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A Mother's Seduction

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.


A Mother's Seduction

It was an amazing sensation. A shiver rolled down his spine. He couldn't believe how good her tongue felt, rolling over the tip of his cock. She slobbered greedily over his shaft. Just when he thought it could feel any better, she pushed her mouth further down his pulsating cock, taking him deep down her throat.

He grasped her hair tighter, pulling it. He was in heaven. She was so beautiful, and her mouth felt sensational. The glint in her eyes as she looked up at him, her lips wrapped around his cock, drove him wild. It was too much. He spasmed, ramming himself deeper into her throat. With a violent burst, he came, shooting his cum into her mouth. She tried to hold it all in, but despite her best efforts, a thick stream of cum leaked out of the corner her mouth and down on her chest. With a loud gulp, she swallowed what she managed to keep in.

"Was it good?" she asked, before taking his balls into her mouth. Her tongue circled around his testicles, causing him to shake. Was she trying drive him mad with sex? If she was, it was working.

He looked down at her, stroking her face. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting his own cum on her lips. Not that he minded. If she could bear it, so could he. She did anything for him. And he loved her for it.

"It was great. You're the best," he said.

She smiled and took his cock in her mouth again. She tapped her index finger on her cheek. That meant she wanted him to come again, this time on her face. He loved how dirty she could be with him. Gasping as she took his entire shaft in her throat, he whispered;

"I love you, Mom..."


It happened a few months ago, right after Jason turned eighteen. His parents were on the verge of splitting up. Everyone could feel it. The family's friends. Acquaintances. Even Jason. But only Jason knew the reasons behind the rift. His parents were no longer sexually active. They haven't been for years. His father was barely around the house anymore, staying at the office until deep into the night and claiming he was too tired for lovemaking if he did come home. While Jason paid little mind to how his dad managed to handle a life without sex, he knew his mom was taking it pretty hard.

Marianne was a beautiful, 44-year old woman with long legs, long reddish brown hair and amazing rear and chest. If Jason's father was refusing to sleep with he, he had to be dead inside. Or impotent. Or gay. Whichever it was, Jason didn't particularly care. It was none of his business. But it was seeing how his mother suffered under being unable to express herself sexually that tore him up.

His mother was constantly frustrated. He could tell she was horny by the way she behaved around other men. Whenever she saw some hot guy on TV, her breathing would become erratic. He'd catch her eyeing other men on many occasions. Sometimes she'd lose herself and begin touching herself, albeit over her clothes, in public. Jason assumed she didn't realize he noticed this. It was all too clear. She wanted to be fucked. By this point, any man would do. Any man.


It was a friday night. Jason stumbled downstairs. He was horny as hell, and since he was without a girlfriend, he'd been jacking it to online videos. He'd gotten close to cumming, when he suddenly needed to us the toilet. Annoyed, he went to the downstairs one rather than the one in the hall, as that one was adjacent to his mom's bedroom and he didn't want to wake her up.

Dressed in nothing but his boxer shorts, Jason finished up and headed into the kitchen for some water. It was then he noticed there was a light on in the living room.

"Hey, kiddo," Marianne called out to him.

Jason walked into the living room. His mother sat there on the couch, wearing her bathrobe and a glass of red wine in her hand. Her long legs were crossed and her feet were bare. He immediately knew she was completely naked under that robe. She smiled at him and tapped her hand on the empty seat beside her.

"Sit down," she said.

Jason did as he was told, taking a seat next to his mother. She stroked the rim of her glass, giving Jason a good look over.

"So why are you still up?" she asked. "It's pretty late."

Not wanting to admit he was masturbating upstairs, he began stammering something.


"It's all right," she shushed him. "I'm just being nosy. I'm sorry."

Marianne let her eyes wander for a bit. She inspected his well toned stomach and his strong arms. Her eyes wandered down even further, toward his underpants. She could tell her son had a hard-on he was desperately trying to hide. Was it because he was playing with it earlier, or did seeing her so scantily dressed cause such a reaction? The thought of a man reacting to her like that was titillating. She felt her nipples pucker and her pussy getting wet. But she had to restrain herself. This was her son. She could resist her urges, no matter how much wine she drank.

"Y'know, when I was..." Marianne began, wanting to start a story about her youth.

She looked at her son again. She knew then that there was no point in denying it any longer. Nor any point in denying herself what she craved.

"Fuck it," she said, as her hand went down Jason's underwear and grabbed hold of his young cock.

"Mom!" Jason exclaimed.

He was stunned silent as he felt his mother's hand stroke his dick, which grew and hardened within moments. What shocked him even more was when Marianne pulled down his briefs and exposed his hard cock. She gasped for a second and marveled at its size, before resuming the stroking of her boy's shaft.

"Oh God! Mom, what-," Jason began.

"Shh. Let it happen," Marianne shushed her son.

Without letting go of his dick, Marianne crawled down onto the floor, sitting on her knees. To Jason's astonishment, she opened her robe to reveal her breasts. Two gorgeous tits that Jason had dreamed about seeing again for so long. Before he knew it, she pressed them agains his cock, stroking it all the while.

"Mom," gasped, trying to make a coherent sentence. "We can't. This is wrong."

"No, Jason," said Marianne. "This is wrong."

With that she took his erect cock and lowered her head toward it, taking it into her mouth. Jason's whole body shivered in delight. He couldn't believe what was happening. But he also never wanted it to stop. The way her tongue rolled over his head. The way her head bobbed up and down in his lap. The sensation of her saliva coating his cock. Her tits hanging out and pressed against his own skin. It was wonderful. It was beyond wonderful. It was heaven.

Marianne was enjoying pleasing her son as well. His soft moans and little gasps turned her on. She could feel her pussy was on fire. Her hand wandered down between her legs as she blew him. The urge to play with herself became too great. Her fingers furiously stroked her clit as she took Jason deeper into her mouth. The more excited she got, the more aggressively she sucked her boy off.

"Oh fuck! Mom..." Jason muttered. "I'm gonna cum. Slow down. I'll cum."

Marianne pulled Jason's cock from her mouth, stroking it vigorously.

"Come for me. Come for your mom," she whispered.

Not a moment after she said it, Jason began to twitch and spasm. Thick shots of cum erupted from his dick, right onto his mother's face. Marianne took it all, opening her mouth to catch some of it. Streams of Jason's jizz rolled down her face and dripped onto her chest. She leaned back to show Jason her cum coated body, who sat there panting and trying to catch his breath from the best orgasm of his life. Marianne was pleased. But only for a moment. That's when it sank in what she'd done.

"Oh God...Oh God!" she exclaimed. "Jason...what have I...I'm so sorry!"

Marianne stood up, causing her robe to open. For only the briefest of moments could Jason get a look of his naked mother, with only her robe nearly fell from her shoulders. Her beautiful breasts, with drips of cum leaking onto them from Marianne's face, bounced as she stood up. Jason could see her dark bush above her pussy, which was leaking strands of fluid down her leg. She was beautiful.

But not a moment after Marianne stood up, she wrapped her robe shut and ran to her bedroom in a flash. Jason could hear soft sobbing from behind her door. What was that all about? He knew she was frustrated, but he never imagined she'd go this far, with him of all people. Not that he minded that she did. But he did wonder if she'd be okay.


A few hours later Jason was trying to sleep. It was a restless one, with him constantly turning and tangling himself in his sheets. In his state of near-sleep, the image of his mother's lips wrapped around his dick kept popping up in his mind. The sensation of her tongue rolling over the head of his cock was like nothing else. Some part of him wished she could do it again. It would never happen, but in his sleep he could still dream about. After a while he could even feel it again.

In fact, it felt so real, he began to move his hips along with the sensation. As if he was rolling his hard dick over her tongue again. Feeling her hand on his shaft. Now it was like she had his balls in her mouth. Wait? That didn't happen before.

Jason sat up, instantly awake, and pulled the sheets off him. He was greeted with the sigh of his mother Marianne, buck naked with his balls in her mouth as she rubbed her clit with her free hand while stroking his cock with the other.

"Mom!" he shouted. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Without missing a beat, Marianne took Jason's rock hard shaft back in her mouth. She gave him a look that said; What does is look like I'm doing? Her pace increased. She wasn't going to stop. All he could do was lean back and enjoy the blowjob his mother was giving him. The way she caressed him while sucking him was incredible. The sight of her head bobbing up and down on his cock. A pleasure that defied description. It didn't take long for Jason to begin spasming again.

"Holy shit, Mom. I'm gonna...gonna-", Jason moaned, wanting to say "cum".

He did. With a load moan and a strong shiver he unleashed a powerful shot of jizz right onto Marianne's face, for the second time that night. She silently took it all, rubbing her son's cock over her face as he coated every inch of it.

"Holy God, Mom. That was amazing. Abso-fucking-lutely amazing," Jason said, gasping for air and trying to not break out into a fit of laughter.

Marianne just sat there on her knees, at the foot of Jason's bed. Her sudden sobs caused Jason to jolt up right. As she tried to hide her face, he put his arm on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked.

"This is all fucked up," Marianne muttered. "I can't stop myself. It's been song long since I made love. Your father won't touch me anymore, and I can't find any release. I need a man to make love to me so badly. I can't stop touching you and...sucking you. I'm so sorry. I'm a horrible mother."

Jason chuckled. "Most guys would call you a wonderful mother for that."

"This is serious. I'm cheating on your father. With my own son, for Christ-sakes. What-,"

Suddenly, Jason planted his lips onto Marianne's. He kissed her, tasting his own cum for the first time since he was an experimental teenage boy. Marianne didn't fight back, returning the kiss instead. Nor did she protest when Jason took one of her breasts in his hand and began playing with it, squeezing it softly and rubbing his fingers over her nipple.

Their kiss wasn't broken for at least five minutes, until Jason's hand began to wander downwards past her thick pubic bush. Marianne pushed herself away the second his fingers grazed her clit.

"No," she snapped. "No Jason, we can't do that."

"But Mom, you want to. I want to...," he paused, finding the courage to finish with; "I want to fuck you."

"We can't. We just can't," Marianne snapped.

She stroked her boy's face, nearly crying.

"Look at you. Oh, my sweet boy. My handsome boy. Any woman would be lucky to have you. But I'm your mother."

"That didn't stop you from sucking me off," Jason said with a chuckle.

"It's not just that. I'm still married to your father. We have our problems, sure. But I can't betray him. Not like that. That would be going too far. You can't enter me there."

Jason sighed and nodded.

"You're right, Mom. You're right," he said.

Suddenly, he gently nudged Marianne down onto the bed and spread her legs. He positioned himself so his face was hovering over her pussy. This burst of enthusiasm caused Marianne to giggle. Jason got a good whiff of his mother's fragrant pussy juices.

"But just because I can't fuck you, doesn't mean I can't make you cum," he said with a smile, before pressing his tongue down onto her pussy.

Marianne gasped and giggled many times as her son pleased her wet cunt with his mouth. He brushed his nose against her hair and gently sucked on her clit. She leaned back as she was given the best oral pleasure of her life. From her own son no less. She couldn't control her hands as they took Jason's head and pressed him down hard. He struggled to catch his breath, but that did not dissuade him from keeping his mom happy.

"Oh, Jason," she groaned. "Oh, you make my pussy feel so good. Don't stop. Keep licking mommy's cunt."

Jason felt an enormous sense of pride that he could stir such words from his mother by licking her most private parts. Oh, if she would only let him fuck that pussy.

"C'mere," Marianne gasped. "Turn around and come up here. Show me that beautiful cock."

Jason did as he was told, turning his waist up to his mother's face, while never stopping with what he was doing. Marianne guided his hips so he would hover above her head, his thick cock dangling down at her.

"Fuck my mouth, baby. Fuck it hard," she said before putting her lips over it.

Like he was told, Jason began thrusting his hips as his dick went down into his mother's mouth. She took it all without any trouble, while she enjoyed his tongue caressing her soaked cunt. Her juices began to coat Jason's mouth as he greedily lapped her pussy lips. He even stroked her anus a few times, pressing the tip of his tongue against her button. There they laid, in Jason's bed, locked in a perfect embrace while giving each other oral pleasure.

Marianne was getting close. Her toes began to curl. The pace of her sucking increased even faster along with Jason's thrusting. She felt his cock stiffen in her mouth. He was gonna cum soon. She couldn't hold back anymore. With a loud moan she unleashed all her inhibitions, leaking more fluids right into Jason's mouth. The smell and sensation of his mom cumming on him was the final straw for Jason. With a final thrust, he let go.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming," he groaned.

A stream of cum blasted into Marianne's mouth. She nearly choked on it, but managed to take it all. When Jason pulled his cock out from her, she opened her mouth to show the thick globs of cum he'd given her. His gift to his mother, which she swallowed with a loud gulp.

Completely spent, Jason laid down on the bed. Marianne crawled close to him and snuggled next to her boy, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"That was amazing. You're amazing," he whispered.

"So were you. I love you, Jason," Marianne replied.

Jason kissed her cheeks, which caused her to giggle. He held her as close as he could, letting his hands wander all over her body. She patted his hand away when he neared her crotch.

"No. I'm sorry, but want you to stay away from there. That is not yours to take," she said in a stern voice.

Jason nodded, smelling his mother's hair as he did.

"Will you still suck me off?" he asked.

"Well, duh," Marianne said, laughing. "That's a given. And I want you to keep eating my pussy. But you can't fuck me, not even with your fingers, okay?"

"Okay, Mom," Jason accepted. "I love you."

"I love you."

Before long, mother and son drifted off to sleep, never breaking their embrace.


For the next few weeks, Jason's sexual adventure with his mother continued to even further levels. She still prohibited him from entering her pussy with anything other than his tongue, but that didn't mean he was denied any pleasure.

Like an expert, Marianne blew her son at any chance she got. Were it before or after a shower, when he came home from his job, at night in his room or even in his car when he ran out for an errand. She became addicted to his cock. Or his cum? Or both maybe? It didn't matter. She needed him.

They danced their lustful dance around Jason's father Devon with great success. When he was home, which was quite a rare change of pace, Marianne would not spend the night in her son's room. Instead, they'd sneak out in the dark of the night to suck or lick each other on the living room couch, the scene of their first session. Devon was oblivious to the whole affair, but that wasn't a great surprise. He'd been very aloof for years, not picking up on his wife's needs or his son's hobbies. It was perfect for the two sinful lovers, as this meant they could continue orally pleasing each other to their heart's content.

There were a few times that their oral sessions were not enough. Jason often pleaded to be allowed to fuck Marianne's beautiful pussy. She nearly relented a few times as well. But she remained firm with her stance. She was not going to cheat on her husband. No matter what. If she needed to keep Jason assuaged for a while, she'd take his balls in her mouth and suckle on them, while his large cock rested on her face. It usually worked.

Both mother and son were constantly horny for one another. But they held to their agreement. No penetration other than her mouth.

And so it went on for nearly a month, until that one day in april.


It was roughly around ten in the morning, when Jason wandered downstairs. He stopped around the corner of the kitchen, hearing his parents argue. Staying still, he could make out what it was about.

"...I don't wanna get into this again, Marianne. It's just something I can't-"

"Can't what? What's so hard to explain? Just tell me why you never want to make love to me! Why won't you touch me?" Marianne snapped.

"Don't take this personal. I don't appreciate that tone-" Devon meekly replied.

"Why shouldn't I take it personally? You won't even look at me!"

Devon sighed. Jason could hear a chair move, meaning his father stood up.

"I tried to do this without hurting you, but I think I need to be blunt," Devon said. "I'm not attracted to you anymore. Your age is showing. You don't stimulate me the way you used to. I just can't see myself making love to you again. I couldn't see anyone wanting to do that with you. I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel."

What an idiot, thought Jason to himself. How could he say something so cruel to such a beautiful woman. He was wrong. I'd fuck her in a heartbeat.

He waited until his father left the kitchen and drove off to work before entering it. The whole time neither of his parents said another word. When he walked in he saw his mother standing by the kitchen table with her back to him. Her hair was down, and she wore a short blue dress. Her feet were bare, so he saw that she was clenching her toes.

"Jason? Are you there?" she said.

Jason walked in, saying nothing. Marianne turned around towards him. There were tears in her eyes, but she smiled at the sight of him nonetheless. Then something changed. Her expression was different. Almost primal. She pushed herself up on the table and spread her legs wide. Jason gulped when he saw his mother's panties being exposed, and nearly gasped when the grabbed them and pushed them aside with her hand, revealing her wet pussy.
"Fuck me," she said in a strict tone. "Fuck me now!"

Not wanting to argue that, Jason dropped his briefs, leaving him naked. He rushed over towards his mother and kissed her. With a strong grip she grabbed his hard cock and pushed it towards her dripping wet cunt. Together they guided him into her pussy. Together they gasped.

His mother's pussy felt amazing. It was everything he ever dreamed about. He moved his hips gently at first, but Marianne grabbed his neck.

"Harder. Fuck me harder!" she commanded.

Jason did as he was told, thrusting his cock deeper and faster into his mother. She wrapped her legs around his torso, holding herself close to her son as he mercilessly rammed her. When he groped her breast over her dress, she moved closer to his ear and whispered;

"Rip it. Make me yours."

When she leaned back, Jason grabbed the dress and tore the cloth apart, revealing Marianne's perfect breasts. They jiggled along as Jason roughly fucked her, becoming almost hypnotic.

"Oh, Jesus, Mom. It's too much," Jason grunted. "I'm gonna-."

"Good," Marianne snapped. "Cum in me. Do it! Fill me up!"

Who could refuse an offer like that? As he was told, Jason continue to penetrate his mother until he felt himself pulsating inside her.

"Oh, shit! I'm cumming!" he grunted.

"Cum for me! Cum!" Marianne yelled.

With a loud moan he released himself, cumming inside Marianne. Panting heavily, Jason pulled out from his mother's pussy. Thick globs of cum came rolling out of her, right on the kitchen table. Standing back a bit, Jason could marvel at how beautiful Marianne was. Her long hair. Her exposed breasts and pussy, the latter which was coated with his cum. He smiled. A smile she returned with a giggle. They'd finally done it.

"Mom, you're amazing," Jason muttered.

"We're not done yet," she said with a smirk.

She stood up, pulled of the torn remains of her dress, dropped her panties to the floor and sat down. She turned around on her knees and raised her ass in the air.

"You know what to do," Marianne said with a chuckle.

Jason, clearly not knowing what to do, looked confused. Marianne sighed, took her ass cheeks in her hands, and spread them wide, revealing her anus to her son.

"Fuck my ass, dummy," she chuckled. "Fuck me like I'm your whore."

Jason lowered himself towards his mother's ass. He gently pressed the tip of his cock against her, slowly pushing himself into her. He'd never done anything like this before with any woman, least of all his mom, so he didn't want to hurt her. Marianne held her cheeks apart as Jason entered her, slowly going in deeper and deeper. When she felt his balls against her skin, she knew he was in all the way.

With that, Jason slowly began to move back and forth, gliding his cock up into his mom's ass and back out. His pace increased slowly. He enjoyed sodomizing Marianne more than he could have ever believed. She moved along with him, enjoying her son's hard cock up her ass as much as he did. Their movements became faster, until Jason was pounding her like before. They groaned and gasped as he fucked her there on the kitchen floor. With one hand Marianne began to play with her pussy again, which was still filled with Jason's cum.

"Fuck me Jason!" she yelled. "Fuck me like a whore!"

"Are you my whore?" Jason asked while grunting.

"Yes, baby. I'm your whore. Now fuck me like one!"

And so, he did. He fucked his mother's ass, while she groaned in delight. She squeezed down hard on his dick, and he loved it. With every thrust she circled her fingers over her clit more furiously than before. For about ten minutes straight, Jason sodomized his mother on the kitchen floor, kneading her ass cheeks as he humped her, before it became too much.

"Fuck," he groaned. "I'm gonna cum again."

"Do it!" Marianne hissed. "Cum in my ass. I want you to cum in my ass! Cum in your whore!"

"I love you," Jason moaned.

"Show me. Show me you love me!" Marianne commanded.

He did. Once again, his cock jerked inside her while he sprayed thick streams of cum inside her. With that, he now fucked his mother in every way. It was pure bliss.

As Jason pulled himself from his mother's ass, Marianne grabbed his cock and began to suck it once again.

"Mom, doesn't that taste bad?" he asked.

"My ass tastes bad, yes," Marianne said. "But you cock tastes great as always."

The both laughed and kissed each other. Jason couldn't believe how lucky he was with a mother like his. Marianne couldn't believe she held off from fucking him so long.

"What do we do now? About Dad?" Jason asked.

"Forget you father. He made his choice," Marianne said in a huff.

"But what do we do next? Do we tell him? How do we break him the news?"

"Oh don't worry. I have it all worked out," Marianne said with a sly smile, before taking his cock back into her mouth.


It was two days since mother and son consummated their love in the kitchen. Devon had just finished a busy week, and was looking forward to a peaceful weekend. He wondered what Marianne would make for dinner. He also hoped she wasn't still mad at him after their conversation. She'd been very quiet for the last two days.

By the time Devon came home, he found the house empty. Neither his wife or his son were home. Jason's car was gone from the garage, and most of their belonging were gone too. Not a shred of clothing was left in their closet. All that awaited Devon was a flash drive, lying on the kitchen table with a note that read "open me".

When he opened its contents on his laptop, he was horrified to see what was on it. Nearly a hundred photos of his wife, naked in practically all of them. In each she was with another man, whose face was just out of the shot. She was sucking his cock in most of them, but last last forty of them had her taking his dick into her pussy or up her ass. She looked happy in every shot, taking his cock and cum with greedy eyes. He had never seen his wife like this, now forced to look at her as she fucked another man.

But it was the last photo that was the most terrible. It was Marianne, completely nude and covered in cum, embracing their son Jason, who was just as naked. Their smiled as they held each other. Devon knew now who the man in the photos was. And he knew that he was not going to see them ever again.


Jason was driving for a few hours now. Not that he minded. He kept his eye on the road, despite the current distraction.

"Hey Mom. There's a diner up ahead in ten miles. You wanna stop for food?" he asked.

Marianne sat up, taking her mouth off her son's cock. She smiled.

"No thank, hon. I've got everything I need right here," she said, as she gently squeezed Jason's cock before lowering back down and resuming her blowjob.

Jason smiled. This was the life. Where were they going? Who cares? As long as they had each other, this mother and son would be just fine.

Marianne squeezed Jason's balls, and before he could contain himself, he came in his mother's mouth again. Life was good.


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