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A Fresh Love Ch. 03

The sunlight pouring in through the slanted window of the bedroom wakes me gently, but it's the smell of coffee that gets me out of bed. I feel fresh, like I've had the best sleep of my life. I look over at the alarm clock. It's 8:49am, no wonder I feel fantastic. I take stock of the room in the light. It's simply furnished, no mess and no clothes lying on the floor. My clothes have gone. There's one large and fluffy dressing gown draped over the foot of the bed. It's far too big but it's all I can find so I put it on and head downstairs. I find James downstairs making coffee in the kitchen, completely naked, his back to me. My eyes travel across his broad shoulders, down to the light tan line on this waist and goddamn it, even his legs are fantastic. It's not just the body, but it's the stance, confident and relaxed. I take a seat on the stairs and just watch him. He turns with the coffee mugs in his hands and his smile lights up again.

"Enjoying the show?" he says twirling slowly, giving me a very good look.

"Very much so. I would pay money if you sold tickets." I joke, trying to keep my composure as he walks towards me.

He stands at the foot of the stairs and hands me a mug, my eyes level with his waist. Filthy thoughts begin to run through my head and I bite my lip in spite of myself, trying to hold back thoughts that are threatening to become words. But I've given myself away.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'm set in my ways now that I'm old. Let me have my coffee first, then a shower, and then we can do whatever it is you want to do." James says, leaning forward into a deep kiss. Whatever I want to do, and with him? It's an offer I would be crazy to turn down.

We drink our coffee between kisses. James is more affectionate towards me than I would have expected and more than I have ever experienced. He's always smiling when he looks at me, plays with my hair and is constantly keeping parts of our body in contact. I can't tell if he's naturally affectionate or if he's got something to prove.

"You're awfully sweet, you know? Not that I've had a one-night stand before, but I would not have expected kisses and coffee." I say hesitantly.

"One night? Is that what you think this is going to be, or is that all you're going to give me?"

"I just assumed, you know, and then we would go back to work...and that's it."

"If that's what you want, but it certainly wasn't my intention to leave this as a one time only event."

"Really? Well, what was your intention then?"

"Nothing, really. Just to see where this goes. I was hoping you would want the same..." I can tell James is struggling to keep the disappointment from his voice. It's like a light in the dark for me.

"Oh James, I'm sorry. I just assumed that I was too young for you and that's this was all you wanted. I guess your sentiment has just taken me by surprise a little." Inside, my heart is leaping.

"Again, if you don't want to see what will happen, you don't have to, it's ok."

"It's not that...but ok. Let's see where this goes. If we're going to try dating, I'd like to make one request, if I could?"


"If we try this, you're trying with me only and I with you. Nobody else, until such time as this stops working out."

"Jealous woman, are you?"

"I don't know about that, but my ex cheated on me constantly, and it would be nice to have you to myself. Also, how can you see if a relationship is going to work out if you're not going to give it your full attention?"

"I agree to that. I'm a jealous man, though. The downside to dating someone so beautiful, I guess. Jeez, that's tough". He laughs.

I'm hit by a wave of butterflies at his confession. It might sound crazy, but I've never had someone jealous over me. The idea that someone would feel so strongly for me that they would be almost territorial is thrilling.

"You like me?" I blush at him.

"I really like you." James says quietly, and he's playing with the lapel of the dressing gown, sliding it down my shoulders to kiss my bare skin. A gentle sigh escapes from me. "I think that's enough talking for now." James says, softly.

"You realise that you're the one who wants to do all the talking but then you stop me?" I ask.

"Don't worry, there's plenty of time for that...after." James smiles at me softly and leans in to kiss me deeply.

He pulls away slowly, takes our coffee cups and places them on the bottom step. He takes my hand, stands up and leads me up the stairs to the bathroom. It's cavernous. White tiled walls and polished concrete floor, with a sunken wooden bathtub, wooden shower doors and wooden sink. The design is beautiful and I'm momentarily distracted. James clears his throat dramatically, indicating that I should be looking at him, rather than the interior decorating. While I've been looking around, James has turned the shower on and light steam gathers. He stands by the door and extends his arm inside, showing me in. I take the robe off and step into the shower, he follows me in and closes the door, continuing his steps and backing me against the wall. He places his hands against the tiles at either side of my head and leans in to kiss me. His mouth is eager, his tongue exploring my mouth and my body melts into his. James wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. Our bodies are talking to one another, responding to each touch. Holding me tight, James shifts my legs apart and pulls me down so I am straddling his thigh. The pressure against my sex is too much and I begin to grind on his leg, trying to get some satisfaction from this feeling that's been building since I woke up. I groan deeply into James's mouth as slowly he slides his index finger inside me and pulls me tight so I'm almost sitting on his hand. His palm presses against my clitoris and I can't help myself; I thrust against him.

James breathes into my ear and it makes every part of me clench. "More?"

I nod vigorously. James pushes a second thick finger inside me, taking me almost to the point of pain but it's exactly what I want. I close my eyes and give in completely, bucking and grinding against his fingers wildly. The sensation is overwhelming and as my knees weaken, James presses our bodies against the shower wall for support. I open my eyes to kiss him and his face is looming in front of me, strained desire clear in his eyes. He's biting his bottom lip and I know what he wants. I lean in to kiss him, giving him permission. He deftly removes his fingers, manoeuvres me off his leg and pushes into me, filling me up completely. I'm so close already that it takes only a few heavy thrusts before I come in a shuddering orgasm. James continues, pushing deeper and harder through each wave that hits me and I feel like I'll lose my breath. His nails dig into my back and he's almost growling into my neck. He crushes me against the wall and he comes, melting into me. Together we sink to the floor and James pulls me into his lap and I rest my head against his shoulder. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, basking in my satisfied glow. James taps my arm lightly.

"Hey, come on. Let's wash and get out, we can't waste all this water."

He shifts so I have no choice but to stand up and I get beneath the showerhead. The feeling of the water cascading all over me, flowing down my stomach and the tenderness between my legs, is incredible. While I'm standing there, James reaches for the soap, lathers his hands and stands behind me. Starting at my neck, he soaps across my shoulders and down to my arms, back up to my armpits and then over my chest and under my breasts. Cupping each one he pulls and pinches at the nipples softly before gliding down my body and slipping a hand between my legs. He caresses me gently as his other hand slips between my cheeks, washing and exploring me.

"When's it my turn?" I ask.

With out a word, James removes his hands and turns around. I reach for the soap and get to work, mimicking every move he made on me. He melts under my hands and I can feel him giving me control. So this is how it feels: powerful and addictive. When I feel I have washed enough, I move him under the showerhead and rinse him clean.

"How does breakfast sound to you?"

"Nothing sounds better, right now." I say.

"Stay in the shower, wash your hair if you need to and then come downstairs. Feel free to grab a shirt from the second drawer in the chest, but no underwear. That's a rule." He says lustily and gently tickles between my legs.

I do wash my hair quickly after James has gotten out of the shower and spend another minute or two just letting the water rain on me before I decide to get out. In the bedroom, I dry myself completely and go in search of a shirt. There's muffled shouting from a nearby apartment and I wonder briefly if it's an argument or a movie being played too loudly. I find a tattered yellow t-shirt that sits just on my hip bones and slip it on before wrapping my hair in a towel and heading downstairs. As I walk down the stairs, I see that James isn't in the kitchen but the yelling has gotten louder and it's coming from the direction of the entertainment room. I can hear James but there's a female voice as well, someone must be here. So many thoughts rush through my head. Who is she? Why is she here? How long has she been here for? And worse. I can't stand here so I go towards the room and open the door. James, wearing only a towel, and some woman are standing in the centre of the room and in the middle of a shouting match and they don't even notice me at first. The woman is tall, supermodel thin and supermodel gorgeous with auburn hair that flows around her, but her face is ugly with anger as she screams. It's James who notices me as

I stand in the doorway, naked from the waist down and frozen, staring and he stops yelling as soon as he sees me, his face deep with concern. She whips her head towards me and snarls.

"And who the fuck is this?"

"None of your goddamn business. Now give me the key and get the fuck out of my house." James says and holds out his hand.

She pulls a key out of the pocket of her shorts and aggressively shoves it into his open palm. Stalking towards me on her way out of the room she stops and assesses me, looking me up and down and clearly unimpressed with my state of undress.

"And how much is he paying you, sweetheart?" She says with a sneer.

"Don't you say a fucking word to her," James shouts and she looks at him with a hateful smile "and get the fuck out before I push you out myself."

With that awful smile still plastered on her face, she leaves the room and with in a few seconds we hear the front door slam. We stand and stare at each other, both of us waiting for the other to speak. When James still says nothing, I turn on my heel towards the bedroom. I need to get dressed and leave. I just don't want to be here anymore if he isn't going to talk to me.

"Bianca, please wait." He begs as he runs and grabs me by the elbow.

"What?" I turn and give him what I feel is probably my coldest stare.

"Bianca," James runs his hands through his hair "that was my ex wife, Amanda. She came here because she had a fight with her boyfriend and she obviously thought I would be alone for a shoulder to cry on. She was waiting for me in the kitchen when I went downstairs and I told her to leave right away, then we started fighting. I'm sorry. I really am."

I thaw. "It's not your fault. You didn't know. Why did she have a key, though?"

"When I first moved here, I gave her a key in case, you know, she wanted to make things work. Obviously that didn't happen and I figured she would never use it." He offers me a thin a regretful smile. "Breakfast?"

"Funnily enough, I'm really not hungry anymore."

"I'm starving myself, and getting hungrier just looking at you..."

"James, I should go." I say hesitantly.

"I'm sorry, that was inappropriate. Come on, don't let her ruin our day. Let's just go back to 10 minutes ago, the shower, the promise of a delicious breakfast served to you by a naked handsome older man."

I look around the room in confusion. "Where is he?"

James's eyes narrow and he launches at me, grabbing me around the waist and pulling me in to his body.

"That wasn't very nice." He says as he spanks and grabs my left cheek. A soft moan escapes me. "Oh god Bianca, please don't tell me you want me to do that to you." He breathes.

"Why?" I ask, hiding my face in his shoulder. I suddenly feel shy, fearing my natural reaction has turned him off.

James smacks my cheek lightly once more. "I've had more sex in the last 12 hours than I've had in the last 12 months and, right now, I need to eat and then rest. Later we can talk about spanking." He gets a hold of my chin and pulls me into a deep kiss. "Right, breakfast. I'll be on pan duties, I want you on toast and drinks."

We walk into the kitchen and James starts pulling out ingredients from the fridge: bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, it feels endless. Although after no dinner last night and our activities over the last 12 hours, I have worked up a very healthy appetite. I watch James as he throws slice upon slice of bacon into the pan. It's almost too good to be believed, that I would have a gorgeous man cooking breakfast for me but it's certainly something that I could get used to. While James cooks, I busy myself with toast and coffee, and in no time I am being served a full breakfast and I am famished. We devour our breakfast at the counter in complete silence, pausing only to take a drink of coffee. James finishes first and watches me as I struggle with the last few bites from my plate, take a sip of my coffee and lay back in the stool with a contented sigh.

"Not bad, Mr Smithfield. Not bad at all. Thank you so much." I say and I lean forward to kiss him.

"My pleasure. Back to bed?"

"Hmm, I think so. What did you have in mind?"

"Honestly?" James smirks and makes towards the loft, dropping his towel to the floor on the way and I follow. We get to the top of the stairs and James turns to me and holds me at arms length.

"Off." He commands and motions for me to remove the towel and t-shirt. His eyes are alight with a smile and I turn crimson under his gaze and look away. He takes my chin in his fingers.

"Hey," he whispers, "don't be shy. You're absolutely beautiful. I can't look at you enough." He pulls me in, kissing me deeply. His hands run lightly up and down my back and neck. I'm not used to this kind of attention and I feel deeply embarrassed. I step in towards James and bury my face in his chest.

"Can I get under the covers now?" I whisper.

James doesn't argue at all. He can obviously sense my discomfort and doesn't want to push me any further. We get under the sheets and he wraps me up in his arms and kisses me, nothing else. His kisses are tender and his touch is so gentle, I become lost. We're wrapped up for so long but slowly James backs away, it's obvious he wants to talk.

"Why are you so shy?" James asks.

"I don't know, I guess I just don't want you to look at me too closely."

"Why not?"

"Eventually you'll see what I see. My fat arse, my fat thighs. I don't want you to see that." I whisper. I'm so ashamed of myself that I can barely speak.

"I've been looking at you every day for a month, do you think I didn't know what to expect when your clothes came off? And here I am and I haven't been able to keep my hands off you. Are they the actions of a man who doesn't like what he sees?"

"I don't know, James."

"I know. Isn't that enough?"

"Maybe so, but I certainly don't look like Amanda either."


"So, you'll compare me to her." I can hear my voice, and I'm whining like a child. I hate it, but I hate the way James is pushing me.

"Yeah, I am and she's coming up lacking, I can tell you." James grabs at my behind. "This," he says as he squeezes my right cheek, "is amazing, I want to bite it. These," he rests his hand on the top of my right thigh, slapping me gently, "I want to be between them all night. I've never looked at a woman and felt the way I do when I look at you. It's like there's an animal living inside me. Something about your shape, the way you move, it makes me feel so primal."

James's words stir me. "Really?"

"Really! I can't believe that you haven't seen that. All I want to do is look at you, and then fuck you, get you all undone, and then take up looking at you again when we're finished."

My shyness is becoming overwhelmed by something else. James is making me feel so desired, and it's such a foreign feeling that I hardly know how to react.

"Ok then, take a look." I say, lifting the bed sheets.

"No. I want you on top of me."

"On top? I can't..." I whimper, my shyness threatening to take over again.

"Then let me help you." James grabs my hips, easily overpowering me with his strength, and manoeuvres me above his body. His erection is growing against the inside of my thigh and the sensation is making me squirm. James takes one hand off my hip to throw the sheets off us. "I want to see everything."

I tighten at his words and James has awoken something in me. I want him to enjoy this, I want to please him and I want him to know how much I want this. I position myself above James and ease the tip of his erection inside me.

"Slowly." James's breath is caught and his eyes are fixed on the connection between our bodies, lust clear on his face. He keeps his hands firm on my hips, stopping me from moving too quickly. It takes every ounce of self-control I have to not take him completely, and James can sense that. I can feel everything as James pushes his hips against mine and the sense of fullness is incredible. I rock gently and the feeling is so intense, I need to stop and I steady myself by placing my hands on James's chest.

"Can you take that?" James whispers. I have lost all ability to speak and only moan in agreement. "Show me what you can take." His words make me clench and I moan once more.

I grind against James's body and I'm completely adrift in this sensation. James takes my right hand off his chest and moves it between my legs, directing me to rub my clit. It feels like a thousand volts going through me, and I lose all control, thrusting my hips hard against James. He raises his hips, pushing deeper and I have to bite the back of my left hand to stop myself from crying out. He retains his hold on me, keeping our hips glued together as I come. My head is spinning and I feel like I'm seconds from passing out. James pulls me towards him, hugging me to his chest and kissing the top of my head. It doesn't take long for me to recuperate.

"I want to do that again." I murmur and push myself up.

"Hmm...will you turn around for me?" For some reason, this makes me blush deeply. I remind myself that it's no worse than what he's already seen and so I agree.

I get on all fours and slowly push James inside me. His hands are gripping my cheeks, spreading them slightly, and I feel so wicked.

"Good girl." James groans quietly. I am spurred on by his words and bounce, slowly but building, onto him. James's hand leaves my right hip and he reaches around and places it on my sex, rubbing my sensitive bud with two fingers.

The heat of my orgasm is about to move through me, my legs tightening and my breath becoming laboured, James fists my hair with his free hand and pulls me down onto his cock. The pressure of his hardness inside me and his fingers on my clit are heavenly.

"Oh fuck." He groans softly, pulling me down harder with my hair as he pumps deep inside me.

We stay still for a few seconds, James catching his breath. How has this earth shattering sex just left me wanting so much more? I wriggle a little in James's lap to try and relieve some of the pressure, but he misreads me and makes to shift me off his body. A soft moan escapes me as James slides out of me. I immediately lie on my side, trying to hide my face and hoping that James didn't hear me, but I don't get that lucky.
"Did you just moan?" James asks, sounding almost incredulous.

"I'm sorry." I murmur into my hands.

"Don't be." James says, pushing me onto my back and straddling my legs. "Let's satisfy you, shall we?" With out waiting for permission, James easily slides two fingers inside me, and I respond instantly, writhing against him, pushing deeper.

"More." I gasp. James complies and pushes a third finger inside me. I cry out and thrust into his hand in earnest.

"Come on, Bianca." James groans, "Play with your clit for me. Show me how you fuck yourself."

I do as he asks, but it's his words that really send me over the edge. Another orgasm rips through me but James doesn't stop to let me recover. He continues to pump his fingers into me and I feel like I'm going to scream. With his free hand, he grabs a pillow from behind my head and places it over my mouth. Wave after wave crashes through me and I cry into the pillow, holding it to my face with both hands.

"You can do this once more." James encourages me. I shake my head and moan in disagreement, but he doesn't let up. "You will, for me."

James grabs my left knee and pushes it up to my chest and motions that I should do the same with my right. I brace my feet against his chest and take everything he can give me, despite how light headed I feel. And then he firmly places his thumb on my clitoris, and all my muscles clench deliciously. I'm falling apart in his hands and I can no longer hold myself still. My whole body shakes uncontrollably, I feel like I'm in shock. Gently, James removes his fingers, takes my feet off his chest and rolls me onto my side.

"Come here." He whispers tenderly and he pulls me into his arms. "Now you can thank me." I can barely breathe let alone speak, but I kiss his chest.

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