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A Fresh Love Ch. 02

To say that James is attentive is an understatement. We keep the door to between our offices open and talk constantly, I never feel at a loss for words, and I never feel uncomfortable, despite our endless flirting. In fact, the attention is so welcome that it's a challenge not to cave. My heart flutters each time I hear his voice, each time he smiles at me. Everything that he says is so suggestive, I feel as though I can hardly hold myself together. When I get home from work at night, I start fantasising about James. I fantasise about him at work, hoping that one day he will come into my office and lock the door behind him. I'm starting to feel a little creepy to be honest.

To celebrate the end of my first month, James and a few people from the office take me out to lunch at the pub on a Friday afternoon. Apparently there is no expectation that we need to go back to the office afterwards, but I still feel the need to make a good impression so the plan for me is one drink before I head back to the office at 4pm to put in an hour. Not only do I feel uncomfortable drinking at work functions, but I also fear my behaviour around James once I have a drink in me. So I sit with Brenda from Accounts and Sophie, nursing one beer for as long as possible, but Sophie notices the dreg contents of my first bottle and takes the liberty of buying me a second. I had thought that my plan of not sitting near James was a brilliant one, but even though I can't see him, I can feel his eyes on me, the hairs on my neck standing at his attention. At about 4pm, people start heading home and I pick up my handbag and say my goodbyes. Sophie urges me to go straight home, but I make excuses about having work to do and as I stand to leave, James follows close behind.

"James, are you off too? That's not like you." She asks. I hear a slight begging in her tone, and it sends a surge of jealousy through me.

"You're right, it's not but I want to make sure Bianca has everything wrapped up for the weekend." James clips.

We walk back to the office in relative silence and when I sit down on my couch, James follows me in and sits beside me.

"So what are you working on?"

"Oh, nothing. I just don't feel comfortable being the new kid and skiving off work. I know everyone says it's fine but I want people to know that I'm serious, give a good impression." I say. "What do you need to help me with?"

"Nothing work related." James places his hand on my knee and gently slides one finger under the hem of my skirt. "But maybe you could help by joining me for dinner tonight?"

"Um, I don't think that's a good idea." I stumble with laboured breath.

"I'm going to disagree and say it's one of my better ideas. Why not?"

"Look, maybe next week. Let me just think things through, ok?"

"I can handle that. How about I make us some coffee and then I can give you a ride home?" James is almost pleading. I am arguing with myself inside. I turned down dinner; I could at least give myself, and James, this one thing.

"Ok, fine. I mean yes, a lift would be great. Thank you."

James smiles at me and I instantly miss the feeling of his hand once it's gone. I slump back into the chair when he leaves the office, heart racing at million miles and hour. I'm angry for not allowing myself something that would probably make me very happy, even for just the night. I've made my decision now and I have too much pride to go back on that.

By the time we finish our coffees and head out of the office, the traffic is absolutely shocking. As we inch forward on the Harbour Bridge, James turns to me.

"If you'd just said yes to dinner, we would have missed all of this. Tomorrow morning's traffic would be a lot easier to deal with." James takes my hand and places under his on the gear stick.

It takes everything I have not to sigh with delight.

"Well," I start breathily, "you wanted to spend time alone with me, so here you go. This is as good as you're going to get for now, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, there's plenty of room in the car to make this better." James offers me a small wink. A nervous giggle falls out of me. I glance around the Range Rover and a heat rises inside me. It's a large car, and the darkness in James' eyes is telling me that he wouldn't think twice to take us to a shadowed car park if I agreed to it. I turn away and stare out the window.

As we come off the bridge, the traffic starts to move and I direct James to my house. He pulls up out the front and I can see the lights are on. Lily must be home.

I turn to him in my seat. "Thank you so much for the lift. You're welcome to come inside, I can make us some dinner."

"Are you asking because you feel obliged, or are you asking because you like me?"

"A little of column A, quite a lot of column B."

"I don't want you to feel obliged, I don't want you to have to worry about anything. I won't come inside tonight, but next time I will." The compromise was gentlemanly, but the look in his eyes was anything but.

"You're doing this on purpose to make yourself irresistible to me, aren't you?"

"No. I'm doing this to make myself irresistible to you." James unbuckles his seatbelt and leans towards me and I don't back away until it's too late. James has his hand at the nape of my neck, his palm warm and comforting. He dips his head and inhales, running his nose up the length of my neck and across my jaw. I moan as he kisses me tentatively.

I lean against the car door, my head spinning, and I stare at James as he smiles at me, my breath coming in short, shallow spurts.

"You need to know that if you don't get out now, I am going to turn this car around and take you home with me."

I just about orgasm in my seat, I hardly think I could handle a night with him. I grab my bag and step out of the car.

"Thank you again, James. Have a great weekend."

"You just turned me down, but I'll try. I will see you on Monday morning." James winks again.

I close the door and James waits until I wave to him from the front door before he drives off.


I get into the office on Monday morning and James isn't at his desk. I'm surprised that he isn't here before me, but relieved that I get a few extra minutes with out my stomach in knots. Not that it means much, because he has been the only thing on my mind for days.

I turn on my computer and check my diary for the day before I decide that I am really going to need a coffee to get started. As I head out of my door, James walks through his, two coffees in his hands. He places one on his desk and hands me the other mug.

"Thank you! My knight in shining armour! I didn't even know you were here." I say as I take my coffee from his hand and lean against the edge of my desk. "How was your weekend?"

"It sort of went down hill after I got rejected by this gorgeous woman on Friday, but I got some work done, so that's something." He has a look of overacted sadness on his face and I can't help but burst out laughing.

"Don't worry James," I slap his arm playfully "She's not worth the effort."

He goes from joking to sombre in an instant.

"Believe me when I tell you she is." His gaze is so intense that it feels like a fire is ripping through me.

My shaky resolve, already at the bare minimum, breaks.

I put my coffee down and push away from my desk. Our eyes lock and I step towards him until we're merely inches apart. His smell is overwhelming.

"Bianca, what are you doing?" He whispers.

I lean in and plant a kiss on his cheek. James breathes heavily and wraps an arm around my waist, placing his hand on the small of my back and I feel electricity flow through me. I kiss him again, closer to his mouth this time, the stubble on his cheek scratching deliciously on my lips. The pressure from his hand increases, pushing our bodies closer. He sighs in my ear and I know he's struggling to control himself. I kiss him softly once more, on the corner of his mouth, skimming my tongue delicately on his lips. James digs his fingers into my skin and I know that if I don't back away now, we could end up on the floor. I take a step backwards but James retains a firm grip on me, moving his hand from my waist to my wrist.

"Come home with me tonight." He begs, pressing my hand against his growing hardness. Muscles deep inside me clench and my head spins. Knowing that I can make James feel this way, the power of it is intoxicating.

"Not tonight," I say with promise, flexing my hand. James groans loudly as he erection twitches. He moves my hand to kiss the sensitive skin on the inside of my wrist. "We need to be able to function for work tomorrow. And I hoping I won't be able to after you're done with me." I'm shocked at myself for saying that. I had never dreamed in a million years that I could say something so provocative.

"If we didn't work together, I wouldn't accept that as an answer. We would both take tomorrow off work and use it to fuck on every surface in my apartment," My breath hitches at his words "but since we do work together, that won't be possible. Incidentally, I hope all your weekend plans are cancellable. You will come home with me on Friday and you won't be leaving until I'm done with you." He says as he nibbles the spot on my wrist he was kissing.

I can feel the heat building between my legs. "I really need to get back to work, James."

"I really need to get to work on you." He whispers lasciviously.

With my free hand, I slap him playfully on the arm and he lets go of my wrist.

"Get out now. I don't want my boss to fire me for slacking off on the job."

As he opens the door, he laughs softly "Oh no, I wouldn't fire you, but you would be punished."

He doesn't even turn to look as he closes the door behind him, leaving me completely breathless and with an unbearable heat between my legs that I need to do something about. If I go to the bathroom, it will be too obvious but what would James think if he walked in and saw me? I know exactly what he would think and what he would do and fantasising about his reaction cements my decision. I lean against the wall beside the door, so at least he if opens it for any reason, I'll be hidden. I need release but I need to do it quickly. I reach under my skirt and my right hand under the waistband of my panties. I'm so wet, I easily push two fingers deep and it takes everything I have not to groan, but I need more. I replace my right hand with my left and use my right hand to rub at my clit. My muscles tighten with pleasure and it doesn't take long for an orgasm to rip through me. I gasp for air as quietly as I can, and I can't help continuing to rub myself through each wave that hits me, prolonging my pleasure. I want more but I took enough risk doing this for a couple of minutes, I don't know if I could spare more time. I put myself together quickly and clean my fingers using tissues and sit back down at my desk.


I get into the office early on Friday morning; I just have too much work to do. The office is completely empty and it's nice to have this time to myself to focus.

In the kitchen, I switch on the coffee machine and wait for it to start up. I take a coffee cup from the cupboard above the machine and place it on the bench, close my eyes and rest my head on the cupboard doors. I hardly slept the night before, so excited about James' promise for the weekend, and I feel ruined this morning. I must zone out for a few seconds because I don't hear the footsteps. The deep whisper in my ears is what brings me back and makes me open my eyes.

"I think you can start making your coffee now." James says. His hot breath against my neck sends shivers down my spine.

He stands behind me and reaches forward to make my coffee. I can feel his hardness pressing into my backside. Everything clenches. He knows exactly what he's doing to me. He runs his hands up the length of my arms and rests them on my shoulders. His voice is pleading.

"Bianca, can you feel what you do to me?" he pushes up against me.

I barely manage more than a whimper but that's enough for James. He turns me around to face him and holds me close and hard, our hips pressed together. He runs the tip of his nose along the bridge of mine and we breathe each other in. He has a hand placed at the back of my neck, waiting to pull me in at a moment's notice. My heart is pounding in my ears and I have never felt so desired. I'm ready for him now. And then he kisses me with a great urgency. With one hand now in my hair and the other on my hip, he pulls me tighter, groaning audibly into the kiss and I lose my composure. I grab fistfuls of his hair with both hands and thrust into him. I need to have him; I've never felt so hungry. Suddenly, James pulls away. His eyes are narrowed in on me, his hair is a mess and he's now wearing some of my lipstick.

"Bianca, are you sure about this?"

I respond by pulling him back towards my body and it's the only answer he needs. His mouth is back on mine, but now he is running a hand up my thigh and between my legs. Just as his hand cups my sex, he stops and pulls away, keeping his hand in place.

"The stock guys are going to be in soon. Come out with me tonight, we'll see what happens."

I nod in agreement and James moves in again and kisses me. "I can't wait." I mumble against his lips. He sighs at my words and slowly, teasingly removes his hand from between my legs.

We finish making our coffees and head back to our office in silence. The moment James closes the door, the only thing I want is to kiss him but I have no confidence in making the first move so I keep walking towards my office.

"Just a second." James stops me "We need to make a plan for tonight, something so people don't think we're leaving together."

"Ok, well what are you thinking?"

"I leave first, just after 5:30pm and head to the Old George pub. If you leave a few minutes later, no one will think anything of it. And the Old George is far enough away that it will reduce our risk of seeing anyone from the office." James walks towards me looking awfully proud of himself.

"How long have you been thinking of that plan?"

"I hatched it on Wednesday, hoping you wouldn't change your mind." He leans in and kisses me again, less intense than before but I quiver to my core. I don't know how I am going to make it through the day, knowing what is coming tonight.

"I wouldn't get cocky if I were you James. You aren't going to get what you're hoping for." I say as I go through the door to my office. My words are completely hollow but for a split second I worry that he might believe me.

"Yes I will." James flashes his killer smile at me and I turn into a puddle. I slam the office door shut behind me.

Despite being over run with work, the day drags. I am sick with nerves, so I don't even bother going out for lunch. Instead, I lie down on the couch in my office and try to get my head together so I can finish the day with some feeling of satisfaction, but even rest eludes me. Just after 5:30pm, James sticks his head in the door.

"I'm going to head out now. What's your drink of choice?"

"Vodka on the rocks, thank you."

James leaves with a smile and the butterflies in my stomach increase 100 fold. I send out my last email and start shutting everything down when my desk phone rings. It's a client, calling for an update on their sales performance. We talk business for a few minutes but the conversation runs over, so that 20 minutes later I'm hanging up the phone and running out the door.

I head towards the Old George. I'm so nervous; this is my first date in months. And it's the first time I've been with a man who has made me feel desirable, and I've never even allowed myself to hope that could be possible. Now here I am. Walking through the door of a bar to meet my boss to begin a sexual relationship. As I stride through the doorway, a heavy hand grabs my forearm. I'm so much on edge that I miss the bouncer. Not only do I love being carded at 27, but also this gives me an opportunity to look around and find James. I spot him in the corner just as I am getting my licence back. He's smirking at me, and his gaze is making me unsteady on my feet. I walk over to him and I'm surprised I don't trip. He stands to greet me and as I reach him, and he snakes an arm around my waist and pulls me close.

"It's nice to see you, but it's 6:07. You kept me waiting." His breath is warm in my ear and it sends chills through my body, making my skin prickle. I pull away from him slightly, to get a grip on myself.

"It's nice to see you too. I'm sorry for running late." I say breathily.

He hands me one of the two drinks sitting on the table as we sit down. "So tell me what took you so long, then." James says, and takes a sip of his drink.

While I'm speaking, James gently moves a hand up my thigh. My body responds and I slide closer towards him, moving his hand further along its path. I try to wriggle upright but his hand clamps down and holds me in place. He moves closer, and his breath is in my ear again.

"Bianca," he says my name and I bite my lip to hold back a whimper. His lips graze my ear as he continues to whisper, "let's not drag this out. You can let me take you home, or we can stay here all night. Either way, I. Will. Take you." Between each word, he kisses my neck. And then his hand is holding my inner thigh and I turn to look at him and we are nose to nose. He's so close to touching me, right where I want him to, and if he touches me I will give myself away, if I haven't already. I'm hot and I'm throbbing.

He quickly removes his hand from my leg and I almost slump in my seat. He begins to play with my hair but I'm aching to be touched again.

"You've barely said a word, Bianca."

"Well, I walked in, you started talking and then you turned into a sexual predator. I didn't have time to speak." I say incredulously.

"You haven't seen sexual predator, yet." There's a glint in James's eyes and my breath catches in my throat.

"Hmm, that's a great word 'yet'. So much promise, and the possibility of so much dissapointment."

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of disappointing you."

As he speaks, James moves his hand and cups my head. Slowly, he pulls me in for a kiss. Our eyes lock and our noses touch gently. My heart is pounding so loudly in my chest that I am surprised he can't hear it and I'm sure I stopped breathing 15 seconds ago. And then his lips are on mine, soft at first but building. His tongue parts my lips and seeks out my own. His other hand is stroking my outer thigh, climbing higher until it reaches the waistband of my panties. He slides his fingertips across my hips and suddenly he's cupping my sex. His kisses become deeper, more urgent and he's starting to bite on my bottom lip. This is going too fast, but I am powerless to stop.

"You're already wet for me. I'm taking you home." James growls in my ear.

He removes his hand from under my skirt and his other hand moves to my own. He picks up his drink and downs the remaining whisky in one go and motions for me to do the same. The liquor courses through me, making me warmer than I already feel. James stands, tugs at my hand and pulls me outside. Before I even have a chance to gather my wits, he's hailed a taxi, pulled me into the back seat and given the driver an address that I didn't catch, and then his attention is back on me. Now I'm against the door of the cab and James is pushing up against me and he's kissing me, harder and more urgent than before. He moans my name, kissing down my neck and my chest; his hands are on my back pushing my chest towards him. His left hand cups my breast, and this only makes his kisses harder. And then his mouth is gone and the cab is slowing down and finally stops out the front of a Victorian Era looking building. I open the door and escape the heat of the taxi, taking in the cool night air and trying to get my head together. I look over at James as he gets out of the cab and I feel a pull deep inside me. He's confident, he's so handsome and goddamn, I just want to see him with out those clothes on.
James walks past me, taking my hand and leading me up the steps of the building.

"Is this your house? I didn't realise there was so much money in organic kale." I say, poking my tongue at him.

"In this area? No, it's not a house. I believe it used to be but it's apartments now, and yes I do earn a good living in our line of work, but not too many job perks...until now." He says with a smile.

We enter the building and there is a stairway directly in front of us that leads up to the apartments. James takes my hand and leads me up to the first floor. Adrenaline got me here, but the fear is starting to take over. I wait with jelly legs as James unlocks the door to his place and pulls me inside. He slams the front door shut and immediately pushes me against the door. His lips are back on mine and he's scrambling for the hem of my dress, lifting it up around my waist and pushing his body on to me. His erection presses against my throbbing core, slicing through my fears with complete desire. His hand is at my back, unzipping my dress and he tugs at the thick straps, pulling my arms out and letting the dress fall to the floor. He takes a step back and looks at me and at that moment, he looks like a predator about to pounce on his next meal. The intensity of his glare and my shyness overwhelm me and I move my arms to try and cover what my lace bra and pants won't. James quickly takes my wrists in his large hands and holds them above my head.

"What's wrong?" He leans in to my neck as he speaks and nuzzles with warm breath into my skin.

"I'm scared and nervous. Really nervous."

"I don't want you to be afraid, but if you cover yourself up again, I am going to have to tie your wrists up, do you understand?" He threatens. His words are menacing but his voice is tight with desire and thought of him tying me up almost makes me crumble. "Good. Now, I can barely contain myself so I am going to take you in to the bedroom and I'm going to fuck you," His strained voice makes me sigh "and I think that's going to be ok with you."

James hits a light switch on the wall and his apartment comes in to view. It's as large as a house, but I don't have time to look around. I follow him up a set of stairs, he takes off his shirt, throwing it carelessly on the steps and I can hear him unbuttoning his trousers. I can't take my eyes off his back and broad shoulders but then I'm at the top of the stairs, standing in his loft style bedroom. I don't have a chance to take anything in before James pushes me on to the bed and turns his back to me. I move back against the headboard and watch as he slides his trousers down his legs. I groan audibly at the sight of his naked body and he turns around slowly to look at me. He's divine. He's toned, but not overly muscular, and dark hair lightly covers his chest and tapers down into a delightful trail leading right to his long and thick hardness. I shuffle awkwardly on the bed as I feel myself pulsing with desire.

I suddenly feel in too deep. I wouldn't know what to do with that even if I wanted to. James is probably expecting a lot more out of me than anything I am able to give. Maybe I just need to stop thinking and let James take the lead, go with his flow. I am always free to leave.

I look up and James smiles wickedly at me, but it quickly fades.

"I don't want to spoil the moment you're having, but this is important. I'm clean and I've had a vasectomy. What about you? Otherwise I will have to wear one of these, and I really don't want to." He says, holding up a condom.

"Yes, I'm clean, but I haven't had a vasectomy. Is that going to be a problem?" Trying to break the never-ending circle of thoughts in my mind with humour.

James laughs as he crawls onto the bed towards me. He's a hunter and I'm his prey, but I know that I want to be caught and devoured. Suddenly my bra is a steel cage and I need to get out. He's on me, one arm around my back undoing the bra with great urgency and the other on the front clasp, tearing it off my chest. He cups my breasts and twists each nipple deliciously. It sends a thrill through my body and I thrust my hips up to meet his. In an instant, he loops a finger through the crotch of my panties, brushing the swollen lips of my sex as he does, and pulls them down and off my legs. He bites his lip and he moves back up my body until our noses touch. I can feel his hardness press against me, and slowly, inch by glorious inch, ease inside me to the hilt. I moan from the pain, and from the pleasure. I feel so completely filled with James. My face is buried in neck, and his in mine. The sensation of his stubble against my skin, the smell of his aftershave and sweat and feeling him inside me pushes every other thought out of my head. I'm lost in him. He holds me close and tight, not moving, just relishing me the way he feels inside me. And then he begins to move, slowly thrusting in and out of me and I can barely keep my breath. It feels incredible but it's pushing me to tears.

"Ah! That hurts!" I cry out and James stops his thrusting, but it only makes me eager for more. "No, no. Please don't stop!"

James's face flashes with animal lust and he pulls my hair.

"Do you like it when it hurts?"

I don't know how to respond. I feel like I ought to be afraid but I can't deny how incredible James feels inside me. A whimper is my only response.

"Mmm, good. I'm going to make you scream." James growls warmly into my ear.

He begins to thrust again, this time harder, deeper and faster. I bring my hips up to meet his with each push and then I begin to crumble.

"Oh yes, come for me. You feel so good." James purrs.

I feel the pull deep within and my blood rushes. I bury my face deeper in to his neck as my orgasm shudders through. He holds me close, rocking me gently through the waves crashing over me. As soon as my body calms, he is relentless; grinding into me even harder than before. I am more sensitive and I can feel myself building again. Deep inside, my muscles tighten and this spurs James on. He grabs my leg and wraps it high across his back, pushing so deep that tears well up in my eyes. And then I fall to pieces as he thrusts once, twice and bucks his hips as he comes, clutching desperately at me. He collapses into my breasts, his grip easing. Sweat glistens at his brow and he closes his eyes.

"Thank you" I whisper through heavy breaths.

"Don't thank me. I'm not done with you yet." James looks up at me as he speaks and there is promise and desire in his eyes. He stretches up to give me a swift kiss.

"How about a cup of tea and the grand tour then?" I ask, after my recovery.

"On one condition: no clothes. I want to get the eyeful I've been waiting for since you first sauntered into my office."

I flush. He wants to watch me walk around naked? I saunter?

He slowly pulls out of me and as we clean ourselves up, I fight the urge to cover myself with my hands. James doesn't even disguise the fact that he's staring and it makes me self-conscious. He walks over and pulls me close to his warm body.

"Don't be shy, you're beautiful. I want to take in every part of you. Besides, this is very exciting for me. I've never slept with a porn star before." He says lustily as he gently caresses the smooth lips of my sex. "This is very nice. I'm very eager to taste you".

He kisses me deeply, smacks my behind lightly and motions for me to follow him downstairs.

His apartment comes in to view when I reach the bottom step. It's huge. A living area with a fireplace opens up to the left, and in front is a large open plan kitchen. Folding doors lead out to a paved garden the size of a tennis court. I turn to look at what is underneath the bedroom but heavy, engraved wooden doors close the space. I follow James in to the kitchen and admire. Filling the kettle, getting the mugs, pouring the milk.

"It's a nice place you have here," I say as I admire everything. "Did your ex design this?"

"I was wondering how long it would take you to ask." He says seriously, hands running through his hair. "This is my bachelor pad. My sister is an interior designer and was nice enough to help me. Now come over here and drink your tea. It will give me a chance to molest you a little more." He grins cheekily.

I take a couple of steps closer to him and he grabs my hand and spins me tight against his body, my back against his chest. He nibbles my shoulder and his fingers lightly tickle between my legs. I groan, somewhere between desire and happiness. He's so playful and I can't help but relax. I am almost disappointed when he lets go of me to move to the couch in front of the fireplace. He sits and pats his knees for me but I take the space beside him. He frowns comically and grabs my ankles and throws them over his knees. He's making every effort to make me feel comfortable and it's working.

"Doesn't that hurt?" James asks, gesturing between my legs.

"What do you mean?" I don't understand, he wasn't that rough.

"Getting waxed, doesn't it hurt?"

"Oh! No, I don't get it waxed, it was lasered. I mean, that hurt enough, but it was what my ex wanted so that's what I did."

"What about what you want?" James frowns.

I don't know how to say that what I want didn't matter for so long, I can only shrug.

We drop in to silence and drink our tea. James runs his fingers along my legs, across the bridge of my foot and begins to massage each toe. Just sitting with him here feels normal, which might be weird for a one-night stand. Oh shit. One night. I have to go. I can't stay here. I drain the last of my tea and shift my body to get off the couch, but James grabs my legs.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

"It's late James. I need to go home. Thank you for the tea, and everything else." I say as I continue to struggle out of his grip.

"Tomorrow is Saturday. Are you working?"

"No, but -"

"Then you don't have to leave." he cuts me off.

"No, I do. I don't think I should stay. I don't want to impose on your weekend and I don't have a change of clothes."

"I told you earlier this week that all of your plans should be cancellable, and I cancelled all of mine, I am not done with you. That means you won't be needing any clothes." He takes a hold of my wrist and kisses, nibbles and sucks on my fingertips. "Besides," he says in between each finger "I want to know more about you and how am I going to do that if you leave now? We've barely said three words to each other tonight. How about that tour, huh?"

With out letting go of my wrist, he stands and pulls me up with him.

"From this vantage point you can see the kitchen, the garden, the bedroom is a loft and the bathroom is up there as well, this is the living area and behind those doors is a little bit of personal indulgence." We walk towards the doors and James smiles at me as he opens them.

The room is like my dream come true. It's large and the walls are lined with shelves that are filled with books on one side, DVDs on the other. There's a huge and plush sofa that fills much of the room and one armchair. The wall I'm facing is dominated by a flat screen TV. James is looking at me, waiting for a reaction.

"Well, I think we have this in common at least." I say reassuringly as I walk along the walls, scanning the book titles. "So when can I move in?" I joke as I throw myself into the armchair. I look up at James and his face is deadpan. "James, it was a joke. It means I like the room." He smirks at me, fooling me all along.

"If this were your room, it wouldn't look like this. I would have something else in mind." James is pacing the room, moving towards me as he speaks. "After all, I would be keeping you here for my own personal pleasure. So this would be more like a sex dungeon." He says cheekily and he kneels down at my feet.

The words, the dark looks and his breath against my thighs is all too much to handle and warmth starts to course through my body. James runs his large hands up and down my legs, grasps the backs of my knees and pulls me forward from the chair, holding my legs apart and exposing me entirely. The shock and the deep shyness of having my womanhood spread open in front of this man is nothing that the dim lights of the room can hide. But when I look down at James, he's staring at me hungrily, breathing heavily and his cock growing. I sit in silence. Partly in shock, but mostly because the way he's sitting there is turning me on immensely and I don't want to take his attention away from whatever he's about to do next.

James's hands are sitting on my hips, his thumbs rolling and working their way to my pelvis, lightly brushing up and down the outer lips of my sex, his face inching closer until his nose is touching me. I can hear him breathing deeply, smelling my arousal.

"James, stop." I stumble, trying to shuffle back on the chair.

James keeps a firm hold on me and his breath plays on my skin when he speaks.


"I don't...I mean, my ex never..."

James rocks back on to his heels and looks incredulous.

"Are you saying he never went down on you?"

"He said he hated it, I don't know. Isn't it gross?"

"What?" James let out a shock of laughter. "Are you kidding me? Are you saying that in all the time you were together, he never once, not once?" I shook my head and James suddenly turned serious "Trust me when I say I want to taste your pussy. I've wanted to taste you since the second I saw you. When I'm done talking, I'm going to bury my face in your cunt and I'm going to make you come with my tongue, my fingers, my nose. And you're going to love it."

With every word, I get wetter. I relax in his hands as my response.

With out preamble, James spreads the lips of my sex with his thumbs and begins to suck at me. His tongue rolls firmly over my clitoris. Each back and forth weakens me a little more. I twirl my fingers through his hair, pulling him closer to me and as I do, his tongue slides into me and presses on my g-spot. James groans and grabs my hips tightly and nuzzles deeper. As his tongue probes, his nose pushes against my clitoris and I can't help but grind against his face. I can feel another orgasm building and I open my eyes and glance down at James. His eyes are fixed on mine, heavy with lust and that's all it takes for my climax to take hold and course through me. James continues to gently lick and kiss my vagina, now swollen and tender, prolonging my ecstasy. James releases the footrest of the chair and climbs on top of me. He runs his nose up my neck and over my lips, his skin is moist and kiss salty from my climax.

"Can I thank you yet?" I whisper.

I feel James's smile against my skin.

"Not quite." He says, burying a hand in the hair at my neck. His hardness is pushing against the inside of my leg; his grip in my hair is getting tighter. "I seem to recall you liked it when I hurt you." he threatens and then he's up, pulling me up with my hair and bending me over on all fours on the carpet. My body is still recovering from my last orgasm, and somehow ready again for the next.

James' hands are placed on both cheeks of my buttocks, his hardness resting in between my legs, teasing me deliciously. I can't help but push back against him, eager to have him inside me again, but he pulls away each time. We play these same little actions out a couple of times, me trying harder each time. Suddenly, James has a hand cupping my chin and he's right in my ear.

"Do you want me to fuck you? Is that what you're trying to get me to do?" he growls.

My desire is making me needy and I hum my positive answer. His other hand is between my legs and he pushes two fingers inside me. I'm slightly embarrassed that I'm so wet I offer no resistance at all, but it's obvious that it excites James and it seems he's read my mind.

"Oh Bianca, I wish you knew how good that feels for me." He whispers in my ear.

He's continues to slide his fingers in and out of me gently, but it's not enough for me and I begin to thrust harder. James admonishes me and removes his fingers.

"Your impatience is giving me an ego boost you know," he whispers "And I don't know how much longer I can resist that."

"Please," I beg, "Don't resist it. Just fuck me. Please fuck me, James."

"That's much better." He says and he finally gives me what I need. He glides inside me easily but as he does that, he also pushes the two fingers into my mouth. I don't resist, incredibly turned on by how dirty he is and how animal I feel.

James is leaving no part of me untouched. He rubs my clit as he pumps deeply into me, causing my legs to shake as yet another orgasm threatens to undo me. If I come again, I don't think I could recover but I can feel James tighten as well. My legs weaken and buckle as my orgasm rips through me, and I slide forward on the carpet, unable to maintain my balance. James's thrusts are so deep inside me that as he starts to come it pushes me forward and he follows, until I am flat on the carpet with James on my back, each tight thrust making him cry out and finally collapse, his weight pushing down on me. His breath is hot in my ear. Slowly, he rolls onto the carpet to lie on his back. He brushes his hand lightly up and down my back and through my dizzying haze, I take my time to drink in the sight of him in the dim light. His stomach rising and falling with each breath, his long straight legs, slightly softened penis lying in a bed of dark curls, every inch of him is divine. When I finally turn my gaze to his face, he's looking at me so seriously that a laugh just slips out of me.

"Are you ok?" I ask, worried about the answer.

"I'm fine. I'm just concerned about you" He replies, sounding truly worried. "I'm sorry, it's just that we've barely had a full conversation tonight and I've already taken control of you during sex when you may not even like it. It seems like your ex was the controlling type and I don't want to pick up where he left off, but your reactions to everything I do, god, they really turn me on. I know that's a hollow apology, but there it is." He stares deep into me, a mix of shame and concern.

"James, it's fine. I mean, it's more than fine. This has been great, really. Besides, there's a world of difference between you and Brad. I've really enjoyed everything tonight, and, once I recover, I would really like more." I'm hoping I don't come across as eager as I feel, but it seems my worry is for nothing.

"Really, Bianca? You want more like this?" he asks enthusiastically. I nod in response. "Oh god, you're going to give this old man a heart attack." He jokes, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek but I pull away.

"Do you have enough time to write me into your will before you die?"

He laughs at my joke, coming towards me for another kiss but holding my hips so I can't get away, not that I would want to. He's right though, he is quite a bit older than me. Is that wrong? If I saw Lily with a man nearly 20 years her senior, I would definitely advise against it, but here I am and the only thing that concerns me about the age gap is that I will come across as a stupid little girl. I pause, wondering how I can now get out of this.

"Is everything alright Bianca?" James asks.

"I'm just thinking about the age difference, that's all." I whisper quietly.

"What about it?"

"Just thinking how young and stupid I must seem to you. You probably brought me around here thinking you could get your way, and I proved you right."

"Bianca, are you kidding me?" James laughs softy. "Are you serious? When I first met you, not once did I think 'Yeah, I could easily have my way with this dumb girl.' No! My first thought was actually on how I was ever going to get through an interview with you with some modicum of self-control. I could feel this tension between us and I thought it was just your nerves. When you started, I knew that wasn't the case. I knew I had to make a move; I wanted to have fun with you. And we had fun didn't we?"
"Well, yes, of course. But now you've had your fun, and on Monday we'll be back in the office again, and who knows when another woman will walk in and take your fancy."

"Every time you open your mouth, something ridiculous comes out. I'm 45, Bianca. I'm not interested in chasing young girls, I just happened to chase you. And now that I've had you, I want more. I don't particularly want to let you go home in the morning. I want you to stay here and talk to me. I want to learn about who you are. And then I want to have my wicked way with you a few more times and do it all again on Sunday morning." He says with a wink. "Alright then, missy. Up you get. I'm taking you up to bed." He says, getting to his feet. "If that plan is going ahead tomorrow, we're both going to need all the sleep we can get."

He extends his hand and helps me up to my feet and leads me up to the bedroom. When we get into bed, James doesn't spoon me. Instead, both lying on our backs, he has my hand in his again. I feel so contented and for the first time in a very long while, I feel beautiful and sexy. I drift off to sleep; thinking how much can change in such a short time.

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