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"Uncle" Bill The Mentor Ch. 02

Chapter 02: Uncle Bill and Kate

Authors note: This story is a continuation of a previous story entitled ""Uncle" Bill the mentor". Although it can be read independently, I'd suggest reading the first part before reading on.


After dropping Kate at the airport in Burlington, I drove back to the house in a pensive mood. I found myself in a deep struggle between what I should do and what I wanted to do. Kate's admission that she had feelings for me since the day she first met me as a young girl had caught me off guard. She was no longer a young girl. She was an intelligent, beautiful young woman. Although I had known that, I had always seen her as that young girl, the best friend of Jess, my niece. Her words threw a switch in me, and allowed me to see her in a different light. It was bathed in that light that I had agreed to take her virginity, spending a snowed in week with her and teaching her to make love. Perhaps I should have agreed to teach her to fuck instead. As I drove down a snow covered rural road, I realized that I had, indeed, taught her to make love, and I was caught up in it as deeply as she was.

I pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. Pulling off my coat, I tossed my keys onto a countertop in the kitchen and flopped onto the couch. I lay there staring at the ceiling for a good half hour before I finally got disgusted and went to stare into the refrigerator for a while. Finding nothing of interest there, I donned a light jacket and went outside to chop some wood. I spent over two hours chopping and stacking firewood, refusing to stop until I had blisters on both my hands. Satisfied I had sufficiently punished myself, I went back inside.

My job as an investment advisor and financial planner gives me a lot of freedom in terms of where and when I work. As such, my plan was to stay up here for another couple of weeks rather than head back down to my apartment in Manhattan. Now, I wasn't so sure about that. After I spent a week with both Kate and Jess here followed by a week with just Kate, the house now seemed much too quiet and empty. I checked the weather forecast, and decided I would stay the night and head back in the morning.

I made myself a sandwich and headed back to the couch, flipping on the television to keep me company as I ate. Once finished, I kicked off my shoes and stretched out, eventually nodding out into a fitful sleep. A loud ringing startled me from my nap, and after orienting myself I grabbed the phone from the end table.


"Hi, Uncle Bill. It's me, Kate," came the reply from the other end of the line. "I just wanted to let you know I got back okay. No problems at all."

For the first time since Kate had left my car that morning, I had a smile on my face. "Good. I'm glad you got there safe, and I'm glad you called."

"I really want to thank you again, Bill. For everything. These past two weeks...I...I can honestly say that they were the best two weeks of my life. By far."

"Ah, Kate. I'd be hard pressed to say different myself, but you're back at school now."

"Don't remind me, Uncle Bill. It's going to be torture waiting for spring break to get here. I wasn't kidding about spending break there again."

"I know you weren't, Kate. I'm having mixed feelings about that."

"Sorry Uncle Bill. You didn't say no when you had the chance," exclaimed Kate. "You're stuck with me now."


"Uncle Bill..."

"You promise me something. I want you to tell me that you won't spend the next few months hiding yourself in your dorm room pining away for me. Get out there and do things. You're in college for fuck sake. Enjoy the experience."

"Okay Uncle Bill."

"Promise, Kate."

"I promise, okay?"

"Yes. That's better. And Kate?"


"If you keep on sticking your tongue out at me like that..."

"How could you know that," said a giggling Kate.

"I knew," I replied. "I knew."

"Hmmm. I'm going to have to watch out for you, Uncle Bill. Listen, I'm going to meet Jess. She asked me to find her when I got in."

"Okay. Kate? I'm glad you called."

"I'm glad I did too, Bill. I'll speak to you soon?"

"I'm guessing you will. Bye Kate."

"Bye," whispered Kate as she hung up.

Feeling better after speaking to Kate, I booted up my computer and worked for a few hours, catching up on email and researching a few companies I was interested in. The hours passed by quickly, and I finally shut down close to midnight. I went up to my bedroom, stripped naked and took a long, hot shower. After drying off, I climbed into bed, snatching Kate's pillow and pulling it close to me. I could smell her all around me as I tried to sleep. It was quite bittersweet to say the least.

The next morning, I packed up and prepared the house for my departure. I was nearly finished when the phone rang, and, to be honest, I was hoping it was Kate. I grabbed the phone and looked at the caller ID, and saw that it was my sister Jenny. With a frown, I hit the button and answered the call.

"Hi Billy. I wasn't sure if I'd catch you there or if you were heading back down to the city."

"I'm packing up as we speak, Jenny. How are things, Sis?"

"All good here, Billy. It seems you had yourself a hell of a week, didn't you?"

Suddenly feeling as if I had a rock in the pit of my stomach, I groaned into the phone. "So Kate told you, huh?"

"What? Kate told me what? I meant the weather. What are you talking about," Jenny replied.

"Ummm. Nothing. Never mind."

"William Stevens. Don't nothing me. What the hell happened last week," Jenny demanded.

"Sis, nothing happened, okay?"

"Oh my God, Billy. Did you and Kate...? Did you?"



"Don't be mad, Sis. Let me explain."

"Mad? I'm not mad Billy. I'm thrilled! You've been divorced for two years, and as far as I know you haven't had a single date since then. That isn't good for you, and I worry about you Billy."

"You're not aware of everything I do, Sis. Anyway, don't get too excited. I don't know that this is going to be a relationship that will continue."

"Why not, Billy?"

"Because Kate is a twenty one year old college student. I'm a thirty five year old divorced man. She should be running around experiencing life, not settling down."

"Are you kidding me? Let me tell you something, Billy. That girl has been in love with you for as long as I can remember. We all knew it. Everyone knew it but you."

"Come on. That's ridiculous."

"Is it? Did you know that Kate stayed over my house the night of your wedding? I sat up half the night with her as she cried herself to sleep. When you and Sandy split up, she was sad for you, but she was elated too. She didn't think Sandy was right for you. Did you know that? Did you ever notice that every time we all got together, Kate always made sure she sat near you and made sure you had a drink and watched you and hung on every word you'd say? Did you ever wonder why so many of her interests are the same ones you have?"

"Jenny, isn't that the point? Kate is a young woman, and you're telling me that she has spent a significant portion of her life, what, waiting for me? She is missing out on life."

"Oh, Billy. You just don't get it, do you? Kate isn't a normal twenty one year old. She is twenty one going on forty, and you know it. She isn't interested in running around with her sorority sisters and getting drunk. The life she is missing out on is the one she could have with you. That's the life she wants. She isn't a girl anymore Billy. She is a lovely young woman."

"I am all too aware of that, Jenny. All too aware."

"Judging by the sound of you, I'd say that Kate has had quite an effect on you," Jenny offered gleefully.

"Yeah, well. Now she wants to spend spring break here too."

"That's great, Billy."

"I don't know, Sis."

"Listen to me Billy. You'd better figure it out very quickly. If you don't give this girl a chance, she is going to be crushed. Don't lead her on with false hope. If you aren't going to move forward, you'd better tell her right away. I mean it."

"I know Jenny. I know."

"I'm going on record though. You would be a complete fool to let her go. And I will be so fucking mad at you if you do. Why the hell wouldn't you just try?"

"Honestly Sis? I really can't come up with a very good reason myself."

"Well there you go, Billy."

"Yeah. Okay. I gotta go, Sis. I'll talk to you soon. Do me a favor. Don't tell Jess about this yet. I think maybe Kate and I need to deal with that. Assuming there is a Kate and I."

"There will be, Billy. There will be. Bye for now, Bill."

"Bye Jenny."

I packed the car, and began my five and a half hour drive down to the city. I've always found driving to be cathartic, and was looking forward to clearing my head. The longer I drove, the better I felt. I didn't have all of the answers, but I had what I felt was a workable plan.

Later that week, Kate called and we talked for a while. She agreed that she would participate in college life, and what happened with that, would happen. She would come for spring break, and she and I would discuss our relationship at that time. Over the ensuing months, Kate and I chatted a few times each week. Admittedly, I looked forward to the calls as much as she did. I missed her. Meanwhile, Jenny took every opportunity she could to advise me on how I should live my life. She is my big sister and I love her, but she sure can be a pain in the ass.

I was a little nervous as I drove to Burlington Airport late in the afternoon to pick up Kate and Jess. The girls would both join me for a few days, and then Jess would continue on to Cancun. Kate would spend the remainder of break with me in Vermont. Kate had told Jess that she couldn't afford Cancun, and Jess bought the story, or at least pretended she had. I parked the car and walked into the terminal by the baggage claim area. After a few minutes, I saw Jess running across the concourse to greet me. She threw her arms around me and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Uncle Billy! How are you?"

"I'm good Jess, I'm good. How is my scholar doing?"

"Oh, the semester is going really well. I'm almost keeping up with miss smarty pants over there," Jess said as she pointed to Kate.

There she was, coming out of the doorway of the ladies room like a dream come to life. Seeing her made my breath catch. Kate was a beauty, with long, dark hair and light brown eyes that almost seemed to be illuminated from behind. Her golden complexion made those eyes stand out even more, belying her Mediterranean heritage. Her high cheekbones and full, soft lips completed her visage. She had an athletic build, but also had wide, curvy hips and an ass you could grab and hang on to. To top it all off, pun intended, were a large pair of breasts that appeared to be just a little too ample for her frame. They were a source of unending embarrassment for Kate, and she did all she could with her wardrobe to hide them as much as possible.

It wasn't lost on me that Kate was dressed quite differently than she normally was. She wore low waisted, hip hugging jeans and high heeled black leather boots. Standing at five feet, eight inches tall, the boots had Kate approaching six feet in height. She wore a black ribbed cotton turtleneck that clung to her body like a second skin. It was almost shocking to see Kate dressed in this manner, as it was so out of character for her. Undoubtedly, she dressed to please me, and in the process pleased every red blooded male in the terminal, as well and a number of females. Kate slowly walked over to me and hugged me as tightly as she could, and for long enough to cause Jess to raise an eyebrow.

"Hi Uncle Bill. Thanks so much for putting up with me again."

"My pleasure, Kate. Sharing the house with two lovely young women is a treat for me, believe me."

We all made small talk as we waited for the bags to come down the baggage carousel. Finally, we had gathered the girl's belongings and loaded them into the car. We were at the house in no time, and the women got themselves settled in their bedrooms. They took two of the three bedrooms upstairs. My bedroom, the master, was downstairs off the kitchen.

Jess went into the bathroom to freshen up, and Kate made a beeline for me, throwing herself in my arms and kissing me deeply. "I missed you so much, Billy," she whispered. "So much."

"I missed you too, Kate. Now, let's not get bagged by Jess here, okay?"

Kate smiled and held me for a moment longer before releasing me. Jess came down from the bathroom, and I poured each of us a glass of wine. The three of us worked together to prepare a dinner of grilled chicken, baked potatoes and a salad. We enjoyed a night of good conversation and too much wine. Jess convinced Kate to head up to bed a little after two in the morning. I cleaned up and headed to bed myself.

Still half asleep and sure I was dreaming, I sighed and stretched out against the warm, soft, curvy body I felt pressed against me. It felt so real that I could even feel long hair tickling my nose. Coming to me senses, I opened my eyes, and there lay a very beautiful, very naked Kate. She was smiling at me, her head propped up in her hand as she lay beside me.

"Kate! You aren't supposed to be in here," I scolded.

"Come on, Uncle Bill. Jess will sleep until noon if we leave her be. I needed to feel you beside me."

"Damn, Kate. You really are trouble, aren't you?"

Kate just smiled, then leaned forward and kissed me.

"Did I mention that I missed you," she asked.

I rolled onto my back and took a deep breath. "I missed you too Kate. Very much."

"You are so adorable, Uncle Bill. I was watching you. You were smiling in your sleep and wrapped your arm around me, making these little happy noises. I wanted to record them!"

Kate sat up and straddled me, sitting on my thighs and looking down at me. She was absolutely beautiful. Her hair was a sleepy mess, and what little makeup she wore was smeared on her eyes. And yet, she was perfect. I looked down her body at her more than ample tits, wide hips, and trim waist. This woman could have any man, and here she was, with me. She leaned forward over me, kissing me deeply. She lay her body on top of mine as we kissed, my hands roaming over her flesh as if they had a mind of their own. My cock was rapidly swelling, and she started to twist and move, encouraging it to continue.

"I guess you weren't lying about missing me, Billy. God, I want that inside me."

Kate shifted her body so that my cock was in a position to penetrate her.

"Kate...a condom. In the drawer," I said.

"No need, Billy. I have an IUD."

"What? You do? When did you get that?"

"Right after I got back to school. I decided that there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to have you cum inside me if I got the chance to make love to you again. I need you inside me, Billy."

Kate didn't wait for an answer. She moved a little, reached a hand between us, and guided my cock into her entrance. Then she impaled herself on the length of me. Kate let out a big, soft moan as I filled her insides. She started to move up and down on my cock as I lay back and played with her tits. Eventually, she leaned forward again and we kissed, her riding and me thrusting. I felt my orgasm building rapidly, and when I grunted and filled Kate with cum, she nearly squealed with delight. Kate collapsed on top of me and lay there with her face buried in my neck.

"I love the smell of you, Billy. You smell like a man, and it makes me weak in the knees."

"You're really too much, Kate. What am I going to do with you?"

Kate lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. "Everything, Billy. You're going to do everything with me." With that, she kissed me on the lips and hopped out of bed.

"Time to go get sleeping beauty up," she said as she pulled on her robe. She walked to the bedroom door, turning to blow me a kiss before she padded out of the room. I lay there looking at the ceiling, realizing that I was in deep trouble with this woman.

I got up to pee, and stood there looking out the window as I emptied my bladder. As forecasted, there was a heavy rain falling. We were locked in a weather pattern that was supposed to last several days, so it appeared that skiing would be out of the question during the time that Jess was here. After brushing my teeth, I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and walked out into the kitchen.

Kate was still in her robe and was busy frying bacon. A bleary eyed Jess sat at the table, willing the coffee to finish brewing.

"Hi Uncle Bill," she mumbled. "Sleep okay?"

"Better than I have in weeks," I replied. Kate glanced at me and smiled with satisfaction. "Good morning to you, Kate. How did you sleep," I asked.

"I drifted in and out all night. But even so, I've been in a wonderful mood all morning. I guess there's just something about being here near the mountains that works for me."

"It is beautiful, isn't it," chimed in Jess.

Kate drained the bacon and Jess poured us each a cup of coffee. Jess and I sipped our coffee as Kate buzzed about the kitchen in a whirlwind, whipping up a huge broccoli and cheddar omelet that we all shared. I felt completely spoiled as the two lovely young women tended to me. We sat at the table sipping on coffee after we had finished eating.

"I reckon we're out of luck with skiing for today. How about we drive into Burlington and poke around a little? Lunch is my treat," I offered.

"That would be so fun," replied Jess. I haven't been there in ages."

"Perfect," said Kate. "I have some shopping I'd like to do."

"Good. Why don't you two get ready, and I'll clean up the breakfast mess."

"Can I use your shower, Uncle Bill," Kate asked. "Jess can use the upstairs bathroom."

"Sure. I need to shave and shower too, but I'll jump in after you're finished."

The girls went upstairs together as I cleared the table, and Kate came back down with her clothes and a bag of toiletries. She went into my bedroom and returned a few seconds later with empty hands. She came over to me and grabbed a fistful of my t-shirt, pulling me close to her and reaching up to kiss me gently on the lips.

"Want to join me," she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I thought we were going to discuss our relationship this week, Kate."

"Oh, we are Uncle Bill. I already know what you're going to say, but if you think for one second that I am going to make this easy for you, you are completely wrong. I know you have some moral dilemma that you're struggling with, and I know you'll have to get past it. But it's just silly."


"Everyone is so used to easygoing Kate. There is another side to me, though, Bill. The Kate that stops at nothing to get what she wants. I know my looks have paved the way for me in life, but I have succeeded in many things I've tried because I can be one determined bitch when I want to be. If you don't want to be with me, you're going to have to convince me why, and I'm not that easy to convince."

"It isn't about want, Kate."

"Semantics, Bill. We can talk more after Jess leaves for Cancun. Right now, I'm going to shower." Kate opened her robe and slipped it off, hooking her thumb in the collar and carrying it over her shoulder as she sauntered towards the bedroom door. I watched her perfect ass as she went. Kate paused in the doorway and looked over her shoulder at me. "I'm not at all afraid to use everything at my disposal to get what I want," she said. Biting her lip, she turned and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

Tapping in to self-control I didn't know I had, I stayed in the kitchen and finished cleaning up as Kate showered. To be honest, had Jess not been here, I might well have followed Kate into the bedroom and worried about the consequences after. Once the kitchen was clean, I logged onto my email account and dealt with some correspondence. Kate came out a short time later, dressed but with her hair still wrapped in a towel.
"I'll dry my hair upstairs. You can go shower, Bill."

Kate winked at me and walked up the stairs. I entered the bedroom and stripped naked, then went into the master bath. It was steamy in there after Kate's shower, and I smiled when I saw the giant heart Kate had drawn with her finger on the steamed up mirror. This girl could be fucking adorable when she wanted, I thought to myself.

I emerged from the bedroom a short time later wearing jeans, a Bean long sleeve Henley shirt, and Timberline hiking boots. Jess and Kate were sitting on the couch chatting as they waited for me.

"You men take so long to get ready," Jess teased.

"Don't they," chimed in Kate. "What were you doing in there so long, Uncle Bill," Kate queried with a raised eyebrow.

Jess gave Kate an odd look. "Ka-ate," she squealed. "That's my uncle! You're so bad," Jess said with a giggle."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"Let's hit the road, shall we," I said, grabbing my keys.

"It was a quick drive to downtown Burlington, and I parked the car near the Church Street Marketplace. We strolled around together in a light rain, the girls popping into a store here and there along the way. Jess had picked up a couple of items from Banana Republic, but Kate had found nothing of interest. Suddenly, Kate hooked an arm around Jess and pulled her into the Bertha Church Intimate Apparel store. I stood outside with a dumb look on my face, spying Kate glancing at me through the storefront window and smiling. Shaking my head, I went into a nearby bookstore to poke around as the girls shopped. Jess rang my cell phone an hour later, letting me know they were finished. I met them outside, and we went to the car to drop off their purchases before we went to lunch.

We decided to try Boloco for lunch, and were promptly seated at a table near the window. We browsed through the menu, and each of us ordered a Magic Hat number 9. It delighted Jess that the waitress asked her and Kate for ID but not me. As she carried on about me being so old, Kate frowned and gave her a disapproving look. Jess appeared not to notice.

The waitress brought the drinks and took our food order. We chatted and people watched out the window as we waited for the food to arrive.

"How have you been, Jess? Do you have any boys chasing you around," I asked.

"I've been doing really well, Uncle Bill. I've gone out with a couple. Nothing serious. Actually, Kate and I had a double date a few weeks ago," she offered.

"Oh," I said, caught off guard and feeling a twinge of jealousy. I looked at Kate, who was blushing a dozen shades of crimson.

"Jess loves to make something out of nothing. She knows damned well I wanted nothing to do with that guy. The only reason I went is because her guy wouldn't go without someone else there to entertain his friend who was visiting that weekend."

"Well, he has tried calling you up a bunch of times since then, Kate."

"And thank YOU, Jess, for giving him my number. I feel like I can't even answer my phone now."

"Oh, Kate. At some point, you need to put yourself out there. It's as if you're waiting for some miracle or something, and life is passing you by."

Kate glanced down at the table, then looked up at me before turning her attention to Jess. "I know what I want in a man, and I won't settle for less," she said.

"But you won't know what you really want without seeing what is out there, Kate."

"Trust me Jess. I know exactly what I want," Kate replied, returning her gaze to me.

"How has school been going for you, Kate," I asked, interrupting the conversation.

"I've been doing very well. I actually changed my major this semester."

"Did you? To what?"

"I'm now officially a finance major. I wasn't thrilled with my engineering courses, and decided I'd give finance a try. I love it, actually."

"She's following in your footsteps Uncle Bill," noted Jess. "No matter. Kate is going to excel in whatever she tries."

Kate looked at me sheepishly. "Well, why not? You certainly do quite well for yourself from what I can see," said Kate. "Look at the lifestyle you have on top of it. A girl could do worse for herself."

"I reckon so," I said, trying to hide a frown.

The food came and we ate in relative silence. After lunch, we decided to catch a movie. We purchased popcorn and drinks and settled into our seats in the theater. Jess excused herself to use the ladies room. When she was gone, Kate grabbed my hand in hers and turned to me.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Sorry about what, Kate?"

"I should have told you about that stupid date and school and everything. I should have told you."

"Kate, wasn't I the one that encouraged you to take advantage of college life?"

"Whatever, Bill. Tell me the truth. How did you feel when you heard Jess say we had double dated?"

Pausing, I looked into Kate's beautiful eyes, knowing I couldn't lie to her. "I didn't like it much. Not at all."

Kate beamed. "Good. That is exactly how I'd hoped you'd feel. And I AM sorry, Bill."

Spying Jess returning, Kate released my hand and settled back in her seat. I glanced at her once more, catching a look of complete satisfaction on her pretty face. The three of us laughed through the comedic action on the screen, and left the theater in good spirits.

When we arrived home, I announced that I was cooking and that the girls could relax. I grilled shrimp, strip steaks and asparagus, and served them with a salad and loaded baked potatoes. After we fed like a pack of hungry wolves, Jess pushed herself away from the table.

"I'd be three hundred pounds if I ate like this all year, Uncle Bill," she said. "You spoil us."

"Good. You both deserve a little spoiling. Go over to the living room. I'll clean up."

"Oh, no," Kate piped up. "You cooked a delicious meal. Jess and I will take care of the mess," Uncle Bill.

"Thanks a lot, Kate," joked Jess. "I'm tired. I was going to take a little nap."

"Go lay down on the couch, Jess," I said. "We've got this." Kate smiled, happy to be in close proximity to me. We worked as a team, and in a short while we had everything cleaned up. I sat at the end of the other couch, and Kate lay down next to me, throwing a pillow on my lap and resting her head on it as she had countless times in the past. This time, however, it was so very different than ever before. That was especially true when Kate slipped her hand under the pillow and grabbed my cock through my jeans. Kate sighed when she felt me grow stiff in her hand, spending the entire time gently squeezing me with a self-satisfied grin on her face. Jess napped for an hour as Kate and I watched a hockey game. When Jess awoke, she sat up and stretched, glancing in our direction.

"The dynamic duo," she punned. "Are you going to lay there the entire night, or should we do something? How about we play some poker?"

Kate sat up and threw the pillow at me. "Yeah, Uncle Bill. Are you brave enough to take us on in a high stakes game?"

"Bring it, ladies. I'll get the cards and chips."

"I'll get the wine, shouted Jess."

I'd taught the girls to play poker years ago, and we played a few times a year. Kate is a math whiz, so she easily got a handle on the probabilities of the game. Jess can read people better than Kate, but she clearly played hunches instead of probabilities. Even so, we always had a ball and played for hours. This night was no different, and it was nearly three in the morning when Jess claimed victory over Kate and me, taking us both out on the final hand.

"I'm taking my victory lap now. Upstairs to pee, then off to bed. You losers try to get some sleep."

"Enjoy a short lived victory, Jess. Tomorrow, we get revenge."

Jess made a show of yawning at my reply, then headed up the stairs with Kate following. I turned out the lights in the kitchen and living room, brushed my teeth, and flopped into bed. My bedroom had a skylight that had blinds built into it. I used a remote to open the blinds, and saw that we had a break in the clouds. I lay there looking at the full moon that was visible in the sky, unable to fall asleep.

Sometime later, Kate walked into the room and stood by the side of the bed. She dropped her robe to the floor and stood there for a moment in the pale moonlight, looking down at me. I reached a hand out to her, and Kate joined me in bed. Wordlessly, we communicated with each other. I sat up and kissed her tenderly, at least at first. I grew more aggressive, kissing her harder and pushing her down onto her back. I nipped at her neck with my lips and teeth as I brought a hand between her legs. Kate parted them, allowing me access to her pussy. She let out a shaky breath as my fingers found and parted her slit, which was already wet with her desire. I slipped two fingers inside her and began a slow assault on her cunt as I moved my mouth down to one of her tits. I bit one of her nipples just hard enough to cause her to gasp and grab me by the hair. Kate's hips were thrusting in concert with my fingers, and it didn't take long for her to shake with her first orgasm of the night.

Not wasting any time, I nibbled my way down her tummy to her twitching pussy, breathing in the scent of her. Kate leaned back and watched me with dreamy eyes as I used my tongue to toy with her clit. I alternated licking her button and sucking it into my mouth, flicking my tongue rapidly over it as I did so. Kate was quietly moaning and twisting around as I worked. She opened her eyes wide when I slipped first one, then a second, and finally a third finger inside her, fucking her with them as I continued with my mouth on her clit. Kate's body tensed up and she pulled a pillow to her face just before she exploded in orgasm. The pillow did little to contain her moans, but it was something at least. I wormed my way back up to Kate and we kissed some more.

My cock was rock hard and in need of attention. I rolled Kate flat onto her tummy, then rolled on top of her. Spreading her legs apart, I lifted her hips up just enough to position my cock in place and slid inside her. I then used my legs to close hers, and I started to slowly grind in and out of her as I lay on top of her. Kate turned her head to the side and we kissed and licked and nibbled on each other as we fucked. I held out as long as I could, finally giving in to my needs with a grunt. Kate was elated as she felt stream after stream of my cum filling her insides, her cunt clenching me tightly as if trying to milk every drop from me. When I had no more to give, I growled in her ear and nuzzled her, laying on top of her gorgeous body.

"Oh, Bill," cooed Kate. "That was...perfect. My God. Bill, are the key that fits my lock perfectly. You do realize that, don't you," she asked, flashing love eyes at me.

"Mmmm," I growled. "You don't have much to compare me to, Kate."

"If it gets any better than that, Bill, it would probably kill me," quipped a smiling Kate.

"That would be one hell of a way to go, wouldn't it?"

"Maybe. Bill, you do realize that I wasn't just talking about the sex, right? I love everything about you. Everything."

"I reckon I do, Kate."

We changed positions and lay side by side, facing each other, inches apart.

"What are you feeling Bill. Be honest with me," pried Kate.

I let out a deep sigh. "Kate..."

"I want to know. Please, Bill."


"Yes. Honestly."

"I've fallen for you, head over heels. My heart is bursting. But Kate, that doesn't change the situation."

Kate was beaming with happiness. "We'll see about that Uncle Bill. We'll see about that. I'd better get upstairs before Jess wakes up. I could so easily fall asleep next to that gorgeous body of yours." She reluctantly got up, gave me a tender kiss, and slipped out of the bedroom.

Despite my bed feeling far too empty without Kate in it, I managed to fall into a peaceful sleep for several hours. Awakened by a knocking at my bedroom door, I pulled the sheets up over my naked body before answering.

"What's all the racket," I asked.

"Can I come in," came Kate's voice from the other side of the door.

I glanced at the bedside clock, seeing that it was almost noon. "Sure Kate. Come on in."

The door opened and Kate walked in, a huge smile plastered on her face. She bit her bottom lip and leered at my body, which was poorly concealed by the thin sheet covering me. "Jess is cooking us brunch. It's time you pulled your old, sorry ass out of bed and joined us." Kate looked at me, and silently mouthed "I want to kiss you so badly."

"That sounds perfect," I replied, covering both statements with one response.

Kate lingered a moment longer, then left the room, closing the door behind her. I put on some clothes and walked out into the kitchen, which smelled wonderful. Jess had made sausage, scrambled eggs, and French toast. Each of us had a small fruit salad in front of our places at the table. I poured myself a cup of coffee, then sat down in front of one of the place settings.

"Wow, Jess. You went all out this morning," I said. "What a treat."

"Well, I needed to do something while I waited for the two of you to wake up," replied Jess. We weren't up THAT late last night."

"Late enough, I guess," Kate replied.

"Were you up during the night, Kate? I thought I heard you moaning," Jess asked.

"Oh. Yeah. I woke up with a cramp in my calf. I came down here trying to walk it off. It hurt like hell. Sorry if I woke you."

"It's fine. I was just wondering what happened," said Jess, glancing first in my direction, then Kate's. "Let's eat!"

Breakfast was delicious. Once we had finished eating and cleaning up, we decided to go to the gym. Whatever clearing had occurred last night was a distant memory, as a hard steady rain was falling again. Jess was upset that she wouldn't get any skiing in before she left for Cancun, but at least she would soon be basking in the warm sun as she relaxed on the beach by the Caribbean Sea. Due to some local flooding, I had to take a detour to get to the gym. Once there, we went into the locker rooms to get changed. I was out first, wearing shorts, waiting for Kate and Jess to appear.

Jess came out first, wearing one of those sports bras women wear without a shirt, along with a matching pair of hot pink spandex shorts. Kate followed, wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of black yoga pants.

"You look great, Jess," said Kate. "I wish I could get away with wearing a top like that, but there's no way. I'd look like Jessica Rabbit!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing," I joked.

"Oh brother," replied Jess. "Don't encourage him."

Kate giggled at that. "What are you going to do today, Uncle Bill?"

"Squats, presses and pull-ups."

"Can I work with you," asked Kate.

"Sure. It'll be nice to have a workout partner. What about you Jess?"

"You crazies go lift your weights. I'm hitting the treadmill."

Kate and I made our way over to the squat rack, and did a series of body weight exercises to warm up. Once we were warm and loose, we took turns squatting in the rack. I worked up to three working sets of five reps at three hundred sixty five pounds. Kate's working sets were at an impressive one hundred eighty five pounds. Watching Kate squat was a pleasure. She had perfect form, squatting deep and smooth. It was easy to see why she has such an incredible figure. Squatting has provided her with an incredible ass, and very shapely legs. The sweep of her hamstrings were a work of art, and she had shapely quads to complete her thighs. To each his own, but I have never found a woman with little toothpick legs to be very attractive.

I finished squatting with a twenty rep set at three hundred fifteen pounds, a grueling endeavor. Kate watched me intently as I worked. Once we completed our squats, we moved on to pressing and pull-ups. Kate really was quite a physical specimen, and matched me rep for rep as we continued our workout. Once finished, we found Jess, who had just gotten off the treadmill and was stretching. We all hit the showers, and left the gym to grab a bite for lunch.

After we ate, we headed over to the Champlain Lanes in Shelburne to try our hand at bowling. After acquiring a lane and a pair of those stylish bowling shoes for each of us, Jess started off by picking up a spare in the first frame. Kate was up next. She picked up a ball and looked over at me.

"How do you hold this thing the right way, Uncle Bill?" She had put her index and middle fingers in the two holes that were next to each other on the ball. I approached her and grabbed her hand, pulling her fingers out.

"Use your middle finger and ring finger, Kate," I said, guiding her fingers into the correct holes. "Then the index finger and pinky can help you control the ball better." I could hear Jess snickering in the background, and assumed she was laughing at Kate's seeming ineptness. I gave her a quick lesson in approaching the line and releasing the ball.

"Okay," said Kate. "I think I got it." I stepped away, and Kate rolled a perfect ball, hitting the pocket like a pro and recording a strike. "I did it," she screamed. Jess was nearly rolling on the floor at this point. It took only one more throw for me to realize that Kate had been pulling my leg. Evidently, she had bowled on a team for years, and was an exceptional bowler. We finished the day with Kate notching a 219 average to my 178 and Jess' 113. Jess thought the whole thing was hilarious, recounting my attempt to teach Kate to bowl the entire way home. She had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. I caught Kate's eyes in the rearview mirror, and she smiled and gave me a little wink.

After dinner, we had a poker revenge match, and Jess was quickly dispatched, losing her entire stake in a bluff that I had called. Kate played poorly the rest of the way, losing a short time thereafter. Clearly, she was anxious to get everyone in bed. I fully expected that she would come down to my bedroom again that night. We called it a night by eleven, and I lay in bed reading as I waited Kate's arrival.

It was clear to me that I was losing whatever moral battle I was having inside me. To be fair, with Kate here with me, it was an unfair battle indeed. I found that I was unable to resist her in the least. Perhaps when she headed back to school, I'd be able to gain some perspective again.

It was about twelve thirty when I heard someone outside my bedroom. Kate turned the knob and opened the door when a light suddenly flicked on behind her. Kate literally jumped into the air as she spun around, startled. Jess was sitting in the dark on one of the couches, and had turned on the light when Kate had committed herself to coming into my room.

"Watcha doing, Kate," she asked.

"I...I'm just..."

"Are you having one of those leg cramps again," asked an amused Jess.

"Um, maybe?"

"I KNEW something was up with the two of you," Jess yelped. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want you to get all weird about it," replied Kate. "Besides, it isn't like we're together. Bill insists that we aren't having a relationship, so until we are, what's there to tell?"

"A lot. There's a lot to tell."

I had gotten up and slipped on my sweatpants, and was now standing in the doorway.

"Uncle Bill," Jess teased. "You finally figured out what we all knew for ages, huh?"

"Listen Jess. Slow down a little. Don't be mad at Kate."

"Mad? I'm not mad. I'm thrilled. I'm ecstatic. My best friend has finally connected with the man of her dreams. Why would I be mad?" Jess looked at Kate. "Listen, girl. Tomorrow morning you are going to tell me all about it before I leave for the airport. For now," she said, glancing in my direction. "Let me not interrupt the two of you any more than I already have." Jess arose from the couch and walked to the stairs. "Goodnight to both of you," she said. Clasping her hands together, Jess let out a happy little squeal and ran up the stairs, closing her door behind her.
Kate turned towards me and smiled. "Well, that was a little surprising." She walked over to me and pushed me into the bedroom, closing the door with her foot as she moved me towards the bed. She had her hands on my chest and moved in close, kissing and nibbling on my lips. I backed against the bed and Kate kept on pushing me, causing me to fall onto the bed. She pounced on me like a hungry lioness.

Kate kissed me, her tongue dancing with mine. She was pulling my hair and scratching at my back with her nails. I decided I would let his aggressive Kate take the lead and see where it led. Kissing her way down my neck, Kate bit into my shoulder with fervor.

"Careful. You're going to leave a mark," I told her.

"I have every intention of leaving a mark on you, Bill," growled Kate. She continued to kiss her way down my body, nipping and scratching at me as she went. Turning her body around, she straddled my face as she brought hers over my stiff cock. She grabbed it firmly, stroking it as her mouth hovered mere inches from the head. She could see the pre-cum oozing from the tip, and she used her tongue to lick it off. She lowered her pussy to my face and at the same time lowered her mouth onto my cock. Kate was stroking me with her hand as she moved her mouth up and down on me, bathing me with her tongue as she did so. Intermittently, she purposely grazed me with her teeth, falling just short of hurting me.

Kate could sense my orgasm approaching, and she used long strokes to bring me to a climax. She sucked as hard as she could as my cock pulsed and filled her mouth with cum. When I had no more to give, Kate released it from her mouth, but continued to nuzzle it and rub it on her lips and nose as she squirmed on my face. My tongue worked her clit as my nose was moving about in her slit. A short time later, Kate tensed up and shuddered, her orgasm racking her body.

When she finally stopped shaking, Kate climbed off me and turned around, curling up next to me. She prodded the side of my neck with her nose, and I turned to kiss her. Hunger returned as the kisses grew deeper and needier. My hands moved to her body, tweaking her nipples with my fingers. It was my turn to play rough now, and Kate surrendered to me. Reaching down to my once again stiff cock, Kate stroked it a few times.

"I need you to fuck me, Bill. Please."

Moving to my knees, I grunted and turned Kate over onto her tummy. I moved between her legs and raised her ass up into the air, leaving her head buried in the pillow. Petting her ass with one hand, I used the other to rub my cock all over her dripping pussy. I knew that Kate and I still needed to have a conversation after Jess left. Tomorrow, I told myself as I slipped just the head inside Kate's needy cunt. Tomorrow, I thought again as I thrust forward and fully into Kate, hard, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Tomorrow was soon forgotten as I gave Kate the fucking of her life, filling her with cum and collapsing on top of her. Afterword, we curled up in each other's arms and slept for hours.

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