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A Bargain Ch. 07


My trip to my parents was abruptly cut short when they had to leave town early Friday morning to help an old friend whose husband had suffered a heart attack the night before. After I got them on their way, I packed up and hit the road. I arrived back in town on Friday evening around 10:00 p.m. instead of Sunday afternoon as Jenn and I had planned.

Jenn was planning to give me a surprise when I got back, so rather than call and tell her that I was coming back early, I decided to surprise her instead. My cum reservoir was full, and two more days wouldn't add any more to it. I thought she would be at her apartment, so I drove back to the dorm, dragged my stuff in, and cleaned up.

On the way to Jenn's apartment, I stopped and bought a chilled bottle of our favorite wine. My anticipation of making love to her increased when I saw that her car was in one of the spaces assigned to her unit. Clearly she was home unless she had walked somewhere. As was commonly the case on weekends, all of the parking spaces, including the second one for her apartment, were occupied, so I had to park on a side street more than a block away. I grabbed the bottle of wine, hopped out of the car, and quickly found myself at the door to her apartment.

I used my key, and opened the door. The lights were off, so I knew that Jenn had gone to bed early. I decided to slip into bed and surprise her, then make love to her all night long. I took off my shoes, slipped quietly into the kitchen, and got out two wine glasses. Then I stripped off all my clothes and dropped them on the kitchen floor. The central air made a gentle "Woosh" that covered the minimal noise I made. I was fully erect. I stroked my cock, thinking about how it would feel against her body, sliding into her pussy, moving in and out, causing her to climax.

I had the corkscrew out and was reaching for the wine when I heard Jenn scream, "OOOOH! GOD! YESSS! EEEEEEEE!"

She was having an incredibly intense orgasm. The corkscrew fell from my hand to the kitchen floor. I heard myself groan, and my stomach felt ice cold, and I bent at the waist and leaned against the counter. I couldn't breathe and I thought I would throw up. My penis went limp as my stomach heaved. My one desperate hope, that she had used Donnie to masturbate herself to an unbelievable powerful orgasm, immediately disappeared.

"UNH! UNH! YOU'RE SO FUCKING BIG! GOD, YOU JUST FILL ME UP! AAAAAAAH" Jenn screamed as she had a second orgasm, less than a minute after the first.

I slowly stumbled naked and barefoot down the dark hall. I could smell the scent of sex and of both male and female sweat before I reached her bedroom. Jenn's bedroom door was wide open, and I stopped in the doorway. I held myself up by grabbing the doorframe. In the dim ambient light coming through he closed drapes I could see them clearly. I was looking directly at the hairy ass of some guy who had his penis balls-deep inside the woman I planned to marry.

His nuts were as big as oranges, and they were firmly mashed against Jenn's pussy. Jenn was on her back with her legs wide apart. She could have seen me if she had sat up and looked in my direction, but her head was back and her mouth was hanging open. Her body was still quivering from her orgasms. Both of them were covered with a shiny layer of perspiration.

He slowly pulled his penis out of her and he was so large I stopped breathing. I heard an explosive, wet pop as the head emerged, far sooner than I expected. Jenn's vagina stayed open, gaping, wider than my penis could ever stretch her. "NO! PUT HIM BACK IN ME! I NEED MORE!"

From my position between their legs I could see that he was possibly a half-inch longer than I was, but it was his thickness that was unbelievable. His shaft was as wide as an oversized coffee mug, certainly more than four inches across, and the head of his penis looked like a gigantic apple. He had the thickest shaft I had ever seen, even on a couple of my Army buddies whose dorks were almost a foot long. "Sure, Jenn! Glad to oblige! Let's stuff El Toro in your hot fuck-hole again!"

He slowly pushed El Toro's head back into Jenn. I watched her labia open to admit him, and then I saw her labia gripping his shaft at the base of the head. She immediately groaned, then climaxed and screamed as her entire body flopped around on the bed, "OOOOH! YESS! AAAAAAAAH!"

As soon as she stopped screaming, he slowly shoved himself completely into her. As he bottomed out, Jenn went off again. "UNNNNH! UNNNNNH! GOD! AAAAAAEEEEEE!"

I just stood there, frozen in place. Perversely I felt my own penis stiffening. The sight and smell of Jenn's overwhelming sexual passion momentarily overcame my own shock and pain. I felt dizzy. If I hadn't had hold of the doorframe, I would have fallen.

"You're just . . . so big that . . . you complete . . . ly fill me . . . up!" Jenn gasped. "Now fuck . . . me until you . . . cum! . . . I want to . . . feel you ex- . . . plode inside . . . me!" And she wrapped her legs around him.

"Aren't you going to miss this after you're married, Jenn?" He asked as he stayed motionless deep inside her

She arched her back, twisting and thrusting against his huge organ. "God! I NEED this! I'll fuck you . . . every chance we get . . . even then! " She gasped.

"Doesn't your finance ring your bell?"

"Oh fuck, no! Not like this! You fill me up . . . and I just cum and cum. All you . . . have to do is move . . . and I explode! Now fuck me! HARD! God, you are so BIG!"

"You mean like this?" He began to pump in and out a couple of inches.

"AAAAH! OOOH! GOD! EEEEEEEAY!" Jenn immediately climaxed, and her whole body was again shaking and pulsing as she flopped around on the bed. The frame of the bed creaked and squeaked with her motions.

My rage at being betrayed made me want to kill both of them. My intense feeling of sexual inadequacy made me want to collapse on the floor and weep. As these two emotions fought to control me, I squeezed the doorframe with both hands and began to tremble. I watched that thick penis move in and out of the woman I loved and had planned to marry. The woman who had just announced her intention to continue cheating on me. I watched her body jerking in uncontrollable passion as she loudly climaxed yet another time."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Her cry seemed to last forever, and it slashed into my soul like a sword.

I needed a weapon. I wasn't strong enough to kill them both barehanded. So I turned and stumbled down the hall and back to the kitchen. I opened a drawer and looked at the knives. I picked several up, but I dropped them back into their slots. I'd imagined stabbing them both, and I could even see their thick, red blood as it gushed onto my hands.

Jenn screamed as she had another orgasm. As intense as my pain and fury were, I simply couldn't stab them to death. From somewhere I heard a voice telling me that killing them wasn't worth throwing my life away. The voice won. To this day I don't know why - or how. I can easily work myself into that same murderous rage just by remembering what I saw. I can still remember the image of the blood pouring out of their bodies as I imagined myself stabbing both of them again and again and again and . . ..

I left the bottle of wine and the glasses on the kitchen table, and I started getting dressed. Jenn had two more loud orgasms before I had my shoes on. As responsive and exciting as she had been with me, I had NEVER seen her this turned on. I didn't know it was possible. I knew I couldn't do it. My penis was completely limp again.

As I opened the door into the hall, I heard him grunt several times as he finally came, "NNNH! NNNH! NNNH!"

This was immediately followed by another scream from Jenn. "YOU FILLED ME WITH CUM! OOOH! AAAAAAAAAAH! MORE! AGAIN!" He grunted again. "YES! GOD YES! AAAAAAAAAAAH! MORE!"

I slammed the door to shut out the sound, and I ran unsteadily back to my car. When I got there the front of my shirt was wet, and I realized I was crying. I hadn't even been aware of it, and then I heard myself sobbing. I sat in the car until I could see, and then I drove around for an hour or so. I was lucky I didn't get into an accident. I finally went back to my dorm room. My stomach burned and I felt really sick from the aftereffects of the adrenalin - and the shock of what I had just seen.

The light was blinking on my answering machine. I pushed Play. I heard Jenn's voice on the machine just as the phone started ringing. "Don! When did you get back? I found the wine! Call me, lover! I really missed you!" The phone rang again as Jenn's message clicked off, I picked up the phone, but I didn't say anything.

"Don? You're back! Come back over! Let's make love all night long! I put the wine in the fridge to stay cool! Don, Honey? Are you there? Don? Sweetie, what's wrong?"

"I'm wrong. Wrong for you. You need somebody thick, you said. Somebody who completely fills you up. Not me." I slammed the phone down, undressed, and went to bed. I lay there staring at the ceiling, trying to decide if I was going to throw up. I still felt like it.

Less than ten minutes later Jenn let herself into my room with my roomate's key. She ran to the bed. "Don, I'm sorry! He's just a toy, nothing more! I didn't mean to hurt you! We can get past this, honey! I love you! You're the man I want to marry!"

"Go back to thick-dick, Jenn. I saw and heard too much! I don't want to look at you, I don't want to touch you, and I certainly don't want to fuck you knowing you really want him inside you, not me."

"DON! NO! I don't know what you heard, but I didn't mean what I said! You can't let it end like this!" I sat up in bed and Jenn sat down next to me. She pulled the sheet off my naked body and started to reach for my flaccid penis.

I could see that she had the room key clutched in her right hand, so I grabbed her hand and yanked the key out. Then I went over to my dresser and picked up my key to her apartment. "Get out, Jenn! I feel like sticking this key up your cunt, but it's so stretched it probably wouldn't hurt you. Get the fuck out of here before I choke you to death!"

Jenn got off the bed and ran to me, holding her arms out. "Don! I love you! You've got to forgive me!"

As Jenn put her arms around me, I reached behind her and took hold of her hair. I pulled down hard and she shrieked and released me as she grabbed my hand. I dragged her backwards by her hair to the door. I think she was screaming but I really couldn't see or hear very well. Her throat was completely exposed and I had to struggle to resist the nearly overwhelming urge to strangle her.

I opened the door and shoved her face-first into the hall. Her legs were unsteady, probably from all the hard sex, and she fell onto her hands and knees after she collided with the opposite wall. As she turned toward me and started to get up, I tossed the key to her apartment onto the carpet in front of her. "Don't do this, Don! Please!" Tears were streaming down Jenn's face as she staggered to her feet.

I shut the door. For several minutes Jenn pounded on it and begged for me to forgive her. I could hear her crying. As far as I was concerned she was lucky to still be alive. I sat in the chair in front of my desk and waited for her to go away.

Jenn finally stopped pounding on the door. I turned off my answering machine. I went back to bed and lay there in the dark. My stomach hurt and I was crying like a baby. I heard the phone ring every few minutes for the next hour or so as Jenn tried to get me to answer. Once the phone finally stopped ringing, I managed to fall asleep.

I awoke in the dark to the sound of gentle knocking on my door. "Don? Don!" It was Dianne.

I looked through the security peephole, and Dianne was alone in the hallway. I opened the door and she stepped inside. She closed the door behind her and we were in almost complete darkness. She wrapped her arms around my naked body. "Don, what the hell's going on? Jenn said you wouldn't talk to her! What the hell's the matter with you two?"

"I caught her fucking another guy who was bigger and better than I was." I said, and then I started to cry again.

Dianne pushed me over to my bed and made me sit down. Then I heard the sounds of her undressing. She pressed me back against the bed, with her naked breasts on my chest and one of my legs between hers. "Shhh! Just relax and let me hold you." Dianne whispered. Dianne cuddled and held me until I finally fell asleep.


The ringing of the telephone woke us. It was about 10:00, and the room was bright with sunshine. Dianne got up and answered it. "Hello! . . . Yes, Jenn, I'm still here with him . . . He finally fell asleep, but I stayed . . . Okay. I'll see if he'll talk to you."

I vigorously shook my head at Dianne. "No, he won't talk to you. Let me see if I can do anything." She listened for several moments. "Okay, Jenn. Say about 2:00. Okay. Bye."

Dianne walked back over to the bed and stood over me. The sight of her naked body didn't arouse me. She glanced at my flaccid dork, and sighed. "You're a mess, Don. Go clean yourself up and then I'll take you out for something to eat. Then we'll talk."

We did exactly that. We got back to my room just after Noon on Saturday, and Dianne started getting undressed. "Dianne, I really don't feel like sex right now!"

Dianne continued removing her clothes. "Well, the way you were blubbering through brunch you'll cry all over me and get me all wet, so I'm getting naked to protect my clothes. When you DO feel like sex, I'll know you're going to be okay!" With that she removed her panties and then undressed me. Oddly I really didn't care. It just didn't matter.

We lay down on my bed with Dianne on top of me as she had been before. I could feel her breasts and nipples against my chest and her pubic hair against my leg, but I didn't respond. She looked directly into my eyes and said, "Tell me exactly what you saw and heard."

I told her everything. I was sobbing when I finished, and she held me. When I stopped crying, she asked, "How thick?"

I got out from under her and picked up my largest coffee mug. "At least an inch more than this."

Dianne just shook her head. "That would stretch Jenn out more than giving birth! How could that possibly get her off?"

I became furious as I repeated my description of Jenn's whole-body orgasms, one coming after the other. Dianne held me until I calmed down. She shook her head in disbelief. "Jenn said you caught her in bed with another guy. She didn't say anything about him being so . . . such a freak."

Dianne sat next to me on the bed for a couple of minutes. I lay down and closed my eyes. "Don, will you be okay for a little while? I need to go talk to Jenn."

I nodded. "Take that key on the dresser. Just don't let Jenn in. I thought about killing her last night, and I really might do it if I saw her right now."

Dianne got dressed and kissed me. Then she left. I fell asleep. It seemed like only five minutes later that a naked Dianne was crawling back into bed with me. She woke me up and looked into my face again.

"We were both right. Jenn saw this guy at the pool when she first moved in, and he kept staring at her. She was curious because she could see he was really hung. She went back to his apartment the day you left for your parents' home cuz he said he'd show her what he had between his legs. She said she didn't think it would go any further than that."

` "Jenn isn't that stupid, is she? Do you believe her?"

"No. She went to his room to screw him, obviously. But she's still stupid. Stupid to think anybody would believe such a clumsy story."

"So she just went to his room and fucked him? Just like that?"

"Not quite. He gave her a drink with something in it, and she almost blacked out. He tied her to his bed and gagged her. Then he raped her. She said it hurt so much she fainted. She woke up covered, well, indelicately, in her own piss and shit."

In spite of my emotions, my latent feelings for Jenn erupted in another burst of tears. Dianne comforted me, then continued talking after I stopped sobbing.

"It gets worse. When she came to, he pushed himself all the way into her again. In spite of the terrible pain, she didn't pass out the second time. He just stayed in her and waited. Jenn said that after several minutes the pain gradually became an incredible warm feeling of pressure and pleasure, and then she exploded into orgasm after orgasm as he began to move inside her."

I nodded. "That's what I saw. Last night. It even turned me on to watch her. At first"

"After he untied her, she willingly fucked him again. She had so many orgasms that she couldn't stand up. They've been fucking each other day and night since then. Sometimes in her place, sometimes in his."

I had to ask. "And the rape? Didn't she report it?"

Dianne made a sour face. "She told me now she's glad he did it! She even offered to share him with me. I passed."

A tangle of emotions swirled through me, and I didn't know what to say. Finally I asked, "So what's she going to do?"

Dianne just shook her head. "She got all jumpy while talking to me, and she finally admitted that she wanted to go back to the apartment so that she could fuck him again. I tried to talk her out of it, but she pulled off her ring and told me to give it back to you. I put it in the top drawer of your dresser, underneath your handkerchiefs. She also gave me a couple of paper bags with your stuff in them, and I put them on the floor beside your desk."

I stared at Dianne and didn't say anything. Dianne continued. "Jenn was heading for his place as soon as I went out the door. She's addicted to whatever he causes to happen inside her. If she married you, she would still be fucking him, too. She needs it. More than you, more than anything. It's like a drug. I think she would do or say anything as long as he keeps fucking her."

"God, Dianne! How much of this is my fault? I taught her to let herself go and enjoy sex, and now . . ."

"Shh! Jenn didn't have to do what she did. She's an adult! She chose to go to that guy's apartment. Whatever happened, it's not your fault!"

Dianne was afraid to leave me alone. Rather than trust anyone else, she essentially moved in with me. She left to shower, to go to the bathroom, and to change her clothes. For the next several days she was never away from me for more than forty-five minutes at a time.

She escorted me to the dining hall and made certain I ate. She studied and worked at my desk. She slept with me in my bed. When we were alone in my room, she kept us both naked. I didn't care and I didn't respond to her. She said I was mourning the death of love. At the time I had no idea what she meant.

Each day I could read the open concern on her face. I just felt numb, and I couldn't find a reason to rejoin the human race. The image of that thick shaft moving up and down in Jenn's pussy haunted my thoughts and made me so furious my stomach hurt. It was always followed by the imagined image of blood all over my hands.

The following Wednesday I was sitting at my desk after dinner, naked as usual. I heard Dianne say something, but I wasn't paying attention. "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I said, 'I need to fuck.'"

I looked down at my shriveled, flaccid organ. It hadn't been stiff since Friday. "Sorry. I think it died."

Dianne scowled at me. After a few seconds she walked over to her purse and pulled out her dildo, the one that looked so much like my erect organ, at least insofar as I could remember. I watched her smear lubricant on it. She looked at me again, then lay back on my bed. She slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy.

Dianne began to fuck herself with the dildo. She moved it partway in and out of her pussy with one hand, and with the other she rubbed her breasts. After a few minutes she began to move the dildo faster. When the dildo was completely inside her, she twisted it so that the tickler rubbed her clitoris. Her breathing changed.
Dianne began to gasp as she fucked herself faster and harder. Her hips were thrusting back against the downward movements of the dildo. She pulled at her nipples with one hand. She was so wet the dildo was making slurpy sounds as she pumped it up and down. "Don! . . . Don! . . . Don! . . . Fuck me, Don! . . . Oh! . . . Yes! . . . Oh Don! . . . AAAAH!"

I knew Dianne well enough to know that she had a real orgasm. Her calling my name puzzled me, given my present condition. As she relaxed back against the bed, I became aware of the powerful scent of her pussy. She turned her face toward me, and her pupils were so dilated her eyes appeared to be completely black. She grinned. "I guess he's not dead after all!"

I glanced down and my penis was erect. He wasn't as hard as he usually got, but he was definitely erect. As I stared he slowly drooped and softened. Dianne was more disappointed than I was when she unsuccessfully tried to get him hard when she slept with me that night.

Dianne masturbated in front of me again after lunch on Thursday. My penis stayed erect a little longer this time. "Pretty soon you'll be back!" she said. I wasn't so certain, but I no longer found myself thinking constantly about Jenn being fucked by that thick penis. I preferred to think about Dianne using her dildo as she lay on my bed, and images of blood on my hands had disappeared..

It was months later before I caught on. When Dianne realized that I couldn't forget the sexual scene that had effectively emasculated me, she deliberately provided me with an erotic replacement. She masturbated on my bed to provide ME with relief, not herself. And it worked.


That Thursday night about 10:00, Dianne left for a few minutes and returned with a cold six-pack of beer. We sat together, naked, on my bed and we each drank one. I quickly felt the buzz. Dianne looked at me and smiled. "You know, there's something I've always wanted to try. Will you help me?"

I was in no mood to disagree, so I asked Dianne what she wanted me to do. She handed me two cold beers. "Sit down in that chair, Don."

As soon as I sat down Dianne giggled and sat down on top of my thighs with her back against my chest. She tied a towel around her eyes as a blindfold. "Now I want you to reach around and touch my nipples with the cold cans. Just for a second, then off. Try to do it so I can't tell which nipple is next. Or when the cold is coming. Okay?"

"What's this supposed to do? I mean, besides freeze your nipples?"

"I've heard it turns some women on. I want to see. Can you do it?"

The beer had made me mellow. "Sure. I hope you don't scream too much."

Dianne's body jerked and she gasped the first few times I touched the cans to her nipples. I paused for several seconds, and when I touched her again she jerked again. But rather than gasp, she moaned in obvious pleasure. I became more interested in what I was doing.

After another few minutes Dianne was getting really aroused. She no longer jerked when I touched her nipples. Instead she trembled. Her moans got louder and longer. Between touches she wiggled on my lap.

Dianne suddenly screamed "Yes!" and she reached between her legs. I felt her take hold of my erect penis. I'd been so interested in her responses that I hadn't even been aware I'd gotten hard.

Dianne lifted herself off my lap, then sat down slowly so that my penis slipped into her. In this position half of my penis didn't go in. But it still felt wonderful."The cans! Touch me again!"

I remained hard as Dianne got more and more excited. Several minutes later when I pressed the cans against both of her nipples at the same time she threw her head back and screamed. I could feel her vagina squeezing my penis. I put the beers down and cupped her breasts. She slowly calmed down.

"Wow! That was really different! You just fucked me, didn't you? You even got me to climax."

"Well, I guess. But I didn't . . . I didn't ejaculate, so it really . . . wasn't the same, was it?"

Dianne smiled. "Maybe not, but it's a start!" She dropped to her knees and began to fellate me. "Yum! I love tasting myself on your penis! It would be even better with cream!" It took her a long, long time. I don't know where she found the stamina, but I finally ejaculated into her mouth. So much cum came out that she choked on it.

Dianne kissed me with streaks of my cum running from the sides of her mouth to her breasts. She was giggling. "I should have known you'd do that! I've never blown you when you've been saving it up. I can usually swallow it all. But not that much!"

That Thursday night I was much more aware of Dianne's nakedness as she slept against me. In the morning I had another erection. It disappeared after I urinated in the bathroom, but Dianne didn't mind. "Almost back!" she said. "I can wait."

I wasn't able to get it up that night. It had been one week since I had come home early and seen Jenn fucking that freak of nature. But the following night I managed to make love to Dianne. I was barely adequate, but Dianne treated me as if I were the world's best lover. It didn't fool me, but I felt better than I had for a long time.

My roommate came back the next afternoon, and spending every waking hour naked with Dianne had to end. But when Jenn didn't move back in that day, Dianne invited me to her room for the night. I did a better job that time.

Several days passed and Jenn failed to appear, so I slept with Dianne every night. When Jenn failed to appear for the class she was supposed to teach, the department started looking for her. She had moved all of her belongings out of the professor's apartment and disappeared. They assigned another graduate student to teach her class, and everyone forgot about her. There was nobody on the waiting list for the dorm, and Jenn's bed remained empty.

With Jenn gone, I began spending my days in my official dorm room, and my nights in Dianne's room. Within two weeks I felt almost normal again, and Dianne and I managed to pick up our relationship where we had left it, two days before Jenn had come back from her parents' home. In spite of both our fears about my experiencing a rebound, not real feelings, I knew I was once again falling in love with Dianne.


By the end of the semester Dianne finally believed that I loved her. I sold the ring I'd given to Jenn, and I bought another for Dianne. Once we were officially engaged, we moved in together in an off-campus apartment. A year later, when we both completed our degrees, we were married in a small ceremony.

A year after that our first daughter was born. Two years later, our second. I had a full-time job, and Dianne was working part-time. We shared parenting duties so that one of us was always with the girls. It worked for all of us. Dianne proved to be a wonderful mother, and her C-cups grew to DD as she nursed. When the nursing ended, she dropped back to a firm D. I enjoyed buying her all new underwear!

I was attending a convention near Chicago almost exactly five years to the day when I caught Jenn fucking that guy. One night there wasn't anything interesting scheduled, and several of the guys wanted to go out and do something they couldn't do when their wives were around. They had heard about a live sex show in a private club about thirty miles from Chicago, and they all wanted to go. I declined amid a lot of snide comments about how pussy-whipped I was. They all piled into a rented car with a lot of hoops and hollers, and away they went. They reminded me of the guys I knew in the army who were heading out looking for prostitutes.

Frankly I wasn't interested in watching other people fuck, particularly at this time each year. I called Dianne and talked to her for almost an hour. We both knew I was thinking about that day five years earlier, but we both avoided mentioning it. After I hung up the phone, I tossed and turned for several hours before I fell asleep. When your nightmares - even those that are just memories - are real, it's sometimes better to stay awake.

In the morning the guys gathered around me as I finished my breakfast. They all had silly grins on their faces. "You missed the sex show of the century!" Lloyd told me. "Unfuckingbelievable!"

"Here! We brought you a little souvenir," said Gene. "Man, you really shoulda been there!" He handed me a brochure. "This'll give you an idea of what you missed. God, I've never seen a woman cum like that! It was incredible!"

I felt bad memories bubbling to the surface as I read the front of the brochure. "The Amazing Orgasma and Bruno the Human Bull. You are guaranteed to see at least ten authentic, body-shaking female orgasms and one voluminous male ejaculation - live, right before your eyes! Seating limited to 100 people per show. Minimum age: Men - 25, women 21. Proof of age required. Gallery tickets, $100 - $150 per person, depending upon location. Three front-row private-entry windowed booths with padded table for six - $2500 each."

The pictures inside showed a man and a black-haired woman, both scantily clad, both smiling, with their arms around each other. She had huge DD breasts, and his barely-covered penis and balls bulged obscenely in a tight, skimpy pouch. There was also a sketch of the seating diagram with the various prices marked. Finally there was a waiver form, acknowledging, among other things, that the purchaser was aware that actual sexual acts would be performed on the stage, and possibly by members of the audience, during the show.

I had a very bad feeling about this, even though Orgasma and Bruno didn't look like anyone I had ever seen before. I put the brochure in my pocket, and Ed, Gene, Lloyd, Ken, and Louis described the act they had seen. Their comments came so fast it was like one continuous story.

"The place was packed!" said Ed. "They only let us in after we paid a hundred bucks each just to stand at the back!"

"There were these little private areas down front," added Lloyd. "Right at the stage. Nobody else could get inside them, but everyone could see inside. Each one had five guys and a hot-looking woman. Those people spent a mint to get so close!"

"This great-lookin' broad came out wearing a shorty baby-doll. The guy with her looked pretty average except for his crotch," said Ken. "All he had on was a silver jockstrap and his dork was soft in it. But we could tell he was really hung. Hell, he called himself a bull!"

"Yeah, then Orgasma - she's the bitch - started rubbing herself through her negligee," said Louis. "After a couple of minutes she was really goin' at it and . . . "

Ed interrupted him. "The Bruno guy. He started strokin' his meat through his jock and his prick starting stickin' straight out! Man, you could see it taking shape as it stretched the cloth! The head on it was as big as an apple! If I had one like that . . . "

Gene cut in. "You wish! Right about then Orgasma began to moan real loud. Bruno, he pulled off her clothes and showed us her completely shaved snatch. God, I never seen such big cunt lips! They were hangin' like maybe a couple of inches from her crotch, and they were all pink and wet."

Lloyd next: "God, yes! Big, juicy, plump cunt lips, just crying to be fucked! Anyway, Orgasma pulled Bruno's jock off, and his tool was unbelievable! It wasn't long, maybe seven inches, but I never seen one so thick before! Probably at least four inches across! And his balls! Gigantic! Like oranges!"

"Thickest one I've ever seen!" added Ed. "So he lies down on his back and she climbs on top of him and she starts to force his prick inside. Those big, juicy cunt lips spread out, and all of a sudden his big prick-head slips inside, and she goes off. I mean off the charts! Screaming, moaning, and her whole body twitchin' and shakin' like nothin' you ever saw."

The guys were all nodding their heads, and I could see that they were getting hard just talking about it. Ken continued. "Bruno, he just lets her slowly come back down. He's rubbing her big tits the whole time and her nipples are sticking out like little fingers. All of a sudden she lets a coupla more inches slip inside her, and off she goes again. She musta cum for a coupla minutes that time. Maybe more. Moaning and screaming and twitchin' the whole time."

"God, it was hot! By this time every guy in the room has his dork out," Louis added. "There were quite a few women in the room, but I was only watchin' the ones right next to the stage. In those little glassed-in private rooms. The guys were grabbin' their cunts and tits through their clothes and they weren't complainin' at all. They were kissing and groping every guy they could reach."

Gene: "Orgasma finally got him all the way inside, and she goes off again. She's had the three most incredible orgasms I've ever seen, and he hasn't done nothin' except let her take his monster dork balls-deep inside her cunt."

"That's when I heard a woman moaning over to one side of the audience, so I turned that way," said Lloyd. "There was a guy porking a middle-aged broad, doggy style over a chair. There were guys pushing into a line so they could be next. The sex in the room was contagious!"

"Don, you could hear ripping sounds as the women in the audience were stripped naked," continued Gene. "Three, four, five guys were trying to fuck every woman in the room. Most of the guys were naked too, and a lot of them had already jerked off. The women were screaming, but like they wanted it, you know? It was a fuckin' orgy and the show wasn't even over yet!"

"Bruno began to go a coupla inches in and out of Orgasma by bucking her up with his hips, and we could hear the wet sound when she slammed back down on him. It wasn't two minutes before she came again," added Louis.

"Down in one of the private areas I could see a naked broad fucking a fat black guy," said Ed. "I looked around and every woman in the room had a dick in her twat. Hell, most of them had a dick or two trying to fuck their mouths, too."

Gene chimed back in. "The way the show went from there, well, Orgasma and Bruno would wait a few minutes after she stopped, and then he'd fuck her a few times and she'd cum again. He rolled her over into the missionary position, and really began to go to town."

Ed again. "He'd pull all the way out, then go all the way back in. Orgasma just went absolutely nuts. This musta gone on for thirty, maybe thirty-five minutes. By that time all guys in the audience had beat off and sprayed cum all over the place, and most of us were on our second time."

"Then Orgasma started screaming that she wanted his cream, and while she was having another big one, Bruno filled her cunt with his stuff," added Lloyd.

Spit was running out of the sides of Louis's mouth as he talked. "Filled is the right word! There wasn't room for it inside her, and as he kept pumping in and out of her, it squirted out. Those big balls of his musta put out a gallon of cum! God, it squirted everywhere as she fucked him! Never seen nothin' like it!"

Ken: "Orgasma kinda collapsed, and Bruno put her on this little table on her back. He held her knees up and her legs apart, and he turned the table so that everyone got a good luck at her pussy. Man, even from the back of the room we could see that she was still wide open and cum was running out of her in a steady stream."

Ed: "We could see that the muscles in her stomach were still wiggling. She was moanin' and groanin' and God it was incredible! That cunt was still having a climax! And that thick prick had been out of her for a coupla minutes already!"

Gene: "I saw five different guys gang-fuck that one bitch who was down in the front-row private booth, but when they started doing seconds, I couldn't see too well. All around us people were fucking any woman they could grab. We would have gotten some pussy too, but we were just too far away and there were too many guys fightin' for every available cunt."

Ken: "Bruno still had a hard-on when he picked Orgasma up and carried her off the stage. Most people didn't even notice 'cause they were busy fuckin' or beatin' off. You could see the cum dripping of both of them as they finished their act."

Louis: "We had to wait in line to use the bathroom just so we could clean some of the cum off our clothes! I came so hard a coupla times that I don't think I'll be able to get hard again for a week!"

Gene: "That's when we picked up the pamphlet. And these pictures! Fifty bucks each!" He handed me several high-quality, digital photographs. I stopped breathing in the middle of looking at them.

One showed Orgasma riding Bruno, just as the guys had described, with about half of his incredibly thick penis inside her. Another showed a closeup of Bruno's organ as Orgasms licked the monstrous purple head of his incredibly thick erection. The third showed a closeup of Orgasma's obviously-just-fucked, wide-open vagina as cum ran out of it. The final shot showed Orgasma's face as she climaxed. It was a closeup, and that's when I knew there was absolutely no doubt.

Orgasma was Jenn. Apparently she'd had a boob job, and she'd dyed and restyled her hair, but she was still Jenn. She and I had joked about the tiny, distinctive D-shaped scar beside her nose, and there it was on Orgasma's face. Even though I'd never seen his face, Bruno had to be the guy I'd caught fucking her with the penis he called El Toro.

Seeing what Jeen was doing with her life really jolted me. I left the exuberant guys and went back to my room. I sat in a chair and stared at the blank screen on the television. I wondered how much of Jenn's fate would never have happened if I hadn't been so eager to fuck her. If I hadn't gotten so much pleasure out of teaching her how to enjoy sex. If . . .

I called Dianne, and we talked about it for more than an hour. I'd definitely married the right roommate. She shared a lot of wisdom, but what I remember most is her words about who was responsible. It was almost a lecture, and I listened carefully without interrupting her.

"Don, Jenn didn't have to fuck that guy. Okay, technically he raped her, but she knowingly put herself into a situation where she knew he would probably fuck her. She let her curiosity overwhelm her common sense. And whatever decency she had. And the loyalty she should have felt for you. She chose to betray your trust. She admitted to me that she planned to get naked with him if that's what it took for her to see his huge penis. Only an idiot would think that wouldn't lead to sex. And whatever Jenn was, she wasn't an idiot. But she really wanted to find out what sex was like with a bigger penis than yours.

"Afterwards she discovered that he had something she couldn't live without. Whatever his big organ did inside her, she wasn't strong enough to do without it. She was even going to marry you and keep fucking that guy. She didn't really love you. She just wanted to be married to you. She made her choices, and she's the one responsible for her life, not you.

"I have no way of knowing if I would have done the same thing if he'd fucked me. Maybe I would have become addicted to it like she is. But even before we admitted that we were in love with each other, I felt too much affection for you to take that kind of risk. I would NEVER have gone to his room under those circumstances. Jenn chose to take the risk, you didn't. It's her fault and her responsibility, not yours. You absolutely cannot be blamed that she turned out the way she did."

I don't ever remember being more in love with Dianne than I was after that conversation. That night it was hard to sleep alone, without her.

Two days later I arrived home and showed the brochure to Dianne. I told her how the other guys described the Orgasma Show. "They said that the men in the audience started fucking every woman in the room? And the women let them?" she asked.
I nodded. "It was like they had no self-control at all."

"You know, I used to think I'd like to be so turned on that I absolutely couldn't control my lust. No matter what happened it wouldn't be my fault. When I first got to college I often drank so much that I completely lost control. Then one night I got gang- fucked by a bunch of guys at a fraternity party."

That was news to me! "You never mentioned that before! Do you want to talk about it?"

"No more than I just have. It's not exactly a high point of my life, and it happened a long time before I met you. But I learned something about myself from it. Sex for me is only good when I CHOOSE to lose control. That's why it's so good with you. There comes a point where I simply give you my complete trust, and you always know exactly what to do."

"But what if I can't satisfy you? What if you choose to lose control with someone else? What then?"

"You know how we've sometimes talked about expanding our marriage to include another man or another woman - or even another couple. But there would be a price. If we find out that we enjoy someone else, that's fine. If we discover that someone else gives us better sex, that's fine too. But if we decided that we had to HAVE that other person, then we've lost not only our marriage but our family."

"Dianne, are you saying that you absolutely don't want to . . . you know . . . swing?"

"No, I'm not saying that at all. But I think we need to assess the risks before we go blindly charging into something like that. I think we could really enjoy sharing sex with other people. But we could also lose our marriage doing it."

"Would you divorce me if you found out I was having an affair?"

Dianne gave me a scowl. "Buster, if you start sneaking around on me, I'll make you regret it!" Then she smiled. "Don, if that was the right thing for our marriage, then it would be fine with me."

"But you would have to know about it, right?"

"Yes, of course. And if I take another man to bed, I'll tell you, first."

"And if I said I didn't want you to?"

"Then it would be time to assess our marriage, wouldn't it?"

I held Dianne and kissed her gently on the lips. "How do you know I didn't have sex with someone at the convention? How do you know I've been faithful to you?"

Dianne gave me an incredibly loving smile. "Because, you silly man, if you did anything differently in bed, I'd notice. There's no way you could have sex with anyone else and hide THAT from me!"

"Like to put that to the test? Make doubly certain that I didn't have sex on my trip?"

Dianne gave me a deep, throaty laugh. "We'd better go to the bedroom! I don't want the girls to find us out here in the morning. And there's one thing I'm absolutely certain about. I'm going to fuck you until staggering to the toilet is almost beyond your strength. Let's see if you can do the same to me!"

About a week later we again talked about Jenn/Orgasma. Ed had scanned the pictures of Orgasma and Bruno and e-mailed them to me. I printed them out and showed them to Dianne. "Yes, that really is Jenn. So sad," she said. She knew I was feeling guilty, even if I couldn't explain why. She could.

"Jenn was truly wrong, Don. She was thinking about herself and own pleasure. She wasn't worrying about you. She was only worrying about having you find out. That's not love. That's just selfish desire."

"But what if . . . what if she had fucked him that one time and then put it behind her? What if I never found out and she never did it again? Would it really have mattered?"

"Yes, it would have mattered. Maybe not as much since you hadn't gotten married yet, but she was still cheating. And cheaters can be counted on to cheat. Again and again."

"So thinking she might never have done it again was just a dream? Wishful thinking?"

Dianne smiled at me. "You're a little slow, but you're getting it! You were in love with Jenn, but you didn't know who she really was. You were so caught up in the fun of teaching her about sex that you forgot about the deal she made with you. She offered her body to you so she could cheat on an exam. Remember how worried she was about somebody finding out? She didn't care if she cheated. She just didn't want to get caught.

"If Jenn had wanted a new car that you couldn't afford, she would have slept with the car dealer in order to get a discount. 'Just don't tell my husband!' would have been her only request. If she had felt an itch that needed scratching, she would have found somebody to scratch it. You were lucky she found that guy before you married her."

"LUCKY? I thought my life was over when I saw him fucking her! How can you . . .?"

"Shush! Don't you understand anything? If you had married Jenn, eventually you would have been forced to confront her infidelity. It was only a matter of time. You still see her as that poor little girl you talked out of her clothes. But she was a clever witch who intuitively knew she could control you by making a deal with you for her body. Are all guys as ignorant as you? Jenn strayed, but you found out. She chose the guy with the thick dick. She saw him the first time she went to the pool. You even came in and heard her talking to me about how big he was. How much worse would that have been after you had married her? After a couple of kids?"

I thought about what Dianne had said, and through the fog of lust and love I'd felt for Jenn, I belatedly realized that Dianne was right. I had been very, very lucky.

"Actually, that's not the real reason I was lucky."

"Oh? Is there more?" Dianne gave me a special smile I knew very well indeed.

"I seem to recall a certain naked wench trying to bring me back to life. Was I imagining those times she masturbated in front of me? All those nights cuddling naked with me? That night when I finally got it up as she sat on my lap? Would we have ever gotten together if Jenn hadn't left me so completely screwed up?"

Dianne smiled knowingly. "You still have a lot to learn, my husband. Don't forget. Jenn told me all about the deal she made with you. Jenn told me how you managed to keep from fucking her, even though she begged for it. I decided to leave you alone - and wait until Jenn screwed up. And I knew she would. Just like I said before, I knew she would eventually offer her body to somebody in exchange for something she wanted. And I knew you would eventually find out.

"When she did it before you were married, I knew she had completely blown it with you. That gave me my chance. You fell in love with her when she was running around naked with you. Why would I keep my clothes on? Besides I have bigger boobs! You never had a CHANCE!"

Dianne looked at the expression on my face and began to laugh. I started to laugh, too. We were still laughing a couple of minutes later when we christened the sofa in the living room. It's a wonderful memory, and the stain still won't come completely out.


That was more than seventeen years ago. Occasionally I wonder what happened to Jenn. She's certainly too old to be the star in a sex show. Did she marry that guy? Is she happy? But Jenn is just a faded memory, actually a fading memory of a person I never really knew. I shared something with her that I thought was special - but it really wasn't, for her at least. And who would've expected that a bargain to get one woman naked would get me happily married to another?

To the surprise of many of our college friends, Dianne and I have been married for more than twenty years. Yes, we're very happy. And yes, our love life is full and varied, although we still haven't tried swinging. If she wants to try another man, I'll go along with her wishes. But I'm really not interested in sex with another woman. Except when one of us is sick, we still always sleep together naked and wrapped around each other.

Besides Dianne has this uncanny ability to distract me. Somehow she always knows when I'm remembering what happened with Jenn and that guy, and for a few days Dianne acts as if clothing is an evil curse. She's got one hell of a body for a woman who's popped two kids, and does she ever know how to use it! And now that our girls are grown and out of the house most of the time, we spend a lot of time naked and together. She still likes doggy-style best. So do I!

Author's Note: At the beginning of this story, I defined the meaning of "bargain" as a transaction, or a contract, or a deal, or perhaps a concord. But a bargain can also be something that has a greater value than its cost. It's impossible to ignore the emotional cost I endured, but in spite of that cost, it's clear to me that Dianne's love was the real bargain in this story. What say you?


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