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A Bolt of Love

Jason Jenson is playing golf with three of his buddies. He is 6 ft 4 in tall, weighs 220 pounds. He is ruggedly handsome, with bright blue eyes. His cock measures 8 in. soft.

He has short pitch to the green. In the middle of his back swing and lightning strikes his wedge. He wakes up four days later in the ICU of the hospital. He opens his eyes and sees a nurse looking at him.

"Welcome back, Jason. We have been waiting for you to come back."


"You're in the hospital. You were struck by lightning at the golf course. You were barely alive when you came in. All your vitals seem normal now."

"I feel pretty good. Just a little weak. Can I have a drink of water."

"Just some ice. We aren't allowed to give you anything by mouth till the orders are changed."

"OK, it's just that my mouth is so dry."

She gives him several small pieces of ice.

"I'll call the doctor. He will want to know you are awake."

He looks around the room. He has a saline bag hooked to his arm, a heart monitor, and a blood pressure cuff on his arm.

A few minutes a doctor comes in.

"Hi Jason. I'm doctor Jones."

"HI doc. How am I doing."

"Very good considering what happened to you. I'll level with you. There have been some pretty dramatic changes to your body. You have some enzymes that we haven't ever seen. Your immune system has changed too. You also have extra anti bodies that are new. You skin is producing a pheromone that is affecting the nurses. The want to be close to you and hug you. We suspect there are other things too. We want to check all of your body fluids, including your sperm and Cowper gland secretions."

"Oh great, I get to yank off in a bottle for you. Just what I need. Maybe a cute nurse could help with that."

"I'm sure some will offer after smelling your pheromone. I'm not supposed to do it, but there are a couple of hot, single nurses here that might help. I'll check around."

About an hour later the doctor returns with a beautiful nurse in tow.

"Hi Jason. I found a volunteer for your Cowper gland and sperm sample. Meet Cindy."

Cindy blushes.

"Hi Cindy, nice to meet you"

"Hi Jason.

The doctor leaves. Cindy has a set of slides and a sperm specimen cup.

"Could you lock the door and pull the curtain. I don't want anyone watching us."

"No problem, I don't blame you."

His cock is half hard just from thinking about how cute Cindy is and what she is going to do.

"Shall we get started?"

She pulls his gown up and stops to look at is cock.

She picks up his scent. Her nipples tingle and her pussy twitches.

Wow, look at that cock. It's fucking huge.

She gently lifts is cock and tries to wrap her hand around it. Her fingers don't meet.

Do you need anything extra to help you? Maybe some porn magazines.

"Let's see how it goes. I might need something extra."

She starts jacking him and his cock fills with blood to twelve inches.

Holy shit. That's at least a foot long. This is gonna be fun.

"I can't feel an orgasm coming. Maybe if you kiss me."

She blushes and leans over and kisses him. His scent is stronger and they hold the kiss. He licks her lips and she opens her mouth. He slides his tongue in and she gasps. Her tongue finds his and her breathing rate goes way up.

Wow. My nipples got hard and my pussy is getting wet. This guy can kiss.

"Yes, that's working. It feels better already."

"It sure is working. You are a great kisser."

She strokes faster.

He lies again.

I want her naked. I want to see her dripping pussy. I want to feel her soft breasts.

"I think I need something more. Can you take off your clothes. I know that will work."

"Oh my. I'm not sure about that. We do need your samples. I guess I can."

She slowly takes off her uniform.

"Wow, you are beautiful. Your body is perfect. Stand there and let me look at you. You are so beautiful. I could look at you forever."

"Let's try again. I'll stroke you some more."

"Is your pussy wet? I want you to be wet. It will make it easier if you are."

"Yes. I've been wet since we kissed."

She starts stroking him again and he reaches out and cups her breast. She gasps and he tweaks her nipple.

"Now, flex it and I'll take your Cowper fluid sample."

He flexes and shoots out about an ounce of fluid. It runs off the slide onto her hand.

"Wow, that's a lot. I wasn't expecting that much."

Without thinking she licks her hand off. Her eyes get wide.

"Oh my, what did I do? I did that without thinking."

"There is more for you. Just lick it off my cock."

She licks his cock as she strokes him faster. He plays with both of her nipples. Her pussy is soaked and she is breathing hard.

"Oh yes. That's working. Get your cup ready."

She grabs the cup and strokes faster and faster. He moans and shoots his wad in the cup. His cum almost fills the cup. Cindy groans and has a mini orgasm.

"Wow, Jason. That's a lot. You almost filled the cup."

"Lick my cock clean. Taste my cum."

She leans over and licks his cock clean.

"Does that taste good?"

"Yes. It's salty and sweet."

"Have you ever tasted cum before"

"Yes. A few times in college."

He looks and sees her pussy juice running down her legs.

"Can I taste your pussy juice?"

She steps closer. She rubs her finger in her pussy and sticks it in his mouth. He sucks it clean.

"Yes. You taste good. Give me more."

She gives him another taste.

"Would like to have that cock in your pussy.?"

"Oh god yes. Can I see after you get out of here?"

"I want you too. Let's do it for sure."

She smiles, gives him a kiss and puts her clothes back on.

"I need to deliver this to the lab. I'll check back later and give you a bath. How does that sound?"

He smiles.

The doctor returns later.

"So, how did it go?"

"Great doc. You should give her a raise. She was lots of help."

The doc smiles.

"She is cute. All the guys here are trying to get in her pants. So far, none have made it."

"So, when do I get out of here?"

"I think tomorrow is ok. We'll see how you do tonight."

"Thanks doc, I owe you one."

"You owe me more than that. You were almost dead when you came in here. We had to start your heart twice."

"Holy shit. Thanks doc. You should get a raise too."

About an hour later Cindy appears with a pan, wash cloth and some towels.

"Hi Jason. Time for your bath. I'll get some warm water and be right back."

She goes into the bathroom and returns with a pan of warm water.

"Can you lock the door and pull the curtains again?"

She blushes.

"Of course. We don't want any interruptions, do we? How would it look if someone saw me sucking your cock. It's hard to pass up a beautiful cock like yours."

"Will this be a naked bath? I want to see you naked again. You are so beautiful."

"Considering you asked. Yes."

She takes her uniform off again. He licks his lips. Her nipples are hard and he can see moisture on her pussy hair.

"I see you're wet for me."

"Yes. I can't help it."

He smiles. She sits him up and takes his robe off. She looks at his cock and licks her lips. She starts washing him everywhere but his cock. She looks at him and smiles. She wets her hand and puts some soap on them. She takes his cock in both hands and starts jacking him. She is making him moan and groan.

"I like to make you moan and groan. I know you are going to cum for me."

She rinses his cock off and leans over and takes the head in her mouth. He groans. She starts sucking and licking his cock. She lifts his balls and runs her nails across them. He groans. He reaches over and touches her pussy lips. She groans and keeps sucking. He sticks his finger in her and rubs her clit. She moans.

"Oh Jason. Your finger feels so good in my pussy. Please don't stop."

He brings her close to an orgasm and then holds her there, right on the edge. She moans and humps his hand. She never misses a stroke on his cock.

"Do you want me to stop."

"No no. Please make me cum and I'll make you cum."

He holds his orgasm and makes her wait.

"I'm almost there, are you ready?"

"Oh god, yes. Now now please."

He feels his balls boil and his cock head flares and he fills her mouth. At the same time, he makes her cum. She takes all of his cum without spilling a drop. Her knees go weak and she almost falls. She falls across his legs with his cock still in her mouth.

"Oh god, Jason. That was amazing. Your cum is so hot and your finger is magic."

"That was wonderful, you really came hard and I just got the best blow job I ever had. You are good."

"I should have throated you. "

"Do you think you could."

"I know I can."

The doc said I get out tomorrow. Where can we meet?

She writes her address and number on a piece of paper.

"Call me first. Make it in the evening and I'll make dinner for you."

"When is your next day off?

"I work tomorrow. Then I have two days off."

"How about tomorrow, then? I'll call about six pm."

"Great. I'll be waiting."

She kisses his cock goodbye, dresses and leaves the room.

He gets out the next morning. He takes a cab to the golf course to get his car and golf clubs. He has breakfast in the club house. Everyone congratulates him for being alive. One guy pays for his food. He leaves and goes home. He sits and turns the TV on and thinks about his hot date. She is a Fox. I wonder if she shaves her pussy. He decides not to yank off. He wants to save it for Cindy.

He falls asleep.

He wakes at about five, yawns and stretches. He takes a shower, shaves and gets dressed.

Gonna have some hot sex tonight with a hot babe.

He leaves and stops at a liquor store and buys a bottle of Pink Chablis. He calls Cindy and tells her he is on his way. He stops at a florist and buys a nice bouquet of flowers.

He knocks on her door. She lets him in. She is wearing a white silk robe. It's tied at the waist. It's open to the belt that holds it closed. It just covers her nipples. It comes down to just above mid thigh.

"Hi Cindy. Wow, you look really nice."

She smiles.

"I thought you would like this. I picked it out just for you."

He hands her the flowers and takes her in his arms. She presses her soft body against him. He can feel her hard nipples on his chest. He leans down and kisses her. She opens her mouth and gives him her tongue. He sucks on it and her lips. She moans and pushes against his cock. Her nails sink into his back. He sets the bottle of wine on a side table and takes hold of her ass cheeks. He doesn't feel any panties. He slides her robe up and holds her bare ass cheeks. She moans and sucks on his tongue. She breaks the kiss.

"Whew. I need to breathe for a minute. Come in the kitchen while I finish dinner. It's almost ready."

He follows her, watching her hot ass and legs. Her ass cheeks move up and down as she walks. His cock is half hard.

He pops the cork and pours two glasses of wine.

"To a nice home cooked meal and a relaxing evening."

"Yes. I'll drink to that."

He sits at the table and they chat while she finishes dinner. She conscripts him to set the table. He brushes his hand across her ass as he looks for the dishes.

"Did you find what you're looking for?"

He chuckles.

"Almost everything. I did find a beautiful ass."

Where do you hide the napkins?"

She points to a cupboard.

They enjoy a nice dinner. He compliments her on her cooking skills.

He tops off their glasses and they go to the living room. He sits and she sits on his lap. He feels her soft ass on his cock. She sips her wine and looks into his eyes.

"I'm glad you came by tonight, Jason. I've been looking forward to it."

"I was too. I couldn't very well pass up a home cooked meal with a beautiful lady, now could I."

She smiles and kisses him on the cheek.

"That's nice to hear a compliment. Most guys just want a wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Not much class out there."

She finishes her wine and set the glass on the end table. He puts both arms around his neck and kisses him. She gives him her tongue. He gasps and sucks on it. She moans as he gives her his tongue. They trade tongues for a while. He reaches down and unties her belt. He pulls her robe open.

"God, you are so beautiful. Your body is just perfect."

He moves his hand down and caresses her pussy. She moans and opens her legs. He sticks his finger in her and gets it wet. He puts his finger in her mouth. She sucks it clean. He dips it again and he sucks it clean. He pets her pussy and her pussy leaks on him. He rubs her clit and she cries out. He keeps rubbing it till she is almost cumming.

Your pussy is so soft and wet. I love the feel of it.

He rubs her clit more and she humps up and cums.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. That was nice. You have a nice touch."

She leans forward and slips the robe off her shoulders. She sits astride his lap and kisses him some more. He tweaks her nipples as they kiss. Her mouth is reacting to his special saliva. Her pussy is dripping on him. She reaches down and pulls his shirt up and over his head. She lets her fingers slide down his muscular chest and abs.

"mmmm You are so pretty. I just love your big muscles."

He pulls her to him, feeling her full naked breasts against him. Her nipples are as hard as rocks. She moans and pushes to him. He holds her by her ass cheeks. She grinds on his bulge.

"Oh my. I'm getting your pants all wet. Let me take them off for you."

She gets on her knees and pulls his pants off. His rock hard cock pops up and she smiles.

"Hi big guy. I've been waiting for you. I'm gonna fuck and suck you all night long."

She takes it in her mouth and immediately tries to throat it. She makes it about half way and gags. She pulls off, takes a big breath and takes it all. Jason groans and humps into her mouth. She hangs on and works her throat muscles on his cock. She comes up for air and takes it again. She pulls off again.

"I want your cum, Jason. Cum in me mouth."

His orgasm is building She feels it and speeds up. He can't hold back any longer and shoots his cum in her. She groans and takes it all, not spilling a drop.

"Oh god. That's the best. Your mouth is amazing. You took it all. No one has ever done that. I've died and gone to heaven."

She chuckles.

"I told you I could. It's just a little trick I learned in college."

"I'll give you a 4.0 on that. I didn't think any woman could take twelve inches. Holy crap, woman."

"Now it's your turn. Where is your bedroom?"

He stands up and she grabs his cock and leads him to her room. He pushes her back on the bed. She looks at him and smiles. He puts his hands on her knees and slowly open her legs.

"Wow. You have a beautiful pussy. Just look at that."

He slowly kisses his way up her legs to her pussy. He lifts her legs and kisses on her clit. She squeals and he starts licking and sucking her sweet pussy. She has both hands twisted in his hair, pulling him to her pussy. She is moaning and her pussy juice is running down her ass crack. He licks it up as fast as he can. He spears her asshole with his tongue and she screams and cums. He licks her from her ass hole to her clit. She cries out and pulls his head to her pussy. He lifts her clit hood and it pops out. He licks it and she cums again. He sucks her clit in his lips and holds it. She squeals and cums again. He works on it for a while. She cums several times.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. I'm cumming. Oh, oh, oh oh. That's so good. You are a maniac pussy eater. Don't stop. Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes.

He holds his tongue hard on her clit and she starts a continuous orgasm. He lets her cum for a few minutes and she is out of control. Her feet are walking the ceiling and her head is rolling back and forth. He wonder if the neighbors can hear her. He lets her return to reality and moves up and kisses her.

"Oh god, Jason. That was wonderful. I have never cum that many times. You are so good for me."

"It's just a little trick I learned in college."

She hugs him tight and says, "You silly, hug me. I love feeling you against me. You are so big and strong."

They smooch if up for a while and he rolls over and puts her on top. She sits on his thighs and holds his cock with both hands. She jacks him an little and kisses right on the head. She sits up and lines her pussy up with it.

"Take it easy with me. I've never had anything this big in me. You are going to stretch me way out."

She places the head against her pussy lips and he flexes and squirts some fluid on her lips. She squeals and her pussy lips start massaging his cock head.

"Oh oh. My pussy lips are on fire. Oh god, oh god."

She pushes down and takes the head in and cries out.

"Oh oh. So big. My pussy is stretching. It hurts so good. Oh Oh Oh. So good."

He squirts again and she cum and screams as she takes more cock.

"Oh god. Oh god. So big. My pussy is on fire. Oh god. Oh god."

As she slides down he squirts and she cums each time. Finally she bottoms out on her cervix. She screams and cums again.

"Jason. I have never cum this many times. Your cock is amazing."

He squirts on her cervix and it opens for his cock to enter. She cries out and cums again. He pushes into her and she moans.

"Jason. You are in my cervix. I could feel it open. Oh god. It feels so good. Keep it in there. Oh god."

They grind together and she cums and screams.

"Are you ready for my hot cum? I have a big load for you."

"Oh god. I'm fertile today. Oh god. Oh god. Pull out and cum on my stomach. Please."

"No. I'm going to fill you with my cum. Tell me to fill your pussy."

'Oh no. Please don't cum in me."

'You know you want it. Tell me you want it."

"Oh god. Oh god. I want to cum so bad."

"You can cum when I fill you. Tell me to fill your pussy up."

"Jason. You are so good in me. I can't stand it."

"Tell me. Ask for it. Tell me to cum in you.'

"Oh yes. Cum in me. Please cum in me. I want your hot cum. Fill my pussy. I don't care. Just cum in me."

He speeds up grinding on her clit and his orgasm builds. She wraps her legs around his waist and hangs on. She feels his cock getting ready.

"Yes. Yes. Yea. Cum in my womb. Please cum. fill me up. I want it. please give it to me."

He can't hold back any longer. He flexes and shoots his hot cum in her womb. They both howl and scream in mutual orgasm.

"Oh god. Oh god. So hot. Your cum is so hot. Fill me with it. Hot Hot cum. Yes. Yes. Yes. Cum in me."

She falls forward on him. Her pussy is milking all the cum from his cock.

"Jason. So good. So good. Your cum is so good in me. It makes my pussy go wild."

"Oh my god, baby. I have never been fucked like that. You made me cum so hard I though my cock would explode. I want more and more of you. You are the best I ever had."

She hugs and kisses all over his chest and neck.

"mmmm Hold me. Hold me tight. I can't get enough of your hugs. You are so strong and gentle."

"I got you baby. I got you."

"Jason. Where did you learn to fuck like that? Never in my life have I cum so much. Never."

"Just a little trick I learned in college."

She tickles him.

"You smarty. That's my line."

His half hard cock is still in her. He flexes and squirts in her.

"Oh god. What was that. Are you ready to fuck again. Oh my god. You're going to kill me."

"You turn me on baby. What can I say. I want to fuck you all night long."

He flexes again and she cums. He pushes into her cervix and strokes short and hard. She locks her legs around him again.

"Yes. Fuck me again and again. Cum in me. I want more of you hot cum in me. Please give me more."

They grind and grind. She cums and cums. Her screams echo though the house. His balls boil again and he feels it coming. She feels it too, and pushes down on him.

"Yes, I feel it coming. Give it to me. Give me that hot cum. Please."
He slams into her and cums again. The howl and scream as his cum fills her again. He pussy is going wild milking him. She milks the last drop and falls on him again.

"Oh Jason. You cum so hard in me. You make my pussy go crazy. I can't get enough of your hard cums."

She falls off his chest and grabs him around the neck. She kisses and licks all over his neck and face. He hugs her soft sweet body to his chest.

"What have you done to me. You made me into a sex maniac. I want you to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me."

"I'm here baby. I'm here. Just give me all your love."

She shivers and kisses him again.

They fall asleep in each others arms.

Jason wakes the next morning. Cindy has his cock in her throat. He is almost ready to cum in her. She looks up and keeps sucking. His orgasm takes over and her dumps in her throat. She sucks his balls dry. "Good morning, sweetheart. Was that a nice wake up call?"

He laugh.

"It was the best I ever had. You are an animal."

"The coffee is made and I'm about to start breakfast. You take a quick shower and it will be ready."

She is standing at the stove, naked, cooking bacon and eggs.

He walks up behind her and grabs her ass cheeks. She squeals and turns off the stove. She turns around and hugs him. His cock is half hard poking her stomach.

"Does that thing ever go down. I just blew you and your still ready"

"You turn me on baby. You have the hottest body on the planet."

"Sit and eat."

She puts a plate of food in front of him. He grabs her and sits her astride his lap. His cock is sticking up between them.

"Sit there and I'll feed you."

"OK, I'll hold this big thing"

She jacks him while he feeds her. He lifts her and lets her drop on his cock. It slides in and she squeals.

He feeds her while she moves up and down on his cock. He squirts in her and she screams and cums. Her cervix opens and he pushes in.

"Your in my cervix again. I can feel it. I want your cum in there. Fill me up. Cum in me. Give me some hot cum, baby. Put some hot cum on my egg. Oh god, I love when you cum on my egg."

He pulls her down hard on his cock and fill her womb with more cum.

"Oh god. Cum on my egg. Hot cum for me. Hot hot hot. Put those swimmers in there. Cum, Cum in me."

She milks his cock dry. Then she gets down and licks all their cum juice off of his cock.

"Wow, we taste good. I like our cum."

She reaches down and scoops some of their cum from her pussy and licks it up.

"mmmm good stuff.

His cock is half hard now. He flexes his cock in her and she squeals.

"Oh Jason. Are you ready again. You animal. You just came in me and you're still hard."

"I can't help is. You make my cock hard. I want to cum in you again."

He lifts her and drops her on his cock. It pokes into her cervix again.

"Jason. It's in me again. I can feel it go in my cervix. Put some more cum in there. More more more."

She squeezes his cock and he cums in her again. She screams and takes another load on her egg.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Hot cum on my egg. Hot. Hot. I love you hot cum."

He holds her to keep her from falling on the floor. She finally comes back to reality and hugs him. He carries her to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. She falls asleep.

They fuck themselves silly over the weekend.

Cindy goes to work. She sees her best friend.

"Betty. You won't believe it."

"What, Cindy. Why are you walking funny? Is your back out?"

"No, silly. I met this big hunk and we fucked all weekend. His is so pretty. He has big muscles and is so handsome."

"Where did you find him?"

"He was a patient here. He got struck by lightening. He got discharged so I took him home and cooked dinner for him."

"Wow. I'm really happy for you."

"You know what's best about him? He has a 12 inch cock. His big cock makes me cum so hard. I can't get enough of him."

"Wow. 12 inches, for real?"

"Yep. It's so long it goes right into my cervix. If feels so good in there. It's amazing. And when he cums in there, I go crazy. I can't get enough of his cum. He makes me so happy, I can't believe it."

"Are you pergo. Cindy."

"I don't know or care. All I now is I want more of him. He makes me so hot I don't even think about it. I just want more of his cum in me. He's turned me into a sex maniac. I can't wait to get home and fuck him again.

"You need to calm down, girl. You're gonna pee your pants."

"I know. It's just that I finally found a kind, strong, sweet man. I'm blown away."

She goes home after work. Jason meets her at the door. He is naked and his cock is half hard. She jumps in his arms.

"Welcome home, sweetheart. How did your day go?"

"Aren't you the funny one. My day went fine. It was just too long. I missed you. I see someone missed me."

She grabs his cock.

"Did you miss me, buddy? I sure missed you."

"Why aren't you naked like me."

He helps her take off her clothes.

"That's better. I love looking at that beautiful body."

His cock is full hard. He lifts her and lets it slide in her. He flexes and she cums and slides down on it. He holds her my her ass cheeks and walks to the bedroom. He lets her down and slides in touching her cervix. He flexes and squirts. Her cervix opens and he slides his head in. She cries out and cums.

"You're all the way in me. I can feel your head in my cervix. I'm ready for some of your hot cum in there. There might be an egg in there that needs some cum on it. Please cum in me. I want it so bad."

He strokes hard in her. His cock comes out and back in her cervix. She is screaming and cumming. He can't hold any longer. His cock pulses and he cums in her. She cums with each squirt.

"OH yes. Oh yes. You're shooting hot cum in me. Hot. Hot cum. Fill me with it. My egg wants it. Yes. Yes.

He reaches up and tweaks her nipples. She cums again.

"Oh god. My nipples and my pussy are so sensitive. Just your touch makes me cum."

He flexes and pinches both nipples. She screams and cums again.

"Oh god, Jason. Let me catch my breath. Those were big cums."

She lays down on his chest and kisses his nipples. He moans and holds her.

"As soon as you recover, I need to talk to you."

She sits up with his cock still in her.

"OK, lets talk.

"Since the lightening strike, some major changes have happened to me. I was never able to fuck like I do with you. It was good but never this good. Also. It's like I'm a different person. I've always been easy going and had great respect for women, but I'm different now. Could that have changed me in some way?

"I don't know much about lightening strikes, but the doctor said it was more like genetic changes. I know a little about generics. Some genes are on and some are off and some don't do anything. It's possible the strike turned some on that were off. That might explain the changes in you.

"Another thing. I have a photographic memory now. I can remember everything you said to me yesterday."

"Wow. It sounds like you had a major upgrade in your software."

The both laugh.

"Let's go out to eat. I want you to dress up real sexy so I can show you off. A short dress with no panties and no bra. Don't wash your pussy. I want my cum in you while we're out. We can go dancing after we eat. Then we can come back her and fuck some more. I'll run home and get some clothes and be back in one hour."

"Oh good. I haven't been dancing in ages. I'll be ready when you get back."

He comes back wearing a nice suit. He open the door and she is standing there.

"Holy crap. You look hot. That's a beautiful outfit. Show me you naked ass and pussy."

She pulls her her dress and spins around..

"Like what you see?

"Yep. Stand with your back to the mirror and put your arms around my neck."

Her dress pulls up and he can see half of her ass cheeks.

"Perfect, I can see the bottom of you ass. Everyone will be looking."

"Jason. My ass is gonna show. You are so bad to make me do this."

"It makes you feel sexy doesn't it?"

'Yes. I want to be sexy for you. If you want my ass showing, I'll do it."

"I'll make you take some big steps to the side and they can see your pussy from the back."

"Oh god, Jason. Where do you come up with all this. I might as well go naked."

"I want to see your pussy juice running down your legs while we dance."

She hits him on the shoulder.

"You are so bad."

"Are you wet just thinking about it."

"I've been wet since I first saw you in the hospital. You're my eye candy."

"We must be each others eye candy. I never get tired of looking at you. You have everything I want."

"Oh Jason. I love you so much. It almost hurts."

"I love you too, baby. You are perfect for me."

She squeals and hugs him.

"You make me so happy. I almost peed my pants when you said you loved me."

"You're so loving, kind, strong and gentle. How could I not love you, you big hunk."

He laughs.

"Let's get out of here."

They enjoy a wonderful dinner and drive to a nice night spot. They take a table in a dark corner. They dance a few fast one and all the guys are watching her breasts moving. They can plainly see she has no bra on. The music slows and he leads her to the dance floor.

"Showtime, baby."

"Oh god. All eyes will be on my ass."

"That was the plan, remember?

He takes her in his arms and she puts her around his neck and stands on her tip toes. All the guys look. He turns her so they all get a good look.

"How does that feel, with your ass hanging out."

"I'm getting hot. I can feel my pussy getting wet."

"Good. Let me know when your pussy juice starts running down you legs."

"I've never done anything like this. You make me do crazy stuff."

They dance three slow numbers.

"It's running down my legs now. It tickles."

"You are a bad girl. Running around with your ass hanging out and pussy juice running down your legs. Shame on you."

She laughs.

"Oh yeah. You made me do it. You are the bad one."

They dance two more slow ones.

"Jason, it's running past my knees."

"Are you ready to go home and fuck."

"Oh god yes. I am so horny I can't stand it."

"OK, I'll flash you ass and we can go."

He reaches down and pulls her dress up to her waist. All of her beautiful ass is showing. One guy drops his drink on the floor.

"Jason, you showed my whole ass. You are terrible."

He takes her hand and they leave.

He pulls into traffic.

"Take your dress off, baby. I want you naked while we drive home."

"Jason! I'll be naked to everyone."

"I know. Do it."

She unzips her dress and struggles out of it.

"Oh god. This is so bad. They can all see me."

They pull into the driveway.

"Can I put it on now. The porch light is on."

"No, stay naked."

"Oh Jason. Why don't you take yours off too. That would be fair."

"OK." He takes his off.

He gets out and walks around to let her out. She has the key in her hand.

She fumbles with the key, trying to hurry. She finally gets the door open. He grabs her before she can go in. He pulls her naked body to his. His cock is rock hard. He lifts her and lets her down on his cock. She squeals and locks her legs around him. He slowly walks through the door and closes it.

"Oh god. I can't believe we did that. My neighbors will be talking tomorrow."

He carries her to the bedroom and lays down with his cock still in her.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out now baby. Hang on. I'm gonna fill you with gallons of cum."

He squirts in her and she screams and cums. His cock slides into her cervix. He starts pounding her pussy. She cums every few minutes. He fucks her for an hour.

"Oh Jason. You are like an animal. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ram your hard cock in me."

His orgasm is building up and her speeds up.

"Oh yes. Cum in me. Give me that hot cum. Fill my womb. Squirt it on my egg. I want it now. Please cum. Please. Cum in me. Cum in me."

He can't hold anymore. He howls as he fill her. She screams and pushes up to take it all in her. Her pussy is milking him. She cums three times while he unloads in her.

They regain their breath.

"Oh Jason. That was the best fuck yet. You were like a maniac. I came so hard. Thanks for a wonderful evening. I had the best time."

"We had the best time. You were so beautiful tonight. I loved showing you off. All those guys looking and knowing you are mine. I'm so proud of you. Only a loving woman like you would do what we did tonight."

"I'll do anything you ask, Jason. That's how much I love you. I know you won't hurt me. You are too sweet, and a little crazy, too."

"Now you have something to tell your best friend"

She giggles.

"I don't know if she will believe me. I've never done anything like this before."

"You should invite her to dinner. I'd like to meet her."

"We need to make a decision soon. Should I move in here or do you want to move into my place.? I want to be with you all the time."

"I would rather you came here. I love my house. You probably have an old stinky bachelor pad. We can split the bills."

"About that. I have made some really good investments. I own several large shopping centers. I can pay everything here and you can put your money in a savings account. You can dump your credit cards. I'll get you new ones. We can get you a new car too. Yours is kind old. I want you riding in style."

"Wow. I've never been a kept woman before. This will be something new."

"You will get used to it really fast. I'm gonna spoil the crap outta you. You can quit working if you want. I'll let you make that call. I won't pressure into anything."

"This is all happening so fast my head is swimming. I know I want you here. I'll think on the other stuff."

He hugs her to his chest. She shivers and hugs him.

"Jason. You make me so happy. I can't believe all this is happening.

He pulls her on top of him and they make slow, loving passionate love.

They fall asleep in each others arms.

Jason wakes the next morning and sees Cindy at her dressing table, putting on her make up. She is wearing bikini panties and a tiny bra.

"Good morning baby. I feel all domestic watching you get ready for work."

"Good morning, sweetheart. I'm putting on my war paint. Gonna go into battle."

He chuckles.

"How much time do you have?"

"I know what you're thinking. We don't have time to fuck, so go back to sleep."

"Oh well. I guess I need to get up. I have a lot of stuff to move today. I'll use the spare bedroom closet for now. Yours looks a little full."

"I wasn't expecting a hunk to come into my life. You don't need any clothes anyway. I want you naked all the time. Then you're ready to fuck at any time."

He laugh. "You animal"

She puts her uniform on and kisses him goodbye.

He rents a van to haul as his stuff . He installs his big screen TV in the living room and puts her small one in the bedroom. He hooks up his entertainment centers in both rooms. He hangs all his stuff in the closet. He decides to surprise her and take her to lunch. He calls her supervisor and asks what time she goes to lunch.

He shows up at the hospital five minutes early. He asks the desk to call Cindy. She comes around the corner and her mouth falls open.

"Hi baby. I came to have lunch with you."

"She gives him a big smile.

Wait till everyone sees my big hunk lover.

"What a nice surprise."

She grabs him by the arm and leads him to the cafeteria. As they walk in, everyone turns to look. They all stop talking and just look. She is grinning from ear to ear. The conversations start back up. Some of the nurses come up and want to meet Jason. She introduces him. Some react to his scent. Betty comes in and Cindy spots her.

"Betty, come sit with us."

Betty sits and she introduces Jason. Betty catches his scent and her nipples pop up and her pussy twitches.

"Hi Betty, nice to meet you."

"Hi Jason. I finally get to meet you. Cindy told me about you."

He laughs.

"I hope she didn't tell you everything."

"Almost everything. We are best friends, you know."

Cindy blushes.

Betty leans over and whispers in her ear.

"You lucky bitch. He is beautiful."

The both laugh.

Jason watches Betty react to his scent. It's working on her. She will probably yank off tonight thinking of him.

They have a nice lunch and Jason kisses her goodbye.

"Cindy. He is fucking hot. He made my nipples get hard. How the fuck did you land him."

"Calm down, girl. It will wear off in a few minutes. Go to the bathroom and rub one out and dry your pussy. He affects all women like that. It's his scent. I don't know what it is, but it works.

Betty giggles.

"God, what a score, Cindy. You made a good one with him."

He goes home and putters around, looking for some man stuff to do. He cuts the grass, does a little weeding, sweeps off the patio. Replaces a burned out light bulb. He goes in the house and fires up his laptop. He checks out some of the colleges for some classes. He wants to research what happened to him.

Cindy comes home.

"Oh Jason. The yard looks so nice. It's really nice to have a man around the house."

He hugs her and gives her a big sloppy kiss.

"I had to find some man stuff to do. I found a little stuff to do."

"Thank you baby. You are so sweet. I'll cook dinner tonight."

"Come look at the living room. I installed a big screen TV and entertainment center here and in the bedroom.

"You. Are you trying to make me fall in love with you? Huh?"

He hugs her and laughs.

"Is it working?"

"After dinner I'll show you how well it worked. Now, get your hands off me so I can fix dinner or you will be eating pussy for dinner."

"Are you threatening me with a good time?"

She laughs and goes to change.

He takes a shower while she cooks dinner. He watches a little TV till she calls him. The have a nice dinner and she goes in the bathroom and takes a shower. She find him in the bedroom laying on the bed naked. His cock is at half mast.

"Come over here baby. I want to make sure you have a baby in there."

"You've put enough cum in there to float the Queen Mary. If I'm not, I soon will be."

She kneels down between his legs and takes his cock in her mouth. She takes half down her throat. Jason moans.

"Oh god, baby Your mouth is so good around my cock. Don't stop."

"I want your cum in my pussy. All cum goes in there. After I get a baby, you can have some blow jobs."

She climbs on his cock and he squirts on her pussy lips. She cries out. She quickly takes all of it. She screams and cums all the way down. Open my cervix. Open me for your cum. Fill me up. He gives her some fluid and opens her cervix. She screams and cums as she bottoms out.

"Oh god. You're in me all the way. I can feel it. It's so big in my womb."

She starts milking him with her pussy muscles. He groans and humps up into her. He squirts in her womb and she rides out a huge orgasm.

"Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Make me cum. Make me cum on your cock."

He keeps squirting in her making her cum and cum. His cum is rising.

"Hang on baby. I'm almost there. I have lots for you. I saved up all day."

"Please please give it to me. Make a baby in me. Give me your baby seed. Cum in me."

His cock feels like it's ready to explode. He howls and cums hard in her. She cums with him and their primeval screams echo through the house.

They fall into each others arms and catch their breath.

"When can you check for a baby? I want to know."

"I'm not sure, I never had to check before. I'll check at the hospital."

"We are going to be mommy and daddy soon."

"Yes baby. Just keep your cum in me

They lay together and watch TV.

"How much vacation time do you have on the books?"

"I'm not sure. Probably about three weeks."

"Why don't you put in for two weeks. We can fly to Vegas."

"Wow, you are really spoiling me."
Oh fuck. Is he going to pop the question? Oh shit. Oh shit.

She reaches down and grabs his cock. She starts jacking it slowly. It fills with blood. She pulls him in her. She guides his cock in her pussy. She squeezes it and he groans. He squirts in her and starts stroking. She moans and meets his strokes. He squirts on her cervix and shoves it all in. She cries out and cums.

"You're in it. Fill it with cum. Make sure there is a baby in there."

They stroke faster and faster. Their orgasm build together and the hit it perfect and cum together."

"Yes. Yes. Yes. My pussy is on fire. Fill me with baby juice. Yes. Yes. Yes.

They fall asleep, basking in each others love.

He wakes to see her getting ready for work.

"This is getting to be a regular thing. Me watching you get ready for work.

"Yep. I gotta go now. See you tonight."

She kisses him goodbye and leaves.

He gets up and takes a shower and puts on some shorts. He decides to do a little housework. He dusts all the furniture, vacuums the rug and cleans up in the kitchen.

That should impress her.

He looks in the back yard and sees an old barbecue. He cleans it up and makes sure it will works. He doesn't find any charcoal. He drives to the store and pick out some steaks and a bag of charcoal. He calls Cindy and asks what time she will be home. She says five thirty. He seasons the steaks and checks for salad stuff and some bakers. He finds a bottle of burgundy.

Dinner is all set. Just need a beautiful woman to share it with.

A little after five he fires up the charcoal. He chops up the veggies for the salad. Puts it in a bowl. Slices the tomatoes and set then aside. At five thirty he puts the steaks on the grill. He hears the door open and close.

"I'm out back baby."

She walks out and looks at him. She grins from ear to ear.

"Wow. Look at you. The master chef making dinner."

He hugs and kisses her.

"Hi baby. Just cooking up some steaks for dinner. Go get changed and we can eat."

"Jason. You amaze me all the time. You are the catch of the century."

She goes in and strips. She puts on her favorite t shirt and a pair of shorts. No bra and no panties.

She comes out and dinner is on the table. He is pouring the wine. She stands there with her mouth hanging open.

"Sit and dig in. A special dinner for my baby."

She gets a little misty eyed.

"Jason. I love you so much. You make me feel so special."

"You are special to me. I love doing stuff for you. Now, quit bawling and sit."

The two love birds enjoy a nice dinner.

They sit on the sofa, sipping their wine. She is snuggled under his arm. He lets his hand move down and he holds her breast. She holds his hand to her. He runs his finger around her nipple. She purrs and reaches over and holds his cock. He pulls her shirt up and off. He lays her down and starts sucking on her nipples. He sucks one and then the other. He climbs up and lays his huge cock between them. She presses them together and he strokes between them. She kisses the head every time he pushes up. He feels his cum rising and speeds up. She feels his cock swelling and takes the head in her mouth. She sucks as he humps.

"Now, baby. Give me some cum. I want a mouthful. Cum in my mouth."

He groans and unloads in her mouth. She swallows every drop.

"mmmm Baby, you taste so good, Now, take my shorts off., I want some in my pussy."

They both take her shorts off.

He slides down and rams his cock half way in her. She squeals and cums. He slams in to her cervix. She screams and cums again.

"Get in my cervix. I want you in all the way. Push in."

He squirts and fills her cervix with three inches of hard cock. She squeezes his cock as hard as she can. He moans and grinds her clit with his bone.

"Yes, hit my clit. Hit it, hit it hard. Make me cum."

He gives her short hard strokes, keeping his head in her cervix. His orgasm is building. She cries out.

"Yes. Yes. I can feel you getting ready. Give me you hot cum. Fill my womb. Now. Now. Now."

He groans and then howls as he fills her with his seed. She squeezes it out of his cock.

"Oh god. Oh god. So hot. Hot cum. Hot cum in me. Hot. Hot. Hot. Yes. Yes. Yes. Hot cum."

He drains his balls in her and falls limp beside her. She hugs him and tears come to her eyes.

"Jason. I love you so much. You make me feel so good. I can't believe I have you. You are perfect for me. I love you baby. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Just hold me. Hold me in your loving arms."

He kisses her tears away. She shivers and holds him tighter.

"My baby. My sweet baby."

He carries her to the bedroom and they fall asleep.

Their plane is on approach to McCarran airport in Las Vegas. She is so excited she is about to pee her pants.

"Oh Jason. We're here. I'm so excited. I've never been here before. I feel like it's a dream."

The walk through the gate. The see a man in a chauffeur uniform standing with a sign that says 'Cindy"

She sees it and looks at Jason.

"Jason, what have you done. Is that for me."

He smiles.

'Oh my god. You didn't."

"Yes baby, I did."

He hands the driver his luggage tags and they walk outside. She sees a big white stretch limo. They wait for the driver to come with their bags. He is hanging on his arm, digging her nails in.

"Oh Jason. You are treating me like a princess. You are so sweet."

"Take it easy, baby. We just got here."

The driver comes with their bags and they ride to the hotel. They are met by the concierge at the door.

"Mr and Mrs Jensen I presume."

Cindy almost chokes. She looks at Jason. She is speechless. He shows them to the penthouse suite. He unpacks and hangs all their clothes. She still can't speak. There is a bottle of champagne chilling. Beside it is a bowl of strawberries. Cindy looks at Jason and starts crying again. She is blubbering and hugging him. He laughs and holds her.

"For my special lady."

She loses it completely. Her knees give out and she almost fall on the floor. He catches her up and sets her in a chair. She finally regains her composure.

"Jason. I'm overwhelmed. You amaze me."

He takes her by the hand.

"Come look."

He shows her the view from the top of the hotel.

"It's so beautiful. I can't believe we're doing all this. It's like a fairy tale come true."

He walks over and opens the bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. He eye make up is shot. She dabs at her eyes with a tissue. They drink some and eat some strawberries. She starts giggling. He watches her. She is like a little girl. All bright eyed, smiling and crying.

About an hour later there is a knock on the door. Jason lets a waiter in pushing a huge dinner cart. He sets out a wonderful meal for them. He pulls out a chair and looks at Cindy.

"Ma'am. Please be seated. Your evening meal is ready."

She starts crying again and sits. The waiter serves their meal and stands by.

"Baby, you need to get yourself a little under control. The evening is just beginning."

She takes a deep breath and starts eating. The waiter attends to her every need.

"Oh my, this food is wonderful."

They finish dinner and Jason slips the waiter an $100 bill.

"Thank you sir. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know."

"Oh Jason. You are so wonderful to do this. I love you so much. No one has ever been this nice to me. I'm so happy I may cry some more."

He hugs her. She lays her head on his chest and squeezes him to her.

"OK, next on the list of things for my special lady is dancing. Go get yourself all dolled up and let's hit the dance floor."

She goes in the bathroom.

"Jason, come look at this. It's amazing. Come look."

There is a big tub, gold faucets, and a bidet.

"Let's not waste a moment. Take a bubble bath with me. Please?"

"Of course baby, Anything you want."

She starts the tub running and pours in some bubbly. She turns and slowly takes her clothes off. She walks up to him and takes his off. He sits in the tub and she sits with her back to him and lays back in her arms.

"Oh god. This feels like heaven. In a bubble bath in the penthouse suite and in my sweethearts arms."

He hugs her and holds her full breasts. She holds his hands to her breasts and turns and kisses him.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I am having the time of my life."

He holds her breast with one hand and reaches down and sticks a finger in her pussy. She spreads her legs and he rugs on her clit. She gasps and humps her hips up. He works her close to an orgasm. She is moaning and groaning.

"Ready for a Las Vegas cum, baby?"

"Yes baby, I was ready twenty minutes ago. Make me cum. Please."

He presses her clit and hold her in orgasm for a while. She scream and flops around in the water. He finally lets go and she gains control.

"Welcome to Las Vegas, baby."

She hugs his hands to her breasts.

"Thanks, sweetheart. That was quite a welcome. How about I give you a welcome."

She turns and grabs his cock. She jacks it till it's at full mast. She raises up and slides it up her pussy. Jason groans. She slides down till it hits her cervix.

"Open me for your cock. I want you in my cervix."

She squirts and she cums and screams and drops, ramming the last three inches in.

"Oh yes. You're in me now. Just where I want you."

She moves up and down, pulling it in and out of her cervix. She cries out each time his cock goes in.

"Yes baby. Milk my cock. Milk my cum into your womb. Squeeze it hard. Make me fill you up."

"Oh baby. I'm ready for your hot cum. Anytime. Just fill my womb. Give me your hot cum."

She speeds and and she can feel his orgasm coming.

"Now baby. Now. Now. Let it go in me."

He moans and shoots his cum in her. She screams and cum with him.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. It's so hot. Yes. Yes. Hot cum. Hot cum in my womb. Hot cum on my egg."

She falls into his arms and he holds her tight.

"Jason. This is the first time I ever had sex in a bubble bath."

"Me too baby. I'm glad it was with you. I like our "firsts".

"Do you want to go dancing of stay her and fuck some more?"

"I'm thinking."

"I know, let's go dancing and then come back her and fuck and fuck, all night long. How does that sound."

"Perfect. Let's get dressed. I want you to look elegant this time, but still no bra or panties. OK?"

"I bought an evening gown just for that reason. You haven't seen it yet, so it will be a surprise."

They dry off and he goes to get dressed. She goes into the dressing room and closes the door. He sits waiting, enjoying a glass of champagne.

She walks out. She is wearing a long burgundy evening gown. It's low, showing plenty of cleavage. Her make up is perfect. Her blonde hair is a perfect contrast. She is a vision of loveliness. Hi mouth falls open. He looks like he was hit on the head with a hammer. She slowly turns.

"What do you think, sweetheart. Do I look ok?"

He is speechless. He finally finds his voice.

"You are beautiful. A vision. I'm overwhelmed."

"Just for my special, man. You deserve it. I want to be pretty for you."

"You're way past pretty, baby. Let's go dance. I want to show you off to the whole world."

They dance and drink champagne for a few hours. She is having the greatest time of her life. He feels proud to have such a beautiful woman with him. It's a perfect evening. They return to their room. She sits in a chair and sighs.

"That was the best. I've never felt like that ever. I love you so much for doing all this for us. I feel like a princess.

"You are my princess. You looked so elegant down there. I was proud to be with you."

She gets up and gives him a big hug.

"Now, take that beautiful dress off . I want to see your real beauty."

She slowly undresses for him. He watches every move. She walks up to him and slowly takes his clothes off. She leads him to the bed and they both lay down in each others arms. He gives her a deep kiss and she pulls him on her and wraps her legs around him and lock her ankles.

"Fuck me Jason. Fuck me and make me cum."

He raises up and slides his cock in her. She moans.

"Yes. Give me your cock. I want it in me."

He starts slowly filling her. He hits her cervix and squirts. She cums and humps up and pulls him into her womb. He starts slow fucking her. Short slow strokes. His cock head slides in and out of her cervix. She cries out each time he pushes in. He starts slow fucking her. He makes her cum about every five minutes. He does this for about an hour. She is screaming louder each time. He pushes in and cums in her. She screams and cums. He waits a little and then shoots more cum in her. She screams and cums again. He cums in her every ten minutes. She screams and scream with each orgasm. He does this for another half hour. She is lost in orgasm heaven. Her head if flopping around on the pillow. He gives one final thrust and cums in her again. Her pussy goes wild and squeezes him and milks the last of his cum. She passes out.

He pulls out of her and waits for her to come back. He caresses her face and kisses her till she comes around. She finally come to and catches her breath.

"Oh fuck. Jason. What did you do. I had the most intense cums ever. Your cock is magic. Oh god that was good. I have cum running down my ass all over the bed. You must have put a gallon in me."

He reaches down and fills his hand with their cum and spreads it all over. She giggles.

"Are you giving me a cum bath. It feels like it"

He gets more and rubs it down her lets. He holds his hand for to lick off. She takes each finger and sucks it clean and lick off his hand.

"mmmm That taste so good. Give me some more."

He scoops more and lets it run into her mouth. She looks like a baby bird in the nest, taking it all.

"mmmm So good. I could eat that all night long."

He hugs her wet body to him and kisses her. She sticks her tongue in his mouth letting him taste their cum. He suck on her tongue.

"This is the perfect ending to a perfect evening. Thank you, Jason. I feel so happy. The princess got fucked royally."

"I feel so good when I make you happy. I love making you feel like a princess."

The kiss and hug and fall asleep.

They wake the next morning. She grabs him around the neck and kisses him.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"mmmm Good morning to you too, baby. Hug me some more."

They hug a while and she slides down and take his cock in her mouth. She sucks and lick it to full hardness. She slowly takes it all down her throat. He moans as she works his cock over. His orgasm come quickly and he cums down her throat.

"let's get dressed and go look over the town. I haven't seen it in daylight yet."

"OK, but we're covered in cum. Let's shower together and then go."

The walk out onto the street to a beautiful day. She holds his arm as they stroll down the street. He has a surprise planned. They walk along till they come to a jewelry store. He slowly turns her toward the door. She looks at him. He holds the door open for her. She looks at him again.

"Jason? Jason? What are you doing?"

He guides her to the wedding rings.

"Jason. What the hell are you doing. Tell me."

"See anything there you like?

"Oh Jason. Are you. Are you."

"He takes her in his arms. Will you pick one out and say yes?"

She starts crying again.

"Oh Jason. Of course I'll say yes. I love you more that life itself. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will.'

Jason asks the clerk for some tissue. She takes a hand full. She looks at some and says,

"That's a nice one. Don't you think so?"

"It's nice, but too small. Find a bigger one."

She looks more.

"How about that one?"


She finds a two caret one.

"Is this big enough?"

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes. It's beautiful."

"We'll take that one. Now, dear, you need a wedding band to go with it."

She finds a wedding band.

He looks at the clerk and hands him his visa card.

She grabs his arm and starts pulling on it.

"I'm going to be Mrs. Jason Jensen. Oh god. I'm gonna pee my pants. I'm so happy."

"You're such a bad girl you have to wear a red wedding dress."

She laughs.

"You made me a bad girl. It's all your fault.

"Now. Do you want to do it here or at home?"

"Can we do it at home. I want my friends there too."

'OK. I'm good with that."

He pulls the engagement ring out.

"Will you marry me."

She hugs him.

"Yes. I'll marry you.'

He slides the ring on her finger.

"Now it's official."

She looks at the ring and starts crying again.

'Jason. You've made me the happiest woman in the world."

She gives him a big sloppy kiss and looks at her ring.

A scruffy looking guy walks by and looks at her ring.

He stops and looks Jason over.

Jason steps up to the man, grabs him by the hair and lifts him off the ground.

The guy squeals and panic shows in his eyes.

"Don't even think about it asshole. I'll break your fucking back."

He drops him and he takes off in a big hurry.

"He liked your ring."

"I thought you were going to hurt him."

"I just wanted him to know he had a bad idea."

"My big strong man will protect me."

They both laugh.

The stroll around for a while. She hold her ring so everyone can see it.

"Ready for some lunch, baby?"

"Sounds good."

The hang out in Vegas and see all the shows and gamble a little. Finally it's time to go home.

They board their plane and take their seats. Cindy keeps looking at her ring and can't stop smiling.

"Hey baby, want to join the mile high club?"

"Are you kidding. I thought that was just a myth. Yes, it it's possible. I'll fuck you anywhere you want.

Jason gets up and walks up to talk to a stewardess.

"Is it possible for my and my fiance to join the mile high club?"

She smiles.

"Sure, bring her here."

He looks at Cindy and smiles. She hurries to his side. The stewardess pushes them in the little kitchen and closes the curtain. He pulls her panties down and unzips his fly. He pulls his cock out and slowly pushes in her pussy. She moans as he slides in.

Just as they are about to cum, the plane flies into a flock of Canada Geese. Three go in the starboard engine and two go in the port engine. Both engines explode and the plane drops. They don't notice. They are too deep in their passion. They both cum as the plane hits a mountain at 500 miles per hour.

The end

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