in his voice and she opened her eyes, staring up at the man who was so much bigger than she was. But right now, she held the power; she could see it in his eyes, in the stiffness of his body and the slight trembling she could feel in his hand. "You do really want me; I'm not just some pussy to shove your cock into, am I?"

"How many years have you known me, Mia? Have I ever been like any of those other dogs that sniff around you constantly? I would never treat you like that."

"So why me then?" She gasped as he pushed her against the shower wall, holding her up with one cocked knee and his weight.

"Ah, reasons. Okay..."He dipped his head, kissing her until she felt as if she was like the Wicked Witch of the East and she was melting away. Her hands grabbed hold of his shoulders, her breasts pressing intimately into his chest. "That's one," he said breathlessly. "No woman has ever made me feel so hot, so needy the way you do Mia. I don't know when it happened but one day you weren't just another jockstrap hungry for the adventure and the adrenaline of being an Alpha. The next day, I couldn't stop looking at you, I had to touch you, I longed for you to touch me. Maybe I just got hit in the head too many times but you were the most beautiful of women and I had to have you as mine."

"What if I say no to all of this?"

"Well, then I might need to buy you new batteries." He reached into the back pocket of his pants and tugged something out, then he held it up and watched as her face grew even redder. "I embarrassed you? Now that's one I never expected. Mia blushing, I think we need to get the press in here to take photos to capture this photo op. Oh, that's reason two," he said with a chuckle. "Seeing you blush at something I've said or done is incredibly arousing. It makes me want to figure out new things that would make you blush." He rubbed his thumb gently over her cheeks, laughing when she snapped her teeth close to his thumb.

"Give it back Aidan." She was back to being prickly and he chuckled again, finally handing the dildo back to her.

"You know, if you take me up on this, you'll be able to save on batteries. I don't run on them."

"How do you know that I won't wear you out?"

"I'm all for you trying. Give it your best shot, Mia."

She rolled her eyes. "We can't do this here, Aidan. No one else can find out about any of this." She pushed him back, surprised when he actually let her slip down to her feet. Now that she couldn't feel him against her any more, she wanted him back. The heat of his body was more intriguing then water and the ridges and ripples under his clothes were interesting and arousing to say the least.

"So, then, after Demon finishes with us for the day? You'll follow me home?"

His tone was hopeful and she glanced up into his face. He looked like a puppy with the promise of a new toy, his eyes lighting up with the hope of fun.

"Why is this such a big deal to you, Aidan?"

Aidan slid his hands over her breasts, plucking casually at her nipples. "How does that make you feel?"

"Wet," she moaned before her mind had a chance to think of any other word.

"Yeah, well it makes me hard as hell. I've been fighting this attraction for a long time; girl and I don't plan on fighting it any more. I want you and I'd do almost anything to have you." He stared into her eyes for just a moment before he dropped to his knees in front of her.

Mia squirmed backwards, not sure if she was ready for this or not. "What are you doing?"

Her demands only seemed to fuel his impulsive thought. "I want to show you a little of what I can and will do for you, baby." He easily lifted one of her feet, sliding it over his shoulder so she was held off the ground by his body. With his mouth inches from her throbbing pussy, she couldn't deny any longer what he was doing to her and how much she desperately wanted it. "Hang on to me," he rumbled.

His tongue flicked over her sex, sliding through her folds, tasting the sweetness of her pussy. He moaned, her scent going straight to his head, both of them. He took his time, exploring every tiny bit of her pink cunt. She was so tight, so wet, he could only think of the ecstasy that would engulf the two of them if he lifted her and found someplace where they could be alone.

Her moans, gasps and sighs just egged him on and he slid his fingers into her wetness, holding her lush lips apart until he found her clit. It was hard, throbbing against his tongue and he slipped his middle finger into her, slowly adding another finger and then a third. She was tight but she gave around his fingers. "More?" he teased, knowing she'd already reached the point of no return.

Her head fell back against the wall of the shower and she let him hold up her weight, her hands going to his head, tugging him back between her thighs. "Don't stop," she growled. "Aidan Hunter, if you know what's good for you, you won't stop now!"

He smiled though she couldn't see it. It was just like Mia to threaten the physical even during sex. He couldn't wait to get her into his bed. He could already see her naked, her body squirming under his as he drove her crazy with want.

"God, Aidan, oh yeah, right there. Don't stop, please, God, don't stop!" She felt it coming and it was bigger than anything she'd felt before. He took her over, leaving her hanging for just an instant, letting her enjoy the trip up as well as the fantastic explosion that was coming. Her hands were grasping at his head, trying to pull him even further against her than what was possible. Her body convulsed, huge prickling waves of pleasure that had her moaning his name and clutching at him

He held her tightly as she convulsed, her pussy contracting hard around his tongue, and then lifted her, pushing her hair away from her cheeks as he stood. "Next time I catch you in the shower, I'm going to wash your hair. You have no clue how sexy this is." He chuckled, seeing the blank look on her face as she gazed up at him. It was like the orgasm had blown her mind. Slowly his hands rose up her thighs and then over her hips, stopping at her waist. He held her still until he thought she'd recovered enough to stand on her own. Then he bent, kissing her lips. "Your sister is still with you, isn't she?"

"Tanya? Yeah, until I think she's safe."

"I guess that means you're coming home with me tonight." He laughed again at her blank expression. "I'll meet you at your truck." He kissed her once more and then left the way he'd come in.

Mia stared after his retreating back, hearing the sound of the door closing and the lock click closed on the door behind him. It was hard for her to figure him out. She'd never met a man like him. He'd taken her almost to the heights of passion, leaving her panting and desperately wanting more. Then he'd thrown out what she considered a dare. Her brain felt like mush and she couldn't help but grin, thinking about what was going to happen tonight. Well, it would if she was brave enough to go with him.

The thought of what he could do to her body had her both breathless with need and scared shitless. As much as she wanted what he could give her, the thought of being one of his 'Juliets' had dread curling into her gut. She didn't know what she would do when she had to make a decision, she only hoped that she was strong enough to handle whatever fallout there was.

She finished her shower, wrapping a towel around her wet hair and one around her body. She shivered slightly in the cool air of the locker room and quickly dried off, smoothing her favorite lotion on her legs and arms. By the time she was back in her uniform, her body had cooled off and her face only flushed bright red every time she thought of the things that he had done to her. She'd come harder than she'd ever come before and she had begged for more.

Facing him was going to be one of the hardest things she'd ever done. Considering some of the stunts that she'd pulled with the Alphas, that was saying something. She sat and finished lacing her boots and then stood in front of the mirror. She tugged at her shirt, making sure it was neat. Since Demon had cut short the training this morning, she knew they'd be out on the gun range next and he would expect nothing less than perfection. She held up her hand, seeing the fine trembling of her fingers caused by the onslaught of emotions that all had one name: Aidan Hunter.

* * * *

Tanya sat on the couch in Mia's living room, a can of coke sitting next to her. She could hear Feral barking outside and then hear Emilee's laugh. It was a nice sound and she smiled, heaving a soft sigh of contentment. She'd barely ever heard Emilee giggle like she was now. In the apartment, Emilee was forced to be quiet to keep from interrupting Ricky's nap or phone calls or just watching television.

Tanya felt a niggle of self hatred. Guilt was a terrible thing but it made her decision to avoid Ricky at all costs even firmer. She wouldn't do that to her daughter or to the one that was growing in her belly. They were going to have more than what she had and she was going to protect them with her life. She jumped when a car door slammed shut outside and she rose, quickly going to the front window and pushing aside the blinds to peek out.

Her heart dropped as she saw who was walking up the front walk way. "Ricky!" Oh God, what was she going to do? Tanya quickly made sure the door was locked and bolted shut then she ran to the back door, calling Emilee and Feral back inside. They came at her call, but Emilee stared at her mother with eyes that were shadowed and afraid.

"What is it, Momma?" Feral's long tail had barely made it in the door before Tanya had it locked and dead bolted as well.

"Quiet baby. We have to be very, very quiet. Like a mouse," she added, holding her finger to her lips when the first rapping came from the front door.

"Open up, Tanya! Open up now!"

Tanya knelt by her daughter's feet, putting her fingers against Emilee's lips. She was shaking and having a hard time breathing. The rapping became a pounding and his shouts grew louder and more obscene. Tanya sat on the floor, pulling Emilee into her lap. She covered her daughter's ears, rocking her as she grew more afraid. "Go away Ricky," she whispered. "Please go away."

Then she heard him, a stranger, who came up to the porch and asked Ricky what he wanted here. Ricky didn't take kindly to being questioned and there was the sounds of a scuffling. Tanya couldn't stand not knowing what was going on and she picked Emilee up, feeling her wrap her tiny legs around her waist. She ran to the living room window, pulling aside the blinds and looking outside.

The sight that met her had her jaw hanging open in shock. Ricky was there, he was struggling against a huge bear of a man that held him easily. Tanya blinked owlishly and then watched as the stranger hauled Ricky off the steps and pushed him toward his car. He stood there until Ricky was out of the driveway and then came toward the door.

Tanya sat Emilee on the couch and gave her the remote for the television. She sat there, changing the channels on the television and watching her mom with furtive glances from the corner of her eyes. Tanya was wringing her hands in her too big tee shirt. When the light rapping started on the front door, she stood stock still, unsure of what she should do. He knocked again and she heard his big feet on the porch. Before he could get down the path in front of the house, she opened the front door.

"T-thank you," she said with a voice that sounded almost mouse-like. The man stopped and he turned around, his eyes lighting up as he smiled up at her.

"You're a surprise. Did that scumbag belong to you?"

"Y-y-yes. H-he was my boyfriend."

"Oh so there's trouble in paradise," he smiled widely. "My name is Micah and I'm going to call you Angel. It's what you remind me of."

"My name is Tanya, Micah. And if you like, I could put on a fresh pot of coffee."

"Are you asking me for a date, Miss Tanya?"

"If...if that isn't too forward." She wrung her hands a bit more until he placed his large warm hand on her shoulder. "Miss Tanya, please don't be worried by me. We'll have a cup of coffee and a little fellowship and then I will be on my way. I would like to leave my number here with you, just in case that young man comes back again."

"I'd like that." She held the screen door open; constantly glancing behind her to make sure he was still coming. He was a big man but he moved with a sense of grace that was amazing. She waved him in, feeling Emilee grasping at her leg.

Micah sat on one of the matching side chairs. He made it seem almost tiny in comparison. "Who's this adorable young lady?"

Tanya reached down and drew Emilee forward. "My daughter, Emilee."

"Hello Miss Emilee, how are you today?"

Emilee held tightly to her mother's leg. "I'm fine," she squeaked out. "Mama, where's Aunt Mia?"

"She's at work, honey. We're all right. Mr. Micah kept us safe."

"Ricky won't come back, will he?"

"Oh, baby, I don't know. But I do know that he'll never be able to touch you again." Tanya slid her hand down Emilee's soft blonde hair. Then she moved into the kitchen. She turned and almost dropped the pot she was filling with water. Micah was right behind her.

"I'm sorry, Miss Tanya, I just wanted to ask if that man I just chased away...well, if you wanted him here. I know it's your business and none of mine. I just can't stand aside and listen to the kind of abuse he was spouting. If he's your...boyfriend..."

Tanya's head was shaking quickly. She sat the empty carafe into the coffee maker before she turned to look at him. "He used to be my boyfriend. But he made me do a lot of things that I didn't want to do. I'm staying with my sister, Mia, now until my daughter, Tanya and I can find something better. I'm really sorry that you got involved."
"I'm not," Micah smiled at her. "Call me anytime you need help Miss Tanya. I work from home so I can be here pretty quickly if you need something."

Tanya felt a flush fill her cheeks. "Thank you for that."

"It's definitely my pleasure." He pulled a card out of his shirt pocket and handed it to her. "That has my work, my home and my cell phone, Tanya. If you need something, anything, you don't hesitate to call. Rescuing beautiful damsels in distress is in my creed."

She looked at the sturdy white card and ran her finger over his name and the business name below it. "Private Investigator?"

"Yeah," he ducked his head a bit. "It really intrigues me. Finding the pieces of the puzzle and figuring out how they fit is fascinating."

"You work from your house?" she asked.

"Yes, when I'm not on the road. But my cell number is on that card as well, Miss Tanya. I hope you'll feel free to call me."

Tanya flipped her hair over her shoulder. "That's one of the nicest things anyone's done for me in a while, Mr. Rodgers."

"It's just Micah, Miss Tanya."

"And it's just Tanya. Thank you so much for your help." As she said that, Emilee came into the room and wrapped an arm around her mother's waist.

"Is he a good guy, Mama?"

"I think so, Emilee. I really think so." Then she turned back to the coffee.


Author's note:

I hope you enjoy this, I found a lot of it done and while I'm working on other work I thought I would get back into this one as well. Thanks!

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